* The Fool's Errand

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* The Fool's Errand

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Actors: Virion, Kenoya, and Arachiel (NPC played by Onekay)
Injuries: Kenoya has spider venom in him. New bite wound on his leg. Non-healed wound on chest reopened. Virion has general brusing and scrapes/cuts.
Gains/Losses: 1 demon spider eye obtained. All the cows are gone.
Summary: Kenoya and Virion made their landing on Epitome to make the exchange of cows for money. Once there, the demon reveals that they have little to no need for cows and want intelligent beings that can be scared. The spider demon then made a sexual pass at Virion which erupted into an all out brawl. The fight ended with Virion attempting to flee with Kenoya to the ship but instead takes him deeper in to Epitome's forest, and closer to the monsterous power showing up.

[CHAT] Kenoya was pulling a large dead bull towards the cargo bay at a slow rate. He'd been doing this a while and was starting to feel some real pain. It had been only 48 hours since his ship was boarded by Nova and all hell had broken loose. Kenoya wasn't a doctor, he couldn't patch his stab wound up very well. He had given himself stitches that looked like it had been done by some sort of drunken frankenstin and his bandages were wrapped around him with very little care. It was shity work at best. Kenoya finally made it to the cargo bay and started walking backwards over a pile of dead cows while pulling the bull onto the pile as well. He dropped the bull and sat down on the pile of what could only be described as the most foulest stench he'd ever smelt of piss and shit covered cows. On the up side, they had plenty of good meat in the freezers now.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Almost done. It won't be long before we reach Ep-" Before the saiyan could finish his thought a loud alert come over the intercom informing them they were about to exit warp flight. "Just on cue. Well I guess I better get us landed." Kenoya started to walk towards the bridge with one of his arms wraped across his stomache and an odd stagger in his step.'

[CHAT] Virion sat in his chair on the bridge, typing away on the hologram of a keyboard that was in front of him, just under the screen where he could view his inputs. The past two days, he had been silent, not speaking to Kenoya even once since they had departed the Earth's atmosphere, and he had left the clean-up of the cows and their excriments to his friend and their imp. As for what Virion was typing away for, he was trying to familiarize him with the concept of a computer and all that it had along with it. The UWW (Universal Wide Web) had so much information loaded in to it that Virion knew he couldn't process it all in the short lifetime he had. From cat videos to the origins of the UWW to how to build a Roomba to ancient archives of events that [proclaimably] shaped the universe. Though, a lot of this information had been shut down and sensored ever since the EDF's fall since Earth was a huge part of the information highway.

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'As the proximity alarms began to sound, Virion's eyes perked up at the monitor as he shut down the system in front of him. He could hear Kenoya approaching the bridge - crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair like he was in a bad mood, Virion awaited his captain to take the ship out of hyperspace.'

[CHAT] Kenoya stepped out of the lift with his arm still wrapped about his mid section and walking with a slight stagger. Once he sat down in his chair he let out a huge sigh and started to buttons on his control pannel. After a few moments of silence Kenoya turned and looked at Virion without saying anything. A few moments passed making it almost a solid minute of him just stareing him down before he finally spoke. "I'm almost done mooooooving all that cows." Kenoya leaned a little bit towards Virion as he said it again. "Did...did you hear me say I'm almost done mooooooving all the cows....Like a cow's mooo? Get it?" Kenoya turned back to his chair and pushed a few more buttons as the ship's display pulled up a picture of Epitome not too far off in the distance. He then turned back and spoke to Virion again. "I think I get it now...You're mad about the cows aren't you?"

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'While Kenoya was staring at Virion, as if expecting the Konatsu to be the first one to speak, Kenoya was returning it with his own, empty stare. There was no emotion behind it, no tangible anger or hostility, just empty emotions. Now, after two days - two days of silence between the two - Kenoya chose a cow joke to try and break the ice between the two... Virion let off a huff and turned his head to stare at a wall, which was more appealing to him right now than Kenoya, also ignoring Kenoya's question on if he was mad about the cows. "I'm not mad," he said with a clearly angry tone behind his voice. He was a trickster and deceiver when it came to situations and money, but handling his own emotions was clearly not something he did well at. After all, you have to remember, Virion is only 17 years old.'

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"That's funny because you seem really mad and the only thing I could think of is because of the cows." Epitome was getting much closer and it wouldn't be long before Kenoya would be able to input the landing information. He pushed a few more buttons to make it look like he was typing something, but in actuality he was just sliding between tabs. "Soooo...Who were the other people? Were they spider god sacrifices or actual friends of yours?"

[CHAT] Virion rolled his eyes as Kenoya continued to try and speak to him, as if not reading the fact that he was in fact angry despite insisting he wasn't angry. It's like Kenoya didn't even understand! "You're the one who was having a party on our ship. You tell me who they were." The smell of the ship was still rancid. Kenoya, the imp, and all their Roombas were slow in their disinfecting and cleaning of their home, and of course, Virion was very adamant about not helping with any of it. Virion in fact had more he wanted to say on the matter of why he brought Thousand on the ship, but the more he spoke, the more emotional he was feeling, which would probably just lead to him eventually crying for no reason. So short and sweet were the responses Kenoya would be getting for now.

[CHAT] Kenoya shrugged as he stood up from the terminal after plotting in their landing course. "Honestly I have no idea. Spider Sacrifice 2 and I were loading up the cows and then literally out of no where Spider Sacrifice 3 shows up riding the back of a bull up the tractor beam and proceeded to beat whole sale ass out of Spider Sacrifice 2. I run to the bridge so we don't die crashing into the ground and then next thing I know you're back with guy and other person whos up and then they helped Spider Sacrifice 3 off the ship." Kenoya pulled his arm back across his front side as he walked towards the lift to finish loading the rest of the remains cows into the cargo bay. They'd be landing any moment and he still had some minor work to do. "It was literally the most insane thing I've ever witnessed in my entire life. You should of been there man. It was great." Kenoya boarded the lift and proceeded to finish dragging the last of the cows to the cargo bay.

[CHAT] Virion had actually already reviewed the ships video log, which he didn't even know they had until yesterday. He saw everything that happened between Kenoya, the useless fourth ex-crew member of theirs, and the feral saiyan woman. He understood the situation and he understood that it was a less than ideal scenario that played out. However, he was still pissed. Virion had left the other two in charge of this operation and not only did they botch a good 60% of it, but they lost Spider Sacrifice #2, they lost the deal to smuggle Thousand and his friends off Earth - which would have led to a good chunk of change they were in need of currently, and their ship was a pigsty... well... cowsty? "I expected you to be able to handle it all better. That's all," he said disappointedly, mixing what he was thinking with what he was saying before he realized it.

[CHAT] Kenoya barely caught the tail end of what Virion said before the lift took him down below. The saiyan started to finish up his work dragging the last of the cows to the cargo bay. It was hard work and his wound wasn't making it any easier. Just as the saiyan was bringing the last cow he felt the sudden lurching of the ship as it touched down on Epitome's surface. "Awesome, we've made it. Now time to find our friends." Said the saiyan as he made his way to the cargo bay. Once there he pushed a few buttons on a pannel and the hatch opened up and extended a wide ramp to the ground below. The saiyan pushed a few more buttons to open up a link to the bridge.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Alrighty Virion. Time to put our game faces on. Lets go feed our starving supporters." Kenoya walked down the ramp of the ship and started to walk directly for the tree line like before. "*wOH BROOD MASTER!!! WE'RE BAAAACK!!! WHO WANTS DINNER?!" The saiyan started to walk back towards the ship and stood infront of the cargo bay with his arms crossed over his chest.'

[CHAT] Arachiel obligingly, and once again silently, descends from the forest canopy on a nearly invisible thread, before drawing herself to her full height, one forelimb tapping the ground in front of her, arms crossed over her chest. She leans forward, lowering her humanoid torso, to be on a level with the Saiyan. 'Well, you certainly are the very model of efficency, aren't you? We had thought it would be weeks before our first delivery. Why don't you bring some of the children out and let me look over them, while my children finish getting your first payment together.' The spider demoness lets off a lilting, childlike laugh, even while licking her lips wantonly, hunger and lust being difficult to distinguish between among her kind.

[CHAT] Virion let off a sigh and leaned back in his chair as Kenoya exited the bridge, tilting back his head to where he was now starting upwards at the ceiling. Now that Kenoya was gone from the room, Virion could let go of his pent up angst, slamming his fists on the arm rests of his seat. "Fucking inefficient idiots!" he yelled out after hearing Kenoya leave the ship. Without much more of a monologue, Virion took to his feet and walked out of the ship, being careful of where he tred. As he came out in to the forest, the red sun above caught his eyes as it was half eclipsed by an object Virion could not distinguish, giving an orange twilight ambiance to the planet's already bleak atmosphere. Virion took a seat on the ramp, after the two had already spoken, as he simply watched the dealing in silence, as if he was meant to just be some bodyguard who made sure everything transitioned smoothly.

[CHAT] Kenoya smiled with a nod and turned back to walk up the ramp. After he reached the top he grabbed one of the dead calves and brought it back down to the demon and laid it before her feet. "Here is a youngling. Calf to be exact. Meat is still really tender cus of the young age. My favorite part is the shoulder meat. Makes wonderful steaks. That's not all too. We got a whole bunch of calves, even more full grown ones to help feed everyone else. Though I'd keep the babies for yourself. They're really the best but you get more meat for the price on the larger ones." Kenoya looked back behind Arachiel and tried to spy some of the others who were there last time. He hadn't seen them yet but figured they were near by. It was at this moment he noticed Virion had joined them on the ramp. He really didn't know how strong the spider demon was, but he knew if things went south he'd stand a much better chance surviving with Virion there.

[CHAT] Arachiel gives the veal a passing glance before locking eyes with Kenoya. He would feel a faint tingling sensation from the mark he had been brande with at their last meeting. She tilts her head to one side, perplexed for a moment, before a look of realization dawned on her. 'Wait. You thought that this would satisfy our pact? There seems to have been a breakdown in the communication, somewhere. Foodbeasts aren't useful to us as more than snacks- my brood feed as much on the intellect and emotions of our prey as we do their flesh. These will not due at all. The deal was for children, the spawn of sapients, with both tender flesh and no filters for their raw emotions...' One of the demoness' forelegs begins to scratch at the ground in front of her, scritch-scritch-scritch, the first sound to be heard from Arachiel other than her voice. Her smile had faded at this point.

[CHAT] Virion gripped on to the dagger he had hidden beneath the sleeve of his right forearm. He knew that this was going to become a complicated situation back when Kenoya thought he could twist the deal's arrangements by simple wordplay. Taking to his feet, he did so non-threateningly, hoping that this could all still be resolved peacefully. "I understand this is not the same arrangement that you may have spoke of, but you did not specify the types of young you wanted. We figured that was up to our interpretation..." Virion hesitated, not knowing how to offer a resolve to this without commitment to mass genocide. "Now that we know the real terms of the agreement, perhaps there is room to renegotiate our piece. Not go back on it. But renegotiate..."

[CHAT] Kenoya let out a heavy sigh and put his hands on his hips agreeing with Virion. "Yes I agree. I thought you just needed ANY sort of younglings. We just eat meat and such...not too familiar with all that emotion and intelligence eatting. Do you get any sort of pleasure or sustanance from these though? Cus I got like a whole ship of them thinking you guys would be really surprised I brought extra." Kenoya turned around his back to the demon and pointed up to cargo bay as he spoke. "Literally that entire room is filled with them. If you guys want them you can just have them. I'm going to dump them into space if you don't want them." Kenoya turned back to face the demon with a smile. "But have no fear, I can get you what you want. You figured we still wouldn't come for some time so you can just consider this an appetizer and see we're good for bringing food. How's that?"

[CHAT] Arachiel fixed her gaze on Kenoya. For the briefest of moments, a completely unmistakeable expression of hatred and anger were visible on the demoness' face. Momentarily, it was replaced by a thoughtfull expression, and then lastly a faint smile. 'I... can make use of the foodbeasts as food for my larvae, and it -CAN- serve as a snack, though it's akin to feeding one of your kind a diet of nothing but junk food.' Arachiel bends low, tearing a leg off of the dead calf, holding it high above her head, tongue lolling out of her mouth as drops of blood fall down into it.

[CHAT] Arachiel (C) She then bites the leg quickly, not appearing to tear any flesh away, and simply holds it in her hand. 'It is good that you're not making a fuss over this. There isn't normally any kind of court system to resolve this kind of dispute, just...' She smirks briefly- Kenoya would feel, for the barest of nanoseconds, a searing pain of intense agony coming from his brand, which would fade before he even processed it. Meanwhile, the calfs leg in Arachiels hand appears to be changing, somehow, the skin wrinkling as if it had been soaked in water.

[CHAT] Kenoya reached down to his side and felt the pain of his mark burning. It didn't help it was right over his stab wound which made the pain far more intense. The saiyan fell to a knee as he gasped for air briefly. Slowly he stood back up and just rubbed his chest gently as to not rip his stictches. He didn't know the tattoo was some sort of link between him and demon until then. "I thought that mark was just for looks...That makes it even cooler!" Kenoya took off his shirt and opened up his bandages to look at the tattoo with his wound laying over part of it. "Does it glow when you do it? Do it again so I can see! Virion watch and tell me if it glows." Kenoya took a few fast paced breaths before he gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes shut. "Ok do the thing."

[CHAT] Virion released his grip on the dagger, allowing it to rest inside of his sleeve once more, hidden away. Virion did, however, stay in a defensive position, feeling as though something was wrong in the atmosphere, though it could just be the planet's air. As Kenoya begged for something that Virion did not quite understand, the spider tattoo was once again brought up, which raised concern for the young Konatsu. "Excuse me? A link...? Wait. Is there more to these pacts than what you're telling us?" Patting around at his own body as if trying to feel what Kenoya was feeling, Virion tried to process if he had a mark as well, but he was fully aware that he did not. "Why was Kenoya the only one marked? I demand you remove it from him, you wench!" It was obvious that Virion was taking this matter much more seriously than Kenoya was. Stupid monkey...

[CHAT] Arachiel doubles over, one arm wrapped around the midsection of her humanoid torso, letting out shrieks of unsettling laughter. Meanwhile, the calfs leg in her other hand seemed to slacken and bend, its general shape intact, but appearing to no longer have any bones in it. She sinks her teeth into it for a moment, eyes locked on Kenoyas, the leg shrinking gradually as she holds it there. Finally, she tosses the leg back over her shoulder, where it is immediately swarmed by tiny spiders the moment it touches the ground. The demoness' face looks subtly more youthful and attractive following the light snack, and raises an index finger. Kenoya would feel the same pain he felt moments before, and this time, any looking at the brand would see it glowing a faint red for the barest of seconds. (C)

[CHAT] Arachiel (C) Interestingly enough, despite the wound, the tattoo appeared whole while glowing. She addresses Virion next: 'Oh, a link indeed. All who form a pact with my kind will carry the mark of the individual they've contracted to. It allows us to be aware of the location of our contractor, aids in... enforcing our terms, as you've seen. And, well... in the case where the contractor has offered his soul as part of the bargain, serves to prepare it for consumption.' The demoness smirks. 'The mark persists until the contract is concluded- usually the death of the contractor and forfeiture of his soul. In your case, once the regular shipments of children have been arranged and no longer require your involvement.'

[CHAT] Kenoya watched the spider demon eat part of the calf leg with mixed emotions. Part of it was complete horror and shock, the other part of him thought it was one of the coolest things he'd ever seen. Then he felt the pain come back once again as he fell to the floor. "THERE IT IS!!! OH GOD IT HURTS, BUT IT IS SO COOL!! AHHH!!" Kenoya laid on the ground for a moment before slowly standing up while holding his side. He didn't catch everything that was said about the pact, but he got the basics of it. Especially the tail end of it once he was recomposed. "Well it's a hell of a system to make sure you get what you want. I like it. So, you want us to pull all the cows out and leave them here or you want to let your guys do a buffet kind of thing? Either or works...The ship might smell a little bad though. I dunno how off putting that would be for your brood." Kenoya put his bandages back on and slipped back into his shirt as he awaited an answer.

[CHAT] Virion threw his head from side to side, switching his attention from the demoness for a moment and then over to Kenoya, repeating this for a minute with utter frustration. "KENOYA! How the hell are you ok with this being a part of the deal?" he yelled at him before turning back to the spider woman, pointing a finger at her as he continued, "and YOU! You're not even offering us anything remotely equivalent to Kenoya's body or soul. The pieces of a quality contract are that both parties are mutually benefitting from the actions of the other, and that the risks and rewards balance one another out. You CANNOT just tag in 'oh I'm gonna eat your soul' because you're too much of a mistrusting bitch. So remove that mark. Or so help me..." he said, holding his tongue on a further threat in hopes that he wasn't already biting at more than he could chew.

[CHAT] Arachiel chuckles at Kenoya, throwing him an almost friendly wink, before gracefully stepping over towards Virion. (A young humanoid... could be fun to tease him.) She clasps her hands together at the small of her humanoid torsos back, leaning forward towards Virion, giving him an eyeful of cleavage that might titillate were it not attached to a demonic spider abomination. And who are we kidding? Humanoids are pervs, thats probably not a dealbreaker for most of them. She smirks at Virion before speaking in a husky voice. (C)

[CHAT] Arachiel (C) 'You're right, I'm not offering anything remotely equivalent to his Soul. Fortunately, I'm also not asking that he offer his soul. Not part of the bargain. As for your opinions regarding demonic contracts, shove them up that tight little ass of yours. My kind had been making contracts for millenia already when yours figured out bashing rocks together made fire. The mark stays, and I couldn't remove it even if I wanted to. Of course, if you don't think what I'm offering in exchange is worth it, perhaps a little.... extra, could be negotiated.' The demoness wiggles her shoulders, setting the eyeful she offered Virion earlier to jiggling.

[CHAT] Virion knew what was happening. He was aware - he was always aware. He had been trained in the arts of perception and situation reading for a while now. The demon... she was trying to put on the 'sexy-but-firm' act, trying to make all points of her word out to be that of law. Nothing was law by word. Letting off a slight chuckle, Virion remained stiff while the demoness spoke as a sign of respect. "A millenia you say? Wow. That's so cool..." he started before looking back at Kenoya with eyes that spoke a soft 'I'm sorry' to him before he abruptly swung out his right hand with the dagger in it to stab the demoness in the side of her face.

[CHAT] Kenoya watched as the Spider Demon make some suggestive wiggles towards Virion as he just laughed. "Yeah Virion make a deal! I bet she could offer something really nice a young man such as yourself would be interested in!" Kenoya continued to chuckle as he walked back up to the ramp and started to activate the tractor beam, however instead of setting it to pull he set it to push. Slowly one by one the large cow bodys rolled out the hatch and started to roll down the ramp to the ground before. Kenoya hopped down from the side of the ramp and landed in a sort of three point stance with a whince. "Ouch...that hurt. Maybe I shouldn't be jumping from fifteen foot platforms..." As he walked back over to Virion and Arachiel he witnessed Virion give him the look and leap out with his dagger to stab her in the face. "That's not good..." He said as all he could do was watch and wait to see what would happen next.

[CHAT] Arachiel remains motionless, the smile unwavering, even as the blade pierces the side of her head. The dagger sinks into the flesh, seemingly with no resistance- shouldn't there have been bone there? A full three inches of blade sink into the easily yielding flesh before striking a much more solid layer and abruptly stopping, stuck, vibrating in place with a hum before coming to a rest. Arachiel draws herself back up to her full height, the dagger still sticking out of the side of her face- possibly lifting Virion with it- as bright red blood seeps out of it, soon joined by a black ichor of some sort. Ignoring Virion, she glances over to Kenoya 'Is this one part of todays delivery, then? He'd hold us over for some time...' The smile on the demoness' face trembled, she was obviously making great effort to manage a very poor job of concealing anger.

[CHAT] Kenoya sighed heavily as he looked over at the two while shaking his head. "No...he is not a part of the delivery. He's my friend and apparently not very fond sexual advances from spiders." Kenoya took a few steps over towards Arachiel as he took an aggressive fighting stance ready to fight. "So here's the deal. I got to kick your ass now because that's what friends do when they're hit on by weird spider things...but don't worry I won't kill you. I still have business with you. I can't very well raise an army of demon spiders if you're dead." Kenoya bent over and took a deep breath as he prepared for the pain that would come. "Well, here we go..." thought Kenoya as he lept up and spun around sending a round house kick aimed for Arachiel's chest.

[CHAT] Virion felt his eyes widen as the demoness stood, unphased by the dagger in her head, Virion being dragged off the ground as he hung there by one hand like a frozen rag doll, not knowing what to do next. This was a mistake, he made a rash decision and it would blow up the entire business that Kenoya and he had been building up to this point. That was, until Kenoya spoke out as well, siding with Virion, much to the Konat's surprise. This was no longer a mistake. This had now become a risk - a risk that could lead to a different side of this contract being forged. Realizing now that he was not in this alone, Virion swung himself by the dagger and upwards into the air with the intents of landing on her spider-back. Alas, he was not able to rip the dagger free in this motion. He did not speak to Kenoya. Their bond would speak on its own. As he would come down on the demon's back, he extended his leg with the intention to jackhammer her from above.

[CHAT] Arachiel narrows her eyes, allowing Virion to vault over onto her back, even obligingly allowing herself to collapse, bressing the lower portion of the arachnid cephalothorax into the mossy ground, meanwhile plucking the dagger from the wound, significantly widened by the strike. Looking into the wound, one can see, several inches beneath the surface, a bit of the same shiny black chitin that the demoness' lower body was formed from. A faint pattern of cracks were now visible in the chitin right where Virion had struck. Meanwhile, the arachnid abdomen curled upwards and forwards, almost like a stubby scorpions tail, and began spurting strands of pale pink liquid at Virion- these would react with the air, almost immediately setting into extremely strong strands of demonic silk, hopefully thoroughly binding the konatsu. In the meantime, she reached forward with both hands, her intent to catch the Saiyans roundhouse and throw him into one of the nearby trees like a throwing ax.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The saiyan's kick was caught mid air to his surprise and with a mighty swing the demon flung Kenoya towards the tree's. Just before the saiyan smashed into the tree, he flipped backwards and caught himself in a three point stance on the side of the tree. Kenoya could feel the stitches rip on his chest almost instantly with the landing, blood starting to trickle out onto the saiyan's shirt. With a kick off the tree, Kenoya sen't himself flying through the air back towards Arachiel with both his arms extended with his hands balled up into fists in an attempt to deliver a double super man punch to the spider demon's chest. "This hurts so bad..." Was all the saiyan could think as he flew through the air.'

[CHAT] Virion found himself standing atop the spider briefly victorious with his blow before he turned around to be met with the demon's web, which laced itself around Virion's arms, pinning them down to his body in a matter of what seemed like moments. Losing his balance, he quickly fell to the ground next to the spider and began to wiggle around to little avail in his attempts to take to his feet once more. Groaning and refusing to give up so easily, Virion rolled himself like a log closer to the spider where he went in to bite the spider's frontmost leg on her left side, and attempt to use that as a grip to swing his body with enough force to sweep her off her feet. I mean, what kind of demoness doesn't like a good biting and being swept from her feet by a stallion such as Virion?

[CHAT] Arachiel pushes off neatly into a swift leap, evading Virion's attempt to latch on with his teeth entirely. She collides with Kenoya in midair with a grunt of pain as the saiyans fist catches her high on her collarbone. Nonetheless, she would then attempt to wrap her arms around Kenoya in a bearhug, speaking haughtily, stepping now towards Virion once more. 'Just who do you think you are? Coming to our world, completely uninvited, striking a bargain, then attacking me when you couldn't talk your way back out of it?' She grins before the next bit. 'I -hate- to have to do this, but at least one of you has to die now. Convince me why I should spare one of you, and maybe I will.'

[CHAT] Kenoya was wrapped in Arachiel's arms after slamming into her as he let out a loud yell. His wound was really getting to him bad. It continued to bleed out as he struggled to break free while shouting at the demon. "Who do we think we are?! We are the real demons here! The ones who take what they want and don't give a damn what anyone else thinks! Thats who!" Kenoya begun to send knee shot after knee shot to the demon holding him in a bear hug. With each thrust he let out a shout of pure pain and rage. The bleeding wasn't stopping, nor would it any time soon.

[CHAT] Virion took heed of Kenoya's bleeding. This wasn't good, that wound he got when fighting the feral female a couple days ago was not healed enough for Kenoya to have entered actual combat. This move was rash and it was made even more rash by Kenoya joining the fray. Biting his lip, Virion began to roll around until his eyes could meet somewhat with Arachiel's. "Let him go... he is too wounded to continue this - he shouldn't have even been a part of it. This was between you and I, demon... I... I will pay the price for my insolence." The dagger was nowhere near Virion and he had no other sharp objects within this mossy area to cut himself free. The best he could do was keep Kenoya from suffering his fate.

[CHAT] Arachiel grunted and staggered under the assault, still clinging tightly to Kenoya even as the legs on one side of her give way, the pair listing to one side, crashing and dropping the saiyan roughly. She rights herself almost immediately, giving off a feral hissing noise before lunging towards Kenoya once more, fangs bared. Her venom would not kill in the quantities she normally produced, but would over time slow, and eventually cause temporary paralysis. Despite this, she had moved a bit further away from Virion and turned her back on the konatsu, who would note the faint pink glow of the webs binding him fading to plain white, and they didn't seem to constrict quite as tightly.

[CHAT] Kenoya fell to the ground and let out a loud grunt as he did so. His chest was bleeding pretty badly and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was done for. He climbed up to his feet in to see the the demon lunging at him with her fangs drawn. He threw his arms up in an attempt to grab her by the throat and keep her pressed back from bitting him. She struck him hard as she came forward and it was everything the saiyan had to keep her pushed back, but for how long could he hang on? He was losing ground by the second and the saiyan's arms were starting to shake like his strength was about to give out. "VIRION!!! I CAN'T HOLD HER FOR LONG!"

[CHAT] Virion became upset by the fact that the demon pursued Kenoya and that he continued to struggle despite Virion having tried to give himself up to let the saiyan live. [Fine, Kenoya. I get it. You want me to live? You have to as well then!] Feeling a sort of second wind of fire inside of him, but mainly because the web had started to deoxify, Virion struggled inside the web for a moment before bursting out of it and scrambling to his feet, taking off in a run towards Kenoya and his opponent. As he came up behind the spider, he kept his eyes on the web spitter just in case she noticed him, and once close enough to the demon Virion took to the air with as powerful a leap as he could and drew a left hook behind his back, his eyes glistening as if there was something sprouting inside of him that even he was not aware of. Once close enough, Virion would throw his punch with as much force as he could to the demon's back, hoping to do enough to draw her attention back to him.

[CHAT] Arachiel had a perfect image of it in her head. She would gradually increase the force with which she pushed against the saiyan, then trigger his brand to cause a split second of more pain than ever, using that distraction along with a final burst of strength to break through Kenoya's defenses and deliver her venom to his shoulder. But... the image didn't measure up to reality. The solid punch with all of Virions weight and the force of his leap behind it wasn't something that could be simply shrugged off. she crashed to one side, her legs buckling beneath her a second time, but spun around on the pair once more, an irritated look on her face. She lets out a shrill chirp, and immediately traces of movement appear in the forest behind. Lots of movement.

[CHAT] Kenoya was hurt, bad. He was coughing blood up once again, however not profusely as when his injury first occured. He knew he wouldn't last much longer in his condition. He didn't see them winning this fight through brute strength. Especially when the movement in the woods started to pick up after Arachiel let out a screech. Kenoya stood up from the ground and wiped the blood from his lips with a grin. "I think I'm starting to get what you said about eatting fear. The fear you're showing right now is simply delicious spider of whom was too afraid to tell me their name. I bet you'd make quite the feast right now for your brood...Look at how pathetic you've become, having to rely on US to get YOU food. Can't even protect your people from us without crying like a bitch for your slaves to come help." Kenoya threw his arms out and did a slow spin as he yelled out to the forest and those moving with in it.


[CHAT] Virion felt his body tense up as his punch landed, letting off a wild shout as his fist collided with her back. The force did something, but his actual fist did not it seemed - her body was much more sturdily built than his own it seemed. After his blow landed and she crashed to the ground, Virion found himself on the ground as well, rolling as he tried to catch himself. About five feet to Kenoya's right side, Virion clenched on to the ground, spinning himself around as he was on his knees, eyes locked on the now screeching Arachnoid Demon. The nearby rustling and chittering sending chills up his spine. They were weaker... but numbers could generally overpower many a foe. As Kenoya yelled out in to the forest, Virion's body stiffened slightly as if his words paralyzed his movements, ears going deaf and teeth clenching. [Gah.. why can't I move? Did this bitch hit me with some kind of toxin that I didn't notice?]

[CHAT] Arachiel initially responds to Kenoya's boast with roaring laughter, the notion that he could coax her children into betraying her seeming absurd. But, when she thought about it, she had to acknowledge for a moment that Kenoya probably had a point, perhaps her approach could be reconsidered... hesitating as she considers, leaving a brief opening. Her children seemed to be similarly effected, for the moment- they were not coming to her aid or betraying her, but were similarly hesitating. Of course, her children would never betray her, but the fact that even SHE caught herself considering Kenoya's words, even for a moment... Who was this Saiyan???

[CHAT] Kenoya slowly started to walk towards Arachiel, his entire right side of his shirt and pants were now tainted red with his blood. "I think it is time someone keeps you to your word on feeding your supporters. Your own gut wrenching terror will be the meal these little guys have been denied by you for so long." Kenoya stopped walking and took an aggressive fighting stance once again as he prepared to launch another assult or attacks. "I'm not going to let you hurt these little guys any more!" The saiyan lept forward and started to throw as many punches as he could towards the giant spider; each thurst of his arms sending a trickle of blood out from his soaked shirt pants.

[CHAT] Virion clenched his fist and pounded it in to the soft ground he was kneeling on as he took to his feet, feeling a sense of pride in his heart as he walked up next to Kenoya, specifically his right side, and braced himself in to a similar stance as Kenoya, ready to finish this battle. As Kenoya launched in to battle, Virion quickly followed behind, ready to cover Kenoya's side in case the demon tried anything funny to target his wound. Virion tried to follow each of Kenoya's punches with one of his own, but he was noticably a tick slower than Kenoya. [I can't... I must... push myself harder! I cannot show my captain any form of weakness. I will PROTECT him and the other demons of this forest from this demoness!] The words of Kenoya's rang silently in Virion's head as if fueling his motive to fight, and with each blow Virion would make the effort to speed his attacks up to match the pace of his captain's.

[CHAT] Arachiel is initially driven back as the pair takes advantage of the momentary opening. Hissing loudly, even as bruises and scrapes raise on her torso and more cracks form along her chitinous armor, she ignores defense, this time laying into the pair with full force- a savage hook aimed at each of them, followed by rearing up on her hind 4 legs and thrusting the sharp points of her forelegs at the pair, shimmering black rapiers blurring in the sickly orange light.

[CHAT] Arachiel continues to fight. Meanwhile, the largest of her brood, nearby, have gathered into a circle, chittering at one another in an animated fashion. The loudest of the bunch keeps looking over to Kenoya and Virion and back to the others. Some sort of discussion?

[CHAT] Kenoya narrowed his eyes when Arachiel let out a scream once again. Every time she'd done so she had lept back with a harsh counter attack. This time would be different however. Kenoya ducked down from the devistating hook sent towards him and then lept over the demon with a flip barely avoiding her rapid slashing legs. Once he was above and behind the beast he extended both his legs out and sent a powerful stomp attack to the back of the demon's head. Kicking off of her he lands on the ground in a three point stance and slowly stands back up as his shirt fell off his body riped to shreads of the demon's attack. Calling out once again to the horde of spiders gathering around the saiyan once again started to boast.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"THESE ARE HER LAST MOMENTS! NO MORE WILL YOU BE FORCED TO LIVE OFF OF TABLE SCRAPS MY FRIENDS! REJOICE FOR A NEW DEMON LORD HAS COME TO GIVE YOU YOUR FREEDOM!" Kenoya spotted Virion's dagger stabbed in the ground next to his feet. The saiyan bent over and took hold of the dagger before looking over to his friend. "Virion, You dropped this!" Kenoya tossed the dagger towards Virion with the handle facing the Konatsu just in case if he missed the catch it wouldn't stab him in the chest.'

[CHAT] Virion watched from the corner of his eye as Kenoya avoided the blows and went overhead of the demon. Instead of following suit, Virion instead caught the punch with both hands, skidding against the ground as he did so before the spider's unnaturally sharpened legs began to thrust down from above him. He did his best to avoid the piercing legs, bobbing to the sides, but the legs themselves came at him with too many and too fast, slicing against the Konatsu's arms, chest, and legs, resulting in many tears in both his clothing and flesh, each of which bled respectively. Luckily Kenoya gave Virion an advantage, the Konatsu catching the dagger and using it to slash upwards at the next leg to come down upon him in an attempt to slice it off, though he was uncertain of what would be stronger, the leg or the blade.

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'Meanwhile, above the circle of spiders that this fight was going on inside of, the eclipse or the planet's red sun was almost complete, and the area was noticibly beginning to darken as if night time was upon them. [We can't get caught here in the dark, I'm sure these demons have some sort of night vision that would put us at a disadvantage.] Not taking his eyes away from Arachiel, Virion shouted out to Kenoya, "Kenny! We need to secure an escape before nightfall!" It was unbeknownst to Virion, however, that this was not the planet's nightfall. The eclipse of the sun was something else completely...'

[CHAT] Arachiel sprawls forward from the impact of Kenoya's kick, faceplanting in the moss before her, needlelike legs twitching in every which way. One of the legs firmly impacts Virion's dagger- the chitin is gouged deeply, slippery black ichor seeping out of it, even as the portion of the dagger's edge that met with the leg chips off, leaving a dull section in the middle of the edge. Not screeching this time, the spiders abdomen flexes to point at Kenoya, a torrent of the pink liquid that would quickly solidfy into webbing spraying in his direction. No answer was made to Virion just yet- but the larger members of her brood had ceased their chittering, and now stared alternately at Kenoya and Virion in silence. Meanwhile, a faint sense of dread, not even consciously detectable yet, begins to grow within the minds of demon, konatsu, and saiyan alike.

[CHAT] Kenoya watched the Brood Master aim her abdomen at him and knew that the same pink web that encased Virion would be shot at him shortly. The saiyan took a step forward and extended his arms outward from his body and he deliberately took the shot of web. It was only a matter of seconds before the saiyan's body and arms were secured in the thick web. Kenoya's eyes were locked with Arachiel's, his eyes were filled with a sense of determination and purpose as he continued to stare the beast down. "NOW IS THE TIME OF YOUR CHOICE BROOD! WILL YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE AS SLAVES OR WILL YOU JOIN US IN FREEDOM! I OFFER YOU YOUR FIRST CHANCE AT A CHOICE...YOUR CHOICE! YOUR CHANCE! YOUR WELL BEING!" Kenoya closed his eyes and tilted his head down with a smile. "I can assure you though, you won't get your meal of fear from me. How long will it be before you have another chance to feast on the fear your master has now?"

[CHAT] Virion flew back at the blade and leg collided with one another, landing on his back as he did so. The dagger may have finally met its end after so long - the knife's point was still in tact, but there were many cracks throughout the blade telling the story of 'Use me again and I will shatter.' Breathing uneasily, Virion sat up just in time to watch the web begin to wrap itself around Kenoya. Clenching his teeth and holding the dagger up, he threw it back at Kenoya, this time the point was facing its target instead of the handle. [It's on its last leg... but it should still be able to cut him free from the web before shattering] he thought, assuming that Arachiel didn't stop it. After throwing the dagger, Virion returned to his feet as he again charged the spider demon, throwing another series of punches that were beginning to be weighed down by fatigue. The air had also began to pressurize, making it harder to breath, but Virion only knew to pair that with his exhaustion.

[CHAT] Arachiel chuckles aloud as she rights herself. The strange charm that Kenoya had placed on her brood was finally broken, by his own words. The brood sensed no fear from their mother, frustration and a bit of anger, sure, but no fear whatsoever. That was the first domino, causing the brood to consider again, with now-clear heads, exactly what Kenoya was saying. The saiyan did not understand the order of things on Epitome. The brood had never gone hungry- simply hadn't always enjoyed what they had. The stack of fallacies that Kenoya's argument was built on collapsed utterly- wise to his charms, the brood would never again be affected by such. The larger spiders begin to circle the area, not yet moving in, as the eclipse reaches totality. Now, all would begin to consciously notice the slowly growing sense of dread, Arachiel's smile hardening but not vanishing, and all of the spiders beginning to chitter excitedly.

[CHAT] Kenoya stood still as the dagger thrown by Virion slashed through the air and cut the web from his body. The saiyan took notice of all the spiders once again surrounding them and just smiled. He could feel the sense of dread over coming his body, but it wasn't fear. He didn't know what was causing it, but he knew something wasn't right. It was then he turned his head from side to side looking at all the demons circling them once again. "I see...So you all would rather live under the boot heel of your lord rather than live a life of freedom. So be it."

[CHAT] Kenoya slowly started to walk towards Arachiel once again with the same look of determination in his eyes. "I'll give you a proper boot heel to live under like the bugs you are." His bare chest was covered in blood with his torn stictches hanging freely from his skin. His pants were soaked in blood that made a squish sound every step he took towards the beast leaving a bloody foot print behind him in his wake. He adopted his aggressive fighting style once again as he eyed the beast from top to bottom before leaping towards her with a spinning kick to her neck.

[CHAT] Virion had landed the first punch he threw against the abdomen of the spider, but doing so caused him to freeze in place instead of continuing his intended series of punches. The spider demon did not flinch, nor did she pay him any heed. Effectively, he did no damage in his singular attack. [My body is weakening. I can't keep fighting. Kenoya's damaged way worse and he's putting up a much more intense onslaught than I am.] Stepping back from it all, he watched as Kenoya went in to kick the demon's neck. Instead of focusing on Arachiel, he turned his senses towards the demons circling them both, ready to intercept any of them naive enough to enter the fray.

[CHAT] Arachiel lunges towards Kenoya, feinting a strike towards him with her forelegs and making a show of attempting to evade too late as the kick arced towards her neck- her smile widening ever so slightly. 'I am not their lord, saiyan. I am their -mother-.' She stresses the final word, ending with a gurgle as the kick impacts her. She staggers slightly from the impact, one of her legs collapsing under her- evidently Virion's strike had had more impact than she let on. Despite this setback, she still had the saiyan right where she wanted him. She would attempt to trap his leg against her neck with her arms, and simply turn her head to sink her teeth into the flesh of the leg, numbing venom already dripping from the points of her fangs. The circle of spiders begins to contract as they gradually close in on the trio, though their movements have slowed. Anyone with the faintest ki sense would notice now- a truly massive power on approach.

[CHAT] Kenoya didn't know about the venom the spider had until it was a little too late. He saw her turning to bite his leg and gritted his teeth ready for the pain that would soon follow. He wasn't about to let her get a free bite though. Reaching for the spiders eyes kenoya made an attempt to gouge her blind with both his hands. Virion looked up to the saiyan and spider demon in their grapple and saw her attention was now solely on the saiyan's leg. As she was about to sink her teeth into Kenoya's leg, Virion lept up and sent a round house kick of his own aimed for the opposite side of her head in an attempt to break her neck with the pivot she made with her own arm to keep Kenoya's leg locked in place. Both Kenoya and Virion were a bit too preoccupied to take notice of the super power that had showed up with the amount of threat they already had their attention focused on.

[CHAT] Arachiel injects a generous helping of her venom into kenoyas leg. He would feel the initial pain of the teeth entering his flesh, then nothing, as a numbness would begin to slowly radiate out from the point of the bite. First, the venom would numb. Next, it would begin to slow his movements. Eventually, it would leave him in a temporary state of near-complete paralysis. Nonetheless, Kenoya's move appeared to work famously, both eyes giving way to his gouging thumbs with a spray of bright red and a keening cry from the demoness, who would begin to spasm. Unintentionally, said spasming would result in Virions attack being parried- with Kenoya, the pair flying free in the direction of their ship. The faintest of vibrations can now be felt on the ground, a dim violet light now visible just above the horizon, filtering through the thin trees. If not for the eclipse, the glow would have been entirely unnoticeable

**Not real, but I got threatened with RPP penalty if it wasn't**
[CHAT] Arachiel: -- 'Hey, I just met you- and this is crazy! So heres my venom- I'll eat you maybe!'

[CHAT] Virion felt his roundhouse kick work, he connected-- well, not with his target, and instead with Kenoya who had just got done gouging the spider demon's eyes, hopefully blind. The Konatsu was not oblivious; the vibrations in both the air and on the ground had been sending his senses in to overdrive for a while now, and the intensity of it was only growing rather than fading. As the two would connect with the ground, Virion connected with it, running, while dragging Kenoya along with him by his arm as the two were now on their way to the ship. "Kenoya, before you even think it, this is not the time to become rebellious. Come, let's make haste!" The two were not making their way for the ship. Instead, they were making way for the violet light on the horizon... "This is the way to the ship, I have a good feeling about this, we're getting off this planet! NOW!"

[CHAT] Kenoya was more or less being dragged by Virion as he attempted to thrash his arms and legs about. His leg oddly enough wasn't hurting as bad as he thought it would be, but he just assumed it was because of all his adrenaline pumping. He attempted to struggle against Virion but with his wounds and the venom coursing through his viens he wasn't able to do much. He already felt like he was sluggish and that made it even harder to do anything. "Put me down Virion!! WE CAN TAKE HER! SHE'S ALMOST DEAD!!!" Kenoya could see Virion wasn't stopping as he attempted to continue to try and break away from his friend's grip to now avail and eventually gave up fighting. All he could do was yell back at the demons with one of her eyes still in his hand. "YEAH I GOT YOU BITCH AND I'M COMING BACK TO BEAT YOUR BLIND ASS ALL OVER THIS FIELD! Uhhh-Virion..." It was at this moment Kenoya took notice of the ship that was in the opposite direction of the way they were heading.

[CHAT] Virion clenched his grip around Kenoya tighter, trying to inflict a bit of pain to him. "KENOYA! I said this isn't the time to be rebellious! Shut up and just trust me, will you!? I know what I'm doing!"
[CHAT] Virion did not know what he was doing.

[CHAT] Arachiel clutches her face with both hands, blood streaming through her fingertips, shrieking with anger for a moment, before calming down. She removes her hands from her face, revealing her former eyes to be no more than bloody ruin now, yet she seems strangely calm. A moment later, she sinks the tips of her fingers into the stab wound Virion had inflicted on her face earlier, sinking the fingers three knuckles deep. A moment later, she straight up rips her face off, a spray of crimson blood scattering across the area. Beneath the human face appeared the head of a spider, two ruined eyes, six more focusing freely. All vestige of humanity gone from her face now, the fangs from her old face revealed to be the tips of a pair of menacing looking mandibles. (C)

[CHAT] Arachiel (C) She peers about her, only to notice Kenoya and Virion long gone. And then, the full weight of the approaching power struck her, shivering visibly. Clicking her mandibles, she points a finger towards the SS NotAJetSki, her brood quickly scurrying into the ship and emerging with pieces of cattle, collecting about a quarter of what they had brought on board before disappearing into the treetops. Arachiel lingered around the site a moment longer, before launching a thin thread upwards and drawing herself back up out of sight. Her brood was no match for what she sensed on approach...

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Re: The Fool's Errand

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Kenoya and Virion each awarded 2 Green, 3 Red for this encounter.

Was fun :) I'll get better with less 2 dimensional NPCs, I swear.