* It's A Tactical Withdrawal!

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* It's A Tactical Withdrawal!

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Actors: Mosin, Nova, Thousand
RP Type: Discussion, narrative, character building


Mosin and Nova mostly recover from venom
Mosin and Nova partial recovery

Synopsis: Mosin and Nova finally recover enough from the venom to converse, after the trios escape from the hospital earlier. Thousand reveals the broadcast from Riz' PSA to the group, noting the gravity of the situation they are in. The trio determine a need to leave the planet, and begin putting together a plan to do so, which will initially involve scraping for funds to secure passage offworld.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'It was hours before the Venom had run its full course. Mosin spent most of that hell beneath an open stormgutter, letting the night rain pour down over him in a constant shower as he thrashed in agony while gripping his guts and sides. By the time the sky closed its azure curtains, and the white dawn rode over the eastern sky, shining through the small portcullis in the ceiling, the monk was like a stick of incense that had been lit and left burning -- the ashes affixed in their shape, but whose substance was threatened by the slightest touch. He had not slept and his body was dried out despite his clothes being soaking wet. At times the monk lifted the grey cloth of his tunic to his mouth and succoured on the beads of rain the threads kept, but nothing seemed able to quench the thirst. When the morning songbirds began to chirp and the citys roar awoke to the new day, his body growled for him to replace all that he had sweat and lost in the struggle with the poison.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'In the hours since their escape, Nova had not a moment of proper rest. She had burned through the toxins that were injected into her at the hospital and luck would have it, the Venom itself ate through the poison that sent here there. Her innard were a rag rang too tight that had dried in a knot. What fluids she had in her before were now in a drying splatter in front of her as she sat, staring into the darkness.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"Th..thank... you.." The words came from dry, cracked lips. The monk tenatively took the steaming cup from Zand, but his shaking hands spilled a majority of the content before he could bring it towards his mouth and sup on it. The wrinkles in his forehead seemed deeper today. The crows feet that adorned his eyes shining like hard talons. "I h..hope we weren't too.. much... trouble for you, Zand. You've been so gr...acious in helping us." The monk smiled. "W.. where are we though? This place, it smells..." The monk laughed, "A swamp would be generous."'

[CHAT] Thousand clears his throat, rather unnecessarily. 'Think nothing of it. And there's more water, take your time. We're hiding out in a stormwater runoff system. It's a step up from a sewer, but that's about all that can be said for it. A moment.' The android turns, walking over towards Nova, and drops down to one knee next to her. 'Hey, you with us? Thirsty? Got some water for you..' He sets the steaming cup down a little further than an arms reach from the saiyan. He then moves back to the tunnel he came from, emerging later carrying a large coffee can, great whisps of steam rising above it. He sets it down a few steps away from them and has a seat nearby. 'More water when you're ready...' He pulls out a decades-out-of-date tablet, gesturing towards it with his other hand. 'So... got some bad news.' The android looks at the others, expectantly.

[CHAT] Nova was motionless as Zand approached, staring off into the distance opposite to the both of them. All over her body, bruises started to form from their battle, some of the larger cuts and scrapes adding to the puzzle pieces of scars littered across her frame. When he placed the cup next to her, she simply gave it a soft glace, not even turning her head. It sat there a long while untouched, but when the Android returned, she was sipping on it lightly, holding the cup to her lips with the use of her tail.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"It can't be th...that bad. We're all alive." The monk seemed to turn his head towards Nova, as if to be doubly sure, "That's the b...best one can hope for. Today will be a g...good day. I'm certain." The old Kai set his head back against the wall after taking another sip and then gave a low, "Oof" as he banged the scabbed dent in his skull where Nova had piledrived him into the floor. "I'm r...ready. Lets hear it." The old monk drew his feet in, and stood up a little straighter as if bracing himself.'

[CHAT] Thousand nods quietly, moving a few steps closer to the two, and turning up the volume for the device. A video recording is currently paused on the screen, an emergency broadcast logo in freeze frame. 'The bad news, in a nutshell, is that we're in a huge bind. I think Earth is lost to us, for the time being. Just... watch, and listen.' The android taps the screen, and the video begins to play. [SEE RP: PSA, Posted by Riz previously] Once the video comes to a close, Thousand sits in grim silence for a moment. 'That girl... judging by her destructive power, she was several times as strong as any of us. And dealt with very easily. My world... is lost.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"I heard it the first time you played it," Nova instantly coughed into her hand, spilling her hot water on the concrete in front of her. It hurt so much to speak and when she checked her hand, the venom/blood mixture was still spilling out after each spasm. Finally she grunted up to her feet, stepping into a shaft of light where the pair would see the heavy damage they inflicted upon her and the traces of venom red fluid still staining the whites of her eyes. They would also notice the fresh lines running from her eyes and down her cheeks, leaving clean pathways down her dirty and grim face.'

[CHAT] Mosin took in a deep, horrified breath as the holovideo played out to its final conclusion. His dead, clouded eyes seemed even further away than usual, if that were possible. His withered hand moved to stroke his long tufts of salted beard and he was quiet for a long time. The kind of quiet that one trains to become. A quiet that meant he had moved inward and was somewhere out in the deep blindspots of the mind's eye. At last he exhaled and shook his head, "I... understand their fear. I don't know what this word means." He raised his hands and accented his next phrase by cupping his hands on either side of him, "-Meta-" He sighed, "But it sounds like what we call those with potential on Kaiosei."
[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'He tried to smile, but gesture was cracked. He couldn't see the damage done to Nova, but he had heard her coughing and fitting all night alongside himself and he winced as she raised herself up. In all honesty he was thankfully she could, after her ordeal, but, knowing her pain had been inflicted (regardless of their reasons) by Zand and himself brought no comfort. "We don't... execute those with it on my homeworld. But, frankly Zand, and I mean no disrespect... this... seems exactly like the stories of Earth I've always heard. I can't say it's unexpected. It's... well... it's one of the reasons I came to your homeworld."'

[CHAT] Thousand leans his head forward, apparently having become quite fascinated with his feet for a long moment, before speaking. 'Nova, I'm so sorry for going all out on you. I really wanted to just restrain you, but you were simply too powerful. How much do you remember?' Without raising his head, he seemed to project his voice more in Mosin's direction. 'I can only say this is far worse than I have ever seen. My clocks have me at being offline for close to 20 years, so perhaps this has somehow become normalized since. Nonetheless, I don't see good things for our life expectancy if we're to remain here.' His gaze moves back to Nova. 'Considering things, I understand if you don't want a thing more to do with me, but let me help us all off this planet before we go our separate ways. I have a plan...'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"All of it," she simply stated, falling back down to her butt and leaning against the wall again. In a very casual manner she held her cup out to Zand and gave what little water remained a swish, waiting. "You have to remember who you're talking to. I'm a Saiyan and before you ask: Yes, I have gone Oozaru before. Whatever that m'ozkrak bitch injected me with, it was like I was transforming, but couldn't." Indeed, part of the pain she felt was her bones -trying- to stretch inside of her body and the part of the brain that handled blutz wave going hyperactive. "As far as the fight...I was actually in control for most of it. I just wanted to have some fun,"'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The monk spit up the little bit of water he had managed to bring to his mouth once more from the cup, his brows perking in a bit of bewilderment before he made to wipe himself with a sleeve and then seemed to remember he had discarded his robe before resorting to brushing away the hot water with his beard in an undignified fashion. "Could have gone a little easier on an old man, I think!" The Kai did his best to seem stern and offended, before his cracked and wrinkled features gave way to a cheeky smile and then a laugh that echoed a bit further down their stormdrain than perhaps he intended. "OH!-- erm, oh." He seemed to sink lower against the wall and snicker to himself. "Ahem." He cleared his throat. "What did you have in mind, Zand?"'

[CHAT] Thousand stares at Nova for a long second, before shutting his eyes for a moment and snickering softly. 'I really should learn to see these coming. Geeze.' He sighs. 'Alright, so... already told you my mind was patterned after that of a human, but I didn't tell you why. My original intent was spy work. And to that end, one of the basic components of my model is a sort of artificial flesh, almost indistinguishable from the real thing. I've recently acquired the materials to replace it once more.' The silvery-white liquid flows out of various pores all over his body, the artificial flesh, skin, hair, et al taking form, leaving him with the appearance of a late 40s/early 50s human male, grey hair with a touch of black remaining, brown eyes, and a couple days growth of grey stubble across his jaw. (C)
[CHAT] Thousand (C) 'This was the basic appearance I was programmed with, I can't really modify it, but they aren't looking for it. It's not really a plan per se, more of a method, to secure us passage, somehow. I should probably have more of a plan than just that.' He stares off to one side, sheepishly.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"You're so... dashing?" Mosin's head was turned towards a totally separate set of bricks than where Zand was sitting.'

[CHAT] Thousand scratches the back of his head sheepishly. 'Well, not exactly the reception I was expecting, but... I suppose it is what it is. Oh, of course. I'm so sorry, Mosin, your other senses are such that one easily forgets that your vision is compromised. Aaaanyway. We should put a plan together. I'm pretty sure I can sort us out a way off this hellhole if you're both in, but we need a destination. Any thoughts there?' He reaches for a cigarette, finds his pack empty, scowls, and moves on. 'I'd love to fix things here, but dieing won't do a thing, and it's going to take more than just one barely functioning android- if I come back, I'll have to come back in force.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"It's just that I don't see a point all of this, Zand. Sure they can't tell who you are, but what are we supposed to do, hide out in the gutters till you find a way to smuggle us off-world?" She was still holding out her cup, waiting for him to fill it with water again, but in doing so, something came to her."Wait...Mosin. If you knew things were so bad here why did you want to come?'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Considers the possibilities for a few moments, his hand idly stroking his beard before he raises his hand as if to say something before Nova's reach him. "Oh. I thought..?" He attempted, did-his-best-at-least, to feign glancing towards them both, but his eyes were somewhat off center of their marks. One of the issues in being blind that few realized was that Mosin had to accent a lot of gestures to keep his company privy of his thoughts. It was hit-or-miss in most instances. The sound in the underway was rebounding so much that his normal, heightened hearing was a yard or two off.'
[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"I told you of the tower, did I not?" Mosin turned his head upwards, the dead grey eyes seeing in his mind an expansive, rising column of white marble. They only saw him staring blankly at a moulded cavern of hewn rock. "I wanted to find the Guardian, Maedun." He said the name with a kind of awe reserved for the most holy. "I remember reading such beautiful, intricate scrolls in the library of my monastery. They are said to be wise. Powerful. Skilled. If any teacher were worth seeking, it would be them." Mosin sighed.'
[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"But I had hoped, if nothing else, to test Moon and Sun against the warriors that gather here. What little we have heard of Earth on Kaiosei is filled with sagas of epic fighters and martial artists. Destruction. Chaos. Apocalypse." Mosin's smiled faded somewhat. "I wanted to prepare a fighting style that could protect Kaiosei, if there were to be another Godhand." He looks down solemnely at his own, wrinkled hands. "I fear I'm a few decades too late." The Kai seems to amuse himself with that thought, rather than be buried. "So that is what I would like to head towards. A hardened world. One with fighters of which I can test my skill and improve my technique." He seems to consider for a moment. "Ny Yelo? Namek? Perhaps Arlia? Did not the Saiyans take it as their own?"'

[CHAT] Thousand shakes his head slowly. 'On the contrary, there'll be lots to arrange to get us off world, and I won't be able to smuggle you in luggage. We're going to need to arrange disguises for the both of you. The area is too hot to rely on bribery. I'd honestly love to tell you to just wait it out while I arrange everything, but I can't. I'll have to make a trip out to get supplies to get you two incognito, and after that I'll need you both.' He stares at Novas proferred cup, and the nearby tin of water, still steaming thoroughly. 'What, is this a dominance thing?' He chuckles, taking the cup and dipping it in the tin, offering it back to Nova, before glancing back over to Mosin. 'Some place with strong fighters would seem to be a destination that serves both of our goals. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the galaxy is somewhat dated, so I'll have to rely on the two of you for direction there. Namek does sound like a good choice, from what I do recall.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"You did throw those heavy balls at me, remember?" She took the cup with a nod, not wanting Zand or Mosin to realize that she actually could not stand or move much on her own without her body revolting violently against her. Needed her? Maybe in a week or even two. "That's...quite romantic Mosin. What..." She took the sip, grimacing hard against the lava running down her raw throat. "...rather than run off planet could we not make it to this tower? If this Maw doon is mystical enough to bring a monk from kaiosei across the verse, surely we can hide out there,"'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"I make a -very- convincing homeless person." The Kai began to crawl to his feet, using the wall to (earnestly) brace himself before he could reach his feet before taking a few steps, hunching over and holding his arms out ahead of him, as if begging for change and zeni bills. When he straightened back up there was a loud *POP* as a disc reset and the kai visibly winced. "...Well, supposedly it takes..." The Kai's features scrunched heavily, as if trying to recall a very, very deep memory. "A week? A week to climb the tower. Maybe longer. Most die from the attempt." Mosin let his dead eyes trail to the ceiling and then slowly head towards the floor, as if to indicate the long fall. "I suppose Maedun may shelter us if we prove ourselves capable, but... I think Zand is right. The Guardian is said to be immortal. We can return in due time. For now, we should escape while we're still able."'

[CHAT] Thousand hesitates for a moment, a bit uncertain. 'I honestly hadn't given much consideration to the tower. The last -I- had heard about it, it was shrouded in some kind of darkness that noone returned from. Got too swept up in other matters to ever check it out. I'm not certain what to expect should we go there, honestly.' He turns towards Nova, staring a moment before making a face. 'Come on, you broke my neck and destroyed my jaw! Can't we call it even?'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"We'll need a starship. Unfortunately..." Mosin shrugged his shoulders, "I left my coins in my robe at the hospital." The monk falls back against the wall and smiles, "You've done so much for us, Zand. I don't want to rely on you without giving something of myself as well. There must be a way that I can help? I'm in enough condition to walk. Nova probably needs some real time to rest. What would you have me do to aid our cause?"'

[CHAT] Thousand hesitates, stroking his chin a moment, before beginning to pace back and forth. 'Funds will definitely be needed no matter what. Would you object morally to posing as a blind beggar? Well... ugh, I guess in this case it wouldn't be posing. We'll need to get a little bit of coin together before we can do much of anything else. I'll see if I can get into my storage unit, if it isn't already traced and under guard, I have a little bit there still. An odd job or two and a couple generous strangers and we should have something to work with. But for now...' He glanced over at the saiyan, who had finally fallen asleep before his prior words could reach her. 'This place isn't secure. As long as she's resting, someone ought to keep watch. I'll head for the storage unit come nightfall, perhaps we should rest up a bit more until then.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"I'll stand lookout." Mosin says with a swift salute before turning to face... a direction leading to a shaft heading all the way of the city. He took a grim, resolute stance for a few second before his hand moved to his mouth and couldn't help but snicker. The Kai meant well. He certainly seemed to take amusement in his condition, and a certain pride that others forgot it at times.'
[CHAT] Mosin: -- '&"I don't mind to pose myself, Zand." The old kai smiled, "I'm not sure what kind of impression I've made on you thus far... but I was actually known as quite a troublemaker when I was a bit more spry."'

[CHAT] Thousand returned Mosins snicker, before giving way to a belly laugh. 'You've made nothing but good impressions on me thus far. I could say the same as you, heh heh. No, but, you really don't look like you've had enough rest yourself. Why don't you get some rest? I have no need for sleep, but it seems like you guys both had a rough night. Let me take... er, it's daylight, I don't think theres an official name for this watch, so: this watch.'

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Re: It's A Tactical Withdrawal!

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Mosin and Nova awarded 4 greens, 1 red. Sent admin gnote to reward my mort.

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Re: * It's A Tactical Withdrawal!

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Luke awarded my mort