Hell of a Kee-Ball Game...*

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Hell of a Kee-Ball Game...*

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[CHAT] Gilder sat with a barrel of popcorn in his lap as he awaited the start of the tournament. Ever since his encounter with Vencer and that... strange woman whose name Gilder couldn't remember for the life of him... where they played an intense kee-ball game against one another, Gilder had wanted to watch a professional game in action. Luckily for him, the EDF supplies free tickets to ascendeds within their ranks, and since the season had recently started, now was as good a time as ever. The stadium was packed with various members of races ranging from Kaio-shins to Demon-kin, and Icerians to lesser known races like Laricans. This had quickly evolved into a universal phenomena, and as much as Gilder tended to despise everything, even he was excited to be a part of this universal pandemic.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'To call it a "professional" game was an overstatement. It was in a dingy second rate arena in Vitae City. The EDF had supplied the tickets all-right. To the "Highest Quality Seats" for the "Best teams around" Which was their double talk for nosebleed seats. It was in fact a match between the "best teams around" as they were the teams running for first and second place. In fact going into this match the Vitae City Firebolts were 5-0 as well as the New Hope Arsenal. This game would decide who would be the frontrunner in the league. Rhevy looked around the locker room as she watched the clock tick by. The roar of the croud, swelling due to the low prices of tickets and the cheap alcohol could be felt even in the locker rooms. She took a breath and let it out slowly. 5 minutes until game time.'

[CHAT] Gilder took a sip of the can of Refreshig that he had bought prior to taking his seat. The match would soon be starting, and the crowd was more than anxious for it to begin. Alas, Gilder was not one to keep up with the sport so adamantly, so he was not aware of what was at stake in this match. Whichever team won would be representing Earth in the universal tournament against the top teams of Iceria, Namek, Zeon VII, and numerous other planets within the star system. Yes, the stakes were high, but for Gilder that mattered very little, all he wanted to see was the potential fights to break out between competitors and spectators alike. The smell of booze filled the stadium, so it was likely for spectators to fight before the match even began.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy took her side of the field, Directly center of her side of the field. She was awarded the position of center this game, Dwane was out on injury. She took a breath and bounced a few light footsteps on the ground. The limiter in Vitae City was lifted on the playing field of the arena, so the players could go all out. Their team had lost the toss, and The Firebolts started with the ball. Their jerseys of Red and white were in contrast to the Blue and yellow of the Arsenal away jersey.'
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She smiled as the whistle blew. She tore off like a banshee using her light steps to close the distance on the first receiver of the ball. A few lighthearted unusualy steps and her foe was offbalance to her. A simple heel hook and push sent his center of gravity crashing to the ground and the ball up for grabs. She made a few "blundering" grabs on it, sending the ball towards another Firebolt player, just to end up with a knee in the face as soon as his fingers touched the ball. With a devilish smiled and a small trail of crimson aura trailing behind her like petals she passed the ball off to attack with their quickly gained advantage. A roar of the crowd cheered around them.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Off in one of the VIP boxes, a middle-aged male human sat in the private box, watching the game from his screen while tapping his fingers against the chair. He did not look the part of rich with his tired eyes and common garbs. His skin was of a dark ebony color and hair blond with white roots beginning to take over. A multitude of piercings were in his ears and one on his left eyebrow, all of which were golden as if to accent his equally golden eyes. His demeanor was relaxed, but there was a certain level of command that he lingered over the room that only had two guards standing at attention to the door. Halting his fingers from tapping the chair, the man brought his hand to his right ear and pressed a button of what seemed to be a communicator.'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Is everybody in place? Our plan will initiate in 5 minutes, and I trust you all know what to do. Do not let me down." There were rapid responses of confirmation over the communicator and the man lowered his hand back down to his chair as he eagerly continued watching the game.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Their advanced quickly turned into a brawling stalemate on the 20 yard line. Rhevy was locked in a stalemate with Vincent from the Firebolts, another rookie sensation. Her eccentric and unorthodox movements was an even match for his technical presision. Behind her was Jay-Rod with the ball fending off another attacker and at his side another brawl was locked. Rhevy and her team was holding off the attackers for now, but still had to abide by the rules. They could only engage with it was within 5 yards of the ball-holder. '
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'But they were stalled and she could see her team-mates stamina quickly draining, even in these first few minutes of the match. <Damn. They are good...better than us in stamina and skill but...What about the match tempo...> She thought with a smile as she kicked up dust and slammed into Jay-Rod. The ball disappearing in the confusion. A few seconds of looking around and the ball was seen glinting high in the sky, with her team-mate Grog slamming the ball down towards the goal with an energy enhanced kick. The first shot of the match.'

[CHAT] Gilder stood up in his seat and he placed his hands over his eyes as if they were going to improve his eyesight in any way. Focusing in on one of the players on the field, Gilder took a minute but finally recognized the woman that was on the team. It was that same woman he had recently played this same game with. [Damn... she was a professional all this time? That's not fair... wonder if that damned Icer knew she was a pro too when we were playing our match...] Sitting back down in his chair, he turned his attention to the big screen that hung from the dome in the middle of the field, which supplied a better visual for the match.
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As the ball came roaring down from the sky above and met with the opposing team's goal, a blaring horn echoed through the stadium as the cheers of the crowd somehow managed to overshadow the sound of the horn that signaled the first point of the game. It was a fueled first few minutes of the match, and as the horn was still blaring, abruptly, the lights in the stadium all went dark at the same time, including the big screen monitor above. Since the dome was closed due to unfavorable weather outside, everything was completely pitch black to the point those in their seats would be unable to make out the faces of those next to them.'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'After about a minute of pitch black confusion, a green glow would begin to creep up the outer walls of the stadium until the entire arena was glowing in an eerie green light. This shield was of the same limiter technology that surrounded Vitae City, and would also prevent any communication outside of the dome, as well as any escape with every exit sealed off by the barrier. The sounds of cheering for their favorite team quickly turned to sounds of terror and chaos as the many spectators had no other idea of how to react to this situation.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"She had done it. She had assisted her team with the first point. She was celebrating while slowly moving back to their side of the field when the lights went out. "Shit. Power Outage Now? Of all those low-brow tricks they want to postpone this match." She said with a grin as she smiled with a thought. "If the want to play in the dark so be it!" she said with a smile as she swirled her energy from within and swirled it through her body, feeling the pleasant tingle coursing through her before she started to emit a soft red glow of energy. Her team-mates did the same, illuminating the field as they stood ready to play before she saw the soft green surround the stadium. '
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Her team-mates energy flickered and faltered as they dropped to the ground, unable to summon forth their fighting spirits. Even hers flickered and faltered, the last to go out on the field. It was strange though. She thought she could still feel it pulsing under the surface tho. As if it still swirled somewhere deep within.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Feedback from the dome's speakers echoed across the interior, loud enough to cause the many terrified guests to begin quieting down against their wills as their hands now covered their ears and their heads lowered in attempts to protect their eardrums. "I see I have caught your attention. WELCOME GUESTS! To the Earth's Kee-Ball Tournament Finale! I know you're all excited to see this match through..." The silence of the crowd would abruptly begin to grow into screams patched across the stadium as what was assumed to be spectators would begin to drive blackened swords, with silver streams flowing through each blade, into the chests and skulls of known ascended warriors that were part of the crowd, and though the pattern would not be recognizable at this point in time, only ascended warriors were being targetted.'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'It was uncanny how many deaths grew across the stadium in a matter of seconds. The number of assassins had to be numbering in the hundreds, and not a soul within the stadium had time to react or assess the situation as these assassins in clothing, different than no other normal spectator, roared through the stands and approached the field with their blades shimmering from the illumination of the green light. After only a few seconds of pause, the man over the speakers resumed, "...but many of you will see your end first." The speakers made a distinct click as the man hung up to allow events to unfold.'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Beside him, a namekian who bore no distinct power signature even prior to the limiter field being put into place, drew a black dagger from his coat pocket and promptly lunged it at Gilder's face. With narrow reflexes, Gilder avoided the man as he rolled out of his seat and onto the ground - the dagger having been plunged into the chair's back rest. Following up immediately, the man followed Gilder to the ground after digging his weapon from the chair and again tried to plunge it into Gilder's skull, this time Gilder caught the man's arm as the two struggled against one another, blade hanging just above Gilder's forehead.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She heard the announcement and then heard the screams. Her team on the field were lucky so far, as well as the few that came off the benches as well as the coach. They were in the middle of a discussion of what to do when she heard screams from the benches. One of her team-mates was down in blood, hard to tell who due to the dim light but they had picked with the wrong crowed. The lone assassing was promptly pummeled by five other angry some hung over-others still drunk brute players who dragged their fallen comrad to the center of the field. "Guys...Don't think I have to say anything, but keep together and pummel anything that comes close."'

[CHAT] Gilder gritted his teeth as he brought his left leg up and immediately drove it into the namekian's gut, throwing him off long enough for Gilder to take to his feet, bracing himself as he readied for a one-on-one match with the namekian. Well... in a stadium full of assassins apparently that wasn't a thing as three more came from further up in the nosebleeds, each with their own blades. As each of them came in for the kill, Gilder managed to deflect each of them, avoiding their blades and throwing them further down towards the stadium. The three only went for Gilder once and then continued with the other innumerable assassins to the field.
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Returning his focus to the namekian, Gilder questioned him during their stand-off, "What the hell are you idiots after? I recognize those blades... you're a part of the Ascended Hunters, aren't you? Stupid name, by the way." Without a single response, the Namekian stretched his free hand at Gilder and wrapped it around Gilder's body, restricting his movements as he again continued his assault.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She saw that her plan, although good at time time. Wide open. Can see opponenst coming also had a draw-back. No where to run. She saw the lone assassin that was beaten to a bloody flesh-sack be scooped up and carried away before more bladed assassins came in. one two at a time before it was a swarm. Dozens of blade-wielding warriors had joined the field. "I don't think I have to say anything but...Fight hard and, well. The one with the least amount of defeated foes will have to pick up the bar tab...And I think we will be drinking at Hurleys tonight. You know, That upscale wine and cheese place." she said with a smile as she rushed forward slightly at the first attacker, staggaring slightling and stumbling as the blade misjudged her as a straight rush.'
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The blade slipping just over her left shoulder as she spun and stood up, the top of her head smashing into the cloaked figures lower jaw as she turned and jumped back to the line, using the figure as a springboard. The unconcious foe went sprawling into two more, causing a tumble of limbs before she rejoined the group, They were holding a nice circle for now with some figures on the ground, but her quick glance revealing many of her teammates with lacerations and bruises already, most that were cut were panting heavily, despite their superficial injuries.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Those cut by these blades forged by the Darklight Ore would find themselves unable to focus any amount of ki from within their bodies as the toxins of the blades would infect their bloodstreams and cut off their ki channels. For ascended warriors, this does more than just prevents their ki usage, as ki becomes a part of an ascended warrior, losing is also cuts down their stamina and other aspects of their physical self. Gilder had met with this affliction once before, and was well aware of the need to avoid these blades and their nasty side-effects.'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Freeing an arm just before the blade met with the human's neck, Gilder reached his palm out and grabbed the Namekian by the face with enough force that he released his grip around Gilder as well as his blade. The rage that Gilder felt was palpable to the Namekian as the assassin's green skin began to glow with a red aura. With one fierce motion, Gilder threw the man with enough force that he landed on the field just as the aura burned its brightest and the Namekian's body forcefully exploded with an explosion that left him burned beyond recognition. His attention was now focused on the field, where a majority of the hitmen were beginning to congregate.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'A few more waves of attacks and withdraws had happened, like the battles of ancient times. Waves and bursts of quick combat broken by periods of rest and reforming the ranks. The circle had dwindled to half the size as she looked behind her. More and more of her teamates were dropping from injuries or exhaustion and moved to the center. It was a battle of attrition and they were slowly losing. <Soon> she thought. <The numerical advantage of the attackers would be too great for our stubborn defense with withstand> She trailed off as she glanced over. The firebolts were separated and dwindled as well, fearing the same state. <Tired? Worried?> '
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She heard a pleasant teasing voice in the back of her mind. <I know you want to. Just try a taste. A little bit. I know you want to...> The sweet voice trailed off as she shook her head. The last attack and the ranks broke. It turned into an all out brawl, every man for themselves. Now she didn't have time to wonder about her team-mates as she stumbled, ducked and dodged the three attackers on her, knocking them off balance with butt blows. tripping them into each other and stumbling around like a drunken fool, at least thats what it looked like from the outside. Each of her moves was precisly measured and executed. She didn't know how long she could keep it up as she could feel her teammates falling one by one.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Eight members of the Kee-Ball teams were left on the field. The non-ascended warriors in the rafters were nothing but quiet despite those that they loved having been slain in cold blood for reasons unknown. Gilder stood as one of three of the spectators, who were ascended warriors, that had not been slain by these Hunters. Many of the Hunters were either knocked out or had been killed by those resisting their charge, but their numbers still towered over those of the prey. Without a verbal or visual cue that anybody could take note of, the Hunters stopped their slaughter of the Ascendeds, and quickly retreated without notice, and once they were at a safe distance, the speakers above once again screeched to life.'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The same man from before, the one who was in the VIP box, began to speak in a way that sounded pleased by the outcome of this whole scenario. "Three-thousand and eighty four (3084) spectators tonght. Four-hundred and sixteen (416) of those were of ascended filth. Eleven of those ascended stand after fourteen minutes. It took us fourteen minutes to kill of four-hundred and five (405) of your kind!" The lights of the stadium roared back to life and the green limiter field that filled the interior of the stadium disappeared. Slowly, the crowd would stand to their feet to witness the mass genocide that had just occured. "Our purge of ascended FILTH has only begun. You are all nothing but a plague on our precious universe, placing those of us without a way to fight back in harms way as the 'strongest in the universe' duke it out for nothing but show and bragging rights."'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Hundreds of ropes with spikes at the end of them rained down from the ceiling of the dome, piercing through the corpses of many of the ascended who had fallen during the last fourteen minutes, including famous Kee-Ball players from both teams, and they hung from the ceiling as the Hunter's trophies of war. "I want you all to remember this sight. What we, those dubbed as 'lesser beings' are capable of. Those of you who feel powerless, don't. Rise up with us and take back the universe from the clutches of filth until we can live once more in a Utopia of our own making!" The audio dropped from the speakers and there was nothing but silence that filled the stadium.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Though the power grid to the stadium had been interrupted, the Hunters had managed to keep the automated camera bots functioning and rolling, capturing the entire genocide that had occured. This scene would be broadcasted across the universe to anybody who was watching in place of their expected broadcast of an innocent game of Kee-Ball. The Ascended Hunters had managed to send their message successfully to not only Earth, but planets within the Alliance as well... The way that unknown man spoke, this would not be the end, and he intended to grow his numbers by praying on fear and sympathisers alike.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'As she was tempted to reach for the sweet voice her three "new" attackers broke off. She looked around and as the cloaked figures retreated, they took their dead with them. Leaving not a trace of their existance. The spiked chains rained down from the cealing as they dug into the flesh of her team-mates. The cries and groans of the wounded sounded anew as they rose to the ceiling. "Unforgiveable. This war and waste of life! No one is a lesser being! We all have our strengths and weaknesses..." She cried out as on the inside she was a swirling tempest. She dug deep into that emotion and in her mind she was at the door. That steel door that barred that pure terror that was behind it. '
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '<It was only a matter of time now. Partake in it. Bask in the power to rip them. hurt them. Bury them> Before she knew it her arm was through the slit and she felt pain, then the burning desire to consume everything. Destroy it. Rip it. Tear through her attackers. She opened her eyes and her aura exploded outwards. Even within the dampening field her aura was visible. She raised her hand and bolts of energy shot forth severing the chains of her teammates first, then she started at whatever chains or foes she could see. A burning of pure crimson energy boiled around her as she screamed in anger. Her vision turning red in her eyes as tears of blood streamed from her eyes.'

[CHAT] Gilder had managed to only tustle with those four previously mentioned members of the Hunters, and even at that they seemed to be minimally invested in targetting him. Why? What was the whole purpose of this if not to take down one of the strongest that stood within the stadium. None of this was mindless killing, he could see that now, every target was calculated and their victims planned. Those numbers that the man spoke of, they were planned. They were too planned. [This whole scenario, to think that somebody could play it out to such perfection...]
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Kneeling down, Gilder picked up the Darklight dagger that the namekian had previously wielded against him and then proceeded down to the field where the other two ascendeds that survived in the rafters were also converging to. As the three of them met down on the field, approaching the Kee-Ball players who were still alive, an invisible forcefield domed itself over the field. From the outside perspective, where the non-ascended spectators now were, a false hologram now played itself out where all eleven of the survivors suddenly went berserk, and from this invisible dome, blasts of energy bombed the spectators above, now beginning to kill them off, cameras still rolling and capturing every vicious death.'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'However, the ascended within the dome would have no audio or visual of this happening - from their perspective, the hologram above them was just a still-image of worried families beginning to flee the scene. "So like... what the hell was that about? Anybody know?" Gilder asked, feigning ignorance to having prior knowledge about this group. He then focused his sight on the only female of the group and just held his hand up in a greeting. "Uhm... nice to see you again under such blissful circumstances..."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'As the smoke cleared from the blasts the bodies of the still alive, and some dead players fell from the sky, being grabbed and carried by her teamates as well as her energy enveloped body, glowing crimson even in the light. She snapped her head towards Gilder as she tried to focus on him. <Friend or foe...what is it...> She thought as the figure distored in her view. Her eyes seeing just different shades of red and that distorted figure of a man. Pouring feelings of the need to wipe out completely whatever had started this burned inside of her. She stood there, her body trembling as she didn't say a word, just stared at Gilder with her head cocked slightly to the side and unblinking eyes. A furious scowl adorned her face and her current power was still palpable even under these dampening fields. Somehow her strength was brought forth and was leaking through whatever field had been activated. She was unaware of the force-fields or the holograms currently being played.'

[CHAT] Gilder stood there with his brow quirked as the woman did not respond for whatever reason. "Uhm... alrighty then..." Gilder turned his head to where the other two survivors from the stands stood, but before he could open his mouth to speak to them, one of the man had rushed Gilder and grabbed the dagger from his hands, and as if understanding fully what this weapon was capable of, went to slice Rhevy across the arm to inflict her with the toxins of the blade to get her energy to settle down. This man could sense the raw well of energy that was festering inside of the woman, and could read that he needed to put a stop to it before it started, if he could.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'In her eyes filled with that raw consuming energy she found a target. A foe going to attack her. She wanted to stop. Tried to stop but her body moved faster than her will. In an instant that man who rushed her was heading headfirst down the length of the field, a burn of an energy-infused punch and its lingering energy trailed from his chest during his flight. But that seemed to shake her from the mindset as her inner mind screamed out. The energy faded in an instant, leaving her drained and panting, sweating and exhausted. "OHh Kami! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to..." She cried out as she looked at Gilder. "Ohh! Hey..Im so sorry Gil. I...Please help him. Make sure he isn't...dead" She finished at last.'

[/color][CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As the man blazed across the field against his will, he slammed into the invisible dome that rose from behind both of the goalposts on the opposing sides of the field. With the force he flew at, it broke the dome and shards of dull plastic rained down over the field where the ascendeds had gathered. At this point, the cameras had cut their feed so that the viewers would not see that what happened was a false projection, and those on the field would bear witness to a blood-splattered stadium where bombs of energy had destroyed the stands. Not a soul among the 3084, aside from the 11 on the field, had made it through this game of Kee-Ball. Gilder simply stood there in heart-wrenching awe, not even willing to step forward to see if the man who took his blade still drew breath. He was speechless, not even remotely able to verbalize what he was thinking.'

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