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Dogs and Dragons

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[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'As the rest of the crew disembark from the vehicle she looked around. Her tapping had been increasing and even tho she had engaged "Brill" in conversation to pass the time she was almost at her limits. As the rest seemed to walk towards the building, she quickly fled through the parking lot, searching looking. Searching for something...alive. She knew that most people were off limits but she couldn't hold back anymore. She ran through rows and rows of trucks before getting the the edge of the parking lot. The big rigs sitting stationary and their occupants sleeping or busy. <Dammit...nothing here either...maybe...There?> She thought as she started to stalk into the nearby wooded area. She thought she could feel something there. Something out of the way.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'There, at the edge of the woods, was quite possibly Elphlane's next meal. As she drew closer, it broke out of the cover of a patch of grasses, stalking near her... and then a happy "BORF" dispelled the tension of the scene. The dog was apparently a stray, its fur a bit dirty, and it looked a bit hungry, but it sat in front of Elphlane and regarded her with a cross-eyed expression of doggy friendliness. "BORF!"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Meanwhile, Genesis came out of the diner with a double-armload of grease-stained paper bags. Unable to decide what to order, and overwhelmed with hunger once allowed to stop thinking about training and actually consider it, he'd wound up ordering "everything, with everything on it." Hopefully Elphlane might help eat it, he'd thought, but at this point, his training had him hungry enough that he wasn't sure he'd need the help.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Her slight frame, raven black hair and pale skin stood there in the woods, looking out of place. She would have used some of her manipulation to create some decent clothes for her, but even that was out of the question for now. She had used up a tremendous amount of whatever powers she had left clawing free from the mask of Rhevy, and creating that weapon. Now she stood, starving, staring at a happy, yet stupid dog. Her amethyst eyes glancing too and from before she heard rustling from the woods closest to Borf. It was then she felt it. Cold steel against her neck. Her sensing ability had been over-run by her hunger she couldn't even sense the desires of the just as raggity as the dog, looking man that had snuck up on her. He put one hand across her chest, and the knife to her throat. "Good job Borf. Looks like you managed to get us another one. Ohh, I'll have fun with this one."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She remained still and said with a low tone. "I think you picked the wrong girl today." She said in a whisper he could bairly hear. In response there was just a loud "BORF BORF" As the dog pranced around excitedly.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis had scattered his bags all over the hood of the car Prime had acquired. In moments, he'd dug out a stack of foil-wrapped packages, and torn one open to reveal a steaming cheeseburger. Juggling the other four with his left arm, he shoved the first one into his face and started chewing noisily while walking. His feet led him eastward, away from the lot and toward a stand of trees, but Elphlane had some time before he got there; distracted by the messy burger, he was proceeding at little more than a comfortable amble.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Ohh. This one here was a mouth on her!" The gruff voice from behind her almost laughed out. She was getting to the brink. Should she kill him first and eat him and then the dog. Kill both and mix them together. She contemplated for a moment if dog essence would complement the taste of hobo but her pondering was cut short. "A mouth like that belongs on me p...GURF!" He never got to finish. Her hand hat shot backwards and pierced into his body, latching onto his spine and giving a little twist, followed by a sharp snapping sound. She heard the man collapse as his knife slid gently across her throat leaving a light trickle and trail of blood on her throat.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"My My. Where did you want my mouth again?" She said with a glint of hunger in her eyes. She then pinned him down and began the process. There would be a single scream followed by a snap. The man's eyes rolled back as he lost consciousness and she started to devour his essence. The red mist formed in her mouth as she started to bite at his corpse, the mist draining the energy and turning his flesh slowly into a pile of red biomass goop, but from a distance it would look like she was actually tearing into the man and consuming him. Borf continued to bark excitedly, wagging his little tail and he kept dropping a stick at her foot, apparently he wanted to play.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Genesis came across Elphlane just as she finished the last traces of the man's corpse. He was halfway through the second burger, now, but he put it aside, laughing. "Rhevy! Did you make a friend? Here, boy!" He chuckled as Borf nearly tackled him, his floofy tail whipping back and forth as he circled the Namekian at top speed. Genesis pulled his arm back and launched the half-burger, and Borf took off at a sprint to snag it out of the air. "What a nice dog. Rhevy, are you doing okay?"'

[CHAT] Elphlane looked at him, the the pile of red goop then back to her own clothes that were covered in blood and the red ichor and smiled. Her pale face accenting the freshly saturated red lips on her. "I feel better now. I needed...a little...umm..." she said before she sighed and looked down at the ground. "I eat people..."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian stopped, his face--grease and ketchup surrounding his face--almost comical with shock. "You eat..." He nearly got the last word out before Borf tackled him, seventy pounds of hyperactive dog slamming into his chest. Paws went to his shoulders as Borf frantically licked the rest of the ketchup off of his face. "Eat people." His voice was slightly muffled at this point, and then Borf rolled off of him and started rolling around in the grass, trying to interest Genesis in unwrapping more burgers.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Yes Brill." She said as in a flash of shadows she was wearing different clothes. She was know sporting her black and red corset with the knee high black boots with way too many buckles, so many so it seemed very impractical. And she was wearing her red skirt with black highlights now. "I...I need the energy from living things to live. You eat burgers and water...I eat life energy. The more emotions the creature has the better." She said as she sat down and picked the knife up off the ground and placed it into the tree trunk she was sitting next to. She picked up a burger, unwrapped it and picked it piece by piece and tossed it to Borf. '
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"As Rhevy I...I was slowly starving myself. She didn't know it." She said as she looked at him with the strange Amethyst eyes, not the Crimson ones Brill(gene) was used to. "I don't eat children or anything like that. Usually rapists, murderers, and for awhile I used to eat these husk things Dumastin and Jules created. They were living husks that they used for experiments and such. But...I wanted to tell you upfront. Not keep this hidden. Think of it how you want to, but its part of who I am." She said as she pointed to the ground. "That red goop used to be this hobo guy here who attacked me with this knife. This was his dog he used to lure in girls and dog lovers. I...I saw everything he would do to them."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"That's... kind of surprising, actually. You do this, uh, often?" He saw that he was laying near a smear of red glop, and uneasily pushed himself away from it as he stood. "Do... do hobo rapists taste any good? Like, how do people taste?" He was a bit grossed out, but that went to war with curiosity. It wasn't necessarily something of which he approved, but he didn't feel any strong urge to immediately condemn Rhevy, either.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"It has their ups and downs. Fear tastes almost as good as joy and..." She stopped and looked at the man. "You seriously want to know this stuff?" She stopped, stared at him and laughed while petting Borf. "It's more of the emotions and their life." She said with a smile. "I get flashes of their memories when I eat them. Some fade away in time, like a rollercoaster ride. Some stay around longer." she said with a smile. "This man was rather invigorating. I got to experience the pleasure he had when he performed his acts. I frown upon that, but it was an experience to say the least." She said and she stopped again. <Dammit...> "Sorry. Yes. Different people taste different. Those husks I talked about tasted like...umm...I think you would compare it to plane, uncooked tofu."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: --””I don’t, uh, *not* want to know?” He rubbed his head thoughtfully. “I’m not really a huge fan of, of killing, you know? And I think that for my part, I’ll stick with the regular food.” He slowly started to unwrap the last burger he’d brought from the mound of food back at the diner, keeping an eye on Borf as he did. The dog started panting as Genesis went for a bite, lowering himself like he was preparing to spring again. “What do you plan on doing with the dog?” He looked Borf over from a short distance. The dog was absolutely enormous and quite muscular, covered in shaggy dark fur. He looked like a small bear more than anything. He didn’t look too bright, though, his eyes crossing slightly as he watched the burger. Genesis tore off a bit of patty and threw it at Borf; the piece of meat smacked into the dog’s face, Borf snapped at empty air, and then he started wiggling back and forth and trying to reach his tongue far enough to pick it up from where it landed on top of his head. No, Borf did not seem to be a very clever boy.

[CHAT] Elphane nods and then takes a breath. “The dog is pretty much no ones now, unless you want to take him with you.” She said as she walked over and pet the dog, rubbing the stupid beast between the ears. He started to lean into the ear scratch to the point where his entire body weight went towards Elph, before he let out a “BoRf?” and then toppled over, tongue hanging half way out of his mouth. “I only need to eat when needed. If I conserve my energy use and stay at a minimum I can last a fairly long time. And usually I take down wildlife when there aren't criminals around.” She said with a sigh. It was strange now. Maybe Rhevy had imprinted something on her or something residual. She felt a little remorse for devouring the hobo but it quickly passed. She was who she was, or at least who she thought she was. “At any rate. I...I think Kee-Ball is canceled for the rest of the season and If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to tag along. Help you reach whatever heights you wish to achieve.”

[CHAT] Genesis chuckled at the dog’s antics, but grew more somber as the mention of Elphlane’s diet came back up. “I won’t stop you from doing as you want. My training is pretty harsh, though; I won’t have much time to spend with you for walks in the park and that sort of thing. If… if you still do those kinds of things, like Rhevy did.” Elphlane seemed both a stranger and yet familiar, and it was still something he was processing. The dog was good at defusing the tension, but he still had a lot to think about. “Prime made it sound like everything we’d done up till now was just warmup. He has some kind of plan in mind for my training, but I’ve got no clue what it is, or why.”

[CHAT] Elphlane chuckled as he spoke of harsh training. And about her past mask of Rhevy. “I am very familiar with Primes antics.” She said with a smile as she stood from her spot. She brushed herself off a laughed a bit. “Taking walks in parks. I did rather enjoy those” although she was speaking of her stroll with Dumastin through her clans courtyard where she had impaled those who were plotting against her rise. “I can do things and offer training aids that I don't even think Prime realizes. “Now…what comes next might be strange” she said as the shadows in the forest around them started to bend towards her as she started to tap into the freshly devoured essence. The birds taking flight. The sunlight dimmed and blocked and the ambient air took on a slight ,not chill, but uneasiness. As if what she was doing was just....wrong

[CHAT] Genesis stepped back, arms raising slightly from his sides as Borf sent up a pitiful whine. “Strange? I think you passed that point pretty quickly…” He’d never seen a demon in action, and he wondered where the feeling of unease came. Some natural effect of her power? Some instinct? He felt his heart beating faster, his muscles tightening. Whatever it was, part of him wanted to stand ready to meet any threat that came…

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- The shadows around her grew ever dark as the darkness spread outwards. A dark mist started wafting from her body outwards casting the area in a thick blanket smelling of sulfur and brimstone. As the mist became deeper and darker her body seemed to break apart into smoke and shadows itself, an echo of laughter seeming to echo around Gene within the mist. “This is who I am. What I really am.” came the sweet enticing feminine voice as two large amethyst eyes seemed to pierce the mist into Genes very soul. The dark swirling of the fog seemed to conceal whatever was lurking in the shadows…

[CHAT] Genesis felt his body fall into one of the stances Prime had taught him. His hands came up, his weight came forward, left side leading. His head swiveled as he looked around himself, waiting to see what came next. He wasn’t sure what Elphlane was on about, but he had a hard time imagining the sunny, chipper Rhevy and Elphlane as the same person. Concern for his friend rippled across his mind as Elphlane’s powers, the dark mists, swirled around him. But he wasn’t intimidated; if anything, the display seemed to urge him on. He could feel it, there, sparking just out of the edge of perception; his power, waiting for him to reach out and touch it. But he didn’t know how to control it. Prime had merely said that the time for that was “coming,” and left it at that…

[CHAT] The sound of breathing permeated the air as blasts of hot air would bellow in Gene’s direction. The dark fog would swirl and move as if something was stalking at the edge of sight. A black scaley tail seemed to swirl one way as a claw would stomp the ground off to the side before disappearing into the black mist again. The there was a feeling in the air. The same feeling that makes the hairs on a person's back stand up. “This is what I am Gene” came a voice from right behind Gene. As if it just materialized from the smoke itself. What it was, were two large amethyst eyes placed on that of a giant midnight black scaly head and snout. Black fangs, like daggers, protruding from her mouth in a nice rows. The long neck reaching back to her streamlined scaley chest and front claws, slimming down smoothly to her hind legs and lithe but muscular tail. Black wings likes smoke itself were tucked neatly against her body. Her whole body was around the size of a box truck and she huffed out two small clouds of black brimstone smelling smoke. “Your thoughts?”

[CHAT] Genesis jumped backwards as that massive claw slammed the ground, then his eyes followed the swirling mist to rest on the serpentine face. She was quite a figure, awe-inspiring really, but he found himself settling out of his combat stance as his eyes adjusted and he could begin to take in the fine details obscured by the darkness. He didn’t have anything smartassed to say, no deep insights or bravado. All that came from his mouth was, “Yeah, okay, I’m pretty impressed.”

[CHAT] A clanking figure, like some sort of badly-constructed android built like a huge set of spiked medieval armor, walked by at that point and patted Dragon-Elphlane on the head. “You are a pretty kitty.” Then he ambled off, his ill-fitting external plating still rattling as he walked.

[CHAT] Elphlane purred a bit before chuckling her dragon-like chuckle. “I don’t usually take this form. It seems to make people run and others try and kill me, but i don’t blame them.” She laid her head down on the ground as the dark mist just seemed to emanate from her body itself. “I devour them. A lesson Jules, Dumastins friend, taught me. Devour that which is wicked, so that which is good may flourish.” The words seeming to echo in Gene’s mind and not come from her mouth. “Now you know. I am a being born from humanities hate and wickedness. Born of the darkness.” she growled and looked up at her. “I had born witness to the hate and evil of this world, through countless years. Waiting, watching, and after my birth i found the only way to save them was to cut out that evil, completely. And if I have to become a tyrant to do so, I will be that tyrant.” she finished. The words didn't come from her mouth, but seemed to just echo within genes mind.

[CHAT] Genesis still didn’t know what to think about Elphlane’s unique diet, but something stirred a feeling of uneasiness in him. It wasn’t fear, or some sense of moral revulsion, but instead, a sort of crystallizing concern… He finally put it together after some thought. “Why do you call me Gene? Rhevy always called me Brill…” This Elphlane, this dragon creature, shared some elements of Rhevy’s personality, but she was terribly different in some other ways. Was his friend really gone, replaced with this shadow dragon who claimed to be ‘the original?’ It was hard to swallow outright.

[CHAT] Elphlane:-- The Dragon slowly and lazily looked up at the namekian. “It Is just what Prime called you. I figured you would like being addressed as that.” The words echoing in his mind. “You are still Brill to me, A friend. Whatever name you go by just know I will be there supporting you.” The words seeming to linger for a bit. It had a bit of a sad note to it. She knew, for now, that the only survivors she had seen were herself and Thousand. Her clan she had no clue of their fate. Her key to Epitome Shattered. Her own emotions on who she was, a tangled mess. “When I eat, I can take on the feelings, memories and abilities of the person. The last person I ate before meeting you was this Crimson Queen. Rheveena.” The words slow and lingering. “She killed so many of us in the fight but I was able to consume some of her in the end before darkness and pain. It meshed with me. Entwined within me. And now it's a part of me...speaking of which. Don’t tell her.” She ended as the shadows started to collect around her once more.

[CHAT] Genesis crossed his arms, frowning. So the woman he’d met was just a reflection-an aspect-of Elphlane? That was disappointing. But he didn’t see anything he could do to change it, not at this point at any rate. He didn’t flinch back this time as the shadows swirled, wondering whether Elphlane was changing back to her humanoid form or doing something else entirely. “I’ll keep it to myself, though if what’s left of her is just a… a shade of yours, I don’t see how it matters.” Crimson Queen. The name didn’t ring any bells; Prime had told him very little, not even names, though it seemed plain that he had a lot of history and familiarity with both Elphlane and Thousand. Part of him was curious about that history, because whoever his genetic “father” was, he seemed to tie into those tales, but another part of him… simply didn’t care. Or to be more precise, cared more about his own quest than about a past that didn’t yet concern him.

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- “It matters to her....” Was the last words that echoed within Gene’s Mind. The shadows and brimstone mist swirled around her body until she was in a cocoon of darkness. The mist swirling into the epicenter, as if being swallowed back from whence they came. The light slowly breaking through the shadows in rays of light, as if trying to take back the artificial night that had fallen upon the grove of trees. A overly dumb and muscular dog was released from a blanked of solid shade that had encompassed him during the event and what was left was a blue skinned, red hair kaio girl, wearing her New Hope Arsenal jersey, seemingly asleep. The mist dissipating, and whatever energies that had clung to the area from that shadow dragon were gone, as if it had never been there.

[CHAT] Genesis hid a frown by bending down to check on Borf. The dopey dog didn’t seem the worse for wear from having been bound in the shadows; he sprang up off the ground and was running in circles chasing some kind of invisible squirrel. He gave Elphlane--Rhevy?-- a quick check-over to see if she was alright, then gently hoisted her off the ground and started the walk back toward the diner. He was surprised to find that she felt so light, and wondered if it was an early effect of his training. Borf bounded along at his heels as he headed back. He thought about the shadow dragon-girl, and about Rhevy… and he still couldn’t place exactly how he felt about what he’d learned about Elphlane. Obsessing over it wasn’t going to help anyone, but it bothered him nonetheless.

[CHAT] Elphlane : Rhevy groaned after a while before waking up on the shoulder of Brill, who was currently carrying her through a parking lot. “Brill?” She groaned as she was letting her eyes focus in. “Wait!” she said as she started struggling. “We are under attack!” she let her warm crimson aura flow throughout her body and then stopped. Where the hell were they? Was it all a dream? “Umm…Brill.” she said puzzlingly. “Where are we and what happened to the attacker? Or...I thought we got into a fight with someone.” (was it all a dream)

[CHAT] Genesis hoisted Rhevy up onto the roof of Prime’s car and slid himself up onto the hood, next to the massive trove of food he’d set out. Borf, in his excitement, ran square into the side of the car, gave a doggy mutter, and then sprawled out on his back, out cold, as Genesis watched and shook his head. “First things first. Help me with all this. I’m starving, and I don’t like what Prime said about the ‘hard part’ of my training starting soon. I get the feeling I’m gonna need all the energy I can get…” He smiled up at Rhevy, offering her something greasy in a brown paper package. “You’ve been out for a while… The guy turned out to be a friend of my new coach. It’s complicated, but he’s not trying to kill anyone right now.” He unwrapped something that turned out to be a bulging burrito and started to tear into it with a grin.

[CHAT] Elphlane : For Rhevy every new package was an adventure. A new surprise to be found. The excitement building after unwrapping food item after item, not really finishing a single thing. In no time she had a stack of food next to her with a few bites taken out of each. But what came next was the biggest surprise. She reached into the very colorful bag that had some sort of cartoonish figures on it, only to pull out not a burger, but a small green haired rubber doll keychain. Its face in a grumpy look that seemed to closely resemble Brill. “ OHH BY KAMIS GRACE!” She yelled out while shoving it towards Brill. “Can I keep him!” she shouted again, the small rubber figure looking even more grumpy on her two fisted grip.

[CHAT] Genesis watched out of the corner of his eye as Rhevy sampled and set aside various bits of food. What she didn’t seem to be noticing was that, now that she had a substantial pile next to her, Borf was very slowly pushing himself up the side of the car and pulling food off the pile, then dragging it down to the ground where he would eat it quietly without being seen. The Namekian quietly revised his estimation of the dog, from “dumb as a box of hammers” to “idiotically devious.” Distracted as he was by the dog’s antics, he jumped when Rhevy started squealing over the grumpy kid’s toy… and when he saw that its tiny face resembled his so closely, his face tightened up into a close imitation of the doll’s sour expression. For just a moment, though, then he looked up at Rhevy to see if she reacted to it. “Yeah, you can have it. I don’t need it.”

[CHAT] Elphlane:-- Rhevy Smiled and clutched the doll tight and it made a strange “Gurrp” Noise as if it itself was grumbling against her clutches. She had not noticed that the stack of various fast food items had quickly disappeared. “So Brill, What do we do now?” She asked but she was startled when she nearly fell off the car as it shook with an impact. Then another shake and pounding noise. She quickly scrambled around before peering over the car and found Borf taking running steps and charging the vehicle...To try and get a pickle that had floated through the crack at the top of the window, and was very slowly creeping its way down from the inside of the window. Try as he might as he charged the last time, planting his face in the largest open mouthed embrace and tongue furiously licking the glass, he could not evade the laws of physics and his tongue still could not reach the pickle on the inside of the glass. “Ohh Borf…” She said chuckling and shaking her head in her hands.

Refers to above

[CHAT] Genesis watched the dog furiously lick the glass for a moment, then turned away and got a thoughtful look. “Prime is leading us somewhere. Something to do with the next phase of my training; the way he’s talked, what we’ve done so far, the sparring, the weights, the roadwork… it’s all building up to something else. I’m not sure what his plan is, though.” He held up his hand and made a fist, feeling the muscles in his arm flex and harden in ways they hadn’t just a few weeks before. He could feel the flickering edges of power, too, but he left that alone; Prime had cautioned him against reaching for it, and promised to explain himself once they reached their destination here on Earth. “How about you? I…” He paused, rephrasing himself. “I’m worried about you. Wonder how you mean to proceed, with all the fallout of that attack going on in the background. Are you going to be okay?”

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- Rhevy sighed and crossed her legs and then leaned back, looking at the blue of the sky. “I...I guess I’ll go with you.” She said but it was sort of disconnected. She then looked down at Brill and then stuck her arms out and shook them violently. “No NO NO! I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just don’t have anything to do until next season. Since two teams were practically wiped out, they put KeeBall on hold until the next draft round. Season is over so...Until next season I’m free.!” She said as her voice went from more apologetic to Enthusiastic. “I’m sure we could train together and both learn some new things! I...I want to get out and see more. Do more! See If I can learn from those around me to add to the teachings of Karen-Sha!” She said with a determined and fierce look in her eyes.

[CHAT] Genesis nodded, then a grin spread across his face. “You think you can keep up?” He looked up at the sky, grin widening. “I’ve barely gotten a taste of what a real fight is like. I know my power is weak, but I’ll train night and day if I have to, until I can stand up and call myself the Strongest. That’s the dream that my heart yearns for…”

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- Rhevy smiled back and stood up and gave Brill a wink. “Of course I can!” She said laughing a bit. “I can't let a sour face like yours beat me” she said and finished by sticking out her tongue in a childish manner. “We should take Borf as well. Can't let him run around by himself.” She said as she saw the shadows of their companions moving just on the other side of the frosted glass doors. “Shall we?”

[CHAT] Genesis flipped off of the car’s hood and onto his feet on the ground. “Let’s go find out what’s keeping those two so long. Besides, your dog ate half my lunch, and I’m still hungry.” He gave Borf a friendly scratch, then bundled the trash from the food he’d gathered up and dumped it into a trash can in the parking lot as he walked through the doors. [EXIT]

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