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Icer Cream and Chill?*

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[CHAT] Gilder had just left the EDF Hospital within Sector 8 - more commonly known as New Hope these days - only about an hour ago, finding himself majestically perched upon a bench in the nearby park only a couple blocks away with an ice cream cone in hand, licking it as he took in the sight of younglings of a multitude of races venturing along the playground, some playing tag, some playing on the equipment. There were about four trees placed at each corner of the park as if signifying the perimeter, while the rest of the park was just emerald colored grass accompanied by a sandbox with a swing set, monkey bars, and a jungle gym. The sun was fixed directly above him, signifying that it was around noon timewise, while the temperature was evidently nice enough to be having ice cream while kids played outside.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'A young girl, appearing to be in her 20's compared with human standards stood out like a sore thumb. Her light blue skin accented her against her surrounding piers. The white bedsheet that was wrapped around her like a toga was another thing. Her barefeet stepped lightly on the soft pavement, lightly and gracefully stepping between people, not noticing the stares and looks from the people around. She took graceful dance steps, in rhythm with the would around her, gleefully spinning, skipping and hopping with the rhythm of life. Her crimson hair flowing around her and whipping about but what would be noticed most was her deep crimson eyes. As if they gazed into your very soul. With a few bounding steps she made it from the pavement onto the soft grass next to the sandbox. There she stopped a moment and closed her eyes, taking it all in.'

[CHAT] Gilder licked a bit of the dripping ice cream from the bottom tip of the cone and as he reached the top of the cone back to the mound of vanilla, he caught sight of the woman that seemed as though she just got done at some epic, college toga party. [Heh... I remember those days at the EDF Academy. She seems pretty confident in her walk of shame though...] Cupping his mouth around the ice cream, he gave a prominent *slurp* before aiming to make eye contact with the shameless woman, whooping out: "Yaaaahhhhh! You go girl! WERK IT, TWERK IT! Slay, Queen!" The shout was brash and out of place in a children's playplace, causing a few of the parents to give him glares of disapproval while simultaneously sharing the glares with the woman, now that the two were connected by the convenient brush of fate.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The rush of the city. The vibrant strings of life as it ebbed in flowed all at once in a single point on the map. She listened as the footsteps became a melody of travel. The clicks of the boots adding to the snap of the stillettos and the pounding of boots. That was the baseline. Then adding the rush of vehicles, lights and sounds of stores and advertisements and you got the melody then the voices. The chaotic play of the children here brought it all together for her. It was pure bliss before it was broken. A shrill tune breaking the melody of life with some sort of remark. Her concentration broken her eyes stared like daggers at the man who yelled out. She took a breath before she slowly walked in her graceful manner up to the man, not breaking eye contact once, twisting and turning avoiding children and their toys before she stood three feet from him. Her 5'6" toga frame there, one hand on her hip and face like stone, looking back at him. '

[CHAT] Gilder chuckled as he simply stared back at the woman for a moment who seemed to crave some sort of staring contest with him. Apparently his comment was not appreciated - maybe she was one of those hippies that didn't enjoy things like toga parties and instead enjoyed things like being one with nature and eating vegan oatmeal or whatever. Refusing to allow her to have any of the power in this staring contest, Gilder took to his feet, closing the distance between the two to only one foot between eachother, lowering his gaze as he rose above her at his 6'1" height. His emerald coloured eyes locked into her oddly coloured red eyes (probably some coloured contacts - cliche female tactic to seem 'different'). The black shirt he wore had 'New Hope' diagonally printed across the chest with a meteor striking down in the opposite direction, forming an X between the two, while the blue jeans and sneakers he wore did not show much other individuality.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Holding out the rest of his uneaten cone, Gilder asked with a smirk, "You want the rest, babe?"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"CAN I!?" She said as she eagrly and hungerly grabbed at the cone. "I havent eaten in DAYS!" She said with a smile. Well. It was an exageration. She had eaten some wild blueberries she had found on the trail here, but nothing since she entered the city. She tried to barter for a slender log of meat the vendor called a Hot Dog, but he wouldn't accept her offer of philosophy or her cleaning up his cart. She looked into this kind-hearted mans eyes back. Maybe she had misjudged his rude comments for a kind soul. '

[CHAT] Gilder was a bit... dumbstruck and truthfully upset that she actually took him up on the offer. [B--but... that was my cone... that's my favorite part...] he thought to himself as depression washed over, his hand still reaching out as if he was still holding his cone. Apparently his offer was meant more to instigate the tension than to befriend her unintentionally. Regardless, Gilder played along accordingly, though his eyes told the story of his true sorrow at the loss of his cone. "D...days huh? How are you even functioning without food for so long? Don't tell me..." Gilder paused for a moment, leaning in to whisper so that the rest of the kds in the park didn't hear, "...did the guys at the party drug you and hold you hostage? I'm a EDF officer, I can help you if they did."

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Party" She said as she was finishing the last of his cone. One last long lick of vanilla before the final chomp as she bit into the crunchy-yet sweet end nub of the cone. "I just came from Bear Forest. Woke up there after a fight or something. Can't really remember." She said as she stuck out her hand. "I'm Rhevy tho, Nice to meet you Officer." She said as she looked around the park. The kids did not care but now all the parents were looking at the two with concerned as well as distasteful looks. "But help? You can help me!?" She said in a whispered excitement. "I'm...looking for some people. I don't know who they are yet."'

[CHAT] Gilder winces vulnerably as she takes the last bite of his cone, trying to focus on what she was saying in response as sorrow filled his heart. "Help... ya, that's what we do. We help... wait. Bear Forest?" Rubbing the back of his neck, Gilder tried to remember if he had seen her in the past weeks that he was in the forest. "You came from the forest? I hope that you didn't get caught up in any of the fights or explosions that were spanning across the area in recent weeks." Taking a deep breath to maintain his official-status composure, he persisted on his line of questioning. "So, who is it that you're looking for exactly? Your family, perhaps?" Somehow, it hurt him a bit on the inside to attempt to be nice and help with citizen-level problems.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Well!" She said as she cast her eyes downwards. "My family is back on my homeplanet. At the monestary of Karin-Sha" She said with a smile as she took a more relaxed pose and reached DEEP into her toga. The white cloth ruffling and pulling tight at key places. Her face contorted as if she was having trouble with something then relieved. From deep within the confines of the today she pulled out a scrap of cloth and a burnt business card. The cloth had "SLA" on it before the rest of it was burnt off and the business card had MOST of an address. "I figured it a sign. Came upon this when I was in the Bear Forest." She said with a smile "I'm..." She leans in closer to him whispering. "kinda on a quest. I am searching for some people who would be worthy and sensitive to the universe and energies around and within them."'

[CHAT] Gilder quirked his brow in confusion as the woman seemed to be doing some excessively provacative actions by digging into her breasticles only to pull out a fairly destroyed business card. Listening to the rest of what she said he looked around the park with a chuckle. "Right. A mission of universal importance..." he started before officially deciding that this woman might just be one of those crazy street fellows with mental illnesses that totes around a shopping cart handing out cats to strangers. "Well... I'm not sure of anywhere like that... but I can take you to a home for people... like you if you'd like?"

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Wait! There are more like me!" She said in a wonderfully excited tones. "By the Nine-fold paths! There are others who studied the ancient scriptures!" She said as she waited for a response. But then her smile turned into a frown. "Wait...You...were joking wern't you." She said as she looked at him with eyes that mirrored the sadness he felt over the loss of his ice cream cone.
[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'It WAS the Icer Cream. A Scoop of legened that only came out for a few days ever year. Most people would have to put in for a lottery draw to even get the chance ot stand in line for it. There were even urben legends of people murdering for the cone that Rhevy had finished. "I...If you could just walk me or accompany me to the location on this card it would be helpful. I...I am curious on to who made that scar in the forest where this stuff came from." She said with a grin. "The powers that made the area I happened upon shortly after finding these seemed wild and untamed. Holding untapped potential." She said with an honest smile. "I just wanted to meet with the people who created such a mess.

[CHAT] Gilder had failed to follow along with what this woman was saying the entire time until she finally got to the point where she was talking about the devestation of the forest. "Errr... the scar... in the forest you say..." Turning his back momentarily, Gilder walked a couple steps away before going off into a momentary monologue, "Is she talking about that fight I had with the Icerian perhaps? I didn't know fighters left behind calling cards these days anymore. Maybe if I played along with this girl, I'd meet that Icerian again... and then I could rightfully pound his face in again!" he finished his monologue by shouting loud enough for those in earshot to hear before turning around with newfound conviction. "!RIGHT! The card, ma'am! Leave it to me!"

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"I know you would see it! You ARE a good man!" She yelled with him. She even reached out and grabbed his upraised hand in triumph before she felt a small tug on her toga. Apparently they were standing on top of the large Brontosaurus Slide and had actually created a line of kids behind them. "Well...Umm...Sorry lil guy, we will be on our way." She said politely as she turned towards the Officer and tried to get him off the kid's toy. "LEad the way Officer...ummm...Officer who again?"'

[CHAT] Culla was reading the blotter report being sent up from local authorities from the planet below, his ship the Final Line, an outdated capital ship from a prior age renamed and retrofitted for modern use. A ship activated due to the event emerging from Arlia and manned with retired personnel in an attempt to fill the gaps between the current force and possible need. Regardless, the file in his hand referred to two characters. A Saul and Jence Salnor, they were apprehended after apparently filing a report of a murder. Their accounts indicated they attempted to pursue the bipedal humanoid , the officers on scene give another account. The bloodied remnants of a local thug, and dozens of rounds scattering the face of a nearby building. "Salnor... Salnor..."

[CHAT] Culla: -- 'That name sounded familiar, but he wasn't sure why. It didn't matter, they were short manned and the S-71-PD were requesting aid in dealing with the detainees... They didn't have any ascended interrogators... In fairness, neither did he, at least no one trained... The Alliance fleet had been broken, and its personnel were of no exception... So which of their ascended operatives found unfit or unavailable for intergalactic war were available? '

[CHAT] Culla: -- 'That name sounded familiar, but he wasn't sure why. It didn't matter, they were short manned and the S-71-PD were requesting aid in dealing with the detainees... They didn't have any ascended interrogators... In fairness, neither did he, at least no one trained... The Alliance fleet had been broken, and its personnel were of no exception... So which of their ascended operatives found unfit or unavailable for intergalactic war were available? '

[CHAT] Culla pulled up a list of operatives, there were less than three and two were already on essential assignments... That left... Agent Varzit... He rubbed his eyes again, Varzit, AKA: Gilder. A disorganized ascended who "volunteers" his services. There were half a dozen negative reports from those who were assigned to handle him... "Lovely..." He shook his head, Gilder was the only one who would be available in the coming weeks. He rose from his command-seat, "I'll be in my ready room..." Unfortunately, Captain James Culla had to type out a mission brief and orders...

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'After realizing that they somehow ended up atop the playground slide, Gilder looked around in suspicion as he tried to figure out how he got there amidst his excitement. "So you're looking to go to see an Icerian... but I guess, just for honesty's sake I should probably tell you that I was half of that match-up that left the forest floor scared..." The information was given at a pretty abrupt moment all things considered. As he stated this, Gilder took a seat on the metal slide and took off down it, and as he reached the bottom, energy began to flow from his body as he rocketed into the distance, leaving the park's perimeter and jetting into the city, expecting this random woman to follow him into the hoards of people.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy shouted in glee as she watched the officer slide down the slide then gather energy. "Hey....WAIT!" She said as she practically ran down the slide after him. She didn't have the strength or energy to fly yet, She knew she could before the incident which left her in Bear Forest but now...She did what she had to. Gilder would feel a tug, as one hand was on his pant-leg in white-knuckled grip, while the other was trying to keep her toga on as they went rocketing through the croud! "AAAAYYYYEEEEEEEEE!"'

[CHAT] Gilder felt a tug at his leg and looked down to see it was the woman just... grabbing on to him and enjoying the ride rather unpleasantly. "Girl, what the heck is wrong with you? Can't you like... do... something yourself?" Gilder wasn't too fond of those who couldn't fend for themselves, so this did irk him a bit and made him assume that this woman was nothing more than a civilian. [The hell am I getting myself in to...] The two would be encased abruptly in Gilder's aura which should resist the wind's effect that it was having on the woman's flapping face. "So... I'm Gilder, I guess I should introduce myself now that we're like... together..."

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy gasps a few gulps of non-wind-driven air and takes a few calming breaths. "Thank you! I...I just had a bad trip. I've...lost a lot of energy getting here and my body is still a bit beat up." She said with a smile of genuine releif. "Thank you so much for helping me." She said she she grabbed his pants with her other hand as well, holding on tight. "You do know where you are going right?" She said as they were rocketing through the Skyline. The buildings and neon signs buzzing past them at breakneck speeds. She could keep up with the addresses and she was seeing them go deeper into a warehouse-type district. The buildings obviously older and a little more weathered.'

[CHAT] Gilder stopped abruptly and touched down onto the ground with his feet, his aura breaking apart into the nearby air as the two were now in the middle of an unknown district. "Eerr.... no... no I don't..." he said, rubbing the back of his neck in embarassment. Unbeknownst to him, however, he was going in the right direction as there was an unknown force that did draw him to the same location as this woman's destination. "Does... this look familiar by chance? This is only like... my third time to this town, and I haven't personally explored this part of it. I don't think the EDF has ever had much presence in this district, actually." There were a few casually suspicious looking folks that would walk past the two, giving them shifty glances like they had a friend of a friend who was ready to mug them at a moment's notice.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'After the battle with the Son of Telarr, Amon walked for two days and three nights to Sector 8 and found his way down into the dungeon of Nox's mansion where he slept two days straight. None of the Ten Rings were to disturb him and nobody brought him food until finally he stirred on the third morning and was greeted by a plate full of fruits and fresh meat all from his native land in the turtle islands as well as a pile of clothes folded on the bed (he prefered sleeping on the floor). He indulged himself on the meal, though it did little to sate his actual hunger, his body was growing used to the taste of flesh and skin from fruits and he developed an actual taste for meat. After his meal, he took to other amenities that the common men seek, a proper shower, a comb through his wild mane, and he donned the clothing left for him. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The suit was tailored to fit his frame, though it seemed a bit tighter than a custom fit should. He had filled out some. The grey in his skin had more color to it, his eyes held less baggaged under them and his hair, freshly washed and combed, was thick and full, falling in slight curls on his shoulders. Battle was restoring him to his former self. The damage Haggis had done by filling him with The Void, the death it caused to his cells was being repaired. The more he fought the more of himself came back. Even his mind was starting to clear. "Suit looks good on you. C'mon. Everybody else is gone on business and its my day off. I need a drinking partner" Carmine was waiting in the doorway of his cell, he himself dressed in a similar fashion only he had his full adornment of piercings, 17 in all, and his implanted metal horn, jutting from under his short, blonde hair.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy danced forward on the ground, avoiding puddles until her blue toga-clad body went to the pair of suspicious people that gilder nodded to. The streets in this part of town were broken concrete, showing old brick-clad surface below. The buildings obviously older, but functional and with an old charm. She smiled at the pair and performed a small curtsey. "Excuse me. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of an establishment here. It supposed to be for fighters and the like. Started with an "S" Or "SLA" something like that. Can't remember."'

[CHAT] Gilder couldn't help but shoot a glare at the two suspicious looking women with their long, disorganized hair and tattered clothing as they whispered to one another after his current companion chose to approach them. However, he chose to allow events to unfold. After the two homely women were done gossiping, they both faced Rhevy with their hands simultaneously on their respective hips, mimicing eachothers actions like they were twins as they spoke, finishing one another's sentences, "I hope you don't think... We'll just answer your questions for free. Either pay the fee... or go away, bitchlette." It was eerie and kind of impressive at the same time, and that ending insult was, honestly, out of place for such a peaceful attempt at information.

[CHAT] Amon was rather docile and accepted the offer, draping a cloak over half of his body and taking a pair of sunglasses with him as they stepped out into the early morning sun. "Don't even ask. Nobody drives Sheila but me," 'Sheila', as she was called, was a fifty-one year old, old fashion, four wheel having car. A thick, durasteel body with 'curves in all the right places', Carmine always said. The chocolate brown paint job off set the caramel, leather interior and was accented perfectly by the 18 inch, white-walled wheels with the mirror alloy hubcaps. "Most people think because of the piercings, the horn and how good I look in leather that I'd be a motorcycle guy, but I just can't help it if I'm not a sucker for a classic." All of the sentiment towards the machine was lost on him, but Amon waited till his partner went through admiring his 'baby' and off they went to a local watering hole.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"Yo, Boss!" A voice cried out, Vencer to turn from where he was standing at the rim of the bowl-shaped arena dug into the lawn of Slammers. Approaching him was a group of young Saiyans and Half-Saiyans wearing home-made jerseys, gym shorts and worn-down sneakers. This was Krosa's boy, Torr, and his friends who were all part of a small meta-human sports league sponsored by the New Hope school system. They were passing a Kee-ball between them, a weighted piece of athletic gear with ribbed edgings that made it easier to grip and stitched from a energy-absorbant polymer-fiber, the same used in NHPD uniforms to protect officers from minor ascended powers. "Fill a spot for us?"'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'It was a hot summer dayThe district surrounded Slammers was fairly isolated. Most of the buildings had been torn down or left abandoned. As it turned out, having neighbors like the patrons of Slammers was bad for business and... well... lives. That made practically an entire block surrounding the bar a free training course filled with empty buildings and city ruins that New Hope just never seemed to have the money to bulldoze. It was a typical weekday afternoon for Slammers.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'There weren't a great deal of patrons and some of the servers were eager to be let off their shifts early. Looking through the front windows of the bar, Vencer could only see a few regulars sitting at the oak bench and trading casual conversation. There was a lot of gossip about the Cloud Forest recently... The Icer unzipped the black hoodie with the words -WORLD'S STRONGEST- written on the back that he was wearing and nodded, lifted his hand up to catch the Kee-ball that Torr tossed to him.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Umm..." She said as she looked around the place. She looked at herself up and down and then back at the two girls. "I could give you some advice in return, then we wouldn't owe anyone any favors!" She said with a smile. The sun was setting in the sky and it seemed she had spent the better part of the day with this OFficer fellow while looking for this ambiguous location. She was sure she was in the correct spot. She was close. She could feel it in her bones.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Both women rolled their eyes in unison, right down to the direction they rolled them and the point at which they returned their glares at Rhevy. "Advice? Please, the only advice... We'd need on from you is how to make money with no clothes on. But trust us... We're pros." The last comment kind of... ebbed against itself and the two turned their attention away from Rhevy and on to one another. The one who said they were pros had her mouth covered with her own hands and the other one began to hit her, showing that she was either very offended by the comment, or that the comment was so true that it wasn't meant to be uttered. Either way, Gilder hastily went up and began to pull his companion away from the situation and they continued down the street, turning the corner to put the two strange women behind them. "Not the right people to make friends with, y'know..."'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The drive was long, traffic was slow, but all Amon could do was sit back and stare out the window. It made Carmine uneasy, sitting so casually next to a creature not a month ago, he shot in the back of the head with the intent to kill, but there he was, watching the clouds and the sun roll on by. Amon was this anomaly that nobody could explain roaming freely on one of the most secure grounds on this continent. Everyone was forced to watch the footage of the Son of Telarr fight and look out for any of the dangerous cues when around him, but Carmine hated drinking alone. "We're here. Look. I like this place, so don't go all rage monster on me in there. Just...act normal." His door opened, but Carmine quickly sat back in his seat, "Like normal normal, not you normal. We're gonna get drunk and drive home, not do anything stupid," '

[CHAT] Amon shook his head silently, making sure the cloak stayed covering his left side and his black bangs pushed back from in front of his glasses. The pair walked in just after a group of kids, Carmine waving to a couple of the regulars and mixing through with a small group that was leaving at the same time. "Aww yeah. Blitz! The New Majourn Strikers are playing the Abbingdon Abes!" He took a seat at the bar and pulled a stool out for his companion to sit as well. On the TV screens in the corner, a meta-sport called Blitz Ball was playing.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Behind the bar stood a very tall, lithe man with ebon skin and a bushy mustache that was turning gray at the handlebars. He wore a simple pair of slim-fitting black slacks and matching chef's tunic that was neatly buttoned. He had been engrossed himself in the Blitz-ball game and as the star-player scored a goal with an overhead kick that sent the ball from half field into the goalie and pushed the armored keeper into the pocket he let out a loud 'whoop' of excitement. As the sportscasters, a Yardratian and Ghetti reviewed the play by play turned to face the two newcomers who had taken a seat at the bench. "Welcome to Slammers. Good to see new faces," He smiled warmly at Carmine. "Here for drinks, grub or both?"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy looks away from the two and towards Gilder before there was a cheer from down the street. Like a roaring ocean off in the distance. "Ohh! That sounds fun!" She said as she started running down the street. A tad bit faster than a normal person, but nothing compared to a higher ascended. As she ran down the cobbled streets and further delapitated buildings she turned a corner. Then there was nothing. All the buildings in the area were just cleared rubble save a single establishment. There were flashing lights, sounds of cheering, some strange game being held and a sing reading "SLAMMERS" Alight out in front. "Gilder! You coming!" She said as her 5'6" blue skinned, crimson red hair, barefeet and white bedsheet toga went sprinting off towards the establishment.'

[CHAT] Gilder briefly stood there, staring at the establishment known as "Slammers" and did not move. His eyes were fixated on the name of the location, as if he had heard about it somewhere before, but for the life of himself, he couldn't piece together where or why. As his companion ran in, and entered, the building, Gilder took very slow steps forward to the establishment, as if unnerved for some reason. [I'm not sure why... but I just... don't feel like I belong here. Ugh... I'm probably just over thinking it. It's just a bar. Alcoholism and--- wait... is that girl even old enough to drink?] Thoughts circled around in his brain, trying to figure out what it was about this place that bugged him so, but he still continued to walk forward until finally he, too, entered the building.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Yo Masis? When did you start working here?" Carmine stood up from his seat, offering a cuffed hand to the bartender that he had not seen in over two years. It was a drunken night of debauchery that involved Nox and Sin trying to see who could out prank each other, but Fredurik was the target and they ended with a draw and a black out. Masis was the driver Carmine called to pick them up as he was the "responsible one". "Ah, my friend and I here are responsible adults like always so we'll both have double shots of tequila. And you know what, put a lime slice in my friend's here." Amon, curious to the atmosphere, took a look around at the bar. It had etchings, lingering feelings, of something familiar. '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'As Rhevy and Gilder entered Slammers a fighting bell rang over their heads to signal their arrival, drawing the eyes of the barflies and the handful of servers that were working the hot afternoon. A Half-Saiyan woman wearing blue jeans and a tight-fitting white top with her long black hair pulled back into a pony-tail approached them, a small, hovering tray droid following quickly behind. The patrons murmured as they caught sight of the Kaio and the EDH officer she was party with. "Welcome to Slammers!" The waitresses lifted her hands excitedly, "I'm Dalliah, your server. What a cute couple you two make. Aww... Okay so can I get you a booth or do you want a seat at the bar? There's a couple spots left if you don't mind rubbing shoulders!" She laughed while offering them two menus and giving them a minute to take in the fighting decor. '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Masis blinked a few times while taking Carmine's hand and letting shaking furiously. "...I think... oh! OH! Yeah. Long time. I remember you. And that ride. Do you know how many times I had to have the cab steamed after that?" Masis' expression melted somewhat at the memory but it didn't seem like he was holding much of a grudge. "I've been here about eight months now. The Bar hasn't actually been open for much longer than that. We're still building a reputation if you catch my drift." He withdrew two shot glasses from the rack beneath the bar and sifted through the bottles until finding a fine, tall crystalline vial full of an amber-gold liquor to fill their order. "You still uh... 'underground'?" People had a way of forgetting about the cabbie they were riding with and said things that might not have in more polite company. Masis pushed the glasses towards Carmine and... "Whose your friend?"'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy gasped in amazement as the bell rang. It was unexpected and she dropped into a fighting stance common with her Gental Palm technique but she looked around, adjusted her toga and followed the waitress. "We are arn't we! Gilder! Lets go to the bar!" She said as she was giggling with excitement. Maybe she would find what she was searching for here, whatever that was. She did hurry a few paces in front of Gilder to whisper to the waitress. "Umm, About money tho...I heard that is a thing here but...Is there any other way to pay you guys back. I don't have any money, and I just arrived here on this planet, walked here from the bear forest. Let...Let me know If there to this problem." she said as she walked back to Gilder and slid her arm through his. "My knight in shining armor huh! Thank you for getting me here! I owe you one!"'

[CHAT] Gilder allowed his eyes to wander around the establishment upon entering it, along with the deafening sound of the bell that rang above them, taking in the unique stylings of the bar around him. For who Gilder was, he kept himself rather quiet and out of the way as he followed behind Rhevy as she led him off to the bar. "You're welcome..." he said quietly as he took his seat at the bar, staring emptily at the wall of liquor behind the counter. In an attempt to calm his nerves, Gilder set the menu to his left and simply ordered a shot of silver tequilla from the bartender.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Hey, c'mon man. We offered you a job with us, remember? My boss wanted you as his personal DD." Carmine laughed off and over the question his old acquaitant offered when he spotted the EDF uniform walk in, taking a seat next to him and a cute young woman next to said officer. "Amon, here take this," A small glass filled with a vile substence and a small lime slice hanging around the rim was slid down to Amon. He could smell the toxins inside and was weary of taking the drink, but the smell of the calmed his tension a bit. It eased the nudging at the back of his mind that wanted to warn him about something. "Just drink the fucker. I swear you could stare me sober." Carmine forced their glasses together and threw down his shot, Amon slowly followed.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Dalliah looked at Rhevy reluctantly, her hands coming to the top of her chest in a protective gesture, "I'm sorry, honey, that's something you'd have to work out with The Boss or Masis." He nodded to the dark-skinned man behind the bar who was chatting with Carmine and a rather mysterious stranger before leaning in, "But between you and me I think you can charm your 'knight' here into picking up the tab." She smiled, somewhat mischeviously while shaking the hips 'her momma gave her' and leading Rhevy to the bench, seating her between Gilder and Amon.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'As Rhevy came within view of the kitchen windows a 'wolf-whistle' emanated from the kitchens as one of the cooks peeked through the slot, to which Masis grumbled and shut the view. Through the walls the howls were still somewhat audible. Masis cleared Gilder's drink order nearly as quickly as the officer had made it, placing a small shot glass full of a silverine liquid before him and watching expectantly. "Damn. Lot of new folks here this afternoon. This is usually when a lot of the labors get off for lunch, wasn't expecting a full bar. What's bringing you two here?" he chatted while wiping down the counter and draining its drip-shield.'

[CHAT] Gilder humbly took the shot in a single gulp, throwing it to the back of his throat before placing the shot glass upside down on the counter, holding up his finger as if signaling that he would like another. As another shot was given to him, Gilder stood up and began to wander around the bar, completely ignoring Rhevy as well as any other patrols that may have been in the general vicinity. Still holding his shot glass, he cautiously maneuvered his way around the few patrons and servers that cluttered the walkways. As he came to a flight of stairs, Gilder placed his hand on the railing as he began to scale the stairs, looking down below to observe the jovial and whimsical nature of the crowd.

From this point the log will split since I have to leave. Further pieces will be added as they are done. STAY TUNE! <3

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[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy looks up at the bartender and then the two next to them. She watches as Gilder sneaks off and watches the bar from above. She shrugs and looks back at the bartender. "Well.I woke up in bear forest, found this burnt cloth and business card with MOSTLY this address on it. Took it as a sign and came here." She said with an upbeat smile and tune that seemed to offset the guy she was sitting next to. He seemed...sullen. "And then I wanted to meet the people who blew up a large section of the forest. Was magnificent. The power used and magnitude!" She said as she looked at the strage man sitting next to her. She was thinking about engaging him in conversation but he seemed deep in thought. She sighed then put a hand DEEP down her toga. It looked as tho she was doing some "funny" business before she emerged with the scrap of jacket and burnt business card. "See! Found it right in the MIDDLe of this burtn out patch of forest!"'

[CHAT] Gilder reached the top of the flight of stairs and arrived at a ledge that overlooked the floorplan below. The liveliness of the patrons and the eccentric service meshed together to create a flurry of sounds from this height that mixed into one huge, singular and incoherent voice. With shot still in hand, he set the glass on the railing while still holding it in place, tilting it in a circular motion to where the liquid just barely kissed the lip of the glass. The overwhelming feeling of solidarity hung over Gilder's head as he distanced himself, knowing that he should socialize with people like a normal person... but that knowledge and the willingness to act upon it were two very separate things.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '-- Masis looked at the scrap of shredded, burnt leather and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Hrmm... That definitely looks like a piece of the jacket The Boss was wearing before he left a few weeks back." Vencer wasn't the type to 'fight and tell' but he had looked fairly whipped after his return. "Makes sense. There's not a lot of people in New Hope who can tear a place down quite like him. Business card might have fallen out of his bike." He shrugged, "Didn't take you as a Zantetsu, though. No offense." He rubbed the back of his neck, frowning. Usually when someone came knocking for Vencer, that meant trouble some way or another. "Hold on, we might be able to ask him about it." Masis held up his hand with one index finger raised to indicate "a minute" before going into the back.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'On the second tier where several Saiyans were crowded together behind the railing where Gilder had planted himself on the rail, the barflies began to gossip without going out of their way to be overheard, "D'ja think that one iz with old Darsk?" -- "E's EDF ain't 'e?" -- "Looks tha' way from that uni'." -- "Darsk's been showing up more to talk to the Boos recently. An you heard 'bout that ruckus down south?" They began to mill into some strange events, talking about how people had gone missing and how Legende had been moving troops to Cinnamon Coast and Sector 71. '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Masis returned from the back after a few minutes with a strange case that he laid out on top of the bar bench. Unclasping the black box, he removed from it a small floating orb covered in crystal-chips and modules. The device was etched with the Ng Yelonian script, the Tamass'lr, and Masis had to fight with the device (ocassionally swearing under his breath) before it finally activated and all the holoscreens in Slammers suddenly shot into mute static. A few more touches on the nodes and suddenly the pictures across the bar began to flicker and bring to light the nearby scene of New Hope.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The camera, seemingly a floating drone was following behind a muscular Icer clad in black hoodie who was passing a kee-ball back and forth with some of the local talent. "There we go!" Masis offered the ball out to Rhevy, "He looks a little busy, but he should be able to hear you if you can get his attention. Just hold that button down and talk into the mic." Masis showed her where to press.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She squeeled in absolute joy. It was more the the reagal creature playing that strange sport. "Where is that!" She practically yelled into the orb and at Masis. "That looks like delightful fun! You know! Back in Karin-Sha, Ya know, the monestary that I grew up in, We had games like this!" She said but then she blinked and looked around. Apparently everyone around here was just looking at her, and with the music in static she was pretty much the loudest thing there. "Hey! I'm Rhevy! I...I think I found some of your jacket and business card in Bear Forest. I..." She paused as she was finding the words, her blue nose crinkling a bit and her left eyebrow raised. "The...MAgnificence of Bear Forest. The scar in the earth. Frost-burned trees. Fire scortched earth. Raw power digging trenched in the ground! I...I wanted to know more!" She said with a smile and bright crimson eyes. Her hair practically moving with her excitement.'

[CHAT] Gilder closed his eyes and let off a sigh as the patrons made a few comments that caught his attention. After listening to the last pieces of information he cared for, he finally took the shot to mouth and gulped it down. Immediately after swallowing it, his body felt lighter and his mind a wee bit buzzed, considering he had not drank in a couple of years at this point now. [Are they talking about Darska...? Does he frequent this place? Craaaappppp... the mission... this girl drug me away just when I finally decided I needed to step to it... after icer cream... errr---] Peering around in a paranoid fashion, as if people could hear his thoughts, he noticed the screens around the establishment blanking out for a moment, then producing connection fuzz before finally producing the image of a... "YOU!"

[CHAT] Gilder abruptly shouted out in a bellow after recognizing this Icerian's image. Leaning over the railing, he scanned deeply around the bar before coming across Rhevy holding some strange device that certainly was not there before, but there was no sign of the Icerian or where he was broadcasting from. Letting off a low growl to himself, the human pushed himself off the railing, unintentionally releasing the shot glass to where it would drop to the floor below (where the bar was), and stormed back down the stairs.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'They were about halfway through the third inning of their game. It appeared to be simple enough. A few floating goalposts had been set up in different parts of the ruins and the object seemed to be to put the kee-ball through them. The younger boys were wearing pads and chest-platings that tried to mimic some of the older Saiyan-battle armor designs (spiked shoulder-pads and all) while Vencer batted them away with his bare hands and legs. He was a little under six-fit, with a tail that extended from his lower back longer than the full length of his body. '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'His natural white palette was accented by deep blue gem-cores on his forearms, chest and shins, with two ice-blue lines that drew down from the center of his eyes all the way to his chin. On the back of the hoodie he wore were the words, -WORLD'S STRONGEST- and on his right wrist was a strange mechanical bracelet that seemed to match the node that Rhevy was holding in her hands. Somehow that bracelet and this mechanism were connected, acting as a relay for the drone that was depicting him atop the ruins. Rhevy's squee of delight drew Vencer's attention just as he caught a pass from one of the Saiyan's.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Turning to face the floating drone he began to juggle the kee-ball with his feet and tail while youngsters attempted to tackle and steal the ball from him. "Rhevy, huh?" Vencer passed the ball behind him and struck out his arm, clotheslining a boy who had leaped at him and then gave him a lightning-fast 'tap' on his chest plate that sent him reeling off the side of the building almost effortlessly. "Good to meet 'ya Rhevy. I'm Vencer." Another Saiyan came running in from behind but Vencer dissolved into a blur of super-speed lines, rematerializing to the boys right and throwing the ball with enough force to pop his head back before his tail swung underneath the athlete's foot and dragged him to the ground before sliding him away with a strong tug.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"We're outside. Not too far from the bar. You should join us for a game. The kids could use someone a little more talented on their side and if you've played before..." Vencer spun the ball on the tip of his finger, smiling. "Might be fun." Vencer threw the ball over his shoulder, sinking a goal that was barely visible in the distance before folding his arms over his chest. "That was me out there in Bear Forest," He nodded, "Got into a... bit of a fight out there was some lunatic named Glider. Watch out if you run into him."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Absolutely!" She said as she nearly jumped out of her chair, light on her feet and spun in the air. She was exhilerated. "Thank you Masis!" she said with an endeering smile and then turned to the back where Gilder had been at. "Mr. Gil! Ya comming!?" She said as she went running in her dance-like steps through the bar and out back to where Masis was pointing. The run down buildings and broken gravel that she noticed that was cleared before was for a giant training ground. Spotlights, sectioned off areas and the like separated various groups of practicioners.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- ' It took her a few moments to find Vencer and the kids training with him. She spotted their movements rather easily, "Should have dropped his shoulder slightly before the feint..." She muttered to herself as she made her way there. If Vencer could sense energy, it wouldn't have registered much more than a newly awakened ascended from her, although it was mixed with a rather strange feeling. Like that of an iceburg, just the tip showing but most of the rest hidden from view. "VENCER!!!!"

[CHAT] Gilder steadily followed along the conversation that the projected Icerian was having with somebody. Somebody named Rhevy... that woman... she was after this Icerian? Did she know him already prior to coming here, or was this all just sheer coincidence? Then the name drop - his name. Glider... wait. That's not his name. [Rude ass didn't even memorize my name right!? Though... to be fair... I guess I didn't remember his name either. VENCER THOUGH! GAH! Attacking me for no reason in a forest and then projecting I'm a lunatic.] Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he looked over at the bar only to see that Rhevy was no longer there and now heading towards the exit ever so whimsically. "I'm not a lunatic dammit!" he shouted out before storming after her to give them both a piece of his mind.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'As Rhevy and Gilder were heading out the door to meet with Vencer and the team Masis called out to her, "Hey, wait!" Taking two bracelets from chest and holding them up, "Give the bar a show, huh?" He sent the bracelets through the air towards Dalliah, the waitress, who practically had to drop her phone from where she had been texting to catch them while running to catch up and hand them out if the pair were willing.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The air above the ruins shimmered from the heat that was baking the rock and concrete. It wouldn't take them long to reach where Vencer and the local team were playing. Most of the young Saiyans were doubled over and covered with sweat. The first game had apparantly ended and while they caught their breaths they had huddled near Vencer whose natural sub-zero aura was cooling them down. The Icer waved as the pair approached but his arm stopped in mid-air upon sight of the EDF officer, his greeting falling to his waist while his tail began to sway uneasily behind him. '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'His eyes darted to the younglings for a moment in hesitation... He hoped Glider wasn't about to tear down New Hope just to settle a score, especially with them nearby, but he quickly put up a false facade, hoping to diffuse any tension. "Good of you folks to come out," He said gruffly before letting his tail sweep up the kee-ball and throw it gentle towards Rhevy as she approached. '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"Rules are pretty simple. Just need to hit the goal-points." Vencer struck his thumb out and gestured over his back where several glowing hoops were hovering throughout the ruins. There were two colors, obviously. Red and blue. They were positioned somewhat stragetically, some of them were hidden inside the buildings, others were hovering off the side for longer shots. There were about a block that had been quartered off for the game. The center-most building was the tallest, sporting four floors whose levels had more or less been gutted, making it somewhat of a Stadium" while the other buildings surrounding it were much smaller, two-levels at best, with missing walls and ramparts.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"Lets try to keep our powerlevels down," Vencer glared at Glider, "Don't need to tear down the city over a little sport, or hurt the kids. Do one of you want to be a team captain?" He gestured to the group of Saiyans. There were about six of them in total, ranging in ages, the youngest being a scrawny Half-breed whose armor looked to be so big he might topple over, while the oldest, Krosa's son, was almost seven foot with rippling muscles.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Was caught mid-stride with the toss, she wasn't really expecting it and flailed madly at the orb, juggling it rather chaotically and frantically, practically uncoordinated to the untrained eye. Her akward movements were in tune with the Drunken Boxing style and every juggle, mis-step and off balanced movement brought her ever closer without missing a step, getting caught up on the uneven terrain, or loosing control of the orb. She flailed one last time before "accidentially" bumping it with her rump back at Vencer. "This is fun and...You two know each other! ITs like friends! Right!" She said with the ever-too-perky optimism. "Friendly game right! Lets do this!"'

[CHAT] Gilder truly wanted to say so many things, but he was catching the hints that Vencer was dropping to keep this a peaceful setting. This wasn't like in the forest, if the two went at it here, there would be casualties, and though Gilder was a hot head, he wasn't one for meaningless death. Crossing his arms, he couldn't help but continuously, and indisciminately, glare at Vencer, not sparing any focus to look at his surroundings or the other people in the vicinity. "I just wanna point out that you attacked me, so don't go making me out to be the brash one here..." he stated, muttering it under his breath to not draw the extra attention to himself.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"...and I'm not a lunatic..." he grumbled. With a sigh, he loosened his composure and popped his neck, finally dividing his attention away from this Icerian Villain. "I've never played this before... or watched it for that matter... so you're gonna have to fill in the blanks. As for captain, despite how much I want to be, I'm going to refuse in case you were asking the two of us. Captains gotta know what's up, right?"'

[CHAT] Vencer caught the kee-ball with his tail, letting itroll down the 'loop' of its length before popping into his hands with a flick of his tail while watching Rhevy with a bit of curiosity and amusement. He felt... a strange, but familiar power emanating from her, and a myriad of other energies. He couldn't quite place it, but... it reminded him of the battle with the Winter King that had happened outside the city more than a year ago? The other energies he sensed were alien, though. They weren't so much projecting -from- Rhevy as much as dancing alongside hers. Either way, the woman was dressed in little more than a bedsheet and wasn't used to her own feet yet. "...Maybe you need some pads, Rhevy?" Vencer nodded towards a small locker sitting on the edge of the field. "There's probably some spandex fittings in there too. Wouldn't, uh, want to ruin your dress?" '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'After pointing out of the fittings Vencer nodded to Gilder, "We can talk about all that later, 'friend'." If Gilder was "hot-headed" and brash Vencer was deadly cold and his words were issued as a militaristic order. "You'll learn pretty fast as we go. Rhevy. You can be red-team captain. I'll be blue." Vencer looked back to the kids while spinning the ball. "I'll pick first." '

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'His dark eyes swept across them, each of the boys looking at him expectantly except for the smallest of them whose head was pressed to the collar of his oversized armor while he kicked his feet in the dust. "Fifer, you're with me." He tossed the ball back to Rhevy to catch and make her pick. The dejected boy's head moved up from where it was facing earthward, eyes lighting up as he shuffled over to stand at Vencer's knee.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She was already changing. She had used her bedsheet as more of a changing screen to get changed with at least some sort of modesty. She smiled and acknowledged Vencers request. "I'll have Mr. Gil there! HE seems more than Eager to be on the side against you." She said as she was dropping the bedsheet. The ball hit her in the chest and rolled down her side, before she spun her body. Her feet whirling in a fast whirl as it looked as if she were a dog chasing her tail before she pounced and slammed her hands together. "Gotcha...Whhaaaa!" She said as the ball actually sped back towards Vencer with a small amount of force., signaling it was His turn to pick. She felt powers deep within her stirring. It had been a few days since her awakening in the forest. She had felt gradually stronger and that icer-cream she had earlier seemed to give her back some strength. She smiled with anticipation. She couldn't wait for this game to start.'

[CHAT] Gilder stood arrogantly as he awaited the two to make their draft picks. It was obvious that he was confident in his abilities, although he knew nothing of the game as a whole. His body language said it all - 'Pick me, pick me! You're gonna lose if you don't, so just make the smart choice and let's ROCK THIS!' He wasn't the type to understand the reasons of why Vencer picked the kid with blatantly low self-esteem. Then Rhevy came out from behind her make-shift changing room and immediately called him to her team. A smirk grew on his face that shouted - 'Damn right you'll pick Gilder!' as he walked over to her side of the field.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The rest of the boys were divided between them, making two teams of five each. Gilder and Rhevy had ended up with most of the older, stronger youths. It seemed Vencer had a soft-spot for the smaller boys who rarely were picked first. Tapping the center of their armor-plates each of them were lit up with the color of the team they had chosen for. The kee-ball game was ready to start...!'

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