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Characters: A small battalion of HAVOC forces and NPCs from the Venom and HAVOC log
Type: Story telling and Setting placement for Earth
Casualties: No Spoilers
Synopsis: Earth and HAVOC show their might and commitment to stopping META activity on the planet
Admin Advisory: This is a warning to PCs coming or on Earth. They have the means to stop you and will hunt you

'- The Following Is A Public Emergency & Safety Message - All
across Vitae City and throughout any device connected to the Link all throughou
t the planet, a message played. The camera showing all of the screens watching a
view of the Battle Dome during the day, empty of the massive crowds and extra s
pecial spectacles that went on a week ago. Now it was filled with an impressive
military aresenal of Quinjets, Repulsor tanks that had two heavy artillery plas
cannons and an entire squadron of HAVOC soldiers standing at the ready with thei
r automatic weapons in hand. A figure slowly walked in front of the soldier's li
ne, their armor similar but lining the black plates of the Havoc armor were silv
er and red streaks that lined the suit like flames.'

' Each helmet of the HAVOC suit had a red visor, but this one
was black, giving the visage of one solid, faceless helm. The gloves were more
claws with black talons etched in red with boots that matched. This was the Red
Flame of Venom. A HAVOC Storm Lieutenat Li-Song. They strode their way to the ce
nter of the the frame and nodded to someone off camera. Shortly after, six human
s were brought in behind them. Two large men who looked like they had recently b
een beaten within an inch of their life. Another who was much older and frail. A
woman and a last pair, a brother and sister, holding each other's hands. '

'The seam broke down the center of the smooth surface of the
helm that Li-Song wore. It split and retracted into itself, then broke down into
an array of checks and squares that folded back and within their suit until the
ir face was exposed. This man was young in the face, scarlet hair standing in sh
ort spikes above his head. He was handsome as well, golden eyes reflecting like
coins through the eastern folds of his slightly squinted lid.
"Citizens of Vitae
city and those else beyond its borders, my fellow Earthlings. Today I regret to
tell you that for the first time in a decade, HAVOC has failed you. Many of you
have heard about the terrorist attack on the Hospital last night. Hundreds of m
illions of zeni in damages all done by three individuals. Both of these men near
ly killed by a single woman and her allies and yet by the time our forces were m
obilized they had already fled AFTER, nearly destroying a hospital. A safe haven
for the sick and the healing!

'"This Doctor many of you may recognize. Doctor Palmer has be
en working within this city for nearly forty years. The sick and the poor. Men,
women, children, human, alien, he has healed us all. Yet when simply doing his d
uty to preserve life, he is accosted by one violent meta! The same goes for this
woman here, a nurse who has stood by the side of dying mothers and held their c
hildren in her arms to ease their pain. And there are countless others were wher
e injured in the chaos that these terrorist wrought, but you have all seen it. Y
ou all know what these monsters, these fiends, are capable of. That is why you h
ave all dilligently reported any sign of meta activity and we have been able to
stop these threats before they cause catastrophic damage.
" Li-Song took a pause,
then turned to the brother and sister pair. The young orderly, Kevin, and his l
ittle sister whom was at most twelve summers, stood side-by-side. '

'The man clearly shaken by the military pressence around them
, still trying to shield his trembling sister.
"Some of you, at least. There are
others who sympathize with these terrorist, who try to shield them from our gaz
e. To -warn them- ...when we are coming. For whatever reason you may have in doi
ng so be it a B L O O D relation or naievete, you put yourself above the rest of
us! Then when incidents like last night happen, we ALL suffer.
" The man touched
a button on his suits wrist and before his face an array of light weaved togeth
er like magic to produce a screen over his right eye. Within it, a reticle appea
red to center in on the girl Kevin stood in front of, numbers scrolling passed h
is eye.
"Seven hundred and twenty-two." the virtual scouter gave a tell-tale bee
p of familiarity and receeded back into the mechanized suit. '

'"Such a small girl, but what danger will she cause in the fu
" He strode up to Kevin, who now stood tall (as he could) against the appro
ach. His sister cowared into his legs, burrying her face and muttering through h
er sobs. The two men were face-to-face, so close they could smell each other's b
reath. For all he was afraid, Kevin was equally as angry. To be dragged out of h
is home with his baby sister and paraded in front of a camera and have his kid s
ister so afraid. His heart was filled with hate, but he knew should he make a st
upid move now, both of them would be dead. So he said nothing, but still held hi
s ground.
"You have heart and a clear love for your family..." '

'Li-Song, impressed by the man's resolve to stand up to him,
backed down and turned away. Kevin relaxed but still watched the man until somet
hing passed through his ears. A whizzing at first, then liquid passing through a
tight hole. His body fell over dead, the hole from the sniper's bullet being th
e exit wound for the blood to pool in the grass.'

'"As do I..." Li-Song turned, cold eyes staring down at the l
ifeless body, then falling on the girl who's shield wall just collapsed in front
of her.'

'Little Lily saw her big brother's corpse lying there in fron
t of her. His blood was pooling at her feet, staning her socks. (They didn't giv
e her time for shoes) His eyes were still open, fixed on her, but blood was comi
ng from his nose and ears, there was no life in the eyes that she stared into. A
breath in he was there and on that same breath, just the exhale, he was far gon
e. Her hands trembling, reached for his head and ran through his thinning hair.
She had teased him hard two days prior about going bald before he was thirty and
how he'd have to buy a hairpiece of he ever wanted to find a good wife. Now his
thin hair was stained red and clutched in her lap as she wailed.
"Worry not, yo
u'll be seeing him soon,
" Li-Song gave a nod and another shot rang out. The high
powered bullet left the chamber at an amazing 10,000 feet per second from a dif
ferent sniper carrying a meta special weapon. '

'There was enough force that it cracked part of the stadium s
eating from where the sniper anchored the weapon into the concrete and even caus
ed the bullet slightly sonic boom before it hit the target. Both of the security
guards, the nurse and the doctor all screamed as they were blown off the small
platform they all stood upon by the force of the projectile hitting its mark. It
didn't simply hit and penetrate, but exploded like a small cannon ball erupting
and swarming them with yellow flame. Li-Song stood, unmoved by the explosion, s
taring into the fire with a smile. He was saving his people no matter the cost s
o there was no wrong doing in his mind. Besides that, he was the perfect soldier
and these were the Supreme Commander's orders. But from the flames came a sound
, one not of a child but something more. The ethereal whine of energy gathering
together from the cosmos. '

'The flames from the explosion vortexed into a helix as Lily
stood, face blackened by the attack and bruised but other than that unphased. Li
ght formed around her eyes, sakura pinks and reds swarming together in a violent
mosiac pool that leaked from her eyes into red, glowing veins that raced across
face. She looked at the direction of the second sniper shot. From her eyes did
pure energy and plasma fire, burning the air along the way, cutting hot, molten
lines into the stadium seats. Her initial shot missed, but the continued beam st
arted to drag through the arena, homing in on the soldier who tried to kill her.
Another shot similar to the last rang out from a different direction, but she s
imply held out a hand and stumbled to the side from the second explosion almost
knocking her off her feet. The beams from her eyes sang out again, this time run
ning like a whip that arc'd and cracked into the stone and metal, cutting the so
ldier's escape off. '

'With no other choice, the officer activated the boots in the
suit and using grav-mag technology thanks to the Capsule Corp, took to the sky
in flight.
"And this is -exactly- why, you all must be stopped!" The beam died a
nd Lily turned her gaze on Li-Song. With all the fire around her as fuel, she li
terally absorbed the energy into her own aura and fired a beam twice as large as
before at the man.
"Enough!" he shouted at her, putting a hand out that had a l
uminance of purple to it. The beam hit the palm of his suit and broke upon it li
ke water upon stone until all of her energy was depleted. When she fell in exhau
stion, she landed upon his claws that pierced her chest. The sensation of her bl
ood, it most has been satisfying to him. He quivered a moment feeling something
run through his cells that he had not experienced before and once he was done, t
ossed the girl's corpse on top of the charred remains of her brother.'

'A child and her brother had just be murdered on the viewscre
en. They did not blur the bodies to hide the graphic scene, nor were there any s
ort of warnings of viewer discretions. This was the raw truth that was the New A
ge of Earth metas were hunted and killed. HAVOC has the means to do so now far m
or effectivly than the old EDF ever did. And despite the violence that may have
ensued, the people still standing, the nurse, the doctor, the guards? They all f
elt more safe with these measures in hand. When a single child has enough power
within her to destroy an entire building, the lines of morality are blurred seei
ng her put to death when she can kill so many at the slighest of outburst. The s
cene quickly transitioned to three pictures. One of Nova, of Zand and Mosin. '

'- Should You See Any Of These Three Fugatives Please Contact
Your Nearest HAVOC Agency And Report ANY Meta Activty
- The message ends with t
he HAVOC symbol etched into a black background as the anthem of Earth plays for
the outro.'