*TD: The Art of Golemcraft

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*TD: The Art of Golemcraft

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[CHAT] Devrios -- While everyone else was getting their training on and beating the shit out of each other, Dev was... staying out of it and building a sand sculpture. He also didn't eat lunch with everyone else... mostly on account of everyone else eating genetically engineered living things for lunch, but mostly was just working on this. That big woolen overcoat he normally wears wasn't on out here--not in this gravity, though two times was still low enough for him to walk around unaided, though annoyed by it. Instead he simply wore a dark blue-grean shirt, khaki cargo pants, and hiking boots. Still, he was loaded down with trinkets of various sorts--not the least of which was a hand-cannon of a revolver holstered at his waist.

[CHAT] Devrios -- The sculpture was a literal 'sandman,' based off of the various genetically engineered soldiers that that mad scientist had decided to bring along. Not only was the sand surprisingly stable, there were a number of small trinkets adorned on it--bracers, arm bands, et cetera. After putting the finishing touches on it, Dev steps back, tapping on his chin a moment. It'd been awhile since he'd tried to make a golem actually combat capable--but he might as well try it.

[CHAT] Jules walked across the floor of the capsule style medical bay, Haggis and his offspring would be fine... The damage to Tiyayo was significant, everytime Haggis went up in power it began to rapidly take a toll on his daughter... How long could she keep up with the brutish looking child? It was a reality he didn't want to face. Still... Exhaling he finally opened the doors of the building and stepped into the camp. There were groups of his biological soldiers sparring among themselves and among the robotic augmentations to the crew of the Platinum Dream.

[CHAT] Jules: -- ' He shook his head, odds were decent they were all dead an hour after they got back to Earth... Letting out a sigh he began to stretch out his body and legs, no doubt Sam and Max were out training but his duties as Chief Medical Officer on the ship put him on the side-line for a bit. Checking his watch, her had been tending to the Tuffle part of Haggis Tiyayo for the better part of twenty hours. He would be waking within a few hours. So... "Lunch time it is..." '

[CHAT] Elphlane was playing through the carrier. Without the big human and the smaller black and red human trying to eat him and four-arms gone she had the run of the ship. She got into Max's food supply again, filling herself on the life energy of the vegetable-like clones Julian had been creating for Max and Sam. The mist in her mouth slowly dissolving the organic, non-digestible material into a red-ichor. She then was tearing through the ship and slid on the smooth metal floor. She found herself in a tangled mess in some small room. She tried to untangle herself, but her tail slapped a button and the room sealed itself off. Another movement and her claw pressed another and like a rocket, the room left the carrier and sped towards the desert planet, the pod crashing into its sandy surface in an explosion of dust and sand. <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane struggled inside the room. It was so small. She was frantic and her body felt heavy. It was a strange feeling. As if everything was heavier, slower. Took more energy to move. Add to it that she was stuck in a rather compromising and tough position in the small chamber, put her in a tough spot. After a few moments she let her body fall limp, trying to figure out how to open back up the small room. As she did so, her tail hit the release switch and she came tumbling out, into the sand. It was rather hot.

[CHAT] Devrios took a deep breath and put a hand to the sand statue/sculpture and starts concentrating... right when a drop pod slams down on the ground about 20 feet away, startling him and sending a wave of dust and sand right over him--after it passes he coughs out a cloud of dust and wipes some out of his eyes, "Well..." he says, spitting out some more dirt and dust onto the ground, "...that was definitely a thing," he grunts, looking over to the drop pod as it opens and that dragon flop out. "...welp, shoulda seen that coming," he chuckles a moment.

[CHAT] Elphlane looks around. Sand was everywhere. She did not like and. It was in places it shouldnt ever be. It was in her eyes. In her ears. She shook her head and took of in a random direction, hitting something soft warm and squishy. After tumbling with the object for some time, she was flung off of it. After sneezing extremely loud she was finally able to get the sand from her eyes. She looked and Devrios was there in the sand, face down. What was he doing in the sand? and why was he face down?

[CHAT] Devrios rolls his eyes as of course the dragon was going to charge him when it couldn't see correctly--and boom, it slams into him, tumbling down and leaving him facedown in the sand. With an annoyed grunt he pushes himself up and shakes the sand out of his hair and off of his head, before giving an annoyed look down at the dragon. "...don't do that," he chastises, rolling his eyes as he goes back to dusting himself off. "And what did I tell you about making messes and pressing stuff?" he says with mild annoyance before looking back at the sand statue he'd made--at least that was still intact, "Ah, go find Jules," he points off in the direction everyone's been training in, "I'll catch up in a minute,"

[CHAT] Elphlane pounces around, although alot slower, like an overly excited cat. She teased him, pouncing at him. Flicking and biting at his legs, although playfully. She wanted to play. To get some pent up energy out. She spent alot of energy on "playing" in the carrier, but she was bored with that. She wanted to do something else. Something more!

[CHAT] Jules mentally was catching up on the training progress of his children, taking in their experiences and letting their experiences enrich himself. His food was gone in a matter of minutes and mostly sated he consumed a few bio-organic supplements before heading back to the lab. Casually he glanced in the direction of the dragon, nothing else had exploded and the weakness that was accompanied by energy fatigue or injury seemed lacking. If something changed he would go and investigate, for now he was happy to return to monitoring Tiyayo.

[CHAT] Devrios rolls his eyes one more time, "Alright, alright, alright, you want to play. Give me one second and we'll go over to the training area and do that whole shtick, okay?" he says, shaking his head slowly before turning to the armlet and bracer adorned human-shaped sand sculpture. Fortunately, he'd been at this for a long time and he had been able to work on it, little by little, throughout the ordeal so far. He takes a deep breath, takes two fingers, and presses it between the eyes of the statue--it slowly starts glowing. "Okay, let's go see if we can do any of this whole training thing," he claps his hands, then dusts them off casually--he was still covered in sand. He then walks over to Jules, "Hey, Mad Scientist Guy, you need any more for your training day?"

[CHAT] Devrios -- The medium sized black carapace armored monster that was Sam was still nearby, having healed after that weird spar with the Ghetti and the Namek, noted the dragon and the new guy walk up to the Doctor and he runs up as well--eager for another fight with the dragon, one that isn't interrupted. It gives a gutteral chuckle and a hiss, before pausing to look up at the Doctor. Max was still out of commission from that whole fire thing, but the doctor could prove to be trouble if he wanted to stop it...

[CHAT] Jules glanced up from a sample of Chaos Max he had brought down, comparing it with samples he recently acquired from the spar against the real Max. When Devrios walked in he glanced up and shrugged, "Depends on what type of training you're talking about." He bowed his head at the magician, "Felt your friend land on the planet. Do I even want to know how it managed that?"

[CHAT] Elphlane felt it all at once. But. It was not hunger this time. It was an overwhelming need to fight. She started growling before she shook her head. Those were not her emotions...It was her nemisis! That black armored human! She slowly started walking towards it before overhearing Jules. How did she get here? He wanted to know! She trotted up to him and scraled in the sand. "PILOT!" Then turned towards that black armored human and slowly started stalking towards it...

[CHAT] Devrios shrugs, "I'm going to assume it's either a hi-larious number of coincidences, or your ship AI herded it on a drop pod and sent her here because it was tired of watching her make a mess," he goes back to look at Elphlane... and then notes the other... thing there too. "Ah..." he raises a brow--this was something new, "What's the thing?" he points at the black carapaced creature standing in front of the dragon. "That's new,"

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam hmphs as the human points at it--it was weak! Didn't even have a power signature. It didn't bother to pay him any more mind as it turned back to the dragon, giving a large toothy grin--may as well give it a shot, everyone had been fighting everyone today, and it was fun! Suddenly, it launches itself at the dragon, rearing back a claw in order to tackle it and deliver a wide slash.

[CHAT] Jules let out a sigh, then a shout. "SAM!" He took a breath, and then continued in the loudest of tone, "If you break any of our gear, I'm breaking you. Letting you heal, then breaking you again. Many, many times." Other than that the area was fairly open outside the medical bay which is where they had apparently ended up after the brief conversation inside.

[CHAT] Elphlane growls in response. She was alot slower and not used to this gravity, but she slammed her tail down, creating a large dust cloud and rolled to the side. She flet the air of the blow pass above her head as came out of the roll. There was something strange about how she moved here. She felt heavier and slower than normal. She had no clue what "gravity" was. She then started clawing into the ground like a mad...well...dragon and ended up burying herself in the sad. It was very uncomfortable but she was there. Well. She thought she buried herself but her wings and tail were still sticking out of the sand...

[CHAT] Devrios blinks as they suddenly start fighting, "Is this what you were talking about when you said a 'crew member' attacked Elphlane?" he asks, looking back to Jules momentarily, before shaking his head, putting two fingers to his mouth and whistling, "Let's see if I can't get 'em to take it outside, I needed to test this anyway," he says as a loud 'thump-thump-thump' echoes throughout the room and suddenly a large humanoid figure, made entirely of sand with some bracers and armlets one--one armlet covered in glowing orange runes runs into the room.

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam, meanwhile, just jumps on and claws and grabs at the wing--trying to pull the dragon-reptile-thing out of the ground--completely ignoring everything else when suddenly a giant humanoid made out of sand slams into it, forcing it to let go and making it stagger back a second or two as one of the bracers on the golem lights up with more runes and it punches the ground--causing a jagged pillar of rock to shoot out at diagnal and jab at the already off-balance creature directly in the gut, sending it sprawling out of the area as the golem runs off after it--the pillar then slowly drops back into the ground.

[CHAT] Devrios meanwhile, just looks back to Jules, completely unfazed, and says, "So, how's the training been?"

[CHAT] Jules grumbled, the other soldiers weren't of any ability to survive much thrown from either the dragon or Sam. "Training's been decent I suppose. Things happened, people got set on fire and sliced up, and now we're back here." He glanced at Sam, "And Sam is more like the offspring of a crewmember. He's technically younger than I am and has questionable self-regulation." He glanced at the Golemn, "Magic rock man?"

[CHAT] Elphlane felt a tug on his wings and then it stopped. He leaped forth from the sand and sprung forth, beating her wings furiously to add some extra speed to her run. She leaps into the air and pounces, all four claws, towards where Sam had landed. It was strange seeing a creature of sand moving around. She could not sense any feeling form it. It was as if it was like...those other things. Those armored warriors from the tomb. What was it. Whatever it was, it was on his side...

[CHAT] Devrios nods a moment, "Sounds about right with a crew like this," he shakes his head, "Ah, never a dull moment, at least, eh?" he says, looking back to the fight and the golem as Jules asks about it, "Could call it that. Technical term is 'Golem,' not all that different from general robots and whatnot, just powered by magic and not..." he pauses a moment, not actually knowing what to say, "Whatever powers robots, in fact I can make a golem out of a broken robot," he smirks a moment, "There's also an analogue to these guys," he waves a hand to all the artificially created life forms in the room, "But that's a little bit beyond me right now--and they can make a lotta trouble," he shakes his head.

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam hisses at the... whatever it was as it gets back to it's feet, before lunging at it and swiping at it with a claw--only for the claw to pass through it relatively harmlessly--it was just sand, after all--nothing really there to slash apart. The golem, for it's part, holds it's other hand out to the black carapaced creature, the bracer on that arm starting to glow with orange runes, and suddenly a fireball erupts from the golem's hand. Sam, for it's part, goes wide-eyed and crosses it's arms in front of itself, blocking the attack--but the explosion still leaves it's forearms mildly burned as it roars and hisses and is suddenly tackled by the dragon-reptile-thing and sent staggering back again--completely taken off guard by this turn of events.

[CHAT] Jules nodded, "Useful spell to know, or technique to know. Whichever, given what happened to Dumastin after he turned to magic I can't imagine you're the type that can take a punch without some preparation." Jules suddenly vanished, appearing between Sam and the Dragon preventing the creature from falling backwards into one of the buildings before appearing back beside Devrios. "It turns out creating life of sorts is actually quite easy, whether it be through science or magic."

[CHAT] Elphlane beat her wings strongly and jumped to get off of that Sam creature. She brought forth the life energy within her and concentrated it in her mouth. A dark energy collected there. Shadowy threads wafting out from her mouth. She took aim and then fired the shadow-energy bolt at the still-reeling Sam. She was not going to let it gain its footing again. That thing was faster and stronger than she was...

[CHAT] Devrios shrugs, "Depends on the person throwing it, but... generally not, no. I get a lot of mileage out of these things, you could call it a specialty of mine," he waves a hand, "I can even make them look like people, or other things if necessary," he watches the fight, starting to concentrate on something, "So, what's the whole plan with this chaos guy? And, other than that ammo I've given all of ya, how can I help?" he asks, a rune starting to glow on his right palm as he focuses.

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam manages to regain his footing with help from the Doctor, and leaps out of the way of the blast. If brute force didn't work on that sand monster, well... it'd have to try something else. It cups it's hands to it's side, focusing a few moments as it's energy starts whipping about around it--the Golem doesn't just stand around, though, it charges at the creature--right into a charged crimson beam straight into it's abdomen--causing the golem to explode and rain sand everywhere--a set of charred armlets and bracers, too. At that, Sam grins and gives a gutteral chuckle, turning to glare at the dragon reptile thing.

[CHAT] Devrios winces, "That looks like it hurt,"

[CHAT] Elphlane growls and charges its foe. Swaying from left to right in a cat-like pattern. She leaps into the air and looks down at her foe. She summons up more energy from her stores and moves it to her throat. She churns it heats it. Her throat becomming warm and a furnce-like glow in her mouth. She then spews forth a cloud of black smoke and ash, hot and burning covering the area. She would knock out its vision and choke it if she had to...She lands on the other side of the cloud and waited. Spreading out her senses. Her hearing and smell. Her emotional senses. She would find him. She must. Her feeling to fight was enhanced by that of that black and red human. She reveled in it...wanted more...

[CHAT] Jules grumbled as he continued glancing outside, it seemed their caring for collateral damage was moot. A second after Sam dodged the blast a brief optic burst shot through its mass causing the excess energy to destabilize smacking with marginal force at best against one of the capsule roofs, denting it. "Honestly, I've got no clue. My father was man of science, not magic. Biologically we're going to try to reverse what he's done to the population. Scientifically we can treat him as a virus and that gets rid of his current infects."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He let out a laugh, "What I haven't told the others is that we'll probably only have one shot at this. The virus probably won't be anything nearly strong enough to kill or even really hamper the original genome since it was designed to remove that genome from one that had been altered." He chuckled, "So if we fail, his natural biology will cause him to adapt to this virus in a way that I'll have to get another sample in order to counter...." He shook his head, "That one sample we managed to get nearly got both Max and myself killed, so..." '

[CHAT] Devrios nods, "Eh, win or lose this isn't the end. Keep that in mind, even if all of the Earth falls to this chaos guy, it won't be like that forever--if not you guys, then someone else will take him down. Given your history, I figure you'd know that," he then holds up a hand, "One second," he adds, before vanishing out of view in a sudden burst of speed, reappearing in the air, pretty much right on top of Elphlane as she was flying, laying his runed hand on her shoulder, causing a rush of pure power and energy to fill the dragon, "Good luck," he tells her, "But remember what you told me, okay?" he says, before hopping down to the ground below, landing on his feet, and walking back to Jules... now with a noticable limp. "...and I forgot about the advanced gravity... I think I need some ice..." he grumbles.

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam simply hopped into the sky, outside of the cloud to get a better vantage point to find it's opponent, it chuckles again with more gutteral ferocity, then lunges at the dragon-reptile-thing in a straight up shoulder tackle to knock it to the ground and start pummeling it with a series of blows. That dragon-reptile-thing wasn't getting away this time--and neither the Doctor nor Max were going to stop it, this was fun.

[CHAT] Jules nodded, "All tyrants do eventually fall, but even the original Salnor didn't spread in such a viciously effective manner." He grumbled, "Really, if he hasn't left Earth at all we'll be lucky. The reality is if one of his clones survives, if even a handful have gotten off of Earth.. If his intention was to spread... Because of how he does it, via interpersonal contact..." Jules shook his head, "People will fight back so long as there are people to fight back, he's capable of becoming the people." He sighed, "We're screwed..."

[CHAT] Elphlane felt that black and red human coming even before it launched itself from the cloud. Surprised the burning smoke didn't slow it down in the least. She twisted to the side just in time and an idea sprouted forth she could feel the intrigue. The power. The movements. Her connection with Devrios. She could feel his emotions as he pushed forth his power. Images seeped into her mind as she tapped her raw life energy. She summoned forth her powers and shadows flittered across her body. Bursting forth she is wrapped in shadows and the life energy she stored fills her body increasing her strength even more. Her muscle bulge and shadows seem to smoke off of her as she lands. Her eyes glint red at the black-red human. Now she would have the power to put it down...

[CHAT] Devrios shakes his head slowly, "Ye of little faith," he says, before leaning against a wall. "Every generation of people thinks it's gonna be the last generation--it never is, it'll all work out in the end. Nothing lasts forever, not even this chaos guy. We'll take 'em down, one way or another," he waves a hand, before looking back out to the fight, watching the dragon with a small frown.

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam grunts as it misses, it was getting slightly annoyed now. It roars after the dragon-reptile-thing, launching itself after it again, faster this time, this time rearing back both arms in order to unleash an 'X' shaped slash agains it's opponent. It wasn't going to let it get away again!

[CHAT] Jules shrugged, "Well, that Aydin guy apparently asked us to seek out a method of killing him and his brother. Don't know how magic works, does the effect wear off once the caster is dead or is a permanent type thing?" Jules glanced at Devrios's leg, he had ice-packs of course but given this guy was about as durable as Dumastin... Jules pointed at Devrios's leg, "Describe the sensations you had upon landing." Oddly Jules demeanor when he shifted to medical inquiry took on a tone of professionalism contrast to the casual one he had before.

[CHAT] Elphlane turns and her now beefed up and hardened body takes the blows. The claws striking into her scales, but leaving her with only superficial cuts. She was pushed back a few meters and turns and roars. She slaps at sam with her tail before launching a furious assault back at the black-armored human. She was much faster than before, even outclassing Sam. Her agile body enhancing the effect. He assault was aimed on latching onto her foe and pinning them to the ground. From there she would try and finish the fight...

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam was completely taken off guard by the strength increase going wide eyed as the tail slam sends it staggering back a few feet before it's even tackled itself and sent sprawling to the ground with the dragon-reptile-thing on top of it. This was unexpected, but that made it more fun. It struggled to get out of the pin, hissing and grunting with effort as it did so, but as it stood it wasn't strong enough to break free.

[CHAT] Devrios meanwhile, rolls his eyes and holds up a hand to Jules, "Ah, my knees hurt about as much as landing from a ten foot drop on your feet with twice your normal bodywieght would. I'll deal with it in a second," he grunts starting to walk/limp back out there, pulling his revolver out of it's holster as he yells out, "Elphlane!" he shouts, gritting his teeth--he could see where this was going, and was as mad about her making him walk back out here on that limp as this, "You won. Let him go. Remember what I told you," he warns, pointing the revolver at the dragon and a rune starts glowing in his other hand. "I'm warnin you, you won't like what happens if you try to eat him,"

[CHAT] Jules rolled his eyes, there was a great deal that could go wrong with internal ligaments with unexpected drops, more-so under the effects of gravity. Casually a tentacle rapidly expanded and jabbed Devrios in the leg with a need. "Whatever it is, i'll fix it." It didn't seem as if he was going to have to regulate, if Sam didn't push himself up Devrios would probably shoot his ally. If that failed, there was going to be a Dragon learning what it feels like to regrow limbs.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The mist started forming in its mouth as She looked Sam in the eyes. Endless black abyssal orbs with a faint red glow coming from the depths lock into his. She bent down, wholly wanting to take this creature out of the fight. Her fangs were getting closer and closer to devouring Sams right arm when A shouting broke her from her trance. She shook her head as the mist receded, leaving sam's arm damp with dragon-saliva. She tried sending Sam emotions of apology, the reverse way she feels and feed on them. Hopefully the creature would understand. She got way too caught up in the fight. Instincts took over and she almost "ate" an ally? maybe? She hurridly leaped off of her foe and used the last of Devrios' boost to shoot her way to his side. Shadows still licked off of her from her copy, but those would fade soon as well...'

[CHAT] Devrios grits his teeth as Jules tried to inject him with something--he didn't really like the idea of any tuffle injecting with anything, especially before he had anything to counter it. But, nevertheless, he sighs, holstering his revolver and patting the dragon on her head as she goes back to his side, "Good girl. Y'gotta learn not to do that. Get some more self-discipline," the rune on his hand fades away, "You got him back for fighting you earlier, no need to try to kill him, eh? We're all on the same side here," he nods, "Didja get that energy worked out? Have fun?" he says, starting to walk back to Jules

[CHAT] Devrios -- Sam, meanwhile, just starts growling and struggling all the harder as it looks like the dragon-reptile-thing's about to eat -its- arm! But then it... jumps off? And goes to that human's side? Sam climbs back to its feet with a grumble and a growl--more than a little pissed about that whole -trying to eat you thing-. It was -not- prey!

[CHAT] Jules closed his eyes and focused for a moment as he diagnoses Devrios... There was nothing majorly broken, the ligaments had been slightly frayed from the impact and there was swelling... Rapidly Devrios would feel the pain vanished, "You're fine, little higher drop and you probably would've blown out your anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments" He glanced at the Dragon, then to the Mimic. "Well, that went better than expected.

[CHAT] Elphlane prances back and forth. She felt ready for another go then the shadows left her body and her strength faded significantly. She pouted, trying to bite and grasp the remaining fragments of shadows as they disappeared into the void. She then snorts at the ground and writes in the sand. "Why here?"

[CHAT] Devrios -- That limp vanishes as he walks back, "Thanks," he says, simply about that, before looking back at the dragon, "Yeah, I've been trying to teach her to not kill things if there's any other way to deal with it..." he pauses a moment, "Not the easiest thing to do, honestly, but I think it's working," he offers the dragon a smile and pats her on the head again, "I think she might still want to train, though," he hrms a moment, thinking.

[CHAT] Jules glanced at Sam, it was doubtful the Mimic needed medical aid. He then glanced back at the mage, "Sam's creator use to have severe rage issues linked to the dietary changes he went through after he was mutated from a Human into what he is now." Jules shook his head, then turned his attention to the dragon. "Well, go train with her. Seems like the thing to do."

[CHAT] Elphlane headbuts Jules...in a playful manner. She was excited but still confused on why everyone was here. "Why here?" She wrote again. She could feel the tension and anxiety, the undertones of worry that seemed to spread rampant throughout the camp, even though people appeared to be in high hopes. "What wrong?"

[CHAT] Devrios shrugs, "Okay, I don't normally like fighting things myself if I can help it, it'd take awhile to make another one of those things to help," he hrms a moment, looking down at what the dragon's writing, "Can you fill her in on the information for a few minutes while I go set something up?" he asks, before heading back outside and gathering up all the now charred trinkets from the golem during the earlier fight--it'd take a bit to make a new one, but he could...

[CHAT] Elphlane tilts her head at Four-Arms. She had no clue what Earth was, let alone this biological material? Was it something she could eat. She felt that it was. "EarTh? Max is Armor Human? Murder is kill? Kill to eat? Can eat bilogtil maturls?" She had no clue and was trying her best to write out the words. She was hoping they came out correctly. She had no clue what the situation was, but if it she could eat it...

[CHAT] Jules glanced at the Dragon, nodding briefly as he spoke. "We're here to try and improve ourselves before going back to Earth to likely get murdered and have our biological material converted into the chaos version of Max."

[CHAT] Elphlane tilts her head at Four-Arms. She had no clue what Earth was, let alone this biological material? Was it something she could eat. She felt that it was. "EarTh? Max is Armor Human? Murder is kill? Kill to eat? Can eat bilogtil maturls?" She had no clue and was trying her best to write out the words. She was hoping they came out correctly. She had no clue what the situation was, but if it she could eat it...

[CHAT] Jules shrugged, "No clue, maybe if you were able to get close enough to do your misty-break down shit first you could. But maybe not, it depends on if that process denatures the genetic material of the creature you're eating. Odds are good if there genetic material left behind, you'd eat him and become him. If not, then yeah. You probably could physiologically, if he wouldn't kill you first." He shook his head, "I'm doing you a favor by not inviting you. Like I said, odds are decent we're going to die."

[CHAT] Devrios -- It took a few minutes, several minutes, actually, but soon enough there was another humanoid looking statue in the training area--this one entirely black, made out of... something? It was hard to tell. Still, it had various golden trinkets all over it, arm bands, bracers, rings--it was loaded for bear as Dev closed his eyes and focused on the finishing touches, taking two fingers and pressing them between the statues eyes, it glows blue for a couple of seconds as Dev walks away--then bursts entirely into flame before starting to move--too look around. It was veritable living fire. "'Kay," Dev says from the outside, "It's ready,"

[CHAT] Elphlane felt that tug again and ran over to where Devrios was. She didn't have a reply for Jules. She saw Devrios work his magics and closed her eyes. Letting his emotions flow into her. She summoned forth her life force she had stored up. There wasn't much left after the fight but enough to focus on this task. From in front of her, shadowy trinkets started forming. Bracers, a choaker, multiple rings of shadows and in front of her, taking several minutes she strained. She started panting hard, as dragons, as you all know, don't really sweat. She started panting harder at the strain as A creature of shadows and mist rose from the ground, forming a little smaller than Devrios' creation. It took alot of focus from her to maintain it, and it just sat there, stairing at its flaming counterpart...She remained perfectly still. She did not want her concentration to lapse...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The Blended glanced at the mage, then to the Dragon. "Heh, a mimic-style ability. That should prove interesting." He glanced at the mage, "You know, given it's from the Epitome and certainly takes a violent demonic approach to things.." He shook his head, it was rude to speak about someone in the third person. "Ah, nevermind. It's unimportant. '

[CHAT] Devrios nods, "Yeah, she's probably a demon--but I think that anyone can be a good person if they try. I mean, if they couldn't..." he looks back to Jules momentarily, before looking to the dragon, "Alright, these are pretty weak right now, but once you start fighting I think they'll put up a good fight. Do you wanna fight it, or try to have your mimic try to fight my golem, or what?" he asks, trying to stay a bit away from the fiery golem--fires a powerful element, but also... really, really hot.

[CHAT] Jules nodded his head, "Indeed, pot and kettle sort of thing." He sighed as Devrios walked off, muttering softly to himself, "I guess we just wait until it starts mass murdering and then we'll do something." That was the better approach of course, there were demons who weren't entirely evil he supposed. Domina had been nice, or so his fathers memories told. Besides, the nature of the Tuffle had to be at least as bad as being born of the darkness in the cosmos.

[CHAT] Elphlane remains still like a statue. She had never copied something so intricate. It took all of her reserves to copy this thing...and now "it" wanted free from her control. No she didn't want to let "it" do whatever it wanted. No...It needs a name. "It" will now be "Elena" She crouched down, to releave some stress on her body, before her shadowy-mist golem moved smoothly and silenty towards the fire creature. It took a sweeping swipe at the fire golem, its shadowy arm burning in the flames. The mist portion would most likely be similar to the mist Elphlane uses to feed...slowly abosrbing the energy from things around it. Not much, but enough to sustain its form. Plus, outside of the desert sand, there was not much energy to draw from, save the fire golem...

CHAT] Jules shrugged, "When he first came on board Max had similar issues same as his kid. Even now there is a slight risk, albeit however slight, that he'll lose control and try to eat the crew." Jules shrugged, "Calculated risk. But i'm glad to know we're both the type who give the benefit of the doubt." He glanced at the mid-day light and shadow show, he wondered how much force he'd have to put out in order to take them down...

[CHAT] Devrios blinks, "Welp, that's a thing," he says, before snapping his fingers--the fire golem springs to life--immediately defending itself from the shadow golem--runes on one of it's armlets begin glowing as it sends a strong punch square at the shadow golems jaw to drive it back. "Ah, that'll happen," he remarks, crossing his arms and watching the fight. "If the dragon wants to try to kill people, well, I'll take care of it. Like I did this time," he looks back down to the dragon and offers her a smile, "Like I told ya, I think you're better than that, though,"

[CHAT] Jules shrugged, "When he first came on board Max had similar issues same as his kid. Even now there is a slight risk, albeit however slight, that he'll lose control and try to eat the crew." Jules shrugged, "Calculated risk. But i'm glad to know we're both the type who give the benefit of the doubt." He glanced at the mid-day light and shadow show, he wondered how much force he'd have to put out in order to take them down...

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Elena slides back smoothy as it flickers and dances. It was as if the fire golem was trying to hit a shadow...Although the flames and heat from the thing did seem to tear chunks of shadows away from it. Elena held out two shadowy blobs and thick strands of mist did try and bind the fire golem...to try and drain its energy. Elphlane was struggling with her golem. Making the copy move was much harder than just the creation. It already drained her reservers and it wanted more. And she wanted to see what it does. Shadows started to eat away at her scales, transferring it into energy for the golem to "eat" It wasn't much currently. It only needed a little...'

[CHAT] Devrios -- The fire golem burns away the shadows as that golem tries to wrap it up, the other armlet on it glows with blue runes as it suddenly vanishes from sight, reappearing a few feet away from the shadow golems back--one of it's bracers glowing orange before it throws a fireball directly at the shadows. Meanwhile, Dev looks down at the dragon and frowns slightly, "Hey," he says, "Don't overextend yourself on this, okay? It's not worth it--this is just for training," he says, gently. Looking back at the fight, he says to Jules, "Eh, I learned a long time ago that none of this really matters, the only thing that does is if you can live with yourself with what you do,"

[CHAT] Jules laughed, "Ive been mentally programmed with a survival protocol that activated when my life is in severe danger." He crossed his arms, "I can live with everything i've had to do, my function first and foremost is to survive. Granted I carry some guilt and probably won't take another sentient host anytime soon..." He shook his head, considering Robert Goodman, his first host.. A special operative of the EDF... Murdered in one cleave by Kenoya when the Tuffle made a questionable deal with a demon and ended up on New Arlia.

[CHAT] Elphlane feeds Elena more. The fireball erupting and exploding. There was nothing left. Just a black scortch on the ground. But...there was something odd about the black mark. It steemed and vapors filled the air from the char mark. Then, it rose from the mark on the ground, Elena standing to full golem height again. Its arm changed into that of one of those massive boomsticks- shadowy projectiles rapid-firing at the flaming golem. Elphlane shook her head and wrote in the sand. "Survive...pass on...skills." She wrote it with her tail, and was grossly like a childs handwriting.

[CHAT] Jules laughed, "Ive been mentally programmed with a survival protocol that activated when my life is in severe danger." He crossed his arms, "I can live with everything i've had to do, my function first and foremost is to survive. Granted I carry some guilt and probably won't take another sentient host anytime soon..." He shook his head, considering Robert Goodman, his first host.. A special operative of the EDF... Murdered in one cleave by Kenoya when the Tuffle made a questionable deal with a demon and ended up on New Arlia.

[CHAT] Devrios gives a small smirk, "Oh, it's easy enough to ignore when you're staring a distraction in the face and have a goal to focus on, I'm talking about at three in the morning when you can't get to sleep because your sins and regrets won't let you. Self-reflection is a special kind of hell, isn't it?" he says, watching as the golem reforms, "Not bad," he remarks. The golem, meanwhile, uses the last of the boosted strength it has from the enchanted armlet to throw another fireball--from the other enchanted bracer at the shadow golem to finish it off.

[CHAT] Jules nodded in agreement, "Indeed it is. Such is life I suppose. Probably why I'm always busy." He glanced at the dragon, it too had a survival instinct. It would be unfortunate if Devrios failed in training it. Another sentient that would have to be put down... He turned heading back into the medical bay to check on Haggis, "Don't destroy anything." With a casual wave of his hand he vanished back to his work.

[CHAT] Devrios -- The golem goes wide eyed before the shadow slams into it, knocking it to the sand below and snuffing most of it out with a sizzle. "Well, I guess that's that. Good job with that," he looks down to the dragon, patting her on the head one more time, "That was pretty impressive. But I'm sure that got ya hungry, so let's go see if Jules has any more of that food for ya," he says, turning to follow Jules back into the building.

[CHAT] Elphlane snorts and huffs as she saw that the flame golem was still burning and there, although alot smaller. She shrugs as she is struck by ravenous hunger. It was all she could think about. The emptiness inside. She trodded after Devrios, planning on devouring a large portion of those sentient-ish husks. They did not taste well. But she knew what did. She turned her Gave towards Sam as she passed him by. Now that creature was full of youthful energy and had massive emotional output. Now THAT would be a tasty meal...but as long as everyone else was around she couldn't safely eat it...