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* Creepy Crawly Covenant

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Actors: Virion and Kenoya.
NPC: Demoness Arachiel played by Onekay.
Damages: We sacrificed the guy who stabbed Virion to spider demons for being a dick.
Future Plot Point: A covenant was born between Arachiel and Kenoya due to their deal. Kenoya was branded with a painless birthmark in the shape of a spider through undisclosed means or reasons.
Plot: Virion and Kenoya arrive on Epitome and start to scout around for a space port or any signs of civilized life forms only to come in contact with a Spider Demoness incharge of a brood. After some formal talks the two groups made a deal to supply younglings to the spider demons in exchange for a partnership that will lead to better dealings in the future and an Imp who will learn how to cook for the SS NotAJetSki and its crew. They then left the planet in search of a food supply to uphold their end of the deal with the Demoness Arachiel.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The SS NotAJetSki slowly touched down on the surface of Epitome with a hiss as the hydrolics in the landing supports activated to support the ship's weight. The main hatch opened and made a walkway down to the forest clearing below. Slowly walked down the ramp looking around the forest clearing with caution. He didn't see anything other than trees. Even the sounds of wild life were non existant. Perhaps it was because of the giant ship just landing, or there wasn't any life forms around. Either way it was quiet until the saiyan spoke. '

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Well there is a ton of vegitation on the planet for sure. Surely there is something alive eating it here. I thought I saw some lights while we were landing off to the north west, but it could of just been swamp gas or something. Did you see anything Virion?" Kenoya knelt down on the grass of the forest clearing and started to examin the dirt and grass of the new planet. It was similar to New Arlia's enviroment, but not the exact same. The color of the grass was more of a dark green almost black and the trees were red and dark green which were covered in what appeared to be giant spider webs or silk worm string. It was something the saiyan had never seen before. "Well this place is kind of cool. I like it!"'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The pair, upon setting foot on Epitome, would feel a strange sensation, a momentary pulse along the ground. So attuned, they would sense a half dozen minor to equivalent powers scattered around the area, with a faint tingling of another, far more distant, understood to be massive only by how far away it could be sensed at this level.'

[CHAT] Virion chuckled as they stepped out of the ship and in to the... ?forest? clearing. It was obvious that Kenoya was all too excited to be here, which meant that Virion had made a good suggestion towards them coming here. He did notice the eerie silence of the forest, which struck worry with the Konatsu considering how much better his hearing was than that of a saiyan's. "Hmm... it seems pretty quiet around here. Maybe this planet is actually abandoned?" Taking a minute to reflect on what he had seen upon entering the atmosphere, Virion responded to Kenoya's question of lights. "Can't say that I saw anything. I know I don't hear anything right now - the silence is... deafening... but I still feel like something's off..." Virion kept himself on alert with both eyes and ears, hoping to catch anything before it possibly caught them - for the time being, he was only expecting some stealthy spider-like insect though.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'As if a flash of light flickered while he was touching the ground, Kenoya felt the powers of a few, things, in the forest around them. Just as quickly as he felt them, it disappeared. The saiyan stood up and walked over closer to Virion looking down to the ground and scratching his head as if trying not to be seen he was whipsering. "Something's watching us from the woods. A few somethings as a matter of fact." Kenoya turned back around and took some more steps forward acting as if he hadn't sensed anything at all. "This place is great! A whole planet to ourselves! I wonder what kind of plants grow here in the forest. I can cook mushrooms fairly well."

[CHAT] Kenoya was now Leaning up against one of the larger trees where the clearning came to an abrupt end. He looked out across the forest trying to see what he had sensed a few moments ago while opening himself up to sense the immediate area around him. "Look at me I'm a dumb traveler. Come take the bait and get us." thought the saiyan as he waited to see what he thought he sensed.

[CHAT] Virion began to clench and release his right fist as he was still recovering from the stab wound. He was beginning to get the feeling and ability to move it freely back, but it still would occasionally seize up and not let him move it. The knife that caused the wound was currently Virion's only form of defense should something actually end up attacking them. "Well, we're not going to find anything by just standing here and waiting for it to happen. Let's go explore Epitome, my friend." There was no point in being too tense and paranoid until they found out if something or somebody was actually watching them. Virion took charge of their march deeper in to the forest, expecting Kenoya to follow behind him.

[CHAT] Kenoya was a bit surprised nothing actually attacked him. He too went into the forest following Virion at a close distance. The dead silence of the wild life made the cobweb filled trees give off an even creepier feel. The only sound aside from the occasional talking was that of dead leaves and sticks being stepped on in the forest floor. "So what do you think made all the webs in the trees? I'm betting it is a giant spider. It has to be. I mean what else could make cobwebs like that over an entire forest. I bet we're in the belly of the beast. That's why we aren't seeing anything alive." Kenoya kept turning his head and scanning the area to try and make sure they wouldn't get caught by surprise. He wasn't sensing anything aside from Virion but he knew there was something he felt earlier. Perhaps he was going insane? Who knew, all he could do was press on.

[CHAT] Arachiel drops down from above on a long thread, a demoness with the lower body of a spider, the upper of a plain-looking human woman, draped in a drab brown robe. Six legs perch delicately on the ground, two arms cross arrogantly across her chest. A wicked grin, somewhat reminscent of the now-extinct mimics, spreads across her face. 'I didn't even order delivery...'

[CHAT] Virion had been used to traveling through beast infested forests on Konats, but nothing had given him a sinking feeling in his gut quite like this place had. The creatures of Konats were more adept at stealth than most planets since the most evolved race, the Konatsu, had exceptional hearing, so the lesser creatures evolved in relation to that specific trait... but this was different. It wasn't stealth. It wasn't a creature adept at fooling someone with exceptional hearing. To tell the truth, Virion didn't know what it was. Well... "The fuck--?" he said as he jumped backwards to this... creature appearing in front of them. He had not heard anything. Why did he not hear anything? "Errr---" he started hesitantly before glancing back at Kenoya for only a moment before returning his focus to this ?woman?. "Hello? You seem like an evolved species. That's great! I was starting to think this planet was abandoned!"

[CHAT] Kenoya opened his eyes really wide when the demoness lowered herself down from the trees. "Oh I SOOO called this!" The saiyan walked up to the Arachiel and Virion with his arms crossed like the spider demoness. "That's good because we aren't delivery boys. This cobweb decoration your doing? It's really nice. Makes the whole forest have a forbidden terror feel to it. Very frightening." Kenoya tried to get a beat on the demoness's strength as he looked her over. She definately looked confident and most likely could of attacked them at any moment but hadn't yet. Was she playing with her food or just as curious about them as they were of her.

[CHAT] Arachiel lowers one arm slightly, resting the elbow of the other in its hand, and her chin in the other. She cocks her head to one side, a bit perplexed. It was typical for most to show some measure of fear, but this was an amusing exception. 'Oh, you could call it more of a... community effort. Hardly abandoned, by any stretch.' She takes a few steps closer. Virion would note that the steps produced neither sound nor vibration of any discernible kind. Lowering herself before them, the six legs squatting, her humanoid upper body now only towered a foot or so above them. 'So tell me, mr.' Air quotes and a laugh 'Not delivery, what brings you to our lovely little community?'

[CHAT] Virion quirked his brow as he noticed the continued silence. He did not like this... because if she could move about without creating sound, that means--- Looking up, Virion turned his attention to the treetops and looked around, though oddly with a smile on his face rather than one of worry or concern. "--Community--" he said quietly in a gleeful tone. "Kenoya! Do you know what this means!? She's a part of a community of an unknown species! Do you know how much we could sell off this information for!? A humanoid community of spider creatures! Oh my gods!" Turning his attention back towards Arachiel, Virion shouted at her all too excitedly, "Well we're here for many reasons, actually. Can you cook!? Do you want to join our crew?!?!" Virion did not even care that this was not his place to ask her, considering Kenoya was captain of the ship, but something inside of him could not hold back the question.

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded to Virion with a smile when mentions of money was brought up. "Most definately. I bet we could talk a school into having a field trip here." Kenoya turned back to the demoness and motioned his hand about as he talked. "Well it is kind of a long story but more or less we robbed a space dock and blew just about everything else up and then we came here looking for another space dock to blow up and rob, but you guys apparently don't have space docks to rob. So this is more of a nature walk." Got really excited when Virion mentioned needing a cook. "OH YEAH! We need a cook to come have awesome space pirate adventures with us. I'm not very good at cooking and we got a five star kitchen going to waste."

[CHAT] Arachiel sits back on her haunches, finally on a level with the pair. 'So, let me get this straight. You suggest that you can arrange for regular deliveries of fresh children to our world?'

[CHAT] Virion scratched the back of his head as the high of his excitement dimmed out. "Err... children deliveries? You're a spider. Don't you make enough children to eat on your own, if that's what you desire?" Again turning his attention briefly to Kenoya, he cocked his head as if saying, 'Do we do that?'

[CHAT] Arachiel leans closer: 'How many children? How young? How often?' She licks her lips. 'How FAT?' She chuckles aloud.

[CHAT] Kenoya rose his hands up and waved them around for a second to pull the attention back to him when he felt the deal was turning south. "Hold up now, is this hypathetical or should we start talking numbers? How badly do you want fresh youngling meals brought to you? We have a large ship capable of transporting vast quantities of juicy flesh bags for you. Something we could easily do might I add, for the right price. If you are serious about wanting to do business with us, we can make this a reality. Does you community have a leader where we could discuss the finer points of a trade that would be beneficial to both parties. I mean we did come here to make a profit to begin with. What better way to do it?"

[CHAT] Virion felt himself go wide-eyed as he turned to Kenoya, speechless. He did not think that this was something they were actually going to agree to... but the captain's word is law... welcome to Child Trafficing 101.

[CHAT] Arachiel chuckles as, behind her, six lesser demons, themselves appearing simply as spiders the size of large dogs descend behind her. 'I speak for my brood, here. I must insist, though, that -my- cost of letting two such -delectable- specimens go free be considered as part of the negotiations. So, why don't we start with how much you can offer. And we'll consider whether it's worth losing the meal before us, or possibly more beyond that.' The smaller spider demons begin to emit chittering noises, scuttling side to side in place behind the demoness like massive crabs.

[CHAT] Kenoya looked around him to see the other spiders showing up and scuttling from side to side making a chattering sound as they talked. "Huh...that's really creepy too. You guys are really good at the whole scare people thing. So a deal hmm yes a deal. I can offer you one fresh body now and say oooh, I don't know 50 younglings in a galatic week's time. That includes your current payment for-" Kenoya did the same air quotes the demoness had done previously at this time. "two delectable meals before you as well as back pay. What have you to offer? Zeni? Gold? A personal slave to cook for us?" Kenoya tapped his finger on his arms that were crossed in front of his chest. He was getting really excited about this deal. This could be just the break they were looking for!

[CHAT] Virion felt a strike of worry course through him as Kenoya offered up 'one fresh body' as payment for the moment. Not knowing that Kenoya had kept one of the four men they had left Konatsu with, Virion only thought it was him and Kenoya on the ship... which meant... "Whoa whoa whoa, let's not get hasty now Kenoya. We don't want to offer them... uhm... a sacrifice just to strike a deal." Facing the spider woman, Virion continued, "You would be naive to accept immediate gratification in place of a long term deal that could broker prosperity and many delectable meals to come." The Konat was trying his hardest not to show his nervousness at this misunderstood dealing Kenoya was proposing. He would not become a meal for the Crab People.

[CHAT] Arachiel chuckles loudly at the Konatsu. 'Naive, or perhaps just very hungry. Demonflesh is edible but not palatable at all...' She reaches one arm behind her, gesturing and making a chittering noise of her own, mer mouth moving in ways seemingly unnatural. One of the lesser demons scuttles below a shelf of cobweb, and a few moments later, a short, pink-skinned imp, bound and gagged, emerges, the spider demon chittering behind it. Arachiel continues. 'We can offer you this slave imp. It is not trained as a cook, but give the order and it will learn. It has been quite broken, I assure you. We will still need the immediate offer of meat the saiyan made, and your understanding that you will be hunted, should you reneg on your delivery.'

[CHAT] Kenoya looked down at the imp with a slight scoff as if it was the worst possible thing ever while waving his hand around at Virion as if to say shhh. "What the hell?! You want fifty kids AND a meal right now for this guy?! He's super tiny and doesn't even know how to cook...That's a shit deal, but we'll take it only on the grounds you prepare a better prize for us on our second delivery. We're looking to make a partnership here, so we aren't going to raise much of a stink about not getting a great deal this first time. Solely on the grounds of faith you'll do us right in the future. I think that is fair to say the least."

[CHAT] Kenoya turned to Virion and pointed to the ship. "Go to the ship and go to the bottom floor. In the first room no the right you'll find that asshole who stabbed you in the hand. He's been tied up and hasn't eaten anything in two days but a piece of bread and two cups of water. He won't be hard to manage. Bring him back here and ill stay as collateral until you bring him back for these fine associates of ours. Now hurry along. We don't want to keep them waiting too long for their dinner."

[CHAT] Virion only just realized that this meant Kenoya wasn't trying to offer Virion up as a sacrifice. This made things... slightly better, but it still didn't sit well with the Konat. Alas, this wasn't his place, as usual, to argue. With a bow to his friend, Virion simply stated, "Yes, my liege," before he departed his way back to the ship to gather their captive. [I can't believe that Kenoya is actually striking this type of deal... what the hell is he thinking? Plus that woman made the comment of 'Demonflesh' what is that about? Does that mean we're on a planet of demons or whatever? Tch... like that's possible. Fucking spiderpeople...]

[CHAT] Arachiel laughs out loud at Kenoya's response. 'Put yourself in my position. I have a brood to feed. Not a very honest galaxy of late. I assure you, prove that the deliveries are forthcoming, and you will be well rewarded indeed!' She extends a finger to point directly at Kenoya. 'After all, you yourself told me quite a story about how you came here.'

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded with a smile, his arms still crossed. "I suppose that is more than fair. I mean I did just tell you about how we robbed that space port. So how many total do you have in your brood? You speak as if you have a food shortage here." Kenoya was starting to show genuine concern over the plight of these people. He hadn't seen a single animal since they arrived and if food was really this scares on the planet, perhaps the saiyan could help the situation a bit more than a few shipments of food every now and then. It was strange, these spider people didn't seem all that frightening to the saiyan. Perhaps it was because he grew up on a planet with bug people so spider people wasn't that big of a leap for him. Either way, he was starting to see this place as a community in need of help rather than a scam to pull.

[CHAT] Arachiel strokes her chin with a single finger, pursing her lips. 'Well.... not a food shortage per se, just a shortage of -quality- food. As for my brood, many thousands, though most of those are very small mouths indeed- for now. We grow so much better with the proper... diet.' She licks her lips, staring wantonly at Kenoya with a hunger that might be mistaken for lust.

[CHAT] Virion found his way back to the USS NotAJetSki and boarded it, making his way to the bottom level where their prisoner was being held. The Konat felt pity for this soul as he looked broken like he had lost the will to live already, but he had to hollow out those emotions as he approached. "Alright, it's time for your release prisoner. Come with me willingly, ya?" There was no response or movement, the man just sat on the ground bound by his restraints, which were soon undone by Virion. The man weakly, and without resistance, walked behind Virion like a dog on a leash. As the two exited the ship, the man would take in the scenery and became visibly fidgety, as if looking for a chance to escape, but did not act on it since he was so weak. The two began their return through the forest to where Kenoya and Arachiel were located.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"I see..." Kenoya turned around and looked out behind him and then back towards the spider demoness. "You have a large territory from the looks of it. An open clearing in the forest. A group of capable fighters to protect your area. I think we can set something up for you that will make you very happy not only in means of food, but power." Kenoya turned his head to see Virion coming back with their prisoner. He gave a smile and extended his arm towards his friend. "Well done Virion." Kenoya walked over to the star fleet officer and threw him to the ground before the demons.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"I, Prince Makono, sentence you to death for assault on a lord of my court. May the gods have mercy on you for hurting my friend...They know I won't." Kenoya nodded to Arachiel with a smile as he waved for the little imp to follow him. "We shall return with your food shortly. It was a pleasure doing business with you brood master and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future." Kenoya turned his back to the demons and started walking back to their ship with a smile. He turned his head to Virion and chuckled. "I think we made the right friends in the right place."'

[CHAT] Virion shook his head in silenced disappointment to what they had just done. He could not judge too harshly though, considering his first instinct with the captives was to throw them in to space where they'd suffocate, freeze, float for eternity... y'know, whatever happens to people in space these days. "If you feel this was the right call, then I stand behind you, my friend." Despite trying to convince himself of that, Virion stopped mid-walk with a worried expression. "...but... are you sure that it's the right call to sentence people to be eaten by spider demons? Or to be making deals with demons at all? We also haven't really explored the possibilities of this planet yet either - I doubt that this lair of a forest is all there is... maybe there's more people that can give us insight in to why Epitome is shrouded in mystery on our ship's database?" It was all just a suggestion, coupled with the gnawing worries he had in the back of his head.

[CHAT] Arachiel bows slightly as Kenoya leaves, the Imp following behind. 'And thus our covenant is forged.' Kenoya would feel nothing, but the next time he bathed, would notice a spider-shaped birthmark had formed somewhere on his body. Arachiel and her brood then turned to the sacrifice, the chittering increasing in volume as Arachiel, the six smaller spider demons, and a veritable horde of what otherwise appeared to be normal spiders descended on the man, who would scream once, and briefly.

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded as Virion spoke. He too agreed that there could be much better dealings on the planet, but with the given situation there wasn't much they could do. "I agree my friend. Oh I agree. Some times you get the bear, and some times the bear gets you. We walked into their house and were completely out matched. We could of easily died here today, but we survived through a deal and got this cool little guy." Kenoya looked down at the imp they had been given with a smile as he knelt down. "I didn't mean it when I made fun of you. Sorry little guy. You're actually pretty cool and from this day forward a lord in my court! What's your name little guy?" Kenoya sat their quietly waiting for the imp to talk, however it said nothing and continued to look down at the grassy forest floor.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Shy type huh? Don't worry we'll break that from you soon enough." Kenoya stood back up and jerked his head towards the scream of the star fleet officer that was quickly silenced. "Don't feel sorry for him Virion. He tried to kill you. Fuck that guy. He made his choice on how he regarded life. We've haven't killed anyone yet...except that guy. He was a dick though. We could of found some better information I'm sure, but hopefully befriending these guys will lead to a more powerful friendship. Especially when we deliver more food than they know what to do with. The group of three had made it back to the ship where Kenoya went straight to the bridge in order to find a suitable location for a source of food. "The best part of this deal was it is for younglings. Could be cows, dogs, rabbits, squirrels. Anything really that's technically young." '

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"We're gonna give these guys a whole forest full of cows and set up a livestock farm for them too. They'll start to grow and gain power. That's when we'll find the real people incharge of the planet. When the power of their society starts to shift. THAT is the new goal. Get in good with the people who get pissed off we're helping the bottom tier of the planet." Kenoya pulled up the space chart almost on his first try as he started the launching sequence for the ship. Now where was he going to find a heard of large animals that could be consumed and bred very easily?'

[CHAT] Virion hated that Kenoya knew how to calm his nerves so easily by putting a logical plan/spin on everything he was worried about. "So... we're about to cultivate this planet of beasts that could easily kill us? Maybe you're more optimistic than I am, but I don't see that ending as well as you imagine... but..." With a shrug, Virion looked over their submissive new friend who was supposed to learn to cook for them. "I expected a chef that was going to be more lively... I wanted to taste their soul in the food I ate..." Virion had very low expectations for this creature he had never seen before, but was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. A spark of wonder went through Virion's head about something Kenoya made mention of. "Wait... how do you even know we could have died out there? We don't even know eachother's strength well enough to make that call. Isn't royalty supposed to be especially strong?"

[CHAT] Kenoya shrugged as he tried to explain his reasoning to Virion. He really didn't have a master plan and was really just playing it by the seat of his pants. "Honestly...I don't know. We might of been able to take them, but when they snuck up on us I wasn't going to chance that and get us both killed. I don't know about you but I couldn't detect them at all except when we first landed. It was like they were able to hide everything about themselves." Kenoya started pushing buttons again and then found a planet that was suitable for their needs. "Yeah I'm kind of strong I guess. I mean I was trained by my father until he left when I was fifteen. I've lost a few fights sure, but I win way more than I lose. So...I guess I'm strong? It is more about attitude I find. Act tough, prove you're useful, and be kind when you have to."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Seems to solve most my problems and people who can kill me tend not to...Take a look at this. It's E-Arth. Weird name for a planet. They have livestock and star docks. We could grab some cattle and maybe make a withdraw from a bank or two. OH-" Kenoya started to look over some other things in the system that were new entries. "Apparently there were some recent terrorist attacks that got a hospital wiped out. Pretty evil shit from the looks of it. I think I remember watching something on the news about it the other day. If we go we'll need to behave and keep a low profile until we're ready to raise some hell."'

[CHAT] Virion began to hrm to himself as he paced about the bridge before taking a seat at the co-captain's spot. It was a slow bit of learning, but he was picking up pieces of information from Kenoya on how to do what on this ship, even if he didn't ask any specific questions for the time being. With a snap of his fingers, he shot an empty, yellow-eyed glare at the imp to which it responded by hastily coming to his side. Grabbing the creature by the scuff of its neck, he placed the imp on his lap as if it were a cat and faced it forward to the datalog system. "Look, imp. I don't know anything personally about cooking... or technology, but play with this thing until you can figure out how to cook. You have a week before you're put to work. Until then, you will be treated with respect and fed well. If you have any questions... just... I dunno, figure out how to communicate it I guess."

[CHAT] Virion didn't move - he was going to watch the imp and observe how and what he did as well to learn what he could subtly. [I have to make myself more useful to Kenoya. He's so collected and capable compared to me... I will become a man worthy to be his second hand! --wait... this was all just a deal gone wrong, wasn't it? Why do I find myself trying to commit so much to him...] His eyes turned to the back of Kenoya's head as he closed them into a glare, but quickly returned to a look of respect. "Life's never going to be dull with you around, is it? Oh! What do you think about the name: The Malific Makono Mandate for our crew name!?" As usual, as soon as he spewed out the name, Virion instantly hated that too...

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Kenoya and Virion awareded 4 greens, 1 red for log. Was fun playing the NPC here :) Will get better at that as I go.