*Say Hello To My Little Friend

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*Say Hello To My Little Friend

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[CHAT] Max steps back into the Arlian camp with a smaller, fully armored minion in toe, it'd been just a day since he left, but, well, stupid time compression or whatever pocket dimension magic bullcrap made it a year. He'd had some food, thank goodness--even if he'd been able to live a year without it, well, it wasn't a fun thing to do. Still, he had things to do. And one of them was important, and for that he needed David. Or the other one.

[CHAT] Freddy let out a yip as he worked to fill the massive mixing vat in front of him with the appropriate raw chemicals to get the 'base' of the organic armor. They were working to outfit as many armored units as possible, and even body armor... And really, anything they could coat in the material. David was doing the same at one of the southern-factories. The two were aware that one of the 'defense depots' that had been essential to the Arlian war effort was no longer in their control. Problematic, it just made it all the more essential for the duo to produce as much as possible...

[CHAT] Max -- As he notes the short little silver guy, he gives a whistle to get it's attention as he walks up--the little armored monster rushing ahead enthusiastically, only to skid to a stop just about a foot from the lil thing. "There you are, I've been looking for one of the two of ya. I'm gonna need you to do me a bit of a favor," he remarks, glancing up at the... whatever it is he's doing. Oh boy. This was probably gonna be annoying. But at least he's not doing it himself!

[CHAT] Freddy well... Freddy freaked right the fuck out, Max would recognize the language of the Tuffle as "What the flying fuck get the hell away from me your monster!" Freddy's actions reflected his words, he fell off the ladder he had been standing on crashing onto the ground and very quickly retreating to underneath the stand which the vat on, clearly not bothered by the intense heat directly behind him where a flame was being applied to the vat.

[CHAT] Max just shakes his head and sighs, he'd had quite a bit of time to get used to the whole... looking like a monster thing. Other people/things, not so much. "You know, that's not very nice," he rolls his eyes, more annoyed than anything at Freddy's reaction, as the minion starts clicking, chittering, and everything else required in tuffle speak, 'Get out here and teach me! Nao!' enthusiastic as hell, before going to eye the little tuffle thing underneath the vat stand. Right up until Max reaches down, grabs it by the scruff of it's neck, picks it up, and sets it down a few feet away. "None of us are gonna eat you, do I really have to tell -everyone- that?" he grumbles.

[CHAT] Freddy glared at the little minion, then back to Max, then back to the minion... He seemed... A little less stressed, "You think we're stupid?" He was still speaking in clicks and beeps, "The first time you summoned those things they were very eagerly trying to eat the Blended, we have reason to be afraid. We taste of the same essence." He glanced at the minion again, then back to Max... "David said something about your intelligence probably increasing when he said you could speak of the Tuffle tongue. What exactly are you hoping to learn, my knowledge goes far beyond 'punch, kick, eat till dead." He sighed, glancing up at Max, "No offence."

[CHAT] Max shakes his head, "They were trying to eat every thing they could. Julian just happened to be there. Let's just say... they're better now," he says with a frown, "What I want to learn, though," he says, pausing a moment as he looks up to what Julian's creation's are working on, studying it momentarily, "Everything," he says, simply. "Teach it everything you know." Meanwhile, the little monster looks up to the vat as well, getting way too close to it to try to peer at what's inside--it's like a kid, way too overeager to learn.

[CHAT] Freddy glared up at Max, his clicks, beeps, boops, and bops translating as "...You're kidding right? You want me to teach your knock-off... Two-hundred plus years of medical knowledge?" There was a sharp, fast laugh that followed. "You're smoking something good, unless you can develop skills via the absorption of mass amount of genetic material from someone who 'was' an expert in the area. Then it'll take a few days. I'm not going to do that though, not without something in return."

[CHAT] Max shoots Freddy a glare, "Well, let's call that Plan B. This is Plan A," he shakes his head, "Which one would you prefer we try?" he frowns. He wanted to be nice, but this guy was a dick. "He'll pick it up fast, I'm sure," he says, waving a hand dismissively. "He might seem a little... overeager, but he's as smart as I am. He's part of -me- after all," meanwhile the little critter was chittering and chattering in the tuffle tung, "Teach me... teach me... teach me..." repeatedly off to the side, to the lil tuffle thing.

[CHAT] Freddy shook his head, grumbling lightly to himself. "No, you don't understand..." He glared at the clone, "It doesn't matter if he's a savant, what I have to teach would take hundreds of thousands of hours. It's not a matter of ability i'm sure, it's a matter of time." He glanced back at the vat, checking his watch momentarily as he started to head back up the ladder. "Plan B, a few days. Plan A: Forty-years at a minimum."

[CHAT] Max looks back up to the vat, "Not really making the best case for Plan A there, you know," he remarks--indeed the lil monster is picking up on the frustration, giving a small growl, before going back to chittering and chattering, "Teach me!" every few seconds, "Come on! Teach! Teach teach teach!" plus it's starting to hop around every time it says 'teach.' Which is a lot.

[CHAT] Freddy adjusted the flow of raw minerals from the hose into the vat before turning back to Max, "Not an invitation to eat me." He glanced back at the spaz, "Listen, your DNA is constantly changing, which is constantly altering your physiology. The appropriate introduction of the appropriate sequences of DNA can give an intuitive knowledge in the subject in question. The Blended had a very long career, getting it all in a 'classroom' type environment even grinding twenty-four hours a day would take close to forty years. Or you can let me put together sixty to seventy genetic organisms with engineered sequences, and can have what you want in a few days. Regardless, if you want my to 'teach' your things how to do everything. I need your vow that you'll use them to attempt to replace The Blended on the battle-field."

[CHAT] Max looks back to the little tuffle thing, "I'm the fighter. I always have been, I always will be. This won't change that. But, I need to better understand... everything, about me, and I need to figure out how to not rely on anyone else for a sustainable food source, and this is it," he says, simply and plainly, "I'll try to help people, I always do, but I'm -not- Julian," he shrugs, "And you're still going to teach him," he guestures to the little guy whose still jumping around and demanding that he be taught. "All the information pumped into my brain in the world doesn't mean I automatically understand it--so someone's going to have to go over it, too,"

[CHAT] Freddy crawled off the ladder, shaking his head. "No, you don't understand. I'm not teaching you or your little minions to do shit until your clones agree to be Combat Surgeons." He glanced at his watch again, and began walking off heading to the vat down the line not really paying attention to Max as he continued to talk. "I don't give a damn what you 'plan' on doing, David and I were programmed to avoid physical danger and we can't override it. The Arlian doctors are shit when it comes to Saiyan physiology. The Blended could've made a difference, he's gone. You have clones and you want something from me, David and I will have something from you in exchange. This isn't some 'free' you tell me what you want I give it to you. You're injured, I treat you. That's the only requirement, and for you that won't happen often. Now, agree or move along. I've got work to do."

[CHAT] Max frowns, "Well, that's a dick move on your part. Wonder how much of Salnor is in ya, certainly not enough of Julian," the minion immediately moves to stand in Freddys' way, glaring down at him as he's denied, "Sorry, that's not a requirement I can do, though I thought you'd jump at a chance to keep me from being hungry," he shrugs, "I can do more to make sure people don't get hurt in the first place--keeping all of the little guys out, all the time, and always under fire is too much of a drain on me--I wouldn't be able to fight effectively after a certain point," he shakes his head, "Come on, don't bother him, he's got a lot of work to do," he says to the lil monster, who just slouches and looks down--almost pouting, and slowly trails after Max who turns and walks away.

[CHAT] Freddy let a long glare linger at Max, before turning his head and closing his eyes for a moment. His eyes seemed to be rapidly moving back and forward as he a 'hissing' noise indicated that he was busy working on his own body. A second later he let out a scream and ripped off his right arm, tossing it in front of Max. "The information you seek is stored within that arm. I wouldn't eat it to quickly, you don't want to miss the important part about 'farming' organic matter. Now get the hell out of our manufacturing center." The silver-skinned assistant turned and began to head for his next objective, seeming not to mind the trauma of tearing its own arm off.

[CHAT] Max blinks and goes wide eyed, "What the hell..." he says, looking down as the lil monster snatches the arm up and looks back up to Max, "Are you alright?" he asks--sounding relatively concerned, he walks back over to the little guy and says, "I... didn't mean for you to do anything like that, I didn't wanna hurt ya or anything, you're the only reminders of my friend that I've got," he says, shaking his head, he pauses, doing a half turn to look at the lil monster again, "Look, I can't promise a whole squad or anything of medics--I don't have the ability to do what Julian can, even with his knowledge I can't just magic up a healing potion to whoever needs it in combat, I just don't have that ability," he waves a hand, "But this guy here, he can be your assistant for as long as you need it, and he'll patch anyone up who needs it while I'm in combat and he's available. I just... hell, I just wanna help, okay?"

[CHAT] Freddy had barely bled at all, his body had almost instantly sealed off the leaking part as easily as plugging off a leaking pipe. The stepped back away from Max and pointed up, his eyes seeming to swell slightly as he actually spoke in galactic common, his anger seeping out "You're part of the reason he's dead! You, the Captain, and that Elf-Fellow! If you had all been there he wouldn't of had to put himself on the front line, he would've played support like he planned and been able to survive! What the fuck is wrong with you all? You're the 'Only' one who was there through it all, and even then you were more focused on Eating those clones and the king than making sure the fucking MEDIC was alright!" Actual tears had began to draw in the assistants eyes as he used his remaining arm to wipe the forming liquid away from his large singular eye.

[CHAT] Max frowns, looking down at the little guy, if it had been a year ago--or, well, yesterday--he probably would have snapped then and there at the insinuation that he'd killed his friend. But he'd spent a year facing those demons--and you can't really deny them after fighting them, literally, every day. So, he gives a weary sigh and says, simply, "You're right," he says, frowning, "I've thought about it. Longer than you know," he looks out the exit of the building, "And you're right. I was too focused on 'eating,'" he shakes his head, "I don't even know what happened--I didn't even see him go down," he frowns, "I didn't even get to say goodbye. To Julian, at least. Salnor I talked to," he waves a hand again.

[CHAT] Freddy swiped his remaining arm at the ground, throwing his tears to the floor beneath them. His expression was one of a person in mourning as he glanced at Max, once again he spoke in the seemingly incoherent language of Tuffle, "At least you stayed with him most of the time. He wasn't in any sort of physical condition to do any real fighting... Yet the circumstances Apparently demanded it... He was fighting on your level when he should have been keeping out of combat and treating the injured..."

[CHAT] Freddy: -- 'The assistant was still tearing up as he looked up at Max, "David and I... We're... We're carrying on with the will of the Blended... We have... Nothing else... He wanted to keep this planet Arlian so we're helping in the ways we can... But we can't be there on the front line... If your allies start dropping around you, you should have the tools to do all you can to save them... Even if you have to perform triage from a distance to buy time before letting your... Little monsters... Stabilize and help extract. It'll be like... He's fighting there... In a way... Even if it's only limited..." '

[CHAT] Max frowns, "I'll do what I can," he says, looking back to the little guy, "I mean, if I'm where someone needs help... don't I always help? Don't you know me... like... at all?" he says, "It's just not something I can do twenty-four/seven, being in four places at once really takes it out of ya when you have to keep doing it -all the time-. Especially when they get shot at and taken out, and then I have to make more of them on an even faster timescale... that's a lot of mass to go through,"

[CHAT] Freddy grumbled, he honestly wanted little to do with the whole lot of them... But he wasn't sure if that was grief or what he actually felt... He let out a sigh, glancing at the thing he was suppose to teach. "Follow me, you can help me finish what i'm doing and I will create the strands you need while replacing my arm." He glanced back at Max, "When one's life can be ended in 'that' manner... Fear is a natural response. Your behavior suggest you are safe until you get hungry... And your friends don't matter as much when it's affecting you. I'll help you and pass on Julian's medical knowledge. It'll take David and I a few days, even with your 'fellow' helping out as he learns. Just... Just make sure he's not the talkative type I just... I don't want... To think about relationships Nothing but the task or training at hand..."

[CHAT] Max nods, "Alright," he says, before turning to the little guy, "Go with him, he's gonna teach you," at which the little monster almost literally jumps for joy and rushes after the little silver guy, chittering and chattering excitedly as he does so, "But!" Max holds up a hand and the monster skids to a stop, "Keep quiet unless you need help understanding something. Got it?" the little guy nods, and starts walking after Freddy again, looking a little more subdued this time.