*Banishing Haggis

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*Banishing Haggis

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[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Jules and most of the crew had returned to the ship, they were waiting for Dumastin and the other wizard to return to the ship so that they could begin to voyage to Earth. Another few days before the storm... He had made it to a portion of the ship that the Gremlin's had sealed off, Prime had mentioned the dragon. Not surprising. He had made his way back to his quarters when he returned to the ship in order to rest for a bit. There was little left to do, finalize the deployment systems beyond the bio-engineered soldiers... He supposed he would catch up on sleep... And glutton himself during the days in space. '

[CHAT] Max leaned against a wall in what used to be the training area of the ship before they had to go to some far off planet just to exercise, he was talking with Sam, "Y'know, this is gonna be the hardest fight I've ever had. That... evil me," he shakes his head, as Sam chitters back at him--excited about the challenge and itching for the fight, "If he finds out about you--he'll probably target you specifically... I don't want that to happen," he says, frowning quietly. Sam, black carapace covered monster that it was, was still expressive enough to furrow a would be brow and look at Max--this was sounding suspiciously like Max wanting to keep it out of the fight!

[CHAT] Haggis drifted. The rage induced Tiya floated aimlessly in the void. Fire swirling and ripping all aorund her. Rocks shattered and the endless seas around her boiled, erupting into gouts of steam. Pure, raw power. The charred remains of her foes were endlessly washed away into the void. Anything standing before her was crushed to peices without a thought. She heard a voice. A male? Who was it. The tug of the voice got slightly louder, but still seemed like just above a whisper. A small ringing in her ears amid the torrent of rage and destruction. The annoying buzzing of the voice became louder and louder until she felt a tug. She looked down and there was a hand, grasping her arm. No matter how hard she tried, and how badly she burned it, it was persistent, ever grabbing, pulling her away from the torrent of rage.<C>

[CHAT] Haggis woke screaming in pain. There was no place for his mind to escape to. His body felt as if molten metal was poured down every nerve cell and fiber and his mind, His mind was far worse. Feeling pain throughout soo many hallucinations. The pain the mind could preceive was far worse than the body could register. He struggled to stand, but each step and movement caused massive waves of the firey pain shooting everywhere.<F>

[CHAT] Jules felt an echo over the Psychic connection the Tuffle shared, his head turning in the direction of the medical bay for a moment as he stopped. It wasn't one he had influence on, inquires would have to wait. Continuing to walk with his massive baggage he finally made it into his simple quarters.

[CHAT] Max frowns, "It's for your own good," he says, simply, as Sam suddenly hisses and chitters angrily at Max, "Don't give me that. If anything happened to you... hell," he shakes his head and looked down. He didn't really have any family to speak of--or even anyone outside of the crew, honestly, everyone else had been on... Earth. "Look, I'm not gonna let him single you and kill you just to get to me, I'm sorry," he waves a hand, putting his foot down, metaphorically, as Sam hisses and growls at him--it wasn't gonna miss this fight! Not for anything!

[CHAT] Haggis staggers from his bed as his vision is blurred red. It was as if he was looking through a tunnel, underwater, at night. Everything was distorted, moving on its own. Colors were almost indiscrenable. He staggered a few more feet, knocking over a trey of medical tools. The clang of the metal on the hard floor sent him reeling. His ears ringing as he tried to leave that room. As the ringing stopped, laughter ensued. Hideous, constant laughter at the edges of hearing. Whispers and lies filling his head. "Kill...murder...steal...break...cheat...steal..." were hard strong words that would ring, but much worse was what was whispered inbetween. "deceive, sabatoge, use...toys...useless pawns..." Those words sent his mind racing. Between the pain throughout his body, and the massive waves of fire he was feeling mentally, he couldn't put a cohesive thought together.

[CHAT] Jules had taken to laying in bed, rubbing his temples... Sensations of paranoia and anger constantly slipping through, opening his mind he forced his psychic energies across the Tuffle link, (Turn off your damned broadcasting when you're going through emotional issues.) It was somewhat unavoidable, but he began to start putting up mental walls to stifle the impression of unstable emotions.

[CHAT] Max shakes his head, "I said no, and that's final," he pointed at what, for all intents and purposes, was his kid, "You're staying here," he says, pushing himself off of the wall, "And I don't want to hear any more about it, understand?" he says, before turning and walking out of the training bay. Time to go work on a fight plan--for that he'd need to talk to Jules. Find out exactly what they needed to do to get out of this alive.

[CHAT] Haggis stumbles from the lab. He did not even notice the scalpel buried deep into his foot. He left a trail of blood down the hallway. "Turn damn you. go through" He heard in his mind. It was weak, faded. Someone wanted him to give in. To consume the rage and thus let it consume him. Give in. He started laughing, a mad crazed laugh as he let the fire course through his body, blinded by the pain and deceit. He didn't even notice the soldier, laid out in the hallway. The scalpel that was once in his foot, was buried in the soldier's chest, not enough to kill him...but he was certainly in bad shape. <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'He continued his delusioned walk, trailing blood splatters and handprint on the walls into a soldier's billets. A room housing three. "What the hell! What they fuck are you doi..." Then there was a grunt as he was knocked into the corner of a table with a fist from haggis, the edge catching him just so, knocking him out cold. He heard the trickle of water in the shower adjacent the living quarters.<C>'

[CHAT] Haggis: -- ' He cracked open the door and took the closest item he could find...a large pair of scissors. There was a short scream then it was silenced. The water turning red as it circled the drain. On his way out wiped the scissors of and placed them in the other knocked out persons hand. He then left. As he turned the corner he could hear the argument. "Bill! Bill! what the..." A second voice "Frank! What the fuck! Drop the Scissors!" He could hear a fight ensue as soldier rushed by him towards the room. A strange demonic smile crossing his lips as he staggered through the fire and flames coursing through his body. Each step was torment...but felt so damn good.<F>'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Jules let out a grunt, verbally cursing Haggis... Every fucking day since Tiyayo had Blended... The subtle echo of a mind screaming out... Only to Jules it was mostly distracting... It made it fucking impossible to concentrate sometimes. A tentacle reached across his room opening a small cooler and pulling out a large bottle of Gin. With the tentacle holding it, his right hand removed the lid tossing it into the trash. He then took a deep sip from it using his tentacle to hold it. A few seconds later he took the bottle in hand retracting the tentacle and then rose to his feet. He supposed he could get drunk and eat. '

[CHAT] Max makes his way to the lab... before noticing a trail of blood on the floor and walls. "Well that's... probably not good..." he remarks, looking out in the direction it's going in, before deciding to follow it, "Haggis, if you've decided to randomly try to kill people again, I'm gonna be pissed..." he says, more to himself than anyone else as he shakes his head, walking along.

[CHAT] Haggis makes it to the galley for chow time. His foot wound clotting awhile back. He smiles as he looks at all the potential sitting in front of him. The chaos he could cause. He grins as he steps foot inside the occupied space. He got a few looks from the eaters there, but they had seen stranger things than a shirtless/shoeless ghetti kid walking around. He heard the laughter and whispers again. This time they were more familiar. He knew them! he could trust them. It was Tiya. <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'Ohh how he missed her, which was odd since they were now always together, but there was something about being separate that he missed as well. He smiled as he walked back to the kitchen and entered the meat locker. It was there he finally cracked. Gave in completely. Between the pain and the ramblings. The delusions and fog of where he was going took its toll. He screamed out in an ungodly manner, as if something was on the verge of dieing. He black energy licked his body slightly as the room heated up. Tiya was taking full control. He trusted her. Why wouldn't he? <C>'

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'She was his love. His desire. His passion and his confidence. She was his all and he knew she felt the same. He saw her then, floating in the black abyss. He reached out, touching her, grabbing her in...and that's when her eyes opened. He felt her burning grip trade places with him. Lash him, bind him to the rage and madness. The meat locked fogged up with the heat and pressure setting off some temperature alarms. When the cook opened it he found a strange sight. There, in the meat locker was a female. Her unusually pale skin, smooth and flawless. Her pants clung around her curves in just the right way, and she had a single arm covering her well proportioned chest. The slight neck ending in a soft chin. Her green eyes like embers piercing and offsetting her raven black hair. The chef was stunned to see a girl in the meat locker<F>'

[CHAT] Jules was walking the halls casually wearing nothing but an open robe showcasing his gender-featureless body. He bumped into a trail of blood and Max following it at an intersection, "This seems reminiscent of when you were learning to control yourself..." He sniffed the air... It was definitely the third generation Blended. "Haggis... Well, I don't hear screams from the soldiers in the galley... That's got to be a good thing..." He sighed, then motioned his arm for the two to continue following the bloody raid laid out.

[CHAT] Max rolls his eyes, "I don't think I ever left bloody trails and everything... I mean I was bad, but not -that- bad," he says, then frowns, "Well, he's up. Let's hope he's... less crazy," he says, "Do not need a fight on the ship," he adds with a grunt, "We just fixed the galley after the last one... if he messes it up again..." he shakes his head in annoyance.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Suddenly felt the scream of pain and terror, images of... The Blended... "MURDERER!" Jules suddenly flared a deep cyan as the door in the galley exploded, Haggis walked out of the kitchen as Jules slammed into Haggis... "PRIME, BULKHEAD, NOW!" Jules armor was deployed, his tentacle battering towards Haggis... The bottle of Gin he had been holding... The screams he had been suppressing... They were Tiyayo's brothers and sisters... And she had been killing them... And because Jules had been so distracted trying to ignore the madness... Jules was always bio-chemically primed for his HAVOC, he cared little if Tiyayo was at this point. The line had been crossed. It was time to cut his losses.'

[CHAT] Max blinks and follows after Jules, "Haggis!? What the hell did you do!?" he suddenly yells out, furrowing his brow and gritting his teeth. Welp. This wasn't gonna end well. Looks like the galley was gonna get wrecked after all. Sam would be pissed at that. He helped repair it after all. But it looks like Haggis... decided to double down on the crazy rather than stop it.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'She looked at him and started crying with a piece of meat in her mouth. The burning pain flowing throughout her body and insatiable hunger. "I...help me..." He said as she opened up the link. Jules would know the full torment she is going through. The untrained aftermath of the rage episode on the planet with no buffer. No control to help her release from that madness. The burning pain of every single nerve of her body being forced and flooded with that raw energies of that incident. "Help me...The pain...help...where am I...and whats...whats going on?" Her memory was a blur. She crumpled to the floor this wierd...female haggis. She tried opening up the tuffle link. Showing her the massive physical and mental anguish she is stuck inside. She needed a way out...something. She sat there...not moving a muscle. Helpless...'

[CHAT] Jules didn't care, a child had murdered another one of his children. She had become a risk to them all. Emotional bonds aside, she had to be dealt with now. The ship hull was breached as Jules plowed into the thing that had become Tiyayo, "You Killed Them! Your Brothers! MURDERER!" The outer-hull breaching caused a brief vaccuum but the bulkhead dropped... Tiyayo and Jules were in space... As expected... Both were immediately covered in their bio-organic armor... Jules was already force evolving himself for thrust in zero gravity as his tentacles lashed out violently formed into powerful spikes.

[CHAT] Haggis couldn't fight back much. Her body was weakened significantly due to the massive pains and pain in her psyche was so great she couln't concentrate much on anything, bairly able to get up her armor to protect her from the vaccuum of space. The tentacle from her father slapping her over and over. "You...did this father...You...forced me here...on the planet...why!" She screamed. She didn't want to do this. She didn't know why he was beating her. She had no recolection of the things he/she did on the carrier. "Who..." She was inturruped by a blow to the side. "Who did...who died!?"

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Jules focused for a moment forming the clear images that flashed into his mind from her younger sibling a moment before she flayed him... A second later all four of his tentacles slammed down combined with a gigantic blast of optic energy. He knocked his daughter, the third Blended, back down towards an arid and desolate world. He had washed his hands of her... She would either die on impact, or she could continue to live on the planet without the risk of harming each other... The vents under Jules weightless robes activated a second after his tentacles retracted, making his way back to an airlock. He needed a drink...'

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'She received the mental images from the Tuffles she...murdered and the one she ate. "Why...god! I was reaching out! when I woke! why did you turn your back...Why! FATHER!" She reached out while being slammed downwards. Bone plates started forming unconciousnly as she started plumitting towards the planet. "Why father! Why didn't you help! WHY!" She screamed as the rage flooded forth. The dark energy warping around her as it formed a protective barrier...a buffer as the superheated atmosphere burned at her. The white hot flames faded away to blue skies as he saw the encampment below. Like a meteor she plummited. The energy she was putting off impressive while she was trying to slow her fall. She slowed slightly, but she still hit the sand with impressive force, knocking tents over and causing a mushroom-cloud plume of dust enter the air. At the bottom of the crater was a naked male haggis...unconcious.'

[CHAT] Max watches Jules get back on the ship with a small frown, even as pissed as he was at Haggis right then, he wasn't sure about this, but it wasn't really his call, "You sure you did the right thing?" he asks, frowning slightly and walking with Jules as he goes to get his drink. He had a lot to think about. Not the least of which was Sam and this upcoming trouble--without Haggis they were gonna be even more hardpressed to stop that dark version of him.