* Code Name: Grand Escapists - Ship Shopping.

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* Code Name: Grand Escapists - Ship Shopping.

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RPers: Kenoya and Virion.
(Pre-Warning. There may be some formatting issues in the log. Just... look past the faults.)
Acquisition: A Ship!
Damages: Our new Ship is covered in blood and the bridge door is busted. Virion got a knife through his hand. Kenoya got some minor slash wounds and is going to discover his hatred for toasters... (TO BE CONTINUED!?)
Plot: Kenoya and Virion follow through on their plan to acquire a ship suitable of their grand adventures. Through their escapades in a nameless Shipyard on Planet Konatsu, the duo scout out a suitable vessel and happen upon The Locus, a grand Discovery Ship suitable for 20 passengers to live comfortably. During their fight with the shipyard guards, Kenoya unleashes the havoc of his old spaceship, via remote control, to destroy the shipyard while the two escape in to space. The guards are rendered unconcious and their fates TBD.

[CHAT] Kenoya and Virion were standing in one of the ally ways of the local space port going over the finer details of the plan to steal their new ship. There was a new moon tonight and in some places of the space port it was almost pitch black. "Alright, so once we find the ship we want, I'll remotely use my old ship to cause a hit an run. While the customs agents go chasing it we'll casually take our mark and start crusing out of here. Anyone gets in our way we put them down. Sound good?" Kenoya kept his cloak hood up and his arms crossed on the inside of it to help blend into the shadows the best he could. This would be one hell of start getting questioned for strange activities before a robery. Planetary customs guards routinely passed through the main streets as well as some of the patrons currently docked and conducting their business, though with the time of night, there weren't many visitors about.

[CHAT] Virion stood just behind Kenoya, a cloak of similar fashion draped about. "I can't believe I'm getting roped into this set of activities... But a vow is a vow, and I'll be damned if I break it. So let's get this over with..." Scouting the area, the shipyard didn't seem to have any members of the Konat race on patrol, which was odd considering this was their home planet. Alas, this didn't seem like an important enough point to bring up to Kenoya. "Alright, sir, I'll follow your cue. You best know how to eyeball a good ship, because we're only going to get one shot at this."

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded to Virion with a smile. "I think I'll be able to find us a fairly decent ship with ease. The trick is we don't want to get something the two of us can't pilot alone, and we definately don't want one as small as my ship. Alright, follow my lead and try not to make eye contact. We belong here. We haven't done anything wrong yet. If someone starts asking questions, we tell them where my ship is parked." Kenoya stepped out into the main street and started casually walking down the side walk. As he passed each ship he gave them a rating based on viability for being their mark. After they had passed a good twenty ships he had found the one. He came to a stop at a vending machine and begun to browse the different snacks they had. "The one we passed on the left side of the road three ships back. You get a good look at it? I think thats the one I want."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'After the saiyan put a few coins into the machine and pushed some buttons he turned his head and looked as the star craft. It was big enough to comfortablly hold four people for a long haul and it was one of the newer models from Arlia so he was familiar with how it would operate. There weren't any weapons aside from basic astroid blasters that would bring nothing to an actual dog fight. Kenoya was a little surprised there was an Arlian ship out here. He knew the government had got into galactic trade, but he never expected to see one of his home planet's ships all the way out here.'

[CHAT] Virion leaned against the wall as he waited for Kenoya to finish his transaction with the vending machine. Casually looking up to scope out the ship he had described. "Seriously? That one? You realize that if we're going to steal something... it's best to go... big, right?" Taking a moment to glance at a few of the nicer looking ships, at least to himself, Virion let off a disappointed sigh. "Alright, my friend, if it's a done deal let's move on with the show..." he stated while turning his attention to Kenoya, his bright yellow eyes shining like a beacon in the night. [As soon as this starts... we'll have only a small timeframe to not only hack into a ship's mainframe, but pilot it out of the shipyard. I'm certainly not a technical kind of guy... so my new friend better know what he's doing.]

[CHAT] Kenoya stopped and opened his bag of chips and started to eat a few of them as he turned his head from side to side examining the ships openly. "You know you're right...I mean it is just the first one we've seen. No sense in just going with the first one...If only we had a proper sales man." Kenoya spotted one of the customs agents walking towards them with a flash light in hand. He had just given a friendly smile to a man who he had just passed but was now looking at the Saiyan and Konatsu with a questioning look. Once the guard got close enough the prince lifted his hood and gave a nod. "Why hello there sir. I was just hopeing someone would come along and help my vassel and I." "Excuse me?" "Oh my where are my mannors. I am Prince Makono of Arlia of the Makono clan. I'm here refueling and checking out all these fine ships."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"Oh a prince you say? Well we don't get many princes around here. I hope you find our facilities to your standards." "Oh yes it is simply fantastic. I've been walking up and down this platform all day looking at all these strange ships. There is only one other Arlian ship in the port that I've seen." "Yeah we really haven't seen that many Arlian ships come through here, but they're becoming a little more popular in these parts. Still kind of rare to see though." "I see them all the time, I'm more interested in these bigger ones. My friend was just saying to me how the bigger ships always mean they're better. They certainly look nicer but is it true in your experience?" "Why not at all, you see there are a lot of-" The guard started to ramble on about the different ships in the port and what all they could do. It was as if this guy was just spoon feeding them all the information they needed to know to make their choice of the perfect ship.'

[CHAT] Virion had quickly gotten lost in the ramblings of the agent. The talks of gravity warps, chaffs, and hyperspace quantum reactors was just... lost somewhere between Virion's ears. While the man's attention was diverted from the two, Virion grabbed Kenoya's shoulder and leaned in to speak to him quietly, "Friend or Vassal? Make up your mind... m'lord..." he started before pushing himself in front of the saiyan, and in between the agent and Kenoya, halting the conversation. "Kind sir, I do not believe you understand..." he hesitated a moment before confidently continuing, "...M'Lord's words clearly. This is Prince Makono and he is seeking your finest ship, so stop going on about the trash selection you have up front and show us the selection that you have that is TRULY fit for a man of Royalty... and his vassal..." he said, giving a side-eyed glare towards Kenoya.

[CHAT] Kenoya raised his hand to his mouth as if in a bit of shock. "Oh my you'll have to forgive him. We've been traveling so long. Gets a bit irritable with long winded speeches you see." "Ahh yes I see. Sorry about that I do go on." The guard turned and lead the two down the street a little bit as he started to describe the ports prized ship. When they finally reached the their destination, it became apparent the costumes agent hadn't done it justice when describing its beauty. It was a large F Class discovery ship. Limited weapons and shielding, room to comfortably fit twenty people like kings for long duration flights and a first class bar and kitchen. It was everything they could ever want. "-and thats why they named her The Locus."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'Kenoya was snapped back from his day dreams of flying through the cosmos looking like a real prince again when he heard the name of the ship. His eye's narrowed as anger crept over him. "That's the stupidest name I've ever heard for a beauty such as this." Kenoya raised his arm up and brought it down hard on the neck of the custom gaurd who was still facing the ship bringing him to the ground hard. The saiyan grabbed the guard by the throat and started running up the ship's ramp entering the main hall of the ship. He really didn't give any warning to Virion at all, he just assumed he'd be able to keep up.'

[CHAT] Virion found himself irritated by Kenoya trying to put down his acting job, which in itself added to the story of him being irritated from travelling. Finally they arrived at the ship that they'd be claiming as their own. The Locus... which if anything, Kenoya and Virion could certainly agree that this was the worst name possible for a ship-- hell, for anything. Who was in charge of naming things like this? Then in a split second, Virion snapped back into focus and found Kenoya running off with an unconcious customs agent and in to the ship. "Wha-- what just happen--- hold on!" Quickly Virion followed behind the saiyan to not get left behind, paying no heed to the fact that they had been spotted, and the rest of the patrolmen were organizing to stop their 'prized ship' from being stolen.

[CHAT] Kenoya yelled back at Virion with a happy tone. "HERE COMES THE FUN PART!!" The saiyan continued running down the hallway until he reached the end of the hallway with a large door that read bridge. "OOOh they call it a bridge! This was a good choice." Thought the saiyan as he threw the man he was carrying forward and slaming him through the door sending bits of glass and wood through the air. The saiyan kept running and entered the bridge to see three men standing there with blank looks on their faces taken completely by surprise. Still in full sprint the saiyan lept into the air and flipped forward delivering a powerful stomp to one of the men's chest sending him over his console and landing on the deck head first with a sickening thud. Kenoya turned to the other two men and gave a slight bow with a smile. "Hello there...Why are you on my ship? Are you lost?"

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The two men reached for their belts that had a weird looking dagger on it. Both of them took aggressive fighting stances as the daggers suddenly were encased in some form of glowing plasma dancing around like lightning. "

GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE THIEF!" Kenoya smiled with a sigh as he reached into his pocket and started to press some button on his little tablet. Off in the distance his ship would suddenly start to press forward through the parked ships raising all sorts of hell and hopefully pulling some attention away from them. "Looks like there is no turning back now."'

[CHAT] Virion had been stopped just at the base of the ramp by a man in a security uniform who brought Virion to his knees with one blow from his nightstick. As he retracted his arm to slam down with it again, Virion rolled to the side to narrowly avoid it. At that moment he heard the thud of the door breaking from inside of the ship. The guard swung the stick from the ground and towards where Virion was at to the guard's right, allowing the Konatsu to grab the stick, using the man's own momentum against him to not only lift the Konat from the ground, but also swing the guard, with the nightstick, in a 180 degree spin to send him to the ground after he let the stick go.
[CHAT] Virion: -- 'Now, with the nightstick in his posession, Virion entered the ship and ran down the corridor to find the shattered door with Kenoya standing against two guards with glowing knives. "The hell are you breaking our ship already for!? Also-- we're kinda about to get flanked from behind too. You do know what you're doing here right??"'

Kenoya gave his friend a nod as he entered the ship before turning his attention back to the two armed officers. "Yeah, we need to take off, now. Like...now, now." The two officers were tired of just standing and lept towards the saiyan and begun to swing their blades around wildly, a bit too wildly for the saiyan's taste. At first he wasn't having any troubles deflecting a slash from above here and side stepping a slash there, but the two started to change up their style and caught Kenoya off guard giving him two gashes on his shoulder and mid section. Kenoya's growled in almost a primal state as he swapped into an offensive fighting stance caught one of the officers unprepared and causing him to stumble back.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'He turned his attention the one still standing where two of them exchanged blocks and dodges of the others attacks for what felt like hours, but were merely moments in a fight. Finally the saiyan caught a break as he landed a lucky body shot stunning the officer forcing him to take a few steps back while gasping for air. "Get this magnificent bird in the skies my friend!" Outside the ship further down the dock explosions were starting to echo out from the space port as Kenoya's ship continued to blindly plow through the port this time knocked loose a fuel pump before it eventually caught fire.'

[CHAT] Virion watched the fight with a bit of surprise - he hadn't expected this Saiyan to actually be adept in combat, considering he was a royal and all. All he expected from Kenoya at this point was that he was some shady character who was only interested in personal gain. "You can't be serious...I can't pilot a ship! Gaaaahhhhh---" Stepping over everybody to get there, Virion approached the captain's chair of the ship and began to examine the levers and buttons in front of him. "Dude, none of these are labeled! You expect me to just start hitting things until they work!?" Not awaiting a response, Virion had found himself doing just that, pressing the biggest buttons first in hopes and something good would come of it. To start, the legs holding up the ship had retracted, leading to the ship dropping to the ground, causing a shockwave outside and a momentary shift in gravity within the ship, causing everyone to rise and drop right back down. Hard. "Whelp. I did a thing..."

[CHAT] Kenoya was attempting to fend of the two officers by keeping one of them pushed out so it wasn't always a constant 2 v 1, Kenoya was starting to tire against the attacks and was slowing down a bit when all of a sudden everyone floated up and slammed back to the ground. Kenoya was laying flat on his chest when he looked up to Virion with raised eyebrow. "Not us, the ship! Oh forget it, you handle these two I'll get us into orbit." Kenoya climbed to his feet and got over to the ships control pannel and began over looking the interface of the system. "Alright this isn't too crazy all pretty basic stuff..." Kenoya started to push a few button as the engines of the ship roared to life causing the ship to lift up off the ground. "Alright well, we're up..."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'The saiyan started scrolling through the different tabs and setting of the system trying to find a way to seal main entry bay. The ship rose slowly off the dock, it wasn't fast in an atmospher, but in space it would certainly get the job done. Just 50 yards off to the port side, the saiyan's old ship was damaged and dragging across the port leaving a trail of sparks and metal in its wake. Fueling station after station was ripped apart and moment later engulfed in flames only followed by a massive explosion. 75% of the entire dock was destroyed and in a few moment the ship would be passing under them. "Got to get this thing higher before we get caught up in the blast."'

[CHAT] Virion gladly tagged out with Kenoya, knowing where his own strengths and weaknesses were. Using the officer's state of confusion against them, Virion lurched at the one closest to them and drove the nightstick he still had in to their guts. After all, it's better than beating the console of the ship in to submission with it. As the man doubled backwards, holding his chest in pain, the other guard re-entered the room with his knife and began to slash wildly at the Konatsu. Blade fighting was a part of Virion's training, but short blades weren't exactly a forte of his, so his movements were over-done and long as if he were dodging a longsword instead. Eventually, Virion found himself with his back against the wall in the hallway just outside of the bridge and the man came at him with the knife, ready to stab Virion in the jugular to end this quickly.

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'In a last-ditch effort, Virion met the blade with the palm of his hand, the energy-coated blade digging through the Konatsu's flesh with ease as blood began to pour out. Virion let off a sharp yell in pain, but the blade was stopped, and even better, stuck. With a pained groan, Virion balled the first of his left hand and struck the man in the trachea with a sharp blow, causing him to pass out almost instantly. Virion fell to the ground, while still against the wall, outside of the bridge door, groaning in pain as he tried his hardest to control it internally, applying pressure around the wound to keep from bleeding too heavily. He noticed that the aura around the knife had faded once the guard has passed out, but that was far from his top concern now.'

[CHAT] Kenoya was frantically looking through the ships systems taking note of important things before finally coming to the right screen he needed. "Here we go! Hold on friend!" Kenoya pushed the digital switch up on the control panel as the ship lurched upwards with more speed than previously. Kenoya's old ship was passing directly under their new discovery class ship at this moment. With in a few seconds of loud bangs and crashes from out of sight, a loud explosion rung out sending flames up that completely engulfed the ship.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'Then with a blasting push, the ship was launched upwards causing the fire to whip up behind them leaving a whirl wind of fire in their wake. Black smoke filled the night sky making it impossible to see anything. All the saiyan could do was wait until they reached orbit. It was then he got up from his chair and ran over to Virion who was against the wall outside the door. "Holy shit dude you're bleeding bad. We got to get you taken care of right now before you bleed out completely."'

[CHAT] Virion sucked in air as he tried to control the flow of pain. He felt the ship enter space as the gravity stabalizers of the ship kicked on once a certain altitude was reached. He was in pain, but happy that overall they got away with their goal having been met. Once Kenoya had exited the bridge to find the Konatsu sitting on the ground bleeding, Virion couldn't help but laugh. "Oh don't go acting like you're truly concerned. I'm-- eerrrrghh...." Virion took to his feet with a stumble, grabbing the wall behind him with his free hand as his green blood began to drip to his feet. With a deep exhale, he continued, "--I'm just fine. Let's dispose of the trash before they wake up, shall we? This ship should have a way to toss our waste into space, right?"

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded as he watched Virion stand up and stumble a few times as he walked. The saiyan took a few steps ahead of Virion and pointed down a hall way. "There is a cargo hold that has a door I can open. The vaccum will suck them out...seems a bit harsh though...I might just throw them in an escape pod and send em back home...I'll figure it out. But you need some medical attention right now, plus you're bleeding all over our new ship. So you go down there and follow the first aid signs."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- 'Kenoya walked back over to the officers andgrabbed two of them, one by the wrist and the other by their ankle as he drug them through the halls of the ship. After he made it to the cargo hold he dumped the two officers on the ground and went back for the last officer and the guard from outside. As he walked through the halls of the ship he realized his first trip had left two trails of blood and the second trip would make another two. "Maaaan our ship is already getting filthy." Once Kenoya had thr crew gatheredup in the cargo hold he stood there looking at an escape pod, and the door release hatch...which would be send these people on with?'

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[CHAT] Virion laughed once again as Kenoya ironically stated that he was dirtying up their ship. "Idiot. You're the one that broke a whole door already. That's going to cost zeni to replace. I'd rather scrub the blood from the floor and pay to replace a door." As he began to stumble down the hall, he watched as Kenoya began to drag the guards to the escape hatches. "Y'know... I'm having second thoughts on sending them to their deaths. I think a little notoriety could do us some good, don't you? After all, how are people going to know the--- hmm..." Still slowly walking towards the medical bay, Virion stopped to wonder what they were supposed to call themselves. With the snap of a finger (from his non-bleeding hand), an idea struck, "Ahh yes, henceforth we shall be known as the Grand Escapists!" After saying it aloud, even Virion knew it sounded stupid, but he stuck with it in confidence for the moment.

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Re: * Code Name: Grand Escapists - Ship Shopping.

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Virion and Kenoya awarded 3 green, 2 red each.