* What She Carries

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* What She Carries

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Actors: Nova, Mosin
Type: Reunion, Training
Synopsis: Mosin and Nova reunite in Vitae City. Nova exchanges her knowledge of what occured aboard the SS NotAJetSkii. The pair decide to head towards the famous Korin Tower. Nova drags the remnants of the spacepod she had scavenged as a prize from the pirate crew of the SS NotAJetSkii to sell for zeni in their efforts to gain passage.


[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'A hot, spring night. Mosin stood on the street corner with a trash-bag over his shoulders and head. He held a small, tin can that he had found in the thoroughfare of the aqueducts Zand had brought them to and it was half full with zeni bills and earth-coins. The Kaio held a small cardboard sign reading, "Shenron is coming," And knew to step towards the middle of the side-walk when he heard footsteps approaching from the corner. It had been... just over twenty four hours since Zand had left to secure passage, and just a few under even that when Nova had decided she was hungry and had left. After sitting next to her at the Bistro, Mosin wasn't about to get between Nova and a good meal.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The old, crafty Kai had earned at least four tin-can's worth of zeni plying his 'trade' and even though he was going out of his way to put himself in front of Earthgoers, the disguise he had chosen seemed to make him more invisible even after a broadcasted bounty on his head.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'And in those twenty-four hours since Zand had left, Nova had been busy indeed. Her attempts at finding them a meal lead her to quite the chaotic endeavour, but one that she hoped the others found bountiful. Beforest she napped inside the escape pod back down to Earth, she did make great use of the emergency first-aid kit inside, applying patchwork attention to the new scar the other Saiyan left in her shoulder. Not only was the battle fierce, but rewarding as well and after coolers head prevailed, she thought it a point to find Zand and apologize for losing her temper on him before they parted away. He had been so gracious to point her in the direction where Mosin was last known to be peddling. '

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'As another group of passerbys happened on Mosin's street corner the Kai hunched himself, his impressive size and form creating quite an obstacle for them as they turned and reached where he had planted himself on the concrete. Their group broke apart, some members going around to his left, others to his right. Mosin listened carefully, picking out a small, scrawny man whose heart he heard beating rapidly. "A moment of your time, sir... I..." Mosin began to cough, racking his lungs in feigned pain as his hand reached out and took ample hold of the man's tie, almost dragging him down and keeping him from being able to follow his compatriots.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"Excuse me. I... I apologize... I've not been wel---" "--Let go of me you vagrant!" The man interrupted, "Let me go this instant, I don't care what you're pedd--" Mosin coughed again, this time more earnestly and projecting the beads of saliva from his mout over the face of the man, who promptly broke his hold and began to run to catch up to his friends just as heavy footsteps and the sound of scraping metal reberated from the beyond the very same street corner. Mosin brought his hands together, feeling the rough leather of a wallet he had pilfered from the man before his escape an added it to his tin before curiosity got the better of him and he slowly moved around his own corner, heading towards the sound of Nova and her escape pod.'

[CHAT] Nova put her head down so the crowd would miss the beat red her cheeks were turning as the crowd started to grow. Why seeing her pull a small, metal orb roughly the size of a car with her make-shift harness was so facinating was beyond her, but the collection of men gathering made her feel uncomfortable. A few of them started to pull small devices from their pockets and snap pictures of her, even whistling as she walked by, cutting a black mark all throughout the city. "S C R A M you filthy gnats! Tzlasserin Harrk'vek!" Any sailor who has ever visited an Icerian port would gasp at what she called their mothers, but the outburst did cause the growing caggle to disperse and finally, she saw Mosin in his "outting" garb. "Oi, old man! Thank the Kami you're still alive! Look at what I brought us!" she winced at her own misguided words. "I mean...uh..feel?"

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The heavy footsteps. The rough, husky grunts. The grinding metal. "Nova!" The kai opened his arms in greeting before Nova had extended her own and came to her, his hand feeling generously -- prodding her chest, touching the leather straps she bore and then the spacecraft itself which made eyebrows perk up, like excited, woolly caterpillars, on his forehead. His hand searched the surface of the smooth metal, "What have you found here?"'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The sudden sound of a camera lens snapping made the old kai's ears twitch and he suddenly rounded on the gossiping pack of city goers, his arms raising up, fanning the trash-bag out like a peacock flashes its feather. They were sent immediately back just as Mosin held out his metal-tin and began to rattle the change and dollars towards them while baring his teeth in a very exaggerated manner, "Coin? Please, just a zeni or two. I'm off the bottle, I swearsss..." He gives that last word a long, slurred draw while "accidently" letting a bottle he had picked up from the underground slip from his pocket and shatter. Almost instaneosly the crowd began to disperse, fleeing the "vagrant" kai. When their footsteps were far enough away, Mosin raised himself back to his full height and drew back the hood of his trash-bag cloak. "Where've you been, lass?"'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"One second," She turned back to the pod that was still sitting in the middle of the walkway and spat in both of her hands. With feet still bare, bruised and bleeding from the several miles of walking, she dug them deep into the concrete and wrapped the parachute chord around her hands and forearms, reeling the escape pod in. With the sweat from the day walk glistening over her ebon skin, those still watching caught a glimpse of every muscle flexed as she hauled the pod in,then promptly jumped on top and took a seat, grinning from ear to ear at her feat of strength. Earth was dangerous, far more dangerous than any fight in the pits, but it was making her strong. She felt that strength coming to her as much as she felt the sickness of defeat. It’s why she was able to smile, even now. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Right, so. I went out to get us some food. Did you know Earth has these giant beasts just roaming the plains? I thought I'd snatch one up for us, but a ship was actually stealing them right off the ground. I thought to help myself and head back to you guys when..." she went on to give a recount of the events.'

[CHAT] Mosin nodded politely as Nova gave her recounting of the details of the prior day. He got the jist, though none of the more intricate details. Space pirates. A lot of steer being stolen up from a farmstead. Shit everywhere. Someone with a sword? A dagger. Spider demons? Zand booking them passage. Mosin finally began to wave his arms, his dead eyes searching a blank wall and facing away from her for a moment, "Nova, you took on this entire ship by yourself? Without Zand?" The Kai's large body hunched for a moment as he faced away from her, "That's..." He turned back towards her, with a proud, almost beaming smile, "That's amazing! The Saiyan you fought, what was it like? And the Swordsman? Do you think we could find them? I haven't had a chance... I haven't found anyone for Moon and Sun yet but..." Mosin stopped, his hand moving to his tufts of beard and stroking, "Wait, where is Zand?"

[CHAT] Nova grinned and flexed her one good arm at him, nodding in agreement. "Two against one, but they were both good. The Saiyan...he was a little cowardly. Tried running from the fight and the other guy, the knife-ear oh...oooooohhh" She looked down at her shadow being cast on the sidewalk. Her head kept turning and her face transforming into a deeper, angrier scowl each time she thought about the Konatsu fighter. "Mo' I swear by every God and Tyr'slla that has and will ever exist if I ever see that ve'kking knife-ear again I will pull his tongue out through the hole in his cock!" Those words, that vow, she meant with all of her heart. If hate had a visage, a manifestation on the physical plane, it wore her skin. She meant the venom she spewed. Every word.

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"But Zand...he...I donno. You two were gone when I woke up and I...I wanted to be useful. Mo I ain't used to feeling bad when people die, but that girl. Her and her kin and gone because of me, because of us." And her spirit was breaking, but still she wore that tough face.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The excitement in the Kai's features was evident, he savored the words that Nova spoke -- clearly ready to test himself, but, that faded as Nova brought to mind the reason for their sudden need for an escape. His stance went slack, and he slowly folded his arms into the sleeves of his trash-bag robe. They had found a quiet moment in the city's ebb and flow. The street was clear. The nearest footsteps were a hundred? two hundred yards away? He could smell the sweat on Nova. Could hear the flutter of lungs as they drew and pushed back on the air while the Saiyan cooled down. Mosin took in a deep breath of his own and exhaled as well. "There's a lot of things you and I are able to control. That was not one of them." The monk smiled, "Now. What are we to do with this... spaceship, you've found?"'

[CHAT] Nova went a minute without responding to his question. She actually didn't really move at all.Her mind drifted to the sewers when she first heard the PSA announcement and it made her instantly think of the others Qai brought with him to Earth along with her. The others that sacrificed themselves so that she could escape with this Kai and Zand. If she had ever asked herself why she didn't take off long ago, its because her brethren's dying wishes were to see at least herself and this one saved. Mosin probably wasn't aware, but in him she saw the ultimate form of pride from her people in him. That was why she fought so hard for the ship and why she felt so defeated. But defeat was always apart of the plan. It had to be. Preparing for it made it easier to overcome.

[CHAT] Nova shook her head a few times and slapped some color into her cheeks, grinning again. "Well it won't fly, or probably can't anymore. But there has to be a junker somewhere who wants it for parts. We should be able to rub enough coin together to gear up for your trip." She finally hopped off the top of the pod, having thanked the gods for a moments rest. "You're still planning on going to that tower, aren't you?"

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"YES! The tower..." Mosin moved towards the wall of the capsule warehouse that made up the corner of the district they stood on and followed along it with and outstretched hand before his toes touched a grate through the wrappings of his open-toed sandals. He stooped down, reached inside and then drew back the metal bench-bar he had been carrying since their escape from the hospital. As he withdrew it from its rest place, the clink of zeni coins filled the underway, the bar that was brought forth bearing three coffee-tins of worth of coins and bills on hooks fashioned out of discarded clothes-hangers. Mosin stood, tipped the bar over and slid the tins into his open hand before turning and using the bar to tap his way back towards Nova, the steel rod banging on the side of the spaceship as he neared and offered the pales of earnings up. "I'm ready when you are."'

[CHAT] Nova twisted the open chute down to a single, thick chord and wrapped it around the entire circumference of the pod tieing a knot in the front. The barding straps she fashioned around her waist came up and looped under and behind the cord she just made with extra lining being used to tie them down. There was enough material to tear two small hoops in, perfect for her arms to fight through. She hooked one in, then got down in a squat before sliding the other. "One...two..three...hhhrrrnnngg..." The veins in her neck bulged as the Saiyan hoisted the pod on her back with a powerful squat. "...hnn...hn..alright...after you..." The first step was always the hardest.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The old Kai's nostrils flared, his makeshift staff quieting its tapping while the monk drew his hand towards his face and seemed to wave the city fumes in. His features scrunched, he coughed and then his staff began to tap once again ahead of him. He strode at a very leisurely pace as he counted each footstep, and while he gave Nova time to stride on her own with the spaceship abreast. He could feel the torque of her muscles, and the grit of the parachute chord biting into her skin.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Each of her steps came with a crushing resolve. The old kai followed the scent of petroleum and rocket fuel, used the beeping sensors at the crosswalks to move between streets. At times, when he felt Nova was especially struggling, his staff would stop and crack a few times on the concrete, as if lost, and would wait there until her struggling eased into accepting the weight of the pod and the strength of her limbs again, before the monk carried on. the lights of the city were low on them, and they were approaching the starport by way of a service entrance normally reserved for turbofreight caravans and trucks.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'When Mosin came to a stop (she swore they passed the same corner three times!) the entire weight of the craft came crashing down hard, and her with it. Sweat poured off of her. The stitching she did herself, a ridgid zig-and-zag across her shoulder, started to leak blood and puss that she tried to cover with her shirt. "n-net..next time...you're carrying the ship.." His back was to her, but she kinda felt he saw the middle finger she held up. But fatigue aside, they had made it to their destination. Now the question was what manner of character awaited them inside.'

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