The Pursuit Begins: MacNan's Escape

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The Pursuit Begins: MacNan's Escape

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[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert stood with two of his brothers at his back in a triangle formation, his rifle raised looking for the target. The Kanassian spy had been useful enough, he was able to track their target here to Braid... But patience wasn't something they had time for... They had tracked a Tuffle to an abandoned warehouse outside of one of Braid's colonies. A Tuffle, one they believed belonged in the family of their target. He would be their key to finding a Tuffle their father had marked for death more than a year ago back on Earth. A Tuffle who had fled when the Chaos form of Max was reigning over the planet. He moved slowly, his senses sharp as he kept his rifle on his shoulder, his eye glancing through the scope scanning the area with the red dot. '

[CHAT] Jules: -- '"Stay close." He could feel the Tuffle, As he moved his team mates moved with him, their senses shared over the link their father had established. He let his voice raise, "There's still a chance for you, we can free you from your prison. Don't let him make you a casualty of war!" Robert wasn't talking to the Tuffle, instead talking to the host. There was a chance he would be able to fight back, to resist the Tuffle long enough for them to capture it. It was a slim chance, but one Robert was...'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'There was no thought behind it, a figure darted from the shadows. Robert's scope was fixed on it, a non-fatal shot. Then another... The figure dropped to the ground as its legs were penetrated by the enhanced ammunition that was so kindly provided by the late Captain Dumastin. Robert moved forward quickly, his brothers covering his flank. Rifle raised he stepped upon the fallen Tuffle... What happened next... '

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert should have expected the Tuffle to be ascended, but they sensed nothing of his power while in pursuit... The enhanced rounds were likely unexpected, the power of a magician had infused them with special properties... Robert should have taken aim on the Tuffle's head and finished the job, but interrogation and integration had been far more important... His rifle came up in a defensive stance in front of his head as the explosive wave hit him... The voices of his brother faded as his armor was cracked and destroyed, his hands being blown apart while his rifle took the brunt of the force protecting his head and upper torso... After the flash he found himself on the ground in a crowd outside of the warehouse. He didn't know how many blocks away... '

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert tried to get to his feet, but the explosion of ki had ripped through his lower body leaving little more than tattered stumps... With his bloodied wrist he tried to trigger his communications unit which had been on his vest, but the protective layer had been blown apart along with his equipment... "Shit..." He whispered to himself as his struggling head leaned back to rest. His brothers were dead, he was lucky... But likely going to end up the same way... Worse, he could sense the power moving away. Retreating. He had failed in his mission, he had cost his brothers their lives... Their weapons and the ammunition they contained were likely destroyed. A finite resource lost due to his desire to capture a Tuffle who far outmatched them. He laid his head back, trying to think of a way out of this as a crowd continued to form. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Near where Robert was laying, empty air shuddered, and then rippled with a burst of force that hurled those gathered near it to the ground. A moment later, a blazing white shape cut a wide circle through the air, and space rippled around the cut, leaving a man standing there on the street. His hair was a sandy color, his clothes were worn but well-maintained, of a style of activewear common around New Haven. He slowly slid a broadsword, the glow of its blade slowly fading, into a scabbard on his back as he looked around, muttering under his breath.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He exhaled slowly as he caught sight of Robert, and he kept the fingers of his right hand on the blade's hilt above his shoulder as he rushed over to the fallen Tuffle. He raised his left hand and swept it through the air, releasing a trail of sparkles that resolved themselves into large, angry dogs formed from smoke; the dogs howled and started to growl at and give chase to nearby people, herding them away from the downed Tuffle. "What happened here? Where am I?" He seemed as confused as Robert must be, but he dropped his hands to start to check over the Tuffle's wounds.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert was struggling to remain conscious, his body was quite adept to surviving what would be fatal wounds... Already bleeding wounds were smoking as they sealed themselves, but his mind was... Wondering. Even as someone else approached his eyes were focused on the billowing smoke that was a few blocks away. His senses were trying to follow the Tuffle, but already he could feel it slipping away... "Must..." His words gargled as he spat out blood, he could only imagine the internal injuries.. He wished his sister were there to heal him, but without his communicator... Sadly he remained mostly unaware but the question reached him... "Tuffle... Infiltrator..." Sadly he could be talking about himself, or the Tuffle belonging to his fathers enemy. It was difficult to concentrate with his limbs having been blown off and shrapnel from his own weapon lodged into his chest. '

[CHAT] Silas: -- '"What are you trying to say...?" The injuries were severe enough that he was having trouble understanding the man's speech. He perked his head up. Someone, moving away; a ki signature, fleeing? And it looked like he was marked with traces of the magic that he'd been following. He stood, shaking his head. The man he was standing over had traces of it as well. "I'll sort this out... in the meantime, my illusions should keep the sightseers at bay for a little while. Don't die on me, hear? I'll be back." He took off at a run, following that signature. '

[CHAT] Robert fell back, his mind a blur as the Tuffle within his head disengaged from the control clusters and moved down into the internal organs in order to do as many repairs to his vessels as could be done. On the outside he looked like he had become void of life... The shell wasn't what the Tuffle was, merely a ship for it to operate. One that could still be repaired with time and effort... Maybe... He would conduct triage as best as he could, but honestly... He wished Talimaar was here... Instead she was on a ship orbiting the planet and he had no way to contact her with the pain disrupting their familial link.

[CHAT] MacNan let himself float to the ground, his legs were on fire... The rounds that he had been shot with didn't penetrate fully and they seemed to be causing his host tissues to disintegrate. The wounds were glowing as he used his own power to stave off the assault but He shook his head, wondering how he had been discovered. He could already feel his fathers discontent with the situation, the anger his father felt at his failure... How had they found him? He had been in an open crowd when the assault team began their pursuit. He had been smart, taking to the shadows... Suppressing his powers to nothing... It was something he couldn't afford to do now... He feared whatever had been shot into his would consume him if he didn't keep it in check with his own power. Luckily, his pursuers were dead. Two of them had been disintegrated by his destructive bubble. The third... There was still a lingering trace but it was fading quickly...

[CHAT] Silas: -- 'Silas left a trail of yellow sparks behind as he picked up speed. He was quite fast at doing so, and obstacles didn't slow him at all; he leaped and bounced easily over anything that got in his way, and continued to accelerate toward the energy signature he was chasing. It seemed injured, so it wouldn't take him long to catch up to it. He was putting off a lot of energy signature, but it couldn't be helped... and if his quarry decided to flee, well, running down fleeing targets was what a Northstar did best.'

[CHAT] MacNan grunted, pulling a knife from his belt as he examined his legs... Whatever he had been hit with needed to be removed... And there were two of them... Worse... He could feel someone else headed in his direction... Maybe it was an ally of whomever had attacked him... It didn't matter, he would deal with the threat when it came... For now... There was a gasp of pain as he put the blade into the wound, cutting upwards for a few moments, than he removed it... Cutting another slice into his legs opening up the wound. The host would likely suffer infection, but MacNan would find another one later. For now he needed to focus on survival... Using his dirty fingers he dug into the wound on his left leg searching for the lump that was the bullet that had been put into him. He shouldn't of hid... He should've killed his pursuers the second he had noticed he was being followed... A mistake he wouldn't make again.

[CHAT] Silas: -- 'As MacNan pulled the bullet free, a figure rounded the corner and skidded to a stop, kicking up a cloud of dust and yellow sparks as he did. He straightened from a crouch, his haid blowing loosely in the breeze as he looked at the injured man. "That looks pretty bad... you should get it treated. Looks like someone sent some kind of kill squad after you. Any idea why?" He'd be more concerned about the injury, but something wasn't right here, even if he wasn't familiar enough with Tuffles to pick out that detail.'

[CHAT] MacNan let out a groan as he pushed the blade into his other leg, needing to get the other bullet out... The power that turned the corner of the alley startled him... He didn't waste time trying to be discrete this time... The blade he had held was immediately pulled from his leg and flung at the new target glowing with a dark green energy, his fingers spreading as he let his power build up behind his palm unleashing a powerful wave of energy aimed for his pursuer. His spare hand worked on getting the second bullet out after tossing the first away. "You shouldn't have followed me!" There was panic in his voice even as his hand fumbled in his hosts leg for the second bullet.

[CHAT] Silas: -- 'The sword came free of the scabbard with a quiet hiss, deflecting the thrown blade on its way out. Immediately, Silas Henries reversed his grip, and with a shout, swung the sword back around, pouring a burst of his own ki into the blade and unleashing it as a wave attack of his own. The two attacks met in midair and explosively cancelled each other out; the shockwave pushed Silas back a step, but he held his ground otherwise, taking his left hand off the sword and letting the point over in midair in a low guard stance.'

[CHAT] Silas: -- '"You know, that was pretty stupid. If you'd have tried to tell me that there was some kind of mistake, that you were innocent and that the kill team were some nefarious group, you'd have had a decent chance of convincing me. I don't even know what planet we're on." Soulmirror's blade gleamed, casting a warming yellow light across Silas's right side. "I just came here following a thread to see where it leads, and all I wanted to do was talk and sort this out. Now there's no way I'm letting you leave until I know what's going on. Way I see it, a man who goes for the kill *that* quick has a guilty conscience at the very least."'

chat *pulled the round out of his leg, his own energy flowing into it before he flung it at the new pursuer. Whoever it was clearly didn't know 'why' he was pursing.. But the Tuffle had been made... Perhaps there was a way to... No, he had hesitated to defend himself before and now his legs were trashed. His aura flared around him carrying him into a standing position. Fighting with injured legs would be difficult, but already muscle fibers were being generated to repair the damage enough for his legs to be moved. It didn't matter, this... Figure... He was more than capable, and looked to be the perfect host to replace this injured carcass. &G"&wI can answer all your questions, and all it requires is a kiss.&G" &gThe Tuffle let his power begin to swell in the host body, well beyond what it would normally be able to tolerate. It didn't matter if he burned it out, his new host had already arrived.

[CHAT] MacNan pulled the round out of his leg, his own energy flowing into it before he flung it at the new pursuer. Whoever it was clearly didn't know 'why' he was pursing.. But the Tuffle had been made... Perhaps there was a way to... No, he had hesitated to defend himself before and now his legs were trashed. His aura flared around him carrying him into a standing position. Fighting with injured legs would be difficult, but already muscle fibers were being generated to repair the damage enough for his legs to be moved. It didn't matter, this... Figure... He was more than capable, and looked to be the perfect host to replace this injured carcass. "I can answer all your questions, and all it requires is a kiss." The Tuffle let his power begin to swell in the host body, well beyond what it would normally be able to tolerate. It didn't matter if he burned it out, his new host had already arrived.

[CHAT] Silas: -- '"You gonna buy me dinner first?" He flourished the broad blade, and it shone and hummed slightly with his power as it moved. Were that thing's legs actually regenerating? That wasn't normal for a human. "I'll even be generous. My treat. Come on, I used to be a cop, I've given the 'easy way or the hard way' speech more times than I can count; just once can we maybe go for the easy way?" He could sense the man-the creature's-power flaring, with characteristic spikes that he normally associated with somebody pushing their limits to the breaking point. The fact that he could sense that, though they weren't even really fighting yet, did not fill him with confidence at the possibility of a peaceful resolution.'

[CHAT] MacNan let out a laugh, "Oh, you'll be dinner my boy..." MacNan let his power rush into his limbs, his legs glowing brightly as the wounds were stitching themselves up rapidly. He extended his arms as if he was going to unleash a blast, a feign so he could use his energy to prompt massive tissue regeneration on his lower extremities. He didn't need to heal them fully, merely repair the muscle fibers to a point where he could move. "Since you're not up for a kiss, i'll end it with one move. I'll give you the option, a kiss, or death?" There was a sinister laugh that followed, a few more moments and he would be able to put weight on his host legs again. All he had to do was buy time.

[CHAT] Robert had moved back to the control cluster of his vessels body, twin tentacles emerging from his lower back and pushing himself into a somewhat standing position. Two more pushed out going forward balancing his now rising form. He could sense the Tuffle and the man who had given him a moment of attention and provided distractions from the area. Talimaar's talents with medicine would be required to regenerate his missing legs below the knees and his hands, but the vessel was salvageable. In a second the tentacles pushed him upward in a leap towards a near-by roof top. A second later his tentacle limbs were carrying him towards the Tuffle target, the offspring of MacTep.

[CHAT] Silas: -- 'Silas raised the sword over his shoulder and let the flat of the blade rest there as he gestured with his left hand. "Tough choice." He was seasoned enough to tell when a perp was trying to stall him, but those instincts told him that playing along was his best play for the moment. Whatever his quarry's intentions, he'd reveal a lot more about them, and himself, if he tried starting a fight. Besides, the longer he waited, the less he had to reveal about his own capabilities. "Howsabout you choose? Course, either way, you're going to have to push pretty hard to make it stick." He'd slipped back into the drawl common in the western quarter of the city, where he'd grown up. It was an affectation, but one a lot of New Haven cops picked up if they stayed around long enough. He smiled a bit at the familiar tones.'

[CHAT] MacNan landed on the ground, his host legs bearing the weight of his body. The immense power the Tuffle was pushing out was causing its own problems for the host, strips of skin seemed to be burning away from him in lines. The Tuffle didn't care about the damage, he had a new host ripe for the picking. The blur of movement that was MacNan was caused by him pushing off with his legs, his right hand snatching the blade from the wall and slashing violently towards the center mass of the would be police officer. A kiss was likely out of the question, but the Tuffle could infiltrate from an open wound. All he needed was an opening, and with his power... That would be something doable. The power radiating off of the Tuffle's host was enough to cause the brick and mortar around the duo to crack and crumble. If this kept up, the alley and its connected buildings would be reduced to rubble.

[CHAT] Robert moved as quickly as he could, mentally focusing on his sister as he did so. He needed to contact her, to get reinforcements from his ship. His team was dead, she must have noticed that by now... The void that was in their great link... He couldn't think about it, whomever had stopped to help... Who had pursued the Tuffle... He was in danger and it was Robert's fault. Building after building his tentacles carried him rapidly towards the battle-field, the pressure in the area feeling like it was increasing as he drew closer.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Silas didn't like the possibility of fighting here, and he still didn't have as solid a grip on the blade's changing powers as he would have liked. Getting into a brawl in the middle of this populated area was just asking for a bloodbath; if that hit squad had any survivors, they were going to have some uncomfortable questions to answer later. He had an idea of how to deal with that, but it was going to make this tricky. He tapped the sword on his shoulder again, watching closely, as he let his power thread out and around his body, and through the blade. Soulmirror didn't grant him a huge power boost like it once had, but he'd found that channeling his ki through the blade still let him access a lot of its old powers, even if he was still getting a grip on how most of them worked; the blade's ability to conjure illusion was one he was more familiar with, though.'

[CHAT] MacNan tsked, the survivor was on his way... Damn... What did they want? Was it because he was Tuffle and they were from a competing brood-lord? Tuffles didn't usually have territorial disputes, so that couldn't be it... So why was a Tuffle hunting a Tuffle? "Damn it indeed..." He glanced upward before his legs kicked him back away from his would be host, noting the sudden spikes of power emanating from... The blade? That was an oddity, one his father would likely be interested in. "Damn damn damn, I was hoping you were the one... But I suppose this corpse will have to do... For now..."

(L:100 K:9,946,166 P:153.2b)
[CHAT] MacNan: -- 'MacNan let his aura flare out once again, an explosive burst of power suddenly unleashing from him demolishing the buildings around him before his right hand threw out a shimmering speck of energy which hit the ground and shattered into a wide-spread smoke screen. The Tuffle took to retreating, his energy once again suppressing as he made his way further into the alley and into the waste sewage system. His primary goal was to survive, but even he couldn't hold out against two ascended at once... Not while he was going to be vulnerable while the infection took its hold. '

[CHAT] Robert came crashing down over the ledge of the roof only to find himself greeted with the same sort of blast that had destroyed his brothers, this time his tentacles were crossed in front of him coursing with energy as he was thrown back, his body flinging through the air until he came to a crashing halt on a rooftop two blocks away. Grumbling his tentacles retracted, smoking heavily... He wasn't going to be getting up until he could repair the damage to his tentacles... And the energy was gone... Robert could still sense the Tuffle itself, but even that sensation was fleeing. "Damn it..." His jaw was clenched as he once again laid back, the Tuffle organism leaving the control cluster and enacting repairs to his tentacles.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Silas let the man go, for the moment. The signature was fading, but whatever magic he'd been hit with had left a mark that he'd still be able to follow for just a little while longer, until it dissipated; time enough to think over how to proceed. He climbed up onto the roof after the other man and sheathed Soulmirror as he stood over him. "You're looking a bit better. Don't suppose you can give me the nutshell version of what's going on while I can still smell the traces of whatever you guys blasted him with. Smells like a Namek I used to know, which means you either stole some of his kit or he gave it to you, and he never struck me as being an easy guy to steal from."'

[CHAT] Robert: -- 'For a moment there was no response from the laying husk, although Robert was aware of the communication. After a few minutes the creatures eyes opened and his head raised, a single tentacle pushing him upward. "Short version. Pursuing a Tuffle my father wanted killed, and I imagine the rounds are from that particularly eccentric Namek. He and my father were rather close at one time." Didn't seem any point in naming Dumastin, if this was another one of his allies then Robert would count himself lucky. "That wasn't even the big cheese, just a pawn. Was hoping to consume him and tap into the link leading back to his father. Didn't..." He glanced down at the destroyed body, "Clearly didn't anticipate the level of threat he possessed." '

[CHAT] Silas: -- 'Silas nodded. "Tuffle. I hadn't caught that, that's good to know. Haven't encountered too many of them so I didn't recognize it." He planted a boot on the raised lip around the edge of the roof and looked around, especially at the destroyed section. "Trying to take an Ascended alive in the middle of a populated area is no joke. Believe me, I used to do it professionally. You guys really messed up." He could still feel the fading traces of Dumastin's magic; was it heading deeper into the city, or out of it? He still toyed with the idea of letting the guy go to chase him down later, but with what this Tuffle was saying, and how the other one had acted, he *really* wanted a chance to bring him in.'

[CHAT] Robert was still on the ground, his head staring at Silas. "He was hiding himself, or at least his power. Tracked him by the psionic link he shares with his father. It's easy enough to see... If one is a Tuffle." Although, it only worked with a range of about a hundred meters. "My team was sloppy, cost me two brothers." Given how few of them were left... "This body is nearly useless for the moment, my sister can clone me new limbs but it will take a while for me to get her attention. If you have a means of tracking him, by all means." His right arm gestured in the direction of the Tuffle, "Take him down. I'd prefer him alive, but I'm not sure if that's a possibility. I wasn't expecting such an overwhelming power..."

[CHAT] Silas: -- 'Silas sighed, then turned around and leaned over Robert. He held out his hand. "I'm going to need some kind of protection against Tuffle viral infective factor. I'm not sure what kind of infector your friend is, but I'd rather not find out the hard way. If that body of yours is useless for you now, you might as well climb aboard. Just stay quiet and out of the way, I'm not sure how the sword will react if someone else's energy starts to muddle with mine too much and that's another thing I'd rather not find out in the heat of the moment."'

[CHAT] Robert quirked an eyebrow, he could have a full body cloned within a month. He wasn't sure how he felt about Infecting another. His fathers experience with it led to his creation out of guilt... Still, given the situation it seemed like the best solution. Even better, if the Tuffle did try to infect... Robert would be able to consume him, a trait of his particularly hostile brand of Tuffle... A tentacle extended from Robert's back propping him up, then another... A moment later Robert seemed to go limp as the second tentacle injected Robert in the wrist injecting the control cluster of the tuffle into the man. After a few minutes Silas would hear a soft voice in his head, "I'll keep myself under wraps, should give him a nasty surprise if he tries to infect." His senses expanded to include that of the Tuffle while Robert's own expanding to sense the magic. This would make tracking him significantly easier. The husk that was Robert fell still as if it was dead.

[CHAT] Silas: -- 'Silas leaped from the building and hit the street running. There wasn't much time before the traces faded, although the fugitive's efforts to hide his ki signature were doing a lot to keep the magical trace unmuddled. Let the guy sense him coming. In fact... He raised his hand, and the sword gleamed, light shining from within the scabbard, as he launched a wave of yellow sparks ahead of himself. As they hit the ground they formed into spectral monsters. He'd use those to chase civilians from the area as they moved, and hopefully clear a safe battlefield by the time they caught up.

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