* Visions of Falling Stars

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* Visions of Falling Stars

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Characters: Genesis and Kiruvi
Type: Peyote Dream Quest
Casualties: Genesis's drug tolerance and pride
Synopsis: Genesis goes for a bracing run across the Ng Yelo wastes, meets a very strange little magical Hydian, and goes caving to see a cool underground lake, culminating in a peyote-fueled vision quest to a Ng Yelo long past.

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'Blistering winds. Cold that seeped in towards the bones. Kiruvi held the lantern out of themself while shivering beneath their blanket of leaves and moss. The firefly-light did not travel far in the dark here -- but in the distance lights shone out. Lights that could not be stars. They hung like ornaments abreast a shining, crystal dome that was tinted gold even when the stars hung so low. The landscape was barren save for void-like snow, so frozen it has become black as pitch. Craters indented the craggy highlands, as if they had been struck a million times by meteor. In the bowls there were caves. Deep caves from which strange, pugnant fumes belched and creatures that Kiruvi had no words for dwelt.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The stillness of that freezing landscape was marred by something unusual, though. Another shape moved through that freezing night, kicking up a trail of broken ice and scattered snow as he dashed across the landscape. Most unusual, indeed. It was a Namekian, a breathing-mask and goggles across his face, and he ran alone through endless night, a lantern hanging from one hand. None pursued him.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'Something caught the attention of the fireflies. They swarmed, leaving their lantern in mass and glowing ahead of Kiruvi in a twisting orb, bristling little embers in their excitement. Kiruvi climbed towards the nearest outcropping of rock and pushed themself out on their toes to peer as far as their eyes could see in the void. An alien. Alone. Running through the waste. Kiruvi adjusted their own small breathing mask as they looked towards the fireflies. The swarm seemed to rise up, and then fall down. Nodding. Kiruvi scrambled don from the rock moved left along the plane the alien were heading towards. They raised the lantern overhead, calling out with their light.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The distant stranger skidded to a halt among a spray of frozen darkness. He turned, wiped at his goggles with a hand as he looked at the distant light. Another, out here? He'd been told that travelers on these wastelands were pretty uncommon... He shrugged, shook a mild crusting of ice off of his body, turned, and started to run in a new direction, toward the beckoning light. Curiosity, if nothing else, drove him.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'Suddenly the fireflies began to flash. Yellow. Red. Kiruvi came to a sliding stop. Their feet going over the bowl of another crater. They slid. Going down and leaving a rising cloud as their bottom scraped rim and sent them tumbling into the bottom and right up the other side of the opposite lip. They lost grip of the lantern during the flight and the fireflies seemed to grab hold, keeping it aloft as Kiruvi landed in a seated position right at Genesis' feet as he would slow down. The lantern drifted in the hand of the fireflies down and settled into astonished, open palms of Kiruvi while they panted. "Ponapa!" The alien said at last, before standing, moving the lantern back to their hip and offering out their hand in greeting.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Fireflies? This odd man-he couldn't tell his race, under that mask-seemed surrounded by a swarm of fireflies. In his bafflement, he simply put out his own hand to accept the greeting. Though... "Ponapa? Is that, a name? Or a greeting? It's not one I'm familiar with, either way." His breathing was even despite the running he'd been doing, his voice deep despite the muffling of the mask.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi shook the Namekian's hands furiously. Probably one too many times, meaning perhaps it was a gesture they were only half familiar with themselves. Upon release Kiruvi began to circle the Namekian, taking in his form. His size. The color of his skin. "Oh! -- Ponapa." The alien smiled, a kind of smile where the upper and lower jaw have to spread apart to make room and their mask fogging up heavily as they did so. "I greet the wanderer!" The alien seemed to spring back, arms waving over their head in a strange, almost ritualistic manner. "The fireflies know those who wander, because they often have the best stories!" Kiruvi nodded to the newcomer, "Did you come to see the old Ice-folk? They live beyond the craters, you know, where the coral and starbones grow like trees."

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Genesis was big for a Namekian, even accounting for the thick-lined long black coat he wore around his body, open at the front save a belt holding it shut. He took the handshake amiably, leaving his arm loose so that Kiruvi could flail it around at his pleasure, but in response to his question, he shook his head. "I didn't come out here seeking anyone. I have a lot on my mind, and I thought a good run would help clear it." He rubbed his goggles again and looked off toward the craters. He hadn't known of any settlements in that direction, although to be fair, he'd never bothered to ask, either.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The light of the fireflies that had fled to their lantern dimmed. Genesis towered over Kiruvi. They were perhaps only a few inches over five feet. Their form fragile, as if their bones were hollow like a bird. They seemed quite spry, however. Their attire was wild. Weaves together with leaves, lizard scale and bark. Dark olive green skin, a shade or two deeper in tone than the Namekians. Their hair was black, long, and dreaded -- though it was hard to make it out beneath the mask. "The old Ice-folk told me of a lake below the surface. A deep place. A quiet place. I could show you the way?"'

[CHAT] Genesis had no idea, whatsoever, what to think about this stranger. About his wild natural-woven clothes, or his aura of fireflies. But, considering the question, he looked up at the dark sky, considered the twinkling of the stars. And shrugged. "Why not? It's not like I have anything better to be doing. I'd be glad to see this lake." He wasn't sure how interested he actually was, but that spark of curiosity was still going, and at the very least he wanted to see what this mysterious stranger was about.

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The Hydian drew close, as if to whisper. "It's far below us. There are things that sleep there. Old Ice-folk. Be quiet, or they'll wake up. That's what the old Ice-folk say." Then Kiruvi turned, unclapsed the lantern from their belt and brought it close to their mouth. They spoke, a language that sounded like birdsong, and then the fireflies began to soar out and guide them. Kiruvi scrawled over the landscape like a loping cat. Taking the route that allowed them to jump and leap across barriers of rock and broken earth left behind the uncountable meteor crashes.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The journey was half an hour or so before they reached a crater lying in the shadow of a cleft of continent or ravaged in some Ng Yeloian conquest. It was far, far below. So deep that a miasma seeped up from its bellows and tinted the dark of the barren world in a brume of whisping purple fog. Kiruvi reached the edge of the ridge leading into the crater and waited for the newcomer before pointing down, "There. Do you see? In the shadow?" In the bellows was a scar in the rock. A great cleave from which the purple fog danced across massive crystalline structures heading down along a subterrainan passageway.'

[CHAT] Genesis narrowed his eyes and looked down at the shadowy gash in the land. That crater was deep; some sort of weapon impact, maybe? It wouldn't surprise him, with the Icer's warlike ways. "What is that odd mist? Is it toxic, do you know?" He leaned closer, looking carefully down at the crystalline growths. That was truly odd. He wasn't as learned as many, but he'd never heard of anything like this on Ng Yelo. And what were these... things, that were sleeping?

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- '"The old ones, they told me that it's the breath of the planet. A poison." Kiruvi looked up towards Genesis with mischievous eyes. "The old ones learned to hold their breath. They held for so long that they forgot how. Ng Yelo taught them that, and other things." Kiruvi leaped off into dark pit that lay belong, gripping the lantern as the fireflies flourished and began to hold them adrift. They floated down to the very bottom, landing on shaking legs before the fireflies returned to their lantern and shined with all their brightness. The light touched the crystalline walls of the cavern cleft. The prisms firing millions of rays as the light scattered on their edges. The inner crystal was something deep in color, however. As if they were bound round pillars of etched, black rock.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'By contrast, Genesis descended much more carefully. He slid down the side of the wall, using friction against the wall to arrest his drop. He couldn't fly nearly so easily, and he was both heavier and carrying more in weight than the sprightly wanderer. He nearly slammed into one of the crystals, but wound up kicking off the wall and hitting the floor, hard, instead; he bent low as his powerful legs absorbed the force of the impact. Hardly a graceful descent. The place was truly dazzling, though. He'd not imagined that anything like it existed in the heart of this blasted, bleak world. "Beautiful."'

[CHAT] Kiruvi nodded. "This world is full of forgotten places. Things that the Ice-folk left behind when they built their cities. The old-ones remember the secret places. But we must be careful. They're not all gone." Kiruvi's voice slowly dwindled into whisper as they raised the lantern towards one of the crystalline columns that held aloft the cleft of earth and blasted stone. The crystal surrounded a black, column. Inlaid upon its face was a sarcophagus. An Icer of the ages long lost. "They're only dreaming." Kiruvi warned before singing to the lantern once more in birdsong and sending the fireflies down the cleft into the shaft in the earth. The entranceway traveled some 200 feet, with columns bearing the sarcophagus's bearing its ceiling. As the fireflies reached the end of the shaft, their light flickered over a shifted floor. Sparkling as the stars do upon an calm ocean.

[CHAT] Genesis looked down the shaft with wide eyes. Illuminated by the tiny pinpricks of color, he could make out an immense chamber. Liquid of some sort, maybe water? Crystalline growths, more of those sarcophagi, extended from the walls and ceilings around the pool. He winced, a twinge of pain behind his eyes hitting him. The world seemed to spin around him, his vision blurred, and he looked again. A droplet of something falling from above struck him, and he staggered, throwing himself back from the dropoff with wide eyes. He saw... something. Snippets of skies he'd never known, of worlds he'd never seen.

<0:41am> [CHAT] Genesis: -- 'He held up his lantern, looked up at the sarcophagus once again, closer, and he saw the tiny black strata that wound through the crystal column. Like tiny cracks, spiderwebbing outward from the form trapped within. From his closed eyes. He felt at where the droplet had struck his hand, and found no liquid there. Yet... "I've never heard of such a thing. But something tells me that's no lake down there in the deep darkness." He huddled his arms close. "I don't think that's water down there. It's something of the Sleepers. Maybe a dream, given liquid form. Just being this close to it has my head throbbing."'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The fireflies began 'shiver' in place, their luminous mass breaking apart before they came rushing back to Kiruvi's lantern. The strange, wooden relic shook in Kiruvi's hand and they drew it close and began to whisper to it until the insects calmed down. "The Sleepers?" An ominious yawning began to echo from the inner shaft. In the distance, the lake of dreams stirred, its waves beginning to lap -- the sound of it carrying up towards the threshold. The shadows cast by the lantern's light breaking on the columns flickered, dancing in place. "What do you think happens if they wake up?"'

[CHAT] Genesis looked down at the lake carefully, moderately perturbed by the break in its mirror-stillness. Given a problem he could adequately punch, he was more than fine, but this? He was way out of his element and keenly aware of it. He didn't even have that much of a history of psionic sensitivity... "Ages-old Icers who've been sleeping and dreaming for who-knows-how-long... No Icer I've ever met has been much of a morning person, and I left the coffee and the eggs with my camping gear." He shook his head to clear the creeping sensation of ice crawling up his spine. "Better if they don't wake up. Slightly less good, but still not bad, would be to be far away from here when it happens, I think. Maybe if I could make out more of those dreams they're having, I could say more, but this is just my gut talking."

[CHAT] Kiruvi looked towards Genesis and then the lake that hung like a spider's web out in the darkness, the rippling edges of its shore the ancient, drawn lines of that configuration. "I could help you see what they're dreaming. You would have to trust me, and be very careful." The Hydian drew forth their knapsack, unlatching it and folding back its carriage to search through its inner pocket. Objects were shuffled. Strange bags full of stones, small wrapped sticks of incense and tied cloves of alien herbs. Kiruvi at last produced a nut, or a berry, of some unknown origin. They weighed it carefully before slowly closing the knapsack and then using their fingers to open the peel, revealing a gushing, bright red inner fruit. Kiruvi offered it forward, "This would let you see."

[CHAT] Genesis took the small fruit from the Hydian, looked it over carefully. The juice clung to his fingers as he considered it. In reality, it was probably a *terrible* idea. So, before he could think better of it, he looked over at his odd new friend and tossed the fruity bit into his mouth, then washed it down with a drink from some flask he'd pulled from a pocket. He coughed slightly. "Bitter..." His fingers tingled almost immediately, and he went to replace the flask in his pocket, though his hands were clumsy, his fingertips numb. He tried to speak, but only a soft groan came out.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'He saw flashes of faces, and knew that some belonged to those entombed, some to people long-dead who they had known. Sons, daughters, lovers, parents. Some wistful dreams of better times, some dark dreams of darker ambitions. They wracked his mind, flooding over him. Had he presence of mind, he would have hoped that his legs were as paralyzed as the rest of him, lest he fall into that pool of sorrows. The purple mist washed over his gaze. Why were they here?'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'A stronger mind, a better psion, may have made sense of it all easily. Merely holding himself together in that onslaught was no mean feat, however. Whispering in the dark, like a thousand voices telling their secret hopes to him alone. Were they buried in war, or did they bury themselves? Were they buried in punishment, or for some other, more benign cause? A thousand reasons. Any could be true. All could be true. He heard a voice babbling in the darkness. Was the Hydian trying to talk to him? He didn't recognize the voice, or the language. It was all too much.'

CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'A figure stood in siloquette above Genesis. An Icer with shoulders as broad as an ox, and thick, chitin armor-plating that wrapped. His head was flat and slanted -- far more reptilian than the changelings of Genesis' era. The spotlight that shone behind the Icer was manifest of a massive, black ziggurat, and behind it was a cacophony of alien stars amid the dark spaces of the universe where they were known to have long died.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- '"--Sstop wresstling. The guardian callss for a sssacrifice. Your blood has been offered--c" The landscape before Genesis shimmered, certain planes and colors fragmenting at times, peeling apart into bright, blurred cross-sections of lights left after-trails when they moved. The massive Icer was reaching down towards him, to take him in tow as he followed behind a large caravan of similar, brutal masters and slaves all heading to the foot of the looming monument.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Namekian clutched his head, staggering back as a fresh round of pain wracked him. It was that Icer's voice. The Icer that had appeared before him. "Stop..." He went down into a kneeling stance, bowing his head, his face hidden by the brim of a snow-covered black hat he wore. He could practically feel the fingers coming closer. In his position, who could blame him for submitting? He could barely see, could barely tell what was real.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'But to submit so easily would not have been *him.* "If you want my blood..." He muttered, still holding his forehead. "Come take all you want!" And with that, eyes wild with both the drug and with echoes of the fighting spirit that had driven him once long ago, he launched himself headlong at the image he saw.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The Icer's flattened face spread apart into a blood-curling roar as Genesis defied him -- only for the full force of the Namekian hitting him to send him reeling back. There was a *crack* like a sledgehammer sweeping through a broad wooden beam. The Icer's head went to the left, a spray of chitin, blood and teeth painting the ground with a broad, bloody stroke. As the alien swept back up it was just in time for another clubbing of the Namekian's fist, this one clocking him to the right, busting off what remained of his lower jaw armor and the thick, ridged brow plate. He wobbled to the side, then tumbled end over end into another group of Icer's and their servants.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'There were shouts. Exclamations! And then other servants began to break their bonds, and tear away from their masters. One or two even managed to run while others moved towards Genesis. In the distance, upon the steps of the Ziggurat, a beautiful, lithe Icer with skin as smooth as glass and two sets of jet-black horns that curled back behind her head like a ram looks out towards him, her gaze causing the Icer's at the foot of the monument to part.'

[CHAT] Genesis squared his stance and stood tall as the crowds parted. "What is this place? What did that stranger feed me, to bring me here!?" Did those who'd parted before him, now shrink away at his defiance, or did they look at him with wonder, or fear? He went to shoulder out of his coat, and found that it was gone for some reason. He pulled his hat off and flung it to the ground. His battered features might not present that impressive of a figure, but he was heavily muscled, and if defiant looks could kill, that Icer witch would be bursting into flame at this very moment.

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The crowd seemed to doll black, blurred robes, their features becoming distant and indistinct even as the surrounded Genesis. They were only minor characters of this dream. The Icer witch descended, each of her accolades reaching out to touch her mirror-skin as she passed in reverence. As she drew close to him, the jingle of the silver pendants and carved bone strung upon her horns became a death-chime, the sway of her hips as she walked controlling the chords with practiced expertise. At her approach the crowd surrounding Genesis wavered, drawing even further back, creating a wide circle of dust and craggy outcroppings of stones. "The zenith comes, and the falling stars that will follow it."'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'She motioned to the heavens. In the dream, the cold, distant star of Ng Yelo, The Frozen Heart of that galaxy, was passing into eclipse. On the edges of the dark, swallowing sphere were thousands of red needles of light. A meteor storm. "Will you not give your power to stay the fire and raining stones?" As she spoke, the Guardian was slowly moving into a stance, arms raising ahead of her, legs spreading apart, her tail swaying and ready to guard.'

[CHAT] Genesis felt his own legs shift in unison with the Guardian's. Left foot leading. His heels came up off the ground, his left arm raised. "Is this a vision of the future? Or the past? Are you the Sleepers, or maybe the ones who entombed them?" He worked his neck from side to side and hitched his right shoulder to loosen it as he chanced a glance at the sky. "Dream or not, future or past, it doesn't really matter. The answer would always be the same. If you want something from me, come and take it." The sky was beautiful, illuminated by a tapestry of firelights. He swiped a boot in the dust to test the footing, and let his eyes lock on the witch's. Was she really picking a fight? Even if she wasn't, Genesis was badly confused by all this, and it was starting to get his temper going.

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The witch bounced on the ball of her foot, shifting her weight before her three-pronged toes pushed off the ground. A cyclone of wind rushed out from where she stepped, carrying her up and into the air where her body sailed in a graceful, overhead arc, with tail spinning rapidly around her before uncoiling in one great sweep, the strength of which opened her limbs like fan. Two kicks came towards Genesis, and a swipe of her powerful tail in quick sequence.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Namekian's strong legs tensed as he positioned himself, digging in with his feet and hardening his guard. Blocking kicks was something he knew well, and his body took to the challenge easily; the first one jolted his guard, he breathed, instinctively knowing the timing, he started to shove forward into the second hit, his guard came open as he prepared to counter and deck her for her showiness... and then the tail blasted him full in the chest and launched him off his feet. He hit in a puff of that fine lunar-like dust, but scrambled quickly to his feet, shaking himself and groaning slightly. "Right. Icers. Damned tails..."'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'He fell back into his stance, favoring his left side slightly from the impact, and started to move to the side, feet light as he moved to the Icer's left across their little battlefield. "You got me. I'm gonna feel that one for a week. Pretty good one. Try doing it again."'
[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The witch landed gracefully from the tumble, and wasted no time. The moment the Namekian was in stance she ran towards him, her body cutting through the rolling cloud of lunar-ash Genesis had stirred into the air. Her approach brought forward an overhand leading-strike followed by a twisting leap of her body. Both legs came round again in their full crescents, the tail actually planting on the ground beneath her as a "bar-stool" for her to spin on with the full force of her legs.'

[CHAT] Genesis moved on instinct as she launched toward him again. His left hand darted out to tap her shoulder, ever so gently, even as his body seemed to weave around the overhand strike she led off with. Her body started to spin into a rotation for more of those wicked kicks, but she probably wasn't ready for how fast Genesis's big frame could move once he put the full force of his legs behind it. While she was falling backwards to balance on her tail, he was already in motion toward her, left shoulder leading. He was bigger than her, and much more thickly built than her slender form; bulldozing her off that tail balance-point was hardly a feat to be proud of. And once the shoulder made contact to throw her off balance, his body started to torque, his right foot digging deep into the ground and his hips tensing to bring his right hand around for a sharp, *brutal* body hook. He wondered if she was acrobatic enough to get out of the way.

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The shoulder sent the witch down, her legs retracting mid-kick to receive he form, bringing her to rise just as Genesis swept her with that devastating hook -- her eyes flashed in fear, her right arm raising only just as the impact threw her, a disgusting *CRUNCH* following the thudding impact of his heavy muscles against her slender form. The witch was sent backwards, her body tumbling until it hit the ground, rolling end over end once before a flick of the Icer's tail 'popped' her up and back to her feet. She landed on her tip-toes and continued sliding back for several more meters -- a swath of lunar-ash picking up where the trajectory took her to stance once more. The witch's left arm hung limply at her side. A bone visibly protruding from the muscle.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- '\\There was a flash, the landscape of the dream sliding through a sudden splinter. Genesis was staring at a coffin. A coffin deep below a roiling, purple lake. A voice emanated from the sarcophagus: "I failed them..." // When the dream had receded back the Icer witch raised her right arm, a twinkling pin-prick of light forming on the center of her palm before several bolts of dark electricity lashed out from her hand -- three blasts in quick succession.'

[CHAT] Genesis shook his head as reality shifted around him again. He dodged the first bolt on pure instinct alone, but instinct didn't leave him in a very good position; the second bolt struck him in the shoulder, and his left arm convulsed and locked up for a moment. He could smell burned meat warring with some otherworldly odor, like the stench of ozone, as he staggered wildly to throw himself out of the path of the last bolt. He groaned and held his right hand to his arm.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'He looked up at the Icer, though, as he got his feet under him and steadied his balance, if not his breathing. "What was that..." He shook his head, like he was trying to shake off a fly. "Tell me who you are. Tell me what dream this is. Or all the fancy lightning in the world won't stop me." His headache was getting worse, like his brain was trying to encompass two wildly different sets of stimuli and rejecting one of them entirely out of hand.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The figures in the dream shrunk ever more. They were but motes of darkness with eyes that pleaded towards the witch of the frozen world. "...I am Saburine." The electricity surrounding the witch's hand ceased to leap between her fingers, disappearing with a hellish crackle. The Icer motioned once more to the stars overhead. The red lights of the meteors were closer now. They were spread across the black horizon like an armada. The elcipse was near its apex. \\Genesis slid into the deeper dream once more, hovering over the sarofugus of the ancient Icer Guardian. "The stars came, and I could not hold them back. I failed them." //'

[CHAT] Kiruvi: -- 'The stars approached. They fell. Genesis and the witch seemed be unphased by the raining stones, but the dream was blasted apart. The Ziggurat was smashed into thousands of obsidian bricks. The world was pock-marked by explosions that woke the deep, angry mountains. The shadows were gone. A crevice in the earth was all that remained, and bodies entombed in rock that had been made molten and flash-frozen by the atmosphere of Ng Yelo.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Namekian's arm came up to shield his face from the rain of stone, but no fire or shards of ice or rock blasted him. He felt himself step back, the world spun around him, his heel starting to drop as it landed on empty space... He bent forward, throwing his arms back and sending himself toppling to the ground barely in front of the dropoff over the lake. His mouth was full of bitterness, the inner layers of his clothes felt sodden with sweat, his exposed cheeks practically crystalline with frost. He spluttered unintelligibly as he convulsed on the ground, fighting the urge to vomit, and somehow mustered the strength to drag himself a few feet farther away from the abyss. He flopped on his stomach, his long coat pooling over his body and his hat obscuring his face, leaving him looking like a rather sad, slowly-heaving mound of dark leather.'

[CHAT] Kiruvi crawled towards Genesis and helped pull the soaking, Namekian to shore. Once he had found a place on the bed of crushed earth and lunar sand Kiruvi removed their cloak of leave and moss with a sweep of their arm and gently placed it over Genesis (though it was far to small to cover him). The Hydian sat down in the sand, setting their legs beneath them and setting their lamp in their lap. The fireflies drifted out, exploring the now quiet cavern undisturbed. Kiruvi waited several minues before nodding, "It's quiet here again. Someone told a story they'd been longing to tell. You helped them."

[CHAT] Genesis sputtered and shook, dislodging more of that strange water. His body was exhausted, his mind still spinning, but he still looked up at Kiruvi with life in his eyes from his lofty vantage point chin-deep in the sand. "Next time, you be the one to take the magic-visions-pill and I'll fish you out of the spooky nightmare water. Deal?" He muttered that, spitting sand as he did, and rolled onto his back with a groan. He couldn't tell if the injury he'd taken was real, but he was still sore as if it had been.

[CHAT] Kiruvi nodded solemnly. "You ate more of the fruit than I would have. You must have seen a lot." The alien gives a thoughtful sigh and then begins to chirp in birdsong, calling the fireflies back. Once inside their lantern the alien set it aside and shut the hinges of its hood, drawing the light very low so that it only danced across the top of the lake before them. The entire cavern was encrust in crystal and molten coffins. A catwalk of pillars extended towards the center of the lake, where one might stand above the grave of the ancient Icer that was now at peace. Kiruvi looked out at for a long time before saying, "I'll leave you to your thoughts now, Ponapa." stood, gathered their lantern and began to slowly treck back out towards the crater-shot wastes of Ng Yelo.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"More of the fru-" He spat sand out as he started to climb to his feet. "More of the fruit? You didn't exactly recommend a dosage!" He grumbled further as he shook his head and started slapping at his chest and face to dislodge frost and sand. He'd have to get back to the dome before too long; he had enough Ki to maintain his body's warmth even in these harsh conditions, but those reserves were being pushed hard. Still...'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Still, he heaved a heavy sigh and gave a slight bow to the stranger. "Ponapa, I guess. I'm happy to have met you. This has certainly been an experience. Yes, certainly that." He pulled off his wide-brimmed hat and bashed it against his hand a few times to clear it, then slid it back on. His gaze was drawn to the strange construction of stone pillars... "Go well."'

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Re: Visions of Falling Stars

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low key deleted banter that I deleted because it wasn't timed quite right, also coz Genesis isn't quite so big on trash talk as dad:

*stuff admiring the horn chimes*

followed by

"I really like the chimes. Come here, let me see if I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on your face!"

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Re: Visions of Falling Stars

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4 greens and 1 red for each of Kiruvi and Genesis.

Really liked this log, will offer feedback in near future :)