* We Got 'dat Mad Cow Disease, Yo!

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* We Got 'dat Mad Cow Disease, Yo!

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Actors: Kenoya Virion and Austin
Injuries: Minor physical injuries to Austin and Virion.
Plot: Virion found Austin on the ship and suspected him of being an intruder. Austin suspected Virion of being an assassin sent to kill Kenyoa. The two of them fight while Kenoya, half asleep, takes a shower ignoring the two fighting. While in the shower, Kenoya learns of a strange spider tattoo on his chest. Once the three of them are together, Kenoya introduces the two to each other to straighten out their conflict. Feeling betrayed because Austin was brought aboard without Virion's agreement, Virion leaves the ship to clear his head while Kenoya and Austin plot their cow heist... which Austin doesn't know is a heist.

[CHAT] Virion had fallen asleep just before they arrived on Earth - apparently his sleep schedule was still messed up in comparison to Kenoya's - Virion was still living on Konats time while Kenoya was living in this imaginary space time. [Ugh... why didn't that jerk wake me up or anything? How long have we even been on E-Arth? He's not on the ship for some stupid reason... where'd he go?] Looking in the bridge through the doorless doorway, he saw the imp getting along just fine with the user interface and was still researching cooking techniques and what not. [What a dilligent worker...] Virion's ears suddenly perked up as he heard foot steps that were not Kenoya's own. There was an intruder on the ship... Swiftly and quietly, Virion approached where this person's footsteps were generating from and hid a few cooridors down, knife in hand, ready to ambush. [Nobody infiltrates the SS NotAJetSki and gets away alive.]

[CHAT] Austin -- At this point, Austin had actually gotten a small bag of things together--the Konatsu had changed clothes as well, wearing a red sleeveless shirt, blue jeans and a black belt--his earlier clothes had been traveling and hunting attired. If he found an actual place, he'd get to wear actual comfortable clothes again! He did, however, still have an odd sword at his side. Aside from his clothes, he was a little large, just under six feet with an athletic build and dark red mohawk, brushed down covering half his scalp as a hairstyle, along with jade green eyes. He didn't hear the other approach as he was focused on getting his stuff unpacked--this whole place was weird, but he was giving it a chance. He was a little nervous about running into another Konatsu, but what's the worst that could happen?

[CHAT] Virion was slowly approaching the room that the intruder was in, clenching the knife tighter with every step. He hadn't taken the life of another living being before, and would prefer to avoid that if possible, but to protect his captain and crew, Virion would do what's necessary. [They're treating this like their fucking home? Do they think they just lucked out on a luxury ship parked in the middle of nowhere? FOOL!] As he got to the room's entrance, he moved his foot in a manner that opened the automatic door and swiftly made his move to tackle the villain in to submission through any means necessary, yelling out as he rushed Austin, "Get the hell off our ship you hobo!"

[CHAT] Austin -- As the door opened, Austin turned to look, speaking, "Oh, hey, I-Ahhhh!" he yelps out, he wasn't expecting to be attacked he was knocked against the wall with an oof, "The hell is this!?" he calls out, mad now from that attack, he grabs the blade at his side and draws it. It... was definitely odd. The hilt was black, there were spikes along the handguard and pommel, while the blade was flat and dull white rather than metallic, edged on one side. He only had some training on blades, but he was eager to work on what he'd learned, he points it at the other Konatsu, "Yeah, I'm not going anywhere. In fact I think I'm taking you down," he notes, lunging forward--though attacking with a knee rather than the sword.

[CHAT] Virion exchanged physical blows with this Konatsu, which slowly dawned on Virion what race this newcomer was. The first incoming knee from the man was parried with his wounded palm, pushing Austin off to the side while Virion backed up. The room was not ideal for a battle - it was fairly small, but it would also limit his opponent's sword movements - a dagger would be more ideal in this scene. Clenching his teeth as he bore the pain of his palm, Virion raised the dagger in front of him as he rushed the man again, this time meeting Austin's blade with his own dagger, holding the back of the dagger to brace his own foothold. "Why are you on our ship!? Do you seek to bring harm to myself or my captain? You have no place here - leave now and your life will be spared. Persist and I cannot guarentee a good time for you."

[CHAT] Austin -- As they had a blade clash, Austin backed up a bit, he didn't have much room, but he had to be careful not to get stabbed--he glared at the other Konatsu, "Why are *you* on the ship!? He did say he had assassins and other things after him--stand down!" he yells out. It was true, he didn't have much room on the ship for full sword maneuvers, but there was plenty of room to brawl--so he lunges with his other hand, trying to deck the other Konatsu square in the jaw. "I'm not gonna let some assassin hurt my way off this rock and way to get food, you must be out of your mind if you think I'm gonna just leave!" he says, narrowing his eyes.

[CHAT] Austin -- As they had a blade clash, Austin backed up a bit, he didn't have much room, but he had to be careful not to get stabbed--he glared at the other Konatsu, "Why are *you* on the ship!? He did say he had assassins and other things after him--stand down!" he yells out. It was true, he didn't have much room on the ship for full sword maneuvers, but there was plenty of room to brawl--so he lunges with his other hand, trying to deck the other Konatsu square in the jaw. "I'm not gonna let some assassin hurt my way off this rock and way to get food, you must be out of your mind if you think I'm gonna just leave!" he says, narrowing his eyes.

[CHAT] Kenoya woke up in the dining room from his nap. He was in his usual groggy state. He didn't know how much sleep he got, but he knew he could have some more. He sat up and rubbed his eyes trying to look at the clock on the wall but his vision was too blurry. He got up from the chair and walked down the hall way towards the showers. He paused for a moment as he spotted Austin and Virion starting to fight with one another in the hall way. The saiyan just stood there for a second blankly before turning to the showers and saying nothing. He turned the water up to one setting below the fires of hell, undressed, and stood just stood there blankly stareing at the floor as the molten hot water rushed over him. It took a few moments for him to register what he had seen. "...Was Virion and Austin about to kill each other in the hall way? Aaaah I'm sure that will work itself out." Kenoya continued to stand there in the shower trying to wake up.

[CHAT] Virion let off a low, animalistic growl as the two met eyes during the blade-lock. His pupil-less, bright yellow eyes emptily stared at the opposing swordsman. "You're here for a meal and a ride? So you ARE here to steal our ship! You damn coward. Prepare to d--" As he was lost in his intimidating talk, he got socked straight in the jaw by Austin's fist, causing him to stumble backwards, grabbing his chin and moving it about. Without saying another word, Virion threw the dagger full force across the short distance that separated the two - the throw was similar to that of how someone would whip a playing card to throw it. He was prepared for Austin to be adept enough to dodge it, and readied himself to throw a fist in to the Konatsu's gut in whatever direction he dodged in.

[CHAT] Austin narrows his eyes, "And *YOU'RE* here to kill me!" He shouts back, "And the boss!" Only to then blink as the other Konatsu chucked the dagger at him, he dodges to the side, the dagger sticking into the wall by a few milimeters--just in time for Austin to grab it and laugh, "Give up! Now you're unar-urk!" he grunts, eyes going wide as he's socked right in the gut as he staggers back to the wall for a moment, clutching his stomach, while being careful not to hurt himself with the dagger. After a moment to compose himself he lunges, "Okay, that one *hurt*!" he yells out as he does so, lunging with the blunt side of the sword to the other Konatsu's side.

[CHAT] Virion noticed his opponent skillfully maneuvered himself to grab the dagger instead of letting it sit in the wall. "Hmph. A true member of our race - you can't resist the hilt of a blade readily available." While it was true that Virion was a Konatsu, he was much more familiar with hand-to-hand combat, but understood weapons well enough to use them when necessary. [He said boss... does that mean there's another person he's working with on our ship too? Grr... Kenoya might be in trouble and I'm here wasting my time with this guy.] With a huff, Virion grabbed a deck of playing cards out of his pocket and held them in front of himself as Austin came at him with the blade. Before Austin swung, Virion pushed the cards together and released them, causing them to fly all around the room in an attempt to distract Austin. Virion swiftly made his way out of the room as he listened for any signs of conflict throughout the ship, in an effort to track down Kenoya.

[CHAT] Kenoya was starting to become a bit more aware of his surroundings. His eye sight wasn't blurry anymore and he was actually capable of saying things beyond growls. He leaned his head back and looked up to the ceiling hearing the sounds of Virion and Austin clashing blades and shouting. It wasn't registering what they were saying, just that they were shouting. "Oh Austin is such a spunky guy. I wonder if he pulls blades on everyone he first meets? I'll ask him later." Kenoya looked down towards the floor once again however this time he noticed something on his body.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'There was a weird looking spider tattoo on his chest. How long had that been there? How long ago did he see himself shirtless? How long ago did he shower? A lot of questions came to mind for the saiyan but now wasn't the time. The time was to rally the troops and steal some cattle! The saiyan exited the shower and started to dress himself, but before putting on a shirt he walked out to the hall way to see Virion bolt into the hallway just as he did. "Hey Virion look, I got a cool spider tattoo that I don't remember getting."'

[CHAT] Austin goes wide eyed at the cards, but then the Konatsu's gone, "Shit!" he shouts out, sheathing his sword and dropping the dagger as he dashes after him, "Kenny!" he shouts as he gets close to the other Konatsu, aiming to tackle the man to the floor before he can say or do anything, "*No one* kills my meal ticket, ya bastard!" he says with a growl, "I think we have one of those, uh... assassins you talked about? He tried to attack me! Then came after you!"

[CHAT] Virion came to a skidding stop as he was about to rush into the shower commons where he knew Kenoya was at, only to find Kenoya done with his shower and walking out... so innocently. He obviously wasn't being targetted. Taking heed of the tattoo on Kenoya's chest, many thoughts raced through Virion's mind in the instant before he got tackled to the ground by his adversary. Struggling while pinned to the ground, Virion let off many different types of irritated growls as he tried to get free, but was in no position to break free. "What the fuck do you mean meal ticker!?" Piecing everything together that Austin just shouted out, Virion made a conclusion that Kenoya knew who this intruder was. "Kenoya! Did you adopt this stray!? Is he supposed to be our new pilot or something?"

[CHAT] Kenoya stood their blankly as Virion was tackled by Austin and then it all sort of made sense to him now that he was awake and alert. "Oh right you guys haven't met. Virion, this is Austin. I've hired him to help us with our mission. You know, operation feed our starving supporters. Austin, this is Virion. He pretty much keeps this place safe and helps keep me out of trouble the best he can." Kenoya pulled his shirt on over his head and pointed towards the bridge. "I've got to set up our deal with Mr. Murphy over buying all that caddle he has. I'll meet you guys up on the bridge." The saiyan started off towards the elevator that took him up to the bridge. He walked to the chair in the center of the room and took a seat as he pulled up what appeared to be a call screen. Kenoya sat there and looked at the blank screen as he formulated a plan on how he was going to trick Austin into helping them steal a bunch of caddle.

[CHAT] Austin blinks, "Oh. *This* is that Virion guy? I was expecting someone who wouldn't attack me," he says, letting go of the other Konatsu before climbing to his feet. "Bastard tried to *stab* me no less. Thank God he's so incompetent," he says, shaking his head before looking over to Kenoya, "Oh, you worked out the details with that Mr. Murphy guy? Neat," he says with a nod, "I wanted some more beef. Who are we taking all this too, anyway?" he adds.

[CHAT] Virion pushed against Austin immediately after being released as he took to his feet, swiping at his clothes to straighten himself out. "Incompetent!? Why---" Virion bit his tongue as he watched the two walk towards the bridge, but stayed in place as the two left the corridor. [The-- he.. Kenoya recruited someone aboard our ship without even asking my opinion... I... I thought we were supposed to be friends. This is NOT how friends operate!] Muttering to himself, Virion turned the opposite way and made his way to the ramp of the ship, pressing the ramp's release button as he prepared to exit the ship without saying anything to the other two.

[CHAT] Kenoya turned around expecting to see Virion and Austin but Virion wasn't there. "Where...Where did Virion go? We need him for the meeting! I don't want to have to do the briefing twice. Even little dude made it to the briefing." Kenoya said as he pointed to their cook who was studying hard on cooking. "Austin, go find my first officer. We can't begin this operation with out him. While you're doing that I'm going to contact Mr. Murphy." Kenoya started to push a few buttons on the machine. Mainly he was just trying to look like he was busy doing something until Austin left the room so he could contact Virion without him knowing.

[CHAT] Austin nods, "...can I be first officer, though?" he says, before shrugging and heading out after the other guy, "Hey, Vir!" he calls out after the other Konatsu, "C'mon, man! Time for a meeting! My first one!" he says with a laugh, "Oh man we're gonna be space explorers, isn't it exciting?" he claps his hands together for a moment, "Seeing new worlds, fighting pirates, meeting hot space babes, all while getting room and board and being paid for it! Awesome!" he gives a big grin. "Nice to meet you! Well, nicer now that we're not trying to kill each other."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'Once Austin had left the room Kenoya activated the tab he had opened and started speaking to Virion. Kenoya couldn't hear what Virion could say unless the Konatsu were to activate the command in the ships systems. "Don't jump Virion! You have so much to live for! Hahahahaha, check it out I found out we had an intercom system. Pretty cool yeah? Oh right you can't talk back...Not as cool but still pretty cool. OH right! Keep Austin aka possible Spider Sacrifice number 2 in the dark that we're stealing a herd of cattle....We're stealing a herd of cattle by the way. Oh crap he's coming towards you act normal..." Kenoya shut off the microphone and just watched as Austin arrived to fetch him.'

[CHAT] Virion felt his eye twitch as he heard Austin's voice approaching from behind him. Listening to everything that Kenoya had to say, he still couldn't help but feel irritated by the whole situation. By the time that Austin would have arrived, Kenoya had been done talking to him and Virion had made his way off the ship, despite what he was sure were his captain's wishes. "Tell Kenoya that I'm going to go do my own thing for a little bit. I'll be back in a few hours. Continue with the briefing with the three of you, I'll figure it out once I get back."

[CHAT] Virion very intentionally did not respond in a friendly manner to Austin, nor did he turn around and make eye contact with him. Instead, once he was done talking, Virion made his way towards the nearest town, because no matter what planet you were on, there was always someone willing to gamble. [I don't want to get in a fight with Kenoya, so walking away right now is my best option. I'm sure the two of them can steal whatever a cow is by themselves.]

[CHAT] Austin blinks, then shrugs, "Alright. You have fun doin... whatever it is you do!" he says with a wave, before heading back towards Kenoya, "Hey, um... he just kinda... walked out. Said to just have the briefing with us three. I think that's going AWOL? Or deserting. Or something. Does that make me First Officer?" he perks up at that thought--it seemed he was growing to like the idea of being a space explorer, because that is clearly what these fine gentlemen who attack each other are.

[CHAT] Kenoya tilted his head to the side when Virion continued off the ship. He didn't know where he was going but he figured it was most likely somewhere in the port. When Austin came back he told him what he already knew. Kenoya nodded and acted as if he hadn't known though. "Ahhh I see...No no not Virion. He isn't deserting. Most likely he's upset that I didn't tell him you were coming and he lept into kill mode. He'll be back soon enough." Kenoya tapped his finger to his chin as he started to plan how this would all work out. "Ok...so here is the deal. I just got off the phone with Mr. Murphy. Tonight we're going to load up a bunch of the cattle into the cargo hold. We have to do it at night because something about it being such a large order he doesn't want it to interfer with business during the day...So here is how we're gonna do it." Kenoya went on to lay our his plan on how exactly they were going to lure at least 50 cows into his ship.

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Re: We Got 'dat Mad Cow Disease, Yo!

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Kenoya awarded 4 greens, 1 red
Virion and Austin awarded 3 greens, 2 reds