Coming to a head- Clash in the wake of the Ki-Ball Massacre*

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Coming to a head- Clash in the wake of the Ki-Ball Massacre*

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Log takes place several hours following the concurrent logs "Hell of a Kee-Ball Game" and "Recovery Aborted".

Long one done on gdoc, had some fun with strikethrough text that isn't supported here; included the OOC banter prefaced with <OOC>

Elphlane: CHAT -- Rhevy sat in a holding cell along with a few of the other 11 survivors from the Kee-Ball incident. All were being held and questioned over and over. This would be her third time in the last 12 hours. She could hear the clicking of doors and latches and a humm as her two pairs of shackles emitted a high pitch whine ensuring her power didn’t leak out like before. Due to the cameras and rumors, it was quickly deduced that her power may be too large for a single pair of restraints, although she doubted that was the real reason. She smiled as a worn out player from the Firebolts came shuffling his feet back into the cell and the guard started to call out “Rhe…” She cut him off quickly tho. She was already stepping through the threshold and looked back at the man smiling and cheerful. “Well, You ARE coming arn’t you, or will I have to do the interview myself?” She said, ending it in a slight giggle.

Elphlane: CHAT -- The guard quickly led her into a room with two more guards, a detective and a public defender. All seemed defeated for some reason. She sat down in the seat with a slight perk and bounce in her step and placed her cuffed hands on the table. “So boys. Want it from the top again or are you trying to figure out where all the burnt incinerated bodies went?” She said with a giggle before she bent down lower and whispered to them. “Or are you trying to figure out how ascended, so barely so, managed to blast the hell out of a crowd of people under the jamming and power restraint system of the building and city itself. Well…” She said.
“Take it from the top again” Said the lead detective, obviously flustered and furious. He had tried to make odds and ends of this story for quite some time. Here for the next few hours she would be found retelling and recounting the story for the third time…

Gilder: [CHAT] Slamming his fists on the cell door, Gilder let out a scream of rage as the restraints on his wrists clanked against the door and sparked up, sending a quaking pulse through his body as he tried to force his energy to the surface. This pulse caused the human to recoil and remove his fists from the door, just glaring at it with a growl. It was silent. This cell was empty aside from himself, a sorry excuse for a bed, and a toilet. Not even a sink to rinse your hands after doing your business. The cell door led out into a slightly larger room coated in a neutral tan colour with only one other cell, of which Gilder could not see into due to the concrete wall separating the two, but the silence told him that there was no inhabitant in it. "Let me out you fucking morons! I told you I'm a soldier of the EDF, I don't know what the hell happened and how they all died, but I told you already that it wasn't us! That video feed you showed me was nothing but fabricated lies! GAH! Why won't you---" Gilder approached the cell doors and pounded on them again, trying to cause enough commotion to get somebody to end the silence of his confinement. Having been questioned only a single time since the twelve hours of confinement, and that was during hour one, and then being shoved back into a cell was driving him insane. Though... it was probably due to Gilder's volatile nature that he hadn't been brought back out considering he gave the lead detective a bloody nose from a fierce headbut…

[CHIZZAT] Thousand had set his ship down just outside of Vitae City and then flown directly to the arena at breakneck speed, only to arrive well after Gilder and Rhevy had been taken into custody. The field pervading the city had served to minimize the energy readings the android had previously locked on. He could still feel them, but they didn’t stand out. Like a voice in a crowd, you might recognize it but be unable to discern where it is coming from in the noise. His initial attempts at gathering information were fruitless, given his state- only just able to form individual syllables. As the frustration built, somehow, the anger began to ebb, if just. Thousand had come to realize that nobody was going to volunteer anything in his current state- he would need to mask himself above and beyond the protocols rendered useless by his mental state. The solution was simple. The observation had taken some time, and longer still to ensure one was isolated, but the payoff had been fantastic. The shadowguard’s faith in his stealth equipment had been his downfall- safe in the knowledge that he was invisible, he never expected the rocket punch to the back of the head. That was the easy part- actually making use of the equipment was more difficult. He estimated that he could keep the onboard computers none the wiser for roughly one hour before he would no longer be able to maintain the charade and they would automatically notify the alliance network and activate a tracking beacon. For now, he shadowed a step behind a group of police, eavesdropping on their conversation in hopes of gaining a clue as to where his targets had been taken.

Narrateor! [CHAT] “Hey Bill.” said the slender wiry tall officer to a much shorter, rather plump one. It was like watching the number 10 but in conversation with itself. “Diya hear about the 11?” In a response sounding as if there were a dozen doughnuts lodged in his esophagus perpetually “Yea. Heard Central HAS to let them go. They couldn’t get enough hard evidence to hold them” the high pitched nails on a chalkboard voice replied “ Yea. If only I were there when they release them within the next hour. I WOULD show them a thing or two about Karma. “ You couldn't show a toddler a thing or two and you know it” The banter quickly slid into the unintelligible banter of low grade insults and fart humor rather quickly.

Within the next hour….

“Crimson and your gang.” A voice of a disgruntled guard sounded as he slowly walked down the hallway. “You guys get the fuck out of here.”

“Is that a way to talk to a lady?” The crimson haired girl said with a smile on her face. That did nothing but piss him off more. The audacity of this girl to be so upbeat and chipper after seeing the carnage they couldn't prove they did just pissed him off.

“Just get the hell out, but don’t leave the city. Got it. Any new evidence could put you back here.” He said as he handed the group back a basket of randomly assorted clothes, and Rhevy’s uniform was soaked and smelled of urine. “By the Kamis. Peed on the clothes. COME ON!” She said as she sucked it up and was going to rock out the orange jumpsuit she was still in. “Come on guys. Let's get out of here and get some food.

Gilder: [CHAT] An hour to calm the rage he felt for this situation was an hour filled with all the rage and none of the calming. Gilder was standing at the cell door nearly the entire time, banging furiously against it in an attempt to get somebody's attention. A quick glance around his cell would find the bed in shatters and the toilet had tipped over and water was slowly filling the room. "I WILL GET OUT OF--- guuuuZZZZZ---" A buzz from his cuffs activated and sent an electrical shock throughout his body which was amplified by the water at his feet, causing him to fall unconscious. When he woke about 15 minutes later, he found himself in the main room of the police station with his restraints removed just as the chief of the Vitae City Police Department (VCPD) explained that they were free to go and handed them back their clothing. The chief looked over at Gilder just in time to receive a fierce headbutt to the face, resulting in the man stumbling backwards while holding his face, blood seeping out of his nose and through his fingers. "You shit heads locked me up for HOURS without any food or water, and now you're letting your department piss on people's clothing!?" Looking around, each policeman with authority to possess one had their guns cocked and pointed at Gilder, ready to fire, only to be told to stand down by their chief. However, they did not lower their guns, but the tension in the room did seem to ebb slightly.

With blood still pouring from between his fingers and dripping to the floor, the chief stood with a surprising level of composure, "Get out of my station you ascended filth. Somebody is covering your asses, that's for sure, so count your stars. Your luck won't last long." The chief put his hands into the box of clothes one of the cops was still holding and grabbed a piss-soaked garment and threw it in Gilder's face.

Without much movement, the shirt dropped to the ground and Gilder stood there with a snarl permanently fused to his now soggy face, trying his best not to incite a brawl. "Your department will be shut down. I promise you that, you primitive trog." Ignoring the rest of the ascended who were in the room, including Rhevy, Gilder chose to exit the station alone, still in the prison uniform he was in. He needed a proper outlet for his rage as he felt his power levels spiking as much as they could within Vitae City's limiter fields, and inside of a sanctioned station was not an option for the EDF Agent, unfortunately.

<OOC> [CHAT] 1k whipped out his dick and their jaws hit the floor, actin like they never seen a MAGNUM before

<OOC> [CHAT] Hollywood Undead files an Intellectual Property lawsuit against 1k.

<OOC> [CHAT] 1k is crushed under the weight of the legal system and redacts the entire exchange.

[CHAT] Thousand had visited several different precincts based on information he had gleaned by eavesdropping. He was aware that there was a limit to how long the pair could be held, and that they were in custody, but unfortunately in real life people don’t talk like they do in exposition in works of fiction, rarely referring to places or people by actual name. “The Precinct” had been the most accurate bit of a direction he had managed to receive. His anger had began to seethe once more with the understanding that the pair and their associates were to be let go on not enough evidence. Much of this anger was misplaced and truly ought to have been directed at himself, as he himself had made the same call on numerous occasions. Everyone’s a hypocrite, no matter where you go… not five minute’s following Rhevy and Gilder’s release, the android followed a patrol car in through the garage and had begun exploring the precinct, furtively monitoring the status of the software construct he was using to spoof the phone-home features on the pilfered shadowguard stealth equipment. He’d only be able to hold out for a few more minutes, tops. As soon as it dialed home, the exploit he had used would be flagged, so stealing another set would be a non starter. As he had done several times before, he made his way to the interrogation unit, slipped through the surrounding personal, worked his way under a desk, and connected to the computer system via his SACI interface, reviewing the feed from recent interrogations. The heavyset officer sitting behind the desk jumped at the sudden loud thump, wondering where it could have come from- the android had bumped his head on the underside of the desk when his query returned his quarry. They had been here- and recently. And these -idiots- had just let them walk right out. But they would be nearby… and they would stand out if he could knock down the limiter field, at least locally. There seemed to be a repeater node for the system built into each of the cities police precincts. If he took out the local one, and they were within a few blocks still, he should be able to get a fix. But according to the records in the system, the node was network isolated, and kept under heavy guard, deep underground below his position. If he left -now- he might be able to get to the node undetected- he would have to worry about his exit strategy later. Scrambling, while still invisible, he takes off for the stairwell.

Elphlane [CHAT] -- Rhevy took her clothes which consisted of her Arsenal jersey and black shorts, red socks and a pair of still dripping shoes and...apparently they left a “special surprise” inside of her cleats. She sighed and smiled to them. “Adversity brings out what is truly inside doesn't it?” She finished while looking at them all. Just a cheery face and her upbeat way of speaking. “Let's go guys. I think we have have overstayed our welcome.” she said but had a slight pause. “But you all should listen up. You are all still welcome in my home, and would be treated with respect. You should take to heart the teaching of Karin-Sha…” She said as she sighed and left the building. Her soaked clothes in a bag under her arm.

She walked down the granite steps of the Precinct to camera flashes and stares. They didn't let her or her team-mates know about how they leaked they release of the Vitae Killers. She was bombarded with questions, microphones, camera flashes as well as spit, fists random thrown objects and the like as she and her team tried to push past. The officers were suddenly “indisposed” and nowhere to be seen. It was taking everything she had to try and keep the group of released “murderers” together and minimally harmed from the swarm of angry friends and family of the victims, as well as any other person who just wanted to be there or a chance to throw or hurt someone without consequence.

[CHAT] Though he had left the precinct before Rhevy and her group, Gilder was still standing before the field of paparazzi and family that flooded the entrance to the station. With energy still spiking and a look of murder in his eyes, the reporters seemed smart enough to, for the most part, avoid him, and instead went to bring their questions to Rhevy, who was recognized as the face of the whole operation, most likely because she was the only female out of the eleven and therefore stood out the most. As Gilder made his way half-way through the crowd, he came upon a large gathering of family members who were not as aware of facial expressions as the reporters, and chose to confront the human.

A woman was the first to step forward, "You killed my husband and child! You don't belong here!"
Next an elderly man stepped forward waving his cane, "My grandson was on a date with his girlfriend and now they're dead. What are you going to do to make up for their tragic deaths!?"
A group of teenagers with what seemed to be a female cheerleader heading the charge began to scream from the middle of this crowd, "You're all monsters! MONSTERS! Ascended beings don't belong here anymore!"

"Earth isn't safe with you all here!"
"I hope that the EDF sends their assassins after you lot!"
"Death to Ascended Beings! An eye for an eye!"

The screams continued and were eventually drowned beneath one another as it all became an incoherent white noise to Gilder's ears. It seemed that the group chose to, with whatever they had on hand, begin throwing things in frustration at him. Purses, paper, food, wrappers, drinks... He stood there, his eyes closed with the feeling of his eye twitching, being bombarded by random objects and forced to just endure. They weren’t like the police, he couldn’t act however he wanted towards the general populace. "Do you not even realize that this was all a set up!? Ascended beings were murdered too, y'know!" Gilder's expression exploded all at once as he yelled that, clenching his fists to his side and head turned to the sky as he tried to capture everyone's attention. The effort was futile, however, and the drone of outrage and discontent broke out in the streets of Vitae City. To anybody who was watching TV at this point in time, the headlines attempted to stay neutral at the situation but read things like:

"Do Ascended Beings need to be registered? Deported? Extinguished? What is the EDF doing about this tragedy?"
"Massacre at Vitae City's Kee-Ball Tournament. Eleven warriors, who are the prime suspects, released."
"Vitae City's streets are no longer safe. Should Kee-Ball be outlawed?"
"The Ascended Beings are becoming too commonplace and too powerful. What legislation is in place for their kind?"

All in all, this was quickly escalating to segregation between Ascended Warriors and those without the ability to use Ki Energy. In less than 24 hours since the incident occurred, animosity surfaced from their deepest wells of the general populace. It appeared that the Ascended Hunter's goal was quickly gaining momentum.

<OOC> [SHAT] Thousand takes a dump.

[CHAT] Thousand left the shadowguard equipment leaning against the repeater node, concealing a trio of his own fuel charges left beneath, rigged to a small transceiver. Pulling a hood low over his face, he began the quick trip back out of the basement. The tough part should have been getting past the pair of guards, but as he approached their station he noticed that the pair had stepped away from their posts- just by a few feet, really- staring at a nearby monitor. Some kind of riot going on somewhere- the android could not afford to take notice of it now. He slips past the guard station, and very nearly makes it out before he detects guards approaching him from both directions, caught in between patrols. The android had hoped to wait longer, but couldn’t afford any further delays. One quick transmission back, and the trio of charges ignited their contents simultaneously, releasing a devastating pressure wave across the entire sub-basement level, the entire precinct shuddering. Billows of dust from pulverized mortar obscured the cooridors before being joined by a cloud of oily black smoke. The effect was immediate, and two-fold- first, the patrolling guards immediately went into a panic, managing to miss him entirely in the confusion, dust, and smoke. Second, the limiter field fluctuated and dropped significantly in intensity- though it would likely rebalance itself in short order. Still, it gave him a fix almost immediately- and almost directly above him. He worked his way up, ducking the staff as they rushed around, but eventually found it too crowded to get past without being made, even given the conditions. Fumbling about, he searched for another route, another option, before his eyes alit on a door placard indicating a locker room. Promptly, he began rummaging through lockers before finding a uniform several sizes too large for himself. Shrugging, he quickly pulls it on over his own clothing, tucking the excess behind him as best as he could- it would have to do. Anyone standing behind Thousand in clear conditions would know -immediately- something was up due to the fit of the uniform, but in the smoke and dust… it managed to work, somehow. Joining a group of officers bursting out of the front door amidst a column of smoke, he put on an immediate burst of speed, apparently vanishing from sight, in actuality flying upwards through the smoke, cutting across, and dropping down in the corner of an alley nearby- the uniform would drift several blocks further away in the wind. Looking as nonchalant as possible, the android slipped back out of the alley and into the dense crowd, working his way back towards the police station. They were nearby, and he wasn’t creating a rap sheet worthy of a hip hop artist overnight for nothing.

Elphlane [CHAT] Rhevy was bombarded with questions as she stretched her arms wide to try and cover some of the more worse for wear teammates. She winced slightly as a glass bottle struck her upside the head leaving a small trickle of blood slowing inching its way down her face. This crowd was getting restless and hungry but she knew she couldn’t act. A flash of orange came in and out of her vision as she thought she saw gilder disappear in the crowd. “Gil!” she tried calling out but was pushed back by an red faced couple, with hate in their eyes.
It was almost overwhelming before she felt the trickle of power in her and the slight lift in the dampening field. She took that single moment and unleashed every bit of her power she could muster, but only for an instant. The red petals of energy flashed around her and startled the crowd. They took a step back and panic was in their eyes but after that flash was gone all was silent.
She took a breath and projected her voice as best as she could. “If we all want an eye for an eye, that would leave the whole world blind” she started with a stern face, looking at the man who said that, closest to her. “What are you all doing here. I know you are mad. Angry hurt, but take care of what you all have left, and pay homage to those that have perished in that event.” She nodded to her teammates to the side alley as she continued. “If what you think of us as monsters, inhuman. Then do not become monsters yourselfs. We all are a product of our thoughts and actions, and I do not wish for all of you to fall into the realm of monsters like you say I am.” The cameras were still rolling as the crew she was with silently left through the side alley. “Our strength does not come from our physical capacities. It comes from all of our indomitable will, and don't let fear and hate crush that.” She took a breath and sigh of relief as she was the only one left in front of them that she could see. She had lost sight of Gilder some time ago. “If you want to see a change in the world, you must start with yourself. You are that change you wish to see. Now go home. Morn. Celebrate their lives. Pass on their memories, and if it makes you feel better, I stand before you, and do to me what you must…” She finished, taking a step forward and spreading her arms wide, eyes scanning the crowd and waiting for whatever course the mob would take...

[CHAT] A Namekian stretched slowly as he walked down the ramp leading out of one of Vitae City’s tertiary spaceports, one of the smaller landing areas reserved for small passenger craft. Following him was an innocuous-looking android with humanoid features, though he lacked the layer of synthskin that many androids wore as a matter of course. “Roadwork.” The android’s voice was gruff and a bit gravelly, and the Namekian nodded, breaking quickly into a ground-eating jog and ducking past slower figures on the sidewalk. Behind him, not moving as fast but still keeping pace, the android trotted in his wake.

[CHAT] Though the crowd remained silent for Rhevy's heart-felt speech, the calm did not last long. It only took one person's action to rile the tension back up, and it came from a single insurgent placed within the crowd. The male, no older than the age of 18, came stepping out of the masses. His black hair was long and covered half of his eyes while hanging halfway down his neck, a beanie covering the top of his head and keeping his hair flattened. "You're just trying to cover yourselves! We've all seen the footage, we all saw your actions! How can you possibly justify yourselves? You killed our families, our neighbors, our friends, I'm now an orphan because of you assholes." He stopped for a minute, bringing the sleeve of his hoodie to his eyes to wipe away false tears as he sold his story as he had been trained to do. He took out a small pocket knife that looked to be irregularly sharpened, and pointed it at Rhevy as he took steps closer, closing the thirty feet distance between the two. "If your words are genuine, then let me take a 'stab' at you. Let me spill your blood for the sake of the family we have all lost!" The insurgent now stood no more than three feet away from Rhevy, arm outstretched to cover the rest of that distance with the knife mere inches away from the woman's face. The families behind him were roaring back to life as this was exactly what they wanted, and Rhevy's response to this would be pivotal.

You know... if she was allowed to respond...

Abruptly, Gilder came blazing out of the crowd with aura flared around him as his fist collided with the cheek of this youngster from his right side, sending the mutinous teenager flying into a pile of trash cans on the side of the road. He landed just in front of Rhevy, and to her, his pure white aura would feel calm and controlled, but it gave off the visual of being wild and brash to the rest of the crowd. With his right side towards Rhevy, and his left towards the crowd, he looked over his shoulder and caught the attention of the camera crews who were now focusing in on Gilder who still wore his prisoner gown. "If you all want to blame somebody, blame me. I killed all of your families and friends, not this woman or the other 9 who survived my massacre by dumb luck." Turning his back to Rhevy, as if showing to the crowd the two were not associated, Gilder's act as martyr would be convincing to anybody who was not obsessively studying this act of violence. They were ignorant to the facts and what they saw, and at this point would be sold on pretty much whatever they were told to place blame towards.

The crowd, however, had noticably begun to cower and disperse at the two shows of intimidating powerlevels they were not used to witnessing in their city. The limiter's gloves that restricted their power signatures was dampening and even those without the ability to sense ki energy would take notice to that. The rest of the fickle crowd that remained after the show would begin to break up as well, noticing that the ones they stood shoulder to shoulder with were retreating back to their homes for the time being. The passing glares and enraged expressions that were being shot towards Gilder told him two things: One was that his ruse had worked how he intended, taking all the blame unto himself. Two was that this was only the beginning to events yet to happen.

<OOC> [CHORTLE] Thousand abuses strikethrough some more for the lulz

[CHAT] Thousand worked his way through the crowd, focusing on the energy of Gilder and Rhevy, who were so kind as to flare it further as soon as the limiter field relaxed slightly. He couldn’t -see- them through the crowd, though. His fingers gripped the leather-wrapped handle of the dagger he had constructed from the steel claw of one of the Bear Forest bears so long ago, the notion having entered his mind to literally cut his way through the crowd. He had pulled it halfway from its sheath before the rational portion of his fragmented mind asserted itself. [You’re going after them -because- they slaughtered civilians, you aren’t really going to slaughter civilians to get at them, are you?] He hesitated there, hand still gripping the handle, struggling with himself. [We’ve already gone so far… assaulting officers, breaking into secure areas, planting a bomb in a government building… what are a few more civilian deaths? How many will we save with their sacrifice?] The blade slid out of the sheath another inch, even as his hand shook. [Read the crowd- they’re out for blood. A knife won’t drive them off. You can clear them out faster than that without shedding a drop! These people are angry because they are terrified of ascended- who did you know that might serve as the face of that terror?] The blade quivers, sinking a fraction of an inch back into the sheath. [Well, that could work, but-] The rational fragment interrupts him. [You really think others will honor his memory if they discover -you- slaughtered innocents?] The android shook with anger, mostly at himself, but the point struck home. A sacrifice had to be made, but it needn’t be made in blood. The blade dropped back into the sheath completely as the android shunted power to his holo-emitters, preparing to disperse the crowd. The androids mouth moved slowly, inaudible under the din of the crowd as he whispered “Sorry, Sam…” And then, he activated the illusion- three projections appeared to leap down from atop the precinct, landing with a loud crash- each would be the very image of Sam, were it not for some embellishments Thousand had taken. Each projected Mimic stood over 8 feet tall, and faced the crowd initially with a sharptoothed grin, before gaping maws opened and claws were brandished. “GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!” the three projected mimics appeared to roar in unison before moving towards the crowd slowly, oversized Icerian-style tails lashing behind them. “Clear out, you idiots…” the android whispered once more, again inaudible over the din.

Elphlane [CHAT] Rhevy looked around as the man brandished the knife at her. She looked at him with pity in her eyes but never moved. She was going to accept her fate before Gilder jumped in. The man being knocked to the floor and the knife skittering to her feet. The cameras still rolling she placed a hand on Gilders shoulder and shook her head slightly at him. “Calm down Gil. It will be ok.” she smiled and picked up the knife and walked to the downed man, who was still struggling to get to his feet. She smiled at him and put the knife back into his hands. “Would I let you stab me? NO. If it makes you feel better…” She grabbed his hand that the knife was in and plunged it into her side. She felt the cold blade enter her flesh and the warm blood start to soak into her prison clothes she was still wearing. “Happy now?” she never got a response as three monsters showed up and started advancing on the crowd. “Shit. GIL. Protect those people!” she shouted as she was slow to stand. She might have went a little too deep with that last act of hers.

[CHAT] The Namekian, Genesis, straightened as he heard sirens and screams in the background. He slowed, letting his coach catch up, and yelped as the android blew past him. He leaned forward and started running, accelerating into a full sprint, and shouted, “What’s going on!?” A barked reply of “Trouble! Let’s move!” was all he received in return, so he focused on the android’s back and concentrated on keeping his breathing even. He didn’t know the way, but he trusted by now that Prime did. Instead of worrying, he just picked up the pace, his stiff boots pounding the pavement, and bystanders shouting as he and the android shot between them at top speed. Moments later the android led him off the sidewalk and onto the street; traffic was backing up quickly as police lights started to flash all around them, and now they wove between stopped cars instead of crowded bystanders.

[CHAT] Though it was overkill, the sudden appearance of the multitude of mimics did the trick at dispersing the rest of the crowd which mostly consisted of persistant reporters at that point. Surveying the area that was now flooded with these real monsters, Gilder quickly braced himself for combat, fashioning two blades that he drew from his own flesh, leaving punctures in his clothing where the swords seemed to mystically pop out from. With another pulse of energy that Gilder was slowly trying to build up to reach his normal levels, his prisoner shirt tore apart effectively, revealing a toned, ebony chest.

These mimics stole the attention from Gilder - and despite him having met Samuel before, he failed to recognize the illusions as somebody he had known prior (though they certainly did not get along). He was just getting into his villain mindset, but this worked out similarly in his favor. Finally, he had a suitable outlet for all of his frustrations. Ignoring Rhevy's plead for Gilder to protect those powerless to protect themselves, Gilder faced one of the oversized mimics and crouched down, gathering his center of gravity in his legs, and launched himself in one fell motion, blasting out a shockwave from where he once stood as he now rushed through the air with both blades in hand towards his new punching bag. As he came within distance to the creature that seemed to be blindly rampaging through the area, Gilder clenched both of the hilts and brought them close together as he spun midair three times to gather momentum and let loose an attack that he was sure would cleave this monstrosity in two.

[CHAT] Thousand noticed the crowd dispersing, the intended effect of his gambit paying off- normally a very pleasing thing for the android. But he could take no joy in it, not now. And even better, one of his quarry had taken the bait as well. Thousand would normally have smiled at that development, but instead his eyes focused on an unbalanced Gilder, the expected resistance to his blades completely absent as his attack passed through the hologram like so much air. He put on a burst of speed, brown robe rippling around him, aiming a shoulder charge at the unbalanced human- his goal to simply knock the man over, pass him, and advance on Rhevy. All else aside, she remained the primary target, even if Gilder had to pay for his part in the most recent massacre, the man was not- to Thousand’s knowledge- involved in the greater conflict from the Sanctum. It seemed that the kaio was already wounded- great. He would take every advantage he could get. He grits his teeth hard, a faint froth of faux saliva forming at the corner of his mouth, all that was visible of his face beneath the hood. Abruptly, all three of the mimic projections pursued the fleeing crowd, turning a corner and passing out of sight before the projections were cut. They were no longer needed; only the two before him mattered now.

Elphlane [CHAT] Rhevy takes an unbalanced step forward while grabbing her side, feeling the soft warm red drift in between her fingers. She closed her eyes and focused deep within herself. She was drawing out what power she could and bring it to the surface. She watched as Gilder took off and his attack went through the image. “Gilder!” She called out but it was too late it seemed. The cloaked foe was already within striking distance, and she couldn't make it in time with the field and her wound. She heard the faint laughter of that beast behind the door echo in her mind but she shook her head. She would do this without that vile beast.

Dumastin [CHAT] Genesis forced his way past fleeing civilians, following Prime as best he could. He was in position to see the mimic projections start to fade and fizzle, and he pulled up short in confusion as he considered the scene. Prime stopped as well, his limbs unfolding into their combat configuration as he climbed up a lamppost to get a view of the courtyard. From up there, he couldn’t be heard above the screams, but Genesis saw the android catch his attention with a gesture, then point him onward. He nodded, knelt low, then started to bull his way through the last vestiges of the crowd. The first thing he saw was Rhevy, the second thing he saw was a cloaked figure charging down on her, and then everything in his vision went red. He dropped his shoulder and ran at him, full steam ahead.

[CHAT] As he brought down his cleaving blades, they passed through the mimic like butter... or even air, it was that smooth, and then Gilder found his entire body entering the stomach of the monster, quite literally, as he realized he did not cut a single piece of flash. (What the hell just happened? Is this thing that quick? Is he able to create two other after-images at a single moment and I picked the wrong target!?) It was in the middle of that thought that the being in the brown robe came out of seemingly nowhere and shoulder-checked the human, causing Gilder's stunned self to be knocked to the ground without a single superficial wound, aside from his spacial awareness.

Picking himself up, he watched as the being rushed after Rhevy, and although he did not have particular interest in that woman, she still didn't deserve to be attacked. Clenching the hilt of the sword in his right hand, Gilder dug it into the ground just in front of him while surging a light green aura over the entirety of the weapon and hopped atop of the blade's hilt with impressive balance. While crouched down, he leaned forward as he positioned himself with the rogue in front of him, and in a fierce burst of wind, the blade exploded from behind him just as he pushed himself off the weapon, giving Gilder a boost to his speed that he needed to catch up to the two. With his other blade still in hand, he grabbed on to the hilt with both hands while in mid-air and let off a scream as he closed the distance and looked to slash this man who he could only assume was a member of the Ascended Hunters. The three of them formed a perfect line with Gilder coming from behind, the rogue in the middle, and Rhevy on the other side.

[CHAT] Thousand could sense them, and feel them as they approached. A third, now as well, and unfamiliar… but all of them moved so very slowly. It seemed that, even with the local node damaged and the field disrupted, the field gave him quite a leg up. At least, in regard to Gilder. With the strength he just KNEW Rhevy- no, Rhaveena- was hiding, even in the field, and even one on one, he knew he would be facing tall odds. If he struck now... but no. Gilder’s pursuit was too close for him to be certain that it would be possible to fell the kaio before she released her true power. He would have to be dealt with. The stranger, though… a wild card, but as of yet seemingly too distant to interfere. First, Gilder. Whirling about while still hurtling backward, the android grimaced, and then pulled a -foul- gambit. First, he activated his holoemitters, forming a perfect replica of his own left hand, covering the actual one entirely like a glove. Next, he drew the handcrafted dagger from its sheath, quick as thought, palming the blade with the left hand and wrapping his right hand around the grip- effectively hiding it, counting on his speed advantage to do the rest. He made a big show of pressing boths fists together against his chest, and pulled them off, modifying the hologram as he goes. To an observer, he would appear to be drawing out a green-glowing blade that happened to have eyes and a mouth on it- one Gilder might find very familiar. Far larger than the original, with an angry expression on its face, the hologram effectively hid Thousand’s now-detached fist within it, gripping the steel dagger. Meanwhile, a second hologram replaced Thousand’s actual left hand, and the hologram hiding the androids fist appeared to lock eyes with Gilder. It all happened in a fraction of a second. The blade seemed to speak- “Oi, oi! Hey, “Master!” We don’t all DIE when you abandon us, and Cali is back for revenge!!” The illusion of Gilder’s own technique, carrying its very real payload, then launched towards Gilder to meet his charge. An instant later, the androids right fist was arcing towards Rhevy’s head in a ferocious haymaker, wholly intended to finish her off before she could release what the android presumed to be her full power. He took no action against the stranger. As his fist approached the woman, he froze for a moment, killing the momentum of the swing. Some quiet muttering was barely audible under his hood, the advertisement for a local radio station going largely unheard.

Elphlane [CHAT] Rhevy took an awkward step forward as the cloaked figure came at near impossible speeds within the dampening field. She let her own power rise to the foremost as a soft crimson glow surrounded her body, even as her own crimson ran down her leg and stained the steps she was on. In a flash something took off attacking Gilder and then it was in front of her as well. “Wh...WHaa!” She exclaimed as she tried to use the Gentle Palm technique to redirect the blow and move her opponent off balance enough for a leg sweep but the raw power, even if a lot of the momentum was gone, foiled her follow up. She was able to brace with her hands and, while twisting her body redirect the blow from her, as she took a short step back and returned to her guard, with a smile on her face. Her face showed a smiling Kaio girl, using as much effort as a sunday stroll. That was one of the misleading techniques of the Gentle Palm. On the inside, and in her muscles she was screaming with every effort, and took everything she had just to misdirect that single blow. The half step she took and the return to guard looked like a ploy, as if she were toying with this cloaked figure, but in reality, underneath it all, it was a scramble for her life.

Dumastin [CHAT] Genesis slowed as the attacker’s attention split, and he made a split-second decision. That dude was using some sort of energy-based attack, and that told him that he might not be able to make a difference just charging in recklessly… even though every fiber of his being screamed at him to do it, Prime had made beating some sense into his new pupil one of his first priorities. He diverted, charging instead in Rhevy’s direction and skidding to a halt in front of her. He turned away, locking his attention on the stranger. “Funny meeting you again like this. Stay behind me, Rhevy! Until we figure out what’s going on, I won’t let him touch you!” He dropped into a low stance, hands up to guard his chin. A boxer’s stance, it looked like.

[CHAT] The projection of one of Gilder's personified blades managed to really irk the human. He knew that this wasn't the same blade, at the very least, even if he didn't know it was but a hologram. There was no time to stop as he continued his rush after the rogue, but first he'd have to do battle with his own blade. (There is no energy connection between me and that sword. It is not mine, it means nothing... just cont--- what?) There was someone new on the field now, somebody that stood between the rogue and Rhevy seemingly protectiong Rhevy. This was a reflief to know as Gilder's blade came to meet with the false Cali in front of him... again, kind of. His blade slashed straight through the hologram only for the hand that was cloaked beneath it that was also gripping the dagger plunged directly into Gilder's chest. The momentum that Gilder had gathered turned against him as he hung, suspended in the air as he came to a full stop.

Coughing up blood as something was internally punctured, so it seemed, Gilder grabbed on to the hang that held the blade and forced it away from his chest, yelling out in pain as he threw the hand to the side. Blood and saliva spewing from his mouth and he dropped down to the ground, he tried to yell, "You little... shit. I'm tired of these dirty..." *cough cough* more blood. The human had been more focused on going on the offensive, he didn't even consider his own safety in the matter since this rogue didn't pose any immediate threat to him. Now down on all fours, Gilder raised his right hand to grip the fresh wound in agony, unable to take back to his feet.

[CHAT] Thousand curses at himself in a low, guttural voice. That damned malware- Requius had helped him lessen…. [Requius…] That train of thought forgotten as his anger surged anew, the android gave only a passing glass to the newcomer- a namek, it seemed- who seemed to be covering Rhaveena. [An innocent bystander but… they regenerate.] A spring forward, his sidearm blade springing forth from the stump of his left wrist, the projected hand appeared to be grasping a shortsword, that now flashed towards Genesis, intended to take off an arm at the shoulder when he abruptly stopped, staring at the namek dumbly. In his clouded state, despite the lacking cybernetics, other differences… the similarities in his appearance and his energy pattern stood out. For just a moment, the android was certain that the Technomage stood before him. He faceplants on the ground, right at Genesis’ feet and clutched his head, the flat of the blade pressed to one of his temples and his right palm pressed to the other, howling incoherently. He pushes himself to his feet a moment later, then springs forward, blade held behind, intending to literally shove the namek aside and lunge directly for Rhaveena.

Elphlane [CHAT] Rhevy breathed a sigh of relief as her friend “Bril” joined with the fight. “Glad to see you here. Are we able to celebrate your Awakening after this is over?” She said with a smile as her focus was still on this masked fighter. Her inexperience and Naivety showed as she dropped her guard for a second as her attacker dropped to the ground and was screaming. “What the hell. IS he just mad?” she asked outloud, more to herself than to anyone around, before in a flash the attacker was on her again. She dipped and dodged, pushed and rolled, redirecting the attacker's force and momentum away from her. Her adrenaline pumping she jumped backwards from the clash with a smile before she felt it. Looking down there was the broken tip of a blade sticking out of her chest. She took another half step back and stumbled. “I...I’m so sorry Bril…” She took a ragged breath and fell first to her knees, struggled and pumped forth a gush of blood onto the pavement before her. She tried to remove the blade, but there was nothing to grasp and after another labored breath, and gush of blood from her wound, she landed face first into her own blood. Her vision faded and blackened.
Everything was silent for a moment before she awoke. She had to be dreaming. There was nothing else around her except that damned closed steel door and that playful and dreaded laughter from the other side. “Do you wish to die, or to live?” the voice said as she could “feel” it smiling on the other end. She already knew that answer. She was afraid. Terrified even of this creature, but even more so of the finality that her short life held. She would do anything it took to stay alive at this point. Her hand reached from her side, and grasped the handle to the door…

Dumastin [CHAT] Genesis tried to stand his ground, but even the heavy training he’d been undergoing didn’t leave him anywhere near Thousand’s weight class, and he found himself batted aside like a stuffed toy. He slammed into a wall, cracking the stone around his impact point, then slumped to the ground. He didn’t stay down long, though; he lunged forward and crawled across the ground to Rhevy as she fell. He was too concerned for his friend to even try to understand why seeing him had struck the attacker so strongly… the only thing on his mind was the rapidly-widening bloodstain on Rhevy’s chest. He barely even felt his hands touch the ground before he launched himself, full-bodied, arms outstretched, at the android. His mouth was wide in a wordless howl as he lunged.

[CHAT] Clenching his wound on the ground, Gilder dug his face into the cold cement as he bore the pain to the best of his ability. The last few times that he had been in battles with [seemingly] regular fighters were not turning out well for him. The first encounter with the Ascended Hunters in the woods, then the massacre at the stadium, also when he fought that strange giant-man in the woods that sucked out his life force, now this rogue with the detachable hand. Who... could... use holograms? Of a sword that Gilder only really used once against--- an android. Wait…

Gilder lifted his head quickly enough to give himself whiplash and looked on at the trio of warriors only to see Rhevy was grounded with another stab wound. This didn't really matter to him though, not right now. Forcing himself to stand, Gilder quickly limped his way closer to the group of them and took a deep breath before shouting out, "HEY! I know you, android, don't I? You were the one that I got in to that whole Plague ordeal with... gah-- I can't remember your name though. Like, Tossen or something?" Letting off another cough that he covered with the hand that wasn't holding his stab wound, he noticed that the blood was less than before, which meant that he was either recovering slightly or losing blood quickly and might die soon. "I still owe you some poundings, so take off that damn robe and fight me without your stupid hologram tricks, Tossen!"

<OOC> [CHART] Thousand takes up amateur cartography as a hobby.

[CHAT] Thousand had been made- sort of? Not that it mattered. The robe was never about disguising himself from his quarry, but rather to minimize the risk of the actions he had taken being linked back to him. Maybe that was impossible already, but he wasn’t about to shed his cover just for Gilder’s sake. Illusions don’t tend to work more than once against a savvy opponent, but a glance at Rhaveena seemed to indicate that it only needed to work once. He would have to make certain she was dead, but he would need to finish this first. He roars back to Gilder in a gutteral voice, now literally foaming at the mouth. “MURDERER! In League with the Crimson Bitch! I once saved your damned life, and you turn around and join her, picking off the few remaining ascended after her rampage, and slaughtering even the weak for kicks? I’m here to correct my mistakes!’ The android ought to have been fighting rather than ranting- he seemed to have another sentence or two in him still, but was cut off, as the namek slammed into him bodily. He rolled with the impact, attempting to redirect the kinetic energy into a throw in the same direction he was charging- generally towards Gilder, though he made no effort to capitalize on this and aim the namek directly at the man, the thought not really occurring to him.

Elphlane [CHAT] the body on the ground remained unmoving save for a few muscle twitches. The gushing blood from the wound slowed as the blood volume on her body had reached critical levels. Her heart was beating slower and slower with every passing moment…
Her hand touched the cold steel of the door and she was trembling. Was she really afraid of death that much? Her teachings told her death was the beginning of another adventure, but was she still attached to her worldly form? Was her spirit that divided or was it something else. “Hurry or we will both be dead.” The soothing but dangerous voice snapped back. Was that panic she could feel from whatever was sealed. “No...I...Whatever you are can not see the light of day. You are...I don't know but you are just...wrong.” She said through the slit in the door. In a response shadows seemed to seep from every corner of the door searching and grasping before it finally got ahold of Rhevy and slammed her against the door, forcing her head to see inside. “I Am you fool! We are one in the same! Now do it before we are both gone!” A face appeared in the shadows. Her own but with black hair and amethyst eyes instead of crimson. Before she knew what she was doing her arm was moving and the door opened...

Dumastin [CHAT] Genesis twisted in midair, hooking a foot around a lamppost as he flew. It was more of a desperate move than a planned one, and it showed, but it achieved the desired effect: instead of slamming into Gilder and causing even more of a distraction, he simply went sprawling ass-over-teakettle across the pavement. He rolled and ended up facedown, but it was only moments before he was pushing himself up by the palms, swaying drunkenly from the impact he’d taken. “‘Zat all you got…” He started to haul himself, slowly, to his feet. So he was pretty heavily outclassed here… that meant he had to find some way to make himself useful, even if he wasn’t sure he could swing hard enough to make the guy feel it. He finally looked out of the corner of his eye at the loudmouth who was shouting at… What kind of name was Tossen? Whoever that guy was, he looked pretty messed, but he seemed to know what was going on better than Genesis did. He turned his gaze back to Tossen, a thought beginning to present itself. <We have to distract him. Drive him off. It’s Rhevy’s only chance…> he thought to himself.

[CHAT] With a grin, Gilder knew that his blind guess was right. This was indeed Tossen... or whatever his name was, we're just going with Tossen apparently. In response to the rogue's guttural proclamations, Gilder returned with his own trashy rebute, "Murderer!? The only murder that's gone on here today is... uhm..." The rebute failed, and in an attempt to catch himself after a momentary pause, Gilder stood more firmly to his feet as he watched the Namekian take control of his flight, avoiding a disastrous impact. "...Well, there is no murder today, actually... but there will be once I get my hands on you!" Flowing his energy into the palm that was gripping onto his wound, a red aura surged over it in an attempt to self-cauterize the wound and seal it so that he could return to battle. This, however, left his palm scorched from his own energy and left a searing pain that he tried to swallow for the time being. With one blade still in his undamaged hand, Gilder found himself knowing what he needed to do - Rhevy wasn't allowed to die.

Stepping forward to the Namekian's side, Gilder looked at him briefly before returning his gaze to the rogue. "Alright Tossen, you want to enact vengeance for those I killed at the tournament, right? Well come on, let's really rumble..." With a quick burst of energy, his white aura flared once more around his body, though it appeared unstable as he was continuously trying to ignore the pain his body was in. (I'm still not at full power... the field around the city is really shitting on me right now. If only we could take this to the forest or something, we could avoid civilian casualties and architectural damage too...) Squinting his eyes, Gilder wasn't sure how to proceed for the moment, and instead braced himself to counter should Tossen feed in to the taunt.

<OOC> [CHEAT] Thousand godmodes and wins

[CHAT] Thousand would indeed appear to buy right in to Gilder’s taunt, though in truth the human was already almost the entirety of the androids focus- Rhevy being down, at least for the moment, and Genesis never having been a target in the first place. ‘Tossen’ was already charging headlong at Gilder before he finished speaking, boots pulverizing the concrete beneath him into miniature craters with each footfall. He howled something completely unintelligible at Gilder as he charged. The shortsword blade on his left was missing a few inches from the tip, ending in a series of jagged, though still sharp points- it now seemed to glow with blue flame as he thrust it towards Gilders throat. Damaged such as it was, it would not have the penetrating power it normally did, and the relative ease of dodging (if not necessarily parrying) a straight thrust would leave the android pretty well open. He had not forgotten Genesis, however. Wild cards remain wildcards. The detached mechanical hand that he had used to stab Gilder launched high into the air, before plummeting down towards the namek, fingers splayed wide. It would attempt to grab Genesis and restrain him from rejoining the battle, and drain away a portion of his energy- though not the full weaponized drain he typically used, more intended to subdue than harm. If that didn’t work… Thousand refused to think about it, choosing to focus instead on the enemy before him. He was -so- close, just a little more and it would all be over, finally. His mouth, visible below the robe, hung half open, lips curled back baring teeth, foamy spittle still trickling down the side of his jaw. Given his past experience with Gilder- particularly the conversation they had had after the mans recovery from the plague- the very notion that his self-accusation was actually an act of martyrdom would never have occurred to the android even in a normal, balanced mental state. A familiar frequency of some sort was picked up by his scanners, but Thousand failed to give it even the slightest attention, his sole concerns right now being to end Gilder’s life, and ensure that the job was done in regards to Rhaveena.
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Re: Coming to a head- Clash in the wake of the Ki-Ball Massa

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Elphlane [CHAT] The steel door was flung wide open in her mind and the shadows flooded her body. The raw power that was being held at bay returned to her as well as a flood of scrambled memories. Both this strange creatures’ and her own mingles for a few moments before it settled. Rhevy fought to maintain her own mind and struggled for awhile. The tearing of power flying back and forth before it settled down. She opened her eyes to see a door in front of her. Locked. All around her, walls of steel. “No...No let me out!” she cried but she just got laughter in response. “My turn. Maybe, if you are good, i'll let you out again.” came the reply.
Her body twitched more on the ground before rising from the ground. Not how a normal person stands, but straight legged and raised as if it were on a board and touched down lightly on the pavement. Her body exploded with a dark aura of blood red crimson mixed with tinges of shadow and demonic energies. The jagged metal piece spewing from her chest and clattering onto the ground. The blood that was lost turned dark, more like inky shadows and flowed back into her body. The wound closing up with tendrils of shadows licking the edges. Her body was also a few inches shorter and her hair raven black with amethyst eyes. The figure smiled and laughed a little before the aura around her erupted larger outwards. It was an illusion on her part as well.. A masterful control of energy making her aura and powerlevel seem much higher than it was, reaching heights that appeared to surpass her natural levels, even in the dampening field. It was a trick used to mislead and intimidate but the show of force here in the field, she had hoped, would deter the attacker and cause him to rethink his plan. “Are you ready for the real show, monster?”

Dumastin [CHAT] Genesis felt his ears perk. Some kind of background noise, barely audible through the thudding of his heart… His combat awareness needed a lot of training, but disengaged as he was, he could hear the change in pitch as Thousand’s rocket-hand moved itself. He turned over, laying on his back as he tried to track it against the glare of the sun, and grimaced as it came back down at him. He kicked at the ground, scrambling as the hand tracked his movements. It was almost on him… At the last instant, the sun glinted off the long-bladed survival knife as he drew it from a hidden sheath. He rammed the point into the hand’s palm even as the fingers closed around his arm. His muscles tensed, and he turned over, slamming the blade downward into the concrete. The blade penetrated the concrete, shockingly, and pinned the hand there, although this left Genesis trapped as well, kneeling next to it as a numbing coldness crept up his arm and a feeling of wooziness started to overwhelm him.

[CHAT] His muscles tensed as he watched the rogue come at him with a speed Gilder would fail to reach personally with the current state of affairs. All he could do was brace himself for the impact, his eye twitching as he took the hilt of his blade in both hands, feeling the pain of touch roar through his body like he was continuously touching a hot surface with his burned right hand. Still, he matched the blue blaze that the rogue had coated his blade in with a flame of red and orange surrounding his own, the two blades colliding for a burst of heat that took control of the atmosphere around them. Tossen's speed and power managed to overwhelm Gilder quickly, however, causing Gilder's feet to dig in to the concrete beneath them as he was pushed back, leaving a trail between where he stood and where he was now being pushed to. Coming face-to-face now with the android, Gilder's own teeth gritted as he held in more screams of pain, maintaining a visage of intensity as he looked beneath the robe. This... this wasn't the same android, or at least, it wasn't the same face of the android he once knew.

Genesis was off dealing with the same detached hand that dealt Gilder that first wound of battle, and Rhevy was still down-- well, nope, sorry, she was up now, and no longer Rhevy, it seemed... though Gilder failed in the aspects of sensing others, he could still feel that overwhelming and unnatural power that she was now exuding, which would normally cause somebody fear. No, this caused nothing but excitement for the human. Rhevy was hiding a power so intense and intimidating, and this android whom Gilder still bore a vague grudge against for his condescending indiscretions from every encounter the two had been caught in was within reach... An opportunity arose out of this as Thousand's attention seemed to be torn away from their battle, and Gilder swiftly parried the android's blade with his own and immediately disengaged from him, retreating temporarily behind a building while Thousand was focused on Rhevy now. Fashioning a tablet out of what seemed to be nowhere, Gilder began to contact the EDF base that was stationed within Vitae Corp.

<OOC> [CHAT] Thousand yells at Gilder “WYD punk, snitches get stitches!”

[CHAT] Thousand had halted mid-stroke in his assault on Gilder, the eruption of power from Rhaveena having drawn all of his attention. He had turned his back on the man in response to that- a very, very bad idea that he was damned lucky wasn’t immediately exploited- at least not evidently. [This is bad…] the android thought to himself, the energy seeming to scream at him. Even under the effect of the limiter field, it -still- exceeded his own by a generous margin, it seemed. But her appearance had changed as well, different now than it had been at the battle for the Sanctum, and different than it was mere moments ago, with the unmistakeable sensation of demonic energy pervading her aura. It didn’t matter. From where Thousand stood, the Queen was back, and only ever so slightly inhibited by the limiter field. And only he remained with anywhere close to the drive and power needed to stop her. A stray fragment of his consciousness pondered what he had heard about the Nightmare Dragon, and its tendency to corrupt wishes. [The wish to remove her immortality… was it replaced with infinite mortality? She can die, but no matter how many times you kill her, she comes back?] In the absence of other data, this seemed plausible to Thousand, if extremely distressing. His detached hand, while still pinned to the ground by the Genesis’ blade, relaxed its grip immediately, even as the android spoke- first to Rhevy. ‘The only monster here is you. We started this at the Sanctum, and now we finish it.’ He turned his head over so slightly, addressing Genesis. ‘Namek. Surely you feel the taint of darkness in her energy? The girl you thought you knew never existed. She was a lie, an infiltrator. She is a murderer and a monster. I HAVE to stop her here before she slaughters others, and I don’t think I’m strong enough to do it alone. Aid me, I beg you…’ He thought for a moment to make a similar offer to Gilder, despite the blood on the mans hands- The Crimson Queen represented a threat to the entire universe, outweighing a few thousand civilians- but the human seemed to have fled for now. He locked his eyes on the shifted Rhevy, and began to raise his own strength up to his utmost, an aura of brilliant blue-white flame bursting about him at first, the ground about him rumbling, brilliant lightning-like arcs of plasma passing between his own aura and Rhevy’s. The android took a half step back, turning sideward to Rhevy, levelling the broken off blade at her, and gathered his strength to strike.

<OOC> [ghost dumastin: yeah i did say that the nightmare dragon was an asshole, but nobody ever seemed to believe me until he assholed us all to death with that whole time-release death dealio]

<OOC> [CHAT] If Thousand wasn’t such a fuckboi and bothered to get to know a girl before hitting on her, he might have actually come to understand Elphlane’s power a bit better and may have even considered this angle. But Nope, fuckboi through and through, and without a clue.

Elphlane [CHAT] The raven haired girl smiled in response and stuck her left arm out, waving the cloaked attacker to come at her. (Holy hell that is some power. I'm not sure I can compete head on but he is reckless. He hasn't been defending much maybe that would be my chance) She smiled and tried to feel out her opponent. The emotions just barely readable and it was mixed rage and determination. And it wasn't one that she could remember either. The blackened deep crimson energy swirled around her right arm as a scythe formed, a deep black that seemed to draw in the light around it and radiating the same massive energy. “I see you attacking me, killing me, trying to kill gilder and harming that namek over their. Harming my friend!” she said in reply. She was furious at this...figure.

Narrateor!!! [CHAT] As gilder made the call he got a response immediately. “EDF Central, Vitae City Branch how may I assist you?” it replied before a slight pause of a second or two. Then it continued “Due to high call volumes your call will be taken in the order it was received. Please hold and have a very Vitae day” soothing music started to play over the line and would continue for some time.

<OOC> [CHAT] Thousand excuses himself from the conflict, opening the window in the fourth wall and climbing out to have a word with the Narrateor. Some scuffling is heard, and Thousand is ejected back out into the Precinct Square, except he’s a girl now. Apparently it did not go well.

<OOC> [CHAT] Narrateor also gives thousand a cell phone and a corner to stand on, as well as the nickname “The Automomatrix” and dresses him in leather with whip and chain accessories!

DUMASTIN [CHAT] Genesis grunted and struggled at the grip on his arm even as it sapped his body’s energy. Even a low-level drain like that was enough to rapidly immobilize someone with a power as undeveloped as his, though it wasn’t an immediate danger. Then a shot rang out, bringing with it an instant of pure silence, and he looked up as the hand’s grip slackened, a bullet hole drilled straight through it. Prime stood there, his body unfurled into its almost skeletal, avian spindliness, a chromed revolver smoking in his right hand. “Thousand, this rudeness is entirely unnecessary. You’ve made your point, but I rather think that in your current state, you’ve failed to consider a few variables. Possibilities that, I must admit, even I hadn’t taken into account. Such, I suppose, is life.” He raised the gun, barrel safely pointing at the sky as the light glittered off the chromed highlights of his body. “Look, you’ve gone and bruised my new protege. And Gilder, it’s good to see you again, though perhaps not under such circumstances.” His gaze swung back over to Thousand. “We need to cease this silliness and get clear of the city before the police get over their current tactic of waiting to see if we all kill each other. If you want to slaughter Miss Elphlane then, we can discuss it with her once our privacy is assured.” A pity. He’d been enjoying watching the fight, and it certainly had great potential, but it needed interrupted before the property damage started to skyrocket.

<OOC> [CHAT] Thousand, “The Automatrix,” saunters over towards Prime, hips swaying seductively. She trails a long, cherry red fingernail down the gestalts torso, murmuring to him in a breathy, husky voice. “Hey there big guy, wanna fork our codebases and spawn a child process?”

<OOC> [CHAT] Prime, “Sorry, baby, but I’ve dealt with hardware like yours before. Read-only access from now on.”

<OOC> [CHAT] Thousand winks at Prime. “Don’t you know? I’ve already infected you with a trojan. I’m only offering you root on my box to keep it fair, and because I loooove your application library.”[

<OOC> [CHAT] A man wearing old greek clothes and a horse head comes running out of nowhere and stops beside the two screaming “TROJAN MAN!!!!”

[CHAT] With discontempt, Gilder threw his tablet to the ground, letting it disperse into fractals of energy back into the atmosphere as he leaned back against the building. "Well, shit... that isn't going to work... I don't have time to wait for all that." Picking himself up from the building as quickly as he fell into it, he faced the trio once again, looking down at his bare chest and distasteful jail pants. (I'm... actually out in public and in front of cameras like this? Way to not represent, Gilder...) he thought to himself as he quickly stripped out of the outfit behind a dumpster and fashioned himself something more appropriate. As he stepped out from behind the dumpster he was no longer nude and instead worse a dark grey shirt with red sleeves made of thin a cloth to where his dark skin added coloration to the outfit, paired with black slacks that almost resembled sweatpants, as well as a new pair of shoes that went perfectly with the shirt. Totally not fighting attire, but it worked just fine. As he stepped out from behind the building he noticed that he was acknowledged by... another... android saying it was good to see him again. "Uhm... what? I don't even know you, I'm pretty sure. Tossen over there is the only android I've met in a good while." The human's aura was still flared, and he was ready to fight, but... the dramatics didn't seem to fit any longer as this android made its attempt to defuse the situation that Gilder couldn't hope to fully grasp.

[CHAT] Thousand had just kicked forward to rush Rhaveena’s latest form when Prime’s words caught his attention. He snapped his head towards Prime at he spoke, the hood finally falling from his face, staring bloody murder at the android for a moment. Then, a look of confusion. Then, he faceplants, skipping across the battered pavement in the alleged Elphlane’s direction. He skids to a halt nearly at her feet, rolling to his side and snapping to his feet, stomping three steps towards the gestalt and bellowing. “Elphlane is DEAD!! And this… bitch…. ………….” The android turned slowly, facing the girl. The energy readings… that demonic pattern intermingled with it. He hadn’t recognized it at first, but upon scrutiny, it seemed a blend of both queen and dragon. “But… what….” He stood there, dumbly. His hair was a complete mess, his eyes appeared severely bloodshot, and a few specks of foamy spittle remained visible along his jaw and chin. “Why would she… but…. …..stadium….” The android collapses backwards, catching himself with a quick back lunge, then falling down to his knees, shaking his head back and forth. “What the FUCK is going on?!?”

Elphlane [CHAT] The raven haired girl let the power fade and the aura around her vanished. The scythe seemed to flake away back into the shadows it was formed of and became nothing but dust in the wind. She took a few steps forward and looked at the android, to prime, back to the android, then to Gilder. “Umm...Hello...Prime?” she questioned as she did not recognize this variation of his body but the manner of speaking was the same. “Gilder. We should vacate the area as Prime said...and...regroup.” She said with a sigh. All the memories after the battle were jumbled. The pain and darkness she could remember but she had been trapped within herself for the longest time. That Rhevy in the driver's seat but...It wasn’t too bad. The Crimson Queen wasn’t really a bad person early in her life. Something had to have happened between then and when they met her. She shook her head slightly, that was something to dwell on at a later time. “Thousand...Is that you? You...Of course you made it. I….I could only watch from the passenger seat at the bar. I...I wish I could have contacted you then. And FUCK! You killed me you asshole.” She said with a laugh before crouching down in front of him.

DUMASTIN [CHAT] “Believe me, Thousand. I asked myself that question any number of times over the course of my association with the Captain.” Prime nodded to Elphlane. “Now that I’ve had time to consider the relevant data, I may have a theory as to what happened. But we need to get clear of here. Thousand, can you use your holographic clone technique to lead the authorities off so that I can get Genesis, Elphlane, and Gilder-should he want to come, of course-clear?” Meanwhile, Genesis was groggily climbing to his feet. “Coach, you… know these people?” He rubbed his head and swayed, but didn’t fall again.

[Chat] Shaking his head in response to Rhevy, coupled with a wave of his scorched hand, Gilder lets off a light chuckle at the terrible feeling of blue balls he had. This fight... the way it escalated and defused at such an intense rate... it left Gilder yearning for something. Something more. He'd continue the fight just for the sake of it, but unfortunately he had more factors to weigh in to that decision like surroundings, position, and having to explain to the EDF why he admitted fault for the massacre at the stadium. He was officially the public martyr for the killings of over 3,000 people now... it was sure to have its repercussions. "I have to handle the clean-up of this whole debacle, you're free to do as you please Rhevy. Or apparently Elphlane? Not sure what kind of name that is, or what physical transformation happened here, but whatever." Closing his eyes he could feel the bubbling of energy still inside of him that wanted out as much as Elphlane's conscious wanted out of its cage. There was... a great deal of thoughts happening inside of his mind, but he didn't let a single one of his true desires surface, which was truly unlike Gilder.

[CHAT] Thousand, while he had collapsed to his knees, had not dialed back his power at all, the blue-white flame still raging about him. He slumps forward, balancing his upper body with the broken tip of his left-hand blade, and bashing his attached right fist into the concrete before him, sending a weblike pattern of cracks out in all directions with a loud crack, and let out a single, loud sob before quieting down. His aura finally subsides, powering down couldn’t understand it. How all of these others could go from where they were, to where they are, with such few words. He got it, on an intellectual level, but emotionally? Shame, guilt, confusion, anger, sorrow, and numerous others all vied for control of his psyche, as if the cast of Pixar’s “Inside Out” - less “Joy” were having a battle royale in his mind. He should have felt something positive. Relief, that the immediate threat had turned out to pass. Joy, that one of his friends thought dead had managed to survive somehow. And yet these positive feelings were almost wholly absent, the portions of his mind that would feel them remaining mostly numb. He spoke then, still staring down at the concrete, not directed towards anyone in particular. “Yeah… holographic… limited range… could make it work” Without moving, a rough replica of Thousand shimmers into existence, standing behind him- though a look at it would reveal it to be far uglier than Thousand at his worse, though still recognizable as him. Without turning his head in the slightest, he continues to speak dully. He finally raises his head, glancing towards Elphlane but not meeting her eyes, looking away again quickly. “I… I can’t yet. Too much…” The android was quite evidently overwhelmed with this, the latest mindfuck in a series of many. A part of his mind recalled there were still loose ends here- ‘Rhevy’ turning out to be Elphlane didn’t bring back the thousands that were killed, even if it did absolve her of the crimson queens earlier actions. Nor did that revelation change a thing regarding Gilder, who had gone so far as to confess the crime. But that tiny, rational portion of the androids mind kept those thoughts to itself for now- these were not things the android was remotely equipped to reconcile and deal with at this time. The android slowly pushes himself to his feet, withdrawing the blade on his left hand and retrieving the damaged hand, before listlessly rejoining the others, standing somewhat removed from them. He would assist with his holographic projection, but was unlikely to take much initiative for now.

Elphlane [CHAT] Elph smiled and looked down at Thousand. “It's ok. You have met Rhevy in the bar, and she is not the type to kill people. It was actually thanks to her and Gilder that eleven people survived.” She said as she walked over to give Brill a hand. The namek. She didn't know what new name he had given himself but to her, he was still Brill. “Brill. You are still my friend. Whatever connections Rhevy made...I too, hold.” She said as he looked ever to thousand. “ And snap out of it. You KNOW I only kill the wicked, and even then I make sure there is nothing left but red paste.” she said a little colder than normal but serious as ever. “I'm glad you are still around tho.” she looked around and could hear and feel the encroaching fear and anxiety of the police closing in on their position. “Gilder, any easy way out of here?”

<OOC> [CHAT] Thousand flips the double deuce, screams “NOPE!” And self destructs in a colossal nuclear inferno. The bright flash of light is visible from the outer reaches of the solar system, and the mushroom cloud from orbit. Over the next few weeks, fallout from the ground level initiation spreads throughout the continent.

[CHAT] Genesis shook himself, his eyes focusing more closely now as Elphlane spoke to him. “Rhevy? I found what I was looking for. You’ve got to explain what’s going on, later.” His arms and upper body were noticeably more heavily muscled than he’d been since she’d known him back in New Hope. Whatever training he’d been doing seemed to be agreeing with him, even if his power was too weak to be detected through the suppression field. “Did… How did Rhevy do, at the kee-ball? I never got a chance to watch her play. I heard she got on a team, though…” Now that the fighting had stopped, he seemed a bit awkward, unsure of himself.

[CHAT] Something that Rhevy-phlane said kinda struck a nerve in Gilder's mind. Hunting the wicked... he had heard something like that phrased in such a way before to where this woman's words struck him as familiar... but y'know, Gilder can't even remember Thousand's real name, so like he's gonna piece that together before it comes back to bite him in the ass. "Uhm... easy way? Just like... fly? Not sure what kind of stealthy approach you're really looking for but all the EDF's channels are clogged up which means they're out dealing with something I'm sure. I mean, they're still not here yet, so obviously this conflict didn't become top priority. Which really... hmm..." he spoke, trailing off at the end as he turned around to look at the sky in the distance. "...what became more important than this...?" The thought was filled with a foresight Gilder was not yet aware of, but still he shook his head as if to get rid of that passing thought. Stepping over to Genesis, Gilder stretched out his hand to the namekian who kinda just abruptly joined in this conflict. "Hey. Namekian, my name's Gilder, you're the only one I don't exactly know per se, so I'm introducing myself. Since that's like... customary or whatever."

[CHAT] Thousand suddenly seizes up, entirely immobile, his malware kicking in. He sings the Oscar Meyer Wiener Jingle in a lovely baritone, then briefly extolls the virtues of the Oscar Meyer brand over all them other dumpster tier brands out there. It is a complete and utterly ludicrous mood whiplash to his demeanour, on par with blue ballsing some bros out of what could have been a badass fight. As quickly as it happens, it is gone, the android looking irritated at the interruption but speaking quietly. “I can’t deal with this right now, Let’s just get the hell out of here. I can distract with the hologram, but it only works within thirty meters of me…”

Elphlane [CHAT] “FINE” she said finally. “Let me do EVERYTHING” she said in an irritated tone yet smiling and have a little giggle at the end. Shadows wrapped themselves around her before sliding out from.her own shadow. It split and parted into 5 other shadows that seemed to just rise from the ground and take solid shape. Vile evil grotesque demons all wielding rusty and wicked looking blades sprouted from them but at the same time Elphlane looked worn out. Still she smiled and pointed and the creatures rushed off to cause some scare-tactics throughout the city. “Now that is done...let's get out of here, and find something to eat. “Brill. I did make a ball team and was playing wonderfully. It was much fun and I believe I will be returning after this is all cleared up.” She said then stuck her hand our towards thousand as if inviting him to a dance. “Thousand.Shall we?”

<OOC> [CHAT] Thousand says “No thanks Elph, I’m just going to take a taxi.” He whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said “Fresh” and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought “Nah, forget it, Yo holmes, to Bel Air!” I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabbie “Yo holmes, smell ya later.” Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air.

Dumastin-[CHAT] Genesis grinned at Elphlane as Prime looked around the area. “Shall we run, then? You can tell me all about it on the way out of town!” Genesis nodded to Gilder. “Call me Gene. Gilder, they called you? Pleasure to meet you.” He turned around in surprise as a car pulled up to the sidewalk in front of the police station, screeching to a halt. The driver leaned out and tipped his cap, revealing the face of another android, then the doors opened. Prime’s limbs started to fold in on themselves, compacting back down into his innocuous “street” configuration as he waved toward the car. “Our ride’s here. All aboard!” He started to walk toward the car, as Genesis took off at a sprint, leaped over it, and scrambled into the front passenger seat.

[CHAT] The shadows sprung something absurd from where Rhevy-lane stood. They were... creatures. Demons, even. They were of no real threat with such low energy signatures, but Gilder's inability to sense effectively didn't make him privy to that knowledge. "H--hey, whoa, no. Call off those dogs, Rhevy, there's no reason to cause more havoc in the city..." he said, taking a step closer to the woman and away from Genesis who blatantly ignored his hand shake. We'll chalk that up to different racial customs. "I feel like this is a real mess... how the hell are you guys going from wanting to kill each other to riding in a taxi out of town together? I'm hoping there's context that I'm missing, otherwise you're all just bona fide crazies..." Though, in this matter, Gilder had little room to talk. He went from one side of the spectrum to the other with his desire to fight. "Whatever... just go away already and leave Vitae to me. But seriously, Rhevy, call off the hounds before you go. If anything happens, I'm going to come after you for it..." he said as he turned heel, dissecting himself from the group finally and walking down the city streets to take care of business.

<OOC> Elphlane pretends she is thousands and performs and exit post sometime while he is on the poopet during the day just to wrap things up….then realizes she is elphlane and not thousand and has just shat on a parking meter.

<OOC> [CHAT] Thousands uses ‘EXIT POST.’ It’s super effective!

[CHAT] Thousand mutely accepts Elphlane’s help up, refusing to meet her eyes, before beginning to plod towards the nearby car, He glances towards Gilder as he departs, pondering his words. [Bona fide crazies… probably.] Shaking his head somberly, he catches up to Prime in his walk, ending up alongside him briefly. He leans towards the gestalt, gesturing towards the passenger seat of the vehicle. “...The heir? Seems I’ve made a pigs ear of things again…” Dejected, he climbs into the back seat of the vehicle, leaning his head against the drivers side rear window and staring out into the street listlessly. He prods at the prominent hole in his left hand with his right thumb, courtesy of Prime’s handgun. This was the hand and forearm that had been replaced with an analogue based on Sanctum technology, not something he could readily make a field repair on, so would likely remain for a while until he could get back to his ship. The non-physical damage…. Well, every time he thought it was getting better, something seemed to happen to tear it back open again. Eventually, he would want to question a lot of what had happened in these past couple of days- how Elphlane had come to wearing Rhaveena’s persona, what had killed the thousands of people at the Ki-ball game, and numerous other questions his rational mind was sitting on. But at the moment, he did not want to know, even if it would have occurred to him to ask.

Meanwhile, Captain Mortimer Q. Smallwood, formerly a marine onboard the ill-fated EDC Unfortunate Nomenclature before joining the Shadowguard, awakens, a group of his men standing over him inquiring as to where the hell he’s been, and where his equipment has gotten off to. They inform him of an altercation that went down at the nearby fifth Precinct, where they had been paralyzed from acting for lack of orders. Smallwood sucks in a deep breath, before reporting back in to his own CO and the likely court martial awaiting him. (Exit)

Elphlane [CHAT] Elph walks Thousand to the car before entering last and lightly shutting the door. The comment she made about food wasn’t a lie. She had been the the passenger's seat far too long, and her body was basically starving itself and eating at her from the inside from the lack of the specific nourishment she needed. Somehow she did manage to get rhevy to eat raw seafood but that was like living off of rice cakes. She slid in and sighed. “It's been a mess. We will discuss the finer points later. For now let's roll prime?” she said with a forced smile as she was tapping her finger rather annoyingly on the window, hoping they could hurry up and she could destroy some wildlife before she started on the people in the car. (Exit)

Dumastin [CHAT] Prime nodded to Thousand and replied quietly, so that he couldn’t be heard over the chatter from within the car… even by Namekian ears. “He’s adaptable, and doesn’t seem nearly so predisposed to hold grudges as the Captain was. I think you’ll find yourself surprised. I was, in some respects.” He laid a hand on the android’s shoulder, briefly. “Hopefully once we have Elphlane alone, we can make some sense of all this. An exchange of data is in order, to ensure this isn’t some elaborate ruse.” With that, Prime climbed into one of the open seats.

Genesis, meanwhile, was recounting the story of his adventures on New Haven to Elphlane. He’d seen a fair chunk of the megalopolis during his wandering, and shared with her what he’d seen and encountered in his time there. He glossed over the end, though, with Prime… he was still processing that to some degree, and Prime seemed to have some history with all of these people that he was deeply curious about… It was a question for a later time, though. [EXIT]

Narrateor: Unknown to Gilder and the rest during this scuffle there were movements in the shadows around the city. The bombing of the field generator was blamed on a radical ascended group. Various berserked creatures with powers higher than the general populace were released, backing the edf and local police into the wall before a “special group” came out bearing the weapons to not only kill these creatures, but strip them of their ascended.powers while doing so. They were celebrated as heros.

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I totally ruined the buildup of a good fight, and for that I apologize. I'll have to do my best to instigate a better one at my earliest opportunity.

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