*Training Day Part 2

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*Training Day Part 2

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[CHAT] Jules was covered in a thin membrane that was the manifestation of his genetic HAVOC augmentations causing his clothes to remain still even as he and the three others flew away from where the training settlement was being set up. A decent sized area nearly a mile across it would be briefly outfitted with atmospheric field generators so the HAVOC wouldn't be necessary during their recovery time. They had been on the planet for nearly three hours much to the annoyance of Sam. Unfortunately Jules expertise had been required along with Himoyachi setting up the medical areas. Mentally he had been keeping track, they had moved away from the sparse desert area into a sparse rocky desert area... Nearly a hundred kilometers and the terrain was almost completely identical.

[CHAT] Jules: -- ' Not to mention the acidity of the natural atmosphere would be toxic to those outside of the HAVOC system or equivalent native survival mechanics. Still, this distance... Jules extended his hand altering the flight path of the group coming to a soft landing and starting to stretch out. For training clothing under his HAVOC there was a simplistic jumpsuit which on the front read CMO on one side and JULES on the other along with a white laboratory coat. Mentally he pulled in the HAVOC to encompass his skin as opposed to his entire clothing which brought the suit under the crew uniform he and Himoyachi had fashioned. '

[CHAT] Jules: -- '"Alright, this ought to be fun. I was thinking get a nice little warm up, a little sparring..." Jules began to stretch out a bit after taking off his coat and laying it down on a jagged rock, "Then we can move onto some team exercises." He glanced at Max, "And then we can all gang up on Max and beat the ever-loving crap out of him cause he's gotta get use to it more-so than the rest of us." He chuckled, Max was probably the only one who could survive playing the role of tank against his Chaos Clone, he by far was the one who most needed to train. The rest of them it was a formality. "Himoyachi, you warm up with Sam. Max... It's been a while since i've danced with the real deal... Care to be my warm-up partner?" '

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He squatted down a few times before finally falling into a simplistic martial posture of defense. "Rules are no abilities other than martial for the warm-up. Himoyachi, you may use your armor since Sam hasn't mastered his form altering abilities yet and his armor will be difficult to suppress until he matures a bit." Jules glanced at Max, "That seem fair?" Jules didn't expect to do well in the warm-up... Without his tricks Max was a far better hand to hand combatant, still, it was training... And it would help him work on his weaker area. It was doubtful Himoyachi would fair much better but Sam lacked the raw experience of fighting while under the influence of a planets gravity, let alone a planet which had twice as much present on Earth. Wasn't much of an issue for Max or Jules but the next generation may find it slightly inhibiting... The Army would benefit as well as it would push them closer to their innate peak physical conditioning. '

[CHAT] Max rolls his shoulders and his neck, dressed fairly casually, in a black tanktop, blue jeans, and black combat boots. He gives a small chuckle as Jules talks about Sam's armor, "Oh, no, he probably can... he just won't. Lot of the stuff I had to learn how to do--and even that I -could- do it, he got naturally. I told you, he's proud of it, it's what he is," he shrugs, before getting in his general combat stance--ready for the fight, "I'm ready whenever you are..." he beckons.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam, for his part, was very excited to be here--he'd worked double time to clean up that mess in the galley to make sure he could make it--he wouldn't miss this big ol' fight scene for the world. He gives a gutteral chuckle and a chitter as Max and Jules talk about him, before looking to his opponet... some kind of tuffle thing? He hadn't really paid much attention to stuff outside of fighting Max and the Doctor. And that dragon-thing.

[CHAT] Jules glanced at Sam, "Pfft, until he can prove he can do it and show empirical evidence as such, he can't do it." Jules glanced back at Max, "Let's go..." His aura suddenly erupted around him as he shot forward with a powerful right handed punch aimed towards Max throwing away the defensive posture for something much more aggressive... Himoyachi sighed glancing at Sam, "First time fighting in gravity eh?" Himoyachi could feel the pull of the extra weight the planet was putting on him, it would slow him down... Not much, but moving at his max speed would be a bit more costly... Exhaling slowly the third generation spawn of the Blended let his own clear aura flare up around him as he dropped down into a rather relaxed evasive posture and let his armor deploy around his body.

[CHAT] Max , with his eyes right on Jules, jukes to the right of the punch, aiming to launch a counter right handed blow aimed at the tuffle's exposed ribs. He was still getting used to the advanced gravity, but he'd fought in all sorts of environments and was adjusting quickly. "Don't hold back, I won't, and that asshole definitely wouldn't," he says, a small grin on his face--this was gonna be fun.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam, on the other hand, hisses slightly at the Doctor saying it can't do something--there wasn't anything it couldn't do! Despite the bravado, it was having a little more trouble with the gravity than Max--it launches itself at the armored tuffle, moving a little more sluggish but also more forcefully than it would otherwise, aiming to straight up pounce on the tuffle and tackle it to the ground.

[CHAT] Jules bent slightly bringing his free elbow in to attempt to parry the blow with some success while his spare hand shaped into a knife and chopped downwards at Max's neck while his elbow pushed the fist back in an attempt to throw Max off balance.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi pulled back falling backwards as his arms and legs came up to... 'Oh shi...' The gravity pulled him back faster than he expected, instead of rolling back and kicking the creature behind him in a graceful roll, instead he found himself being slammed into by the creature. '

[CHAT] Max raises his left forearm and blocks the knife-edge chop from the tuffle, then straight up goes in for a headbutt and a shove to knock Jules away and get some separation--"Not half bad, I almost forgot you were Salnor's kid. Not nearly enough groin shots for that," he jokes, giving a small laugh, but he keeps his eyes squarely on Jules for his next move. Sam, meanwhile, after it tackles the creature down it tries to pin the tuffle with a knee to it's chest to keep it there so it can just try to rain blows down on it's head and shoulders, to take out this guy quick. If this thing can't fight, Sam would wanna fight something that actually could. He gives a gutteral, threatening chitter and a growl as he does so.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi throws up his arms as his pinned to the ground, the blows starting to rain down on him at a fairly rapid pace... 'Ouch...Ouch.. Ouch...' Starting to growl slightly he considered the options at his disposal.. 'No Tentacles...' That was an annoyance, 'Ouch... ouch..' A fist broke through slamming Himoyachi on the nose, even with the armor that one hurt enough to cause him to muffle out a verbal "Ouch..." A second later his hips shot upward jolting the knee slightly while both of his fist lashed out in as powerful a double-handed strike he could manage from his position. With any luck, the combination would be enough to buy him time to recover.'

[CHAT] Jules felt his head snap back, his feet touching the ground as the silvery skin on his face began to darken. He rubbed his jaw, "Heh, given you reproduce asexually it would be foolish to think you've retained that aspect of human weakness. No point in aiming for the groin shot." Jules knew he was outmatched, but laying down wasn't exactly his style and the warm-up wasn't over yet. Tossing a quick glance at their offspring he turned back to Max, "That's going about as well as expected..." A chuckled and he lunged back into combat jumping up with a downward left palm strike and his right knee darting up aiming to hopefully distract him with one and catch him with the other. He agreed with his son, these fights were much easier with six arms...

[CHAT] Max -- Sam hisses and roars, light glinting off of it's razor sharp fangs, right in Himoyachi's face at the attack, he grabs at both of the tuffle's arms--both to block the attack and to force them to the ground, while the clones tail attemps to wrap itself and lift the tuffle's legs off the ground in an attempt to render it completely immobile. Max, meanwhile, leaps back as Jules leaps forward in an attempt to get him to overextend and be off-balance, only to rush forward himself in a shoulder block aiming to knock Jules to the ground himself. This was a fairly good warmup--fun, too, but he was ready for the main fight--and he relished the challenge of it.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi grunted, his voice far calmer than the beating he had just received indicated as he remained immobile. "Well... That went about as well as expected." He sighed, there wasn't much he could do without the use of his abilities... '

[CHAT] Jules slammed onto his back, grunting heavily as the two broke and recovered. "Well, in fairness I am a doctor, not a fighter." He grumbled pushing himself up, glancing over at his offspring. "Guess it's time for the team based training." He glanced at Max, "I'll partner with Sam, you partner with Himoyachi. I've got plenty of healing aids and set up the settlement for a reason so..." He glanced at Sam, "Now's your chance to go all out, sans eating or killing your opponent."

[CHAT] Max -- As the match is called, Sam... reluctantly lets go, climbing off of the smaller tuffle and bounding towards Max and the Doctor, looking up to the doctor warily. It knew the Doctor was strong, but... it'd never really fought him, outside of that one time Max broke up the fight. You don't really know anyone until you fight them. Still, it stepped over to stand next to the Doctor and looked back at Max. Max, meanwhile, stepped over to the smaller tuffle to help it stand up, "So, what're the rules this time?" he asks, looking back over to Jules for the moment and crossing his arms. He didn't get to see much of the little tuffle fight in their last bout... it just didn't go well enough for the tuffle to have a chance. So this could be... interesting.

[CHAT] Jules glanced across the group, "Well, that's open for interpretation. Do we do a one on one tag team style bout or do we just throw ourselves into the would be meat grinder." Jules rubbed his chin, then glanced at Max. One on one they would be able to view each other and then offer critics for improvement but the two on two would more better simulate the battle conditions that were more likely to be faced by the crew... He glanced at Max, "What do you think, one on one tag team or two on two brawl?"

[CHAT] Max hrms a moment, looking between Jules and Sam. Sam was really... independent, he wasn't sure how well he'd work in a team. Maybe he could change that if Sam -had- to rely on someone else to be able to win. "Tag team," he says, simply, before looking down at the tuffle, "So, uh, Himoyachi, was it? What should our tag team name be?" he says with half a grin. It's been too long since he'd been on a tag team, before all this began. Sam, for his part, chitters a few moments, before looking up to the doctor with a mix of questioning and expectance... what is this 'tag team'? Can you eat it?

[CHAT] Jules smiled, "Tag team it is." He glanced at his partner, "Rock, paper, scissors to see which one of us fights first, or would you like to take the first swing?" Jules was indifferent on who was first, the quizical look on Sam's face seemed to demand further explanation. "Oh, and during this basically we'll fight one at a time tapping out when we need to. The general goal is to immobilize your opponent so they can no longer fight back..." He glanced at Himoyachi, "We're not wrestling so we'll forgo the 'pin' rule in lieu of 'If you can't move for more than say... Ten seconds... That sounds good... Then that team wins the match." He held out a hand closed fist prepared to battle Sam in rock, paper, scissors unless the youngster volunteered to go first.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam just flat out ignores the Doctor and walks out to fight--it didn't know what Rock, Paper, Scissors was, and it didn't like Jules anyway. It was going to win this fight on it's own! Didn't need any help from any smug tuffle--it definitely didn't need any help before in the last fight, and it doesn't need it now! Max, for his part, took a knee next to the tuffle and quietly discussed things with it, "I need to start off this fight, I gotta get it through Sam's head that having help is a 'good' thing and to take it when he can get it. He's got a bigger head than any of us here..." he shakes his head slowly, before looking out at Sam as he gets ready to fight.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi's armor retracted revealing his silvery skin heavily bruised on his arms and facial areas, "Have at it boss, tag me when you get bored. I'd like to introduce him to my old friend tentacle rape... Didn't feel right holding four arms in my back while getting pummeled..." Himoyachi stepped back and took a knee waiting to be tagged in. "Team First Power is going to kick your asses Neo-Blended et-al." '

[CHAT] Jules glanced at Sam, then heard his child's gloat. Truth was, Max's team probably would win. Better combatants... Then again, with Jules tricks he could hold his own against Max for a while. Only differing factor in the long haul was Max's vastly superior regeneration abilities. He replied "Uh, Team Second Power back at you?" Clearly Jules wasn't cut out for trash talk.

[CHAT] Max chuckles, "Hah. Alright, I'll soften 'em up then tag you in. Just, uh, let 'em go if he goes for the tag, alright?" he says, standing back up and walking out to Sam, "Better tag Jules in if you need it, I'm gonna hold back for your account," he says, his demeanor instantly going serious as he frowns and furrows his brow. Sam, for his part, just gives a gutteral chuckle and steps towards Max a few more steps, before lunging.

[CHAT] Max -- At that, Max suddenly yells out, as a brilliant red and white aura surrounds him--the ground around him shaking and cracking into pieces--small rocks hovering in the air as Sam lunged==only to land squarely on a knee in it's gut, and then a double axehandle in it's back, sending it crashing to the ground. As Sam recovers, Max looks to Jules, "Don't do a thing to help unless Sam tags you in, okay?" he says, simply.

[CHAT] Jules let out a sigh, "Alright, against my better judgement i'll just let his natural healing abilities do my job for me." He glanced over at Himoyachi, ("Let me guess, Max is breaking his offspring to prove a point?") He glanced from Himoyachi to Max who let the red aura of his Kaioken flare up. Clearly he wasn't playing around. His son responded, ("Yep.") Jules chuckled, "This shouldn't take long."

[CHAT] Max -- Sam climbs to its feet, shaking his head and giving a gutteral growl--only to be interrupted by a strong haymaker from Max, sending it reeling, before it could recover Max launches himself at it, grabbing it by it's torso, lifting it high into the air, and slamming it down so hard it craters into the dirt--causing the clone to grunt--knocking the wind out of it, and while it's still on the ground he grabs the clones leg... and starts spinning in place. Soon Sam is flying through the air, circling Max before Max lets go and sends it flying, throwing an energy blast at it for good measure--it explodes with a lound 'THUMP' and sends Sam sprawling to the dirt, smoking lightly, but still struggling to get up. At that, the aura around Max dies down and slowly fades away, he walks over to Himoyachi and tags the tuffle in. "Go have fun, just remember what I asked,"

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi rose to his feet as Sam began to recover, "Alright, i'll be nice and let you recover yourself.. Feel free to tag out if you need a breather." Himoyachi fell into a defensive position while feeding energy into the bio-organic augments in his back. "I'm sure this will be exactly like last time." There was a slight smile on his face.'

[CHAT] Jules meanwhile sat silently, focusing on his internal biology and engineering a bio-organic chemical that was easily ignited and highly flammable. He doubted Sam was in any hurry to give up, if he was anything like Max there was a high probability that Jules would be sitting out this part of the training session. Still, he would at one point or another face Max again during the training and he'd like to have a trump on hand to help bring down the integrity of that armor.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam grunts, slowly pushing itself to its feet and shaking its head to help regain focus, it then glares at the small tuffle as it taunts sarcastically. It gives a gutteral growl, then roars as it bolts towards the tuffle--having since adjusted itself to the gravity between the last fight and this one, it was ready for it... even if it was hurt. It could take down this pesky little tuffle, no problem! As it got close it launched itself into the air, coming down at the tuffle while bring both clawed hands down slashing at it in an 'X' fashion.

[CHAT] Jules didn't move, instead his legs parted shoulder width apart and his back unleashed all four arms... Two formed into hands which grabbed successful onto Sam's arms effectively stopping him in his tracks while the other two tentacles shifted into powerful spikes which aimed to pierce upwards into a rapid-fire motion in order to break through the armor and impale his peer. "Things are different now, I'm not nearly as inhibited!" Of course Himoyachi knew the only reason he had a shot in the long haul in this case was because his father softened him up first. If Sam were fresh the outcome would probably be similar to last time.

[CHAT] Jules continued to watch calmly as his stomach continued to churn away, he would occasionally pass a foul smelling gas from his rectal orifice, excess waste that was to unstable to be kept in. He could sense the thoughts of his son, even Himoyachi recognized the innate difference in skill and the two are literally a few months apart. Himoyachi had probably survived Sulmues for a reason, it was a shame that when Himoyachi took a sentient host Jules would probably lose him in time as well. Glancing at Sam, he wondered if the second generation of 'this' species would eventually break off from the influence of his creator as well. He supposed it was life... Farting again he continued to work on his trump card, snacking on a few supplement pills and HAVOC primers as well.

[CHAT] Max -- Even with it's arms grabbed, it was able to move them enough to block the stab attempts, before it suddenly jumps and tries to slam it's clawed legs into the tuffles chest in an attempt to rip its hands out of the tuffles grasp... or sweep the tuffles feet with its tail while it had the chance. Tired and beaten as it was, it was still not going to go out without one hell of a fight. Max, for his part, merely watched on, staring at Sam with his brow furrowed. "C'mon," he says, quietly to himself, "Ask for help..."

[CHAT] Max -- Sam yells out as it's pummeled, lashing out any way it can at the tuffle, slashing with it's claws but it's at a disadvantage and takes way too many hits to be able to fight effectively, but it doesn't give up, struggling even down to the last hit to create some separation and some breathing room... but it was hurtin. Pretty bad. Max had already given it a beating, but this thing--it had it handled earlier, why couldn't it win now!? It was better than this!

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi suddenly let his energy burst out as he vanished appearing in the air above Sam facing downwards as his four tentacles now lashed downwards in one single motion as a massive battering ram. "You know what the shame is Sam? We're both the First generation creations of our father that were meant to live a 'natural' life span for our respective species... However in the pursuit of survival..." A tentacle reached out transformed into a hand tagging Max on the shoulder, "I quickly learned that there is strength to our unity on board the Platinum Dream... We can save the galaxy if we stand together." He vanished again, appearing again next to Max. "I've actually manged to stab him a few dozen times... He needs a moment." It was a whisper so soft that even the Namekian hearing Max had acquired would only faintly detect it. '

[CHAT] Max -- Sam falls, flat on its face to the ground and remains motionless for a few long moments, "See if he'll take Jules' trying to help him up," Max whispers back, almost silently, before walking forward and looking down at the prone Sam--and then kicking him--just hard enough to make him skid over to the other side of the arena, stopping just a few feet from Jules as he pants deeply and starts stirring, as Max starts counting, "One... Two... Three..."

[CHAT] Jules whistled, a single tentacle extending towards Sam forming into the shape of a palm. He had enough for one burst stored... He would have to wait until Max deployed his armor.. It would have to be a moment of surprise... Glancing at Sam he smiled, "Trust me, take my hand and you'll be ready for round two before i'm done softening him up for you." He had found with Max that he could super-charge their regeneration. Between that and Dumastin's magic-juice these two were probably the hardest to kill of the crew, and adversly the easiest to treat medically. "Or you can let him keep counting and we'll lose which will ensure my son will forever mock you about that time your silly pride cost you a match you could've won." Max had reached six... Jules was getting annoyed...

[CHAT] Max -- Sam grunts and growls, it wouldn't give up... it didn't want to give up! But if it couldn't get up, it'd lose... "Seven..." Sam shakes it's head, trying to push itself up once... and kind of failing, falling back down to the ground, "Eight..." "No..." Sam croaks out, gutterally, shaking it's head vigorously as it tries one more time... and manages to make it to it's hands and knees... but it wasn't gonna be able to make it any more. At least not without some time. "Nine..." Max says, then Sam grunts, annoyed, and -finally- takes Jules' hand tentacle thing to try to climb to its feet and get out of the arena to rest and heal up for a moment.

[CHAT] Jules let two of his biological regenerative aids flow into Sam's hand through a pair of injections. Taking the hand back a glow of Cyan energy began to slowly spread over his body starting from his palm. Jules too exploded into a brilliant Cyan aura before launching himself once again at Max this time a half a second burst of optic energy paving the way for an assault consisting of an obvious tentacle assault feigning to cover for the powerful hay-maker he intended to deliver square into Max's jaw, his armor began deploying the second he got within striking range.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam walks over to the side and sits down to watch the fight, frowning quietly. It wasn't happy--it couldn't get back up by itself, and it was disappointed because of that. Max nods and smiles, "Good, you got help--now," he blurs in a burst of speed, dashing to the side as his own aura flares out, "Let's see how you can do, Jules," he says, chuckling a moment before roaring out louder as he shifts into his carapace armored war form--then launches himself at Jules, aiming to tackle him in the midsection, and grab his legs in a take down.

[CHAT] Jules was hit with the tackle and his tentacles retracted as his stomach suddenly emptied itself of a black mucous substance dripped over him and continued spilling out. Two tentacles meanwhile shot from his lower back in powerful battering rams striking upwards into Max trying to knock him off balance so Jules could successfully lock in a grapple with his arms and fling the behemoth Mimic.

[CHAT] Max blinks as Jules pukes... something all over him? He could smell it already... it wasn't pleasant, and it probably wasn't a good thing. "What the... what the hell is this?" he says, looking somewhat confused--but doesn't let it distract him too much, he instead tries to drive a knee squarely into the tuffles gut, then attempts to throw him to the ground, he had to be careful and get this stuff off before Jules could do whatever he was planning.

[CHAT] Jules slammed violently into the ground his tentacles lashing ten meters behind him and hooking into the ground as his eyes unleashed a potent burst of energy which would set the goo aflame... As Jules began to rise his eyes continued to unleash burst at Max... Mostly to ensure that it would light up Max and weaken his armor... By that same token he let his own armor retract to avoid it from catching aflame as well. "A little trick I plan on using on your Chaos clone, you like?" There was actually sincerity in the question, as if questioning whether or not it was a viable tactic to use against the chaos form of Max.

[CHAT] Max grits his teeth as Jules scurries away. That's... not good... and then suddenly he was on -fire-. It was... pretty excrutiating. He grits lets out an incredible roar of pain and effort as the familiar crimson and white aura flares up around him, and he bulks up considerably--doubling in size as the wind whips through the area from the energy--he's trying to put out the fire that way, but it's like friggin napalm and won't go out--so he does the next best thing, literally vanishing like a firely bullet to literally tackle the tuffle and put him in a vicelike bearhug, "HOW DO YOU THINK I LIKE BEING ON FIRE!?" he roars in the tuffles face.

[CHAT] Jules had to balance self preservation versus his armor... After the flames started to spread across his body his armor once again deployed and began spreading cross his own body... A second later a powerful cyan aura exploded around him as the shoulder pads on his armor began to expand and his armor was decorated with target sights appearing over his eyes. He could fell all of them... They would sustain him much longer than the wild-life indigenous on most planets could... "I can honestly say I don't care for it!" The shout was once again honest as he was stumbling backwards, his hands began to raise into an axe-handle pounding down on the tackling Max violently being joined in by his tentacles wedging between Max's arms and his body in order to force-break the tackling grasp and fling him off so he could jump into the sand and try to snuff the flames before his army was fully compromised.

[CHAT] Max takes the opportunity to dive into sand as well, stopping, dropping, and rolling and what not... and before too long he's just lying on the ground, literally smoking and covered from head to toe in burns. And it really, really hurts. Sam, for it's part, had winced and looked away--and looked pretty pissed at the Doctor. Fire is not something to casually throw around against him or anything like him... he went way too far for a spar, for sure.

[CHAT] Jules let out a wince as he too snuffed the flames on his armor and let it drop, by now Sam had stopped glowing cyan and was ready for another round. A tentacle extended and tapped him on the shoulder, "So it would be effective in creating an opening against your chaos clone for the rest of you to exploit... I just have to be prepared to deal with the painful consequences, good lesson." Truth be told he wanted to try and restore the integrity of his armor a bit and Sam might be able to exploit the brief structural lack of integrity in his fathers armor. As he stepped over to Sam he spoke softly, "Nice and softened up, probably mighty pissed off though. Have fun with that." On the plus side, his aid had worked in tandem with Sam's regeneration and restored him completely sans his energy.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam gives a gutteral growl to the Doctor as tags it in. Even it was pissed off at that stunt the Doctor pulled, but they were 'supposed' to be on the same team, so instead Sam just walks into the arena as Max climbs to his feet, taking a deep breath as the white-and-crimson aura fades and he loses the excess bulk--and then Sam lunges at him. This time, Max is on the defensive, using his forearms to deflect and block several swipes and punches he takes a few steps back--Sam following to not give him an inch until Max shoves him back for some separation. Max backs up, looking for Himoyachi to tag in--he didn't exactly want to fight while still covered in burns.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The second Max turned with a hand extended it was slapped by a tentacle formed hand and Himoyachi jumped between Sam and his father throwing up his arms up in defense. Himoyachi knew Sam wouldn't fall for the same rapid-fire barrage he used before, not if he adapted anything like his father so he would have to be a bit more creative with his abilities. "Father certainly fights dirty in order to win, kind of a dick thing for training but it does show a valuable lesson I suppose..." Regardless, he was now in the battle. '

[CHAT] Jules internally was working on the areas of his armor that was burned, Himoyachi and Sam would be good to go for a while. Sam probably had the edge as far as being in better physical condition. Max was probably fairly pissed off but regardless he glanced across the battle-field, "So.. Need feed-back, effective distraction against your clone or no?"

[CHAT] Max just shakes his head, wincing at even doing that--the burns made everything tender and hurt until they healed, "It'll piss him off, that's for damn sure..." he says with a gutteral grunt. "Never do that again," he says, simply looking back to the fight, "Or I will -kick your ass-," he adds, narrowing his eyes. Sam, for his part, backs off momentarily at Himoyachi joining the fight, it had to change tactics--suddenly it fires off a trio of energy blasts at the tuffle, rushing right after them to start throwing various punches and swipes at the tuffle.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi was quick to throw on his armor, all four tentacles crossing in front of him as he was forced back by the blast. As his tentacles fell his arms immediately came up, the Mimic slicing into the armor on his forearms. Himoyachi pushed his fore-arms to the left while his right leg came up with a powerful knee aimed towards Sam's gut. '

[CHAT] Max -- Sam blocks the knee with its forearms but it's pushed back--and it hangs back, giving a gutteral chuckle as it surveys the landscape, it wasn't going to give the tuffle another chance to use those tentacles--so instead it uses the environment. It lauches several blasts--directly at the sandy ground through the area, kicking up a large cloud of dust to cover its approach as it dashes to one side, spikes erupting from it's tail and right foot as it races towards the tuffle to deliver a powerful upper roundhouse kick and tail swipe to take the tuffle down.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi glanced around as the sand flared up in the area, following his senses to track Max's movement... He was... From the eleven o'clock Max appeared throwing Himoyachi off balance with a powerful round-house kick. Two tentacles deployed, one lashing out at Sam slamming into the attacking tail and another to grab the ground and brace himself as the force of the kick knocked him jaggedly to the side. Coming back to the ground Himoyachi released his anchor and jumped away breathing heavier. '

[CHAT] Jules could understand why Max wasn't a fan of being set on fire, he'd refrain from using that tactic during anymore training sessions. Regardless, it seemed their offspring were doing well against one another. Himoyachi wasn't going to be able to dance at his current level for much longer, the extra gravity was putting to much of a strain on his fancy organic techniques which just spread his mass over a wider difference.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam pressed the advantage, rushing the tuffle with another flurry of punches and swipes--it was panting itself, throwing energy and running around on this planet was starting to get to it, too, but it still had enough left to take this thing down--it was not going to lose again! Fire aside, this was fun! The thrill of combat was the best thing in the world for Max and anything like him--nothing better. And Sam had a grin that showed it. Max, meanwhile, watches the fight, he was having fun too, though the fire kind of ruined the mood for a few minutes, "C'mon, Himoyachi! You can do it!" he calls out encouragement, "Not gonna let Mini-Me over there beat ya up again, are ya?"

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi used both his arms and twin tentacles to rapidly parry the incoming blows, a third tentacle slipping between his legs and forming a hand. Even as Himoyachi continued to step back the hand under his groin unleashed an energy blast towards Sam's midsection followed by that same tentacle lashing out in a powerful stab for the impact zone. '

[CHAT] Jules could feel the energy of the two starting to draw thin, Max and Jules were more apt to training on the planet. "You've done a fine job Sam, now why don't you let me show that tentacle-wielding little upstart a lesson?" His tone was one of a fighter impressed, if the two of them exhausted themselves now training for the day would get cut short. It was getting close to ending the session and moving onto having lunch air-dropped.

[CHAT] Max -- Sam was too focused on throwing out punches and swipes--the blast catches him off guard and then he's stabbed in the gut. Sam grits his teeth, but doesn't give up--he was tired of getting stabbed, so instead he grabbed at the tentacle to keep it from retracting--opened up his maw, the giant, razor sharp teeth glinting in the light, and goes to straight up try to bite and rip off the tentacle--good luck stabbing him again with -that- one!

[CHAT] Max shakes his head, "Ah, right now he's havin fun'. He's not gonna tag out unless he really needs it, I think," he says with a small chuckle, he was feeling better at least--most of the burns were gone.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi let out a scream as the tentacle was grabbed and he was pulled off balance... As the teeth came down biting into the tentacle three others appeared each one unleashing a singular blast at Sam at point blank range, he would probably lose the end of his tentacle... But Sam was getting the hell away from him...'

[CHAT] Jules watched carefully, Sam was using his teeth as a tool and Himoyachi could survive the injury. Felt like having an army impaled or ripped off, but that was life. Still, Himoyachi would be on the verge of passing out soon. A tentacle once again extended towards Sam offering to tag him.

[CHAT] Max -- The blasts hit Sam--point blank, and send it sprawling away from the tuffle, it pushes itself up, clutching its midsection where it was stabbed earlier, and looks up to the Doctor wanting to tag in. It narrows its eyes at the doctor--it didn't really want to tag out--it could still get up! It could still fight! Reluctantly, it tagged the doctor in--having a grumbling chitter as it stepped out of the arena.

[CHAT] Jules entered the field his tentacles already slamming into Himoyachi from across the battle-ground.. He was on top of his son in a moment completely overwhelming him before grabbing his leg and tossing him at Max. "I think the kids are well played, guess it's time for us to take the training seriously." Max and Jules had maybe used twenty percent of their energy reserves, this would be the last bout before lunch. Weakly Himoyachi extended a hand to Max.

[CHAT] Max takes the tag and sets Himoyachi off the field, before stepping out there himself, he brushes his hands off, shaking his head, "Fine, but remember what I said. If I see fire again I will -kick your ass-!" he says, still sounding sore about it, before getting into his fighting stance and beckoning the tuffle, "Bring it on," he taunts before grinning--revealing another set of razor sharp fangs.

[CHAT] Jules shook his head, "Only had enough produced for the one time, and like you saying you're going to kick my ass is anything different from what usually happens when we've sparred." A second later his transformation once again unleashed around him altering his form slightly as his armor deployed, the front of it still bearing the damage of the flames before. Regardless he was striking out with a combinations of kicks and punches for the moment.

[CHAT] Max -- The crimson and white aura flares up one more time as he goes on the defensive, blocking and parrying what he can--though a punch or two gets through and he jumps back for some separation--only to charge directly at the tuffle in what looks like a tackle, but only to dive at the last second and use the full force of his charge and body weight squarely into taking out Jules' legs. If Jules wanted to take advantage of Max tackling alot, well, it's time to change up the game plan.

[CHAT] Jules grumbled as Max rushed him in a... 'That's not a ta..." Two tentacles slammed into the ground towards his left and right as Max slammed into his legs sending him into a forward spin as Max slammed into his legs. As Jules upper body ran parallel with the ground his hands extended towards Max pointing down. Without a second thought he unleashed a blast from each hand while letting his tentacles free from the ground so the force would send him flying upwards.

[CHAT] Max leaps off the ground as soon as he notes Jules manages to avoid getting taken down in that--one blast slams into his side and the other into the dirt, kicking up another dust cloud--it gets worse soon enough as Max lands on his feet and cups his hands to his side, yelling out with effort as his aura and energy whips throughout the area--the force of the wind generated enough to kick up enough dirt for a veritable localized sandstorm, before he throws out the bright crimson energy beam squarely at Jules' energy signature.

[CHAT] Jules had brought himself into a floating position a second before the massive wave of energy crashed into him mid-air, his form screaming as he was carried back... A second later his eyes opened unleashing a counter-force of energy to push the wave away from him. As the wave continued traveling Jules smoking armor could be seen with several more burns. He was breathing heavily, "I don't really have something comparable, but I do have this..." He vanished from high above the air appearing immediately above Max with his eyes wide open and full of energy unleashing a focused optic blast.

[CHAT] Max blinks as Jules suddenly appeared above him and threw one of those optic blasts--with no time to dodge he throws his arms up to block it--the blast pushing him back about a foot, leaving a trail in the dirt and his arms smoking lightly and burned. "Not bad..." Max says with a grin, panting slightly himself, before leaping up into the air after him. He fires off a blast from each hand, only to rush in immediately after them to unleash another barrage of punches, kicks, and claw rakes.

[CHAT] Jules noted the hand movements... The shifting of Max's energy... A second after Max's energy blast flew Jules released two of his own in order to counter them... The smoke of the explosions resulted in Jules suddenly being slammed backwards as Max rushed him... The rapid succession of strikes and blows caused Jules to wince out in bouts of pain as Max lashed out. After a few seconds his tentacles began deploying and his defenses became more controlled. He was easily keeping a perfect defense against Max's four melee assault so much so that an one of the tentacles held back for a moment.

[CHAT] Jules: -- ' The tip opened a moment later with an eye forming at the end unleashing another optic blast from above. 'Unfortunate...' Jules suddenly retracted his tentacles immediately after the optic assault, they were easier to maintain that throwing energy blast certainly... But they were the only equalizing tool he had and they did put a strain on both his physical and meta-physical reserves... Stacked with the energy drain to keep the armor as durable as he was considering it was already damaged... Still, Jules would fight on as long as he could. It was obvious he was already panting from the fatigue of combat. '

[CHAT] Max -- The blast slams into Max from above, sending him crashing to the ground as he didn't see that one coming. He doesn't stay down too long, though, pushing himself up and shaking his head with a chuckle, "Good one," he says, before glancing around--taking note of Sam and Himoyachi--both were looking hungry--so was he. "Wanna call it and grab lunch or are you good to keep going?" he calls out, looking up to the tuffle one more time. Sam, meanwhile, perks up excitedly at the mention of food.

[CHAT] Jules let his armor drop, there were slight gashes across his upper-torso slicing through his previously prestine uniform and he was bleeding pretty significantly. The armor had stopped suppressing the bleeding and the HAVOC suit was showing pools of blood spreading across his flesh. "Yep... I'm good. Going to need a few." He slowly sat down falling into a meditative stance... Gray tubules began to spread from the gashes on Jules body as the Tuffle within began physically taking the escaped material from the bleeding and fashioned it into a solid clot, it would take several minutes to cover them all. On the plus side, the blood would remain sterile inside the HAVOC membrane and he could reabsorb the excess. Mentally he sent a note to Himoyachi, 'Let Prime know we're ready for Lunch.'

[CHAT] Max shifts back into his own more human form--he still had a lot of the burns and now bruises on him, though they were healing up. "You okay?" he asks, as Sam walks up to him, chittering away, "We'll get lunch in a minute Sam, they gotta bring it in from the ship," he says--at which Sam looks down and grunts, sounding annoyed by that. It was hungry -now-. "How about you, Himoyachi, you okay?" he looks to the other tuffle.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi glanced up, he had been speaking into his wrist communicator and storage compartment for his HAVOC supplements. "Alright, Prime is launching the 'lunch pod' now." He glanced to Max, "I suppose i've been worse a time or too, tentacle stings like Well, like being set on fire. So that's fun, but i'll be fine." He glanced at Sam, "Nice job tagging out, it's not always about 'winning first.' Sometimes victory is about outlasting, a tactic you and your father are probably very good at. You have team-mates and family, don't hesitate to accept help mate." '

[CHAT] Max nods, "Little harder for me and him on this tag team thing because, well, we don't wanna -stop- fighting til it's over. Having to sit it out... well, that's tough," he says, looking down at Sam and patting him on the head, "Y'did good, kid," he says, smiling at Sam, who looks really excited about that, giving a big toothy grin--he really was Max's kid. "Lunch can't get here soon enough, though," he comments, patting his stomach for a moment before looking up at the sky.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Lunch did indeed come soon enough, a few seconds after Max had spoken a sizable capsule approximately a house in size was seen crashing through the atmosphere leaving a trail of fire seeming to be coming strait down upon the group. As it reached a thousand meters the anti-gravity systems began to fire and the craft came in for a soft landing after another two minutes. Inside were a selection of fifty medium sized animals harnessed within the ship. It was fortunate that everyone in the group could eat their meat raw.... '