Rebuilding and Throwing Down*

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Rebuilding and Throwing Down*

Post by Kairus » 10 Sep 2017, 20:23

[CHAT] Hiram sat on a bench in the Lamprey's cargo bay/garage combination, a heat lamp in one hand, baking a fresh coat of paint into curing on the repaired Ride Liner II. He'd have to do something about its guidance systems, and had several data cartridges on the topic in a pile next to a holopad reader on a workbench behind him. He sat back, gold-silver scales glimmering in the LED light, admiring his handiwork. He, as a personal touch, had added a stamp in the shape of a Western-style dragon over the ventral starboard thruster casing.

[CHAT] Hiram looked back. He'd made some improvements to his damaged helmet and suit. The helmet sat, repaired, next to a pile of broken parts it'd taken him weeks to procure. He grunted, holding up the broken shell. "Son of a bitch dragon...some dead meta thought he was a god...I thought that sort of shit was over." He threw the scrap into a pile in the corner marked RECYCLE.

[CHAT] Hiram had sent Gurney a request for information on current events in the galaxy. "Vegeta...dead world...Insignia...dead one goes to one goes to Kanassa...Namek...all news as ever." He tossed a datapad aside, the screen flickering with the impact.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The nameless Namekian took another look at the cube in his hand, grimacing as he turned and watched the lights on the cube's faces shift in response. "Are you kidding? Three days?" He looked up at the sky, shading his eyes as he tried to gauge the time. Not easy in this city, where the buildings were so tall that some of them needed counter-gravity technology to stand. Three days he'd been wandering, guided by this odd little cube's tracking signal. Three days through a city so vast that the term "megalopolis" didn't begin to cover it. He supposed he was thankful that the city's crime was relatively light; he'd made it so far without being accosted, though not without advice from some of the people he'd talked to.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He shook his head again and shoved the cube back in his bag, continuing on his way. He'd find wherever it was leading him... eventually.'

[CHAT] Hiram tapped in a code into a keypad on the wall of the bay, and a blast door rolled aside as Hiram mounted the vehicle, tapping in its startup sequence. New Haven opened up in front of him, other ships in the hangar bay around the Lamprey. Leaving the horseshoe-shaped craft, Hiram was soon rocketing along the skyways.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian strolled along the streets, his heavy boots clumping loudly on the walkways as he looked upward and watched the traffic move through the skyways. There weren't many pedestrians around where he was, so he was free to just proceed along. He whistled a little, mostly tunelessly. Occasionally he'd considered taking one of the passenger transports, but he didn't know how far his goal was, and he'd grown concerned about spending the money he did have left on a passenger pass when he didn't know for sure that he'd get anywhere near the place on any of the common passenger services.'

[CHAT] Hiram cruised low over a less-populous area of town, noting various pedestrians. One individual, seemed by the clothing he wore to be a Namek down on his luck...and his luck was getting worse. Two targeting reticles lit up behind the Namek and moving discreetly, yet speedily...and ever closer. He dipped low. [Not this time, suckers.]

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian's ears perked up as he walked, and suddenly he swerved off the main path down a serviceway. The long alley angled downward and was somewhat dimly lit; if one followed it far enough, it went down to the service tunnels beneath the city, but those were locked. They usually branched off in other places, though, and more importantly, if what his ears were telling him was the case, it was less likely that someone would follow him here unless they really were after him rather than just happening to be scuttling along the main pathway. Quietly, he reached into his satchel, his hand brushing against hard leather-wrapped wood, then he withdrew his hand and continued on.'

was naturally glowy and he wasnt' a meta.

[CHAT] Hiram watched as the two hoodlums turned after the namekian. One was a hydian with a large scar down the side of his face, the other had pointed ears. [Is that...] He pulled out a beaten-up-looking sword. [...a Konatsu. Interesting, don't see many of them.] "Well, Jim, seems we got us a lost soul, eh?" The Hydian grinned at the Konatsu. "Seems so, bossman," said the Konatsu, a dull blue glow illuminating the alley around them. "This area here's closed off, y'see. We'd be 'appy to send ye back to town...for a fee." Hiram chuckled. [What kind of stupid two-bit...] He sat back and watched for now. Something about the way that Namek carried himself told Hiram he might be able to take them on his own...provided the Konatsu's sword was naturally glowy and he wasnt' a meta.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian stepped back, crouching low, and he heard a voice whispering to him as he did. Deep and boisterous, just like the old Saiyan who produced it. Tidbits. Not training on how to fight, but... bits and pieces of it, nonetheless. "I can find my own way." He breathed. 'Breathing is most important thing. Without air, you cannot fight. So many people stop breathing. You do it too. This is foolish!' He smiled, to hear Baz's words. They gave him confidence, even if his stance was rough and not well-trained.'

[CHAT] Dumastin - The Namekian crouched lower, turning back around slowly, still holding his bag in front of himself protectively. “What do you want? I don’t have any quarrel with you or anything worth stealing. He looked over his assailants closely, but his lack of experience showed; he simply didn’t have the knowledge to assess them properly or to tell how much of a threat they represented to him. Was that ki energy making the sword glow, or some kind of trick to make it look like it for intimidation purposes? Was the way the Konatsu was holding it a sign of sloppiness and shoddy skill, or confidence? But… His eyes narrowed. Simmering just under the surface, there was that same spark of defiance that had kindled up the last time. Like a wild beast lurking beneath conscious thought, ears perked up, watching, weighing. And that beast’s thought was simple: that a challenge had been issued, a gauntlet thrown. He did not know whether he was the superior, whether what little he had learned coupled with his own natural ferocity would be enough to overcome two opponents whose powers and abilities he did not know. But that beast inside him would not tolerate the existence of the question.

[CHAT] Hiram watched as the konatsu advanced, brandishing his blade menacingly and carving blue ribbons in the night air. Dropping quietly behind a dumpster while the namek watched the footpads, he quietly formed one crystal in his hand and let it orbit his wrist. The Konatsu, meanwhile, would move to press his blade, prodding at the namek threateningly. “Oi think we gots us a man that don’t know ‘is own worth,” the swordsman cackled. “Everybody’s got SOMEthin’ worth takin’.” “Indeed they do,” said the Hydian, lip in a perpetual half-smile, half-snarl thanks to the scar, “even if it’s something near n’ dear to their heart. Or…” he pulled out a butterfly knife, “if it IS their beatin’ heart.”

[CHAT] Dumastin -: ‘He stepped back, forcing his breathing to slow. He clutched the satchel to his chest, and took one more step back, feeling his back bump against the heavy slate-bricks smaller structures in New Haven were often built from. There was a bend in the alley, which placed the dumpster Hiram was using as cover over to his left (though he hadn’t noticed the fishman drop in), and left the two toughs in front of him. ‘Watch feet, boy. Eyes can lie. Hands lie. But feet tell nothing but truth.’ His breathing steadied, his gaze dropped. The light glittering off of the blades stopped being a distraction, and hidden by his other arm, his right hand slipped into the bag and closed around the grip to the big survival knife hidden inside. The fear vanished from his eyes.

[CHAT] Hiram -:The konatsu’s feet braced for a stab, when a light whistle pierced the silence, followed by a noise like a firecracker. A small flash of purple lightning and a wisp of smoke caused the konatsu to go off-balance for a second, giving the name an opening! Meanwhile, a silvery form rocketed out from behind the dumpster with more force than any spring jump could manage, tackling the hydian against the wall! “Hello there, 'bossman’.” Hiram grinned as he drove a fist into the hydian’s jaw. “I’m Mister Silver.”. The hydian grunted and began flailing punches at Hiram, trying to unseat him! “Geroff, geroff, gerOFF!”. A pinkish hue lit up around the blue Man before exploding outwards, launching Hiram backwards. The kanassian went into a roll as he landed. “TWO metas. Hope you got some power, my namekian friend.”

[CHAT] Dumastin -: ‘The Namekian saw the Konatsu stagger backward as his partner was tackled away from him. In his peripheral vision, he could see the man’s slight flinch, the way he raised his sword protectively to guard his face against the unexpected assault. He launched off the wall, dropping his bag and revealing the knife, as he lunged into the Konatsu as hard and as fast as he could, though whether it was instinct telling him to get as close as possible to negate the Konatsu’s longer blade or simply the Beast pushing him to drive closer, deeper, harder, faster… he would not be able to tell, were he asked. He had no idea how to wield a knife in anger, but where knowledge failed and instinct came up short, experience yielded a suggestion, and he gripped the knife tightly as he made a tight, compact slash at the Konatsu’s forearm. It was a pain he remembered well, and already knew better than most how much more difficulty the Konatsu would have wielding that blade with such a wound.

[CHAT] Hiram -: The konatsu brought his sword back into position just in time; the namek's knife scraped over the surface of the skin, red rising to the surface as the knife filleted off a section of skin. It hurt; the konatsu had a grimace on his face as he growled, the energy around his sword blade guttering like a candle flame as he regained focus, taking an awkward swing! Hiram got back up and dashed forward, coating his arms in Ectoplasm and clawing at the hydian's face. The hydian grinned and wove back and forth, eyes flashing an evil coral. Swipe after swipe seemed to fall just short, the hydian dancing around the strikes. A clawed hand caught the butterfly knife as it darted in at Hiram, neither one seeming to gain an upper hand when they both were up!

[CHAT] Dumastin -: Breathe in. As the Konatsu’s right foot came forward to balance him during the sword swing, he followed, bringing himself inside and to the right. Slowly exhale. Watch the eyes, watch the feet. The eyes were on his knife. Shift from right hand to left. The feet weren’t right, off-balance slightly as the Konatsu twisted to follow him. Sword slid past his side, the first swing being much too awkward and off-balance to track him. None of that penetrated conscious thought, though. Baz’s words filled his head, and the roar of the Beast drowned out everything else. Raise the knife, blade catches the light from the floodlights in the alley. Swing at the arm again, but the sword comes up to stop him, this time. And Baz’s words again. ‘Foolish young people always think throwing punch means big arms. No. To throw punch, you throw whole body, see?’ What came next wasn’t like the wild swings he’d employed against the shakedown crew at the diner. It wasn’t a practiced thing, not some sharp, compact attack with the veneer of constant practice and refinement, but at least this time, he had a better handle on how to move. He finished exhaling, whole body pivoting to the left as he spun into a rough hook aimed low, at the Konatsu’s gut. Breathe in.

[CHAT] Hiram -: Breathing in was hard for the konatsu right now, his diaphragm struggling with the sudden jolt as his abdominal muscles tensed. He staggered back, breath coming in ragged heaves, holding his sword out one-handed in an effort to force a little recovering distance between them. Hiram, meanwhile, felt something build around the Ectoplasm as he traded strikes, the goo changing and morphing into what he needed. A swordbreaker forged itself from the silvery liquid and caught the blade as points of light gathered on the clawtips of Hiram’s free hand. Locking the knife in place with the breaker, Hiram raised his free hand and, acting on instinct, focused. The five points of light fed into a sixth larger one, an orb of green-white light, briefly before bolting forwards, the light blast pounding into the hydian’s ribcage with a force like a punch! Taking a moment to notice his smoking hand, Hiram got distracted as the knife, freed from the breaker by the blow, broke through his clothes and skidded across his scales with a shrill sound, pain blossoming in his shoulder and ears at the same time!

[CHAT] Dumastin -:’Inexperience started to show. He’d landed a heavy blow, but he didn’t have the muscle memory to know how to correct for it, and he staggered to his left, off-balance and unable to pursue the Konatsu immediately. He bumped into a dumpster and bounced off of it, pushing himself back upright, but it was too late, and his momentary advantage had been lost. He shifted the knife back to his right hand, squaring off against the Konatsu once more. Still watching his feet.

[CHAT] Hiram grit his teeth through the pain, focusing away from it. Observer skills fed him data beyond what the helmet could provide. Favoring a side, favoring an eye.. there. Hiram leapt forward, feinting left before jabbing a punch squarely into the hydian's left eye! Dazed now, the hydian was faced with an onslaught of rolling punches from Hiram, who, with a well-placed palm thrust, sent him staggering into his friend, who had begun to advance on the name, wind regained. The two stumbled together, giving the namek a recovery window as the kanassian advanced, pulling the butterfly knife out of the hole in his jacket and tossing it with a gloved hand to the side.

[CHAT] Dumastin -:The Namekian and the Konatsu circled each other. His blunder had given the Konatsu time to recover his breath, and now that he didn’t have the element of surprise, he was finding that the Konatsu’s long weapon made closing the gap between them much trickier. He still had the knife, and had a thought in mind, but closing past the reach of that sword would mean managing to block the incoming sweep with the smaller blade. Yet… While he didn’t have confidence in his ability to do so consistently, his lips drew back from his teeth, his eyes narrowing in a glare. He circled from side to side, not letting the blade’s glow distract him. The inner beast tensed, growing impatient.

[CHAT] Hitam -: The konatsu too grew impatient, now bringing the attack to the namek! Raising his good arm, he charged and brought the sword down in an overhead arc, carving a path of light behind it! The hydian grimaced, electricity sparking from his shattered left eye. “You’ll pay fer that, pinball.” Raising his now-glowing fists, he took wild swing after wild swing at Hiram. One connected, and the punch detonated, launching Hiram sideways! A Loop formed to stabilize him and Hiram leapt back. “I rather think I won’t. You will, though!” Hiram held a hand out and a crack appeared in reality in front of him. Widening slightly, it admitted a stream of Warp lightning, catching the man in the chest and throwing him back! Hiram kept the bolt steady and advanced. “People like you make me sick. You think just because you’ve got power means you can do whatever you want to someone else. There’s shit out there, I’ve seen it, shit that’d make your head explode, little hydian.” Internally, Hiram shivered. His time in the Warp had not been without...peril. There were things in there. Unpleasant things, to put it kindly. Madness-inducing was more like it. Somehow, he’d kept his psyche intact. Wasn’t sure how, but he had.

[CHAT] Dumastin -:The Namekian quickly jumped back from the strike, the sparkling arc passing just in front of his face. For a moment, his expression shifted, as part of him quailed at the idea of trying to close the gap like this, then his back hit the wall. His eyes narrowed, and he launched himself off the greyish bricks. Had he the experience to read the situation, he would have realized that his timing was near-perfect: with the Konatsu’s other arm savaged by the Namekian’s knife, he wouldn’t be able to hold his sword two-handed, and so a position where he’d normally be easily able to shift his grip and bring the sword into a followup horizontal sweep to kill the man his first slash had pinned against the wall… It was slower, and his movements jerkier, more limited. But he wasn’t thinking that. All thought had fled him when he’d realized he was trapped. He’d flung himself forward because he was in a cage and had no other way out. The first blow knocked the sword from the Konatsu’s grip. This time, though, they started to exchange punches, and the Konatsu was far stronger than he looked. Only the Konatsu’s injured arm, and Baz’s advice whispering in his ear, let him force the brawl to a stalemate.

[CHAT] Hiram intensified his gaze, and the lightning began crackling into grounding wires around the buildings. “Makes me sick...we have these gifts and you choose to squander them on purely selfish means.” The kanassian dismissed the bolt, the hydian dropping to the ground, breath coming in a shallow rattle, smoke coming out of his mouth as his scorched chest heaved. Without medical attention, he wouldn’t last long. With...his days as a footpad were likely over. Hiram then turned his attention to the namek and the konatsu. “Need a hand, there?” The expressionless facemask seemed to be...smirking.

[CHAT] Dumastin -:The Namekian took a nasty blow to the head that snapped his face to the side, but though he wobbled, he stayed on his feet and kept pushing the fight in. His face was puffy and bleeding from several cuts where he’d taken other punches. But this time, the Konatsu made a mistake; he fired a left hook with his uninjured arm that went wide. The Namekian instinctively ducked under it and to his left, and with that momentum and all his body’s weight, slammed forward with a punch to the Konatsu’s gut. He pulled back his fist and fired again, and again, the third hit driving the Konatsu back into a stumble that had him bounce off a wall and end facedown on the ground in a groaning heap. The Namekian’s arms hung low and he was breathing heavily, but he still leaned down to collect his knife where it had fallen, and to pick up the bag where he’d dropped it. Once his breath finally started to even out, he turned his gaze over to the Kanassian who’d forced his way into the fight. “Nobody asked you for help…” he said, a bit gruffly, though it was more the bluster of exhaustion left behind in the wake of the fire of battle fleeing him. He closed his eyes, sighed. Rudeness like that, it wasn’t like him; that much he knew by now. “But, thanks.”

[CHAT] Hiram chuckled. “We should get going before they get up. I’ll phone New Haven’s law enforcement and have them clean up this mess. Need a lift?” He tapped a few buttons on his helmet and four circles of blue-white light dimly illuminated the alleyway as the Ride Liner II descended, kicking up dust and debris.

[CHAT] Dumastin -: He grimaced as he felt over his body, checking his injuries. Nothing serious, thankfully, besides a shallow cut he’d picked up from a slash he hadn’t quite been able to dodge, a lot of what would probably be very interesting bruises, and some tender spots he was hoping weren’t strained bones. He briefly checked over the two muggers, finding himself mystified by the Konatsu’s sword briefly; it looked like a piece of rusty junk, without the shroud of ki enveloping it! He snapped it off easily against a wall and tossed it on top of its owner, then looked over to the fish-man. “I think I’ll be okay. I’ve got somewhere to be, and I’m not really sure where exactly it is. I’d rather take my time and find it. How about you?” He looked at the Hydian, who looked much worser for wear than the Konatsu did, and shook his head. “Besides. Nothing I can’t patch up with some bandages and walk off.” Pointedly, though, he fished out the wallets of the two men and cleaned them out, tossing the cash into his bag and leaving the rest on the ground. The least they could do was pay for some medical supplies and a decent meal, after what they’d pulled.

[CHAT] Hiram chuckled as he transmitted the coordinate data and a brief report to New Haven law enforcement. He waved to the namek as he mounted the cycle. “Take care, then. Good travels!” He kicked a lever down and more dust kicked up, the cycle rising into the skies before shooting off.

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Re: Rebuilding and Throwing Down

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Interesting little read. Dumastin finds himself caught in an alley with some thugs and an unexpected alley. Chaos ensues and ends without even exchanging numbers. Good rp. Will award when im on next

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Re: Rebuilding and Throwing Down*

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finally awarded rpp

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