* Will Be Patsy For Food

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* Will Be Patsy For Food

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Kenoya and Austin meet in a pub at a shipping yard on earth. The saiyan doesn't let Austin know he's a pirate but recruits him to crew with promises of money food and board. The two share a lunch and then depart from the diner and take a short tour of the ship where Austin finds his new home.

[CHAT] Kenoya and Virion had landed in a space port outside of the major cities. They would of prefered outside of any port however with the increased security since the hospital bombing they were screening people for landing once they made orbit of the planet. The saiyan picked a shipping port which with a bigger ship it wasn't outside the realm of possibility that the discovery class ship would be moving freight of some sort. After a short conversation about livestock with the port master, Kenoya had an idea of where to go or who to talk to at least about finding a large number of animals. With that information in hand he set out to find a man in one of the local pubs who moved livestock for a living. Once outside the pub the saiyan looked some what confused. This looked more like a diner rather than a bar. Perhaps he had the wrong place? The saiyan walked into the pub and looked around to see a whole group of what appeared to be truckers and freighters taking a break.

[CHAT] Austin -- Walking through the small town as well was a young man, a Konatsu--one looking fresh off of Konat,s standing at a little under six feet, with green eyes and dark auburn hair, shaved into a loose mohawk that's been combed over to one side--he's dressed rather out of place, like an adventurer from some video game or theatre actor rather than how someone should look, he had on a sleeveless red linen shirt under some stitched, fur-lined sleeveless leather armor, along with a leather belt and an odd looking sword at his side, he had on dark drab brown traveling pants as well, and a pair of traveling boots. He'd been avoiding the major cities, they seemed to be looking for someone and... even if it wasn't him, he didn't wanna be found, so here he was, out in the middle of nowhere looking for work--generally bounty hunting, but it was something that got him money for food. And he was hungry.

[CHAT] Kenoya walked up to the bar and ordered told the keeper to give him a home world ale and whatever they usually served the most of for lunch. When his drink was brought back he asked the bar keeper about a man who delt in livestock being rumored at the bar. He pointed out a guy who sat in the corner who was dressed really well. He certainly looked like he was a big time dealer. Perhaps he'd be able to strike a deal. The saiyan made his way over to the guy and was about to introduce him when he caught a glimps of a konatsu through the large window at the front of the pub. "Is this a Konatsu bounty hunter looking to capture Virion and myself!? Kind of odd to see someone where we happen to be, just after we laid waste to a port of theirs and come..." Thought the saiyan as he looked from the Konatsu back to the livestock dealer.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The saiyan growled and turned his back to the deal and went outside to confront the Konatsu now before word got out about his deeds on their home planet. He promptly stepped outsdie and stood in Austin's path with his arms crossed wearing a devious smile. "Well well...It took a while for you to catch up to me bounty hunter. I don't see any friends with you. Do you really think you can take me and my crew by your lonesome?"'

[CHAT] Austin had actually stopped to look into a pub, one hand on the wall by the window, the other patting his stomach--he was hungry, though he didn't have any money on him--he'd been forced to spend it all on a ticket to Earth. He was just about to move on when someone just all up and burst out of the pub in front of him, causing him to blink, "Wait, who are you?" he says, a look of confusion on his face--then what the saiyan said registered his eyes light up and he grins, seemingly almost giddy, "Wait, you have a bounty!? That's great! Now I can get *dinner*!" he says loudly, before pulling out an odd sword, the hilt was black--it even had small spikes and ridges along the handguard and pommel, and it was attached to a large blade with a dull, off-white coloring, one side sharpened to a gleam. "Now are you gonna come with me or am I gonna have to work for money for dinner?"

[CHAT] Kenoya raised an eye brow when the Konatsu spoke. He didn't even know who he was let alone if he really even had a bounty on his head yet. "You don't know who I am? How are you going to take me and my crew all the way back to your home planet if you don't even know who we are. You're a long way from dinner...unless..." Kenoya turned his attention back to the bar where the bar keep had set his food on the bar and was looking at him. He also had a concerned look on his face when he saw the Konatsu weilding a blade. "Tell ya what. You don't know me, I don't know you. All I know is you're looking for dinner and if I beat a starving man to near death I'm going to look like an asshole. Come inside and you can have my meal and then we can discuss how you intend on taking us all back and then we can fight or something." Kenoya opened the door to the diner and motioned for Austin to come in.

[CHAT] Austin narrows his eyes slightly as he hears that, "I don't 'need' to know who you are, only that someone has a bounty on you somewhere. People have pictures, y'know," he notes, pointing his sword at the Saiyan and getting into a combat stance for a moment, "So all I have to do is beat ya up, take your picture, and take you somewhere I can check. Wish I still had my phone with me, but... meh," he waves his free hand, annoyed. He looks ready to fight, then he hears mention of dinner and he hesitates, looking inside the pub and sniffing as he smells the food, then looks back to the Saiyan, "But I wanted to fight! It was gonna be cool. There was gonna be swords, chairs flying through windows, bar fights breaking out but..." he shakes his head slowly. "Damn I'm hungry..." he says, sighing a moment and resheathing this sword and stepping inside.

[CHAT] Kenoya smiled as Austin put his sword away and walked into the bar. The bar keeper looked a little shocked by the turn of events and was clearly shaken by the peaceful return of the saiyan. "Bring another one. He's going to have mine." "Yeah...sure...Is everything alright sir? He isn't holding you hostage or anything is he? Blink twice if he is." Kenoya just chuckled as he waved his hand at the bar keeper. "No no it is alright sir. He's ok, just really hungry. You should of seen the last people I met who were hungry..." The bar keep walked away from the two and went to put the saiyan's order in. It was then Kenoya fully focused on the Konatsu before him. "So who are you? Why are you on E-Arth? It is a long way from your home."

[CHAT] Austin arches a brow at the bartender, "What? No, he's the bad guy. He told me himself! I was going to capture him for a bounty. I'm the good guy here," he says with a self-confident nod and tone that sounded like he thought it was *obvious*. "He offered to give me dinner before turning himself in. Or fighting. Or something," He says, his brow furrowing a little at that as the bartender walks away, then he looks to Kenoya and arches a brow, "...what's E-Arth now? D'you mean Earth? I came here because it's, um... it's quiet. Yes. That's why. Very quiet. It's too... loud on other planets. So I was going to lay--live here for a bit. See the sights, that kind of thing. I wanta see what I can see," he says with a nod, glancing around a moment.

[CHAT] Kenoya was finally brought some food of his own and proceeded to eat like a barbaric beast. His hamburger was destroyed in a matter of seconds and the side of french fries was finished just a few moments later. The saiyan reached for his ale and took a deep drink from it before setting the mug down completely empty. He reached into his pocket and slapped a couple of gold coins on the counter for payment. The bar keep walked back over and looked at the pieces for a second before he spoke. "I hope you aren't planning to pay for that with this..." Kenoya tilted his head to the side in a bit of confusion. "What do you mean? It is real gold. Test it yourself." "We accept zeni here. Zeni only. I knew you were trouble."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Woah woah woah, I'm giving you a huge deal right now! This is literally two ounces of gold valued at close to 25,000 zeni a pop. I'm trying to be generous to you! I mean hell is this how you treat a Prince who tips you well!?" The bar keeper picked up the two coins and looked them over for a minute before pointing to the saiyan and waving his finger for a second. "You stay right here. I got a kid who buys and sells gold part time in the back. We'll see what he says about this." The old man walked to the back with the coins in hand as the saiyan just watched with a smile. He leaned over to Austin as he whispered. "Now we will see the true character of this guy...Those coins are worth triple what I told him. I got a feeling he's the type of person who's rough on the outside but nice on the inside. What do you peg his as?"'

[CHAT] Austin goes a little berserk on the food as well, downing the hamburger in just a few bites and the french fries don't last long later--looked like he was *really* hungry, he even drank the ale pretty quick, "What was that now? That... ale was pretty good," he says with a chuckle and a grin, "Used to have bigger meals, but that was pretty nice," he says with a nod, before going slightly wide eyed at the exchange between the Saiyan and the bartender. "Prince?" he says, his brows raising slightly as he looks back to where the bartender walked in the back, then looks back in the saiyan, "I dunno. Who are *you* is what I'm wondering?"

[CHAT] Kenoya just shook his head as we waited to see the bar keep again, though he still had not come back yet. Perhaps he was having a micro melt down as to how much money just got dropped in his lap. He stood up from the counter and gave a slight bow to Austin as he spoke. "I am Prince Kenoya, ruler of the Makono clan. There is always some dark hearted person looking to assassinate me. You get use to it for a while, but you don't seem to be that type of bounty hunter. You're one of those real working boys. What might your name be swordsman?" The saiyan looked towards the back to see if the bar keeper could be seen anywhere but nothing yet. Perhaps he was indeed having psycological break down at recieving such a tip.

[CHAT] Austin blinks, wide eyed slightly, "Oh, wow. I think I've heard of you. Aren't you supposed to be... older, though?" he says, arching a brow, before shaking his head slowly, "Oh, yes. That's me. Hard, um, hard working bountyhunter. Very... real. Yeah!" he nods repeatedly, "I'm... call me Austin," he says, glancing around for a moment before looking back at the Saiyan, Kenoya, apparently. "Nice, ah... nice to meet you," he offers a handshake.

[CHAT] Kenoya reached out and shook Austin's hand with a smile and a nod. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Austin. The one you heard of is my father no doubt. The great super saiyan. He's been gone for a while now. I haven't seen him since I was fifteen. I've assumed the role as leader for our clan." Kenoya looked down at the floor then back up to Austin with the same smile worn on his face. "So...How much of what you told me is the truth? You definately don't give off a sense of confidence that you are who you say you are. Granted I suppose every man has their reasons on keeping their history close to the chest." It was at that moment the owner of the establishment walked out from the back and climbed up on the bar. "Everyone! Can I have your attention please! This kind man sitting at the bar just tipped us very well. It only seems fitting to pass this along to the rest of you so everyone's meal is free!"

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The pub was filled with a cheer as the saiyan waved his hand in the air for a moment. It felt good having people like him even if it was fake and bought. They liked his money, they didn't know anything about the saiyan. It was becoming very clear to him that his six time great grandfather was right. He shook it off the thought just as a large man walked over to him. It was the livestock man he was eyeing when he first came in. "T'was was mighty kind of ya to buy all y'ens dinner. What's tha name partner?" "Kenoya...Nice to meet ya." "Tha names Hank. Hank Murphy. I'm the biggest exporter of meat this side of the planet. Ya'll ever need to buy up a mess of cattle you give me a call."'

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The man handed Kenoya a business card of sorts with his address and phone number on it. The Saiyan looked over the card and put it in one of his pockets. "Actually I am in the market for some livestock as it were. Some of my...hungry supporters are in need of some meat. I've got a ship here that I'm using to make a purchase actually. How about I give you call tomorrow and we can hammer out some numbers." "You're a straight shooter. I like that son. Come on by my place tomorrow or give my folk a call and we'll get you set up. My place is the big farm outside of town. Got miles'o land put the'r. Cattle as far as yer eyes can see." "Well I will certainly be on the look out for you tomorrow sir. It was a pleasure meeting you Hank." Hank Murphy left the pub with some pep in his step and a smile on his face thinking he was going to make a huge sale tomorrow. Little did he know the saiyan was already plotting how he'd steal half his cattle in the night.'

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The man handed Kenoya a business card of sorts with his address and phone number on it. The Saiyan looked over the card and put it in one of his pockets. "Actually I am in the market for some livestock as it were. Some of my...hungry supporters are in need of some meat. I've got a ship here that I'm using to make a purchase actually. How about I give you call tomorrow and we can hammer out some numbers." "You're a straight shooter. I like that son. Come on by my place tomorrow or give my folk a call and we'll get you set up. My place is the big farm outside of town. Got miles'o land put the'r. Cattle as far as yer eyes can see." "Well I will certainly be on the look out for you tomorrow sir. It was a pleasure meeting you Hank." Hank Murphy left the pub with some pep in his step and a smile on his face thinking he was going to make a huge sale tomorrow. Little did he know the saiyan was already plotting how he'd steal half his cattle in the night.'

[CHAT] Austin blinks, going wide eyed at that accusation, how did this man saw through his perfect lies was anyone's guess, "Well, I-I-" he says, pushing himself up and narrowing his eyes slightly as he glares at Kenoya, before sighing and shaking his head, "Sorry to hear. The only thing I heard about your father is that he was an asshole," he shrugs, "I wanted to travel and see the world. Well, worlds. I'm... good at fighting. So why not try to see if I can get money doing it?" he gives a shake of his head, "Has... not been working so well. I had to learn how to hunt. But I'm happy to be out here, actually seeing the world rather than--" he cuts himself off, going quiet a moment as the barkeep and everyone else does their thing and he lets Kenoya go about his business.

[CHAT] Kenoya turned back to Austin with an awkward smile. "Sorry about that. The masses always love rich people who buy cheap stuff for them. So you were saying something about wanting to see the worlds huh?" Kenoya turned his head from side to side and then leaned in to speak some what quietly. "So I got this job coming up, right? I could use another hand to help me get all this food I'm about to get back to my supporters. You'll be paid of course and if you like you can stick around with us as we hop from planet to planet. You got a lot of spunk. I saw it when you tried to cut me in half earlier."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The saiyan laughed a bit before he went back to delivering his pitch. "I like that. I like you. I think you'd be a great addition to my team. I don't know much about you other than you're afraid to tell your real story and you'll fight for your next meal. That says a lot about a person. It says they're hungry for whats out there. That is the type of hunger I'm really looking to feed."'

[CHAT] Austin blinks, arching a brow as he hears that, "What kind of job? I don't like being tied down too mu--" at the mention of food and exploring he perks right up, eyes lighting up for a moment--"You know what," he says, "Sure. It sounds fun! I don't have a ship to see the galaxy, and I don't have any money for food so... why not," he shakes his head, "Things are finally looking up," he says with a bit of a grin. "I am hungry. For adventure. Also food on a regular basis," he says with a confident nod.

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded with a smile and shook Austin's hand again. "Welcome to Team Super Awesome Fun Time! ...We're still working on a nice sounding name. Come with me, I'll show you our ship and you can meet Virion. He's a Konatsu as well. Really great guy. He's been the lead man since we started our little endevers. One time he saved me from these two assholes trying to kill us while I trying to launch our ship away from another rogue ship that was plowing into all the others on the dock. It was a really scary ordeal. I'm sure he'll tell the story better than me though."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'Kenoya lead the way from the pub back to the space dock where the SS NotAJetSki was docked. Kenoya showed Austin how to access the main hatch if it was locked and then led him inside. They made it to the one room he thought Austin would like the most, the Kitchen and Dining room. "And here is where we eat our meals. If you can't find anything in the fridge, we got freezers in the back with a bunch of vegitables and some meat. You can pick any of the rooms you want to be yours. Only ones taken so far are mine, Virion's and little dude's."'

[CHAT] Austin arches a brow at that, "Super Awesome Fun Time? That's... odd," he says. "That... what?" he says, blinking. He stiffened a little at the mention of another Konatsu, and looked at Kenoya like he was crazy when he heard that last adventure. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... he had to be exagerating, right? He shook his head, "Let's go see the ship!" -- When on the ship he nods, "Oh, sweet I get my own room. Badass," he says with a grin and a basically a little cheer for himself. "And food, too! So awesome!" he says with a little laugh.

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded with a smile as he looked over the dining hall once again taking in how beautiful his ship was. "Yeah it is a really awesome ship, but what ever you do...Don't make a mess. We got these little robots on board that are stupid as hell. They clean up messes and constantly bump into walls and make error sounds once they're done. It is a minor issue but god does it ruin my morning when all I hear is a bumping in the hallways." Kenoya sat down in one of the nice chairs in the dining hall that laid backwards. He popped his feet up and put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. "You can roam around the ship if you like and get familiar with it and pick your room. I'm going to take myself a little cat nap here and wait for Virion to come back before we go over the finer details of operation feed the supporters." The saiyan laid there, already starting to doze off as he dreamed about how he was going to steal all those cows.

[CHAT] Austin went and 'Ooh-ed' and 'Aah-ed' over the ship, "Don't make a mess, gotcha..." he says, "You're the boss, boss..." he adds, before wandering off, looks like maybe leaving was a good idea after all, he found a nice place to stay, had a job, would get Paid, even! Plus with them on the move, everything might actually be okay, things were looking up... within about five to ten minutes of Kenoya laying down there would be sounds of something bumping into the wall and making error messages.

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Re: Will Be Patsy For Food

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