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[CHAT] Max was nursing his remaining wounds a few hours after the fight--he healed fast, but having hot lava dumped on your face and chest is like... having hot lava dumped on your face and chest, there's no real comparison to that. It hurt like hell. Regardless, at least he was up and about. More than he could say for Dumastin, or Julian--though he hadn't really seen him. Kind of odd, that. Whatever. He was getting hungry--that fight felt like it lasted half a year, and he had an appetite to match.

[CHAT] David was walking between medical tents as he crossed the path of Max, glancing up the assistant bowed his head politely, then began speaking in Tuffle in an angered tone followed by Prime's translation. "That't not very nice David... I'm not saying that..." The Tuffle said something else, growling slightly then letting out a sigh. He then began talking again, glancing at Max's injuries. David was well aware of Max's accelerated ability to heal using the stored biomass consumed previously. Prime translated, "Regardless, how are you feeling? You were a bit more chewed up than usual, still are... Did the doctor ever brief you on the location of your on-world non-combat food source?"

[CHAT] Max blinks a moment on hearing the little guy speak the tuffle... language... thing. He looks down at him, furrowing his brow a moment before holding a hand up, "Wait, wait, wait..." he interrupts Prime speaking, before pointing squarely at the little guy, "What the hell did you just say?" he asks, narrowing his eyes, sounding... pretty much deadly serious. He didn't even know he -could- understand what the little guy said... but he did! And that... didn't sound good.

[CHAT] David immediately glared up, it wasn't surprise that the short assistant wore on his face. It was 'success.' Julian had put forth that Max's mental aptitudes and abilities were likely changing as he moved towards a more 'perfect' cellular structure. The assistant began speaking, slower now. "Beep, blump-eep'uhmBopchetah. UckahBopBumphOooma-ah." Which loosely translated to "Freddy owes me a banana... And congratulations, you survived the first battle. Doctor Salnor didn't.

[CHAT] Max blinks once again, and goes wide eyed, "Wait, what? How the hell did that happen!?" he yells out, obviously he hadn't really heard the news yet. It was... well, it was bad. He had been so -focused- on taking out the King that nothing else had mattered in the fight. What happened!? What did he miss!? Julian may have been a dick. A huge dick. But he was his friend--probably about the only one left after all this... stuff began happening to him. And this... was pretty hard to take. He goes to pick up the small fry by the translater around it's neck, and yells in it's face, "What the hell happened to my friend!?"

[CHAT] David let out a growl before speaking in Tuffle, "You want the simple explanation or the medical explanation? The Blended's time in the universe as a viable organism was running out, he was suffering severe neurological degeneration which his 'powers' exaggerated. When his symptoms reached a fatal tipping point, he did what he could the make sure the rest of you clowns would continue to have his support..." The Assistant glanced down, then back up to Max. "Now, use those expanded mental energies and do a quick cost-benefit analysis. Freddy and I are the 'best' doctors on this planet, you're not going to need a doctor... Those you care about likely will. Before you Eat me Consider all the consequences for the people you've allied yourself with. "

[CHAT] Max takes the news on Julian's death rather stoically at that point, and seemed to be calming down... right up until the little guy insinuates that Max would up and eat him--"What? You think I just -kill and eat- everyone who pisses me off or gives me bad news?" he yells in the little guy's face, glaring at him--he sounds kind of disgusted, and even insulted by that comment. Before just flat out dropping the thing to the side and storming off--probably not a good idea to follow him.

[CHAT] David shouted after Max as he sat on his bottom on the ground, "Your food is in a tent, turn right at the next row and go down three tents. And it's not my fault there is an empirical correlation of 'your' rage and how much biomass gets consumed in a blind rampage!" David pushed himself up as Prime spoke, "Why are you provoking him, do you 'want' him to eat you?" Prime had been kind enough to speak in Tuffle, the doctor responded with silence...

[CHAT] Max just shouts back over his shoulder, "Go to hell, you too Prime!" back at the tuffle, as he makes his way to his foodstores--grabs a whole mess of food, and takes off away from the camp. He needed to clear his head and think about things right now, especially after hearing that news--best way to do that for him is just by working out, alone.

[CHAT] Max -- About half an hour later, Max, right in the middle of nowhere, finishes up his rations, dusts his hands off, and looks around--Arlia sure was an odd planet. No matter, time to work out. He quickly set off into doing pull ups from a nearby tree--but frowns. This was easy--it's hard to come up with a good, consistent challenging training regimen when you just keep getting stronger and stronger. It's one of things that's annoying, but really shouldn't be... that's annoying.

[CHAT] Aydin had let himself depart briefly from the soul he was bound to in order to explore Arlia... The planet... Was doomed... It was something that could be stopped... Maybe? Difficult to say, he still hadn't been able to translate the complicated magic that covered the surface of the planet... One thing he was sure of... Further death would lead to a crisis almost as bad as the Dragon of Nightmares having emerged after the Arlian King's dead. The older man was dressed in meditative robes as he sat opposite where Max had been doing pull-ups... Aydin spoke in a somewhat depressed tone, "Such a good soul... Shame what happened to you, the forced change in your nature..." Aydin didn't turn back around the tree, he merely spoke and continued to look at the sky. In reality, he was studying the magical scripture that Max couldn't see.

[CHAT] Max was just getting to thinking when suddenly somebody spoke to him--they weren't there a second ago, at least, he didn't think so--he'd have seen 'im. "Uh, what?" he says, letting go of the tree branch, landing on the ground and looking to the man while dustins his hands off. "Kind of dangerous to be running around out here in the middle of a war--ceasefire or no," he warns, frowning for the moment.

[CHAT] Aydin let out a slight laugh, "You know what I mean young man, your dual nature. The conflict within between the physical desire to consume and the spiritual desire to maintain order. Quite impressive you're not like those clones... Can't ever quite match the original, can they?" This was the same man who had appeared only briefly after the King's death. He was wrinkled, old... And Kaio if his race were to be taken into consideration.

[CHAT] Max just raises a brow and keeps his eye on the old man... thing, aliens are odd. "How do you know about me?" he furrows his brow a moment, glancing around. He'd not paid attention to any old guy after the last fight, so this was the first time he'd seen him. "And who -are- you?" He was pretty on guard. Some random person dropping in and talking about your psyche before introductions will do that to you.

[CHAT] Aydin: -- '"I know you're an abomination of the perfect mixture of a dauntless soul paired with a body that has been heavily manipulated by the tools of methods of science. Science I thought was illegal on most worlds... But Science..." The elder man extended his right hand, a cane forming as the fellow rose to his feet. "Not that it matters, the soul is a very stubborn thing isn't it young man?" He chuckled as he stepped from behind the tree, giving Max a fairly strong once over... "Max Power... You've got a few issues you need to work on, don't you?" He laughed politely, bowing his head as he introduced himself. "I am Aydin, I could give you what I am but really.. I'm not allowed... So.. Let's just call me... Magic-Man. You're... Not quite human anymore though are you?" '

[CHAT] Max frowns, chat *blinks and raises a brow as the guy makes a cane form out of nothing, "Not really, no," he remarks with a frown--not a topic he really likes to cover (or really accept), but he couldn't outright lie about it to this... whatever this is. Magic-Man. "But, uh... Magic-Guy? How do you know all this...? Do you know something that I don't?" he asks again, still frowning for the moment.

[CHAT] Aydin let out a brief laugh, "All who walk among the realm of the living are marked with their stories... Yours is just more... Apart from the norm than others. I can read the story of Max Power, as he perceives it, as if you were an open book. Perks of the job." He smiled warmly, "You have other problems though... Things you don't really know about... I don't even know 'how' you're going to Aydun certainly is a crafty bastard.. I'll give him that..." It seemed he saw something on Max that was beyond the 'story' that everyone generally possessed.

[CHAT] Max just shakes his head slowly, still looking at the old man, "Okay, then, how does this story end?" he asks, not really believing this guy yet. And then raises a brow, "Wait, I thought you were him--aydin, dun, whatever? Isn't that what you said your name was?" he asks. For someone with the potential mind of genius, Max... is still generally Max most of the time.

[CHAT] Aydin: -- 'The old Kaio rubbed his head, "Many paths... Different ends... Similar outcomes... You either overcome your hunger and become an instrument of what most moralistic thinking would consider 'good' and end up dying to protect what you believe in... Or... The more unlikely scenario where you let the hunger consume you and become a bit of a monster who becomes something akin to a nightmarish plague on worlds where the thought of you become panic and a new generation of would-be heroes will eventually come along to put you down. There are a few other caveats of course, but those are the general outcomes." Aydin sighed, "I hate to break it to you son, but you're wearing some pretty nasty hoodoo mojo on your skin. It's going to bust out of you like an overgrown pimple pretty soon. Given how many 'clones' you already have running around... I can't imagine it's going to go well over on your psyche..." '

chat *raises a brow, that was about the most cliche prediction he'd ever heard--die a hero or live long enough to become a villain, also one that anyone who'd met him for more than five minutes could make. "&wI'm not about to go around eating people. That's not who I am and not what I do,&g" he adds, shaking his head, "&wAnd... what? "Nasty hoodoo mojo?" What are you talking about there?&g"

[CHAT] Aydin smiled warmly, "I do apologize... This is probably going to..." The speed was insane, nothing Max could comprehend... The can seemed to be driven through Max and Aydin continued the follow-through forcing a silhouette of magical scipture away from the demon. "HURT!" With a potent blast of energy a gust of energy exploded between the silhouette and Max... The Kaio glanced between Max and... Dark-Max who was forming from the scripture... Already Aydin was chanting... This form couldn't keep Max's clone down, but he could prevent the bastard from being pulled away by Aydun's magic long enough to The sensations that were overflowing him as he chanted were... Disconcerting... A portal opened up behind the silhouette... The old man suddenly jumped into it and it seemed to freeze in place leaving this dark version of Max... And the Original... No more than ten feet apart from one another.

[CHAT] Max cries out in pain from the sudden attack from the old man, clutching at his chest momentarily, "Wh-what the hell did you -DO-!?" he yells out, that hurt like hell, but didn't seem to do any damage, "Oh shut the hell up with that 'Oh no, I don't like eating people' -bullshit-," comes a voice from behind him, "What the he--" Max says, turning around--only to see a copy, of himself--looking as human as he is, that's new, rushing right at him, leaping into a flying clothesline, right in the face--he's sent crashing down on the squarely on the back of his head by the sheer strength of it.

[CHAT] Max -- "What was that you threatened the King with? That you were going to eat him? You threatened Julian with it, too? What were the words? 'All that power, everything you know, everything you -are-. -Mine-. You love it, it's a part of you, as natural as a shark eating it's prey, why try to fight it?" the Doppleganger chuckles as Max got back to his feet, wiping a small trail of blood from his lips with the back of his hand, "Wh-what -are- you?" "I'm you, if you'd stop being a pussy and took advantage of what you can do--the world's an oyster, and you can -eat- it," he lunges back towards Max and knees him in the gut hard enough for Max to cry out in pain and collapse to a knee, gasping for breath. "But no, you had to run from it, even now, like a god damned coward--what a waste of perfection. Don't worry, though, once I'm finished with you--you'll truly be perfect--" he backhands Max, sending him sprawling across the dirt, "As a part of -me-,"

[CHAT] Max pushes himself off the ground, spitting some blood out of his mouth as he does so. Wow this guy hit hard, "Go to hell you son of a--!" he shouts, while vanishing in a burst of speed--Zanzoken level speed. Only for the Dark-Clone to move his head out of the way of a punch--dodging the blow with relative ease, and countering with another punishing knee to Max's gut--probably breaking a few ribs in the process, "This is pathetic," the Doppleganger says, before slamming both fists squarely into the original Max's back in a double axe handle, sending him crashing to the ground, face first, once again.

[CHAT] Max -- The Doppleganger kicks Max over onto his back, before taking a knee beside him, "But don't worry--once I take care of you, I'm gonna go make sure everyone you know gets a turn," he speaks, one arm turning into a deadly looking blade, as the other grabs Max by the shirt and lifts his upper body off the ground, "Dumastin, Kenoya, I'll track down that Stoate guy... it's just a pity that Julian died--it would all be -mine-" the doppleganger laughs, momentarily taking his eyes off Max--who immediately throws an energy blast right into the Dopplegangers face, at point blank, sending him stumbling back, as Max vanishes, and appears a few feet away, completely enraged and with a crimson aura surrounding him, "You won't touch any-fucking-body! I won't god damned allow it! You apparently came out of me--so I'll fucking send you right back where you came from!"

[CHAT] Aydin: -- 'There was a sudden scream that was heard as an explosive beam of red electrical energy slammed into the reappeared visage of Aydin, slamming him across the battle-field... Quickly the clone was sucked through leaving Aydin smoking and Max beaten... "Clever, clever..." The irritated Aydin stepped forward looking at Max, "Not going to lie, that was unexpected... I assumed you people would be able to take your clones down... He... Augmented them... Lovely..."'

[CHAT] Max wipes some more blood off and shakes his head, "That... what the hell was that!?" he grits his teeth and looks around, "Where did that bastard go--I'm going to kick his ass!" he yells out, his crimson aura flares up--despite getting his ass kicked for the last couple of minutes straight--he was ready to go. He was mad as hell--the other him had touched a nerve. Several, in fact. He was right--he had been trying to run from this whole 'you eat people you're a monster' thing. But he had to face it--admit it to himself. If he didn't, if he kept just trying to ignore it and be as human as he could, it would be something that did take over. He shakes his head, breaking off the charging with a weary sigh--it's been a -long- day.

[CHAT] Aydin let out a sigh, "Sorry about that, apparently he was stronger that... I expected..." Aydin extended a hand briefly, but he could see the damage done already working to reverse itself. That healing factor was a bit useful... "So... You seem to understand a predicament at least... Wish this follow-up was different... I Aydun's much more clever than I thought..."

[CHAT] Max furrows his brow as he looked to the sky, wherever the hell that "Apparently that thing came right out of me, and I'm gonna have to track it down and kick it's ass," he spits on the ground, before looking up to the old man, "Can you help?" he asks, simply. That thing was... strong. As strong as he was, that thing was stronger--even stronger than just about anything he'd fought before--he was gonna need help to tackle it.

[CHAT] Aydin furrowed his brow, "Well, if I hadn't fragmented myself into a half dozen champions over the cosmos, I probably could. But Magic-man is a bit limited. If it weren't for Dumastin I wouldn't be here right now." He chuckled, "Probably fortunate the guy didn't stay, does beg the question what Aydun's purpose with them is.." The old Kaio rubbed his chin, deep in thought for a moment. There was still all sorts of powerful magic all over Arlia, even with the appearance of the Dragon of Nightmares...

[CHAT] Aydin glanced at Max, offering a smile. "Regardless, you're alive! And you know he's out there... Those marking seem to be festering over every sentient creature on Arlia, I imagine your 'dark' clone isn't going to be alone long. So you know there are more of them, and knowledge is power!" Aydin rubbed his chin, as if considering something.... "Another problem for another time... Tell me about yourself boy, not from what I can read... Tell me how 'you' see yourself if you would. You're quite intriguing afterall."

[CHAT] Max shakes his head, "Well, it's already not the only clone of me running around--it was the first to talk to me, though," he grunts, crossing his arms, "And, I dunno--I'm just Max. What is there to tell? I fight because it's all I'm really good at--at least I always fought for what I believed in. Whether it's to be the best, for my friends like Julian, or to help people. I was a prizefighter back on Earth, I'd gone pro and everything--still climbing the ranks when I heard about all these ascended junk and decided to check it out. Then... all this other crap happened and I can't really go back to being a champion on Earth anymore, kinda need to be a human for that," he frowns, "And, I'm not, really. Not anymore. So now I need to find something else,"

[CHAT] Aydin nodded, continuing to stare at Max and slowly tapping his cane on the ground... "Still, that brings up a problem you have..." He laughed politely, "You're soul has become quite out of sync with the body you currently inhabit. Souls generally aren't designed to stay bonded to anything 'genetic' that's been severely altered from its natural state. Kind of a cosmic balance sort of thing. Really, quite sad... I didn't think mortal science could have such drastic effects on things that I probably just made up regarding the cosmic order." Aydin smirked, turning briefly away from Max towards the viewer and winking.

[CHAT] Max raises a brow, "Soul... what now? What are you going on about?" he says, not really being a religious kind of person and not really knowing what to say to that. "So, you can't help me track that thing down, then?" he adds, changing the subject and frowning, "Guess I'll need to talk to the Captain for that," he remarks, glancing back towards the camp--at least he was still around.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Max. Are you picking up my signal? This is Dumastin. We need to talk." The Namek was still in his cockpit pod, tearing across the sky in the Crosswing toward where Max's transponder signal was located. He wondered how Max was holding up after the battle at the Royal Palace. "I'll be at your location in a minute or two."'

[CHAT] Aydin glanced sky-ward for a moment, the crystal this essence was bound to was approaching. An interesting prospect. Regardless, he turned towards Max. "Well, I could start a tracking spell but would it do any good at this point? You would hunt him to do what exactly? To determine just 'how much' of your molecular mass has to be destroyed in order for you to die?" Aydin chuckled, "Some other time maybe, i'll look into this 'clone' issue further... I have a feeling they're going to be a nightmares later on... If you're lucky..." Aydin grimaced, he was sharing assumptions he was making without strong evidence... "Ah, I suppose it doesn't matter just yet. Still, if you really want to kermit suicide, it'll take me a few weeks to gather the energy and materials to cast it from this limited version of myself."

[CHAT] Max listens to Dumastin's transmission, but is more put off by the old man's comment to reply, "I don't care that that... -thing- is stronger than me! I'm not about to just let it run around hurting and killing people!" Especially not with it looking like him. It's a hit to his pride as much as it is anything else. "Yeah, it's stronger than me, I know--that's never stopped me before. I'll just have to get stronger myself and -kick it's ass-."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'A streak crossed the sky overhead, if anyone was paying attention. Moments later, a gleaming object fell from the sky. Dumastin landed almost lightly on the ground several feet away; it wasn't until a half-second after he landed that his gravity-tampering wore off and the ground shuddered from the momentary weight. The Namek was wearing another of his spare armor sets, but after a moment, he flipped the visor down and glared straight at Aydin. "Well, it's a bit of a surprise to see you here. Hello, Aydin. Been a while." With the rest of his afterlife memories still fuzzed he wasn't sure exactly how long, but he suspected that he hadn't actually spoken directly to the avatar of Order in over a century. If he had, he certainly didn't remember it. "How're you holding up, Max?"'

[CHAT] Aydin rubbed the bridge of his nose momentarily trying to comprehend the entire lack of foresight that Max was displaying... "While you're concern is appropriate, if he starts going around killing people... I don't think you're going to need 'my' help tracking him down. Besides, wherever they're being taken... It's not 'on' Arlia, not anywhere I can sense at any rate. Focus on that 'getting' stronger thing... Should be amusing to see how you go about that... Will you embrace the power you get from consuming organic matter, or will you turn to the power of your soul itself..."

[CHAT] Aydin: -- 'Aydin tipped his hat at Dumastin, "In fairness, i'm just a projection of the essence that's piggy-backed on your crystal... You're looking good, think I preferred your old face.." Aydin glanced at the ground, his eyes glancing at the demonic scripture that was still there, "So, guess not all of that was for the Nightmare Dragon then..." Max would have little idea what Aydin was talking about, but Dumastin could see the same crap stretched across the surface of the planet and its people. '

[CHAT] Max shakes his head slowly, "No... I think he was right about that... eating... organic matter, well... that -is- natural to me now," he frowns looking at his hands momentarily, "And I've been kind of... running from that. I didn't like that fact... I -don't- like that fact. But it -is- a fact. And not one that I can run from," he grips his hands into fists. Then Dumastin comes up and he turns around, "I just had my ass kicked by me, apparently, and now I've gotta go hunt myself down and kick my ass for it... this has been kind of a long day..."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Oh, yeah, the... doubles. Salnor was worried about that, too. That..." He grimaced. "That could get really bad. There's a copy of me running around, too, and Julian. And Salnor, I think. I know exactly how much damage *I* could cause if I had a mind to do so... the idea of a copy of me doing just that is a bit of a scary thought. And Julian could be even worse." He sighed. "It'll have to go on the list of 'emergency things to get done as soon as the situation on this planet is unscrewed.' Getting to be a mighty long list, too, now."'

[CHAT] Aydin glanced at his champion, "Regardless, Dumastin... How would you feel about taking a trip? I'm about to send Max on an involuntary ride to help him with his 'hunger' problem. He could use a guide and i'm sure the two of you could use the time to bond..." Aydin's cane was tracing a few lines in the soil below and it was noticiable that the Kaio was taking slow steps... He was etching a field in the soil between the lines of the other spell. Dumastin would be able to see it, Max would be oblivious to the super-natural nature occurring due to Aydin's motions.

[CHAT] Max raises a brow, "Wait, Salnor? What?" he says, puzzled, "But--isn't Julian, well, dead?" he frowns--he only found this out--what? Half an hour ago or so? Granted, a lot of things happened since then... but it wasn't a good thing to find out. He's not really paying attention to Aydin once Dumastin mentions Salnor, either. "And... there's copies of all of you running around, too?" he frowns, "We're gonna have... a lot of work for us. Those things are... really, -really- powerful," he shakes his head. "This... is gonna be bad,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Salnor... It's a long story. I'll tell you." He glared at the lines the Kaio was tracing on te ground with his cane. "A trip, huh?" His training was enough for him to perceive the basic shape of the spell, at least. "Sure. It'll probably help more than anything else I can do for him."'

[CHAT] Aydin finished up with the circle that now had Max standing within, with the cane he directed Dumastin to join in the circle. "Max, this is going to be.. Well..." He sighed, "I guarantee you that you'll never feed from a target you don't intend to feed on again, assuming you don't go bad-crap crazy from the hunger." The realm had been set, within it the only 'consumable' that Aydin had built in was water for the Namekian's survival. Biologically, Max's body would persist indefinitely with or without food and water. Additionally he built in a bit of a... 'Real' enemy for Max to focus on... Something that was linked to his physical hunger and on the vast void several mounds of basic elements arranged in cubes. "Before I bother explaining whats going on... You sure you want to make any sort of bargain with me Max? I get results, but I don't always use what would be considered the 'safest' means."

[CHAT] Max blinks as he looks back to Aydin, suddenly paying attention to him again, "Wait, what? What's going on now?" he says, before listening to Aydin talk some more, thinking on it, and nodding, "Alright, yeah. Let's do this. I've never backed down from a challenge yet, and I don't plan on starting now," he brushes his hands off and nods, looking stoic--but confident. "I need to train everything I can if I'm going to do this. So let's go,"

[CHAT] Aydin nodded, "Other than food, you guys got any request that I should build in? You'll be in there for a while..." Aydin would wait for their response before he began to craft more symbols into the spell, after they were finished he nodded. "Good luck, use your time wisely..." With that he finished the inscription... It would be a brief uncomfortable feeling... As if the entirety of epidermis was suddenly pinched while a holy flash of light exploded from below them... Around them their vision would briefly turn blue as Arlia faded away to a vast white field, rapidly various items were falling to the ground around the duo which had been requested. The two were alone... There was no escaping this white-void... They were stuck... For a year....

[CHAT] Aydin glanced down at the spell, they would reappear on Arlia in approximately twenty-four galactic standard hours. Aydin glanced around and his eyes opened as he too suddenly felt a sucking sensation... The realization he had just banished his anchoring device to a parrallel dimension... "Shi..." Aydin vanished a moment later...

[CHAT] Dumastin nodded as a field of white blankness surrounded the pair. "Well. That was interesting. I wonder how long it'd take me to learn to duplicate that spell, it's a neat trick." He turned to Max, his expression going carefully blank. "As for you... You've probably got a world of questions for me. Let's start with that. I've probably got a lot of answers, so shoot."

[CHAT] Max blinks and looks around as suddenly they were... somewhere. For someone who didn't really believe in any of this magic hullabaloo, this was kind of... crazy. "What... just happened? And... where are we?" he says, taking a quick look around this whole field of... nothing. That's... probably not a good thing. How long were they gonna be here? He just thought this was gonna be some kind of quick challenge and training session--which he admitted was something he needed. Not to be thrown in the middle of... apparently an empty void.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"You took a deal from an avatar of Order with a bit of a cryptic sense of humor, kid. I can't read the flows of the spell he used well enough to be sure, but it exists almost completely out of time and conventional space. Like a pocket dimension, I guess. Pretty cool stuff." He was looking around, as if he could see more about the world around them than Max. "That old geezer was Aydin. Some kind of ancient protector-deity associated with Order, pretty much the flip side of the coin to that dirtbag who was backing the King with dark magic. I bumped into him a century or two ago, and took a deal from him."'

[CHAT] Max shakes his head, "Wait, wait, someone was backing the King with dark magic? None of that is... real, though... right?" he asks, raising a brow. Well, today has been one hell of a shock after another. And apparently now he was trapped in another dimension. The next time he sees that old man... he was probably going to punch him. "What the hell did I just get myself into... I thought I was just going to train for a bit..."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Real enough, I guess. It was the King's power source, and I've no idea how much carnage he caused across the planet in the meantime. He was throwing around a *lot* of power." He shrugged. "Look, we'll be safe enough here as long as we don't kill each other. A year? It's time we need. It'll give me time to finish recovering from that last battle."'

[CHAT] Max shakes his head, "I guess so..." he then looks back at Dumastin, "Wait... A year? With no food? How am I supposed to even -survive- that? What the hell!?" he says, a little alarmed at that realization. "Crap... guess I gotta look for a way out... or something, before I end up starving to death--at least we've got some water, and you'll be fine," he adds, frowning.

[CHAT] Dumastin shrugged. "Aydin can be a jerk but he's not dangerous, as far as I can tell. I doubt he would have left you here to starve, and he probably didn't bring me here as an afternoon snack. We'll deal with that as it comes up."

[CHAT] Max shakes his head and frowns, looking around the place some more in the hopes of finding an exit, no such luck. "So, what were you saying about Julian? It was a long story?" he pauses to look back at Dumastin, "Apparently we have the time now."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"He... You know what happened there at the end, right? We used an old technique, and I mean old. It's called Fusion, and it allows two people to combine their bodies and minds into one being for a while. One fantastically powerful being." Dumastin sighed, and pulled out his focus crystal, a small glittering stone hanging from a metal chain. "I was sharing his mind when he died. Sort of. The end of the fusion was... chaotic, at best. Anyway, what I meant to say is that Salnor is actually still alive. We're not quite sure how, but one of us, possibly all of us, used the last dregs of the fused form's power to implant Salnor into me."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He started to look around the empty white space, considering as he formed the words for what he meant to say. "So much knowledge. Power. As the Blended, we understood cellular structure on an instinctive level. Our own body was just a blank canvas. It's a damned shame we didn't have more time; the kinds of things we could have done..."'

[CHAT] Max nods, "To be honest I had no idea what on Earth was going on in the last bits of that fight, I was just constantly trying to tear that King a new one. So you've got Salnor in you now? That's... kind of odd. I didn't think that could happen, I thought Julian genetically engineered him so that couldn't happen, or so I thought," he adds, "What the hell happened to Julian anyway? David said something about some kind of mental degradation? If I had known something about that, I'd've tried to help," he just slowly shakes his head.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"It's temporary. He can't survive long. Days, at the most." Dumastin got an uncomfortable look on his face, briefly, though it quickly passed. "Julian was dying. He was old, Max, and even Salnor couldn't keep his life force going for much longer. Julian had weeks left at best, anyway. Then... he got crushed by one of the King's attacks. His body was injured, badly, and Salnor just couldn't fix him, not fast enough." Max didn't need to know about Salnor's guilt... that Salnor had indirectly *caused* Julian's death. "Nothing you could have done. Julian tried to find a way to reverse the process, but no luck."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He looked carefully at Max. "I wanted to discuss that with you, you know. You're... changing, Max. Whatever they did to you, it's changing your personality. You were attacking almost psychotically, without regard for yourself or what anyone around you was doing. It's a far cry from the old Max Power, who fought for the sport of it. I'm getting concerned, as is Salnor."'

[CHAT] Max frowns, shaking his head, "Damn," is all he says regarding Julian, before glancing back up at him as he speaks some more, "Wait, what? Didn't you see what the King was doing? Calling up whole hordes of people and then indiscriminately slaughtering them--I wasn't going to sit back and let him do that, that really pissed me off," but he goes quiet after that, thinking.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Pissed everyone off, Max. You're the only one to go completely berserk over it, though, and it seemed out of character for you. What do you think? Look me in the eye and tell me you're okay." He wondered how good Max was at lying to himself.'

[CHAT] Max just shakes his head, giving a weary sigh as he thinks about the fight, "You're right. Before you dropped by in the fight--when we were fighting our way -to- the King, I kinda... went berserk. Just completely out and out lost it. We were fighting those odd clones of me and something just... snapped, we killed all of them... and then I attacked Julian and Kenoya... I even sliced off the poor kid's arm... if Julian wasn't there to help him and stop me..." he goes quiet and turns, looking out at the pure white horizon.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Those bioweapons... Those bother me, too. It means whoever is responsible for your problems is involved here to some extent, even if it's just as an arms dealer. That means that this is bigger than just Aydun, that there are mortal people manipulating events too. I figure... if people are dealing out biological terror weapons based on your modifications, that the most likely scenario is that they used you as a beta test for the technology." He started to trace something in midair, considering shapes and figures as he spoke. "That's probably a major reason why we're here. To help get you under control. I've... had a hard time making time for it in the past. We don't have that luxury any more. If you keep losing control, sooner or later you're going to find you can't get it back."'

[CHAT] Max frowns, looking back down for a moment, before looking back to Dumastin, "Okay, how do we get me 'under control,' then?" he asks, he didn't quite know what to do. He needed more discipline maybe? Something to control all that rage or something? It wasn't gonna be easy, that much was certain. "'Cause... I'm kind of drawing a blank here. Other than just train for it... and I dunno how to do that,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"You're going to be spending a year in a blank pocket of space with someone you, as far as I'm aware, *don't* want to eat and little else. Sounds pretty ideal to me for a starting point. Salnor is dumping a lot of his knowledge into my head as fast as he can, and given time we might even be able to figure out a way to help you gain more control over the forces changing your body. We can do a lot with a year of subjective time."'

[CHAT] Max nods, "Alright... well, then, uh..." he shrugs, "Looks like we have a lot of time to kill. Up for some training or something? I just ate before I met Aydin, so we got some time before all that--hopefully we can find some food in whatever he gave us... if he didn't give me some way to, well, not starve to death, I'm gonna be really pissed off,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"In time. We can get to it in time. I'm still trying to replenish my reserves of power. That Fusion technique... The version I use is flawed, somehow. There's a backlash effect, and with Julian as weak as he was I wound up taking the brunt of it. Still..." He cast his eye around the area. "Here. I have an idea. You're a lot fresher than I am. Let me borrow some of your power for something." He held up the glittering stone; a gentle glow came from somewhere within the crystal.

[CHAT] Max puts a hand to back of his head, somewhat nervously, "Ah... how do I do that, exactly? I don't know much about all of that energy stuff. Never had any training in it--all I really know is flat out brawling. I barely even understand the energy techniques I do know," he shakes his head slowly.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"There's time for that. Let's see..." He'd have to form a curriculum for the knucklehead in due time. "Here, just touch this jewel. Concentrate on it; it's sparkly and attention-grabbing, and the rest of the surroundings are pretty boring, so you should be able to focus on it pretty effectively even if you never bothered with the mental exercises I sent you. Just... relax, and open your mind." To his touch, the gem hummed with power. It drew power both from Dumastin himself and its ambient surroundings, but he suspected he could pull on Max's energy to recharge it more effectively. For what he was planning, he'd need a lot of the power of Order.'

chat *raises a brow to look at Dumastin, "&wI'm not a kid, you know,&g" before shaking his head and moving to grab the jewel and focus all his attention on it at the moment, "&wAlright--let's see how this thing, uh, works,&g" he says to himself--and it seemed to be giving energy, or at least, he was trying to put energy into it... hopefully it worked!

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Good. Just... relax." He flipped down the visor portion of his faceplate, breathing deeply as numbers scrolled across his vision and through his mind. "This place was made by Aydin's power. He gave me a little dab of his magic, too. With enough power..." The crystal began glowing brighter and brighter, and Dumastin raised his free hand. Shapes and forms took root in his mind. Simple. Lacking fine detail. As an artist, that offended; as an engineer, it was a point of pride. "Fractal Flare!" Blue-silver energy erupted from the crystal, streaming in lines across the blank whiteness of the landscape. Crawling lines of power soaked into the empty canvas, and quickly rewrote it to a new standard. Vast white pyramids rose out of blank ground. Spiraling crystalline spires sprang up around the thin stream that wound through the landscape.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The energy drained out of the crystal rapidly, replenishing itself by draining both Dumastin and Max as it did, as more and more detail pushed into the landscape. A section of the whiteness rose up in cubes, mimicking New Haven's urban layout. A section of the terrain imitated the crags of the Gin Mountains, and layers of glowing silver formed an enclosed environment like that of the research lab from Vegeta. All different terrain types, formed out of the formless matter of this pocket dimension. Dumastin gasped as the crystal went dark, sweat pouring off his skin. "There. Open your eyes, look around. That should be a bit more appropriate."'

[CHAT] Max opens his eyes and takes a look around, "Holy... that little jewel did all that? Made all of this landscape? This kind of thing is what 'Magic' can do? Gotta admit, I'm impressed..." he says, shocked at the drastic change in scenery "At least it won't be so boring anymore," before looking back at Dumastin, who doesn't appear to be doing very well, "You okay? Go get some water and sit down for a bit if you're still weak after that fight. I'll go see if I can hunt down some food in whatever he gave us,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Yeah, I need a rest. Aydin gave me some pretty potent stuff. Go ahead and explore a bit, see if there are any boundaries or anything." He slumped down next to the water, beside one of the crystalline spires, and helped himself to a drink as he worked to steady his breathing. "Keep yourself busy while I figure this out..." he muttered to himself.'

[CHAT] Max nods, "Alright, I'll go take a look around," he remarks, starting to walk off towards the New Haven section of the white void, to see if he could actually enter any of the faux-buildings and if there was anything inside of them, this was still damn impressive to him. He'd never seen anything like it--but then he'd never seen anything like just about everything he'd seen since he started this whole mess. That... was odd to think about.

RPP Awarded