*Zeon VII: A Moment With Max

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*Zeon VII: A Moment With Max

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[CHAT] Aydin: -- 'The power of the Cosmic Order was limitless, the Champion of Order Eryx was in close proximity, not to Samuel, but to a familiar soul the champion of order had previously aided... One that had been condemned by the other cosmic deities of his level and above. It wasn't Samuel would be cognitively aware of... But the soul within Samuel, the human turned Mimic soul that was Max Power... The one that Plectere had cast into Samuel due to the folly of a cosmic level spell... Would suddenly find himself standing in a blank void standing across from Aydin. "Well, Max Power... I suppose that is one way to avoid being sucked back into the natural cycle of life and death..." Aydin shook his head, "Do you have any idea what your Captain has done?" '

[CHAT] Samuel -- Sam wasn't there in the blank void, Aydin was there... not alone, but there wasn't a person with him. Rather a 'hole' where one should be, defined more by the lack of something than anything being there. It was blank, staticy, almost like snow on a tv that only showed through on flashes--this remnant of Max wasn't strong enough to manifest in itself without assistance. "...tain? ...di... asti... do..." is all that can be made out. There's a few more moments of silence, then again, "...ca... wha... dum..." again, a few more moments of silence, with a feeling of pressure building--and then, suddenly, clear as day, there he was, Max, "The Captain? What did Dumastin do?" and just like that he was gone again, with no more sound.

[CHAT] Aydin grumbled, it was broken... Of course it was broken... The soul trying to merge with a mind that wasn't it's own... He glanced at the mental representation of Samuel, and then he vanished slapping the shit out of his in his mind... At the same time, Max Power, the soul within the body would have another Aydin slapping him violently... A line of power was drawn between the two manifestations, mentally it would appear as a chain clawing both the remnants of Max's mind and Samuel's mind to Aydin himself.

[CHAT] Aydin: -- ' A second later he was in his original position, but both figures would be clear to one another. He glanced towards Samuel, "You for the moment shut up, i'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the man I put into a time-distorted chamber to train." He glanced back at Max, "I will spare you the details, but his actions, and the actions of his future self, has brought Arlia proper back into the realm we operate on. You were there, I'm sure you can imagine the consequences of such an action."'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, going wide eyed and hissing at this... random guy slapping the shit out of it completely out of nowhere. It shoots the guy a glare and looks like it might do something when, "Sam, no. Remember what Thousand told you," Max called out, rubbing his cheek after he was similarly smacked the hell out of. That Thousand was a good guy--he didn't want to keep bringing himself back up in Sam's mind, aside from the obvious way Sam didn't like having someone in his head, he wanted to let the kid have his own life, and with Thousand looking out for it, he could do that.

[CHAT] Samuel -- At Max's words, Sam looks to him and yells out, "Dad!" Sam yells out, running up and giving Max a tackle-hug, "Hey there, guy, growin up, aren't ya?" Max says, hugging Sam back for few moments. Sam was, in fact, by now a whole foot larger than when this whole incident began--5'5" now. "Yeah! I met all these people and I'm learning how to cook!" "That's great. Want you to know I'll always be here with ya. Keep at it with the cooking, do what you love doing," he says with a nod, "I'd love to chat more, but this is a, uh, friend of mine," he notes, glancing back to Aydin, "He needs to talk to me," he says.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max turns to Aydin, frowning at the news. "What the hell happened where -that- came back? We barely got out of there as it was... I thought that, uh, future Dumastin had the place on lockdown?" he says, "I'm not sure how much I can help while I'm like this, but I'll do everything I can, and Sam'll help, too, won't you?" he looks to Sam, who nods, "Yeah, Dad! I'll go get Thousand and we can..." it trails off, remembering its situation then furrows it brow and frowns, "We can't," it chitters, "We're stuck on the planet, they won't let us leave,"

[CHAT] Aydin tossed a glance at Samuel, "In the alternative future the lack of organization in the Alliance resulted in very quick battles being fought and lost by both Earth and the Ny Yelo empire due to a lack of support. These mortals are boning themselves over." He then turned back to Max, "Apparently in another timeline you survived to help murder the constructs of order and chaos, and then on Namek you lost your life buying time for your Captain to break the laws of temporal mechanics." Aydin shook his head, "Three years after the war when the demons were unleashed in the original timeline... Three years and everything ends ending on Namek..." He glanced at Samuel, the carrier of this soul...

[CHAT] Aydin: -- '"Now Arlia has opened, and the demonic hordes will flood out... The Techno-Mage, even with his power... Won't be able to stop it... Slow it maybe, but... Max.. War is coming to the cosmos, a war between the essence of the Epitome and Chaos and the concept of 'order' in the universe." He glanced at Samuel, "But you're not here anymore, and the one and a half year old lack your understanding..." He sighed, "Eryx is with me... I'm using his connection to his Chaos-Clone to track down my brother... Do whatever you can to ensure this ... Weak Alliance maintains itself.." Aydin was aware that the Alliance in the other timeline that his superior Father Time had witnessed, had been broken. '

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max frowns, "Yeah. I always figured I'd go out buying time or trying to save someone," he says, before shaking his head, "He's smarter than you think, though. Sure, politics is politics, hell -I- don't even understand it, but he knows to do the right thing," he adds, glancing a moment to Sam himself. "Alright. Keep the alliance together..." he says, hrming a moment, looking down at the ground, "Well they're clearly trying to blame it on me and Jules, from what I've heard. I don't mind taking the blame, but I don't want the fallout to hurt Sam,"

[CHAT] Samuel -C- Max nods at the smaller figure of Sam who frowns and furrows its brow itself, "They all, well... they all hate me," it harumphs. "Yeah, I know, little guy," Max takes a moment to pat Sam on the head, "But what Thousand told ya is the right thing to do, just keep listening to him, okay?" "Alright, Dad," Max looks back to Aydin, "And I'm sure we can help you. So just... can ya help make sure they don't try anything to him while we're here?"

[CHAT] Aydin sighed, "Mortal affairs are mortal affairs Samuel, you didn't choose this. From my understanding Jules goaded your father into your creations which resulted in a severing of his own mortal soul which later caused Plectere to cast his soul into your vessel when his punishment was carried out." Aydin glanced back at Max Power, "I suppose the biggest travesty was no one realized that the mind that had touched you, the mind that convinced you into murdering ten thousand, was none other than a Tuffle mind who is extremely similar in composition to Jules himself."

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max frowns, looking to Aydin, "Look, I want to help you, he wants to help you, but how much help can we be if we're just gonna get killed when there's more we can do?" he shakes his head, looking back down to Sam and saying, "You'll get through this, buddy," he nods, then immediately looking back up to Aydin as he mentions the last comment with a frown and furrowed brow, "What." he says, completely flat. "What are you saying?" he says, before gritting his teeth. That... was definitely a subject Max didn't wanna think about. Sam, meanwhile, just watches the two of them, looking between them as they speak.

[CHAT] Aydin glanced at Max Power, then to Samuel... Then Samuel vanished... Aydin put a barrier between the group... This was information that was protected due to those damned 'Mortal Privileges...' But Max wasn't restricted, Max Power now was nothing more than a trapped soul, a trapped mind, within Samuel Powers body. "I'm saying that in all probability young man, the 'psychic' which talked you into slaying ten thousand in order to 'help' Samuel was the Jules created by the Chaos-Clone of Julian Salnor. I'm saying you were played." Aydin shook his head, a second later Samuel showed up once again.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max grits his teeth and looks down at his hands, "That... that bastard!" he suddenly yells out, "When I... if I..." he trails off, wanting to go on a big long tirade about how he was gonna hunt that son of a bitch down, but what was the point? He was powerless. Completely. After this conversation he'd probably go back to what he was before. He'd accepted it when it happened, but now he didn't entirely want to go back--he wanted to hunt this Chaos-Jules down. But, he couldn't. "I'll let Sam know," he says, quietly, "He won't fall for the same thing I did," he nods slowly, "Maybe he can hunt him down..." he sighs a moment, glancing to Sam as he comes back. Sam, for his part... had no freaking idea what the heck just happened! "What was that!?"

[CHAT] Aydin nodded at Max, Samuel would have little context. "Understandable, and necessary. For... Information 'Mortals' can gather... I would suggest interrogating Haggis Cilantro Tiyayo." There was a sigh, "That's aside, your Captain has unleashed Arlia... Not directly, but his future version refused to accept the unleashing of a god far more powerful than I coming into the universe on Konatsu. Your Captain, or at least the version that rushed back through time to stop the coming End, the one who had become the Guardian of Arlia... Chose to avert that fate by enacting Temporal Magic. It stopped the unleashing of X'zdorfin, but now the original timeline which that techno-mage sought to avert has just started due to Arlia's reappearance." He glanced at Max, "I wasn't even aware of that timeline until this minor temporal event... But he chose one Apocalypse for another..."

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max nods, "Alright... but how do we stop it?" he says, "I mean, if what you said is true--that in the timeline those demons smashed the Alliance... can't we just... get them to see the threat somehow? I mean, if Old Arlia's back all of the sudden, and they're trying to investigate..." he notes, thinking, "Wouldn't they figure out just what they're dealing with?" he says, furrowing his brow and rubbing his chin a moment. "Course, politics is politics and they might just try to kill each other anyway, but I'm a fighter, not a politician," he shakes his head, "How can I help? You had to bring me out of here for a reason, what can I do to help?" Sam just looks between the two, furrowing its eyes, "What's going on!? Tell me!" "Sorry, Sam... I'll explain it to you before I go. I hope,"

[CHAT] Aydin once again glanced between the two, "No idea if it can even be stopped, I suppose just 'try' to keep the Alliance together? Even so... The forces that will be aimed at both Ng Yelo and Earth will be..." Aydin shook his head, he was now speaking to Samuel. "Convince those who were loyal to your father that you don't crave destruction and instead you crave unification. I'm not even sure if the united Alliance can stand against the coming turmoil, in the other timeline they failed.. But factors here are different... Bring attention to the true threat, the one that Aydun has brought forth... And I suppose convince them not to destroy each other. If they do... The Demonic forces released from Arlia will make short work of the lot."

[CHAT] Samuel looks up to Aydin, "How?" it asks, furrowing its brow, "I haven't seen them in... I don't even know how long!" it looks down shaking its head. It is true--it hadn't seen them since even before it got to Zeon, "Alright. So we need to get them to look at Old Arlia..." Max says, tapping his chin, "Thousand said to... just keep doing the right thing... cooperating... show that," it shrugs, "Jules probably won't believe me..." it grumbles, it did remember their past experiences, "But Dumastin might?" it adds, thinking. "And... where's Haggis..." it chitters some more. "What can we do when he's trapped on here?" Max adds, looking back to Aydin, "I mean, he's cooperating as best he can... but right now that's about it,"

[CHAT] Aydin rubbed his chin, Haggis was actually on Zeon VII, along with Jules. "Well, as of this moment both Haggis and Jules are in the same boat you guys are. Although Haggis is being heavily medicated while he's here and Jules is in one of their more fortified prisons." He doubted 'looking' at Arlia would be enough, and it was likely the Alliance would merely attempt to bombard the surface of the planet from orbit. A brutal but efficient tactic... Under most circumstances... There weren't most circumstances and the Demonic Horde on Arlia was one bred for war... "Either way, the longer the Alliance takes to wrap up their 'formal hearings' trying to pin blame the longer the Demonic Forces will have to prepare themselves, even the Guardian of that planet won't be able to keep them from spreading long."

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max nods, "Yeah... that, uh, Talimaar told him they were gonna be here soon. Doesn't look like we're gonna be able to see 'em if they're under lock and key," he pauses a moment to shoot a small annoyed glare at Sam, "Especially with you banned from cities," he says, a little louder at Sam, "I tried to say I'm sorry!" Sam grumbles, "It just... took me by surprise! You saw what happened!" Max just rolls his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't ever let it happen again, you got me?" "Yeah, Dad... I'm sorry..." Sam grumbles with a huff. With that out of the way, Max looks back to Aydin, "Like I said, I don't care if they go ahead and blame me, I'm already dead and gone, or may as well be. I just don't want Sam to get killed for it. Can you help me out there so we can get focused on the whole... impending demon apocalypse thing?"

[CHAT] Aydin scoffed, "Well, considering the Alliance doesn't believe in my existence or the existence of my brother on paper my say would hold very little weight. Although the only 'thing' they should blame you for is the whole mass murder thing you did on Earth. Phurne is still outraged I didn't let him use my power to crush your mass-murdering ass but..." He he sighed, "Same thing I told him, it is not my place to interfere with mortal decision making. I'll spread the word to those in the Alliance that matter i'm sure, but don't expect much in that regard. Although in all honesty if Dumastin 'really' wanted to get all of you out, he could. Unfortunately making more enemies at a time like this is bad planning. What with the aforementioned demon apocalypse pending."

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max shakes his head and sighs, "Yeah... I deserve it," he says, regarding Phurne, "But... this is probably, fitting, isn't it?" he asks, glancing to the white void of a sky momentarily, before looking back to Aydin. "If they're going to get out of this, they either need to realize the problem with Arlia... or find a scapegoat, if not me, then why not just try to get them to blame whoever or whatever's in charge of Arlia now? Would solve both problems," he shrugs, throwing out ideas as Sam looks between the two of them. "We're not in any place to give anyone that idea, though..."

[CHAT] Aydin let out a laugh, "If the Alliance Leaders are so damned Stupid that they need to find other mortals to blame instead of dealing with the problem, that seems like a failing of leadership. Although if they wanted to they could easily cast the blame all of Arlia onto Dumastin as both he and his future count-part are the one's who just let it out of the bag so to speak." He glanced at Max, then to Samuel. "Mortals, scapegoating is always a quick go to when something is mucked up." The older man bowed his head, "Meanwhile, i'm off to converse with other mortals of importance. Take care of yourself Max." And just as quickly as he had been there, he was gone, letting the mind of the soul trapped in the body fall back into the recesses of Samuel's mind.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Max rolls his eyes, "Yeah, I always hated politics. Take care of myself, eh? I'll... try," he shakes his head, before looking back down at Sam and placing a hand on his shoulder, "Alright, little... big guy, now, isn't it?" he says, offering Sam a smile as it looks back up at him, "I'm gonna have to go, I'm sorry we can't hang out or anything," "But you just got here, Dad! You have to go already!?" "Yeah, I'm sorry, but I do," he says, "You keep listening to Thousand, and you keep up that cooking, y'here? You've got some real passion for that," he nods. Sam just looks up at him for a moment, "Okay, Dad... I'll miss you," "Yeah, I know. But I'll always be here, right with you," he says, patting Sam on the head momentarily. "I'm proud of ya," is the last thing Max says before he fades away, and Sam wakes up, right outside of his cave.