United versus an Arsenal*

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United versus an Arsenal*

Post by Kuro » 14 Sep 2017, 19:46

Dual-Story here, first person between spectator and player.

I looked down at the clock in the car and the cross-streets. 15 minutes late. I tried everything to leave early from work, even got tomorrow's office work done today. My fingers tensed around and rapped on the wheel as my foot twitched and tapped on the pedal in annoyance. The car in front of me sitting there through three opportunities to turn left, and bar Slammers was just on the next block over. I flipped through the radio trying to pick up on the game while waiting on the guy in front of me.

….”And Dwane takes another big hit, the ball flying turning over into the pile and...Yes. New Hope United snags the ball! Fritz grabs fighting his way out like a cornered beast! Blows from Arsonal rain down but he staggers through them. Fritz to Robbin, Robbin to Swienstiger. And they broke their defense! It’s just….BEEEEEEEEPPPPP”

The horn sounds from behind me as it tunes out the radio.

“By the love of….”

“....Kami! Dwane got hit hard!” I said beside myself as I watched from the sidelines. My feets swaying and brushing against the tips of the grass as I was on the edge of the bench. It was my first game, and it was eye opening. It was nothing like the pick up game we played, and a lot tougher than the practices. I saw Dwane try to stand but he staggered and fell. Another player to add to the sidelines. It seemed clear after the first few minutes that United won their games more by brute force than talent. Bruise and bash enough players and they won’t be able to fight back.

“Rhevy!” I heard from in front of me snapping my attention back to the game. “You’re Next. Go In for Dwane.” I heard Coach say as his eyes never left the field.

I rose from the bench and jumped a few times trying to get the nerves from my body. The tingling feeling of anticipation, fear, and amazement all bundled in one. I heard a cheer from the crowd and looked up. I sighed as the whistle blew and the players started to walk slowly back to their sides of the field. United scored...again. Our goalie “Goose” was good but he could only do so much versus the relentless shots. He needed a break, but with our first string out and our second string slowly being beaten down, I don’t think it would be possible.

“Rhevy Karen-Sha! In. Dwane “The Hammer” Out” Announced the loudspeakers as I took a breath, and stepped onto the field. The roar of the crowd astounded me and the beaming stadium lights were shining down. I put on a half smile and wave before looking at the field. Four Red circular hoops stood at the end of the field at different heights as the 7 players stacked themselves up, like a miniature army guarding their king. Standing proud and strong with a grin like they had already won on their faces. Our side, 6 stood, not including myself, worn down even though it was 15 minutes in, and 45 to go. They looked like the tired worn out defenders making their last stand to protect the castle of blue rings. I took a breath and took the field.

My tires squealed into the parking lot as I barely put in in park before my door was slamming behind me and I was rushing to the bar. “Greg! Tom! What did I miss?” I said as I picked up the glass of “Saiyan Invasion” that sat in front of me. I took a drink just to see a crimson haired kaio girl take the field and stand on the wrong side of the midfield line.

“For kami’s sake, Do you see what they are putting in?” I said as I set the cold bittersweet ale down.

“Yea, looks like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Throwing in the publicity model and team mascots huh.” The gruff voice of my overly large steelworker friend blurted out.

“God I hope not, I’ve got money on this game…”

“Yea, For your wallet’s sake I hope you get…”

“...On your own side of the field!” I heard a player to my left say as I glanced over. I was seeing a red shirt with vertical white stripes on it. My face turned redder than my hair as a shuffled over to my side of the field with the solid blue jersey, sporting a logo of an ammo-crate and cannon on the back. “So...Sorry…” I said as I waited for the whistle.

I heard the shriek of the whistle and before I knew it a ball was flying at my face. It was a marvel. A orb of solid purple energy was tossed my way before I could even blink. I did everything I could to stumble forward and grab the ball, slipping on my right and and bumbling over my shoulder. I smiled as I spun and ducked, then tripped on my own shoes. “Damn…”

I took that stumbling step, ducking and twisting following the ball, right by Fritz. I had watched his rush tactics many times and It was well observed on the tapes. I smiled as his outstretched clothesline sailed right over my head. I grabbed for the ball, bobbling a loose grip on it as I turned my head towards my blind side, just in time to see a massive fist going towards my midsection. I gasped as the blow struck me and…

“Rhevy takes a big hit from Robin and the ball is up for grabs!” I heard the announcer as I watched that new player bumble the ball somehow past a defender then get laid out hard. I shook my head and looked away from the screen to order another Saiyan Invasion. “One more Miss, Seems like this will be a long…”

“And Rhevy recovers!” The announcers states as I turned back to the screen. Robin was on the ground, eating dirt and Rhevy was on a break with two moving to stop her. My beer was still in my hand. “Go Go!” I screamed at the screen as...

My adrenaline was pumping. I had twisted my body and expelled a small burst of ki energy turning that stunning gut shot into a glancing blow as I spun around him and kicked my foot out. His hit mine and his off-balance form took a mouthful of dirt.

As two more approached I glanced around the field and took off. My feet pumping into the earth as burst of energy came off my feet and floated behind me like falling crimson petals. With a smile I turned to try and stop but couldn’t. My feet digging into the ground but sliding much further than I thought. But that was a lie. It was part of the act, stumbling I saw those two come swiftly to me to “finish” the assault. As soon as the were committed with no chance to return, I feigned a trip and a sway, tumbling limb over limb as I released the ball, kicking it with force through the two attackers and into the wide open striker “Big Ben” I saw his large muscled hand grasp the ball with a single grab and tossed towards one of the open rings, that was before I saw the girth of the two attackers smile in anger towards me. Something hit me from the left and I saw …

“...Stars! The Stars have aligned folks! We thought Arsenal was for sure down and out but this new player...This Rhevy had turned the tide!”

“Thats right Craig, Look how she drew out the attackers with that stumbling. I...Im still not sure if it was on purpose or a fluke but Big Ben finished for her. MAN! What a brute with raw power.”

I smiled and pounded the table as they replayed the raw buildup of pure force energy and the explosion that shot the ball out like an unstoppable cannon-ball. Maybe they had a chance with that girl. “Ohh shi…”

“..t” The last thing I saw was a meaty fist before I was leveled. I tried to get up, tried to look around. I couldn’t feel anything and all I saw was the blurry green on the turf. The cheering fans were distant as I struggled. Finally the feeling in my hands came back as I planted one on the turf, struggling. My whole body shaking and the pain finally getting past the numbness. Everything hurt then my arms shook and I fell. My face hitting the green grass. I thought I heard a laughter then everything went black.

“And she is down! That Crimson Kaio that made that lucky shot happen is down! She took some hard hits following the release which had given United their second and third cards of the game.”

“I don’t think she is getting up from this one Tom.” Replied the other announcer as I slammed my beer down on the table, breaking the bottle. “Get up…” I said under my breath as my Greg, my steelworker friend and Tom, the smaller wiry looking one both looked at me. “Get up Get up..G

“GET UP” I screamed in my mind as my body wouldn’t follow.

“And you can.” I heard that seductive voice I swear I heard before reach out.
“What...I can’t move…”

“Yes. Yes you can. But you need to dig deeper.”

“I...I am...There is nothing left. Those hits...Those hits wer…”

“They were nothing to you.” The voice said as a strange shape took place in my mind. It was that door at Slammers as the dream started coming back to me. A heavy steel door with a single slit. “Come on. There is power inside of you.You just have to….Let it out.”

I was frightened of it. This power. I could feel it through the door but I was so scared at the same time. As if something sinister was about to pounce if I let it out. Something dangerous. I grabbed the handle and was about to pull but my trembling and something inside me screamed not to. I hesitated.

“What's the matter. All you have to do is pull. Then I can help you. We can help you…”

NO! But...But I need to. I…” I didn’t finish but I did slide the little viewing port open. “You will give me what you can. MY power. I..I’m not scared of you!” I was bluffing but I went on. “I put you here and I can keep you here but…” [/color]I said while a stuck an arm through the slot. “I need this...I...I can’t fail here.” I said as I felt a tug, then pain and finally a burning sensation. Raw power flooding through my Ki channels and into my body. Every pathway was on fire as I screamed and…

“And she’s getting up! TOM!” I heard from the announcer with the highland accent. “Look at her! I could have sworn she was down for the count and….”


That was enough for me to turn back to the screen. The kaio girl who was down screamed and I could have sworn a large burst of crimson colored energy erupted off her. I blinked at it was gone. The camera zoomed in on her and her crimson eyes were aglow and she had a wicked smile. She walked back and the whistle blew. I was on the edge of my seat.

I felt alive. Every part of me feeling power beyond any I could have dreamed. “And this is just a trickle” I thought to myself with a smile. The whistle blew and I was off.

The rest of the match was a blur, my body moving with the awkward stumbles and patterns of drunken boxing. The unorthodox movements along with the bursts of speed and raw power put me well above being handled with a one on one. Near the end I was weaving and fighting off three at one. Kicks, punches and blasts flying all around me, but with a sway and stumble I was able to barely hold off three. Even with the added power, I could feel it slipping as time wore on and the fatigue getting to me. But the United’s effort to stop me placed my teammates in a great position to score.

The last encounter left Big Ben with the ball and me collapsing with exhaustion right as the final whistle blew.

“And That is That Tom! I swear I have not seen such a game since!”

“Right you are Craig! That comeback was something I haven’t seen in this sport in quite some time, And that Rhevy. She is not just here for looks.”

“Yes, We gotta hand it to her. Her movements and abilities drew out the opponent and offered her team many opportunities to score. And with a final score of 15-12 Arsenal has just broken their 5 season losing streak.”

I smiled as I was already on my way to the bookie. I had just made a year's worth of salary on this match. Placing a bet on the underdogs with the losing streak really paid off.

I smiled as I thumbed the chip card I received. “Drinks on me tonight boys” I said as we drank a “few” more rounds that evening. I would eventually come to realize that work the next day was going to be full of headaches and Misery.

“evy….RHEVY” The coach came up to me in the locker room as I was just putting my shoes in my locker. The rest of the guys in the locker room were in various forms of dress. Semi-pros were a good start, but offered little in accommodations. A single open locker room for each team with lockers and floors that somehow smelled of urine and sweat. I turned a faced the coach, the sweat still beading on my forehead and body.

“Whats going on coach! What do you need?” I asked, puzzled on why he would just come in.

“There is a man outside for an interview. You NEED to speak with him.”

I glanced over his shoulder and saw a pinstriped suit man waiting an interview, leaning like a hooligan on the nearby wall twirling a mic in his hands. “I’ll give him hell coach”

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Re: United versus an Arsenal

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rpp awarded

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