There's a Fire That Burns Inside*

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There's a Fire That Burns Inside*

Post by Dumastin » 28 Aug 2017, 09:32

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The nameless Namekian hitched his shoulder, shifting the weight of his satchel around a bit as he walked along the New Hope streets. The clothes the old Saiyan cook Baz had given him were a bit loose and baggy, but with his old clothes ruined he'd had to take what he could get, and the Saiyan and his human wife had been very generous. He shaded his eyes and looked up at the skyline, muttering to himself as he looked for street signs.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'A young kaio girl was running the streets. She had baggy grey sweatpants on that were overly baggy, made for someone taller and a lot heavier as well as an underarmor style shirt that, despite its stretchy-ness, still managed to sag about her body. Her blue skin offsetting the pink of the shirt and she had a stack of papers in her hands. (Another no! Just because I don't have formal Identification. What is this place!) She thought to herself as she raced down the street. Crimson hair flowing behind her and her red eyes looking up at the clock on the other side of the street. 8:04. (Shoot! By the Kami! I need to make it in 3 min...) She was cut off from her thoughts as she glanced back, noticing she was running directly at a Namekian. One who's clothes were just as mismatched as hers!'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Absorbed in looking for the signage he'd long ago already missed, the Namekian didn't have the presence to notice the girl sprinting directly at him. Nor did he have the reaction time to get out of the way, as she slammed headlong into him. He went over backwards, knocking another passer-by around as he fell toward the ground. Baz's brief training kicked in, and he relaxed his body, tucking in his chin as hard as he could, so when he hit the ground, he just bounced a bit but didn't injure his head or anything else. Still, he groaned, looking up at the sunlight, as his satchel dropped to the ground as well.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The young kaio girl saw GREEN. That was it for a good few seconds. Her body splashing into his, then down the street in a tumble. Her application paperwork from the various help wanted adds strewn into the wind. She found herself unable to move. There was a Namekian arse right on her stomach. He didn't seem to notice, instead looking up at the sunlight as his satchel dropped onto her face. "HMM GHRmms RheeerrrpppphHHH" were the noises she could make as the satchel covered her entire face. Her arms tried to flail up to her face but they were still buried in the contorted mesh of limbs under them.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian grunted and rolled off of the girl, then reached over and plucked his satchel off of her. Briefly he checked it to make sure it hadn't spilled open, then he looked over at the kooky girl who'd run him over. "Are you okay!?" He reached out and snatched one of her fallen employment applications from the air, and frowned.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The Employment application had the name Rhevy Karin-Sha on it. Her last name abandoned when she was taken in by the monastery, giving her Rhevy of Karin-Sha, which she shortened. Under the qualifications it read Great Attitude!!! with not one, but THREE exclamation points. A various list of fighting styles including the Gental Palm and Drunken Boxen. Ki theory and usage, energetic, spunky. But no actual work experiences were listed. The front had a picture of her holding up two fingers in a peace sign and a giant smile. <C> '
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Yea Yea! I'm ok! Thanks for getting that bag off me! It was a little hard to breath under you. By the way im..." She glanced over at the clock. It was 4 minutes past her appointment time. She closed her eyes for a second and collected herself. (Its ok Rhevy. Next one wont be in a few hours.) She told herself as she gave the Namek a big smile. "Im Rhevy! You are?" She said as she remained sitting down, but crossing her legs and holding out a hand to the Namekian.<F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He paused taking the hand with a bit of a forlorn look on his face. "I don't really... have a name. Rhevy?" He shook his head as he skimmed over the application, reading it quickly and handing it back to her. "Why are you in such a hurry? And do you normally do this? Are you in training for a sports league or something?"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"You Don't have a name! Then...What Will I call you!?"She gasped out as she let the Namekian help her to her feet. A sports league? "Thats it!" She said as she thumped her hands together and looked at him. "You are Absolutely BRILLIANT!" She said as she was nearly jumping with excitement.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He frowned as he rose. "Thanks?" He rubbed his bald head, his antennae quirking as he tried to make sense of this hyperactive elf chick. "You can call me whatever you want. I can live with Brilliant, though..." His mouth turned up in a smile.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"No! You really made my day Brill!" She said with a smile, taking it literally that he wanted to be called Brilliant, but she decided that was too long to call out. "I have a few hours to kill now that I know what I should be doing, and that I missed that last interview time." She said with a smile. "I...I know I may be new in town, and not have much money or anything, but I do owe you for running into you and starting your day off on the wrong foot. Is...Is there a way I can pay you back?"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Well, unless you happen to know where the spaceport is..." He frowned. "I've been looking for it all morning, but I think I missed a street sign or something. Baz gave me directions, but I guess I'm not really any good at following them." He clutched his satchel close and slipped it over one shoulder as he watched the girl. "Other than that, no, I don't really need anything. It's nice to meet a friendly face, though."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"OHHH! I think I've seen that before and...well." She said as she was grinding a foot into the ground. "Why didn't you ask anyone instead of wandering around?" She said with a intrigued look. "I personally like to go wherever fate decides. Like today. I took a shortcut to shave 30 seconds off of my run time to my next interview and BAM here you are." She said looking up at the Namek. "I don't think I would have talked to you otherwise." She had tried getting him to speak, but he seemed so reserved. But something brought them to meet today, she was sure of it. All by fates design she would tell herself.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Well, I guess I didn't figure anyone was going to help me. Everyone seems so busy around here... I didn't want to get in anyone's way." He looked pointedly at the Kaio girl. "Suppose I didn't succeed at that, anyway!"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy looked down at the ground after his words hit her. Like he wanted nothing to do with anyone. She felt sad for some reason. Pity for him maybe. What could he have went through to make him so unwanting of the world around him. “You got it wrong! You are not in my way at all!” She said as she took a half step closer. “In fact, if it wern’t for you, I wouldn’t have realised I could try out for the Ki-Ball teams! Maybe make enough so I can find some food tomorrow instead of waiting for when the restaurants close and get their throw-outs.” She said with a half smile. “How about this. I can walk with you to the space-port, so even if we get lost, you at least will have a friend next to ya! What do you say about that?” she asked with an overly happy grin on her face.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- The nameless Namekian chuckled. “I have a little bit of money. You don’t have to eat garbage. I’d gladly buy you lunch if you can help me find my way.” He smiled at her and dusted himself off with his hands. “How’s that sound?”

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy smiled back at the Namek. “Well then. How about we grab lunch on the way. And to be honest.” She said as she started walking down the main strip, slowing her steps and her pace as to ensure Brill was following her, “Some things the restaurants throw out are simply amazing. Just last night I happened upon five pounds of fresh prime rib, or so thats what they called it. Wasn’t sure what made it so Prime, but it tasted good…” She said as her bare feet pitter pattered on the sidewalk. Was probably another reason she wasn’t taken seriously at her job interviews.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- He frowned. “Prime rib…? That sounds interesting. I wonder why they’d have thrown out so much…” That was a valuable meat, and it seemed odd to waste it. He’d helped Baz around the diner’s kitchens while his wound was healing and found that the old Saiyan rarely actually wasted food; he wasn’t doing anything sleazy, as far as the Namekian could tell, but he was efficient and careful with his ingredients in a way that put the lie to the idea of the “greasy spoon” diner.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy took a few lighthearted skips around, lightly and playfully dancing across the pavement with graceful, yet seemingly wild steps, but each step, although at first seemed unbalanced and clumsy, landed right where it should. Her feet missing the shards of broken bottles, trash and even the soft goo from chewed gum. She smiled and looked at him “The sign said the restaurant was some sort of banquet facility, and from my understanding, once it's heated and considered “served” it has to be tossed, unfit by law for reuse.” she said with a smile and pointed in the direction of a rather tall looking structure. “I think it's that way. Should we find out, or continue this grand adventure, or maybe both?”

[CHAT] Dumastin -- The sturdy boots the Namekian wore crunched easily over broken glass and trash as he walked, slightly lost in thought. When Rhevy queried him, though, his head snapped up. He stammered for a moment, then answered, “Adventure? This? What do you mean?” He looked around, noting again the way eyes tended to follow him as he walked. Was it his imagination? “I’m sorry, I wish I was more interesting to talk to. I’m just feeling a little lost, that’s all.” Words came to his mind. ‘If want to get where you going, you need to know where you already been…’ The gruff phrasing and accented language of Baz’s advice stuck in his mind. “So what’s your story?”

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- Rhevy spun around and started walking backwards ,again playfully dancing and moving so people could pass, smile on her face and her crimson hair blowing back towards him. “I have a different view Brill. One doesn't choose where they are going. They are just passengers on the grand adventure of life.” She said with a smile. “ Sure, you could paddle faster, take the right fork in the river instead of the left, but we will get to where we need to be eventually.” She said with that never-ending smile. “So what say you, shall we have an adventure today?” she said again reaching out her hand towards the namekian.

[CHAT] Dumastin -- The Namekian stopped walking, frowning, as he thought over her words. Passengers…? He mused over what she’d said, and something stuck him. Something dissonant about what she’d said. “Why is that, do you think? What made you feel as if you’re just a passenger?” He looked down at his hands, his fingers trembling. It was that same fire he’d felt before, that rising instinct. Before it had screamed at him, screamed until the blood thundered in his ears, not to back down. It didn’t have the same overwhelming power this time, but still, it was like his heart told him a different answer. He just wished he could understand what that answer was.

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- She has her hand outstretched still, waiting for Brill to join. The question was the same to her as north to south. Their viewpoints seemingly polar opposites. She smiled and looked at him “What makes me think that? Why do we breathe?” She said with a smile. “Take life as a peach” She said as she smiled. “You can control where you plant the seed. How much sunlight, water and nourishment it gets. You can care for it and tend it.” She said with a smile. “I believe that is like your point.” She said with a pause. “But in the end you will still have a peach. You may want an apple or an orange, but in the end, you will still have a peach.” She said with a smile. “Life is an adventure, let it take you on that ride and see where you will go.”

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- “That sounds like something some kind of kooky old martial artist would say. Like it’s meant to be so vague that it’s hard to say anything against it, to distract you from what you’re thinking about.” He grinned. “I like the sound of it, but I still have this feeling, like there are things you could control. Why do you have a peach seed in the first place? If you wanted an apple tree, you should have got yourself an apple seed instead.” He shook his head, still frowning in thought. “The adventure matters, but the start, the end, the context, they all matter, too. Where I’m going, where I’ve been, and why I follow the path between… those are a *lot* more complicated than a peach seed.”

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- She didn't stop smiling the entire time. “Why do you dwell on where you will be going when you haven't even gotten there. Or by the looks of it, even started your adventure.” She smiled at him still waiting for that handshake of adventure “The only part of where you have been are the memories of such places. Dwell on the past and it will cloud your present. Right here and now is your adventure. It could even be the end of it.” She looked around and giggled. “Kami I hope not but, you will only know the in between when you have finally reached the end, and even at the end, it's just the start of another adventure” she said with her ever bright smile and then leaned in close “And if you had a peach and wanted apples…” she said in a secretive whisper “You could always ask the cute blue girl in front of you if she wanted to trade” she said with a giggle.

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- The answers seemed to start to crystallize inside him. “Because I want to know what path I walk. I want to know who controls it…” He felt one of his hands clench into a fist. “I woke up, alone, in a burned-out bunker, with no memory of how I got there. I can’t just, just drift along, waiting for things to come to me. I need to know… Why was I there? What happened to me?” He rubbed his head, looking down at the dirty sidewalk and bending forward a bit as he talked. “What if I’m just some sort of puppet? No! I won’t stand for it, won’t accept it! I have to know!” He slammed the fist into his open palm, creating a whipcrack sound that echoed across the street. “I’m going to find out where I came from, so that I can make sure that wherever I end up, I can be certain that it’s because I chose to be there.” He’d rather… rather die fighting the puppeteer, if it turned out there was one, than dance on his strings.

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- Rhevy seemed to stop and withdrew her hand but it was well before the whipcrack. It was the waking up alone with no idea how he got there that rang hone. “I awoke in Bear Forest with no idea how I got there. I know I was raised in a monastery called Karin-Sha. I was trained since I can remember. But I remember leaving there to travel, try and find those who would gain enlightenment from the teachings of Karin-Sha. I was attacked by something.” She said as her voice shook and quivered. “Shadows. Horrible shadows is all I can remember. That and pain. Unbearable pain. Then I awoke in the forest. Now clue how I got there. What had happened.” She trailed off as she took a breath and collected herself. “But that does not make me who I am. I stand before you, and what I do right now makes me, well, me. Not what I did in the past, or will do in the future.” She said with her smile coming out. “You know,” she said with her energetic voice back. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today. Today is a gift, that is why it's called “the present” so you should enjoy this gift.”

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- He looked at her, eyes widening slightly. She seemed to be in a similar situation to him, though her memories were apparently more extensive. And yet… He still felt he had to disagree with what she said, but the words to dispute it wouldn’t come. He did not think he was a man who was well suited to this kooky Zen philosophical sparring. “Do you have a clever saying for when it’s yesterday that’s a mystery instead? And I still want to know who ‘today’ is a gift *from* before I accept it.” A phrase leaked up into his mind about gift horses and mouths, but he mused that in this case, he was thinking more along the lines of giftwrapped boxes that ticked suspiciously.

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- She frowned slightly as her partner in the philosophical sparring paused. She stood there on the sidewalk, her feet on the clean patches of the sidewalk where trash and debris were absent and her newfound friend, or hopefully friend, stood in his heavy practical boots amidst the trash and debris. She looked around and noticed a few people had gathered over the minutes that have passed with their verbal jousting. Some nodding their head with her, and others, had their arms crossed and clearing giving Brill their support. She smiled and waved at them all “I think we are done for the day, but, there are words there from each of us that you should think on. Neither of us are right or wrong, just a different view on the world. I beg each of you to try and understand the other view and…” she paused with a smile “Don't you guys have better things to do?” she said with a laugh.

[CHAT] Elphlane:-- She coughed slightly and looked up at Brill again. “We either call yesterday is a mystery “A really good time,” or…”She paused slightly and closed her eyes thinking back upon he first memories. The first time she had a smackleberry. Nice red plump and juicy. She had never had one quite like it since. She had to be around 4. But that was the day…”From where I am from, we call it Our Awakening.” She said with a smile. “We are all “born” and we learn things in those first few years, but until we can remember and build memories upon them, then are we truly born, or as we call it “Awakened”. She said with a smile. “Mine was around four, that's when I can remember. A year later we celebrated that day of my first memory. Smackleberries” she said with a smile. “Since you seem to have just woke up, so to speak, how about we celebrate it as your awakening?” she said finally. She put her hands at the side and bowed to him, showing respect and acknowledgement of him and his views.

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- ‘The Namekian sighed slowly, crossing his arms as he considered. He deeply wanted to get to the spaceport, but… He nodded. “Yes, I suppose we can do that. I’m not going to turn away from going where I’m going, but… I suppose that making the choice to decide my path, doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t deviate from it.” In the end, that was of course a choice as well. “I’ve never heard of a smackleberry, though. How do your people celebrate?”

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- Rhevy smiled and went to give “Brill” a giant hug. She smiled at him and then looked around the area. They were not on the main street anymore, apparently their walking and conversation got them sidetracked a bit as well. The small gathering crowd around them was dispersing and the various shops, stores and apartment entrances were starting show again. “How do we celebrate. I think it is more akin to how earth people celebrate birthdays, except backwards?” She said with a smile. “Usually there is some sweet dessert, drinks all around but the main thing is that the person doing the awakening will tell of their first memory. Then in turn everyone will return to the awakened, their own first memory, then impart upon the newly awakened a personal gift to them. Something that may not be much, but is very personal or sentimental to them, so that their memories and experiences are passed along.” She said finally but then slapped the side of her head lightly. “But it seems I am broke and have no money to buy you a sweet. But maybe the bakers on the corner over there have some leftovers or throw-outs” she said with a shrug. Then lowered her head. “I'm sorry. bad at this.”

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- ‘The Namekian shifted his satchel. “Come on. Let’s go. My treat this time.” He had enough to spend some money at the baker’s shop and still be able to afford a ticket to New Haven, or so Baz had suggested. He still needed to be careful with what he had left, but whoever his mysterious ‘benefactor’ had been, he hadn’t really been stingy. “Pick out some things. I don’t know anything about Earth confections. We can try them out together on the way to the spaceport.”

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- A small bell rang as the door to the bakers swung open. A blue skinned, red haired kaio girl walked through the door, accompanied by a taller green skinned no haired ramekin, both wearing what seemed to be mismatched or incorrect sized clothing. The girl seemed to be energetic and jumping with excitement. She rushed to the display cases and started pointing and saying words to fast to comprehend, even with namekian hearing. Finally she stopped, closed her eyes and looked at the baker. “Excuse me.” She said in a polite tone, “What do we have that's sweet but not overly sugary, you know, like something with fruit or…” she trailed off as she eyed a stack of various cookies, crackers and biscuits, “What are those? Are those good, the ones with the blue sauce stuff in the middle?” she asked while pointing at the confections.

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- ‘The Namekian stood off to the side, peering into a case full of sweetrolls while the baker looked on in confusion. Once Rhevy actually settled down a bit and addressed him directly, though, he cracked open a wide grin and slid smoothly into “customer handling” mode, smoothing down his apron and coming around the counter. “Sweet, but not overly sugary? That’s tricky, but let’s see... “ He led her around the shop, pointing out a few sweets that might fit her goal. There were breads filled with dried nuts and fruit, but also more indulgent confections. Chocolate donuts with a white vanilla cream icing, buttery sugar cookies half-dipped in a thin hardcandy shell, and several other candidates. Then the baker eyed the Namekian off to the side, and he pulled Rhevy over to show her something close to the blue-sauce biscuit she’d already seen. It was some sort of crusty, flaky puff, and inside was a reddish and greenish creme mixture that the baker claimed was based on some sort of Namekian exported fruit. There was a rather popular type of fruity hardcandy that used flavoring derived from that fruit, he claimed, and the puff was meant to emulate that same flavor. Tart and sweet, with an odd depth of flavor that made it unique.

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- Rhevy nodded to the man like it was some sort of secret handshake. “But something like that namekian puff would be pricy right?” she said and she figured she already knew the answer. “But, you know. You think there is anything a girl like me could do to get a little discount.” She said with a smile. “You know, pass out flyers outside your store or help clean up after hours.” She said in a whisper. She motioned to come closer and gave him the saddest eyes she could muster, even bringing to bear the start of a tear at the corner of her eyes. “My friend there has never had a birthday, and I owe it to him. I just arrived here from my planet and apparently used everything up on the trip. Please sir, is there anything I can do?” she said her voice still sad sounding and quiet.

[CHAT] Nygmus :-- oh yeah baby there’s plenty you can do to pay for that… give you some extra cream on the side uh huh

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- ‘“Ah, it’s not really more expensive than anything else. The fruits are imported, but enough of them come to Earth now that people have a bit of a taste for them that they aren’t as pricey as you’d expect. Plus, there’s no seasonal rush, because the climate on Namek is supposed to be mild enough that the fruit grows well year-round.” He used a pair of soft-tipped tongs to pluck the puff from the display and slipped it onto a piece of wax paper, along with a couple more of its fellows and some of the chocolate tarts. “I could use someone to help sweep the back rooms. We have to do it every night, because of the flour, and my assistants hate doing it and give me fits fighting over whose turn it is any given day. I’d be glad to give you something on the house every week, if you come back and sweep for me, and spare me the trouble. Eh?” He carefully slipped the wax paper into a box that wouldn’t damage the icing on the tarts, and pushed it toward her.

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- The blue skinned kaios red eyes lit up and sparkled. “I can start tonight if you'd like?” She said but the statement turning into a question halfway through. “Names Rhevy, Rhevy Karin-Sha.” She smiled at the baker and handed him one of the generic employment applications which had her basic contact information. Wasn't much on it for contact tho, listing a place of re “Brill over there will be so happy! Thank you sir!” She said as she took the box gingerly and with a bow. “I’ll see you tonight” she said with a wave and pranced the box over to her namek friend. “Look! I...I got you something. I hope you like it…” She said holding out the box and turning her head slightly to the side, face turning as red as her hair.

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- ‘The Namekian looked up from the display, and he smiled at the elfy girl’s enthusiasm. “Why don’t we share it as we walk?” He pulled open the shop’s door, ears twitching as the bell attached to the door rang, and reached into the box to pull out one of the puffs as they started walking. He inspected it, then nibbled at it, his teeth breaking through the flaky crust and giving him a taste of the filling. “That’s pretty tasty… not a familiar flavor at all!” He’d been living with a Saiyan and his human wife for the past week or so, after all, and Baz’s tastes leaned toward the hearty and spicy. He could not remember eating anything quite like this, and the sweetness was almost intoxicating. The puff he’d selected did not last long, as he tore through it in quick, neat bites.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- Rhevy carefully took out another and presented it to “Brill” with a smile on her face. “There are a couple more in there, you can have more than one and well,” She made an effort to glance down at her and spread her arms out a bit “I'm not that big of an eater, but if you “could” save me one of each I would like that, but, “ she said as she looked to him with those sparkling crimson eyes, “The rest is for you, for your awakening, and to make up for the time we missed” she said with a smile as she glanced around. It was a bit later in the day, they had burned through the morning and the noon sun was just starting to bake the sidewalk.

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- ‘He slowly worked his way through about half of the assorted treats, trying his best as he went to get Rhevy to eat the other half. What’d he’d eaten was enough for him; he was finding that though he enjoyed them, he didn’t seem to have that much of a sweet tooth, and his favorites were actually the soft chocolate tarts over the fruited creampuffs. That nagged at him slightly, some sort of data point that he hadn’t quite had time to mull over and file away, but Rhevy’s constant bubbly presence was enough of a distraction to keep him from focusing on his own thoughts too closely. “So what are your plans? You said you were looking for work... what were you planning on doing?”

[CHAT] Elphlane :-- Rhevy stopped for a minute as the sidewalk kept getting hotter. She had been skipping with her steps for some time before this point, and the sun had finally made the pavement unbearable for her. She winked at Brill and closed her eyes for a moment before a small light pink paper-thin line of energy coated the bottoms of her feet, placing a nice cool barrier between her feet and the ground. “Sorry, got a little too hot for my toes” She said as she rounded a corner so they were now walking down a side-street. After placing one of the crusty yet delicious fruit filled namekian-creamer in her mouth she turned her head slightly to Brill, spinning and doing a small dancers leap over a black cat that rushed out in front of them. “I'm going to try out for the semi-pro ki-ball team. I played a game with some pros the other day, and did well. Nothing like what they could pull off but I think enough to get placed on a team somewhere. Wouldn't be a lot of money, but it's fun and would give me a place to stay and enough to eat.” She said with a smile. She had her fill as well, leaving a quarter of the box untouched. She gently pushed the box back to Brill “For your trip into space. You may get hungry”

[CHAT] Dumastin :-- The Namekian smiled, accepting the box from the Kaio girl. He watched her dodge past the cat; he wondered if he could do something like that, but suspected he was a bit flatfooted as he was. He thought that if she was this nimble on a field, she’d likely do well… although he didn’t know the rules for ki-ball. For a moment he considered finding out, but for some reason, the idea didn’t excite him like he’d thought it would. “I… How do you do that? Coat your feet like that? I have some idea of what ki is, but no idea how it’s channeled…”

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy stops her twirl and looks around the street. Smaller and off the business route. Apartments and row-houses lined the streets and the bustle and noise of the main venues drifted off into the background. Now, the sound of sterios, Televisions and kids laughing and playing replaced the sounds of cars and lively chatter from the main strip. She smiled and pointed to the next block up. "It's easier If I show you, slowly." She said with a smile as she took some steps towards the green area. "I think that's a park up there, its open space and should give us some time." She said with a smile and slight grin.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian nodded. "Please, I would appreciate it." He shifted the box to a carrying position that wouldn't smash it and followed behind her as she skipped along, curious to see how this sport was played. He found that he didn't really know much of anything about it, so presumably it hadn't been part of his 'education.' "How long have you been playing?"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She laughed as they made it onto the nice green patch on grass, but that was almost the start and finish of it. The rest of the playground were weeds, overgrown shrugs and a rusted swingset and slide-playscape that had seen much better days. Now the only paint on it was the kind that was put there by kids with too much time. She smiled at him and laughed. "Only a few days." She said with a grin and then caught herself. "nonono! We played a game similar to that sport in Karin-Sha, where I grew up, the concept is the same, rules are a bit different." She said as she stepped between the broken bottles, syringes and various other filth. She finally found a clean spot under were the swings used to be and stood there. "So. Tell me what you know about ki energy or spiritual energy or however you wish to phrase it. I mean. Some cultures even refer to it as mystical or magical energy...can you believe that!?"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Not much beyond a layman's understanding, I suppose? I know what the Ascended are, at least, but not much about how their energy works or how they control it or come by it..." He frowned at the dirty park. Other parts of the city were so clean... why was this part left to go to waste? It was a terrible shame that nobody stepped in to keep the park clean.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"So it's a fresh start all around." She said with a smile and walked up to Brill. "Its an energy inside all of us. Everything alive has at least some sort of energy and the "Ascended" are just those that are in tune with that energy." She said as she slowly was walking in a circle around the Namekian. "Some people are very sensitive, others not, but i believe everyone can, to an extent, use it. Sure we won't all be equal at it but I'm sure that people could be taught to harness i for their everyday lives but..." '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She sighed as she had already seen the people around this city. Many of them to involved with their own lives to open up to the training and focus. "Now...I...I want you to take my hand and try to clear your mind." She said as she outstretched her right arm towards her friend. She had found it easier to show someone how to harness it then tell them. At that thought flashes of her schooling came to her, and the countless hours spent over ki theory and application when she could have just been out doing it and learning from practical application. She tried stifling a slight chuckle at that thought.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian cautiously extended his hand, letting Rhevy wrap hers around his, as he closed his eyes. 'Clear my mind...' It wasn't as easy as all that. There was so much to do, so much he had to find out, and no matter how he pressed down on the errant thoughts, still they boiled up, breaking his focus. But then, a moment passed over him. For just an instant, he remembered the diner, and three men, laughing at him, and a moment of perfect clarity. A moment when his mind went blank; sure, it was because his heart's raging had overpowered it, but still it was a moment of clarity. Yet nothing came.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Good. Now. This might feel funny. But..." She took his other hand and put it on her chest, just flat in the center. "Find that moment of clarity and feel..." She said with her bubbly voice and closed her eyes slightly. She drew her focus in and breathed in and out. "Concentrate on the breathing. Match yours with mine..." She said softly as in her chest she opened her ki pathways. A small trickle at first, briming and reaching out towards the nameks hand on her chest. Her energy tickling at his own, licking it, like kindling and tinder to start a fire. Slowly she worked the energy outwards. Trickle by trickle and breath by breath. The tingling sensation she always got flowing from her chest throughout her body. Her back and shoulders. Her arms and legs, and finally her fingers and toes. With the hand she had wrapped in the namek's she focused her energy there. Flowing like a steady river towards her palm.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'What she found wasn't like some tiny candleflame. It was an inferno, or the potential for one; like a stacked bonfire ready to go up in a tower of flame at the slightest spark. Yet it resisted her touch rather than responding to it, almost as if some part of him instinctively pushed her away because that part of him recognized that the kind of fire she was playing with was in a completely different league from what she expected. Whenever this man unlocked that power, if he ever did, simply learning to control it would be an ordeal of its own...'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy noticed that spark. The untapped potential of this Namek. Did he himself know of his true strength and power. Should she. <Do it.> She heard some voice in her mind. Like sweet honey. Before she knew what she was doing a flood of ki energy pushed out through her. Into and throughout her body, trying to ignite that spark inside of the namek. From her hand her energy would tingle and flow, trying to find a way in through the joined arms, and from the hand on her chest, another wave of power, attempting to join the circle and bring them both together. Both powers flowing and weaving a tapestry of energy. '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"That single moment of clarity you had. That inferno of power...bring it out! Don't push it away, it is you!" She said towards him. She got the same feeling it would take lots of practical use, like when she first started, to get him to direct whatever was inside of the namek. She did not like using the word control, because she didn't ever believe anyone was in control. They just directed the energy to where it belongs, and channeled it to a task that they needed it for, but never really controlling it.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Their powers clashed, sparks of ki aura appearing in midair around the pair of them as the Namekian instinctively resisted the intrusion. His body felt hotter and hotter, and a swirling ki aura formed around him an instant before the gathered energy erupted out of control. He had just enough time to shove Rhevy away, breaking the connection, then his hands went to his face, clutching his bald head as the ki aura intensified more and more. A shockwave erupted off of him, ripping up grass and shredding the scattered garbage, and then he was left there, steam rising from his skin and his clothes smouldering slightly. He groaned, dropping to his knees.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy looked around them and all the trash and debris, broken bottles, used syringes were all blasted from this place. Even the spraypaint tags on the playground equipment was literally sandblasted and peeled away from his power. Even rhevy herself was sent sprawling on the ground before contorting her body and moving with the motions, using the nameks power to right herself into a four-point stance. She smiled at him and ran to him clapping. "That was fantastic! By the great Kami! You, sir, are incredible!" '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She went over, close but still leaving him plenty of room so as to not intrude. "Now whatever force that was. Whatever you did to tap into that, That is your focus. What you need to practice with. But..."She said with an overly enthusiastic, faster and faster voice, "Not so much at once. Seems like you opened the valve all the way instead of a little at a time. Most people spend lifetimes trying to access that full power, and you do it first try! Now we just have to work backwards!" She said ever excited!'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He breathed heavily, slowly coming down from the high and patting at his clothes where he'd singed them. His satchel was singed but undamaged, which would have raised questions if he'd not been distracted, but the power release had burned and smashed the box of leftover baked goods. Still, not bothered by it, he sighed slowly. "I still need to get where I was going. I need... need to know what my origins are. Questions I need answered." He raised his hands, where the skin was burning hot to the touch. "This just raises further questions."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"But that was awesome! That energy and power! Why...Why are you not more excited!?" She asked, troubled about his train of thought. She sat on the ground next to him and looked at him. "I know this might be backwards, but...My first awakening was when I was out with my monastery's assigned caretaker." She said with a smile. "We were in the forest looking for the smackleberries. Those delicious red berries, much like earth raspberries but each held one big seed in the center." '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She went on while pulling up her left sweatpant leg and fiddling with something underneath before she took out a small 4 inch strip of white cloth. She continued speaking while her pink key energy flowed at her fingertips and was licking the fabric she held. "I found a patch of them and was picking them. Eating half of them as I went and ran into a creature there you would consider much like a bear, although it was blue furred and leaner." She said with a smile. "It charged and much like you, for whatever reason power flowed through me and...The creature ended up dead with a hole in it, me in blood and my Sugen terrified. I...I felt pity for that creature...never really forgave myself for taking its life." '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She said as she wiped her eyes and then went to hand Brill the piece of cloth. On it she burned the fibers of the cloth into a story of such. Small pictures of that encounter with the bear on the back, and the other was a story of her and his meeting on the streets, up to his power awakening. "Custom to give something personal to the Awakened. It's made from the bedsheet I woke up to find myself in after landed here..." She said as she turned her head away, as if she were embarrassed by the whole event.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namekian looked down at the cloth, held it up to look closely at it, and smiled. Then his smile grew sad, and he folded it up and held it back out. "I want you to keep it. I'm not going to celebrate just yet. When I get where I'm going, and find out just what exactly is going on with me... Then I'll come back and take this." He felt his fists clench. "Such power... I had no idea. And yet, it makes my concerns grow deeper."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Yours now. The story is not yet complete."She said with a grin. And it was as she said. There were enough space for two more small boxes, like a sunday paper cartoon on it. "Its for you to finish." she said as she remained seated. "It is interesting tho. All that untapped power. Knowledge you didn't know you had. When I first bumped into you, it was as if you were lost in this city. Had a driving purpose to get to the spaceport, but then...Then you argued philosophy with me, exceptionally well. And I could see it in your eyes. Like you didn't even know you knew that." She ended and put her arms back, resting on them. "Do you know where you will be headed to after getting to the spaceport?" She asked with a concerned look.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"New Haven." He pulled a folded slip of paper from inside his satchel and offered it to her. "This is one of the only things I found in the bunker where I woke up. It says to go to New Haven 'if I want to find the past.' Someone wrote it, by hand, and put it there." His fingers clenched into fists. "'You weren't meant to awaken alone.' What does that mean? Who is it, that was supposed to be there? What happened to them? Whoever this is is like some kind of shadow hanging over me, and I've got to dispel it."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy sat up and altered her position on the ground, looking at the paper. For some reason deep inside she felt sad. Like as if she had known what that meant. But she couldn't There was no way but she just said what she felt. "Sounds to wrote that note is sorry they coudln't be there. Like...What a parent that would die before his kids graduation would leave him in a note." She said as she looked down. "I'm sorry. I am so sorry you work up into this chaotic mess." She looked at him slightly, and then turned her head down again. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He took the note back, folded it carefully, and returned it to where he'd taken it from. "It's not your fault. Or anyone's. It's just a problem that needs fixed, like any other. I'll find my way through it, somehow." He sighed as he threw the satchel back over his shoulder and adjusted the strap. "New Haven. Whatever's going on, I'm going to figure it out. That's all."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"So. Now you want to fix everything?" She said with a smile and jumped to her feet, bouncing slightly and looking around her. "You fixed this palce up right, Its clean now at least." She said with a playful giggle and pointed towards the towering space-port that was still off in the distance. "After you?"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"One problem at a time, sure. I don't know about 'everything.' Seems like if you tried to fix everything, it'd just keep breaking, bit by bit." He looked around the park with a frown. "I don't know that I fixed much, here. Sure, the trash is gone, but the grass is going to take ages to regrow. Maybe... Maybe I'll come back and do it right, when I have time." He looked around the barren, rough ground, with a nod. That sounded nice.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Something in her grew, as feelings not of her own overcame her. It was just a flash, but she thought she could remember someone or something. Shadows flickering at the edges of her memory. "I...I thought I knew someone who always tried to fix everything but...I can't remember his name...or anything about him." She said more absentmindedly than anything. "Maybe it was a dream. But...was so strange. I felt that in this dream there was a guy who tried to fix everything, but lost everything in the end..." She said and shook her head. "Must be too many movies at night ugh." She took one last look at the now cleaner playground as they wove their way through the sidestreets, even gaining on the looming spaceport.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Sounds like a real oddball." He shrugged; whoever that was, it was pretty unlikely that it had anything to do with him. "Lead on, Rhevy. It looks like it's starting to get late, so we should probably get moving. I do appreciate the thought behind everything you've done for me today." He smiled at her, and then his mouth widened into a boyish grin. "I hope you do well with your ki-ball tryouts, too."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy stops and bows her head towards him. "Thank you, and good luck with your travels. I'm sure fate will show you what you are looking for in time." She said with a smile. The small sidestreet in the shadows of the buildings ended abruptly. The mouth of a concrete cave opening into an empty expanse. The buildings gone as the fences and gates of the spaceport stood before them. The terminal was still off in the distance, but now there was nothing between them except a long stretch of straight road. "Race you to it?" she said with a grin, as she was already running with her graceful steps.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His grin matched hers as he leaned forward, his thick, practical boots pounding the pavement as he took off. He'd lose by quite a bit, the dainty Kaio being much nimbler than he, but he still enjoyed the run and was smiling wide at the end of it. Before them, the steps led up to the main concourse of the spaceport, and he paused to catch his breath as he looked at the Kaio girl.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She was breathing hard. She may have been nimbler, but the namekian was strong and his powerful strides had her sprinting as hard as she could. She met him as he ran up, breathing heavy and the sweat soaking through her shirt making that trademark V of sweat on her shirt. She smiled as she fixed her hair into a pony-tail and smiled at him. "Until next time?" She said with a smile on her face'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He nodded. "You bet. And I will come find you after I'm done, if only to let you know how the story begins." He held up his hand. "That's a promise. Here, in the city, at the park. You'll know when I'm back. I'll make sure of it."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She embraced him in a giant hug. "You bet, I will be waiting!"She said as she watched the namek enter the spaceport. She exhaled and looked over at the wall, wondering if the namek will make it back. No. She was sure he would. That fire and tenacity inside of him wouldn't be put out easily. Just then she noticed the clock on the wall and her Ki-ball tryout times. "Ohh by the Kami!" She said as she closed her eyes and let her energy flood her body, her muscles strengthened as a small pink glow surrounded her body, faint and subtle and she was gone. Like the wind she moved and danced. rooftop to rooftop spining, flipping and heading towards Slammers and the practice fields surrounding the joint. She had 5 minutes to get there, and half a city. She could make it. She HAD to...<exit>'

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Re: There's a Fire That Burns Inside

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Just glanced through it and wow...when we were writing it and gdocing etc I did not realize we made a whopper of an rp here.
I hope you all can get through this and enjoy it. There are some hidden Easter eggs in there for those who know some of the past arcs and plotlines. Well, enjoy all.

And dumastin....way to be awkward but make it work. =P

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Re: There's a Fire That Burns Inside

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I can say that Rhevy is a pretty well written character because I really can't stand her. Overly bubbly personality aside, she is a very bossy and pushy type of person who really wants to drive home that their way of life fits everyone. We see this contrast very early on with the philosophical sparring between the two, which I really think "Brill"(?) wins it out. Which, I am rather interested in the Heir. I've scoped out some of his stuff before this and he seems like a character that will come to life in the Chat channel rather than follow a pre-determined script. Open characters like this make admins want to throw different things at them to see if they can change the tide of someone. No offense to Rhevy, but I get the impression of a big bad showing up trying to "show her the way" would be a wasted effort because she is just so sure of herself in the Universe. And maybe part of that is Rhaveena talking. Either way, I'd like to see more of her story explained.

Rpp rewarded.

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