*Dev, Haggis, and the Killswitch

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*Dev, Haggis, and the Killswitch

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[CHAT] Haggis groans as his body hurt everywhere. He vaguely remembers falling through the atmosphere. He slowly sat up as he tried to remember what had happened. He remembered the medical bay, then talking in the galley. suddenly the flashes from the fight and Jules link hit him "what the hell did I do...We do..." He said as he grabbed his head. He was low. His world was crashing down around him. Friends and family turning their backs on him. He had no clue where else to turn to. Maybe Dumastin...but he might have already spoke with jules...

[CHAT] Devrios stood on the outside of the crater made from Haggis' landing, "So, do you always just come down here without a drop ship, or did you forget something?" he asks, with a small smirk. He still didn't have his big overcoat on, too much gravity to make that comfortable, but he was still here... for some reason. Long term exposure to two times gravity can't be good, but he wanted to get a chance to actually talk to that wizard Namekian who'd been so coy and reclusive of late.

[CHAT] Haggis looks up from the hole, not caring that he was completely naked. "Another one to heckle and laugh. Laugh at me! tell me im worthless and a failure. A Murderer!" He didnt know what to do. for the first time in his life. He had always moved forward. Always strived to survive. But he didn't feel like any of it. He just sat there. the fire.of rage dampered as was everything else he was feeling. "Tiya...i let you down..."

[CHAT] Devrios hms a moment, thinking, before reaching nearby and grabbing that overcoat, after first pulling a couple of things out of it and placing them in his pockets, he tosses it over to Haggis so he'd have something to put on, "If I was here to heckle and laugh, there'd be a lot more bad puns," he remarks, stepping inside the crater and sitting at the edge. "Sounds like something happened, care to tell?" he adds.

[CHAT] Haggis looks up for a moment and then back down at the coat. (murder...he comes to kill you...to take what littlr you have left...) "Shut up!" He screams while.holding his head. he would not listen. not.listen to it. He knew this man before him was a hallucination but he didnt care. he would humor him anyways. "Was here training.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- '"And...something happrned during one of the events...yes it did...then I woke up on thr carrier...i think...everything after that is fuzzy but filled with hate rage and deceit and'

[CHAT] Haggis: -- '"well...i killed a person..blamed it on his friend and then killed and ate another. cooked him like a steak...dont remember it all but fuck, i did it...'

[CHAT] Devrios frowns slightly as the obviously crazy ghetti demonstrated his insanity and then told his story, he... didn't really like everyone's propensity towards killing and eating people in this crew. "Well, not gonna sugarcoat it, that's... really not a good thing you did there. Why'd ya do it, though? I mean, I've met the people up there... eating habits aside, they're generally good folks," as he speaks he idly he pulls a coin out of his pocket--it looks gold, or gold plated at least, with an intricate design and begins playing with it in a free hand.

[CHAT] Haggis shakes his head. "No...don't He can't he will...torture us laugh no...he must know." He debated with himself. The crater was shimmering in his eyes as the carrier reformed. He walked the halls. Felt the burning rage. The darkened view. As if someone was raged and blacked out almost. "I...Tiya and I...yes Tiya, the tuffle That I am with...well combined with. "Yes! He's with me!" A female voice erupted and then giggled. "We...had tapped into the dark abyss of where my...rage comes from. Tiya did." He recounts how he has no ki energy he can use...but can tap into a wellspring of rage and power as well as the training event where Tiya tapped into his font of rage and insanity, declairing herself as a rage incarnate..."Afterwards. I woke in the medbay....yes hehe...the medbay filled with fire coursing throughout my body. Every nerve. Every cell was on fire...and...weakened by the pain and influence of the madness...I did those deeds..."

[CHAT] Devrios sighs a moment as the ghetti continues his story, "So, you woke up, and thought it'd be a great idea to go kill and eat people?" he shakes his head, slightly bewildered at that. "You gotta know that's wrong. You can't just go around stabbing and killing people--they have their own thoughts, they have their own hopes and dreams, they have their own families... they have their own lives, a candle in the darkness, and, in an instant, they're gone, the candle snuffed out. What right do you, or I, have to take that away from them, regardless of how we're feeling, of our rage and hate against the world?"

[CHAT] Haggis stands up in all his child sized ghetti glory. "What the hell?! You think I wanted to! Yes he does! He thinks we wanted to kill and eat people. No...No he dosn't know how we suffered. What happened." He started walking towards Devrios. Hands shaking at his sides. "You ever woke up with people in your mouth! Eating them...not knowing how or what happened?!" He walks straight up to Devrios looking him in the eyes, madness just below the surface. Then he turns and finishes walking up the crater. He did hand the coat back though, He would rather be naked...To bask in the shame outwardly as he felt inwardly.

[CHAT] Devrios just shakes his head, "Nope, can't say that I have, and it doesn't matter. Whether you wanted to do it or not doesn't matter. What matters is that those people are dead. You can't tell a corpse 'Sorry, I didn't mean to do that.' What you can do--and what you need to do, is work to make sure that nothing like this can -ever- happen again. And that's why we need to know the why of it," he says, taking his coat back and setting it aside. "Y'know, between you and the dragon, I think I'm more a therapist than anything in this group," he says with a small tired chuckle.

[CHAT] Devrios just shakes his head, "Nope, can't say that I have, and it doesn't matter. Whether you wanted to do it or not doesn't matter. What matters is that those people are dead. You can't tell a corpse 'Sorry, I didn't mean to do that.' What you can do--and what you need to do, is work to make sure that nothing like this can -ever- happen again. And that's why we need to know the why of it," he says, taking his coat back and setting it aside. "Y'know, between you and the dragon, I think I'm more a therapist than anything in this group," he says with a small tired chuckle.

[CHAT] Haggis growls at Devrios. He was not liking this new condescending man. "I already told you why...Tiya...the part of me that is tuffle...She tapped into the wellfont of rage inside...Transformed into...a girl...Wielded immense power...then...the rage was still there when I awoke...the madness. The hallucinations...My mind is shattered Mr...whatever your name is...Shattered beyond what anyone should endure..." He walked over to a tent and grabbed a pair of fatigue pants from a soldiers trunk. That clone was long gone, already on the carrier with his platoon. "Listen...they were those clones bred for death anyways...I probably saved them from being ripped apart by those dark max clones..."

[CHAT] Devrios shakes his head, and sighs, "In the same breath you decry your existence, you condemn theirs, eh?" he closes his eyes and sighs, the surroundings starting to shimmer--the vast desert being replaced by a vast grassland--dotted as far as the eye can see with gravestones, the sky dark with stormclouds, he opens his eyes slowly and climbs to his feet,"It doesn't matter what they were to do--they had a chance at survival and having lives of their own outside of... this. This constant back and forth war, and now they don't have that chance," he turns to Haggis, "Why do you have this rage, then? Why tap into it? What can you change to keep it from happening again?"

[CHAT] Haggis wanted to throw something hard. Something massive. "Another hallucination from me huh...strange thing is...this is the first time I don't know who's in my head..." He says more to himself than Devrios. Haggis did not see the gravestones at all. His mind was seeing the bloody halls and tormented souls on the Carrier. He shook his head and sat down...through a gravestone..."No...I I was tempered...born...somehow able to tap the madness deep inside. Ever since I can remember...You want to know? My mind shattered years ago...Ended up murdering my parents. But...you're in my head so you should already know all about it." He sighed. IT seemed he was getting no where with this hallucination. "I've tried...we tried...we...well. We fixed most of the madness. HE was a stable state of insanity. Was nice. <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'No madness. No blind rage. Then That happened. Tapping into that rage of his. Whatever he was born with. Wherever his strength comes from unconciously. I set it free for an instant. Uncontrolled with no support. Blind pain. That thing buried inside of him is...something else. The pain was lke molten lead flowing threw our veins..." Tiyas voice ended there. Hopefully this hallucination would stop asking so many questions he already knows the answers to.<F>'

[CHAT] Devrios looks to the sky, "If I was in your head, you'd know it," he says, simply, before looking back down at the ghetti who was ignoring his illusion and rolled his eyes, "Well that was clearly a bad idea... Tiya, was it? I'm Dev," he says with a small nod, "Nice to meet you. The way I see it," he pauses, "Which is really nothing because before today we've known each other for a grand total of two minutes, but regardless, the way I see it, you have about two options. Either live in seclusion so that if this thing ever rears it's ugly head again you won't idly kill anyone else, or you can deal with this--you said you thought you had, but here we are--clearly there's still something there, I recommend also going off alone while you do so, unless you trust anyone in particular to help,"

[CHAT] Haggis sighs and looks at Devrios. "So...you arn't a hallucination...a false reality in my mind?" He looks down and tries to wipe the blood from his hands. He just noticed it was there, and no matter how many times he tried to wipe them off, they just wouldn't come clean. He stood up and took a step towards Dev. "If I leave...and go alone, That thing would swallow me up. It already has once...and I'm not going to let that happen...everyone I know would end up dead..." He said finally. "Have...you seen a magic man by the name of Dumastin. He's eccentrically crazy like myself. Goes by the name Dumastin..." He sighs. He hasn't seen that guy in awhile now.

[CHAT] Devrios nods, "I'm as real as you are," he says, before frowning slightly, "Well in that case, don't go alone. I'll help if I can," he says, before glancing around, "Dumastin's the reason I joined up with this crew, to be honest, though I haven't seen him around, it's been a long time since I've seen someone else able to use a little magic. We were supposed to train at some point," before he focuses his gaze back on Haggis, "In any case, I'm a, er, 'magic man,' myself," he remarks, "How can I help?"

[CHAT] Haggis looks serious at him. "Can you...um...enchant? whatever you magic men call it...enchant something to explode at a later time...whenever you want it to?" His tone turned serious and the madness of his eyes left for an instant. He started pacing. "Yes...limits, that would work, failsafe to keep safe, yes yes...hehehe..."

[CHAT] Devrios frowns slightly, "I can do just about anything, given enough time and materials. What are you asking for, exactly?" he says, going more serious and somber himself--he was definitely hesitant to give anything this unstable anything that could explode or cause harm--though the ghetti didn't really need any help in that department.

[CHAT] Haggis grins as his finger-nails grow out a tad bit. Tiya was coaxing the bones on which direction to grow. Then he ripped into his own chest. A nice fine slice down the sternum revealing the bones and ribs underneath. With a sickening crunch he drove his hand right into his bones, and with a cracking crunching sound he tore his sternum in half, exposing the pericardial sack underneath. He didn't even wince one bit as he mutilated himself in front of him. "Make it so that if we go beyond saving...you kill us...end us the pain and suffering of living lost in rage..."

[CHAT] Devrios considers things for a few moments, wincing slightly at the self mutilation, but otherwise not doing much as he thinks, "I think I can do something like that, yeah. It'll have to be something you can't just up and throw away in the middle of a rage, though. I'll make it as quick and painless, and non-survivable, as I can," he remarks, going over some other things in his head before he starts going through some things in his pockets--various trinkets, odds and ends, something he can use as a carrier for the enchantment. "It'll take me a short while to get the enchantment together. I'm not as strong as I once was,"

[CHAT] Haggis kept ripping and tearing at his chest, keeping the bones from regrowing and patching themselves together. There was a steady trickle of blood from his lacerations as he kept everything opened. "You know...This tickles...Wait...Hey look! Its my Arteries! Look how they pulse!" He couldnt resist playing with his own insides and giggling.

[CHAT] Devrios just immediately goes digging into his stuff to find materials and other things, completely focusing on this task, not even looking up as he says, "You probably shouldn't do that, it's not hygenic. Especially since I'm probably gonna need to shove something up in there in a bit, too," he remarks, before finding what he'd been looking for--a small, non-descript golden, pin. "I need to work on this for... probably about half an hour? Then I'll be back and shove this thing right into your body somewhere--just so you can't get rid of it accidentally in a rage. You'll be able to talk to me through it, by concentrating on me, and if you activate it, which needs to be a deliberate action of focus, you'll be teleported into the heart of a star, and wull be incinerated instantly, do you understand and is this acceptable?"

[CHAT] Haggis grins and nods. "To a star huh...then I really will be a star." He says keeping it open. "Put it in there...deep in that awesome cavity here. Funny thing about the chest cavity...everything is in its own little thing. Pretty hollow, and you can really just walk around with it open. Just have to keep it a little moist." He grins as he walks with Devrios, His chest open.

[CHAT] Devrios waves a hand, now completely unfazed by the gaping chest wound, "Go on for a bit," he remarks, "This is a bit beyond my normal limits of power, so I'll need exact focus and preparation to do something like this. Dumastin -should- be on planet, somewhere, go see if you can find him," he tosses the coin he'd been holding to Haggis, "Keep that and I'll let you know when it's done, okay?" he says, frowning as he goes over what he has and if he has everything he'd need, "Ah, before you go, do you have a radio or anything to get ahold of the ship?"

[CHAT] Haggis shakes his head as he forces his chest closed. "Jules...Shot me out from the ship...into orbit...to here. I'm...Father doesn't want me any more..." He said in Tiyas voice. He then started walking slowly away,mumbling to himself. His hands were still wiping on his clothes. "Just...cant get it off..."

[CHAT] Devrios stops in his tracks, sighs, and looks down, "Wait. Come here," he turns to Haggis, and kneels down enough to be the same height as the kid, "Look, Tiya, Haggis, I don't know what Jules or anyone else said to you, but you should know this--as long as you still believe you can be a good person, in your heart o' hearts, then you can still be one. The fact that you asked me for some way to stop you if you sank into a rage permanently, well, lets just say that I've known a lot of people who wouldn't be nearly so good-hearted. So, yeah, even if no one else does, I think you can be a good person, too, I believe in ya. Understand?"

[CHAT] Haggis his reality splintered and shattered. The blood washing from his hands and the ship fading way to the desert he was in. "What the hell...we...we were never on the ship...how could I be on the ship and kicked out at the same..." He shook his head, shaking the cobwebs "Just...need that and a way back to earth since father wont let us back on the carrier...I need to be there on earth. They need me there. I don't care what it takes..." He said before his voice got low and his anger shot out "I will get there!"

[CHAT] Devrios frowns and keeps his eye on the maddening Ghetti, "Calm down, I can help you there, too, but you've gotta work on this--I don't want to hear about anyone else getting hurt because I helped you, y'know? Once we get to earth, I can summon you there through this whole thing I'm about to do, so you don't need to worry about that, just focus on getting yourself under control, okay?"

[CHAT] Haggis starts laughing, a manical laugh. "As long as It gets me to earth..." He says and grins. "They will all die...for destroying everything...Those evil incarnations..." He said as he was speaking about the dark max clones. "And control...young one, is what you want it to be...Control for me might seem pure insanity to you" He grins as he started walking to the munitions tent. "I've...I have some preparations to make. Let me know when you are ready...and I'll gladly open my chest up again...literally give my heart to you huh...But, jokes on you, Tiya already owns it, so you are going to have to lease some space"

[CHAT] Devrios rolls his eyes, "Ah, don't get full of yourself, it's the whole friggin universe that's insane. S'what happens when it's run by two old kooks in a pissing contest. Why d'ya think nothing fazes me anymnore? I'll be back in a bit" he stands back up, gathers his things, and walks off somewhere to have a little peace and quiet--this thing would require some focus to do right.