Where's Borf!?

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Where's Borf!?

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[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy stood on the rooftop of a non-descript warehouse in some city she could not remember the name of. Something like Sothaest City or something. She remember passing the sign on the way in, but the population under it reading a crossed out 1200 replaced with 422 was more interesting to her. She smiled as she held a small of of ki energy in her hands, tossing it up and down. "So! You want some! You want it?" She said over and over, before winding up and pelting the ball at a giant creature. Matted with fur and eyes large and crossed it slobbered all over the ground before yelping. "BORF" And catching the ball mid air, before chomping down on it, the ball exploding into nothing under the pressure. It spent the next few minutes searching everywhere for the vanishing ball.'

[CHAT] Genesis shook his head as he dragged himself up onto the rooftop. "So why are we here again? This town is pretty tiny, I'm surprised a place like this exists..." He shaded his eyes as he looked around. "Sothaest City. Some city." Why, *exactly,* he hadn't argued when the Kaio girl had decided to steal Prime's car and go for an "adventure" while the androids were busy with some kind of secret toaster business, he wasn't sure, but Rhevy had an infectious enthusiasm that tended to make it hard for him to refuse her suggestions.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy laughed before she spun some keys in her hand, spinning them in a way that the keys never touched one another to make that jingling sound so common. "Well" She said with a pause. "If they didn't want us to use it, they would have taken the keys with them." She said with a smile. That and she wanted to "experience" earth driving. She had always walked, ran or flew, so driving was something new. And so were the scratches and a few street signs that were now premanently imbedded within the car. "Come on. You can't tell me that you didn't enjoy driving!" She said with a smile. "Borf liked it!" And if on cue, the lumbering beast came sauntering over and "Bo..." Then belched up a wet slimy Yardratian Slug that it had seemed to find on their trip "ORF"'

[CHAT] Genesis shook his head again, rubbing his forehead idly as he looked around. "I'm still not sure Prime *meant* to leave the keys behind... Really, what are we doing here? This town looks like a real letdown. I told you we should have gone right instead of left at that fork. It had to have been a bad sign when the road turned from pavement to gravel."

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"No! The BAD Sign is that one stuck on the side mirror!" She said as she pointed at the now beater-looking car that was once sparkling. "But this sign said "The Pearl of the South!" She said as she looked around the town that had seemed to have been ravaged by an invasion of some sort, as well as biohazard quaranteened plastic wrap on doorways. "Could have been a plague or something of some sort as well." She said with a smile as she was standing near the edge of the rooftop. But, somehow the flickering of what little streetlights were left on and the flickering of the piecemeal neons painted the forground for the twilight-lit mountains turning from brown to red in the background. "Now, you would really want to miss something like this?"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"A pearl is supposed to be a bit of sand that an oyster covered in something to keep it from irritating it, right? This place looks more like a bit of sand that some other little creature swallowed and hacked back up." He narrowed his eyes and looked more closely at one of the posters. Weren't those supposed to be warning symbols or something...? "Well, you're the leader, what now?"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Hey. Why do "I" have to come up with everything." She said as she turned around and looked at him Fiercely. She was about to playfully engage Brill into some friendly wrestling bout but something nagged at her. It wasn't a noise but a lack there-of. No heavy panting or the drip of slobber on the ground. "Umm...Did you see where Borf went?"'

[CHAT] Genesis looked around. "No, he usually sticks pretty close to you. Maybe he smelled something? Someone cooking in town or something like that?" He looked around the building they were standing on, but the hard, dry ground didn't bear any sign of pawprints, and he didn't see any sign of the dog. "I don't hear him either, which is... odd..."

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"So." She said playfully while taking a few light steps around Brill. "How should we find him. That Reagle Beagle." She said with a playful giggle. She took a few steps back and started sniffing the air, then the ground, then Brill himself. "Nope. I don't seem to smell him." She said as she looked where Borf just was. The down the fire escape stairs that were old and rusted that led to the ground below, then the alleyways and then shrugged. "Nothing over here."'

[CHAT] Genesis slid down the side of the building and started to look around. He turned his head this way and that, trying to pick up some hint of sound. It was only a few minutes before he picked up a whimper; it sounded like a dog, but not Borf. He got Rhevy's attention and motioned for her to follow him as he walked toward the sound; it wasn't long before he peeked around a corner and saw some sort of fenced-in compound. But no Borf…

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy slid down the fire escape rails with a smile and her arms in the air before she flipped off the bottom rung, landing on the ground, stumbling and catching herself on Brill. The compound was an understatement. Three walls of chain link fence topped with barbed wire. Small single kennel units with dogs ranging from healthy, to sickly, and something else. There were over muscled, cancerous growthed looking dogs. Some with bone spikes sticking out, others without flesh and full of wimpers. “What the hell…” She said as she looked at him.”We...We can’t let them keep doing this can we?” She said as she was motioning towards the inner layer of kennels, where the dogs were just left in the elements. There were barks and noises coming from inside, hinting at the prospect the more healthy specimens might be inside.

[CHAT] Genesis led on, slowly and carefully, watching for some kind of guards. The mutant dogs were definitely an oddity, but there were other sounds at the edge of his hearing, sounds he couldn’t identify but which made his skin prickle and his antennae twitch. He knelt down, put his palm to the ground, closed his eyes… there was a slight vibration there? “What is that sound…?” He frowned, thinking. “Some kind of machinery? Maybe a generator or something?” He looked up, and his eyes fixed on a particular building. “Hey, look over here.” He moved forward, toward one of the structures. Then an alarm started blaring, and the door of the small aluminum-walled prefab burst open.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy crouched down right next to Brill to see what he was doing, but really couldn’t pick up on anything. Guess she didn’t have that famous Namekian Hearing. She smiled then jumped back when the alarm sounded and the doors burst open. She unconciously set herself in the base stance of the Gental Palm style and glanced over to Brill. “What is that!” she said softly, as she was unsure of what was coming out from the structure.

[CHAT] ??????: -- What came out of the prefab building… was a pair of hulking, seven-foot tall guard androids, their bodies bristling with armor and spikes. The odd part, though, was that they had, inexplicably, the heads of dogs. In fact, on seeing Rhevy and Genesis, the… the dog-borgs started to bark, their voices demonstrating a definite mechanical undertone. It was almost comical, before one of them raised its hand and fired a spread of of tiny missiles at the intruders.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- The Namekian yelped and dove to the side, rolling to avoid the mini-missiles. The first few were off-target and impacted short, and while they didn’t seem to have much explosive charge, they still blew small potholes in the packed, arid dirt. “Hit the deck, Rhevy!”

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy took a step back before tripping on a piece of metal on the ground her body falling and arms wide and...The first tiny missile flew right where she was before her losing her balance, taking a few bricks out behind her and causing her ears to ring. “Get the check?” she said in confusion. “We didn’t order anything!” She said as she regained her composure and looked to Brill for the plan. Her hand to hand arts would have to get her through three barbed wire fences first and she wasn’t sure how much of a punch her ki blast would do from this far away, and with so much stuff in the way.

[CHAT] Genesis dodged another flurry of micromissiles, eyes scanning the compound. The missiles were tearing up the fencing, but it would take too long, and the dog-borgs seemed to be getting more accurate and firing more rapidly as they went. He locked eyes with Rhevy, then ran ahead of her, getting between her and the first of the fences. He crouched low, a micromissile barely missing him, as he slipped a pair of wristbands off his arms; they made a dull thud as they hit the ground. He waved for her sharply, intending her to run at him full-speed. He wasn’t positive, but he’d been doing intensive strength training, and Rhevy was pretty lightly built; if she got a run up, he figured he might be able to launch her clear of the fences.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy spun a few more times and took a few “stutter, off balance trip-like steps” backwards avoiding the missile but still taking shrapnel and bits of concrete to the limbs and torso, leaving small bloody scratches on her body. She nodded at Brill with a giant smile. “Here we go!” She yelled out while the pink energy surrounded her feet, making her steps light and graceful. In a blur she was in front of Brill and had no inclination she was going to stop. Hopefully whatever Brill was going to do, he better do it before they became a tangled mess of limbs and parts.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis crouched low to the ground, clasping his hands, watching Rhevy run toward him. "Come on, come on..." He scooped his hands under her foot and heaved, the muscles Prime had worked to build with harsh labor and gravity-manipulation straining and pulling taut. As Rhevy lofted into the air, one of the micromissiles slammed into his side, spinning him around and sending him spilling to the ground, but he didn't acknowledge it-he just shouted, "GO, Rhevy!"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy had also unleashed a small blast of Ki energy at the height of Brill's throw for a little extra kick. The robots, after their last round of missiles at Brill, fell into dog instincts and started barking furiously at the airborne Rhevy. They barked, ran in a circle, growled, performed a half jump, and barked again, wondering why they too couldn't chase after her. It was infuriating to them as they hopped and barked faster and louder, before one took off with jump-assist thrusters right at Rhevy. The dog was barking furiously in its robot bark before a spin and a small push sent it careening towards the alleyway where Brill was near, and she landed next to the other. A dance of punches and kicks ensued, the heavy blows from the robo-pooch being "assisted" towards the ground and away from Rhevy, as her small blows hit the cydog over and over again in its joints, but her weak, although precise, blows didn't seem to be affecting it as much as she hoped.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis scrambled to his feet, leaving a splatter of purple Namekian blood behind him as he charged toward where he saw the first dog-borg land. He caught sight of it as it was coming to its feet and launched himself feet-first, but it didn't shift. "Damn!" He bounced off, cushioning his fall with his hands and springing off the ground to avoid another spray of micromissiles. He launched higher than he expected, wondering whether the cause was the weights he'd slipped off-he hadn't noticed them being that heavy, but he couldn't come up with any other answer. No time to worry about it. He hit the ground and darted in, aiming another kick at the dog-borg, but it just staggered back a step and then started coming at him again.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- ‘Rhevy didn’t have time to look over to see how Brill was. She just had to trust her friend was still up and fighting. The dog’s clumsy attacks were getting more precise with every blow and soon she wouldn’t be able to redirect his attacks as easily, or even at all. There was a heavy haymaker blow from the dog that she grabbed and pushed with the force of the swing. The dog-bot came off balance as she pushed up and over the bot with a small burst of energy from her feet. She grabbed hold of the robotic dog-ears and used the force of her jump and tumble to aid her throw. With a heavy heave, strain of muscle and force of rotation the dog-bot went head over heals towards the bunker-building where it came from. She landed on the ground, panting and wiped sweat from her forehead before glancing behind her towards where Brill was at last she saw.

[CHAT] Genesis felt light as he bounded off of a chain-link fence, twisted around the dogborg’s swing, and tried to hit it again. The armor on that thing was thick, though, and his blows just bounced off. His punches even just slid off of the thick glass bubble that shielded the dog’s head from attack. A wild swing from the dogborg clipped him, sending him spinning to the ground, but he hit as he’d been taught, springing back up and into the air again. He had to keep moving; the thing’s firepower was too strong to let it have a chance to line up a shot. His mind ran through his training, searching for something... and he remembered one of Prime’s lessons.

[CHAT] Genesis:-- The android had pointed out that most of Genesis’s attacks lacked the power to seriously damage someone like Prime, which left their initial fight and most of their spars little more than a foregone conclusion. To add variety to their training, the android had demonstrated an attack that could possibly penetrate an android’s armor… and never one to let a lesson go to waste, he’d forced Genesis to practice it until he could pull it off without falling on his face. It had been tough to learn, because Genesis’s natural style tended toward brawling, but he was an earnest student and he’d picked it up in the end. A special attack that focused the entire body’s power toward a specific point, at an angle that frequently bypassed the heaviest portion of most armor arrangements… He ducked under another blow, sprang off the ground to avoid a spread of those nasty little rockets, and launched toward the dogborg headfirst. It swung at him again, and he tucked, hitting the ground palms-first and coiling up his body with the impact force. All at once, he uncoiled upward, pulling every ounce of muscle he could bring to bear into a single attack, and bracing against the ground to obtain the leverage that he’d been lacking. “TETSUJIN KICK!” Where his feet slammed, heel-first, into the dog-borg’s chest plating, cracks appeared and sparks started to fly as the thing fell backwards, the dog yipping in confusion.

[CHAT] Elphlane:-- Rhevy looked around her. She was behind 3 layers of fences, tipped with barbed wire, inside the complex, at least 30 yard from Brill. She calmly stood up and took a breath, letting her energy flow from the top of her head through her body and out her feet, letting the soft trickles slowly disperse and calming herself. She looked around and calmly smiled and skipped a few steps over to a gate with a padlock off to the side. It was funny the things you miss while in a stressful situation. She smiled as she stuck out her finger and a small pop of pink energy made the lock spring off the gate. “One down. Coming Brill!” She said as she skipped down the dirt path towards the next gate. “POP” and that lock was down as well. “Last one!” She said as she stuck out her finger and…”POP” Was the sound of her face slamming through the gate and into the brick wall in the alleyway a way behind Brill. Apparently that dog bot she threw was more durable than she expected, and the mechanics and fusion of technology and flesh had made it hard for her to sense coming. There was not a flow of ki that she was used to within it. But there she was, head slammed through the brick wall, so that the only thing showing was the towering dog-best, hand outstretched through the wall and Rhevy’s arms, torso and legs dangling there.

[CHAT] Genesis sprang up from where he’d fallen, sprinting toward where Rhevy was trapped. He growled as he picked up speed, his vision narrowing as the muscles he’d been building flexed in unison, launching him off the ground. His hand caught a joint at the dogborg’s shoulder, and his body swung over and behind the dogborg. He tensed as he used that momentum to swing his leg into a strike at the back of the dogborg’s leg, at the knee. He might not be able to break it, but the thing’s balancing systems might not be able to handle the sudden impact and twisting of the Namek’s weight.

[CHAT] Elphlane:-- The dog bot would collapse to its knees as the auto-stabilizers failed. The bot slamming into the concrete hard, then it tried to spin to follow Brill’s movements and lurched over sideways as it was continuously barking. Rhevy on the other hand slumped down in the hole in the wall after the dog bot let go of her, seemingly limp. Strange enough tho, the sounds of fighting have not brought any onlookers to the scene yet, let alone law enforcement (if it even exists in this dilapidated town)

[CHAT] Genesis hit the ground and rolled into the dogborg, catching the arm that mounted its missile launcher as he did. The dogborg’s roll raised the arm off the ground, and as he vaulted over the thing, he heaved, bracing his foot against where he judged its joint to be weakest. If he could disarm the thing while it was down, he could scoop Rhevy up and they could possibly charge the bunker, try to find Borf. It seemed too much to hope that Borf wasn’t here, seeing these… abominations…

[CHAT] Elphlane:-- The sky was a bright blue with clouds of purple and white wisping through the grand expanse. The grass a green-blue beneath her her small feet as she looked up at her instructor. It was Maste Sae this time. This old man. All of him annoyed her, from the tips of his styled grey ever-expanding eyebrows to the tips of his open-toed sandals he grated on her. “Always be aware of your surroundings” he would say over and over. Every lessen started with a blindfold, and seemed to end with bruises where she would fail again and again. The theory was to surround yourself in a globe of ki energy. Faint. Invisible. Nearly undetectable. And react to its faint response when things entered the field. Apparently she had lacked the mental focus of this. Her teacher had said her mind wandered too much. So there she was again. On a day off, with Master Sae drilling over and over. “You must “feel”around you. With your energy. And even the absence of energy is a key...Absence of ….energy….Absence” Her eyes fluttered open. They red bricks slowly coming into focus. Just in time to feel the shake of the dog-borg hitting the ground and seeing the wrist launchers sailing next to her. “Brill...Hey…Good morning.”

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Sparks flew as the limb ripped free of its housing and fell to the ground, followed moments later by Genesis, who landed with a thud and crumpled into a heap. "Uhh..." He unfurled until he laid out flat on the ground, rubbing his head with a groan. "Robits... why'd it have to be robits..." He shook his head sharply as he started to push himself upright, the dogborg having gone silent. "Come on... no time to nap. I don't like this. We gotta find Borf."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy groans and rubs her head as she looks over to the other dog-borg who also lay silent on the ground and smiled. "Looks like you have been busy! Magnificent Brill!" She yells as she kicks up from her hole she was napping in a gave Brill a warm embrace, then looks around and jumps back off. "Yea. Borf. We should find that rascal before he chokes on an empty tin can or something" She said playfully and nodded over to the bunker. "We going that way?"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis nodded. "They don't seem very well-built. Prime would have screwed my head off if I'd tried a move that sloppy on him." He groaned; one of those little rockets had taken a small chunk of flesh off his back, and it *hurt.* "Am I bleeding too badly?" They didn't seem well-designed either, considering that he'd survived the hit.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy looks over at Brill and his back. "Just ONE Second. I have to get a closer...Look." And at look she ripped out a thumb sized piece of shrapnel which had lodged itself into the wound. "I think it looks a lot better now." She said as she smiled and ripped a piece of her shirt off and tied a makeshift bandage. Odd, now Brill had a piece of sports jersey wrapped around his chest, the words "Arsenal" in plane sight sporting across his chest. She just smiled and giggled again at him, while holding out the rusted and corroded piece of junk metal.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis grinned and straightened, the wound paining him less now that the shrapnel had been removed. He took the metal bit, looked it over and grimaced. "That looks nasty; someone tried to use that as a weapon? I suppose I need to get the wound cleaned, but even I can tell that's a bit of a dumb idea..." He hitched his shoulders a bit to get the bandage to settle better into place. "I'll follow. Let's check that bunker out, the things look like they left the door open."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy walked through the gate and closed her eyes as she rembered her training that she had forgetten about. The small bubble of ki energy she could project and to tune in on the disturbances. Not much as she took a few steps and lost her focus, but she was able to feel out Brill easily enough. Her stroll took her past the cages of experimental animals. The cages of the recently deceased. A burn pit, that was still spewing forth the blackened smoke and smell of charred flesh and finally, the bunker doors, left wide open.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She smiled and stepped into the large iron freight elevator. "Ohh Look! We have swimwear on floor 2, Shoes on floor 3 The food court is on floor 4 and well, looks like Athletics is floor 5. Or we could hit this really shiny button at the bottom. It looks all fancy and stuff!" She said playfully as she was pointing out buttons on the control panel, some lit up and others darkened out, either by disrepair or just not functioning, she wouldn't know without pressing.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis nodded and pushed the final button. It was the only one that wasn't broken or dark, after all. The elevator was in decent repair compared to the rest of the surroundings, so it looked like whoever was using this place had restored it. That wasn't a good sign, it meant someone was trying not to be found. The elevator trundled down into the darkness.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'When it hit bottom, the cage that served it as a door opened. They were in some sort of natural cavern, and electrical lights bolted to the rock lit the place well. The barking of dogs was in evidence, but more concerning was all of the straight-out-of-a-mad-science-catalog equipment. In the middle of it a human in a labcoat, his face obscured by a wild shock of white hair, worked over a computer. Behind him was some sort of slab, surrounded by robot parts. And... Borf! He was in a cage hanging from the ceiling by a long chain above the slab, drooling over a bone and grinning his generally-good-natured Borfy grin.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy gasps and points to Borf and took a few playful steps forward. She stopped and Put her hands behind her back, head down at an angle and with her right foot she put it on point and started slowly rolling the point of her toe in the dirt on the floor slowly, back and forth. "Umm. Excuse me Mr. Sir. I know you are busy and all, but could you PLEASE let me have my dog back."She said in her most pitiful sad sounding girl voice she could muster. "I just miss him so much and I wouldn't know what I would do without him. He's my bestest friend ever and I can see from one dog lover to another...What do you say?" She said while blinking at him with puppy dog eyes as she sniffled and let a single tear well up in the corner of her bright crimson eyes and she let it slowly roll down her left cheek. "Pweeaassse?"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"How did you get in here!? Where are my guards?" The man turned. His voice was grouchy and sharp, and he sneered at Rhevy through a face full of wrinkles. Light glittered off of a cybernetic implant on his forehead, and he scratched at it as his sneer turned to a glare. "How dare you interrupt my work? Besides. Under no circumstances can I let you take that animal. It's the most perfect test subject I've ever seen. I need to study him, find a way to clone his brain structure for my work!"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis scratched his head. "Uh. Your work, what do you actually do? Did you build those crummy robots up above, the ones with the dogs wired into them?"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"OF COURSE I DID! You stand in the presence of a GENIUS, the only man to successfully come close to replicating the original Combat Robotification procedure pioneered by the greatest roboticist ever to live! Only I, DOCTOR DAGHUBUG, am worthy of following in his footsteps, of discovering the secrets of creating ARMIES OF ROBOT SLAVES!" He pointed to Borf. "DOGS! Everyone else tried to do it with humans, but DOGS! It works so much better!"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy looked even sadder at the hard wordsof the mad scientist. "But...Grandpa...Can I call you that?" She said as she took a few more pitiful steps towards him and his workbench. "I...Grandpa...Please. You...I...I wish I had a grandfather. You see. Someone like you who could teach me and pass over a cookie every once and awhile." She said all while slowly nudging forward. "I...I grew up with no one. Just an orphen. And you. You are so smart. And talented. I...I always dreamed of having someone like you in my life. Someone I could look up to." Her steps had taken her a good 15 feet towards him. Closer than standing in the elevator and she looked ever so pathetic, with tears welling into her eyes.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Get out of my lab-or-a-tory!" He spoke with some sort of odd accent and enunciated the word strangely. "Out! I'm not your grandfather! I'm a very busy man, I have Science to do! I need to examine that dog's brain IMMEDIATELY!"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis piped up from behind Rhevy. "Uh, are we talking about the same Borf here? Good luck with that, Gramps."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The old man screeched and went for a remote hanging from his belt. He pushed a switch, and the cave shuddered as *something* rose up out of the darkness beyond the reach of the floodlamps. It was another dogborg, much bigger and heavier than the others, with the head of a huge dog growling behind its plated glass protector as it stomped closer to Rhevy.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy smiled a crouched down, holding out her hand. <That is a HUGE beast. I know this probably won't work but..." She reached in her back pocket and pulled out the half eaten Copperville Jerky she had saved for later, she was hungry after "borrowing" a car after all, and placed it on the ground in front of her. "Come here boy! You are a good boy aren't you!" She said as she gave the biggest smile she could give. "Who's a good boy! WHO'S A GOOD BOY! YOU ARE! you want a cookie! Treat!" She said as she was still crouched down and pointing to the food. It would save her a fight if it worked...and if not, she would prolly get a giant dog-borg punch to the face...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The dog howled and charged at Rhevy, swinging the expected punch at her head. "That won't work! That's why I use dogs, you see; I've wired stimulators directly to the treats center of his brain! Dog brains are simple, and it's easy to train the behaviors you want with a little consistency... and easier still when all you have to do is push a button to reward them! And HE has been trained that he only gets treats when he SMASHES INTRUDERS!" After Rhevy got walloped, Daghubagh pushed another switch on his remote, and the dog yipped happily, then turned his death-robot body toward Genesis.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Rhevy? Uh." He dropped into a combat stance, watching the super-dogborg lumber toward him. "Rhevy, uh, any ideas!?" He dodged under a wide swing, and the dog growled angrily as it brought its fist crashing down. The thing was way slower than Prime, but it had a lot of reach, and Genesis couldn't get closer. Plus, his eyes twitched lower as it swung at him again. He judged the distance and grimaced. It was too tall-the way it was constructed, he couldn't get the leverage to crack it open with the Tetsujin Kick, and its joints looked much more well-armored than the lesser dogborgs from the surface. He had no idea how he was going to break through this thing.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy got hit...hard. Flat-footed and all and went sailing into the rock wall before crashing hard, sending shards of rocks flying. Her cheek was already bruising and swelling and there was blood tricking down the side of her face where it met rock wall. She groaned as she slowly got into a kneel and sighed. "I do...Umm...Give me a minute." She said as she turned around and started fiddling with her hair and clothes. IT was...strange. What would come of whatever she was doing?'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Don't have much more than a minute! This thing is a lot faster than the other ones!" He ducked under another swing, went low, and slammed a wicked left into the thing's knee. He groaned slightly as something cracked... and it wasn't the thing's knee. A moment later its balled-up fist slammed into his side and sent him flying into one of the cave's walls, and the dog yipped happily as it turned on Rhevy once more. Genesis slid down the wall slowly, limp for the moment.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'After the moment of distraction she was ready. She didn't need it to be perfect, just effective. She turned around and...."MEOW" She said as she looked at the creature and hissed a cat like noise. Her hair was pulled up into cat ears, made more prominant by a glowing projection of crimson energy. Red glowing cat ears, four thin strands of energy on her face displaying whiskers, small glowing paws of energy on her hands a feet and a cat tail. She arched her back hissed again, made a screatching cat noise and took off four legged bolting around the cave, causing a racket. Under tables, on tables, jumping from wall to wall and doing anything a cat would do to try and get away from a dog. "Try and get the doc!" She said between meows, hisses and me-roars'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Dogborg started barking furiously and started chasing Elphlane. Seeing a cat seemed to have short-circuited something in his doggy brain, but unfortunately, it didn't step into or crush anything; apparently either it was well trained, or its body had some kind of overrides to keep it from wrecking the doctor's equipment. Whenever Elphlane got out of its reach, its arm came up and it started firing at her with a wrist-mounted machine gun.'
[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis peeled himself off the wall and started to stagger toward where the doctor was standing. "You stay away from me!" He reached up on the computer bank and fished up some sort of black box, which he leveled at Genesis as he pressed a button. A pair of sharp probes shot out of the front of it, penetrating Genesis's skin and delivering a nasty shock that dropped him to the ground with a muffled groan. He started to push himself up as the doctor frantically hammered on the buttons, but it was slow going, and he was clearly in a lot of pain from the taser.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Brill!" She meowed out as she was breathing hard from the frantic running around. She had gotten its attention all right but it seemed to not be destroying as much as she had hoped. It even stopped trying to shoot it around equipment so she couldn't even get it to destroy anything with the gun either. "Umm...Any...ahh...Other Meow-deas?" She screatched out and hissed as another blow sailed over her head. At that point she did the only thing she could think of and latched onto its long large arm, digging in and starting to run full tilt up the giant robot arm towards its head-cage, hissing the entire time. Maybe she could get it to hit itself? She had to do something because she was getting tired quickly. And the wounds from before were adding up. Soon her swollen face would close her left eye. They were already at a disadvantage...and she didn't need anything else compounding on her.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Dogborg's body started spinning on its torso axes, arms outstretched, in an attempt to throw cat-Rhevy away. If she hung on it clawed at her with its hands, but it was clumsy and the dog-pilot wasn't well practiced at doing that. Meanwhile Genesis staggered to his feet, supporting himself by one hand on the cave wall as the doctor continued to shock him, causing his legs to keep locking and unlocking. "No ideas..." He groaned as he took another step. "Starting to lose my temper...!" Purple veins could be seen standing out beneath his sweat-soaked skin, and his teeth were gritted in a frightening rictus. "Warning you, old man...!"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Around and Around the Rhevy-Cat spun as she made horrible cat-screatches before being flung away at high speeds. Her body being sent tumbling by, actually crossing the patch between the doctor and Brill. She smiled, waved, winked then screamed again as she was gone as quickly as she came into view. There was a couple of thuds, scraping sounds, dust, flickering of lights and somehow the sound of pots and pans crashing to the ground. There was silence in the darkness of the corner she was sent to before her voice rang out. "Its ok! Cat's Always Land on their..." "CLANG" The sound of a pan hitting bone rang out. "...feet." '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Was called out. A few quick moments later she came staggaring out from the dark area, covered in white powder, some sort of yellow and red condiments, purple jelly, and to top it all off, a pickle on her head. That was just her attire. Under it she sported numerous scrapes, cuts, bruises and her left eye was swollen shut already. "Brill...Fan that flame. Feed it. Use its heat and warmth. Remember the park..." She said as she moved in to distract the dog-bot once more. She didn't know how much longer she could keep it up...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The doctor whistled, and the dog-borg lashed out at Rhevy. This time, rather than trying to bash her, it meant to pin her, to use its weight and power to press her against the floor so she could be captured. Its free arm extended, swinging out and bashing Genesis away, sending him into the wall near the freight elevator and ripping the taser probes free of him.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"The park..." He wasn't thinking of the park. He was thinking more of the warehouse. More of Prime's voice echoed in his head. Softly. The android rarely raised his voice, but his way of speaking pounded what he was saying into you like an iron spike. He described what Genesis had done in the warehouse, how he'd unleashed his power. Talked about how one day he would learn to do that on command. But he wasn't there yet. He could feel that power, feel how many times over it had grown since the first time he'd touched it, but...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The dogborg bore down on Rhevy, and Genesis felt himself come up off the ground without actually thinking about standing. His feet pounded the ground, his lips stretched out in a wordless roar as he charged the dogborg. Its arm came up to guard itself, and Genesis's fist slammed into it... but this time it staggered backwards, the dog yelping in surprise as one foot came off the ground. It righted itself as Genesis slammed his right hand into its chest plate again, skidding it backwards more as it crossed its arms to block. One more swing. One more. Everything he had. The park. The warehouse. The.... the sound Rhevy had made as the thing had crushed her...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His fist trailed sparks of green as he brought it up in a blazing uppercut, and the dogborg's arms crumpled. He struck it square in the chest, and an explosion ripped out, penetrating straight through the thing and ripping the Doctor's equipment to pieces. The old man was lucky to be out of the roughly-conical blast radius of the hit, but half his lab was blown to smithereens along with half the dogborg's body. Genesis crumpled, panting.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She saw flashes of light and the cold weight of metal before everything faded around her. Everything went dark before she heard a cold childish but menacing laughter. "Is that everything. Is that all you could do?" It questioned before, like a dream, that voice faded as well. The dreams of Master Sae would haunt her for the next few hours before she would wake up. Where and to what would be answered for her at a later time. For now tho. For now she was dreaming the dream of dreams.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'They would wake up aboveground. The doctor was there, unconscious on the ground. Rhevy and Genesis, too... and there was Borf, sitting on the doctor, his typically vapid look of good-natured doggoness splayed across his face. The freight elevator was offline, and dust rose from the shaft below it...'

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