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Summary: Almost every RP admin was in this RP. Cows were stolen, an ungodly amount were killed. Pirates attacked the pirate ship, people were stabbed, bitten, groins were kicked and ultimately parties were split and reformed. A bunch of stuff happened!

Damage Report: Cows Ded. Austin Bitten and Beaten, Nova Stabbed and Beaten, and Kenoya Stabbed and Mildly Beaten.

[CHAT] Kenoya had waited until it was in the early hours of the morning. The sun was still hours away from rising, and still a few hours before verterin farmer would be up. Under cover of darkness Kenoya flew the SS NotAJetSki over the large farm and hovered over a large circle of cows standing in the field, asleep. Kenoya opened up the cargo bay door then started to shout a few orders out over the intercom to Austin. "Alright so this should be really simple. I'm going to use the tractor beam to pick up the cattle. It is your job to keep count of how many we get and to keep them moving in to the ship. If they start to take up too much room down there, opened the doors to the hall ways and let them in. Got it?" Kenoya started to push a few buttons and with a series of loud beeps the tractor beam activated and started to lift the cows one by one up to the cargo hold.

[CHAT] Austin jumps at shout from the intercom, waking him up from napping against the wall and spilling a dixie cup of coffee he'd had ontop of the intercom. "Wha-huh-shit!" he says with a groggy shake of his head, "Why we gotta do alla this at... whatever-o-clock... in the friggin morning..." he says with a grumble as he rubs his eyes for a moment, before noticing his spilled coffee, "...shit," he says with a grumble as he starts wiping it up... only for the cows to start coming up and making him go wide eyed, "Shit! Umm-umm-umm that's one..." he says, having to drop everythign and go deal with this now, "Two... three... I hope they like confined spaces and loud sounds..." he says to himself as he works, looking out over all the cows. "How much did all of these cost?"

[CHAT] Kenoya just kept the ship over the same group of cows until they were all gone, then slowly drifted over to another group of cows sleeping. "Well its sort of a grab bag type of deal." Said the saiyan as he stretched upwards to the sky. "I made a down payment of a million Arlian dollars which buys us an entire herd. Which apparently is an exact number of 500 heads. I doubt we'll have the room to hold all 500 so we're just taking all we can right now, then coming back for the rest later." Kenoya glanced over his controls and started to shift through different tabs in his control pannel. He came to a stop when he got to the lights tab and started the check through it. He was certain everything was shut off before they started, but he had to check again just to keep his paradoid thoughts in check.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Hours before dawn, the air on Earth was chilly, frost-dew still clinging to the ocean of green grass that blew across the open field. Mosin and Zand had their plans on how to earn some zeni and Nova was left to heal and recover. That was three days ago. On Ng Yelo she would have had a day and then be back out in the pits. Whatever it was that caused her stomach to boil up into her throat would have to wait. Hunger would kill them before the Earthlings could. She was ducked below a slight bluff, chest down against the grass, crawling inch by inch towards a heard of sleeping prey. Meat. White and black, grey and brown. All sleeping. But was that...a ship she heard above her in the clouds?'

[CHAT] Austin blinks, his eyes open wide, "A -MILLION ZENI-... for COWS!?" he says, shaking his head as he keeps count, "Four... five... six... how many can this ship even hold? This is a *lot* of cows," he shakes his head as he keeps counting, "Six... seven... eight..." he speaks out, "Well, as long as everythings all sorted, I'm good. People get shot for a lot less than a million zeni, and I do *not* wanna be shot over cows..." he smirks and gives a chuckle at the idea, before going back to counting, "Seven... eight... nine..." he looks over the cows already inside, "Oh by the way, 'Not It' on cleaning up after the cows."

[CHAT] Kenoya just laughed as he listened to Austin talk. He really liked this guy. He knew what was important later, the mess the cows would leave behind. "I wouldn't worry to much about that. We got those stupid roomba things that will clean up after the cows. It might take a couple of days, but they'll get this place back to new...I think. If not well who cares we're moving more right after this." Kenoya had not noticed Nova below with the low lights. He really could only make out large groups of cows all together. The lone ones were easy to miss with how dark it was. "Soon our people will be fed and we'll be one step closer to making this society of ours really grow."

[CHAT] Nova watched as the ship used a tractor beam to pull the cows from their slumber into the air. She muttered a joke about a cow rapture to herself while sliding down slick, grass side of the bluff. Her plan for food suddenly turned into a plan for a ship to get the three of them off this overly hostile planet. "Still not sure how they made it passed all the heavy space security Earth has now...must be a hell of a pilot. When I'm done busting up the crew he may live." She made it to the fence and vaulted over it with the greatest of ease. Despite previous injuries she was in fighting form once again, leaping to one of the sleeping beefstacks and riding it up the beam, seated on it's back.

[CHAT] Austin smirks, "Good," he says about the roomba, "Glad to be helping people, like... actually helping them now," he says with a nod as he keeps counting, "Nine... ten... eleven... I don't know much about cows, but these can feed a lot, I think," he says with a small nod, "At least... they look pretty big," he notes, keeping an eye on the beam and... something looked odd about the next cow coming up, he poked his mohawked Konatsu head over the side to get a better look, "Uh, boss, I think you grabbed a strange one. Or do all cows have a... thing on the back? What is that?" he furrows his brow slightly.

[CHAT] Kenoya switched his tab back to the video of the cargo room just to see Nova coming up on a cow. "Who the hell is this?! A cattle thief!? Be on gaurd Austin!" Kenoya stood up from his chair and started to make his way towards the lift with a fast paced walk. "The fuck is this?! Someone is trying to steal the cows I just stole?! That's bull shit! Hehehe...Bull shit...That's great I need to say that later when people are around. What if it is one of the cow hands from the farm? Surely they didn't see us. It's way too dark and all the light are off still." Thought the saiyan as he rode down the lift. Once he reached the cargo bay he stepped out and entered the room with his arms crossed. "Ok so just who are you and why are you riding my cow on to my ship?! You didn't even say anything cool like YEEEE-HAAAW!! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

[CHAT] Bull obligingly, and with perfect timing, shits, moments before clashing horns with another Bull.

[CHAT] Nova looked around the ship as she rode up the beam of light and the bovin was tossed to the side to allow others up. Straight away she heard Kenoya addressing her and noticed the full on bull brawl happening in the background. "Yippie Kay-Yay, mother suckers. I was out looking for something to eat and came across this lovely little ship. Tell me, are you the captain? Well I'm sorry -former- captain?" she grinned at Kenoya, sizing him up and cracking her knuckles. The bulls in the background were about to have a run for their money when it came to creating chaos. This man was a Saiyan, she could smell it. Bulls fighting had nothing on a pair of Saiyans having a little fun.

[CHAT] Austin blinks and widens his eyes as he hears that, "Thief!?" he says, drawing his blade--it was an odd one, the hilt being black, with the handguard and pommel covered in thorns, and the blade, sharpened on one side, was a dull white rather than metallic, when the Saiyan rides up the cow he points it to her, "Who do you think you are, barging in here! You think you can steal this ship!? Not while I'm here!" he barks out, narrowing his eyes as he steps between Kenoya and the other Saiyan, "You know, Kenny, I thought you were exaggerating when you said a lot of people wanted to kill you but I am getting in a *lot* more fights now..." he says, keeping his eyes on the woman--there wasn't much room for fighting, as many cows as there were in the hold by this point, however.

[CHAT] Kenoya smiled really big when Nova spoke. She had real attitude and charisma, he liked that. Kenoya stood behind Austin with his arms still crossed as he talked to his friend. "Yeah it gets so common you'll be able to time your watch to it my friend. Be on your guard, never underestimate a saiyan. She looks like she's been injured recently. She'll be dangerous." Kenoya looked over to the bulls that were starting to thrash around a bit. He really didn't care if they hurt one another. They were going to be killed anyways in the next few hours, but they were fucking up parts of the ship. Virion would not be pleased. He turned his attention back to Nova and gave a slight bow as he spoke. "Yes I am the captain, but far from former I'm afraid. You have me confused with someone else."

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Austin pointed a weapon at her and Nova's body reacted on instinct. Her feet slid across the floor, slick with cow-muck, as she tried to bring herself into Austin's reach, cutting off the use of the blade, left hand deftly coming with a downward punch to his respected jewels and another crossing her body to rap knuckles against his jaw. Hit or miss, she didn't want to stand idle so close to the pair, taking to a flip backwards, hands vaulting off the backside of a steer. Which she then kicked at them.'

[CHAT] Austin furrows his brow, "Alright, you stand back boss, I'll show you why you hired me," he says, sounding cocky after his victory against the first officer he was soon to replace, as soon as he was ready to throw a strike, though, one was already coming... and hit him right in the groin, causing his eyes to go wide as saucers as he cried out, "GCK ACH SON OF A-FUCK! AH!" he shouts, half words, half grunts, half whimpers as he staggers out of the way taking the other hit but avoiding the steer by sheer dint of luck and, well, guarding himself as he has to lean against the wall for support for a moment, gritting his teeth as he regains his composure after a shudder, "What kind of asshole *does* that!?" he calls out after her.

[CHAT] Kenoya stood still as he watched Austin take a low blow then barely avoiding the cow. Kenoya uncrossed his arms and reached out to stop the cow as it flew towards him. The moment he made contact with the cow he began skidding backwards a good ten feet before coming to a full stop. The cow was hysterical and started to run off down the hall way. This began a chain reaction of other cows seeing this one fleeing and them following. All while this was going on, cow after cow continued to float up from the tractor beam and into the cargo bay. "Oh no...Virion is going to be sooo pissed if these cows destroy his room." The saiyan looked from the cows back to the fight and watched. The saiyan was concerned for Austin already. Nova's fighting style was brutal. One that must of been developed strictly for life or death situations. Nothing was off limits, even cheap shots.

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"What kind of soft, Viralian zxerf of a Saiyan hires alien muscle!?" Nova was dancing among the ensuing chaos, weaving between the swelling stampede. For as big as they were, these beasts were faster and stronger than she expected, one of them managing to get enough of a running start to bowl into her. Both arms wrapped around the thick neck of the beast, veins bulging as she surged with her full strength. The beast's hooves lifted from the ground, slowly at first until she planted bare feet into the metal and gripped hard. Up to her waist, then shoulders and finally, she held it by the head and neck, straight up above her head. Then her body went backwards, the cow being suplexed in the process. Hopefully on her enemies.'

[CHAT] Austin blinks as the Saiyan... suplexes a cow just because she can, he wasn't close to her as it was, he'd had to move back against the wall to hold for support after his mojo was almost crushed, and stayed there to avoid all the frenzied beasts, but he's ready to fight again after taking a few moments collecting himself--and fight he does, though with all the cows in the area it was a little difficult--so he takes to the air, leaping over the cows and even using them as stepping stones as he dashes at the Saiyan intending to basically jump on her before she can make it back to her feet, falling into a knee drop, basically.

[CHAT] Kenoya more or less ignored Nova's taunts as he watched the fight progress. He was very shocked to see Nova suplex the cow over her head. When it came crashing down it landed with a bounce and started to panic going into a frenzied tumbling run. Kenoya lept up to the railing above to avoid the crashing cow as it came right towards him. Once above he stood there watching the fight below as the cows continued to pour in. "Man I wonder how many more are in this one group...How many do we have right now...AUSTIN WHAT'S OUR COW COUNT AT!?" Shouted the saiyan as he jokingly watched the chaos unfolding below. He knew his ship was getting messed up and things were starting to get out of control, but he never felt more alive than right then. It was a feeling of complete hopelessness of not knowing what was going to happen next. Just like the space port attack with Virion when they stole the ship. Life was great, and the saiyan was really enjoying himself.

[CHAT] Nova landed with a crash of the cow parting the collection of meat like a vermillion sea, but missed crushing her foes under the heavy animal. It was a risk since lifting such a large creature took a good portion of her strength and such a feat left her a touch winded. No rest for the wicked, though. Austin's shadow passed over her body and grew smaller by the second as he came crashing down square in her sternum, knocking all of the air out of her lungs. By instinct she thrashed and kicked, searching for a bit of flesh on his leg that would be exposed. Prime for her teeth to sink into.

[CHAT] Austin had been wearing simple jeans for this job--he wasn't expecting to get attacked today, but then he wasn't expecting to get attacked yesterday. Maybe he should start expecting it more, either case--she'd be able to bite his leg rather effectively, drawing more than a little blood to join the blood and methane filled room from all the commotion--and causing Austin to yell out, "Gah! Damn it!" he shrieks in pain, though instead of fighting her he grasps at his free leg and pulls up his pantleg--revealing a dagger in his boot, the same one from earlier with Virion that he'd decided to keep as a backup, pulling out the knife he rears it back to go for a stab--she couldn't really dodge if she was biting down on him--only to be distracted at the last second and not able to finish his strike, "Gah--Cow what!? I am IN THE MIDDLE of something boss!" he shouts out, wincing in pain before going for it again--for real this time.

[CHAT] Kenoya continued to watch from above as the ship went to total hell. Livestock was roaming the decks, more were being pulled from below, and there was an all out brawl in the cargo bay. Things were looking good, they had easily met their quota of lives and were now just adding on to it. Big rolls of hay started coming up as well now and then a giant troft of water that instantly spilled over the floor when coming into the bay. Kenoya had thought the ship was stationary, however it was starting to seem like they were moving. "What...that's not right...AUSTIN KEEP IT UP YOU CAN DO IT!!!" Said the saiyan as he lept on to the back of one of the cows running for the hallway. After a short ride the saiyan lept off the cow and onto the lift. One of the cows tried coming in with him however the saiyan gave him a firm boot to the face and pushed him out.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'Once the doors closed and all the sounds of the cows mooings and the grunts of fighting were silenced and replaced with some soft bossinova music. The saiyan tilted his head up and looked towards the speaker with a smile. "Today has been a fun day..." A few moments later the door opened up to the bridge and the saiyan lept to the command chair. The ship was infact moving, but he didn't understand why. He thought he left it in hovor mode, however it was drifting ever so slightly towards a large barn. "Uh oh..." '

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'Before the saiyan could adjust their course, the tractor beam was already ripping pieces of the barn apart and pulling them up towards the cargo bay. Kenoya shut the tractor beam off causing everything to fall back down and make a loud crashing sound leaving the barn exposed. Inside were tons of baby cows, at least a hundred. Kenoya just grinned as he reactivated the tractor beam and started to suck the calves up by the 'handfuls'. They were much smaller and easier to bring up compared to the fully grown ones making it much easier to grab them in the masses.'

[CHAT] Nova tore out a chunk of Konatsu flesh with her teeth, blood staning her lips and lower jaw even down to her neck and chest. It was a vampiric display, but she felt she had the upper hand in the fight even as they were trampled all over. Then a jolt of pain ran through her. Hot steel passed through her flesh as the Konatsu spiked the dagger into her shoulder. The sound that came from her was a true Oozaru-like roar of pain. "Grk, vak tzun!" The Saiyan, nay, the coward was running and leaving the lackey to fight. How dare he. The cow that Kenoya was riding on top of had another passenger, Nova and Austin if he so wanted to hang on, from below. She literally held the utters of the sow all the way to the lift and lept up after Kenoya knocked the beast back down. "I am not done with you sir!" Blade still in her shoulder, Nova's feet left the ground and went to meet the back of Kenoya's head.

[CHAT] Austin somehow she maneuvered her way away from him and was again heading towards Kenny, gritting his teeth as more and more of his blue jeans were stained red as he started bleeding from that bite, he didn't just let her go, though, he grabbed at her by her arm, the side that had the dagger in her shoulder even as he was forced to limp after her as she grabbed the cow and the both of them were essentially dragged up the elevator, "Ah, boss...! Maybe watch out behind you!" he calls out, "Careful, she's a biter, too! Gah that hurts! Why don't you just *GIVE UP* already!" he yells out, trying to keep her from attacking Kenoya, trying to wrench that arm back behind her and pull her back to do so.

[CHAT] Kenoya turned around to see Nova and was rather shocked to see she had followed him all the way to the bridge. Just as he turned he was met with a drop kick sending him over the back of the computer and flipping over to land flat on his chest. The saiyan pushed himself up from the floor of the ship and looked to Nova with anger in his eyes. "See...That is exactly where you fucked up, spider sacrifice number two." Kenoya took an aggressive fighting style as he looked Nova up and down for a moment seeing Austin giving chase behind her. "Press the attack and wear her out. She can't last forever." Thought Kenoya as he lept forward in a feint attack. He was more or less trying to draw attention to him to give Austin the chance to strike from behind properly.

[CHAT] Nova came to her feet after kicking the other Saiyan in the back of the head. She only got one good foot in because the knife-ear was still stuck to her like a damn leech. Her eye narrowed. With both of them facing her at the same time and no more stampeding cows to obscure her approach, this was a proper two against one. "Give up?" she asked, looking at Austin. The creature looked young, but even those jade eyes spoke of some seasons. "Haven't you taught your welp what it means to be Saiyan!?" Teeth grit, she twisted the knife in her shoulder and made sure it was tight, pulling it out would only increase the rate which she bled out. "I am a Saiyan pure of blood. I live in battle and beckon the maiden of death!" Her eyes were serious now, sizing up the two opponents while putting her back to a wall, trying to keep them both in sight.

[CHAT] Virion arrived at the cargo hold where their ship was supposed to be stationed after they landed on Earth after leaving Epitome. Looking back at the android he had just met, Virion scratched his blond stubs of hair in confusion, wondering where it could have been. "Now I know this is where we landed... dammit... did they leave without me!?" Luckily, there was a security guard walking around the area. Approaching him, Virion inquired about where the ship was and if he had any information on when it left and how long ago. Luckily for Virion, the ship had only left the area about 15 minutes ago, and that was the first time since it arrived, which meant that Kenoya was only just going to pick up the cows. Running back in the direction of the android, Virion continued to run past him, beckoning for him to follow. "Hurry up, or we aren't going to catch them in time before they leave the planet, and have your payment ready! Sorry we couldn't grab your friends beforehand!"

[CHAT] Thousand breaks into a jog, then a run, catching up to Virion quickly, looking for all the world like a well-kept but aging human male, appearing late 40s, earl 50s. He wears ill-fitting boots, tattered blue jeans, and an oversized red plaid flannel shirt, stained in several places with engine grease. He speaks gruffly to the Konatsu as he runs alongside him. 'We -CAN'T- leave my friends behind. I can cover a bit more than the agreed upon amount, surely we can buy another hour for me to grab them. We've no luggage...' Thousand frowns to himself. (I hope I'm being objective here... and that this deal doesn't prove to good to be true.) He couldn't help but think about the proposed trip to the tower once again, though.

[CHAT] Austin rolls his eyes, "The only thing you're pure of is bitch," he says, shaking his head--he didn't have his sword, that was kind of trampled below decks, and right now with that dagger he was at disadvantage, he arches a brow momentarily as Kenoya speaks... something about spiders. He'd have to ask later, she was too dangerous to look away from, "You're outnumbered, cornered, and injured besides. If you go out now it's with a whimper and not a bang, what blaze of glory happeend between literal bullshit and blood? Give. It. Up!" he barks out, staring daggers at the woman and trying his best to intimidate her--he's not going to run in there and get stabbed, not without a better distraction at least.

[CHAT] Virion let off a brief chuckle as Thousand suggested he could pay more to get them to wait. "I'll talk it over with the captain, but after we're done with what we came here for I'm sure he'll be ready to leave the planet... if you hold true with your offer though and can reasonably raise it, I'll make sure that we can get your friends too." This man knew nothing of what plan Virion spoke of, however. From the cows to the spider demons, all was to remain secret to anyone who wasn't Kenoya and Virion. Though... he still didn't like the idea of the mysterious spider marking Kenoya had on his chest now... or that useless Konatsu that Kenoya hired on. All of these passengers will be best off as fodder to the spider folk of Epitome. As they continued on their path, they would come to a large stretch of farmland, blackened by the shade of night. [Dammit.. the operation to abduct the cows must have already begun. We better not be too late.]

[CHAT] Kenoya growled as he lept towards Nova and started to send a flurry of punches towards the would be thief. The saiyan made it a point to attack from the side the dagger had pierced into. It was the weakest visible point the saiyan could make out on the target and he wanted to play up to that advantage. Sure he couldn't attack her back directly, with it being to the wall, but the side he's have to raise her arm up to block and counter would be enough. After everything she'd done so far, she had to be getting tired too. Kenoya knew this was the moment he had to attack and continue to press the attack until she was subdued. It wouldn't be easy but they had the advantage and if they kept it up they'd take control of the situation.

[CHAT] Thousand nods to Virion, continueing on his dash, battered mismatched leather boots thudding dully against the soil with each step. The whole deal didn't feel as good as it ought to, but there hadn't been many takers for what he had been looking for, so little choice was to be had in the matter. 'So... we're out in the middle of nowhere, it seems. Might I inquire as to what sort of business brought you guys so far out here?'

[CHAT] Nova ignored Austin's taunt (for now), but was more interested in seeing what the Mighty Captain was all about. So far he had done little to prove he was worthy of his heritage. What proper Saiyan runs from a fight? She came into his rush, putting up her fists around her head and tucking her jaw in. The classic boxer stance. And blows they did throw. Kenoya's fists and legs padded off her shoulders and blocks, breaking through her guard as he got some good blows in, but rather than back off and protect her weakness, Nova pressed the attack back just as hard with a flurry of her own. Punches, kicks, elbows and knees, she was a fury in flesh, not relenting.

[CHAT] Virion stopped abruptly and went silent, closing his eyes, and allowing his pointed elf-like ears to twitch for a moment as he listened to the surroundings. "Well... we came here as a sort of trade between planets. You see, a race from another planet is looking to grow their farmlife, and cows are naturally indigenous to this planet. We were hired on as transporters to mediate the deal between here and there. Naturally I can't divulge too much information... as per our contract." What he was feeding Thousand was a good 80% truth 20% lie, so he felt compeltely innocent and comfortable as he spoke. The sounds of the ship finally rang into Virion's ears and the Konatsu's eyes shot open as he pointed in the direction they needed to go. "We're almost there. We need to hurry though!" Again, Virion shot off into a run with hopes Thousand wasn't getting tired of following at this point. [We really need to invest in some communicators here soon...]

[CHAT] Austin narrows his eyes as she doesn't give up and Kenoya goes into attack, "Wow what a bitch, blaze of bullshit it is," he says with a shake of his head before going in himself, stepping into the woman's flank with a well aimed kick straight to the back of her knee to take her legs out from under her--he was just about done with getting bitten and punched in the junk, and didn't want 'stabbed' on the list on top of it. "Just *go down*!" he shouts back, his eyes narrowing. He could only imagine the chaos outside, they were probably wrecking the whole farm. The guy Kenny bought those cows from probably wouldn't like that... hopefully there wouldn't be news about it. That'd be bad.

[CHAT] Kenoya didn't back down from Nova's assult. She was going into a rage and fighting like this was literally for her life. She wasn't looking to surrender or take them prisoner, she was looking to kill them. Kenoya wasn't going to let that happen. They just started their awesome adventure and he wasn't about to let it end here and there. He blocked and dodged as many of the hits as he could but there were some that made it through. Just when the saiyan thought he was about to lose his ground all together, Austin came in and delt a swift sweep to her leg. "This is it!" Kenoya thought as he went from an aggressive style to a berserk style to match Nova. If he could pound her while she was on the ground it would only take a few hits to knock her out, or at least thats what he hoped.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Kenoya and Nova's battle was starting to wear on the ship. Each blow deflected left a spark of power bouncing off their bodies. She wasn't fighting to kill, she wasn't in a rage, Nova was fighting because it is what she has known. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was worried about Mosin and Zand, and thought of the look on their faces when she came back with an entire ship full of meat and whatever was left of this crew, but that thought was far far back in her mind. Dodge here - nope. Fient the left, now right cross. Sweep the le-her leg was taken from her mid thought as Austin joined the fray. When she came down to one knee they each got free blows on her just from the height advantage, but she had one card left. With a half guard up, she reached over and plucked the blade from her shoulder, giving a deft stab at Austin's foot, looking to literally nail him to the ship.'

[CHAT] Virion let off a light chuckle as Thousand asked if something was going wrong. "Well... to tell the truth I don't know. I haven't seen my captain since yesterday, but I'm sure he's handling himself just fine." As they came up on the ship, it was visible that there was a tractor beam still running... but... they weren't after any cows. The ship seemed to just be floating aimlessly, pulling at the ground itself and taking in rocks and grass. "Errr... well this is embarassing? I think I need to check on my crew before you join... just to make sure everything is fine. You understand, I assume?" he asked, not even slightly expecting his new acquaintence to just stay put. Virion approached the beam and prepared himself for whatever he might find when he boarded the ship.

[CHAT] Austin wasn't stupid. Cocky, maybe. Naive, definitely. But a punch in the groin and a chunk of the leg wised him up to just how dangerous this particular opponent was and the moment she grabbed that knife out of her shoulder he jumped back about a meter, almost collapsing to a knee from his still bleeding leg, but he wasn't about to let himself get stabbed--smart move, too, given what happened, "Guh-God damn this hurts," he says, shaking his head and holding his leg with one hand as he clenches his teeth--most of his leg was stained red now--she'd really taken a chunk out of him. But he wasn't down yet.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'There she was. Revliving that tattered and blasted battlefield. The one that left her crippled and weak, but alive. Those dire moments plastering themselves in her mind, over and over, against a crimson backdrop. The ground turning soft. Her feet sinking into the ground as the ground slowly turned into red ichor, then grasping hands tearing at her. She tried to scream and push through but she couldn't. She just kept sinking further and further into a abyss of the dead. Their featureless faces and biting cold hands tighting their grips until she couldn't move, couldn't scream then then something covered her. No matter what she did she was stuck. She saw the world fade out around her, leaving her in complete blackness until there was a smell. A horrible horrible stench of blood and feces. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She slowly opened her eyes to be face to face with the backside of an animal. Cold and sticky with blood. <Last time I go and get a steak dinner.> She thought to herself as she slowly wiggled and struggled with her small frame out from underneath the future steak dinner and looked around. She sighed as her newly purchased clothes. Her leather near knee-high boots with too many buckles on them was covered halfway up with blood and feces. Her red and black plad skirt was now red and brown, her untucked white button down was brown now and she didn't even want to know what was on her face. <Just get me the hell out of here...> she said as she waded through a sea of cattle towards what appeared to be a door.'

[CHAT] Kenoya got really mad when he saw Nova take a literal stab at Austin, but it was just what they needed. Kenoya saw the exposed opened wound now that he was standing above the saiyan and he wasn't about to let the chance pass. As the dagger slammed into the floor, Kenoya went for a strike straight to Nova's wound. He wasn't looking to just hurt her, he was looking to punch straight threw her and leave her arm hanging by mere skin. He knew Austin couldn't keep going like this forever with his leg busted up. It would be him and Nova in the end he thought. Now was the time to capitalize the best they could while it was still two verses one. They had to win this fight soon and get the hell off the planet. It wouldn't be long before the farmers took notice to all the sounds of barns being up lifted and they call the port police. That was a fight Kenoya REALLY didn't want right now.

[CHAT] Thousand crosses his arms, sighing as Gilder walks off and steps into the tractor beam. (None of this seems right. What the hell is going on here?) He jogs along on foot, keeping pace with the ship and its tractor beam, staring at it a bit. Just at the edge of his scanners.... several powers, all equivalent. Wait, that one was... '...Nova? What the hell, how could she beat me here... I haven't even...' The android shakes his head wildly. 'Idiot. Here we go...' The android runs forward, tossing himself into the tractor beam as well- he would arrive on board the NotAJetSki a round or two behind Virion.

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'It was not long after arriving on the ship before being shot in the face by the overwhelming stench of cow. That was the best way to describe it... it was too many cows in too small of a space. The smell alone made Virion's vision to blurry and his eyes water as he looked around the cargo hold before spotting an open door that some of the cows were wandering in and out of. Covering his face and mouth with both hands to shield himself, even slightly, his feelings of calmness went into those of disappointment. [These fuckers... they had the job. Of. Abducting. ANIMALS. Fucking animals, and they couldn't handle that much!? I swear when I find them and if they're asleep or something-] Virion took off towards the cargo doors, weaving in and out of the multitude of cows as he made his way across the room, not noticing any other presences that may have been in the cargo room along with him.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Her stab *pinged* off the ground as Austin had the mental awareness to jump back the moment she pulled the dagger free among the chaos. It was a gamble because now she was bleeding freely from the shoulder and whatever damage she did pulling the knife out left her arm harder to use. But she still had the dagger. Any weapon was better than none and a good strike could even these odds in her favor. When she turned to stand and face the Saiyan again he had entered her. His fist plunged the small knife wound and her body stopped on a dime. For the paused moment she looked down at her shoulder and followed his arm all the way back up to him. "Gotcha..." She grinned, then gripped his arm, pulling the other Saiyan closer to her, coming up with the knife to his chest with her other hand.'

[CHAT] Austin couldn't put weight on his leg anymore, that last kick really did a number on him as much as it did her. But it didn't really matter, he had to do something, his eyes widen as he watches the Saiyan grab Kenoya, then try to stab him, "Ah, *DAMN* it! You really are a bitch!" he shouts out, actually leaping at the pair of them off his one good leg, it was probably the last move he could really do in the fight--a flying tackle towards the saiyan to try to slam her into the wall and take both her and himself down to the floor, trying to get her away from Kenoya... hopefully before she stabbed him, but he at least a meter away and she was already trying to stab him when he leapt.

[CHAT] Styx took a step into the hallway, gasping for fresh air and quickly "slammed" the sliding space-door shut, well, wished she could close it faster than it could. She knew it didn't do much but it made her feel better. She did not yet notice the man who appeared in the cargo hold and was running for the same door. "CLICK" as she flipped the manual override lock on the door. <Solves that problem> She started making her way down the hall and then she felt it. Something other than cattle. If it were a month sooner...no. She can't think like that anymore. She was not that person anymore. She was given a second chance so she casually strolled the halls, leaving one red and one brown alternating footprints on the cold metal floor. <C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She could feel some frantic emotions from behind the door. She took a breath, placed her hand on the keypad, and opened the door...to see a frantic fight going on. "What the hell." She said as her blood, feces and urine covered small bairly 5 foot frame stood in the open door.'

[CHAT] Kenoya grabbed Nova's hand and guided the dagger into his side missing his vital organs and pulling himself ontop of her. "No...I got you." Kenoya started to viciously trash his hand outward from the wound of Nova with a hammering like motion in an attempt to free him arm through the arm socket outward. It was all the saiyan could do at that point. He was in this til the end with the gamble he made with the dragger. It was only a matter of time now to see who'd bleed out first. Kenoya had completely forgotten about Austin and didn't see him charging in. He was solely focused on protecting his friend and defending his ship to the bitter end.

[CHAT] Virion finally reached the door only for it to have been slammed shut on him moments before. He saw a figure make its way down the hall, who was obviously the one that locked the doors on him. Banging on the door, Virion began to yell out through his other hand that was still covering his nose and mouth. "You fucking-- OPEN THIS DOOR! I swear when I get out of thi-- hrgnh..." Virion stopped talking as he gagged on the fumes. Looking around the room, he looked for some sort of override to this override from within the cargo bay. [Ugh... I don't know enough about ships to be figuring this out right now...] The cows in the cargo bay were becoming noticably aggitated as their moos became louder and echoed through the room. The smell was probably becoming too much for them to handle as well...

[CHAT] Virion made his way across the room, feeling across the wall as he did so. Eventually he came to the same type of intercom system that he had spoken to Kenoya through before leaving the ship. It would connect directly to the bridge of the ship, so hopefully that's where Kenoya was. Pressing the button, Virion spoke out, "Kenoya! Stupid Konatsu person who probably locked me in this room likeabitch! I'm locked in the cargo bay with these stupid cow things. Do you mind opening the door before I die in here?!" He was under the assumption that it was only Kenoya and Austin on the ship, and that Austin was the only one of the two that would be vindictive enough to lock Virion in here.

[CHAT] Thousand steps out from the tractor beam into some kind of hellscape. A sizeable number of cows pressed into the corners and walls of the room, twice their number dead and dismembered scattered about, and So. Much. Shit. It was everywhere. The image was enough to give the android pause for the briefest of moments, long enough for the aroma to assail his nostrils. 'What in the hell?!?' For the moment, evn having detected Nova's energy was forgotten. He wasn't certain exactly what job that Virion and his compatriots were up to, but he strongly suspected that they were doing it -wrong-. Snapping out of it, he scans the immediate vicinity trying to work out where Virion had gone, where onboard Nova was, when suddenly his malware reared its ugly head once more. 'Fuse your savings with our investment packages today, only at the Big Bank of Kamehameha!' Slacking a moment, the android hesitates. (What was I just doing...?)

[CHAT] Roomba glides into the cargohold all but silently, extending a sensor probe around the grotsquely filthy area before emitting a forlorn beep. Its scanners pan around before locking onto Thousand, drifting closer to him and pointing the sensor probe up at the android, beeping miserably. A look of overwhelming compassion crosses over the androids face. Thousand bows his head, speaking quietly. 'Not a fit life for any AI, but not much else for it. I understand. Fairwell, brother...' The android mercy-kills one of the ships Roombas, crushing it beneath his heel, its last beeps ones of gratitude and joy.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Kenoya's hand started tearing away and muscle, vein and tendon inside of her left shoulder. It was absolute torture. Thanks to Qai and his "doctors" Nova would never know the pain and pleasure of child birth, which is said to be the most pain a being can go through...save for this. The few seconds his rampage lasted felt like several eternities as she fell back against the wall, her hand twisting the knife in his side. Her dark skin felt hot, hotter than she had ever been and something different was passing through her. It was like she could feel the oxygen in her blood, but it was more. It was all throughout her body, running, racing. Like a surge. A spark. In a flash, red lightning ran over her body for a brief second and a jolt blasted out of her hand and into the hilt of the dagger still stabbed into her Saiyan rival.'

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"SHIT" She cried out as she too, flung herself into the dogpile of people trying to weasle her feces and urine soaked body inbetween and break the fight up any way possible. Her was flinging the cow dung on her towards the eyes, faces, mouths and pretty much anywhere feces can go. "Dammit! Stop this before you are ALL dead!" She called out as she continued her efforts

[CHAT] Kenoya was struck by Austin and Styx slamming into the them as the brawl turned into a giant shit pile of filth. As the fight carried one, Kenoya felt a strange burning coming from the stab wound that was being twisted about. It was then the burning grew even more intense and with a burst it sent the saiyan leaping backwards with a burst throwing him from the pile. She fell on his side and coughed out a spray of blood while reaching out to the console to pull himself back to his feet. While climbing up he hears Virion's voice coming through as a smile creeps across his face. "Finally a competent crew man..." Kenoya pushed a few buttons on the console as the doors opened up on the ship allowing Virion to get to the bridge. "Get here fast Virion! We're under attack and I'm bleeding out! Austin might be dead...you've missed a lot of fun." Kenoya coughed once again as blood spewed out and covered the console panel.

[CHAT] Virion nodded excitedly as he got a response from Kenoya, bolting his way to the door of the cargo bay and making his way in to the hallway, skidding as he did so and gently sliding in to the side of a cow that he wasn't expecting to be greeted by. It responded with a curious 'Moo?' before Virion made his way to the bridge to see... well, a scene that he wasn't sure how to tackle first. He caught sight of the figure that had locked him in to the cargo bay, glaring at them only briefly before making his way to Kenoya's side, also taking in that there was another heavily damaged woman. Probably the leader of the intruders. "I'm not sure who you two are, but get the hell off my ship before I end it myself!"

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'Considering Virion's shirt was the cleanest cloth he could find in the nearest proximity, he ripped it off and pressed it against Kenoya's knife wound to try and help stop the bleeding. Keeping Kenoya alive would take precedence - getting the other two off the ship would be secondary.'

[CHAT] Thousand hangs out in the cargo hold, perplexed, even as Virion walks out. Shaking his head, he hurries up to follow alongside Virion closely. 'I don't think your mission is going according to... pla...n.' The android hesitates in place, his eyes going to Austin, Kenoya, Nova, Styx, back to Austin, over and over and over, wordlessly for a moment. 'What the hell is going on here? Nova, I know you love to fight, but I'm paying good money to book this ride for us, whats going on here?' Between the layers of filth coating everything and line of sight issues, the android takes a moment to recognize that several are severely wounded. 'Virion? What the hell is going on here?'

[CHAT] Austin groans in the pile of bodys, "Get offa me you daft punks!" he yells out, struggling to get out, though with his leg injured as it was, he couldn't stand--he'd have to get better than this. Work harder, better, faster, stronger. Still, weasling his way out of the pile, he grunts, grabbing the wall to climb to his feet. "Who are *all of you*? What in the *hell* is going on here!" he all but yells, shaking his head in annoyance as he tries to clean himself off.

[CHAT] Kenoya coughed a few more times as Virion came over and helped him. The blood wasn't coming up as thick as it was, which seemed kind of good. At least thats how Kenoya saw it. He looked up to Virion and smiled as he spoke, his body covered in blood, cow shit, urine and tuffs of cow fur. "I've got our team name, We are...The Aristocrats!" Kenoya started to laugh but leaned over and coughed up more blood. He was gasping for air, and was starting to get woozy, but he couldn't pass out yet. He still had to get them the hell out of earth's control. If they weren't spotted yet, they would be soon at the rate of all these new faces that keep showing up. "Deal with these people Virion and make sure Austin is alright. I'm taking us out of here." Kenoya started to push some more buttons before external cargo bay doors closed. It was then the engines roared up as the ship started to pick up speed and climbing towards space.

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Wait a damn minute!" The pile Nova was under was shrinking, but anyone else still on top of her got the boot as she squirmed free. This battle left her a mess in all of the most literal of terms, but she was still sluggishly making her way towards Kenoya. "Zand, where is Mosin? Where the veck is Mosin? You were paying this crew of animal smugglers to get yourself off-world?" She only made it three steps before falling to a knee, clutching her left arm. "I'm not leaving without the old man. He'll try to go to that tower alone and those Earthlings are going to capture him again,"'

[CHAT] Virion felt his eyes widen as Thousand entered the room, not only because he had disobeyed him when Virion told him to stay put, but also because this man actually KNEW who these intruders were. "Y--you are with these detestable heathens!?" Taking back to his feet and stepping in between the saiyan woman and Kenoya, Virion turned his attention back towards the only man he trusted on the ship right now and rolled his eyes. "...and I thought the names I came up with were 'shitty'..." he stated, puttin an emphasis on the word shitty to describe how everyone appeared at the moment. His attention then became directed at Nova, his pupil-less glare in her direction was accompanied by a scowl.

[CHAT] Virion: -- '"I don't know who you are, calling us animal smugglers, but you and the rest of your groupies are not welcome here." Darting his attention from Styx to Nova to ...Zand?... and briefly at Austin until he returned his attention to Thousand again. "This is my last attempt at a peaceful solution. Leave or I'll force you all to leave. Sorry... Zand... but our deal is off due to these unforseen circumstances. You may all take an escape pod back to Earth."'

[CHAT] Thousand glances to Nova, then to Virion, extending one hand towards the Konatsu holding up his index finger as if to say "One moment" before looking back to Nova. He takes a knee in front of Nova, looking her over, and shaking his head. 'I had left Mosin with you while you rested, hit my safehouse for the last of my scratch, and then went looking for transport for the three of us, no questions asked. I met Virion here, and he was bringing me to meet their captain to hash out their deal. How bad is it?' He turns his gaze back to Virion, taking a deep, unnecessary breath and letting it back out. (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) 'That's not going to fly either. The life support systems on a ship this size won't see you to the next system in the state this ship is in. New deal- we keep the prior arrangement, and I'll throw in my assistance at getting this rig cleaned up and making some upgrades to the life support system to accomodate your beef, which I'm guessing you haven't exactly acquired on the books either. You're aware our kind is hunted here?' He sighs, pacing the deck a bit. 'It's likely they're already on their way to investigate this disturbance. I can give you our friends location and immediately get to work getting this place in order. IF. We have a deal.'

[CHAT] Austin shakes his head, "What are you talking about? *Prince* Kenoya here purchased all of these cows to help feed his clan, there was something with the scheduling that we had to do this tonight. But we were *attacked* by this... bitch here right in the middle of getting what *we paid for*," he says, shaking his head for a moment and almost losing his balance before grabbing onto the wall again with a "Woah... I think I might need a little medical attention," he says, furrowing his brow a moment and looking down to his bloody leg again--it was dripping from the bottom of his now red jeans pantleg.

[CHAT] Kenoya seemed a little confused by all these talks about a deal being made. Then talks of getting people here to fix the oxygen systems redone to hold all the cows alive to make it back to Epitome. All of this seemed like it would take time. Too much time that they didn't have before the cops showed up. The saiyan stood up from the controls and looked out to the group of people now on the bridge of his ship. It was becoming clear his web of lies was starting to unravel. "OK...So here is the deal. We're space pirates and we made a deal with demons on Epitome for all these cows to feed their starving people. My supporters." Kenoya turned to Austin and raised a finger as if to respond to something before it was said.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"I only lied about the cows. We are infact feeding starving supporters...They just happen to be spider demon people and you thought they were my clans men. I just didn't bother correcting you. Sooo...I'm gonna launch this ship to Epitome and take an escape pod to get the hell out of here before we get nabbed by the crazy head hunters on the planet. Anyone who would like to join me should do so now or crash into a demon planet. Also...if they don't get this food they're kind of gonna come here and something about doom and eating everyone they find." Kenoya pushed a few more buttons on the console before a count down started blaring out over the ship of auto pilot. "Little dude, Austin, Virion. Let's get the fuck out of here before we're killed."'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Prince? Vegeta hasn't had a royal line in over two hundred years. There is no home for true Saiyans unless you're Viralian and they don't recognize royal blood. But I swear to whatever gods you may pray to, call me a bitch one more time and I'll eat one of these cows over the open fire that burns in what used to be your chest cavity..." She made sure to be on her feet, facing Austin in a very "I dare you to try me" stance, just waiting to get this party started all over again. But all of that came to a pause when the Saiyan explained what was really happening here. Deals with demons was exactly the point where she stopped getting involved. Just the thought of even visiting Epitome put a fear in her she did not know existed. "Zand, lets take an animal and go find Mosin and call it a day"'

[CHAT] Styx sighs and shakes her head and points to them all. "At least all of you WANT to be here!" She says at the group of them. "Seems like by whatever reason all of you want on this damn ship. But NO! No one bothers to SCAN the damn field before lifting all these cows to go to..." She paused for a second. "Where the hell are we going?" She said, took a pause. &"That's besides the point. Can't someone just eat a cow in peace before being lifted aboard a ship. I mean come on! and Your leg big guy...Take your belt, or cloth or your damn ego, go high and tight and stop your damn bleeding youself with a turnaquette. Your leg will be good for at least four to six hours, then we can fix you up in good time. "She sighed again. "Youngsters..."<C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She trailed off with those words, but, it did look like it was coming from some pre-teen moody girl with a complex. Then her ears perked up with the words Epitome. It had seemed like forever ago she had been there. "Epitome...Ok. You got me sold on that one." She said with a shit-ass grin, literally. "So how about we pirate the fuck up, fix this piece of crap and make your delivery as promised." She had this...otherwordly smile across her face after she found out where they were headed. <This is too damn good to be true.>'

[CHAT] Virion put his finger to his chin as everybody weighed in their stories. Turning to Thousand, who seemed like the only one with an offer to weigh in, Virion seemed to ignore Kenoya for the first time. "You say you can help us in this predicament... well, because of the set backs from you and your friends, our escape's timeframe is compromised. As my captain said, we need to leave, and now. So the options will remain to try our chances in space with reduced oxygen, until we reach Epitome as originally planned... but that would not be ideal for you or your friends since we'd be leaving one of you behind. So that's out."

[CHAT] Virion paused for a second, letting off a soft hmm... "We could kill all the cows, reduce oxygen to safe levels, allow you all to leave our ship and we leave E-Arth. That's our safe option. Or I can believe you are able to help us, scratch our plans, and head back to where you and your friend... Mosin, was it?... are stationed. This plan specifically depends on our two groups being able to trust one another, however, and is truthfully more dangerous than trying our luck in space." Closing his eyes and tapping his chin a few more times, Virion weighs all the options. Turning his head towards Kenoya with a smirk, Virion spoke indirectly to the group. "As space pirates, I'm sure that the riskiest option is most appealing. So let's all try to cooperate. We can help you all get off the planet if that's what you want, but you can't keep hindering our plans. We only came here for one reason, after all."

[CHAT] Kenoya stopped when Virion started to mention the ideas he had for what they could all do. The ship was going to Epitome. It was already set in. Staying on board and killing all the cows sounded like the best idea to him. Yeah it would be messy but who cared at this point about messes. "You know what. We're doing that thing. Kill all the cows." Said the saiyan as he bent over and coughed some blood up. It was at that moment a buzzer started going off on the ship's tablet. Kenoya shuffled over to the con and sat down with goan. "Guys...the cops are coming. They'll be here in 1 minute. If you're staying on the planet take an escape pod and get the hell out of here now. If you're staying, get to killing cows." Kenoya pushed a few more buttons on the pannel until the alarm for the auto pilot stopped its countdown only to start again but with 1 minute left.

[CHAT] Thousand weighs his options carefully. Leaving Mosin behind was out of the question. He could try to take the ship as Nova had intended, but with her injuries, and the two of them being outnumbered... He glanced to Styx for a moment, his gaze locking on her a bit too long for comfort. (Strange. I don't recognize her at all, yet she seems somehow familiar. Doesn't seem to be with them, but... man, can't risk a 2v4, thats for sure.) His eyes alight on one of the nearby escape pods, before he speaks once more. 'If we can scoop my friend up on our way out, you can count me in, but if not I can't leave him behind.'

[CHAT] Nova made her way to the escape pods and was already prepping the launch sequence. If Zand wanted to squeeze in, he was welcome to try, but she was leaving in a minute either way. Again, she did not make pacts with demons and this crew. There was no way she could fly with them. She'd head back to Earth, find Mosin and try again to make it off this hell.

[CHAT] Austin blinks, "No no no, don't you push that shit on me, you *told* me it was for your clan and I was excited to be doing *good*!" he all but shouts at the Saiyan, shaking his head, "I'm out, I'm not a friggin pirate. I'm supposed to *hunt* pirates!" He shouts, tying up his leg with a belt for the moment as he limps and hobbles his way towards the escape pods. That is going to be one *awkward* ride with a bitch. But! The alternative is literally go give cows to demons. So... escape pods it is. "I'mma just grab my shit and go," he says, shaking his head and waving his hands. "Buncha assholes..."

[CHAT] Thousand sighs, moving towards the escape pods himself. 'Sorry, Virion. My people are here and in pretty deep over some things that are partly my responsibility. I can't abandon them to their fate, and I don't think getting mixed up with a demon pact is a good idea for anyone. I appreciate your willingess to work with us, shame it had to turn out this way. Perhaps we'll meet again.' The android swings one leg into the pod, before turning towards Virion again for a moment. 'By the way... I haven't known many demons, but I haven't heard of any willing to make deals for cattle. I'd look really close at the terms of the contract if I were you.' (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) gives a slight bow with his head before slipping the rest of the way into the escape pod, slumping in the cramped seat, looking utterly dejected. 'Release... wheres the release...' The android had in fact been bluffing in respect to the ships life support, not really knowing whether it could support all the cattle or not, and that might become evident to a keen observer watching him examine the pod controls.

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Re: Bullshit

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For sake of a better summary of events...

Participants: Kenoya, Nova, and Austin start it out. Thousand, Virion, and Styx join towards the end.

Damage Report: Kenoya is stabbed and overall roughed up from Nova. Nova is stabbed and overall roughed up by both Kenoya and Austin. Austin had a chunk of flesh bitten from his leg and is overall roughed up by Nova. The other three participants did not end up in a battle. Everybody is covered in cow manure. Freaks...

Summary: Kenoya and Austin begin their plan to abduct cows for the spider demons that Kenoya and Virion had made a deal with on Epitome. During the abduction process, they catch a wild Nova in their tractor beam, who was innocently trying to steal a cow for food for herself, Thousand (Zand), and Mosin. After coming aboard the SS NotAJetSki against her will, Nova decides this is the perfect opportunity to acquisition a ship for herself and her party to get off Earth. This leads to a 2 versus 1 match between Kenoya and Austin against Nova. Cows make their way in to the ship and start causing havoc, many cow posts are made and poor Bessie meets A Series of Unfortunate Events leading to burgers being made that nobody really gets to enjoy. Kenoya makes his way to the bridge because they have overstayed their welcome while abducting the cows, and to avoid the Earth's Militia, he plans to head to Epitome mid-fight. Nova and Austin make it to the bridge as well and the battles continue. Styx is tractor-beam'd against their will on to the ship, among the cows, soon followed by Virion and then Thousand.
Virion and Thousand had made an arrangement where Virion and his friends would grant safe passage to Thousand and his friends (Nova and Mosin) off planet, strictly as a business deal. Noticing something was wrong aboard the ship, they both voluntarily beam up to the ship where Styx locked them briefly in to the cargo bay with the noxious gasses caused by the cows and their manure. After reaching Kenoya (via intercom) on the bridge, who unlocked the cargo bay's doors, Virion and Thousand make their way to the bridge to find the battle already reaching its end. Kenoya reveals what his and Virion's dealings are about [with the demons] which quickly makes nobody want to be a part of what's going on in the ship, including Austin. Austin, Thousand, and Nova all make way for the escape pods to retreat back to Earth while Kenoya, Virion, and Styx remain aboard as they enter hyperspace to Epitome. Due to concerns about the oxygen, the crew's imp minion is given the task to slaughter their captive cows, hoping that this wouldn't be a problem for the spider demons...

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Re: *Bullshit

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RPP rewarded as follows:

Austin - 2G / 3R
Nova - 2G / 3R
Kenoya - 3G / 2R
Styx - 4G / 1R
Thousand - 4G / 1R
Virion - 4G/ 1R