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Bar Buddies*

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[CHAT] Thousand raises a microphone to his face in an unsteady right hand, shifting back and forth slightly as a bit of beer sloshes out of a large tankard held in his left. He glares impatiently at the small screen in front of him with his left eye, his right drifting off to one side in a rather unsettling way. He takes a long pull from the tankard as a familiar riff begins to play. Slurring, the android sings horrendously off-key. 'Schweet home *HIC* Alabamuhhhhh....' It was the androids third consecutive turn at the karaoke machine, the dive bar having nearly completely emptied out. Thousand was not a popular singer, but the staff at Tap This were hopelessly ill equipped to either cut him off or get him off the stage.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'It was a night of celebration. They had just won their third game in a row no doubt thanks to Rhevy's unorthodox skill and abilities. This time they had traveled to Pepper City to face the Pepper City Pirates. Even with her building power they had finally pulled it off in double overtime with during the golden goal time. When it was first team to score wins, and the opponents only get 1 minute to try and tie. The game highlights would be on replay on one of the screen at the Tap This, highlighting Crimson Rhevy, Big Ben and a few other players. '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'It was during the wee hours of the night a partying drunken trio of Big Ben, The overly large human striker, "Crimson" Rhevy and Dwane "The Boulder", a overly meaty fellow, had stumbled into the bar on the ass end of a drunken bender. "So yoush guysh, Its like I was saying. If you...braap...Think about it in a cosmic sense, Puppies are the insight of the hidden soul..." The female with Crimson hair said as she stumbled to the bar. The larger human slapped the bar held up four fingers and said "Five drinks for ush serrr." Then turned towards the girl and scratched his head. "But that doesn't explain how paperclips are involved!"'

[CHAT] Thousand finishes up "Sweet Home Alabama" in rather short order, and is just about to argue with the staff about just whose turn was next, when he spies- not Rhevy & co in the flesh, but Rhevy's appearance on one of the large television screen. He stares at it open-mouthed for a long moment, before grimacing, his left arm blurring for a moment- almost instantly, the television screen explodes in a shower of sparks, a shower of glass from both the television screen and tankard clattering to the floor, droplets of beer spraying all over the bar. 'Murdrous cunt, whosh the ash-hole who put you on tv?!?' He rants and raves, eyes wild, his body twitching as if he were simultaneously trying to walk forward and backpedal. He trips over the cable for the mic, faceplanting into a puddle of beer. 'Oh, a free one on the houshe? You shouldn't have! I know I'm a great shinger, but...' (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) The android, distracted for the moment, slurps some of the beer up, right off of the floor, before shaking his head, attempting to stand but only managing to make it onto his knees. He begins giggling loudly, then sobbing, then laughing hysterically. The nearby staff back away, uncertain what to do, while the manager contacts the local authorities. (F)

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy looks over at the strange drunken person licking beer on the floor. "Umm...Mishta! Hey! Ya need some help? She asks and Ben chuckled with her. "Dude...ITs floor beer. I swear I pissed over there once last season." He said with a gruff drunken slur then Dwane followed up with "Dude, Only once?" He said with a serious expression on his face and they both started laughing. Rhevy on the other hand walked up to him, stumbling slightly trying to avoid bar stools and tables that weren't quite in her way and bent down, rocking back and forth and placed an open beer on the ground in front of him. "There Ya go big guy! Another one for ur wonderfaaal sing'n"'

[CHAT] Thousand gazes at the crimson blur in front of him and grins broadly, reaching forward, his fingers closing just to the right of the beer. He tries again, this time missing it towards the left. On the third try, he tips it over, but grabs it again before more than a small amount spills. 'Thanksh you, thanksh you, I'll be here all night...' He downs the beer, at first happily, but... something doesn't seem right. The portion of his consciousness that remains rational even when emulating intoxication urges the rest loudly that it is now time to sober up. The remainder of his consciousness collectively tells the rational portion just where it can shove its opinions, neverminding the fact that the android happened to lack that particular bit of anatomy. ©

[CHAT] Thousand (C) unsteadily rocks backward, trying to stand, and falls flat on his back. He pushes himself back up to a kneeling position, giggling again, drawing his sleeve across his eyes to wipe away the tears and clear his vision a bit, finally looking over to his benefactor. 'I'm normally the one buying drinks for... the la....' It hits him, and he stares at Rhevy, face to face, his mind initially not fully processing what he is seeing. A moment later, he is scrabbling backwards on his hands and knees, finally bumping into the back wall, freezing in place. His left eye stares directly at Rhevy, while his right focuses on the other image of Rhevy beside the first. He opens his mouth to speak, but no words come. He shakes in place, and then suddenly stops, brown eyes ablaze even for being bloodshot. She was back... and apparently still creating clones of herself to do her bidding. (F)

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy starts laughing with him. "Of course you can..." Then stops and stares as the man on the ground's eyes go wide, bloodshot and he tears backwards to the wall. "buy me a drink?" She finishes and looks at him. She was still kneeling down, arms down and in front with her palms open. "Hey now. IT's ok." She said with a smile. "I know I have shome lumps and bruises from ze game and the doc shaid my cheek swell'n will go down eventually but I don't look that bad do I?" She said before she sniffed the air. She froze in her slow approach and it dawned on her. She hadn't showered after the game and had been bar crawling all night. "Ohh god! I smell don't I. I smell that bad! I'm sorry!" then from across the room came "Hell yea you smell. Like a dead pig found three weeks old in the trunk of a car!" called out Ben's voice over the music.'

[CHAT] Thousand shouts loudly at Rhevy, unmoving, hands balled into fists. 'GAME?!? MY FRIENDSH ALL KILT AND IH WASH A GAME TO YOU?!?' The rational portion of his mind continued to go ignored, even as it attempted to assert the inconsistencies here- Thousand was having none of it at the moment. 'GIVE THEM BACK!' He stares at her, the girl coming into better focus. (The hair, you idiot. The hair!) His rational mind urged. The android wasn't entirely certain what it was getting at- He would recognize those crimson locks shot with grey any.... where? 'You dyed your *HIC* hair?!? Wait, wait, how are you *BURP* alive?!?'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She stops and looks at her friends and all around her. "Game! KiBall! Of course it was a game and we Murdered the hell out of those Pepper City Pirates! Wait..." She said as her brain caught up with the context. "Nonon! I didn't kill anyone I swear I swear!" She looks around frantically and grabbed her hair. "What about it! Is there bugs in it! Ohh my god! There is vomit in it isn't there! Get it out!"'

[CHAT] Thousand wails loudly, half yelling and half sobbing. 'I washed you! You kilt julesh n you kilt dumashtin n you kilt sham n you kilt requiush n you kilt devriosh n.... whatsh ki-ball?' His rational mind continued to bicker with him. (Your scanners. Remember them? They have a reading on her, and you're ignoring it.) the android replies to his own mind out loud 'I'm not ignoring them! I know shesh ashended! How could I forget energy of that magni.... mag.... shize?!?' And yet, he noted the power was significantly subdued from the overwhelming levels from before- lower even than his own, as opposed to dwarfing the combined strength of himself and his allies. 'Why do you hide your powersh?!? You think me sho weak that thatsh enough to finish the job?!?' Steadying himself against the wall with a hand, he finally makes it to his feet, though still resting most of his weight against the back wall.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy looks at the crazed man in front of her. Reading names off one after the other. "Wait...What...Who?" She said as those names struck her somehow. Each one ringing into her like she was standing next to a church bell. The pain from the darkness she remembered before waking up in bear forest flooded her. Each name bringing her from standing to her knees. The pain wracked her body and her head felt like it was splitting open. "Stop it. It hurts so bad." She said as a waitress stopped near one of the cooks. "Hey Is that that girl from that EDF address, I could have sworn she looked familiar." '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"No, You are confusing her with the KiBall player. See." The cook said while pointing to one of the other screens that wasn't destroyed in thousands anger-drunk-rage. "I'm not hiding. Not hiding anything. And what the hell ar eyou talking about, Finishing you off?" She then got flashes of the consuming blackness, the pain and suffering she felt before awaking. That aweful feeling. "No...Make it stop. It...It much." She said before the stage and dim bar lights blurred in front of her and she hit the floor, looking with blurred crimson eyes at Thousand. "Hey Rhevy! Damn. I think she drank too much." Ben said as he was slowly getting to his feet.'

[CHAT] Thousand stares, still against the back wall, puzzling over things, finally giving heed to his rational mind and sobering himself up, only to argue with himself. (Pay attention to her reaction- she's confused, she doesn't know what you're talking about. It's a trick! Are you sure? The Queen wasn't particularly subtle, and she wouldn't need to employ deception to take you out alone. But just LOOK at her! Look at what? A kaio that looks like her? How many times did you take up for Sam, when they thought he was no different than his father during his rampage?) 'Shut up!' the android yells at himself, interrupting his internal argument for a moment. He looks at Rhevy with clear eyes, sober for the first time since he finished his address. He speaks quietly, an unmistakeable tinge of fear in his voice. 'I... I may have you confused with someone else. Who... are you?'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy still grabs her head for a few moments before coming out of it when Ben shook her shoulder. Reality floods into her and she takes a few ragged breaths before sitting up and looking at the now "sober" person. "Who...How? You were bad drunk like..." She slammed her hands together and clapped *POW* "drunk." "Yea...but he seems better now. I've heard of some pills that can slap you sober." But Ben was interrupted by Dwane. "Heard of? Hell you pop those things like candy so you don't play drunk" Dwane said laughing at the bar while tipping another one back. "You shuttap" Ben fired back while walking back to the bar and the two started arguing about who plays more drunk than the other. Meanwhile Rhevy looks at the strange man and smiles, holding out her hand. "I'm Rheveena Karin-Sha! Nishe to meet your acquaintance!" She explained and leaned in a bit more and whispered. "You can call me Rhevy or "Crimson" Rhevy like those sports guys do."'

[CHAT] Thousand speaks the name slowly, as if tasting it. 'Rheveena...' He shakes slightly, glares, and forcibly restrains his movements. He adjusts his position to one giving the appearance of relaxation against the wall, though far too late to really convince anyone. He pulls a cigarette out, lights it, and takes a drag, turning his head just enough to stare at the nearby bouncer, as if daring him to say anyhing, before once more regarding Rhevy, eyes half-lidded. In a voice so calm that it is obviously forced, he asks her: 'Is that... a common name, among kaios? A rarity?' The android grasps at straws, sober but highly stressed. He goes so far as to activate his helios comm to contact Dumastin, before recalling that the helios network was down, and the namek dead.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy sits and ponders for a moment and turns over a nearby stool, sitting on it relaxed and smiling. Her face red with the flush of the spirits and smiles. "I'm the only one I know with that name." She said with a smile. Then looked at him while twirling a lock of red hair. "Also not many of us have these Crimson blood colored eyes. Sort of a taboo of the culture and frowned upon." She said with a sigh but inside she was tense. The forced conversation he was putting out seemed like it was on the verge of exploding outwards and the glances he had at the bouncer said more than words could.'

[CHAT] Thousand slides down the wall, back to a seated position, resting his face in his hands- though keeping his fingers splayed enough to not take his eyes off of Rhevy for a moment. A slurring voice nearby mentions 'Iunno if he wanshta kill 'er or fuck 'er, they musht be married...' The man shuts up as a half-burned cigarette bounces off of his forehead in a burst of sparks, though he continues to chuckle. Thousand, meanwhile, lowers his hands, raising his head up again. 'A kaio, with crimson hair and eyes, named Rhaveena... was the one who slaughtered my friends. And she looked just like you, though... much older, in the end.' He continues to stare. 'She even had the same energy signature as you, though far stronger than what you're showing. I don't understand, it doesn't make sense...' (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) ponders his journey, recalling his encounters with his own split-timeline duplicates, and later Primes speculation that the crimson queen may have been responsible for the destruction in his home universe. What if Prime was dead-on? Could she be a version of the crimson queen from another timeline? He would have to know, and could not trust either her word or his own senses at this moment. There was a way to know... if he could coax her back to his ship, the hybrid interface could give him a look at her mind. Could he pull it off, after all of this? (This is going to take every bit of deception you can muster, Thousand.) He rubs his head. 'I... think I need another drink, and we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. Can I still buy you one?' His infiltration suite in full gear, he gives her a genuine-looking sheepish smile. (F)

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"I think you have it all wrong mister." She said with a smile as she went to stumbly help the man to his feet. "I didn't catch your name and hells yea you can buy this girl a drink!" She said with a smile pointed to the bar. "Onward!" she screamed overly loud and laughed. "Same energy signautre? Wait..." She said as she went to poke him in the chest. "Why is yours gone? Even "Fat Fred" the bartender has one." She said while looking to the left and the right. "You're not a zombie are you?" She said in a whispered tone and looked around. "Them movies say that those brain eaters don't give off energy readings..." She paused and continued. "Thats what they said in Another Return of the Living Dead XVII"'

[CHAT] Thousand hesitates a moment before accepting Rhevy's help up, and then chuckles at her poke, before pausing a moment, smirking slightly while panicking a bit on the inside. (Shit, I haven't done this in a while. Gotta come up with an excuse quick. THINK Thousand. Wait, that's it!) He clears his throat. 'Surely a kaio is familiar with concealing ones energy. I just happen to be -particularly- talented in that regard.' (Did she buy it? She's pretty drunk... come to think of it, if it IS her, how could she show that level of ki control while that blasted, anyway? Something is very wrong here...) He reaches out to her, offering her his hand, and taking a step towards the bar. 'Call me "Zand." Let's get that drink, what's your poison?'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"I can sense things. I got really good at reading signatures back at the monestary." She said while she stumbled HARD into the bar. "Hey! Zand. I like them...whatcha call it. Yea. The Triple Sanctum...ITs some sort of saiyan, hydian and earth triple threat!" She said with a smile and looked at him. "Back home at the monestary this dude Aydin said I was the best. It's how I can read the flow in those kiball games and slip by people." She said with a smile and looked at Thousand again. "But to hide it all. You ARE good. You gotta teach me sometime!" she said as she leaned on the bar a little heavy with her right elbow.'

[CHAT] Thousand fixes Rhevy with a winning smile, before gesturing the barman over. 'Get me two Triple Sanctums. And... is this enough to cover the damage to the tv?' He places a handful of the small fortune of gold coins Devrios gave him so long ago onto the bar, before mirroring Rhevy's gesture, leaning on the bar with his left elbow facing her. 'It's not really that complicated. It's not even -completely- gone. It's simply down to the level of a bacterium. There are so many airborne around us, on us, and inside of us, it makes it effectively indistinguishable, one more grain of sand on the beach...' He smirks. 'You could do it too, given enough practice, I wouldn't need to tech you a thing!' It bothers the android, a little, how naturally the deception comes back to him once it is needed.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy smiles and downs the triple sanctum. The world spins around her as the time starts to fly. She remembers talking about her monestary. KiBall. This strange namek on new hope. A talking sword and funny stories in the past. Or not. She couldn't remember. Last thing she knew she was holding up a hand for another triple sanctum before everything went black. Ben and Dwane had left with two of the waitresses sometime during the conversation had hadn't returned yet. That left an overly blackout drunk Rhevy to the whims of Thousand. How or where she would wake up would be a mystery she would have to unravel in the morning.'

CHAT] Thousand : Rhevy would awaken in a hotel room near the spaceport, fully dressed in what she was wearing the night before. She would recall having a lucid dream about Thousand, constantly sweet and flirtatious, wanting to know -all- about her. She would recall giving him basically a tour of her life, through her memories. And she would recall some truly bizarre dreams following those. She may or may not notice the small scar left on her palm from the needlelike interface of the SACI-SIN hybrid system, but even if she did, would have no idea where it came from. Thousand, on the other hand, would remain onboard his ship, sitting in the pilots seat, hands folded in front of him, mumbling to himself in a confused tone until the wee hours of the morning... (END)

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