*The Alliance: Scapegoats

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*The Alliance: Scapegoats

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Lost the log when I had to turn off my computer, heres the gist of it

Sam snuck into the courthouse Kenoya is in to try to find and steal the identity of someone who could get off planet, Kenoya saw him and pointed him and, through some antics succeeded in a roll to stay hidden, with some help from the arriving Ordeka and bug eggs, and have a chat with Kenoya, finding out people intend to blame it and Jules for everything. Getting no further help from Kenoya, Sam snuck back out, ran into Thousand, and promptly filled him in as Kenoya sent Ordeka out after him.

Here’s the posts we have from Thousand who joined in in the middle of the RP, and we picked back up after the line.

[CHAT] Samuel frowns and looks up to Kenoya shaking its head, it got in here, it didn't want to go empty handed. "They're watching... me, I can't go that easily," it glances around--they were probably there somehwere, guards, somehow invisible, trying to watch it--the Shadow Guard. But, it had a plan. A plan to get out of there, to walk right out the front door. It just... needed the keys. "I need to find... someone who can leave," it nods to itself, chittering quietly, even quieter than before as it furrows its brows and looks around, trying to scan the building for someone, anyone looking important.

[CHAT] Ordeka was really struggling with maintaining the level of calm required to remain a part of this secret world of intruige and subterfuge that Kenoya needed him to be in. He did try very hard. At least until he reached into his pockets to keep his arms from flying about the place - and felt the bug eggs he had grabbed from inside the giant bug-thing while he was trying to survive its attack. "You two look like you really can use a distraction about now.." So Ordeka turned, found the nearest guard and moved towards him, in an entirely non-threatening manner. "Hey Mr. Guard, Hi there! Hi! See, I found this pile of eggs inside this bug that tried to eat me, and well, i think that it does something.. But I dont know what? Do you know who I can ask about it? How about ypu there, other guard guy? Any ideas? DOES ANYBODY KNOW? Because I kind of want to eat it.. But I want to ask someone first!" <c>

[CHAT] Ordeka -- Several of the guards on the room, had taken a slight step back, away from the Saiyan at his production of the eggs. Their attention seemed to be entirely on Ordeka at this point - even a little afraid at what could happen.<f>

[CHAT] Kenoya just shivered as Ordeka went around grabbing the attention of every guard on the floor with his bug routine. The saiyan quickly face palmed himself as he just shook his head, but then he realized this was Samuel's chance to bolt. "Oh wow...He did something right. Go Ordeka...Not regretting the officer rank AS much now. Here's your chance to get out Samuel. Run while you still can." Kenoya made his way over towards Ordeka as he begun his usual spill about his clansmen suffering from the strains of war. "Hopefully this buys the little guy some time. I'd like to help him, but I got to look out for Arlia and to do that I've got to stay on the alliances good side." thought the saiyan as he tried to act like he was helping defuse the situation Ordeka was creating.

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "I gotta find someone who can leave," it chitters, furrowing its brow and looking around, "Do you know anyone who can?" it asks, "Then I'll go--find them later," it chitters, looking back up towards the window it entered earlier. Either that... or someone who could be there without drawing attention. It grunts one more time, looking back to Kenoya, "I need to tell Jules," it nods to itself. They were looking to blame him for everything that happened--and blame it, too, according to this guy. "I gotta get out of here," it adds, peeking out from around its hiding spot again. Probably did not have much time…

[CHAT] Thousand is, meanwhile, emerging from a repair shop a short distance north of the courthouse. He grasps his left shoulder with his right hand, left arm extended and moving in a slow windmill motion, wincing slightly as he goes. (Good as new- and no better! The joint is rubbing ever so slightly. It'll take a while to break this thing in.) His head flicks to the south, alerted to Samuel's energy signature. (Over there is... the courhouse? Oh, geeze, did he get arrested while I was under repair?) The android takes off at a jog towards the courthouse, a weary expression on his face.

[CHAT] Kenoya knew he was able to get off planet and help Samuel, but he wasn't about to send an invitation to Samuel knowing he was the offspring of Max. He knew what Max Power was capable of, as well as the rest of the bio-weapons that sent Arlia to hell. If they could multiply, the instance on old arlia could repeat itself all over again on new arlia and Kenoya wasn't about to have that. He continued on with Ordeka's preformance to draw the guard's attention. "Calm down Ordeka! It's ok if you don't know what the eggs do. You don't need them. It's ok buddy." Many of the guards were now surrounding the two completely as the clan commander continued to over act his concerns for Ordeka. "I'm so sorry about this. He's been through a lot..."

[CHAT] Samuel grunts, it needed time--a target. It needed to find... someone who could get off the planet. Someone with access. A big wig. Now more than ever. It needed a plan. With a low growl it dashes off, scurrying back up the wall towards the window. That guy didn't let it know who it could use, but it did give it a start, someone who could access the building--it just needed to wait until the right moment. It hops out of the courthouse and onto the street below. It hadn't been found out--at least not officially, so there wasn't any particular alarms raised. But they probably wouldn't like it knowing what it did.

[CHAT] Thousand stands outside the courthouse, arms crossed, frowning slightly. (According to the maps I have of the area, and the location of Sams energy... I don't think Sam's supposed to be there. It doesn't appear he's being held there, which is good... But do I go in looking for him, or watch and wait for a bit?) He stuffs his hands into his pockets- much easier, now that he had upgraded the basic outfit created by his artificial skin gel for a pair of cargo jeans, some work boots, and a green sweater. Not the dressiest of outfits, but better than what he had. (He could get into a lot of trouble in there without me, but I could possibly make things worse if I just barge in. I need to know the situation in there...)

[CHAT] Kenoya had finally calmed Ordeka down and the guards seemed to buy the story of the war scared mind. It wasn't a secret anymore what happened on Arlia, or at least a certain story of it. Kenoya went over to the bench and sat down leaving Ordeka to do what he did best. "Well that was weird...Max had a son. That could be disasterous if he turns into anything like the other Bio-weapons, but Max seemed to be different from the rest. Maybe that was passed down. Hopefully he can find Julian and let him know what's happened. Hopefully with his help Samuel can get off planet." thought the saiyan as he continued to wait for the superiors to lead their investigation of Old Arlia on New Arlia.

[CHAT] Samuel peeked around the side of the building to look around, trying to stay out of the way--though it's much more open down on street level outside of the courthouse and a few people were already stopping and staring at... whatever Sam was. Still, it was anxious, its tail swaying slowly behind it as it narrowed its eyes. This... was gonna be bad. It had to come up with something. Some kind of plan, meet back up with... it blinks and goes wide eyed a moment as it recognizes Thousand among the people in the area. He must've been fixed up and sent on his way! Sam quickly starts making its way over to him--had to let him know, and Jules. This was

[CHAT] Thousand locks his eyes on Samuels almost immediately, having been tracking his energy. (Well thats... That's a little better at least. Looks like he's trying to keep a low profile.) He nods towards Samuel, walking casually in his direction. (I can play it cool for now, but he's turning heads already, and by the time I get up to him that'll have some extra attentiong on me too... Eh, maybe it's a good thing.) He steps up to Samuel and speaks softly, 'Hey Sam, whats going on? When I saw you were over here I was worried you got apprehended...'

[CHAT] Ordeka discontinued brandishing the bug eggs at the guards change in demeanure - He had wanted to make more of an attention grabbing distraction, but he was saving the pocket of bug-juice-jelly for sonething else. Turning back to Kenoya, Ordeka walked overvand plumked himself beside Ken. "Did I do good Boss? Please say I did good. I tried, i rrally did. Do ypu know how hard it was to not start chewing on these things? Here! Wanna taste! I havent tried them yet, 'cause i thought you might like to see wgat they were like first. You should've seen where we got them from! I was -inside- a bug! And Sam was there - and there was another robot thing there.. And we fought together, but I wandered off when we were back at the city. Where did they go, anyway?"

[CHAT] Samuel glances around, its brow furrowed--it didn't like or want the attention, "Hey Thousand," it chitters, "We need to talk... somewhere else," it grunts, starting to make its way away from the courthouse. It didn't want anyone else to hear--that would just bring more trouble down, if there wasn't some brewing already. It glances around, frowning--it wasn't in a good mood. Looking more... anxious, a little angry. It wanted off of the planet, now more than ever--and now more than ever it had to try to find a way. With that, it makes its way to a quiet alleyway, avoiding the stares as much as it could. "Where's, uh... Talimaar?" it adds, "Need to talk to her, too..."

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded as he started to speak to Ordeka. "Yes you did a good job." Kenoya looked to his device he was given when they arrived to check the time. With a heavy sigh he put it away and crossed his arms. "No thanks. I've filled up on potato chips and fruit juice. So you know that guy huh? Interesting. I mistook him for Max Power at first." Kenoya motioned towards the window to answer Ordeka's last question. "I'm not sure where he went but it was out the window."
[CHAT:OOC] Ordeka: -- 'Ken's next move from here is the ship back to arlia as part of the investigation, yeah?'

[CHAT] Thousand follows Samuel to the alleyway, slowly, and leans against the opposite wall, speakign softly. 'Thats a very good question. We were supposed to meet up with her not long from now, but I have no idea where to find her before that. Why, whats going on? Why-' Thousand gestures around to the alley 'all this?' He tilts his head to one side and opens his mouth to speak. (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) continues, 'Are you in some kind of trouble? What was going on at the courhouse back there? Why the sudden need to get in contact with Talimaar...?' He was starting to get ahead of himself with the questions. (I really need to look into some kind of self-repair function if its possible. These stints out of action for repairs are getting to be a problem sometimes, especially when I'm trying to look after Sam.)

[CHAT] Thousand: -- '(F)'

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "No. Not yet," it looks around the alleyway, then speaks quietly, a whisper, "I went in there to find someone who could leave the planet... just... anything to help us get out of here..." it looks around one more time, almost paranoid, "I ran into this guy that knew Dad... he told me that... they were gonna frame Dad, me and Jules for everything that happened," it chitters again with a grunt, "We -need- to get out of here," it grunts, slightly louder, nodding to itself for a moment, before it goes to look around again--it really did not want anyone to know that it knew that.

[CHAT] Ordeka nodded at Ken - though he wanted to hang around and see what Ken was up to, he also wanted to go after Sam and find out what was thinking about trying to escape. And Ken seemed like he was wIting on something to happen here in the courthouse - probably something that wouldnt involve him. "I should go after Sam then? Or did you need me to accompany you somewhere Boss? i also have this Jelly I found that i think you would really like.. But i should go after Sam.. We were going to start a business together. Plus he never got my autograph! Its important that he gets that! Well, what do you want me to do boss?"

[CHAT] Kenoya chuckled a bit as he foresaw a great plan lay out before him. "I think you should go with Samuel. Learn as much as you can about him and be the gap between us. If we play our cards right we may be able to avoid an all out war between the alliance splitting and keeping Dr. Julian and Samuel out of trouble." Kenoya started to laugh to himself a bit. He wasn't sure if it was posibile, but just maybe he might be able to prevent a complete cataostraphy.


[CHAT] Thousand starts at Samuels words, trying to parse what he had said compared to what he already knew. (So... for the sake of maintaining the Alliance and preventing war, they want Jules, Sams father, et al to take the blame for what its father and his clones did? What do I DO in this situation? I can't just let them all be thrown under the bus, But I can't be responsible for triggering a war either. If we stay, thrown under the bus. If we flee, war. What to do?) The android unfortunately has no good reply for Sam at the moment- there was no good choice here! He looks back to Sam. 'That's... that makes things complicated. We could just make things worse if we flee, but if what you're saying is true... What did you hear exactly?'

[CHAT] Samuel looks up to Thousand and frowns--he looked... confused? That was odd. This wasn't a confusing choice to it--they were going to blame them for everything that happened, and probably try to kill them for it. It didn't want to be there in the first place--obvious choice, get off the planet. "How...? We gotta go before they try to kill us..." it chitters quietly, nodding to itself, "Um... he said they were going to pin it on Dad and Julian... Jules," it chitters again, frowning. "Since Dad's gone and I'm here..." it grunts in annoyance, looking around the alleyway again. They needed to get off the planet--now more than ever. It had to find Talimaar and let Jules know.

[CHAT] Thousand rubs a hand across his forehead wearily. 'We need to get ahold of Talimaar, and get in contact with Jules. That much is certain. But I don't know if running away is a good idea here...' He begins to pace around in front of Sam, more thinking out loud than conversing. 'There is a lot going on, it's complicated, and I don't know much- but apparently there is a real risk of war if the situation isn't handled delicately. A scapegoat is an obvious choice but...' The android strokes his chin thoughtfully, looking upwards. 'There has to be something better.' He snaps out of it suddenly, quickly turning back to Samuel. 'But the top priority has to be getting in touch with Jules. If nothing else, he needs to know what he's heading into. Hopefully he'll understand the gravity of the situation and be able to help us come up with something.'

[CHAT] Ordeka screamed and whistled, as he searched through the city for Sam, figuring that Thousand would be somewhere around as the pair were often together - Sam needing a handler and all. "Sam! Thousand! Where did you guys get to! We need to talk about all this secrecy that's going on! Wait! Sorry! That's supposed to be kept quiet between us, isnt it! Whoops! Oh well! Hey! shadow guys! You wont tell right? We can be palls! Here - have some jelly! Oh hi Sam! There you are! And Thousand! You look much healthier than last time! See! I'm all better to! And i have this Chitin thing here i'm trying to find someone to turn into food! Have you found anyone that does that kinda thing yet?" Ordeka had found the pair as he rounded a random alleyway, and continued to attempt to maintain his secrecy threshhold that he had used in the courthouse earlier in keeping from shouting as he spoke. "What's the plan guys?"

[CHAT] Samuel just seems... puzzled by all of that, the greater ramifications generally either going over its head or being ignored, "But we're not goats! We didn't -do- anything," it chitters, getting mildly frustrated at Thousand even entertaining the idea that they shouldn't leave--it didn't want to be here in the first place! It just harumps and shakes its head slowly, "Yeah... we need to talk to Jules," it nods, agreeing on that part at least, it just gives a small sigh before it blinks and looks up at hearing some shouting, looking out to see Ordeka it furrows its brow at the guy and chitters in a hushed tone, "Quiet!"

[CHAT] Thousand looks back over his shoulder towards Ordeka, one of his eyes twitching slightly. (The saiyan from before... Just what a delicate situation calls for.) 'Hey... maybe keep it down a little? We've got some problems here and noise isn't going to make things any better.' As if the android was doing anything to improve the situation. It's plain to anyone- well, at least anyone who isn't lacking either the screws or the years to tell- that he is out of his depth. 'Quick, get in here before someone see you.' Thousand beckons to Ordeka.

[CHAT] Ordeka beckoned himself further down the alleyway at Thousands insistance. This whole delicate situation and the secrecy it called for should be right inside his niche, but the additional complication of other people involved was a complexity just outside of his range. But he would try - he was an officer now afterall! "Sorry! But dont you think that hiding away in an alleyway secretly discussing a secret plan in secrecy while having a secret hidden shadow soldier watching our every move is enough secrecy, right? They'll find out! We should be using code. Or writing a plan down on paper. or.. i'm hungry. Arent you hungry?" Ordeka hoped that all this complicated secrecy - which was giving him a headache - would end soon.. or someone would give him his own task to work on.. "Hey guys! Sshhh! Sorry! What do you want me to do?"

[CHAT] Samuel just shook its head, it couldn't believe Thousand still wanted to stay! Still! Even after it found out that they were going to try to kill them! At least he was doing better than Ordeka, though, who didn't know the meaning of the word subtlety. It just looks up at him, narrowing its eyes slightly... right up until he asks it if its hungry. It blinks at that. Yeah, it was! It'd been trying to find a plan of escape and trying to process and deal with this information--it hadn't really noticed, but it was hungry. "I'm hungry..." it grumbles, shaking its head slowly and looking to the ground.

[CHAT] Thousand sighs deeply. (Getting rid of this guy or keeping him quiet is unlikely, so it would probably be best to get somewhere a bit more quiet. And Sam IS hungry). He looks to Sam. 'I wish I could explain it better right now, but I need to know more first. War is nothing to take lightly. I do know we can do something about that hunger of yours, though. Did you like those wasps? We might be able to take a few more of them down without attracting the whole swarm. That'll get you fed, and get us money that we can use for more food, among other things. Why don't we plan on heading to another one of the hazard marks on the map? Still got some time to kill before we're due to meet up with Talimaar, and no way to find her before then.'

[CHAT] Ordeka enthusiastically agreed with that idea of heading out of this city for a little while anyway. There were a lot of guards here to really properly discuss fleeing - they had been given instructions about remaining on this planet and not causing mischief.. Probably anyway. Ordeka had torn up those papers - along with his money - to irritate the lawyer days ago. Plus, more bugs meant more opportunities for that delightful tasting blood. Ordeka knew about war.. he just .. it was just.. somewhere. "Thats not something to talk .. Yes! wasps! Lets go! Stop thinking and leeeeeeeets goooooo alreaaadddyyyy"