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*A Crown Shattered

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[CHAT] Xero was standing at an outdoor picnic table outside of a small village--just some random one that was the closest to the forest. It had brought that... woman back here, given her a room at a local inn and patched her up as best as it could, leaving her to recuperate. Now, though, it had some stuff to deal with. In front of it on the table was a small tan pouch--emptied. There were just three coins left. Two gold, one pitch black. That... would be a problem. Without Devrios' magic fueling his being he'd had to worry about things he'd considered paltry before--food, sleep, shelter, it couldn't simply teleport anymore, et cetera. For that stuff it had to have money, and it was running out. But... maybe there was a way to help. He furrows his brow for a moment, going over some things in his head.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The birds were chirping in the late afternoon. The hiking trail she had been nearby led out to a small resort town. Bearside Resort. After all, its activities cut a path through the Bear Forest. It was a single street village, Shops lining one side selling knick-knacks and various tourist memorabilia and the other side were hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts. The one they were at was called the Old Bear Inn. It boasted to be the "Original" travelers inn here when martial artists came here to train and challenge themselves before the steel-claw bears and other various beasts of the forest were thinned or pushed back towards the deepest reaches. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The room they were in was a single room, shared communal bathroom down the hall and their furniture was something that would have been considered classy if this were still the "Golden Age" of this Inn. Now, the prints were ages out of date, and the stuffing was even peeking through the sofa cushions. It was here Rhevy awoke. The sunlight drifting in through the thinning blue, now almost white blinds as she lay on a bed. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- ' Her shredded clothes were in a pile next to her and she curled the sheets around her naked body as she tried to stay modest. "Wha....What Did you DO!" She looked around the room noting the beds, the lamps and decor of the aging hotel and many thoughts crossed her mind. "No...You didn't...You...HOW COULD YOU!" She said as her body was trembling with the thoughts of what this creature did, had done to her.<F>'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'I awoke slowly, in the same woods I had fallen asleep in, seemingly so long ago. The exertion of fighting on my own... how long had I been out? The red gem in my hilt flickered, a dull throb of pain shooting through my mind. Something had awakened me- but what? Dully, I reached out with my senses- too far from anyone to touch one of their minds, but... a distinct pairing of energy sources nearby. Could one of them have caused the noise that roused me? I rest there a moment, mostly obscured via underbrush and fallen leaves, to take the measure of those I found myself likely to encounter- as they no doubt would sense my own essence- I could not long remain hidden.'

[CHAT] Xero was still outside the inn, on an outdoor patio picnic area--completely unaware that 'Red' had awoken, instead it was going over magical diagrams in its head and considering possibilities. It still had energy of its own, even if it wasn't connected to an outside source anymore. Could it use that? Taking a moment to trace an arcane diagram on the table it starts focusing, so much that it closes its eyes. There's a small glow from the diagram as he pours his own energy in place of what would traditionally be magic--attempting to jury-rig a system that would work. It was... probably not going to work, it wasn't something that he or Devrios had studied before, he didn't even really know it was possible--but he poured energy into it just the same, experimenting.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Revy grabbed the blankets up around her and looked frantically around the room. Her whole body throbbed and hurt so she couldn't tell what was fresh and what wasn't, but for some reason she thought she could still feel the cold hands of this creature on her blue flesh. Her red hair fell back behind her as she quickly scanned the room. <Two beds. A lamp. Old writing desk. There it is.> <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She thought as she eyed the window. The opening was small, but she could definitely fit through. She looked at the door one last time and decided against it. He had probably locked it and was keeping an eye on that door. She didn't want anything else to do with the creature that stripped it naked while she was out and did who knows what with her. She quickly wrapped the bedsheet around her into a makeshift toga and slipped out the window. She took a breath and steadied herself, crouching down and leaping from the second story window. With a tuck and roll onto the grass outside the Inn she made a break for the forest. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- ' She ran and ran and ran, trying to get as far away from the Inn and person as possible. The one that wanted to kill her but didn't. She looked back but that cost her. She ran headlong into a thorn-bush, sending her tumbling and sprawling until she hit something hard and cold. "Metal?" She thought as she reached behind her, her finger cutting a thin line of red as she touched the edge of the blade. She instinctively backed up and put her finger in her mouth. "What the hell is this?" she pondered out loud to herself, as she adjusted her toga into a more modest position.'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'I hadn't long to wait before I was discovered, whether my nature had been revealed or not- a strange female- blue skin, hair of flame, a look of regality to her, yet she wore the rags of a commoner. But the blood I tasted, no mistaking it... the flavor was demonic. I recoiled, even as a part of me thrilled with the taste and sensation and the shadows it evoked, the ones that teased at being memories while holding no subsance. And yet, my mind leaped to full attention, energy gathering around me. The female would see me shift along the ground as I recoiled, and would see a pale, ghostly glow surround my blade, frost coating the ground and grasses within a few inches around me, and would then hear my voice echo in her mind. [Never hath a demon offered me her blood of her own volition. What game dost thou play with me, woman?]'

[CHAT] Xero -- The glow from the diagram brightens, little by little, before suddenly coalesces--forming a circular disk shape with of fiery blue light--an item taking shape within, a copy of one of Dev's old coins. There's a sudden intake of breath--Xero'd actually stopped breathing for a moment he was focusing so much, a little light panting, he opens his gold-hued eyes and looks over the coin, letting slip a grin for a moment before blinking as it catches itself, then slipping back into a rather stoic look. "Good," he remarks for a moment, picking up the coin as the blue light dissipates, leaving an otherwise perfect replica of the others. He looks it over for a moment before there's a rustling nearby and, looking over... is that... her? Why is she running? Where is her clothes? ...just what happened in the twenty minutes that it had left her in there? It gathers up the coins and places them in the pouch, pocketing it, and heads after her, looking rather confused.

[CHAT] Elphlane looked around at whomever spoke. She looked up and down, then slowly backed away. "Who...Who's there." Then she saw it. The sword moved on its own and even emitted an energy signature. "A. A sentient blade! I have only heard of them in Legends at the Karin-Sha! Where I have been training! And demon! No. I am a wonderful Kaio thank you very much Sir Blade." She said matter of factly. Shen then heard the rustling and saw the strange creature coming towards her. "If you are alive and can hear me, That man took me against my will...I woke up NAKED and now hes after me. Will...Will you help me?"

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'I was vexed. There was no mistaking the taste in the blood... or was there? I felt no lie in her thoughts as she replied to me, sensed no evil from her either. But the taste... Could my memories be wrong, somehow? It was true, I had never encountered a demon since my... awakening, should I call it? And I had already mistaken some creatures for demon merely by sight... Should I offer her the benefit of the doubt? She did have the lick of the Kaio... I wavered a moment, shimmering there in the grass, the red gem in my hilt flickering along with my words echoing in her mind. [Consider this a truce with thee until I know thy measure. Where is the creature that took they virtue? Be it the other echo of life that sings beyond, the one with the aroma of magic?] I reached out with my senses, but I remained far too weak still to discern much from this distance, short as it was.'

[CHAT] Xero -- Gah. The woods were still as bothersome as before--it couldn't even stand over the underbush, much less see over it, but she left a clear trail and was quite sensable, "Miss!" it calls out, yanking itself past some more plants, with a quiet 'Ow, briars, ow-ow-ow,' and another tug. "Miss! Are you alright?" he calls out, "You shouldn't be out and about yet--you're still injure--woah!" it speaks, breaking out into a startled yell as it trips over a root and comes falling out of the underbrush, crashing into the ground not too far from the pair.

[CHAT] Xero quickly climbs to his feet, however, a small disapproving frown on his face has goes about fixing his appearance--picking the twigs and leaves out of his clothes before brushing off the dust. Only then does he spare a look at the woman and the sword, "Now what happened to your clothes, Ms. Rhevy?" he asks, sounding genuinely puzzled. "Why are you all the way out here, without your clothes, and with a..." he trails off, glancing at the weapon. That sword had an energy signature--magic on it, too. Going through its pooled knowledge in its head quietly it just continues, "Sword,"

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"What am I doing!" She yelled at him. "First you talk about how you should kill me!" She said as she backed up behind the blade. She was hurt, confused, frightened, no. Downright terrified. Even with all her mental training and teachings she was still exhausted, injured and that took a toll on her physically and mentally. "You...You TOOK me. Did things to me! I woke up and my clothes..." A tear started to form in her eyes as she took another frightened step back. It never crossed her mind that her clothes were just fragmented ribbons to begin with and the move probably tore them the rest of the way, not to mention cleaning staff, housekeepers and the local medic that checked on her when he saw them enter into the village and followed them to their room, free of charge. Of course she wouldn't remember those details, she WAS unconscious at the time.'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'The newcomer was strangely familiar to me, for someone I had never before encountered. And his demeanour did not seem to be of one who would conduct himself in a manner according to what the female had claimed. Vexing- were his words truth, or were they merely a cover? Surely the newcomer had detected the echo of life from me, just as the female did before I ever spoke to her. Concentrating, I raised myself upright and hovered into the air between the two, point down, barely an inch above the ground. Faint, ghostly-white light flowed about me, faint glimmers of ice crystals flickering in the air about me. The gem in my hilt flared bright red as I spoke to both minds at once, my voice reverberating in their minds with a musical quality. [Remain where thou art, and explain thyselves. Does the female speak truly, or doth the male? Bare thy hearts to me.] I bobbed up and down almost imperceptibly as I hung there, uncertain of what to expect from either.'

[CHAT] Xero just shakes his head, disapprovingly, hands clasped behind his back. "You -asked- for my assistance, Ma'am. You were injured and alone in the woods. I carried you to the nearest village, rented a room for you at the inn, and tended to your wounds--with the assistance of the villages medical staff, of course," he says with a nod, "Do -not- impugn my honor by accusing me of any such base acts as taking advantage of an unconscious woman," he was actually insulted by the insinuation.

[CHAT] Xero pauses to glance at the sword, bowing his head in greeting, "Yes, of course, I suspected as much," he offers the sword a nod, "She introduced herself to me as Rhevy, but she is... or at least appears to be, the Crimson Queen. A scourge of the universe who recently cut a bloody swath through the strongest heroes of the universe, enslaved entire planets of demons, and intended to completely eradicate all life on the universe. She also died in that fight. So things are clearly not quite as they seem, and I intend to find out how,"

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Rhevy took another step back. "No! Iam RHEVY but I never led demons, let alone killed people and wipe out life! What is WRONG with you!" She said as her legs trembled beneath her. She had to get out of here. She couldn't trust that man. He acted nice, but beneath that she sensed a strong resentment, like her very presence offended him. "I...I...I don't know! I wake up NAKED in a room..." She said as she just collapsed. She wanted to cry but no tears came. She was exhausted through every fiber of her being. Whatever energies and power this creature was talking about she clearly didn't have. <I don't even have the strength to fly anymore.> She thought to herself as she just sat there, looking at the two obviously magic'd creatures. A sword and a Golem.'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'I hung there, stunned speechless for a few moments. She accuses him of assaulting her, her fear and panic are real, and she speaks no lie I can discern. Yet I see no evidence that inclines me to suspect him, not on his person or his demeanour. He accuses her of evil, and of consorting with and leading demon, and the taste of the demonic in her blood was also real, nor did I detect falsehood from him. Yet, aside from that taste, I sensed neither the evil intent nor the required power to accomplish what he accused her of. Which of them lies? I rotate in place, my gaze taking in the terrorized form of the kaio girl, and the small form of my fellow construct.(C)'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- '&(R)CAfter a long pause, I spoke to their minds once more. [What am I to make of what thou hast said? I feel no falsehood from either of thee, yet I feel not the capability nor the intent from either of thee to commit such atrocities. I would have the full story, forthwith.] The musical quality of my voice almost seemed accompanied by a subtle yet thundering bassline as I spoke.(F)'

[CHAT] Xero gives a long, slow sigh, closing his eyes for a moment. "Ma'am, I cannot in good conscience leave anyone alone injured out in the forest to die, my lord would not have done that either and to do so would have been an insult to his memory. I assure you, I did nothing improper, I would not. That is not who I am," he nods slowly

[CHAT] Xero -- "Please, trust me on that, if nothing else. As for the manner of who you are... either you've lost most of your memories, most of power powers, and somehow de-aged yourself from death by a few thousand years, or you're someone or something who thinks and has somehow convinced themselves they're Rhevy. That's the two main possibilities. If you want me to explain everything, it will take awhile, please, come with me back to the village, I will buy you some new clothes and some food and discuss it along the way," he speaks, glancing up to see the sword and the woman's reactions. Despite her reaction he didn't hate her--at least not nearly enough as she seemed to be reacting to.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"I." She paused. Her lips quivering and trembling as a green tear rolled down her blue cheek. She took a breath and started to match her breathing with the Nine-fold paths. The teachings of Karin-Sha. After a few moments she had calmed herself to speak clearly, well clearly enough. Her voice still cracked with fear and her body trembled slightly underneath the surface. "I was sent on a mission from Karin-Sha to find student, followers, scholars." She said as she paused to wipe a green tear on her white toda. "Something happened. A fight I think. I...I'm not sure. All I remember is blackness and pain. Suffering beyond anything I could ever describe and I awoke here. I..." <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She paused again trying to catch her words and take in what that creature was talking about. Food. Clothes. Shallow words to entice her back to whatever he had planned for her. She remembered her teacher speaking of such things. To be wary of their lies and tricks.. "I don't want your handouts and I...I think this is not a place for me...I should, " She paused once more before looking at the ground. "go."<F>'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'I took in the exchange between the two quietly. What he said did have some possible merit, and were it true it would be the type of thing she needed to learn, and that I myself should like to learn as well. Regardless, there was still the possibility that either of them were up to no good, but the female seemed particularly vulnerable for the moment. The gem in my hilt glitters faintly as I direct my thoughts solely to the mind of the female for now. [Thy confusion and thy plight are plain to anyone who might look upon thee. If thou would seek to learn more of what the other knows, but are concerned for thy safety, I offer mine protection, at least until truths are revealed. Will thou accept?]'

[CHAT] Xero just looks at her sternly, "Then don't take it as a handout. Take it as payment for helping me find out what happened. My best friend is -dead- because of this woman," he speaks, his own voice cracking slightly though he tries to mask it well. It wasn't so much resentment underneath it acting nicely as legitimate pain itself. "Aren't you the least bit curious? Worried? There are others out there who've lost friends and loved ones to this woman's actions. I don't know if I'll be able to help you if they come seeking vengeance. You may even be innocent of these things, but without finding out... how will you know?"

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The toga-dressed kaio took another step back and made sure to place this magical creation between her and the creature. She knew she had the training to defend herself. The style of the moving palm, The quiet breeze and her favorite, the time honored drunken boxing, but her strength was gone. She didn't even think she could fight off a child at this point. "The paths teach us to learn from the past, but not dwell on it." She said while trying to control her breathing and her fear."Fine...I...I told my story, You tell yours."'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'I drifted closer to the other, regretting for a moment that I could not, exactly, mirror the stern face he was putting on. I sang to his mind now, quietly. [Are thou blind? Can thou not see her distress? Be your assessment the truth of it or not, thy approach is far too direct, far too callous... it will lead only to strife between thee. I counsel thee, back off post haste, come no closer, allow her to approach thee.] And then, to the female behind me. [Quell thy fear. If thou speak truly, fear is unnecessary. I will not allow harm to come to thee under parlay.]'

[CHAT] Xero sighs, looks down a moment, and puts a hand to his face with another large sigh. It was... difficult. Trying to remain calm like this. After losing a friend. After being accused of base acts. Being treated as hostile didn't help. He places his hand back behind him as he continues, "I do not mean you harm, Miss, I do not know any clearer way to say it. I merely wish to find out the truth," he notes, "But, its a long story. I'll start from the beginning,"

[CHAT] Xero -C- And he does--going into who Devrios was, how he saw the first fight between the Requiem and demon forces through the coins he had managed to give out and stash aboard the ship, the week long preparation of for the battle, and of course the battle itself--how bravely the warriors fought, telling each of them everything that Devrios knew about them, as well as Devrios' own conversation with the Crimson Queen where she spelled out her plan and her motivations, how they fell--how Devrios himself died, how he watched the last of the battle as the remnants of the wizards magic slipped through cracks of the void, and finally how his home for centuries collapsed and he was thrown out--and then how he ran into the very woman they fought, out in the middle of the woods.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'With each count a flash of dreams hit her and a headache. Something happened. Was she a part of it. What he said, he thought was true. Those events tho, she did not recall them. "No. That can't be true! I...I was training! I was in Karin-Sha! Master Brogith was teaching myself along with a few others. My Senior Aydin was there! He was helping me with ki theory! How could I possibly be there and here...But..." She said as her face turned down and tears streamed down her face. "Master told me to take a journey. I went. Then..." She grabs her head and starts trembling. There were flashes now. She left. Then she was ambushed. Attacked by something. "I...Something attacked me." <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'It was so quick. Sudden. A flash of light. "There was a fight. I tried...I...I tried everything. So much power, terrible power." She said as she sunk to the ground, wrapping her arms around her as if she was reliving the events. "I...I tried everything to escape but got hit by something. Trapped. It...It was painful, awful. But...Somehow I escaped. I fled here." She said as she couldn't control herself any more. Her teachings and trainings could only go so far and hold off exhaustion and the mental traumas. She ended in the silence, with only her sullen sobs issuing out and carrying quietly in the woods. <F>'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- 'My attention darted back and forth between the female -Rhevy, was it?- and my fellow construct. Drifting downward a hair, the tip of my blade just touching the ground, I touched both of their minds once more, my gem flaring brightly, songlike words flowing through their minds: [I believe both of thee have been led astray, betrayed by thy own minds, thy own senses. Ne'er did certainty exist in this world. Memory deceiveth, as do the eyes. Lady, let not thy terrors make monsters of strangers. Mageborn, there are far fewer faces than men- the lady is not the monster you seek, it is plain. She merely shares its likeness.] I rotated in a circle, as if sweeping my gaze across the two. [Be at ease, and let us see truth.]'

[CHAT] Xero takes a deep breath, and lets out another slow sigh, "I pointed that out myself," he comments, sounding more tired at this point than anything else. Reciting that story was painful and exhausting. "I just want the truth, he deserved that much," he notes, looking back down to the forest floor, otherwise keeping his gaze away from the woman, trying to seem as unconfrontational as possible. "Miss, I don't know what else to say, I am sorry for confronting you with this, but I laid out the possibilities. You deserved to know them and the story as well,"

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The voice rang true in her head as she looked up to the sword which spoke with wisdom beyond the ages and the other magical creation. The hint of medicinal rubs that she had not noticed before were about her. She was so worried that she was...she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I am...who I am." <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She said as she remained sitting on the grass. It was still warm from the sunshine that had been illuminating that spot all day and the north wind blew slightly. It carried with it the faint smell of burnt wood, like a campfire burning off in the distance. "I said my side as well...apparently I am not the one you are searching for?" she said with a puzzled expression on her face. <Maybe he IS telling the truth. I...I do smell like those medicinal salves.> She thought as the world took a slightly brighter hue in her eyes. She still didn't make a move towards him. She knew better than to trust someone who just lost a friend to someone who he says looks just like you.<F>'

[CHAT] Cryoedge: -- '[A moment...] My voice sang in both of their minds, as I began to shift my form. My blade shortened, broadened, split off, forming a small torso, legs, a pair of arms, a featureless head, the red gem at my hilt now placed where my forehead would be, had I features to speak of. My grip lengthened and slimmed, shifting into a tentacle-like appendage atop my head, the pommel becoming a knob at the end. I remained the silvery-blue metallic hue of my blade, and the tentacle atop my head remained wrapped in a leatherlike material. I stood a bit under three feet tall. My voice retained the same musical quality, but was now heard with the ears rather than in their heads, the gem at my forehead flickering as I spoke, facing Xero. 'Thou, mageborn... first akin to mine self I have met... when did thou awaken?'

[CHAT] Xero bows a moment once more as the other homunculus takes shape, "Most recently, several months ago. If you're talking about the first time, well, it was most likely a millenia to fifteen hundred years ago. It's hard to keep track of time during periods of dormancy--calendars keep changing," it notes with some annoyance, "How about yourself? I've not seen any animated weaponry in quite some time," he speaks with a small frown, before glancing over to the woman, "In either case, ma'am, you're important to getting to the bottom of this. I mean it when I say that people related to those whose lives were lost in the battle may come looking for you for vengeance, and I honest and truly do not know if I can help you if you will not allow me to. I don't hate you, I don't believe you are the same woman who killed my friend--in one way or another, I just wish to find out what is going on,"

[CHAT] Elphlane : Rhevy looks at the two magical creations and as the one transforms himself, no, itself, into another more mobile form. She takes it in with a somber silence before standing up and brushing off her bedsheet toga. “I. I was born In the Year of The Golden Turtle, under the Stars of the Lion and Ox.” She said with a smile as if she knew what year of earth time that was. She had no clue. She never paid attention in class during those times of conversional time between solar systems, universes and the such. She looked around as nothing but crickets chirped and she sighed. “I went on a journey to enlighten chosen ones on Earth and other planets with our teachings but...Like I said. I was attacked and ended up here.” She said as the flashes of a green namekian god, haunted her vision for a brief moment before she reopened her eyes and she was in the forest. “But I...I will not be your experiment to “get to the bottom” of anything. I am not yours to study and prod. I, “she said while drawing up a short amount of confidence “I will continue my journey.” She said as she turned to walk away. She took a few steps and stopped. Turned around. “But maybe in the act of teaching, one can listen.” She said as she sat back down. She was still shaken but she tried to contain herself.

[CHAT] Cryoedge : It was a strange thing to consider- the mageborn was, in a sense, both my junior and my senior. I slank down into a seated position, resting my chin on my hand thoughtfully. ‘Mine creators originally forged mine blade… I know not how to describe it in units. The Spellsingers of Konats…’ I paused there, gaze flicking to the woman and then back to the mageborn. ‘But mine mind was not intended, that came…. Much later. Very recent, it was, though I have… shadows of what could have been memories from before. The Konats, they… have a different means to gain arms, a long time now…’ It was not easy to explain, I still struggled with the words learned at length from my last bearers library, I thought my speech proper but it seemed to strike many as odd. Describing the timeframes or my origins was, at the time, a bit beyond me. The woman’s timeframes were no more intelligible to me than anything else- but something did stand out to me. ‘Lady, thy story does seem strange. At the fastest speed I know of, would it not take weeks to make the journey here? Could thou have been kept asleep with some form of potion for such a trip?’

[CHAT] Xero shakes his head slowly, "Miss, I assure you, you are not an experiment, I don't intend to study or prod you or what have you, that is not the proper way to treat a person, much less a lady such as yourself, I merely want to work with you to figure out the truth, for us both to know," he says with a nod, then looks to the other homunculus. "Konats. Ah. There may be pockets there that still speak in that dialect, but the last time I have heard it directly was some four odd centuries ago," then as the homunculus speaks to the woman again it listes, putting a hand to its chin and thinking quietly. "There is a way. My former master in fact used such methods of travel quite often--if he hadn't been set on stopping that fight at any cost he would've been here today..." he says, trailing off and closing his eyes for a moment with a sigh. "But... he did have a way of harnessing these magical energies for other people to use. Miss," he glances back towards the woman, "Was there anything around you when you regained consciousness? A coin, or even just golden flecks of something. The magic wouldn't have survived after what happened, I'm... not sure if the item would have, either, but if it did and I'm right it'll help us find out what's going on,"

[CHAT] Elphlane : Rhevy takes a breath and looks at them. The two magical creations. “Just a simple matter of warping space and time and ending up here.” She said with a smile. “Don’t rightly know how it happened but it happened and I am here.” She said while stretching a bit. “I am sorry I made assumptions about your character, but I know If I were you, I might be dead by now.” She said with a playful glint in her eyes. It was a false ploy. Beneath the surface she was expressing she still felt terrified and cautions with these two. Her eyes taking in her surroundings, evaluating escape paths and accounting for each movement the two made. But, through all that she relfected upon her teachings. Taking in the information and learning from it. “But, now matter how I got here, I got here, and I can now continue my travels right?” she finished.

[CHAT] Thousand bamfs in and starts coming onto Rhevy gangbusters. He makes his seduction roll.

[CHAT:OOC] Thousand rolled 1d10 and got 9001 muthafucka.

[CHAT] Thousand succeeds his seduction roll, and he and Rhevy totally bang one out right there in front of the magic demons. He does not pull out. He has a quick cigarette, then bamfs out, leaving all in attendance stunned.

[CHAT] Rhevy knocks on Thousands door 9 months later, carrying a bundle. It looks like a Modem attached to a newborn baby. “Its yours!” She says, then dumps the kid, with his Dial Up Connection on Thousands’ Lap.

[CHAT] Thousand says ‘fuck it, this is better than the legit RP, and Lye’ll laugh his ass off at the sudden whiplash. I’m rolling with it.’ He moves on to father several more strong yet bizarre children on Rhevy, one appearing to be a normal Kaio save for a toaster where the head should be, and a pair of twin organic forklifts. They live in a trailer outside of Copperville for the rest of their days, smoking Newports and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon.

[CHAT] Rhevy never really gets a job she’d tell thousand she would get, Instead, spending hard earned Devrios Gold on Lottery Tickets and the next big triangle scheme.

[CHAT] Thousand is content with his trophy wife, keeping her hot with a team of dieticians, courtesy of whatever justification on the wiki goes on about higher tier characters having more financial resources or some shit. All goes well for a few years until they both catch one another in affairs, have a huge fight, then opt for an open marriage and screw everythings brains out within a 12 light year radius. Fast forward ten years, and both are dead from a deadly strain of HIV that had developed cybernetic augmentations allowing it to also deliver a deadly computer virus. The moral of the story? There is none. They had a shitload of great sex and better short lives than many others who live to their 90s. #yoloswag (exit)

Time shifts.

Reality blurs.

The Gods assert themselves.

“Thousand is but tier 5, and does not have instant transmission. And the PG-13 Rating must be enforced. What is, shall no longer be, what was, shall be.”

The world phases back in, to just a bit before Thousands appearance, everything frozen for the moment.

“Also, if Thousand wants a seduction skill or the capacity to make babies, he’s going to have to spend some RPP.”

And time resumes…

[CHAT] Xero shakes his head slowly, "Miss, I assure you, you are not an experiment, I don't intend to study or prod you or what have you, that is not the proper way to treat a person, much less a lady such as yourself, I merely want to work with you to figure out the truth, for us both to know," he says with a nod, then looks to the other homunculus. "Konats. Ah. There may be pockets there that still speak in that dialect, but the last time I have heard it directly was some four odd centuries ago," then as the homunculus speaks to the woman again it listes, putting a hand to its chin and thinking quietly. "There is a way. My former master in fact used such methods of travel quite often--if he hadn't been set on stopping that fight at any cost he would've been here today..." he says, trailing off and closing his eyes for a moment with a sigh. "But... he did have a way of harnessing these magical energies for other people to use. Miss," he glances back towards the woman, "Was there anything around you when you regained consciousness? A coin, or even just golden flecks of something. The magic wouldn't have survived after what happened, I'm... not sure if the item would have, either, but if it did and I'm right it'll help us find out what's going on,"

[CHAT] Elphlane : Rhevy takes a breath and looks at them. The two magical creations. “Just a simple matter of warping space and time and ending up here.” She said with a smile. “Don’t rightly know how it happened but it happened and I am here.” She said while stretching a bit. “I am sorry I made assumptions about your character, but I know If I were you, I might be dead by now.” She said with a playful glint in her eyes. It was a false ploy. Beneath the surface she was expressing she still felt terrified and cautions with these two. Her eyes taking in her surroundings, evaluating escape paths and accounting for each movement the two made. But, through all that she reflected upon her teachings. Taking in the information and learning from it. “But, now matter how I got here, I got here, and I can now continue my travels right?” she finished.

[CHAT] Cryoedge : The mageborn seemed to have some knowledge regarding my progenitors. I would have to remember to inquire further later on. It didn’t seem that he would let Rhevy go, however, and was insistent upon interrogating her further, but she wanted to be on her way- an idea occurred to me. I spoke up, trying to strike some form of compromise. ‘It seems plain that Rhevy wouldst prefer to be on her way. But, Rhevy, perhaps it would behoove thee to learn from the Mageborn? If he saw a foe of old in thy likeness, surely others may as well? I think it wise to learn what assumptions others might make about thy character. It may not be thy fault, but it is thy problem…’

[CHAT] Xero looks down a moment, "Miss, if you truly want to go, I won't stop you. I've said repeatedly my intent is not to harm, nor 'prod and study' you, simply rather to ask for your assistance in discovering the truth. But if you so wish, go. I'm not going to argue anymore," he says, pretty much done with the conversation at this point. There was no point to continuing--he wasn't going to force the issue, and she wasn't budging on actually being in any way helpful, and he wasn't the type to shout or scream. "I'm sorry we couldn't come to terms," he notes, just looking to the ground for the moment with a furrowed brow, not saying anything more, even as the sword was outright re-iterating his point about someone else thinking that she is indeed the Crimson Queen and trying to kill her for it.

[CHAT] Elphlane : Rhevy looks at Xero. “I...I told you everything. I’m not arguing. You just want answers that I don’t have. I told you everything. No magic device I can recall. You carried me for Kami’s Sake! You went through my clothes. I had nothing but the shreds of clothing that I was wearing!” She said as she was standing up now. She didn’t recall when she stood up, but she was standing now. All 5’6” of her blue frame and crimson hair billowing around her. I told you! I left for my journey, was attacked by people I can’t remember and ended up here. I do remember a rift and pain...immeasurable pain.” She said as she looked at that creature before her. “I don’t have the answers you seek. I don’t wish to go back to your...cave or whatever and I...I don’t know.” She said as she looked at the two. “I am sorry, truly sorry about what happened to your friend, and I wish thee luck on your quest and research. Maybe you can return to where you found me, but I…”she said as she sounded truly apologetic. “I just have a feeling I need to be somewhere,and it is not here. But” she said with a pause “I just need to get my feet under me. Get a little bit of a grasp of what is happening and then, If you find out something, come find me. I’ll answer anything I find out.” She said with a smile and an outstretched hand.

[CHAT] Cryoedge : My gaze swept back and forth between my fellow mageborn and Rhevy. There was something to be learned here, I was certain of it, but my fellow mageborns approach lacked a certain measure of subtlety, carried a certain… confrontationality about it that was unlikely to gain the womans cooperation. For myself, I found my curiosity piqued- unless I were to completely discount every shadow of memory, leaving myself with nothing, I had to accept that the taste of demonic blood was legitimate- but that sensation did not jive with anything else I could sense or observe in the woman. I tipped my head towards my fellow mageborn, before turning to face Rhevy. ‘And yet the problem remaineth, that of others seeing a foe of old in they likeness. Mine experience hath been that few listen well to reason in this world. Make no mistake- I do not offer thee a full contract as I would a trusted soldier I would choose as mine bearer- but I offer to accompany thee, nonetheless, defend thee by word and blade alike. I ask no compensation other than to be allowed to observe, that I might answer mine own questions- I shall not badger thee with further questions as my fellow mageborn doth. I suppose that what I offer thee, in short…’ I rapidly shifted back to my true form, my blade hovering in place above where I sat moments before, a black leather scabbard with blue trim forming about my length, complete with a strap suited to clasp over the shoulder. I drifted over towards Rhevy, finally resting on the ground at her feet. The red gem in my hilt flickered brightly as I spoke to her mind: [It’s dangerous to go alone… take this.]

[CHAT] Elphlane : Rhevy took a step towards the sentient blade and took grasp of the hilt. Their minds touched briefly as he head its last words before the cold of the blade faded into a coolness. She ripped a piece of the bedsheet she was wearing and wrapped and secured the blade around her. While doing so , she noticed Xero had left, probably to research where she had arrived in the forest. “Until we meet again Xero…” She said in a somber voice. A voice that this may be the last time they saw each other. She looked up to the forest and glanced around. “Now. Where should we go?” She said to herself and the blade. At that moment a smoke scented wind blew and along with it, the remains of a burned and tattered jacket. She walked over to the charred remains, and turned it over gently. “SLA” were the only letters that remained on the jacket. She picked it up and there was the remains of a business card. Just an address in New Hope. “Guess this can be a start” she said with a smile on her face and started heading back to the small town. She needed some direction. <exit>

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Re: A Crown Shattered

Post by ikenbon » 16 Aug 2017, 10:40

I think Cryoedge definitely stole the show in this Roleplay. Using the first person isn't something we see a lot of on channel but for Cryoedge it just really fits due to the unique nature of his character. His use of "old-english" and his etiquette adds mystique and charm. I also really liked the little "decepticon" form he took towards the end, which was unexpected and reminded me of the tiny tape-deck Transformers that came with Soundwave as a kid. This is such an wild take on the magic-demon archetype but it fits surprisingly well into our setting. My only concern is how it will play out "mechanically" if someone were to actually wield Cryoedge. I'm not putting too much thought into it for now but it's something I'll be watching closely when the time arrives.

A large portion of this log is an ironing out of the misunderstanding of between Xero and Rhevy. I feel like it was necessary but I also feel as though it dragged on a little longer than I might have personally liked with a lot of the same points repeated, and I'm surprised a floating/talking sword wasn't more interesting than settling that dispute. There's all kinds of questions I would have liked for you guys to ask Cryoedge, or one another, or just seeing you guys jump to some crazy conclusions might have been fun (Does Rheveena have a twin? Could this be time travel? i.e.). In a setting like DBZ, with all the crazy stuff it's capable of, nothing is really ever off the table completely, right? Overall this was fine RPing, but maybe just a topic that could have been shortened or exaggerated for more effect.

That does bring us to some questions about Rhevy and your ultimate intentions with this stolen persona. You're putting a lot of work into this break away from Elphlane. Honestly, it seems like a lot to go to waste if Elph is just going to resurface at some point. I wasn't really down with the idea at first but I think you could make a case for either rolling a new Rhevy character who splits from Elph (Piccolo / Kami style) or super renaming to her. There's a lot of characters that have now met this persona and I feel like it's going to dampen those relationships when they find out later on you weren't who you said you were. Also, I feel like in the end it's going to read a lot like an episode of amnesia and I just feel like there's more potential than that here. Something to consider, hopefully.

RPP rewarded.

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Re: *A Crown Shattered

Post by Kuro » 16 Aug 2017, 13:41

Tried to get out of that whole tell me what you know interrogation thingy. Sometimes with Sam stuff circle-speaks. I also get where you are going with this persona thing. Trying to work it out currently, see where it takes me.

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Re: *A Crown Shattered

Post by Dumastin » 16 Aug 2017, 14:26

it totally needs to take you to the Sanctum remnants...


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Re: *A Crown Shattered

Post by thousand » 16 Aug 2017, 16:06


Thanks for the feedback. I've been trying to give Cryoedge a very distinct -feel- from my other characters, and I thought a first person perspective would be one portion of accomplishing that.

As for someone wielding Cryoedge, that's a consideration I made when creating the character, though likely things will still need to be tweaked.

Check out the wiki page I have for him- http://dbinfinity.wikispaces.com/cryoedge

Basically, when I am offline, Cryoedge is in a "dormant" or "sealed" state where most of his abilities will be unavailable, and the few that are available are significantly less effective than they are when I am online. Use of these (limited) abilities is solely at the wielders discretion in this case.
-In practice, I envision this as basically being an abnormally durable magical weapon.

When I am online, Cryoedge is instead in an "awake" or "unsealed" state, with the full gamut of abilities available. In this state, use of any abilities is solely at Cryoedge's discretion. Depending on his relationship with the wielder, Cryoedge's actions could be extremely in-sync and complimentary with the wielder- and on the opposite end, with a poor relationship (up to and including being used against his will by someone who he hates), Cryoedge can actively work against his wielder.

A wielder with a good relationship with an awakened cryoedge would likely be quite overpowered in a "one on one" match with a single PC (or NPC), but that's to be expected because such a matchup is in fact a two-on-one fight.

I'll be leaning on you and the other RP admins to help me balance out his skillset to make it interesting without making it overwhelming.

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