* Venom and Havoc

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* Venom and Havoc

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Actors: Mosin, Nova, Thousand
RP Type: Brief narrative that rapidly turns into an out of hand brawl with a narrow escape, completely with millions in property damage.

Thousand: Significant damage with barely holding makeshift stabilization
Nova: Moderate to Severe physical injuries, Venom poisoning
Mosin: Minor physical injuries, Venom poisoning.

Mosin and Thousand wait around the prison while the staff is ostensibly treating Nova's poisoning. Unfortunately, the corruption runs deep, and rather than make the problem better, staff at the hospital made the problem worse. Saiyan reaction to the severe pain is to essentially go berserk, and Nova began attacking everything in sight while Mosin and Thousand attempted to first aid, then subdue her. Scene ends with a quick escape from the hospital just before it is riddled with fire from HAVOK troops.

[CHAT] Thousand leans against a heavily-tagged outer wall of the hospital comple
x, listlessly puffing on a cigarette as hovercars drifted past. It had been qui
te the ordeal getting the three of them to the hospital, and the android was not
privy to the specifcs of Novas examination. He stares into the smoke curling a
bove his hand, giving the impression of a seer divining the future, pondering th
e poisoning in his head.
(I doubt we did enough damage to encourage the waitsta
ff to resort to poison... perhaps something that her former handlers slipped her
He sighs loudly, gaze drifting over to the nearby Mosin. 'Think we'll hear so
mething soon? Feels like it's been days already...'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'A solitary lamp hovered over Mosin and Thousand, Its light spr
aying a nebulous, orange glow and occasionally flickered out of existence before
a soft *pop* and the wind of a generator flipswitch added a few more drops of w
ax for its electric wick to burn. Mosin understood its precense only because of
the dull thrum of the machinery.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'He sat quietly on a concrete embankment, his robes hanging ope
n to reveal a fresh assortment of bandages and gauze that wrapped his lower tors
o. Upon their arrival, after checking in on Nova, a nurse had been kind enough t
o treat his lingering injury from the days prior, and had provided him a few pai
nkillers. The monk seemed very content to simply wait, but had been counting the
cigarettes Zand had been smoking (keeping track by each ignition and the long d
rag that followed) and understood that the android was indeed very concerned.
e must be patient and give the healers time to do their work. The body is a hard
thing to bring remedy."'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'A young man, fully human, in his early thirties by the fading h
air and heavy eyes, came outside at the back of the facility where the pair were
waiting. He seemed shocked that there were others waiting back here on the othe
r side of the building, but smiled softly at them when he saw Thousand puffing a
way, pulling out his own pack. "
Mind a light?" he asked, nodding to the sitting
Kai. "
Wait. You guys the ones that brought in the patient on 5-C the other day,
right? Saiyan with kami knows what in her?

[CHAT] Thousand nods to Mosin, flicking his cigarette with one hand while produc
ing a small lighter with the other, offering it to the newcomer.
'Yeah, that was
us alright. No idea what happened to her, one minute we're stuffing ourselves a
t Yolo de Chow, the next she's collapsed. I thought she had passed out from the
booze initially, but it'd be the first time I'd seen a saiyan do so.'
He sighs d
eeply, wondering how smart it is to reveal this much, considering the circumstan
'Why, is there an update on her condition? She's going to pull through, rig

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The man looked nervous, taking drags from the poison stick and
running his hand through the remains of his hair. "Kevin" it read on his nametag
attatched to the scrubs he had now been in for going on 18 hours. He had that p
acing, like something was chasing him in his mind, words that needed to be said,
but shouldn't. His heart was racing, not from the cigarette, but an absolute st
ate of near panic he was trying to stave off. From his pacing, he rounded up on
Thousand, coming close enough to not feel the natural heat of a man coming from
him and looked him over a second time, carefully. "
Look man I got a little siste
r who is a meta so I know what its like. Especially now that the dome is up and
running. But once we got the tox-screens back...look man they took it all and ha
d us lock her down.
" '

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Kevin broke away from them, walking down a side alley where two
parts of the building parted. Whatever it was he was looking for he didn't find
and returned to them with a hitch in his step, "
They're coming for her, man. Yo
u guys should get out of here and like now,

[CHAT] Thousand reaches out to grasp Mosin by the arm. 'Not good, we need to mov
e. We gotta hope she's gotten at least a little better, gotta bust her out of he
re. You in?'
The android turns, pushing open the nearby door, spits hit out ont
o the ground, leaving it glowing, and stepping into the hospital. He hated thes
e places, as necessary as they were, they always had an unsettling air about the
m. And a nightmare to navigate at times, he hoped he wasn't in over his head.

[CHAT] Mosin 's eyebrows perched higher, his mouth opening somewhat as hi raised
a wrinkle hand with an index extended as if to say something but then considere
d better of it and simply let the digits find their way to his beard and begin s
troking the long tufts with concern. He could hear the man's heart beating in hi
s chest. The furious pace of it in his eardrums made his own accelerate. The mon
k let his dangling feet touch back down once more on the pavement as he stood an
d stretched, his back popping as the discs were reset. The old Kai began buttoni
ng his robe, weaving the ivory claps through the open seems while gathering his
thoughts, but before he can get the last one at the collar through Zand has take
n him in arm and he finds himself quickly being pulled forward.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"Thank you for bringing this to us-- We apprecia--" The door t
o the hospital's lower level had closed before Mosin could give his full gratitu
de. His steps quickened to keep pace with Zand, whose metallic footsteps echoed
on the sterile tile. There were many strange sounds, and gruesome odors here. Mo
sin had seen healers work, knew the contents of what that art entailed. Blood. U
rine. Feces. But the hallways of the hospital were so long. There were so many d
oors that he felt as he stayed closed to the wall and used his hand to guide him
self with. So much -distance- between the healers of this planet and those they
tended. So much used to disguise and mask the work. The dying, the old and ill o
f Earth must have felt so lonely in their times of need.
"Where do you think the
y would place her?"'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Dr. Chip Palmer stood over Nova's sleeping body, holding her ar
m in his hands while a nurse handed him a syringe filled with a bright, purple f
luid. "Forgive me. They left me no choice." The older man, hands wrinkled and gn
arled by time, fell gently on her shoulder as a sign of comfort that he knew she
could not feel. It was for himself. What he held in his hand was worse than dea
th, and yet just like a good soldier, he had his orders. His mouth was hidden be
hind the surgical mask, but his heavy eyes closed in silent prayer to whatever K
ami might be listening to his begging for forgiveness. "
Doctor" the nurse next t
o him said, slowly backing away from the stirring woman tied to the bed.
hat is going on?
" "Help me restrain her. I need to get this sedative into her sy
" Two secruity guards stepped over to hold her down. The still drowsy Nova
squirming against their touch.
-One Round of Peace Left-'

[CHAT] Thousand ascends a stairwell, becoming more and more agitated, and speaki
ng more and more quickly and repetitively to Mosin, explaining how the best he c
an do is know that 2-C probably means somewhere on the second floor. The two pa
ss through the Obstetrics ward, squalling babies all around them, before moving
into a central atrium area. Frustrated, Thousand begins to swear repeatedly, cur
sing his sensors for only working "when close enough to fuck."

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'They moved through different quarters of the hospital at a bri
sk pace and were constantly throwing orderlies, nurses and the occasional patien
t out of their way as they stormed forward. Mosin lagged behind, doing his best
to apologize while keeping step but by the time they had reached the Obstetrics
ward their precense had stirred enough commotion that some of the hospital's off
icials were already drawn back into doorways, giving them room to pass.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'It was curious feeling, being blind, and feeling a whole build
ing's eye slowly swivel onto you. Upon the reaching the Atrium, Mosin was now se
veral hundred feet behind and as Zand began to cross the open room towards, what
he presumed was another door among what already felt to be a thousand doors, Mo
sin paused his gate at the word "sensor". His head turned towards the eastern wi
ng that flanked where Zand's footsteps were heading and he slowly reached out hi
s hand. A deep breath. A long exhale. A nod.
"This way." Mosin turned on his hee
l and then began to head forward, following a glimmer of light in his mind like
a Moth follows the moon...'

[CHAT] Nova thrashed violently against the three men holding her down, bucking a
nd kicking like a wild bull in heat. She managed to break one of the ankle restr
aints and plant a bare foot into a guard, thrusting him threw the air and across
the room. His body clipped the low hanging lights and crashed into the wall, se
tting the room in a half dark, flicker. "
Hold her down so I can get this damn Ve
nom into the IV!
" The doctor screamed at the other guard whom was reaching for h
is baton. "Oh here!" And at that moment, the terrified nurse stepped passed the
both of them, syringe in hand and stabbed it directly into Nova's chest. "
No, yo
u idiot!
" but it was too late. She was too filled with fear to hear reason or ev
en pay attention to her own training. This strain of Venom was a slow acting poi
son that needed to be diluted through saline, else it would put the subject thro
ugh excruciating pain.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'When given to a Saiyan, the pain made them more privy to their
more base instincts. After the longest silence of their lives, Nova's twitching
body let loose a roar that blew out the windows of the room. Her pupils gone, sh
e kicked the other ankle strap off and tore free one of her arms. Then rather fr
ee herself from the bed fully, tore a gash through the ceiling with it, bringing
it crashing over the other guard's head as he was still recovering from the gla
ss shattering all around them'

[CHAT] Thousand had only managed to make it a few steps in the direction Mosin h
ad indicated when the crashing frenzy reverberated through the hospital as overh
ead fluorescent lighting tubes flared brightly before exploding, a brief rain of
small shards of glass scattering throughout the area as the halls were thrust i
nto brief darkness. A moment later, a series of dim emergency lights set high i
nto the corners of the wall and ceiling came to life, casting long shadows throu
ghout the area. A snap, a sizzle, and the sprinkler system begins going off as
well, a rain of stagnant cistern water following shortly behind the glass. Curs
ing to himself, the android lungs forward, jaw set grimly.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'A crash. Cries from the eastern ward. A generator revving to l
ife. Rain? The falling water painted Mosin's vision as it sprayed and lit up the
surroundings. The Kai gave a soft prayer of thanks to his kin in the otherworld
, and then began to move, quite expediently, to the point where he was actually
several strides ahead of Zand. The medical tables, chairs and trolleys that litt
ered the hallways were suddenly visible to him by the sound of the water that wa
s now jettisoning from overhead and he avoided the patients and orderlies that h
ad begun to filter out of the main causeways by the sound of their slippers spla

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'He turned down a hallways, heading some thirty yards before th
e light in his mind swiveled and he skid into another passageway, arriving only
a few dozen yards facing the door where a ruckus of sound and screams were filte
ring from. The Moth Priest hurried forward and as he reached the door, his hand
struck out, touched the collar of a woman's medical scrubs and dragged her back
with all the force he could muster, practically throwing her backwards down the
full length of the hallway he had just come from before something went *WHOOSHIN
G* by where he head would have been only a moment before and then crashed into t
he adjacent wall, sending a slight tremor rattling all the way down the concrete
skeleton of the hospital.'

[CHAT] Nova had the guard pinned down beneathe the gurney, placing a foot on the
bed and pulling back on the bar her arm remained strapped to. The man, still st
unned from the shockwave, turned a sickly blue and purple in his face and bald h
ead while Nova's in her rage, tried crushing his throat. But then the door swung
ajar, and a torrent of wind pulled free the woman who was trying to escape and
there stood Mosin and shortly behind him, Zand. Their travelling companion, stan
ding there in a simple medical robe, pupils dialated down to pin heads, whites g
one and replaced by a growing purple. The moment lingered long enough for the do
ctor to run passed her, but the slightest movement triggered her instincts and s
he lashed out, only to fall short.

[CHAT] Nova fell to all fours, dragging the gurney behind her, crawling after th
e man. There was...just so much pain. Her veins felt like they had been frozen s
olid and something was breaking them a thousand times over with each breath. Her
lungs burned as if she has drank the flames directly from the exploding mountai
n and what god was it that had viced her head betwix its fingers? All of that pa
in; she wanted it to stop. -The Woman Caused It- -She Will Make It Stop- Nova th
ought to see this through. Even if it meant going through the thing in her way.
She made for them, both of them. Pain painted on her face, misery in her heart.

[CHAT] Thousand takes a step back, throwing up his guard as the nigh-rabid saiya
n approaches. Not making eye contact with any of the hospital staff, but keepin
g his vision fixed on Nova, the android called out
'What happened? Whats making
her flip out like this? We need answers, now!'
He calls to Mosin: 'I'll try and
provide some cover for you- with my construction and my limited options at the m
oment, I'm not sure if I could knock her out without risking permanent injury...
' (If I can knock her out at all.)
The android moves to cover Mosin, hoping to i
ntercept any of Nova's ire directed towards the Kai.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'There was a lot of interference at this juncture. The Kai coul
d hear the scraping metal of the gurney that was dragging and attached to Nova's
wrist. Could 'see' by way of the 'rain' inside the hospital ward that there wer
e figures piled in the floor of the room he was standing before and understood f
rom Zand's words that Nova was not herself, but the specifics... the darkness...
left him uncertain.
"That might be best. Thank you, Zand." He moved out the way
of the door, giving Zand room to do as he intended and began heading back, find
ing the nurse and helping her to her feet.
"Pardon my hurting you, dear. I think
it best if I escort you? A brisk walk perhaps while things settle down?"'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The monk's calm and pleasant demeanor was accented by a confid
ing smile, but as he took her up, locking his hand on the woman's elbow, he grip
ped it with sincere force and then began to forcibly move her back the way he ha
d come. At best, he could retrace his steps from this point and was soon heading
back towards the open atrium with her in tow.'

[CHAT] Nova ripped free from the gurney just as Mosin decided to step back, her
fist missing the Monk's face by hairs and biting a hole out of the frame of the
doorway. She looked confused for a pause and struggled to free herself a moment.
Again she wailed; the rabbid beast again caged her cry was a mix of agony and s
orrow. Once, twice, a third time her head banged into the wall, smacking all the
way through to the steel stud behind the plaster. Tears streamed down her face
harder than the sprinklers soaking her body.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Dr. Palmer was on the floor, checking the pulse of the second g
uard. The first would live, as would this one, but it was still ten minutes or l
onger before any of the local HAVOC units arrived to quell this situation. He ha
d to rely on the two, whom he presumed metas, to put the beast down. "
She was gi
ven a high dose of a very specific venom strain. It was supposed to keep her doc
ile before the HAVOC units arrived to take her kami knows where but the direct a
pplication is probably burning her from the inside out. Just keep her from hurti
ng us until they arrive or Venom kills her, I don't care!

[CHAT] Thousand grits his teeth. 'Tch. Damn it... we're going to need better th
an that! There's gotta be some way to neutralize the poison!'
The android didn't
like his chances here, hobbled as he was by genuinely not wanting to injure the
saiyan, who herself seemed fury unfettered at the moment.
'Going to try to buy
us a litle bit of time, hang on!'
The android does his best to advance, guarding
as much as possible, his aim to pin Nova in a bearhug and restrain her as long
as his rather imperfectly constructed body could hang out, not likely a long tim
e in this situation.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The woman kept her head rapping against the steel, whimpering t
he entire time but never stopping, not even when the flesh broke and life force
spilled. Each passing moment was a new bone broken, another knife slicing her or
gans, another building falling on her chest. She let Zand approach. She knew his
face. Somewhere in her mind there were recent memories of him, good ones, but s
he couldn't find them. You can't grasp smoke no matter how swift you are. It's j
ust as frustrating not to remember, but the pain. Zand came in, her breathing qu
ickened. She saw his hand reach for her and her body reacted, ducking under the
calming touch, she wrapped both arms around his waist and hoisted. By all the ol
d gods he was not light.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'All of the veins in his muscular body buldged through the skin
of her arms, neck, legs and even her toes dug into the tiles as Zand went up slo
wly, then back as she plunged him head first into the ground behind them. The fl
oor giving way and the pair of them spilling down below. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The Nurse? She turned in disgust as her attempt to escape was s
o easily halted. She had been in the practice for sometime and even in an alien,
blindness is easy to spot. "
She will need a sedative but you-ah!" Her scream fr
om the sounds of battle around the corner and she curled in a ball on the floor
next to the desk. "
Here, give her this and she'll calm down I swear it!" She hel
d out from her pocket, yet another dosage of the Venom drug.'

[/color][CHAT] Thousand reels from the unexpected suplex, his neck collapsing into h
is torso partially from the impact. Despite this, he manages to roll forward an
d get back on his feet, the top of his head caved in slightly. An odd sight- th
e head sitting right on top of the shoulders with no neck, limited ability to tu
rn. A sizeable disadvantage already, and only the first blows exchanged. Who di
d he think he was kidding? This was a saiyan warrior. Subdue her? Really? Unste
ady on his feet for the briefest second, he soon rights himself, and springs tow
ards Nova once more.
'Any luck??? This is already getting ugly, and will only ge
t worse!'
The battered android offers Nova a quick flurry of jabs and knee strik
es in answer to her suplex.

[/size][CHAT] Mosin: -- 'As the walls shook once more and the woman finally reeled from
Mosin the monk stood over where she had hidden herself and was extending the sy
ringe towards him. He waited. Listened to the beat of her heart. To the panic an
d the flight of tightening breaths. His hand extended towards where she was hold
ing the shaking instrument out and gripped it tightly, his brows furrowing sligh
tly. He smiled and pried the instrument from her hand in such a way that he near
ly broke her fingers.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'He took the syringe up, feeling it. He knew it only because on
e had been administered to him only hours before. Raising the Syringe he depress
ed its handle, squirting out a long jet of fluid and then flicked the glass cham
ber as he had heard a nurse do before him then rolled his shoulders, sending his
grey robe to the floor in a clean motion to expose his plain, sleeveless tunic.
The monk placed the syringe in his teeth, untied his sash and then retied it ti
ghtly around his left bicep. Throughout all this his dull, grey eyes lay fixed o
n where the nurse lay cowering. He was blind to the world, but they penetrated.
"In a manner of speaking." He called back to Zand after taking the syringe out o
f his mouth. Then in one swift motion, the Kai drove the needle into his own arm
and pushed the Venom into his veins.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The floor buckled then caved from the combined weight and impac
t and the pair of Zand and Nova fell a good twelve feet through the floor, then
through the ceiling of the first floor and all the way down to the ground. The p
atrons in the hospital's waiting room had all fled when they came crashing throu
gh, Nova landing stomach first on row of chairs, then spilling to the floor. It
was a testament to Zand's strength that he was to get on his feet so quickly, de
spite how his frame looked. Nova waded on the floor through magazines, debris an
d exposed wires. The fury in her eyes was diminished, but seeing her foe stand a
nd take stance against her brought those feelings back. She grunted, shrugging o
ff a chunk of building that landed on her shoulder, wiping the venom and blood m
ixture that oozed from her lips and raised a guard against the assault. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The machine was fast, as fast as any fighter in the pits. And h
eavy handed like Odin was. When she thought she caught a rhythm to his rush, his
timing changed and broke her guard. A knee into the solar plexes that sent her
flipping backwards and into the rest of the magazine rack, the television inside
the wall exploding from the impact. In the distance, a spot light was starting
to cut through the flickering darkness of the hospital and the hum of quinjet en
gines roared in the distance.'

[CHAT] Thousand sprang backwards after striking that good blow. While holding ba
ck when on the offense was out of the question, he still had no desire to injure
her more than necessary. A moment to breathe, not that he needed to. He scann
ed the room, briefly considering trying to pin her in a cage of hospital beds, b
ut would have no way to reinforce the walls that were collapsing so easily under
the struggle. He couldn't help but feel that they were losing a race against ti
me, somehow- and who knows who or what else was on its way. He could only hope
that the Kai was making good progress, unaware of the same venom now coursing th
rough his other ally's veins. Where were they now? Physical therapy... then...
A few more steps back, a closet door kicked open, and the android begins flingi
ng medicine balls in Novas direction, an adidas-branded scattershot of sorts.

[CHAT] Mosin could count every single drop of rain falling from the sprinklers.
He heard the wind rushing through cracked windows throughout the entire ward. He
felt the slightest tremor. The panged, held breaths of the orderlies who were d
esperately awaiting the HAVOK helicopters... and the blades of those helicopters
that were descending from outside. His senses, already heightened from his cond
ition were overclocked as the Venom rushed into his senses. That brief moment of
pure exhilaration and jubilation in 'seeing' the world in such immaculate detai
l swiftly changed into fire, and agony. Pain shot through his limbs. Penetrated
every core. Seeping into every inch of flesh and drew it rigid and tight.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'His aged, wizened muscles became firm, rock-solid masses of st
one at the same time that the pain turned his watercolor filter of sight into a
bloody swath of red. For a few tentative seconds Mosin's large form towered over
the nurse with a seething, murderous intent. A reactionary, destructiveness. Bu
t the monk grit his teeth and then slowly turned and began to head back to find
Nova and Zand, leaving her to flee uncontested. Only Mosin's long years of media
tion and studied peacefulness gave him power to think clearly in this state.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Had he spent even ten years shorter a time at the monastery, h
e doubted he could have retained half his wit. As he walked the monk threw table
s and gourneys out of his way until he reached the room where Zand and Nova had
crashed down into the Physical therapy ward, nearly two stories down. He leapt,
falling down through the darkness and hitting his feet in a crouched stance just
Zand's medicine balls went right over his head. This his calves thrust. His bod
y following forward towards where he heard Nova's heart beating, coming in low w
ith the fingers of his hand extending like knives for pressure points.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The pressure point strikes gave no ground, seeming only to ant
agonize an already raging bull. Maybe the Venom had dulled Nova's senses, or may
be Saiyans were made of harder stuff than Moon and Sun. Either way, two arms, fi
lled with youth and might clasped around Mosin and he felt his feet lift off the
ground just before he was slammed onto his back, his bald head cracking on the
hard floor that was beneath the thin layer of carpeting below and drawing a long
, thick chord of blood out from where blow struck. His legs clasped the torso of
the Saiyan and he twisted his own, planting his palms on the ground before swiv
eling his hips with all the power he could muster to overturn her.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The helicopter was swiveling lower. Outside he could hear the
jettison of cables as HAVOK teams descended to the ground. He he was able to fin
d his way on top of the grapple the Kai would reach for the Saiyans hair, try to
drag her back, putting both of them on their feet before hurling her towards a
overhead bench press and its stacks of ten pound plates. '

[/color][CHAT] Nova: -- 'The move Mosin performed was one she had never experienced befo
re. A swift sweep followed by a full toss across the room. She couldn't follow t
he monk's movements, they were too clean and erratic at the same time. Her body
crashed into the heavy weights, being pinned under the bar, the bench and even t
he plates that rested on on the wall. The fight was won. After all of her injuri
es, not to mention the initial poisoning that brought her in...she was subdued u
nder all that weight. One bloody hand appeared, pushing the metal aside and leav
ing a red print on the wall. Her nails clawed directly into the plaster as her b
loody visage emerged, robes in tatters, barely covering her body. In the water,
in the flickering light she stood, ebon skin flexing a body of muscle. '

[/size][CHAT] Nova: -- 'She was shaking with visible rage though the scariest part migh
t of been the deep breath she took to calm herself. This time, rather then let i
t explode out in an uncontrolled fashion, she let all of that heat simmer inward
. She focused on the pain rather than fight against, let the rage bubble and not
boil over. Then like a vipe she uncoiled, calves pushing her forward in a flash
fist and body so slow to the ground she may have cut a scrape in the tile with
her knuckles, a flicker of heat surrounding her fist to the kai's high jaw.'

[CHAT] Thousand moved in in Mosins shadow, trying to keep low as he rejoins the
fray. The sounds of helicopters, the spotlight shining into the room... They we
re out of time. The android was uncertain what their next move would be, if they
would even get one- but Nova needed to be subdued -now-. He ducks low, sliding
on the ground beneath Mosin's legs, before exploding upward, attempting to tack
le Nova directly around her center of gravity- only to eat the punc the saiyan h
ad intended for Mosin. The androids world whirled about in a flash of motion, s
hards of metal scattering all about the area. He pushed himself up to a kneelin
g position, the strike seeming to have dislodged his head from his shoulders fro
m before. Despite lacking a lower jaw completely now, for a brief moment his he
ad was perched upon his neck once more. After that moment passes, the androids
head lists to one side, resting on his shoulder with a clank- functioning, but r
otated 90 degress.
'Are you KIDDING Me?!?'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'One heartbeat -- Nova is across the room and that steady *Lumb
rests among the sound of piling plates. Two heartbeats and the plates cras
h again. Mosin's dead eyes stay fixed on where they are, is body still rigid and
ready, but unprepared as the next heartbeat puts the Saiyan in firing rang of a
blow that would have broken his jaw. Something moves from the side of him. It i
ntercepts. He feels the heat of Zand's core just before the sound of knuckle and
steel resonates. The Kai steps instinectively to the side as Zand flies back wh
ere he had only just been standing. There's a clatter as Zand's body folds to th
e blow. Mosin steps back into stance. '

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'MOON. One arm withdraws behind the Kai's back. One extends, tw
o fingers exposing from his hand so that the knuckles may rap on twice, once tow
ards Nova's left ribs -- a slow, draw out attack, the second towards her right b
reast -- faster, meant to lead the mind.
SUN. The Kai's body tucks. Spins. Limbs
pull inward before his back leg turns in full crescent towards the Saiyan's lef
t side coming round with (hopefully) unpredictable speed.'

[CHAT] Nova made a solid impact against *something* that was not the flesh and b
one of a person. It actually broke her hand, which was a reprieve from her agony
, but only a short lived one. The force of her blow against Zand was enough to t
ake her off her feet and with all the motion she threw into it, turn her slightl
y in the air. Both feet landed and eyes darted about the room, searching for the
monk, clutching her right hand into herself. Through the beams of white light r
aving through the room she caught a glimpse of his tunic whooshing by her. She t
urned and saw the knuckles tagging her ribs, the same spot as before, but she sw
iped at air for he was already around her again, coming for a breast. She placed
an "X" over her body to block, but found the pain of a heel clogging her skull.

[/color][CHAT] Nova: -- 'The blow left her stunned and reeling out of reach for her resp
onsive swipe that took her into a spin. From that spin, she lashed out again at
him. Her brown tail came unfurled from her rags, a thick limb that she used as a
weapon for all her years in the area, to swat at the acrobatic monk. All the wh
ile, thin red lines started to add to the dancing lights inside the room as the
helicopter finally came level with their floor and the HAVOC troops took their a
im from outside.'

[/size][CHAT] Thousand draws a roll of ducttape from a compartment on his leg, and a fi
stful of scalpels from a nearby draw, jamming the scalpels into place strategica
lly around his neck before lifting his head into roughly where it's supposed to
be, winding the duct tape around several times to mostly secure his head, mostly
level. It was then that he noticed the thin red lines of the havok soldiers la
ser sights, and finally opted to deploy the one thing he had that passed for som
ething of a trump card or special ability. Crouching partway, he spreads his ar
ms out wide, before the converted fuel from the gorging a few days prior concent
rates in a series of small ports along his back, each erupting in a blaze of fla
me, sending the android forward in a burst of speed. He had almost no maneuvera
bility when performing a rocket charge, but he hoped to grab ahold of both Nova
and Mosin and drag them out of the troopers line of sight, likely smashing throu
gh a few walls in the process.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The tail swatted Mosin across his exposed cheek, sending his h
ead reeling to the side and his body staggering into a bench press, knocking ove
r the equipment. A solid, impressed, red mark was left against his cheek, and as
he rolled over, back onto his feet, his hands reach out, taking hold of the bar
and its weights. In a clean, swift motion he swiveled it metal in hand, managin
g to balance the 25lb plates and with a quick flick of his toes send them and th
eir clasps off before spinning the bar round to do the same to the other side, c
reating a passable quarterstaff that he brandished just before the sound of rock
ets sounded and then.. he felt a metal hand clasp him at the collar of his tunic
before he, Zand, and Nova began to crash through wall after wall until reaching
the open air.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'BREACH! Four explosions ripped out at the corners of the room f
acing the outside wall that completely collapsed allowing the HAVOC troopers to
rappell in. These were Earth's new Defense forces, all suited up in the latest a
nti-meta gear from ki dampening armor to high powered rifles that could even slo
w down a horde of demons. They also had a little extra in them as well. A versio
n of venom that made them just as strong as any meta but far more responsive to
orders. They swept in the room in 2x2 formations, always covering the other's si
x. "
Looks like they've gone sir" A squat, little changling struggled his way dow
n his line and almost fell over landing inside the room. Qai, with all of his ri
ch clothing, looked like a proper prince lost among his men, waddling over to th
e battle scene and picking up a tuft of white hair that Mosin freed from Nova's
skull. "
She was here...damn it she was here! Find my asset damn you!!"'

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Re: Venom and Havoc

Post by thousand » 17 Apr 2018, 09:46

Nova and Mosin awarded 3 Greens, 2 Reds for log.

Riz took care of awarding Thousand