*Zeon VII: Aydin Incoming

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*Zeon VII: Aydin Incoming

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[CHAT] Eryx floated in the sky in his pocket dimension ride, looking at the bugs and birds as they flew on by. A beat echoed throughout his head that led to Eryx bobbing around to the imaginary tune, trying to put his mind at rest rather than let it thrive on the chaos in his heart. [Pretty sure I've gotten a little better at controlling myself these last few days. Getting away from everything has really helped, I'm pretty sure!] There wasn't a destination in mind, and Eryx had been in this dimension for almost 4 days now specifically to make sure he could avoid running into Thousand, since he had told the android he didn't plan on seeing him for a while, he couldn't go back on his word. [Can't believe that Elphlane just up and left me too... dragons are hard to train, why didn't any movies prepare me for this!?]

[CHAT] Samuel was still back in its cave, cooking of the camp stove--it'd been hunting and experimenting with various fried fish dishes with leaves and such all day. They were good! It was getting better at telling when the meals were done--but there was something... missing. It didn't have the spices or other ingredients they had in the city, and it didn't know what to look for out in the wild--still, that was the point of experimenting! Right now it was experimenting by frying up some wasp meat--it'd never tried fried bug before! Maybe it'd be good, maybe it wouldn't be, but this was -fun-. Maybe it'd have a good dish for Req when she got back. It had a sharptoothed grin at the thought.

[CHAT] Eryx allowed for the essence of Aydin to run over him for the last few days. In small doses, it brought "order" to his mind, and it was time to put this into practice. [I need to see if I'm able to control myself, and I know the perfect person to try and be... 'good' to,] he thought to himself as he put his finger to his chin, tapping it as he looked about. After a little while longer of slowly floating through the air, he found his destination and allowed for the dimension to 'pop' and drop Eryx into the sky, his powerlevel would appear without warning just above where Samuel's cave was as the human began skydiving from the clouds.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Just a few more seconds... and... Done! It gives a big sharptoothed grin, using a cleaned part of a thorax for a place it places the leaf-wrapped meat on there and sets it aside for a moment. Someone was here? It looks to the ceiling--the multicolored lights were starting to dim--it sure was taking awhile for that trial to start. But, someone was here. It felt like... Eryx? It furrowed its brow. Wonder why he's all the way out here... with that it shrugs, grabs the leaf-wrapped wasp meat again and steps outside while unwrapping it and taking a bit. That was pretty good! Different flavor than the fish, different consistency. But some outside thought might be good to... it needed a taste-tester!

[CHAT] Eryx felt his body at total peace with itself as he dove through the sky, his aura surging over his body to protect him from the backlash of the harsh winds. As he got closer and closer to the ground, he circled his right hand in front of him, controlling a shadow from a nearby tree to lift itself from the ground and covered the space below, where he was going to land. Upon colliding with the ground, Eryx hit the shadow and instantly bounced back into the air, doing so each time after he bounced until the momentum gave in and Eryx was left sitting on his 'bouncy' construct. Laughter escaped from Eryx's chest for a few minutes while bouncing back and forth before he finally turned his attention towards Samuel. "Heeyyyy... long time no see, youngblood!" he shouted out with a smile, even though it had been less than a week, probably.

[CHAT] Samuel watches Eryx as he rockets through the sky and lands on a shadow. Neat! It waves at the man, giving him a sharptoothed grin, "Hey, Eryx!" it chitters, "How's it going?" it notes, absent mindedly taking another bite of the fried wasp meat it had in its other hand. Still good! But that reminded it! "Oh!" it chitters, "Can you try this?" it asks, walking over to the man, and looking up at him while holding out what looked like a fried bunch of meat that was in a leaf-wrapper. Little to no seasoning--it was still just learning the basics. "Cooked it myself," it chitters with a nod, "Still learning!"

[CHAT] Eryx chuckled to himself as he was offered a piece of... something that this creature seemed to cook himself. As he stood up, his instant reaction was to tell Samuel no, he didn't want a piece, but he caught himself on that one and took the thing from Samuel and turned around, his back now towards him. "Sure, I'll try some, but I hate when people watch me eat..." he said as he brought the meat up to his mouth and instantly deposited it into his pocket dimension, not wanting to actually eat it - after all, a creature isn't capable of actual culinary skills. After a few seconds of fake chewing, Eryx turned around empty handed as if he had ate the leaf wrapping and all. "Mmmm... that was delicious! Where'd you learn to cook like that!? You should totally be a professional chef!"

[CHAT] Samuel gives the food and watches Eryx expectantly, but then tilts its head slightly as Eryx ends up turning around to eat it? That was weird. And then when Eryx turned back around it was gone entirely? There was like... a pound or two of meat there! And the leaves were gone, too! Still... he said he liked it? "You liked it?" it chitters the question, it gives a sharptoothed grin at that. "...what did you do with the leaves?" it chitters after a moment. That was just something that was... supposed to prevent it from burning too badly, and impart some flavor. Of course, the first time it ate the leaves, too, Req had to tell it not to!

[CHAT] Aydin: -- ' The universal pull of attention a temporal distortion was something that would call the attention of 'every' cosmic level entity to the caster of the Spell... Aydin forced himself to manifest on the planet Arlia... The.. He himself had lost a connection to this world after the spell, that was the nature of it... Why was it... He glanced at Father Time, a being that was manifest by a linear representation of time... A being far more powerful than the Chaos/Order constructs.. And upon setting his sight on his superior he knew.... Arlia hadn't been won, a time-traveler had come back creating an alternative timeline destroying the branch where.... "You couldn't have dropped a line that..." '

[CHAT] Aydin shook his head, glancing at the Techno-Mage and then to Father Time... From his superior he could see the broken timeline, both of them... Konatsu... X'zdorfin... A feeling of absolute dread... The Techno-mage had opted to undo a mistake by his younger self in order to buy time... Three years in the timeline he originally came from, three years after Arlia the cosmos were in utter chaos...

[CHAT] Aydin: -- 'So a Techno-Mage, refusing to accept failure... Gave his former Champion a second chance.. Once on Arlia.. Once now... But now the god of Temporal Dynamics had come down... And with a glance upon his cosmic superior Aydin had become aware... "I... I'll go make preparations..." Aydin couldn't say much else, he couldn't change the fact that the Temporal Magic the technomage used had altered their current timeline and erased nearly five minutes of time 'almost' universally without exception. He couldn't change the fact that his former Champion, the Dumastin of this timeline, and his former Champion, the Technomage of a destroyed timeline, had both made cosmic level gaffs. Was this something he could even 'try' to stop? '

[CHAT] Aydin: -- 'In the other timeline the demonic infestation of Arlia had spread throughout the cosmos.. That was suppose to take off nearly a year ago when the timeline shifted... On the other timeline, the one more recently deleted... Konatsu had become a similar disaster... He had only been manifest with the Technomage for a moment before he was gone... He had to find... His brother...And so ... He sought out the resource he had for finding his brother... In a moment... Eryx would be aware of the silent Aydin within his own personal domain. Mentally, he called upon his Champion pulling him away from the world... He needed to exploit his tools properly.. In Samuel's view, Eryx would suddenly vanish. '