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* Enter: SS NotAJetSki!

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Actors: Kenoya and Virion, along with about 30 Roombas.
Damages: None, in fact recovery happened.
Plot: Kenoya and Virion have a breakfast while watching the news seeing a message about the EDF and Their attack on the space port Melody. The two discuss the name of their ship and their team name only settling on the ship being called The [Star Ship/SS] NotAJetSki! (tm). They change their course from going to hide out on a planet to assaulting Epitome, which neither of them know is a demon strong hold. Stay tuned for the next episode of Team Super Awesome Space Pirates: Death By A Thousand Mauling Demons!

[CHAT] Virion found himself in the medical bay. This place was minimally stocked with the essentials, which was not all too surprising considering the ship was still only a model what was on display rather than sold - there was no time to stock up for what was needed. Sitting on the medical table, Virion had his hand soaking in some kind of mixture of an agent similar/stronger than hydrogen peroxide and crushed pain killers, which was causing a cool bubbling effect around the gash in his hand. The blue skin of his hand was severely discolored from the blood loss coupled with the chemical bath. Letting off a sigh, Virion found himself lost in thought considering there was nothing more to do than think while he sat still, waiting for his wound to begin healing properly. [I'm not a doctor... a pilot... a chef... and I can't believe Kenoya is all three of those things, or any for that matter. We're going to die on this ship. This plan was put together too haphazardly.]

[CHAT] Kenoya was sitting in main dinning room of their new ship in nothing more than his boxers and a robe. He was eatting all sorts of breakfast foods while he watched galactic television. He was barely awake and still in a semi grumpy state. He sipped his coffee and continued to blankly stare at the tv until a bump caused him to look down at his feet. There was a little robot roaming around the floor vaccuming up bits of crumbs. The small robot would back up, then go foward again bumping into his chair. Over and over this happened. The saiyan just let out a heavy sigh as he turned around and looked behind him to see thirty plus of these robots all bumping into walls, chairs, tables, stands and just about anything else. Kenoya took another bite of toast as he just turned his head back towards the t.v. "At least they got rid of the blood..."

[CHAT] Virion lifted his hand out of the solution that he had been soaking on and off for almost a day now and examined his wrinkled, grey skin. It looked like the hand had literally decayed and was ready to fall off at any second. Twisting his wrist to show the front and back of his hand, he did not see any visible bleeding, but it did not look healthy by any means. Taking a roll of gauze from the table on his other side, he began to wrap it around his right hand to ensure nothing else broke open and began bleeding all over again. After discarding of the, now contaminated, solution he had been using, Virion walked to the entrance of the medical bay as the automated doors opened for him to bring him to the hallway. Down to his left, on the floor, there was a disc-shaped robot repeatedly running in to the wall. There were specs of blood on the outer casing of the robot and there was an 'ERROR' message on the message bar on the top of it.
[CHAT] Virion: -- '"Well... I guess you can't expect much more out of the free help. I'll talk to Kenoya about getting it fixed later." Turning the opposite direction, Virion found his way to the dining area where Kenoya was lazying around while chowing down on an amount of food fit for a king. Ignoring the saiyan, he made his way to the cabinets, and later the fridge, sifting around for something to eat, but there was only scraps of food to be found - nothing like what Kenoya was currently eating. "What the fuck man... have you seriously gone through all of our pre-stocked rations already!?" he yelled out while slamming the fridge door shut. While turning his yellow-eyed glare towards his friend, there was a brief broadcast on the television that seemed to originate from Earth, something about some havoc on the planet, but it was merely background noise to the Konatsu.'

[CHAT] Kenoya looked up at Virion and went from chewing his food at a normal pace to a much slower pace as he narrowed his eyes and swallowed what he had in his mouth. "Good morning to you too." Kenoya reached for his cup of coffee and started sipping it again with some sighing here and there. "There is more food by the way. There are some freezers in the back. Lots of meat and frozen veggies but they won't last too long. You got a plate already made up though. I put it in that heating box." "&Kenoya turned his attention back to the tv as he continued his morning routine in waking up. After the current new cast ended, the saiyan pushed a few buttons on the remote and pulled up a video that had been posted an hour ago. "So, I got something I want to show you and I want to get your take on some of it once you've settled in for breakfast."

[CHAT] Virion squinted his eyes and kept them fixated on Kenoya as he walked over to the hotbox, opening it slowly to find that there was actually a plate of food made for him. [So he does cook as well... and... he made me food... Maybe I keep pegging him for a jerk that he actually isn't...] Cautiously grabbing the plate of food, he took it over to the table and sat across from Kenoya. "S--sorry for snapping... haven't ate anything since we left Konats. Also... how can you even differentiate if it's morning or night in space? I've been up for almost eight hours now... I think," he said, finishing with a shrug as he quickly got up to grab some forgotten eatery and sat down, eating his food slowly and with proper etiquette. "So--" he started in between swallowing his first and second bites, "What did you want to show me exactly?"

[CHAT] Virion found himself pouring a cup of coffee from the caraffe on the table, assuming that since Kenoya had been drinking it, it was delicious. Virion was wrong... he had never been so wrong before, spitting it out almost immediately back in to his mug. "GAH! What-- what the heck is this black bile!?"

[CHAT] Kenoya smiled a little bit when Virion appologized and started to talk. "It's alright. After you're in space for a while you adopt your own sense of time. It is kind of weird, but you get use to it." The saiyan just shook his head when Virion spit his coffee out. "It is coffee. Really bitter. You should try adding cream and sugar. Anyways, watch this." Kenoya pressed play on the video as he leaned back in his chair and watched the video he had already watched three times. From time to time he looked over at Virion to see their expression when certain things were said.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"I'm here with the latest in developments at what remains of the Melody Space Port. Just a few moments ago an escape pod from the Locus landed back here with three men inside. They told us that they knew who was responsible for the attack that wiped out nearly 90% of the dock. It was a saiyan by the name of Kenoya pretending to be a prince of some sorts and his partner a local card shark named Virion. The two call themselves The 'Grand Escapists!' and with how quickly and precise these two took the dock's prized ship, The Locus, it is thought by investigators that they are experts at hiests. When we get mor-" Kenoya froze the video there and took a deep breath before turning to face Virion face one. "So why is it that these people think we're called The Grand Escapists, but still refer to the Bad Ass Mother 5000 as the Locus?"'

[CHAT] Virion could feel his eye twitching throughout most of the video. As it came to an end, he turned toward Kenoya with his mouth wide open as he leaned back in his chair. "W--well... about the name... I totally take fault for that one. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing and I had instant regrets after saying it. So let's not call ourselves that, agreed?" Letting off a sigh, Virion let the video settle in to his memory, going quiet for a moment before he lurched forward and slammed his fists on the table, softly enough not to make anything fall or spill, but rough enough to cause the silverware to clatter and make noise. "So why did you make it a point to show this to me? Didn't you want to become well known? We're practically insta-famous now, wouldn't you agree? You should be more excited! Our execution was seen as flawless!"

[CHAT] Kenoya just chuckled as he got Virion's reaction out of him. It was just about what he expected and he wasn't wrong. It was a good thing that people knew they were making moves. "Yeah I just thought it was funny. They're giving us a lot more credit than we deserve. It won't be long before they start to look for us. I deactivated the tracking device on the ship and then changed our course so hopefully they will go looking for us on Arlia." Kenoya took another big drink from his coffee mug before standing up to get a refill. He turned around and just leaned up against the counter with a smile, he was really starting to wake up and getting back to his chipper self.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Right now we're heading for some small planet in the outter rim. Primitive life, almost no contact with the outside world except a few meetings here and there. We'll either be welcomed as superior gods or attacked by spears and rocks. No one will find us though until things cool down and we can hunt us up some food." Kenoya pointed out the front window of the ship at a small cluster of stars. "That's where we're going. Still got about 20 light years to cover."'

[CHAT] Virion went blank faced for a moment as he listened to Kenoya's plans. "--A--- A primitive planet... what? Why would we need to go there and let things cool down? Shouldn't we be riding this high and building more notoriety? If things die down we'll just fade in to obscurity and we'll be starting from scratch again... I think that's a little counterproductive, don't you?" Though he did not care about all of this on a personal level, something about Kenoya drew him in, and he still had to keep his promise when he lost the bet. To Virion's understanding, Kenoya wanted to become, for lack of a better phrase, famous in order to rebuild his empire, so his suggestions mainly cruised along that line of thought. "Also, can we work on an official name for our ship? Unless, y'know, you want to be known as a Locus Thief."

[CHAT] Kenoya raised a finger to his chin and listened to Virion talk. He sat their queitly for a while until he had finished his thought. Kenoya closed his eyes and started slightly noding his head from one side to the other as if he was arguing with himself or something. After being weird for a few more moments he finally spoke as if he just ended a conversation of sorts. "Yeah ok, we could do that. If you want to hit another place already then we can do it! We'll just need to be careful where we go. It seems attacks of high profile places are happening all over the place. We should aim for something a little smaller that a big galatic port. Maybe something along the lines of what we just did. The question is, what do we take? We already got a ship that's amazing." It was just then Kenoya perked up as if he reminded himself what Virion had said.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Yes the name! Like I said earilier, Bad Ass Mother 5000. It is tough, sounds cool as hell, AND it has 5000 in the name so it sounds futuristic. Yeah? What do you think?" Kenoya walked over towards the ships controls as he started to push some buttons. It took him a while, but he eventually got the ship to come to a dead stop in space. He started to push a few more buttons trying to get a display to come up over the main window with little luck at first. It was clear the saiyan was still trying to figure out the interface of the ship. Finally the display opened properly showing a 3d map of galaxy near them. "There we go...So what all is around us?"'

[CHAT] Virion muttered to himself incoherently as Kenoya suggested the name for the ship. "That name is stupid. This is NotAJetski... you can't just add a meaningless number to the end of it and expect people to see it as badass..." Not having any ideas of his own for the ship's name, however, Virion stood up with plate in hand and walked over to the 3D map and began to look it over. "Well... along with boosting our notoriety, I'd say it would be smart to also gather a few more crew members, wouldn't it? I mean... you seem to have all the categories on lockdown, being a jack of all trades, but I'm a bit lacking in the field of usefulness when it comes to a space pirate crew, being new to space travel and all. So our best bet would be to find a somewhat populated planet and play it by ear. If I've gathered anything about you as a person... you'll know what we need when you see it."

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'As he finished, Virion held the plate with his more useless right hand and manipulated his fork with the other to continue eating as he let Kenoya make the real decisions.'

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"NotAJetski...I like it. Yeah I like that a lot. That's what we should call it!" Kenoya sat down and started drinking his second cup of coffee while examining his robes he was wearing. He hadn't really looked at them yet. He growled a bit when he say it said 'The Locus' on them. It was about this time Kenoya snapped back to the conversation at hand about getting more crew mates. "Yeah we could definately use some more hands. I CAN pilot a ship. I CAN do minor repairs on Arlian ships. I CAN keep us feed enough to stay alive...But I'm not that very good at it. We need someone who understands the finer points of navigating a discovery class ship, something I know very little about. Someone who knows how to repair our ship when it needs to be serviced. A real cook would be nice too. Hmmmm..." Kenoya stared at the map lost in thought as he starting to look for their next target.'

[CHAT] Virion let off a soft laugh for the first time off all at Kenoya's decision for the ship name. "Y'know, that's not--- whatever, if it makes you happy then that's fine. All aboard NotAJetSki..." shaking his head with a smile, he looked at the map and began to pair it against some books that had maps of star systems he had read in the past. "Well... if I'm reading this map right, I know that there's a planet I specifically remember the name of... but I know nothing more than its name. It was called Epitome, I believe? I can't promise it's got what we're looking for, or that it's even inhabited by anyone, but it's the closest planet to our current location." Not knowing what he was truly suggesting, Virion shrugged and continued to eat his meal slowly. "But-- I'm not the captain. It's your call, friend."

[CHAT] Kenoya tilted his head to the side and looked at the planet on the screen. He pushed a few of the buttons on the pannel to focus on Epitome. "Weird, the ship doesn't have much information on the planet either. Well why don't we swing by and have a look for ourselves. Worse case scenario its void of life and we get to lay low like originally planned. Best case, it has some resources we can nab." Kenoya walked over to the main console and started to push some buttons. He slammed his hand on the console after a few more attempts and a sigh. "Looks like I can stop us from here, but I can't lay in a new course outside of the bridge. I'll go set our course to Epitome and then change into some more fitting clothes for a prince." Kenoya left the dining room and made it to the elevator which promptly took him to the bridge. A few moments later he was changing their course to the horrific planet neither of them knew much about.

[CHAT] Virion nodded with a smile on his face. He was more than happy that his suggestion was mutually agreed on by Kenoya. "Yes, you go get changed, you're looking a bit peasant-ish. Meanwhile..." As Kenoya started to leave the room, Virion looked at his own attire which was still covered with his now stale and dried up blood. He had searched the ship and the only place that had spare cloathing seemed to be the Captain's Chambers... which Kenoya had claimed as his own, naturally. This left the Konat with little option to reclothe himself before they arrived. Surely the blood would not be a problem, and he'd be able to find somewhere to get some new attire on the planet. Instead, he made his way for one of the public shower rooms, throwing his clothes into the shower beside him so that they could at least get somewhat cleaned.

[CHAT] Kenoya was now heading towards one of the rooms he dumped all his stuff in. It wasn't long before he was inside and changed. He gave himself a look over in the mirror to make sure he looked nobel in the evenet he had to play that card again on the planet. "I'm guessing since we don't know much about them, they won't know much about us. Hopefully that is the case at least." Once satisfied by how he looked, Kenoya made his way back to the bridge while awaiting for their arrival to the planet. He tried to look through the ships interface a bit more to get accustomed to it. It was really different from how Arlian ships navigated, but just about everything followed the same set of commands. Fly, land, launch. The basics were easy, finding the more advanced manuvers was a bit difficult for him.

[CHAT] Virion had finished cleaning himself off and then picked his clothes up and began to scrub them to the best of his ability before throwing them on a metal rod in the showers to dry off. He had been living as a nomad for a while now, so the knowledge of cleaning without actual cleaning devices wasn't far off from what he was used to. Leaving the shower with nothing but a towel covering his unmentionables, he walked to the doorless bridge where he watched Kenoya from afar, making sure his presence wasn't picked up on. [There's something great in store for us, my friend... and whether I'm a piece to your story, or you're a piece to mine, we're bound by fate at this point. I just hope we can make eachother stronger so that we may achieve our goals.]

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