*Worst lake trip ever

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*Worst lake trip ever

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[CHAT] Shakendo was walking along a dirt road 'I need to figure out how I started to fly and what those ... energy balls were' he couldn't figure out how or why everything had happened but he knew he needed to try and figure that out 'I think if I can master the flying at least I might stand a chance against him' thinking back to the Destroyer &'I doubt he knows how to fly and use energy attacks, I should see if that old woman will train me' not knowing what had come of the old woman that had saved Gilder from Crescendo.

[CHAT] Crescendo was taking a short break, covered in makeshift bandages--some covered, some not, all bloody from the recent fight. But rather than dog monster, at the moment it was in the form of a young woman--standing average height, with red hair, tied back, green eyes, red leather jacket, black shirt with an orange and red 'anarchy' symbol over the chest, blue jeans, and sneakers. She was just outside the city, sitting on a roadside bench with a pack sitting next to her. It had to get better at this--had to. Learn how to fight better. Decisively. It didn't care about showiness, in fights it was live or die, and it wasn't intending on dying.

[CHAT] Shakendo comes across what looks to be a city in the distance, he stops for a moment then closes his eyes and concentrates for a moment 'Hmm ... I feel like someone I know is near here ... but who?' he felt like the signature he sensed was familiar but he wasnt skilled enough to know who it could be of the people he knew 'I think I should practice doing this more' as he tries to figure out who it is, eventually giving up and continues towards the city in the distance.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman rubs her face for a moment or two, taking a moment to give a long, low sigh. Well, at least had had some food, and it had managed to treat its wounds. It still needed to find a place to stay. Ugh. Hunting like this doesn't pay any bills. Can't get a home, or even rent a room with no money. It wasn't sure what to do. Before even finding a purpose it had to find some kind of home for itself. But it couldn't keep one even if it did, with the likes of Gilder out there hunting it down. This... would take some time.

[CHAT] Shakendo walks along the road that has now switched to a paved road he starts to see a woman who looks like she was in quite a scuffle recently sitting on a bench 'I wonder what kind of scuffle this woman has been in for injuries like that' he walks up to the bench and sits down next to her "Those injuries of yours look pretty bad, would you mind if I dress these wounds for you?"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman looks up and blinks with a moment of surprise, "Oh. Shakendo," she speaks up, she speaks--one of the voices it'd used before with the namekian. It liked this form in particular for some reason--and tended to use it or its voice when available. "Been awhile," she says, before looking back down. "Had some... trouble again," then, noting his words she piques up again, "Wait, really? Uh, thanks," she notes, pulling off the jacket and setting it aside, revealing more bandaged wounds. It shouldn't have been surprising, really, after what happened last time and he did the same thing, but it was grateful all the same.

[CHAT] Shakendo takes a moment to look over Crescendo's Wounds"What the hell happened to you?" he asks pointing at the bandages revealed from removing the coat "Some of those look pretty nasty" he holds his hands out and concentrates on the wounds, a soft white glow coming from his hands "This should take the edge off" he takes some of the herbs from his pocket and starts to grind them in his hands "These herbs should help keep any remainding cuts from getting infected" he says starting to gently rub the ground herbs into the Crescendo's cuts.

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks slightly, "I... uh, thanks, she notes, letting the namekian treat her as best he can. "I ran into some trouble when I was out getting food. I think that'll... always happen," she notes with a furrowed brow. Well, not -always-. But often enough to be a problem. Tends to happen when what you eat is people--even if they're criminals. "Heh. I tried to get out of there without hurting the other guy, that... didn't work," it tends not to, it was quickly learning.

[CHAT] Shakendo chuckles at Crescendo's words "Perhaps you need a different source of food my friend" he gives a soft smile "How have things been otherwise? I havent seen you since ... that night with the old lady." referring to Agatta "I have to train if I wish to be able to stand up for myself better." referring to the fight with Gilder that resulted with him being tied to a chair."I think wecould both benefit from it ... once you have healed up some of course" pointing at Crescendo's wounds. "So would you like to train with me and see if we can get better at not getting hurt?" he asks Crescendo expecting to get a resounding no.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman shakes her head, "No can do, hunting like this is my passion," she says, breaking out into a grin for a few moments. Then glancing over to Shakendo, "It's... okay I guess. Even if I like doing this, doesn't exactly pay any bills. I wanna find a place... that's better than the last place I had. I was sleeping in an old building on a pile of clothes," she says, furrowing her brow and sounding more than a little frustrated. On the offer of training she actually looks up to Shakendo for a moment, considerings, "Well... sure," she says with a shrug, then a wince. "Ow," she grumbles.

[CHAT] Shakendo chuckles again "Crescendo my friend this form your in, it doesnt really suit you, but knowing your true form, this works better here" he considers asking about the transforming that Gilder was talking about but decided against it for now "For now you should just rest, You re-opening your wounds will do nothing to help you with training" he stands up and looks at Crescendo for a moment "Wait here, Ill see if I can find a good place to rest that isnt a vacant building full of clothes" Shakendo closes his eyes for a moment and thinks 'I should see if I can make a decent camp just out of sight of the city' opening his eyes again "How do you feel about staying in a camp site just outside of the city my friend?"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman picks up her jacket and slips it back on, still rather gingerly, she then furrows her brow, "...yeah, okay," she says, sounding a little disappointed, but lacking any other option, it wanted an actual 'bed,' to experience at least 'some' of the comforts it saw in many of the memories. "I... actually kinda like this one," she notes, looking down over herself, "I need something like this to be able to walk around, don't I...? Nobody really wants to see me 'without' a form like this," she says again, with a small frown on her face, before grabbing her backpack and looking to follow Shak.

[CHAT] Shakendo helps Crescendo up and offers to take the backpack "I can carry that for you, and a decent bed is always nice." leads them into a small clearing just out of sight from the city that he noticed while walking down the road "You can rest here in whatever form you like, I dont think anyone will bother us here." he starts to gather materials to make a bed for Crescendo "Give me a few minutes to make a bed for you and then Ill go gather some firewood and food" he forms a bed of soft peat moss and straw "This should make for a nice bed" he gets up and starts to gather fire wood and logs to buld a shelter.

[CHAT] Crescendo hands the pack off with a quiet, "Thanks..." she says, offering the namekian a small smile. When they get to the campsite, she pretty much immediately goes to lie down--and by the time he had returned, the creature was back to its original form--although the bandages didn't exactly stay well with the transition, it was tired and asleep at that point. It still wasn't sure what it was going to do.

[CHAT] Shakendo builds a structure around Crescendo as he sleeps and builds a fire to keep warm "Rest now my friend, You will need it" he adjusts Crescendo's bandages 'I just hope noone comes here looking for trouble' he gathers more materials to make a bed for himself and relaxs while Crescendo sleeps 'Ill have to make sure I check those wounds periodically'

[CHAT] Crescendo sleeps fitfully--making noises and the occasional movement as it lies down on the thrown-together bed. It was... not a great sleep. It kind of liked Hiram, but now... well, it didn't really want to see him again anymore. Not after that. That... really hurt. Was unnecessary, too--it was just hunting for dinner. But that's how it goes for 'goody-two-shoes' like him. It wasn't really sure how the namekian would take it, either. Probably not very well.

[CHAT] Shakendo wakes everytime Crescendo starts to make noises or shift around 'He needs something to help him sleep' he gets up and gathers some herbs to make a tea to help Crescendo sleep more comfortably once the tea is ready he cautiously wakes Crescendo and hands him the tea "Drink this, it will help you sleep better." he says in a soft low voice and drinks a little himself "I fear someone might hear you whimpering and be an unwelcomed visitor." he continues in a soft voice as it is now dark out.

[CHAT] Crescendo wakes with a start, there was... something. A drink? "I... okay," it speaks, the same voice as earlier sounding weird coming from a dog-like creature, it nevetheless drinks up the tonic within a couple of minutes, trusting the namekian, and then passing out shortly thereafter--much quieter this time, the herbal mixture quieting all the thoughts in its mind to let it sleep for awhile. A much-needed respite, it seems.

[CHAT] Shakendo wakes after a few hours, the sun is now coming up and the fire is nearly out 'I should build that fire back up' he gets up and gathers more wood and builds the fire back up and checks on Crescendo's bandages after the fire is built up again he gathers more herbs and puts them in his pocket in case he needs them later and returns to the campsite and puts some tea on

[CHAT] Crescendo was snoring at this point--completely asleep, tongue lulling out of the side of its mouth, bit of drool, it had been exhausted, and what sleep it had gotten was sorely needed. Once the namekian starts fiddling with the bandages, though, it wakes with a snort and a start. "...eh... huh... wha?" it manages to speak out for a moment, picking its head up and craning its neck to look over Shakendo. "... oh... hey..."

[CHAT] Shakendo looks back at Crescendo "Your wounds are looking alot better now." he says softly he goes to the fire and pours some tea and offers it to Crescendo "Would you like some tea?" he sets it down and pours a second cup for himself and sits back enjoying the tea "Its a special blend I designed myself, it helps to boost your energy every morning" tossing another log on the fire "So you up for training today or do you still need to rest?"

[CHAT] Crescendo starts stretching, rolling over with an enormous yawn before climbing up onto all fours, and then going to drink some of that tea--it was actually pretty good, "Thanks," it speaks between slurps. Then, looking up, licking its maw--it stretches one more time with another big yawn, testing its body for the injuries--they weren't bad, at least not anymore. "Alright, sure," it speaks one more time with a nod, looking back up to the Namekian. It needed more training--especially if it had to fight like that again.

[CHAT] Shakendo puts the fire out then leads them to another area near the campsite where he sets up a few logs as targets, a few more logs to act as a sparring ring, and a spot for resting "This should make a good spot to train for a while" he setsup the target logs, goes to his designated 100' foot shot line, aims his hand at the logs and concentrates his energy until a ball of energy forms in his hands giving a deep breath he opens his hand and the ball goes flying, after about 25' it fades out "Guess I gotta work on that"

[CHAT] Crescendo follows after Shakendo as he heads from the campsite, padding through the underbrush as they make their way to the area with the targets. "...energy blasts? I haven't really... tried that before," it says with a huff, watching the Namekian try to fire a blast that fizzles out before it even makes it to one of the targets. "I'd agree," it notes, nodding its head momentarily before starting to focus--lacking any hands, the energy was focused from its mouth--energy glowing slightly with a red and purple energy before launching it as a blast... it doesn't make it any further than Shakendo's own blast before it fizzles out once again. "That's... pretty hard."

[CHAT] Shakendo nods "yea it is, but practice makes perfect?" he closes his eyes again, lowers his arm and starts to picture the Destroyer in front of him, with a low growl Shakendo starts to powerup causing the loose dirt around him to start bouncing like a tank going over land nearby 'Yes ... this is what I need ... I believe in it' he thought to himself as the pebbles fall silent, he raises his arm again, concentrates on making a energy ball, taking a deep breath he opens his eyes, aims and opens his fist, the ball goes flying towards the target splitting it in two as Shakendo pants from firing the blast

[CHAT] Hiram hovered low overhead, his helmet registering two signatures active nearby. Ride Liner II's engines were amazingly quiet. He brought the cycle down low over the treeline and leapt into the branch, tapping his helmet a few times, the built-in scouter showing two magenta circles with information feedouts in the HUD. He began making his way through the treetops, Loop and claw accelerating him!

[CHAT] Crescendo nods, he was right, of course. It had to keep at it, training. It was tired of not being able to fight back effectively. It was about to powerup and try it again when suddenly... there was someone coming. It almost jumps as it looks in a direction from the treetops. From the energy that was... "Someone's coming. I'll be right back," it notes, taking off for a moment to hide in the underbrush and shift forms. It did... not want to run into him again like that. It didn't like the fight last time, and wouldn't this time. Besides, it wanted to practice the technique in a humanoid form, anyway.

[CHAT] Shakendo looks in the direction that Crescendo looked in "Whose there?" he shouts trying to buy Crescendo enough time to assess the new comer 'I hope I didnt overdo it powering up like that' he thought to himself as he watched the treeline for any movement.

[CHAT] Hiram dodged branches left and right as he sprang through the forest canopy. The helmet bleeped as one of the circles began moving. A rangefinder began counting down as the circle moved towards him. Hiram stopped and sprang upwards into a high, stable branch, waiting. [Two meta signatures in the forest...this close...either something's going down or someone's training.] He scanned the forest floors below as the rangefinder hit triple, then double digit distance.

[CHAT] Shakendo continues to watch the tree line, seeing no movement he raises his arm in the direction of the energy he can sense that isnt Crescendo's "Identitfy yourself" he shouted creating an energy ball in his hand to serve as a bluff nit sure who or what to expect 'I hope this isnt Gilder again' he thought as he made his energy ball bigger than before.

[CHAT] Hiram didn't exacgtly leave the trees at seeing the energy ball. [Holding the blast...I'd be impressed if it wasn't so telegraphed.] If Shakendo was dead silent, he'd hear an extremely mufflled beeping from the treetops. "Nice light show there." A glint of silver reflected among the treetops, and was gone. A rush of air could be heard as Hiram leapt to a different part of the clearing's edge, aided by a Loop. [Need to work on a chaff technique...no scouters, they can sense me.]

[CHAT] Crescendo it took a long moment--it was Hiram, as it sensed. Well, there was one thing it could do--after a few moments, there was some more rustling from the underbrush and a young woman stepped out--the same one that Shakendo saw earlier, and Hiram the other day, medium red hair, tied back, green eyes, red leather jacket, black tanktop with an orange/red anarchy symbol on the front, and blue jeans. "Alright, I'm ready Shakendo," she notes, brushing off some twigs and leaves from her jacket, then glancing up at the new arrival and offering him a grin. "Hiram. What are you doing out here?" she asks.

[CHAT] Amon sat quietly in the back of a moving truck. Not that he had any choice. There was a mechanical muzzle, lined with buttons and a red power gauntlet covering his mouth, chaining him to the back of the truck. His one arm was wrapped ina black material that was bound to his side by ten bars made out of a metal allow resistant to meta strength. His feet were also bound and chained at the ankle and knees and two large straps formed and "X" over his chest. Nox wanted to make sure he was not going anywhere.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"I need you to understand something, Beast. I'm giving you these bits of freedom because the more trouble you make out there, the more I can get done in the shadows. I saved you so you could be a distraction, but if you continue on rampaging like you did last time then I won't send someone off to fetch you." Henris rolled the sleeves to his seven hundred zeni shirt and flicked the syringe in his hand. Amon glared at the tip which secreted the poison and struggled against his bonds to no avail. "This here will relax you a bit and allow me to keep an eye on you from a distance. Play nice and I'll come back in two days to get whats left" The Beast let out a muddled roar into the muzzle as the sedative was injected into his neck. It was fast acting and rather potent. He didn't even feel his body being tossed from the truck or it free falling through the air, about to crash into the forest below.'

[CHAT] Hiram chuckled low in the trees and dropped low. "Checking out the energy signatures in the forest, Cres. Who's your friend?" The silvery outfit gleamed in the greenery. "Put that away, I'm not going to kill anyone right now." He motioned to Shakendo's energy ball.

[CHAT] Shakendo walks over to Crescendo as the energy ball disappears from his hand he whispers "just play along and we might not have any trouble" to Crescendo "my name is Shakendo" he says to Hiram "Sorry about that, we've been having trouble lately with ... y'know" he pulls Crescendo in to suggest they are in a relationship of some sort

[CHAT] Hiram arced an eyebrow. "Ki blasts are theraputic for reproductive dysfunction? Huh. Who knew?...well, I shouldn't be surprised. If it can be done, SOMEONE tries to help their jollies along with it."

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The sky was clear with spotted clouds dotting the blue ocean like spots on a leopard. Amon awoke in the air, mid free fall, to the sound of wind whistling in his ear. He was free from his restraints...all but one. He couldn't even scream with the muzzle fixed over his mouth, but he could attempt to cover his face with his one arm right before his body came crashing through the tree tops and exploding into the ground with a powerful, seismic shockwave rippling through the wood.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The sky was clear with spotted clouds dotting the blue ocean like spots on a leopard. Amon awoke in the air, mid free fall, to the sound of wind whistling in his ear. He was free from his restraints...all but one. He couldn't even scream with the muzzle fixed over his mouth, but he could attempt to cover his face with his one arm right before his body came crashing through the tree tops and exploding into the ground with a powerful, seismic shockwave rippling through the wood.'

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks and looks at Shakendo for a long moment, incredulous, but then just goes for it. "Yeah, this is Shakendo. He's a..." she hesitates a moment and gives a grin, "Friend," she says, looking back up to Hiram for a moment as she walks up to the Namekian and gives him a one-armed hug, "I just like getting out into the forest from time to time. It's..." she hesitates a moment, "Nice," then she arches a brow and speaks once more, "Checking powerlevels? Is that what you were doing back at the other forest?" she asks, tilting her head to the side slightly.

[CHAT] Shakendo turns as he hears a crash in the distance, turning back towards Crescendo and Hiram "Excuse me ... Im gonna go check what that was, you two behave yourselves" he looks at Crescendo and gives a nod signaling that he wont be far should trouble arise, he turns and jogs off in the direction of the crash to see if there is anyone hurt as it sounded like a body hitting the trees 'Today is gonna be a busy day I' he thinks to himself, he pauses a moment looks back towards Crescendo and Hiram then continues in the direction of the crash 'I hope that act was convincing enough for Hiram'

[CHAT] Hiram didn't really wait for another word. A circular mark iin the dirt indicated that a Loop had launched Hiram into the trees. He clicked his helmet a few times, the magenta reticles flashing once and a new reticle appearing in blue. [All right...it's alive...what are you...] Hiram's leaping grew silent as he started taking care of where he landed and sprang from.

chat *didn't really wait, either just headed off in that direction--there was something there alright. "&pYeah, I think I'm gonna go with you. I wanna see what was...&g" she speaks, furrowing her brow for a few moments, tensing visibly for a moment. Things crashing around out here typically didn't mean anything good. But... at least it couldn't sense anything as crazy powerful as Gilder was. So it was something it... should be able to handle and check out.

[CHAT] Shakendo continues towards the sound of the crash 'Im starting to sense an energy from this direction, nothing like Gilders ... but it is strong' he takes to the air and finds a branch to perch on and observes a one armed person with some kind of metal contraption on their face 'what the ... ' he doesnt know what to think at the sight of the latest arrival.

[CHAT] Hiram tapped his helmet a few times. [What is it...what is it...humanoid form...OK...] The reticle briefly showed a humanoid figure before resuming its round shape. He paused, watching the dust cloud intently from his perch.

chat *follows after Shakendo and Hiram, sticking back for the moment to gauge the scene. Something dropped. Humanoid. What was that? The woman steps up slightly to get a closer look, only to take a step back a couple moments later with a furrowed brow, trying to stay back, but also curious. The hell was that?

[CHAT] Amon stood on wobbled feet, shaking his head from the crash of the fall. His chest was bare, littered with scars both fresh and old, his grey skin marked white with some of the newer etchings he gained from his recent bout with Gilder. The arm was missing, the other free'd from the shackles and the mouthpiece covering his maw. "Greetings people of Earth!" A mechanical voice called out to the gathering crew from beyond the brush, Amon slowly reaching up and touching the unit as it spoke for him.

[CHAT] Shakendo heard a mechanical voice as the new comer with one arm and scars reached for a metal contraption in his head "Hello" he said as he came into view "I am Shakendo" he said hoping the new comer did not mean any harm.

[CHAT] Hiram stopped, dropping out of the tree branch and standing up. Eyes flickered back and forth, up and down over the figure, taking in details as his helmet's built-in scouter registered what data it could, reticles appearing and disappearing as the Kanassian's eyes changed their focus constantly. [One arm gone...I can sympathize with you there. Odd greeting, though.] Especially odd as his fins were showing through the special slits in his coat and pants made for them.

chat *blinks, that was... surprising. Mechanical voice, though. That was off. Her brow furrowed, she let them take the lead once more, just watching and listening for the moment, eyeing the man. There was something... off about this whole thing. Even more than the whole 'drop from the sky and land in the middle of the forest like nothing happened' thing. Which... was odd to begin with, honestly. She looks about to say something, but just breaks off into a momentary hm.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Is this going to work, Sin?" Back in his mansion in New Haven, Nox was rolling the sleeves to another one of his fifty thousand zeni shirts, leaning over a chair and peering into the glow of a monitor. The screen was showing him Amon standing at the scene. Sin was in a chair in front of him, dressed in a large sweat shirt, sweat pants, hair tied up in a bun with a headset over her purple locks. "That serum you gave him was a soft version of the anesthesia used in meta hospitals. He won't be able to go on a rampage for a while. There are also the muzzle also has several neural connections that allow me minor remote control of his motor skills. A bit of tech I made up while playing with some old Legende Capsule Corp scouters." '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'She said all of this with a hint of pride to her nervous boss as she turned and placed a headset back on her head, returning to the screen herself. Back in the forest, Amon was still touching the muzzle placed on him, running his fingers to the connectors at the back of his skull, under his heavy, grey mane. "Forgive me, Shakendo. The fall, I don't think I'm quite myself. What...what are you and your companions doing out in the middle of no where?"'

[CHAT] Shakendo paused four a moment then answered "My friend and I were in the forest trying to better ourselves when this other fellow ... " pointing at Hiram "... came along and interrupted us, and then you arrived." pausing another moment "Overall I guess its been a crazy day today ... after that fall I'm surprised your even conscious, who are you?" taking a couple steps closer to Among not sensing any immediate threat.

[CHAT] Hiram blinked as one of the pink reticles lit up with [SHAKENDO]. "Friend of yours?" Hiram watched for even a telltale sign of muscle movement signaling recognition before going back to the apparatus on Amon. [What is that stuff for...]

[CHAT] Crescendo takes one last moment to think, before speaking up herself. "Never seen him before," she notes, glancing up to Hiram, before back to the man. "I'm..." she hesitates, furrowing her brow for just a moment, not quite wanting to say it, but does anyway, "Cres. Who are you? How'd you get... all the way out here?" she goes quiet again, still thinking. Why is he rubbing his head like that? Just fell and hit his head, of course he would be. Still, something seemed off. "What's the mask for? Are you okay?"

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"wait wut..." Sin said outloud off of her comms. Nox immediately looked at her with concern as she broke character and removed the headset. "The fuck is wrong?" She was staring at the screen for a while, Amon was standing, arm at his side in a relaxed state as Shakendo proposed the question. "Sir...I have no idea what to call that thing. Other than The Red Beast, which I don't think will put him on friendly terms with anybody." It was a simple step of the plan that she had overlooked. Henris was not at the least pleased, gripping the back of her leather chair so tight that the material started to strain and groan. "Make something up! Something that isn't so dark and imposing." He barked. Sin pushed her glasses up back to the bridge of her nose and fixed the headset on again, but heard static coming back. '

[CHAT] Amon let a finger slide under his hair, just at the ear piece and flipped a switch, turning the entire device off and grinning to himself. A grin no one else would see. "Did he just..." " Turn it off? E-yup." All of their planning, foiled by a name and the OFF switch. "Ah-Moan" The man finally said with his true, raspy and feral voice. Each sound made was like a blender grinding up stone and glass. It was so harsh and rasp, but Amon sold it too. He bit his tongue and coughed blood into his hand, then reached up and turned the communication device back on. Leaving Sin and Nox staring at the monitor, mouth's agape. Finally, after about ten seconds, he tapped the device twice, signalling her to continue. "S-sorry about that. Spe-speaking with my true voice causes so much pain. Ah-moan. You may call me Amon. This device, it helps me communicate without harming myself."

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Nox was now watching intently, head tilting to the side and mind full of questions. Mostly why The Red Beast, why Amon, didn't blow their cover.'

[CHAT] Shakendo listens as Amon spoke "Amon huh? nice to meet you" trying to be polite "what do you mean harming yourself?" not quite sure what was meant by that statement "I'd be more concerned about harming yourself with trying to skydive with no parachute" he cautiously says then looks around to see what that the others are all staying back then takes one step back trying to add some extra space between them just in case.

[CHAT] Hiram was holding a relaxed posture, his helmet pinging a blue [AMON] around the relevant reticle. [Scars, medical cybernetics...] He instinctively flexed his left hand into a fist, then released. Fist, release. Fist, release. Something wasn't registering as "right" here. For now, the fishman stood silent, his fins withdrawing into their slots.

chat *-- "&pAmon, huh,&g" she says, still eyeing the man for a moment. "&pWell, nice to meet you... but, why are you all the way out here? Just... dropping in?&g" she asks, glancing up to the sky for a moment afte the pun. "&pQuite an entrance. Got all of our attentions,&g" she adds, still considering things and sneaking glances at Hiram and Shakendo to see how they're reacting.

[CHAT] Amon was not missing all of the subtle cues the rest of the group was giving off. The fishman in the trees, had not said a word and random sigils kept popping up on their face. It seemed the most tense and constantly on edge. Like a rabbit grazing, it seemed to be ready to spring out at any second. And the way they positioned themselves. All three together in a scattered array, a faux formation, like the sides and tip of a spearhead. "Oh? That? It just hurts talking. Always has, which is why I mostly communicate through this device." Even the woman of the group was tense around him, sneaking glances to the others. This was a hunt. He could sense it. Reading some minor vitals on her end, Sin could see adrenaline levels in Amon starting to rise, but the sedative Nox gave him kept him calmed. Right now, even if he wanted to, he could not use his full strength.

[CHAT] Amon played along, though. He looked to the sky, "I was...training myself and did something stupid," he gave a hard grunt, shaking his head some, "...I tried taking down this freakin huge bird by myself. Like Giant..." he nodded and held out his one arm as far as it would go to show the size, "and fell off, then crashed here"

[CHAT] Shakendo g looks at Amon for a moment, then cautiously approaches Amon "Do you need any medical attention?" he asked while trying to look over his wounds from afar "I am no healer, but I can patch ya up enough to get by" he said starting to relax a bit in an attempt to not seem threatening as he approached Amon 'I don't know what this guy wants but I don't want to get myself killed if he has I'll intents towards us' &the stops about 2 feet away from Amon "With your permission I'd be happy to look your wounds over" he said trying not to be threatening

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The leaves of the highest boughs of the forest began to wave, the branches shivering and casting off the dried and dead raiment of the sweltering summer. A dark shape passed across the sun, momentairly throwing the bedraggled group of monsters and misfits that had gathered in this seemingly peaceful grove into shadow. From their earth side view the silohuette against the sky was little more than a dark, embossed "V" crossing the crown of the sky. To the most perceptive of these gathered ascended the faint ridges that ran the length of each plane-wing would stand out, but more likely they would hear its distant, jurassic cry... A hunting signal...'

[CHAT] Hiram looked as Shakendo approached Amon...this would provide a lot of useful data for the Observer. Actions, reactions...the roaring. [The roaring? What in the Void...] Hiram was momentarily distracted as the group fell in and out of shadow, then looked back to the others.

[CHAT] Crescendo keeps her eyes on the man when... the hell was that? She looks up. That... was a big bird. "Well that's a thing," she says, narrowing her eyes in annoyance. "...is that what you rode in on?" she asks, glancing back down at the man for a moment. Amon. Had to speak with a machine, landing in forests in the middle of nowhere--everything else. It couldn't help but be curious at that turn of events. But... this was probably pressing. She looks back to the, tensing up even more as she does so, prepping for what's... probably going to be a fight.

[CHAT] Amon recoiled, swatting back Shakendo's reach. His true voice, let out a gutteral growl as he took to a low posture. "No no. No need for the touching. We just met. And that's hella rude." Nox cleared his throat, slapping Sin over the side of her head, almost knocking her headset off. A bit too much of her personality had slipped through. The love tap was a reminder that he needed her in character. For once, he and Amon were of liked mind, but the beast peered around as he heard the cry belowing in the distance. "Looks like my friend is coming back around to finish what we started," Which was rather ironic since Sin made the entire thing up.

[CHAT] Shakendo jumped back as Amon swatted his hand away, apon seeing the area go dark then bright then dark causing his senses to go crazy "It seems so..." turning to face the direction the creature was flying he closes his eyes and starts to power up knowing that there is a fight looming over them 'I gotta push my self to the limit, its now or never' he let's out a growl as he pushes his power to his limit 'I can't hold back or I will surely die to this bird'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'Moving in a wide arc that carried it practically out of sight it seemed the massive airborn predator might in fact have overlooked them... until the crack of timber bark began to build at the horizon and move forward at sonic-speed. The massive black "V" was swinging back, this time lowering itself so that it was barely above the tops of the trees. The wave of sound and speed that followed behind it was leveling the trees it soared over, clearing a swath of the forest as it approached. In its descent upon them they would gain their first real impression:'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'It was a drake-like being with hard, ridged blue scales and a banana-yellow underbelly nearly as large as a airliner with arms and feet ending in saber-long talons that it pinched to its chest as its mighty wings flapped. A tail with strange, hooked barbs dragged behind it like a natural man-catcher and as it reached the clearing it picked out the most readily available target -- a shining, mirror-coated man who had foolishly climbed into a pocket of trees and who shimmered like an winter-season ornament!!'

[CHAT] Hiram grimaced. A flashing, red reticle with the word [WARNING] filled his vision momentarily around the giant drake-bird...and Hiram vanished. A puff of dust, swearing and shaking underbrush, as well as a dissolving, large Loop indicated Hiram had launched himself back into the trees. Now, other loops formed under him, launching the Kanassian forward. "Computer, begin remote startup on Ride Liner II." Elsewhere, partially hidden by tree foliage, the eggshell-painted vehicle hummed to life, its fusion motor glowing to blue vibrance. Hiram couldn't fly...unaided. Things that big...he'd seen things like that in the depths of Kanassian jungles.

chat *narrows her eyes at Amon a moment as he watches the interactions. Definitely some hostility there. But it really didn't have time to go over all of that. That looks like a fight. Normally it likes the hunt... but right now it was being hunted. The woman gives a small smirk, "&pWell this is gonna be interesting...&g" is all she manages to say, fully shifting her attention to the large dragon-like thing and moving away from the swipe--looks like it was going after Hiram this time. Need to find a way to fight this thing. Energy blasts would be good... it really needed that practice.

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[CHAT] Crescendo narrows her eyes at Amon a moment as he watches the interactions. Definitely some hostility there. But it really didn't have time to go over all of that. That looks like a fight. Normally it likes the hunt... but right now it was being hunted. The woman gives a small smirk, "Well this is gonna be interesting..." is all she manages to say, fully shifting her attention to the large dragon-like thing and moving away from the swipe--looks like it was going after Hiram this time. Need to find a way to fight this thing. Energy blasts would be good... it really needed that practice that it didn't get yet.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"That's a giant bird," "That it is," "But you made up the giant bird," "I've been telling you for years, I'm a fucking psychic!" "The same psychic that had me drug my asset to suppress its meta-abilities while it has to fight off a giant bird," She took a pause. That was a harsh truth. The strength Amon had worked so hard to regain after being free'd from The Void was stripped from him. He'd be less helpful with this creature. When it made a pass over them, so close, so fast to the ground, the shockwaves took him off his feet'

[CHAT] Shakendo watches as the creature makes for a direct flight towards Hiram he gets out of the path of the creatures flight and looks to see if there's any weak spots that it has 'I don't wanna just start throwing ki blasts at it but I do need to do something' &the takes a quick glance at Crescendo who looks to be getting ready for a fight and then Amon who is just standing there until the shockwaves knock him over 'Flying will be beneficial here, just gotta pick the right moment' he thinks to himself as he mentally readies himself for a fight.

[Missing beastie post goes here but it's got a symbol marked "Overlord" on it and it crashed]

[CHAT] Amon was blown over by the swooping enterance of the wyvren, taken completely off his feet and rolling through the air and continuing on along the ground until he slid into the basin of a shallow gully. The drugs; they were still in his system, suppressing his strength and reactions to the point where he was less than a mere man. The good Doktor's work. Still, Amon managed to climb himself out, searching the area for the beast. It saw the creature but also...Amon was on his belly, still birthing himself free when the symbol on the creature's chest instantly caused him to have the mother of all headaches. It triggered something in him, a memory that his brain was trying to fetch across an ocean of lost time. All he could remember was one phrase :Kay ayy vuss, Telarr:

[CHAT] Hiram climbed on board Ride Liner II and kicked off, speeding back towards the clearing with a low whine of the turbines. [The hell is that thing...] The helmet flashed, the Warp crystals inside beaming information into his mind directly. [Right...the hell is that symbol, then?] The helmet's indexes didn't know, either. "Save an image and send it back to the Lamprey for processing." He folded the handlebars together into a control stick and drew his pistol, coating it in ectoplasm. [Just like we practiced on New Haven...] The pistol cracked out a thunderous boom as it fired an anti-vehicle round, Loops in front of it accelerating the slug to Mach 2!

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The wyvern opened its maw and bellowed, -SCRAWWW!- as its mighty wings began to beat. The dirt beneath its lower talons began to rise, tiny stones lifting into the air as the powerful winds birthed from the extensions of its scaled cowl brought rise to a small cyclone and dustbowl. From the surrounding forest the revving engine of Hiram'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The creature's beaked head turned towards where the blast of energy was careening at super-sonic speeds towards it and just as the bullet of ki would have struck its mark the drake unfurled its wings with all its might. The bullet would be easily caught in the sudden hurricane of winds and was tossed back in a seemingly random direction... if one had forgotten the presence of the Namek and the disguised Mimic. As the blast hit near their position the ensuing explosion would send them both reeling off the same gully that Amon had fell down, but they were in far worse condition and would not be returning to aid their allies!'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"What the hell is that? What is he saying?" Both Nox and Sin were watching the entire scene unfold from his mansion in New Hope. The woman sitting at the helm of multiple computer screens rolled her chair over to another set up she had and started typing in furiously. "Teller? Teller? Telarr..! Henris look at this," she showed her boss an old web video of a Namekian meta named Telarr from a few centuries ago. The file told of the creature's exploits and how it "ruled" the Earth for a time, then vanished. "So why is he reacting this way to some old Namekian meta that died off hundreds of years ago?" Amon, now on his feet, pounded his head as he stumbled around in a drunken fog. :Vash 'un dore grazil. Bay semic, Telarr!!: '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'It caused him such pain, trying to remember his past through the damage the Void had done to his mind. Each time he followed the vein back towards his own memories, his mind would make a sharp turn into a black wall and leave him with nothing. It was like he was running a maze, but each dead-end caused him more suffering. As Shakendo and Crescendo went flying over his head, he fell to his knees, letting out a roar, a viscious cry with all of his might, then bashed his head directly into the ground, spidering the dried earth. -That is a symbol of the False-God Telarr- he finally said with a semi-sane state of mind.'

[CHAT] Hiram veered away from the cyclone as the beast beat its fearsome wings, steering the small craft around, following the current of the wind. His helmet pinged. [INFORMATION FOUND IN EARTH DATABASES.] Images scrolled through the HUD. "...did I meet that one? He looks like someone I met once WOAH!" A flying shrub nearly smashed into the craft, but Hiram rolled away in time. He raised one hand at the creature. "Right. You're the product of some rogue meta that wanted to rule, it seems. I am NOT having shit from the past FUCKING WITH THE FUTURE!" Wisps of cyan whipped up around Hiram, making a dent in the wind-wall as a fissure of light formed in front of Hiram's outstretched palm.-

[CHAT] Hiram -Instinctively, Hiram seemed to feel the wild, electric presence of the Warp flowing through him into his hand. "EAT LIGHTNING!" The fissure was pried open, a manhole-sized hole in reality opening in front of Hiram, held wide by his ki reserves. Purple, black and white flashes were seen from the hole before a wide, blindingly-bright bolt of Warp lightning screamed through the wind barrier, causing dust to blossom outward as it careened towards the wyvern!

[CHAT] Someone: -- '-SCRAWWWWeeeE???- A proverbial lightning storm was brought to bare before the Kanassian and the torrential outpour of psychic energy from the astral realm ripped apart the barrier of winds that surrounded the drake with a thunderous explosion. The multi-colored tendrils hit the creature with full force, lifting it off into the air with super-human power, the drake's flesh becoming transparent between the residual "shocks" and pulses of the Kanassian's power, the skeleton beneath flashing as if it were being hit by an x-ray. As the beast crashed onto its back, the bolts continued to lick at its body, charring whole sections of its blue and yellow scales... but such a creature had been created to endure more than just one blast. Craning its neck, the beast's belly expanded to twice its normal girth before a sudden vomit of sticky purple saliva fired at Hiram like a cannonball.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Boss..." Sin spoke softly as she looked over a more recent article under the search of Telarr. The caption read "SOLE SURVIVOR" and showed the imagine of an indigenous man on one of the turtle islands standing on a bluff, an entire forest burning behind him. The picture was blurred and all they caught was the silohouette, but it was a tall speciman with a long, dreadlocked mane. "Man survives forest fire that wipes out an entire tribe of people living on oneof the turtle islands...but that can't be," The figure in the picture and the figure of Amon, who was coming to his feet, watching Hiram and this dragon exchange blows, looked to be decades apart. Though it was clear they were one in the same. -Ah za voos. Tokiri bresjirk yushik gren- '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'With the beast on its back and the shiny head distracting it, Amon's bare feet raced along the grass and dirt of the open plain, then launched him high into the air. If the saliva fired at Hiram was to be the cannonball, then Amon aimed to take out the barrel, bringing both feet down to attempt to crush the throat of the beast.'

[CHAT] Hiram could still see where he was aiming as the lightning built up its intensity, whipping around like a maddened serpent! Trees were scarred and burnt into by the burning astral stream, and Hiram felt his control grow tenuous; the ki ring holding the portal open was cracking. The saliva was knocked off-course by the stream, just grazinbg Hiram's steering arm, causing the Ride Liner II to juke dangerously untiul he got it back under control. SOmething told him though, it was imperative to not break the stream!

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The bolts of energy surrounding the drake were coalescing and gathering power and intensity, building into a "net" of lightning that was now causing severe burns. The drake, in its intense focus on its shining prey had, however, forgotten the other assailents in the forest. From above Amon slammed down onto its neck with both feet like a blunted guillotine and the thick saliva it was producing was bottled, several jets even erupting from its own nose as putrid, purple snot.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- '-GRAAagghhghgghh!!- It's eyes went white, small beads of salted water forming at the corners of the tear ducts as it suffocated for breath and struggled beneath the weight of the man... Thankfully, Amon in his emanciated state was not quite the boulder it would take to pin such a beast. A flourish of the creature's wings and a twist of its massive body would right the drake just before it launched into the air with Amon still on its back in a vain hope to take the fight where it retained an advantage and so that it could escape the pouring tendrils of power from the Kanassian. Blood leaked from the wounds caused by Hiram's lightning...'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Hey, Sin!" The woman had been reading up on the hot pockets of information that still remained of Amon back when his island burned and forgotten about the battle that was actively happening. She slid the chair back over to the other station and placed the headset on only to see Amon on the back of the beast, being carried into the air. With just one arm, it was hard for him to get a strong grip onto the tough scales that ran down the length of the back of the drake, but he had seen the predicament Shiny was in. With each beat of the powerful wings and the higher they rose, the more Amon's grip slipped. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Soon, they were at a height that even he feared falling from and the nails on his hand were cracking, trying to clutch the back of the beast. So Amon let go...only for a moment, then rolled in the air. The flat flesh on his shoulder caught a dripping gloop of the spittle draining from the dragon's mouth and Amon twisted himself again, sticking himself on the belly of the beast with its own sticky drool. He grinned beneath the mask and clenched his free fist tight.'

[CHAT] Hiram grimaced. Whoever that was was going to get hit with the warp lightning unless he was VERY nimble...and there it was. Too much power was flowing through for Hiram to handle, the ki ring shattered and dissolved, the portal snapping shut like it had never existed. Energy cascaded along its path to the wyvern, finally crashing like a wave on a breaker! Hiram drew back a moment, catching his breath and going to draw his...[SON OF A BITCH MY HOLSTER GOT GUMMED.]

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'Soaring over the boughs of the trees into the air of the Bear Forest the drake's trajectory was... less than graceful as shocks of ambient psychic energy still leaped around its form, burning off whole patches of scales, not to mention that extra weight it was now cradling on its belly. The drake's head turned down towards the human that had found a surprising and inventive way to keep hold, -Enjoying your flight?- It's voice was a reptilian rasp and as it spoke it attempted to grab Amon, hoping to at least -share- the pain from the lightning before Hiram's attack broke concentration.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The mighty wing beats of the creature were taking it far from where the Kanassian and the Rideliner currently were, the two of them sailing out over a calm and beautiful lake surrounded by jagged eruptions of rock. -Heh.. hehe.. hahaha...!- The wyvern began to speed up as it made the approach towards these outcroppings, coming in low so that its belly, and Amon, would scrape together.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Oi oi oi oi. AMON!!" Sin screamed out as she saw the rush of lightning arc'ing through the air like a sideways bolt piercing the clouds as if unleashed by Zeus himself. The man, did in fact, share the burden with the mighty dragon, his own body violently shaking, skin lathered with heavy net of the psychic lightning erupting and shocking his entire frame -rrrRRRRAAAAHHHH- he roared out in pain, but was quickly silenced. His body was stuck to the belly of the beast and he had little means of avoiding the rocky out croppings. *CRASH* one. *CRASH* two. *CRASH* three. One after another he broke through the solid crusts until eventually he broke free from the beast and skipped briefly along the surface of the water before floating in the middle of the lake.'

[CHAT] Hiram swore as he turned the cycle to face the direction the wyvern had shot off in. Hitting a switch with his free hand, he accelerated forward as more of the Liner's engine power was brought to bear on the thrusters and away from mobility. Flight Mode engaged, the craft streaked off across the sky after the wyvern and its passenger. Once the beast came into sight, Hiram opened up his hand again, several Loops forming in front as well as several crystals behind. Centering the loops on where the helmet's computer told him the wyvern was going based off its trajectory, Hiram fired off all six shards at supersonic speed! If the aiming paid off, they'd strike its eye!

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Nox was backing away from the monitor, his hands placed on his head and his mouth left agape. In all of his days of street fighting, he had seen some things, but -nothing- like what he just witnessed. Both he and Sin were silent, their brains trying to comprehend what they just witnessed. Both of them were career criminals, but there was just something inately human that made them shocked to see someone they knew hit the water the way Amon did and sink below the surface. "Did we just...did we just kill him!?" Sin was more emotional about the ordeal. She who just read of his buried past was also the one who made the suggestion to dose him with the serum. Nox, was more thinking of the figures he just saw sink to the bottom of that lake. The resources wasted. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Then a geyser errupted from the surface of the lake, the giant pillar of water reaching nearly twenty meters high followed by the harrowing cry of a scorched demon. Amon shot out from within the pillar, his scream so primal that it was barely recognizable as that of a man anymore. Both of his eyes were neon red gems glowing in his head, a black aura twisting and forming over his body. He took a second jump in the air, cutting a deep, parting line in the water's surface, his tightly clenched fist aimed to pierce the Shiny Head which covered his grey body with the wicked lightning burns that covered his bare chest, face and back.'

[CHAT] Hiram blinked. The helmet was telling him that Amon was inbound, and fast! He was tied to his bike...literally, or else he'd bail and send it away from harm. He could take a punch, but it couldn't! Focusing on the black fireball of a man headed his way, Hiram formed a series of ever-larger Loops, their kinetic energy pushing back, back the way Amon came! "Woah woah WOAH! Cool your jets, we don't even know if that thing's DEAD. Try to punch me later, OK?" The helmet's sensors arrays were digging around the lake, trying to find it...[May have to ditch the jacket and gloves and go diving...]

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The energy surrounding Amon, the dark aura that flared like a flame, slowly brought itself into shape and form around his body, condensing itself to be barely a thin shimmer outlining his frame. He could feel it now, the power sapped from him by the serum was coming back like the rush of a lake pouring down a channel after the dam had finally broken. All thanks to exerting himself, his body was able to burn through it. Each movement he made, the shimmer of power rumbled, threatning to errupt prematurely, but through his sheer will, he kept it in control. Once the power he was gathering was ready, a spark flashed over his entire body, encasing him with fire that burned from his fist. Hiram would see, the visage of a dark beast as Amon met the "loops" of kenetic energy ment to keep him out, but the man used his focused energy to punch into and hopefully through the barrier, the shockwaves from said impact causing seven plumes of flame to erupt outwards around the two of them.'

[CHAT] Hiram grit his teeth as the loops seemed to be doing fuck-all to slow this thing down. Then as the being's energy focused, an idea came to Hiram's mind. Without thinking it over any more, Hiram summoned Ectoplasm and spun the bike just in time for Amon to make contact. Flames erupted, and Hiram was sent, bike and all, spinning away. He looked down, his hand ringing in pain, most of the protective coating now burned away...along with the goop. His hand was free! Hiram tapped a few keys on the spinning bike's control pad and bailed over the lake, diving headlong into the water! The bike, once it righted itself mid-flight, turned and SHOT off.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The calm surface of the lake began to erupt, beginning as small ripples at its center that quickly escalated into torrential waves. Rays of energy began to shine from beneath the water, streaking upward and touching the overcast clouds, tinting the sky a meadow-yellow color just as the lake opened like a bowl, walls of water jettisoning out and being held aloft by the surging power of the creature that now stood upon the wet lake-bottom. Its form had slimmed, becoming humanoid in nature.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'One could almost mistake it for a Namekian if not for the folded wings upon its back. It was nearly six feet tall with an elongated face that narrowed into a reptilian snout without a nose, its eyes were red embers of hell-fire encased in black gel and its muscles were cut to near-absolute definition. -YOU'LL PAY FOR THESE TRANSGRESSIONS!- It bellowed as it lifted its hand and pointed an extended finger towards the careening Rideliner. A Dodon-ray of energy rocketed from the tip to quickly remove the Kanassian's means of facing him in its favored environment.'

[CHAT] Amon made contact, but the Shiny Head was not splattered to pieces, nor was the machine hand scattered to the wind. Amon was still flying forward, looking down at the creature as it took off across the surface of the lake. The surface that was changing. A beam of light barely missed him as he soared over the water, causing him to turn in the air. His feet scrapped along the surface as his ki kept him on top of the water, which he road like a rolling wave. The creature was back, and some sense came back to Amon, the light in his eyes dimming back down to their normal orange glare. The Shiny was right, it would have to settle that lightning blast score later. First this remnant of the past needed to be taken care of. Sin, watching still, even though the contraption over his face had been destroyed, kept her headset on. Amon rushed back into the battle, both he and the woman sharing a collective roar.

[CHAT] Hiram grimaced again underwater, gathering his thoughts as his helmet reported severe damage to Ride Liner II. Two of its four flight engines had been...seared off from the machine and caused it to veer sharply to starboard, going down among the trees. He'd have to collect it with the Lamprey and repair it later. In the meantime...the source of the beam that had downed his cycle was more or less above him. Forming six new crystals as the water crashed down from the rising, splitting and whatever else, Hiram forced all six together and launched them up with three or four Loops, his helmet feeding him distance information. When the crystals would be mere feet from the creature, Hiram would snap his fingers, detonating all six at once!

CHAT] Someone: -- 'The child of Telarr met Amon head on, the two of them trading a flurry of blows within the bowl of water that was still radiating out from the creature's power. Their knuckles and knees cracked together, each blow causing the waves around them to push further and further back. Telarr's lost Son was, however, faster and stronger. After a few seconds of furious combat he began to weave inbetween the blows, his body bobbing between the human's strikes that cut through "afterimages" of his form. The Son's eyes darted to his right and then suddenly, without warning he "vanished" in a jump of super-human speed that would outrace the sensors of the Kanassian's helmet.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The walls of water began to close back down just as Hiram's shards made their approach and were only a mere half-second from detonation. In the sky above the creature reemerged, his body laced with lines of zanzoken-speeds with his arm crossed over his neck. -DESTRUCTIVE WAVE!- the limb swiped in a horizontal arc over his chest and as it did so a massive surge of power would erupt from the lake-floor beneath the sector where Hiram was floating, traveling upward with the force of a small hydrogen bomb. With any luck, they would both die in the aftermath.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Down in the bowl the two of them created, the surrounding waves tried to collapse down around them, but the ferocity of their fight, the impact of the blows kept pushing the water away. Amon, so into his emotions, stuck upon the fury that was feeding him, that he fell right into the trap. The equalibriam broke and Amon was left swinging a fist at a hollow after-image of his prey. When he turned he was met with all six of Hiram's blasts, launching him through the collapsing water all the way to the beach of the lake.'

[CHAT] Hiram was launched upwards, his suit barely protecting him from the boiling upsurge of water. It was a good thing he had gills, or he'd be struggling to breathe right now. His helmet plipped. ['WYVERN' SIGNATURE RE-ACQUIRED] Hiram turned to face the reticle, using his fins to guide him in the upsurge and held his fingertips out. [Account for rise and fall...and...] The wyvern would see a flashing hole in the air where Hiram was before ANOTHER lightning bolt of Warp energy was summoned from the astral plane, screaming once again at the namek...demon...dragon...thing...[TARGET. THERE'S THE WORD. SON OF A BITCH THING ATTACKS, TRIES TO SCOOP ME UP, BLASTS MY RIDE. FORGET GREATER GOOD, IT'S PERSONAL TOO.]

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'If Hiram had been hoping to out-pace the ascended child of Telarr, he was gravely mistaken. The air was it's domain. Hovering above the massacred lake whose edges were falling in and widening the beast extended one palm flat towards where the Kanassian had positioned himself as a radiating shield of energy engulfed him just as the bolts of warp-lightning struck.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The blast splintered, refracting into several multi-colored tendrils that lanced off and blew apart the surrounding landscape. Without pause the Namekian-demon rushed forward, his shield gaining small fractures, but lasting long enough for him to come within arms reach before swatted the Kanassian's arms, and his blast aside while reaching out and attempting to grab hold of Hiram's wrist. He he managed such a lock, a super-human throw would send Hiram to the very edge of the water where Amon had fallen. Unless they worked together, it was only a matter of time before the creature picked them apart...'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The blast splintered, refracting into several multi-colored tendrils that lanced off and blew apart the surrounding landscape. Without pause the Namekian-demon rushed forward, his shield gaining small fractures, but lasting long enough for him to come within arms reach before swatted the Kanassian's arms, and his blast aside while reaching out and attempting to grab hold of Hiram's wrist. He he managed such a lock, a super-human throw would send Hiram to the very edge of the water where Amon had fallen. Unless they worked together, it was only a matter of time before the creature picked them apart...'

[CHAT] Hiram skipped across the water like a rock, landing next to Amon. The helmet had a crack in it and Hiram was breathing shallowly. "You...got anything?"

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The human was down. Telarr's Son was nearly certain of that. The Kanassian... the shiny man... was proving more taxing on his reserves. He didn't have another explosion left to blow them to pieces with, but he was strong and nimble enough without one. The creature's wings extended and like a bat out of hell he descended down towards him, his body cutting a swath through the lake with cascading walls that exploded out like a trench in either direction as he barreled towards the pair with one arm cocked back like the hammer of a gun for a haymaker intent on busting them both into a fine paste of blood and gore. If they didn't act quickly he was about to drop a death-dealing blow on one, perhaps both, of them.'

CHAT] Amon was still a charred, smoking, husk laying on the beach, hair splayed out, rising and falling with the movement of the tide when Hiram skipped to a stop next to him. He let out a low grunt, rolling over to his side and dragging his hands and feet through the mud and sand, bringing himself to his knees. His body was littered with scars, some very recent and the lightning tattoos from Hiram were still fresh. -Try to hit me Should hit him instead- Humor? Was it being so close to yet another defeat that Amon had a brief break in his dark, imposing character or was something coming back? Whatever the internal struggle happening with him was, it was superseded by his wild senses kicking in high gear. If not for his previous fight with the other human, he would not have known the danger that was coming. Like before, when he lost sight of his enemy and he was lost in that void of unknowing...it was exactly the same.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '-Down!- he barked at the Shiny, placing a hand on Hiram's helmet. Everything was moving in slow motion, himself jumped in the air, using Hiram to balance himself and bring his body around with a counter to the rushing Dragon, a snap kick hopefully strong enough to stun it and let the Shiny unload.'

[CHAT] Hiram read what Amon was doing. As he rose, Hiram took off his helmet and grabbed Amon's ankle briefly, but it was long enough. Silvery liquid coated the man like a second skin, giving a modicum of protection. Meanwhile...[Okay...I have enough in me for one last portal. If he can stun that...thing...I think I can unload what's left of my power reserve.]

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'Flying low and coming in with super-human speed the cocked arm shot out towards Hiram's head, fully intent on decapitating the Kanassian but... -SCREE?!!- The creature reverted to its beastily reply as the fist punched the air where it had been only a moment before Amon dragged his fellow fighter beneath it. A shockwave resounded over the beach as the follow-up attack clocked Telarr's lost Son at the collar and neck with a loud *CRACK* as the bone was splintered and sent him tumbling. His body rolled across the soft, brown sand until he came to rest. Every rise and fall of his chest brought gurgles of blood and it seemed... they had the upper hand but who knew how long it would last? The pair would need to hurry and combine their strength.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Hiram caught Amon's leg right as he was landing from the kick and it was not a moment too soon. The moment his feet hit the sand and water, he was running, taking off in a dead sprint while the ectoplasm slowly reached over his body like a fast growing moss, only it was clear and gave his body a sheen in the sun's parcing rays. "Go! Go! Go! Go!" Sin, still watching on the monitor, was half standing in her chair, grabbing the screen and shaking it with her hands as Amon took off. There was a tree that grew up from the bank on a slant through the ground into a small cliff not far from the shore that Amon ran up. As he passed through, a whoosh and a blur through the tree, several thick branches came up missing until he took to the air, leaping again this time with his arm full of sharp, wooden stakes he chopped off as he passed. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- '- Rrrraaa Ha Ha HA!- There was a wild look in his eyes. His tongue hung out like a starved animal. He was a beast that enjoyed the thrill of the hunt not because he needed to feast. These were the dangerous eyes of a creature that just enjoyed killing. While in the air, he took the thickest of his spears and chucked it down at the Son's wing, trying to pin it down to the ground. One after another, he launched these poles down in a rain of death, hopefully pinning it long enough for The Shiny to do it's thing.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The creature stirred, choking up mouthfuls of blood and looking around him with dazed eyes. He flexed the fingers of his hand and had just begun to rise when a stake was driven through it. -SCRAWWW?!?!?!- the creature screamed and jostled and pain as a rain of splintered spears punctured his chest three times before two more cut through his calves. The earth wasn't rigid or deep to exactly keep him 'pinned' as Amon would have liked but the damage was thorough enough to make him more or less immobile. He was literally defenseless for the oncoming barrage of shards that were amassing over the Kanassian's head. -No! Please! I take it back! I-I-I... could help you? We could be... allies? FRIENDS! NOOOO!-'

[CHAT] Hiram stood up and held out his hands to either side. 6, then 12, then 24, then 36 Warp shards winked into existence around him. "No. You're PAST the bargaining stage, friend." A Loop formed in front of him as he looked up at Amon. "You'll want to step back. We can settle our differences later. For now, let's enjoy the fireworks." A cruel glint in Hiram's eye reflected the light from the shards as they swarmed through the Loop into the creature, not detonating until the very last one had stuck, all 36 going up at once, sending sand and water sky high! When the smoke cleared, the lake would have a round, new addition.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Fuck yeeeeaaaaah! Awwww. That just made my -dick- hard!" Sin screamed into the monitor as the fireworks went off and the Son of Telarr was made into the son of millions of pieces. The woman got up from her chair and pulled Nox in, giving him a long and hard kiss. She walked off down the hallway, still whooping and cheering at her comrade's victory, Nox left shocked, annoyed, but overall pleased that his Beast was still alive. Amon, was in the air, hovering slightly, bobbing up and down like a bird trying to use its wings for the first time on a slow decent until he touched back down on the beach. One threat was over, but another still remained. His glare remained on Hiram, hard and unflinching.'

[CHAT] Hiram flopped back on the sand. "Wooo, we did it. Some relic from the past has been obliterated, my bike is in tatters, you look like you came out of a meat grinder and I think my arm's broken. All in all, a good day." He sat up. "Glare all you want, you know neither of us is in shape for a rematch right now. Later when we're both fresh?"

[CHAT] Amon: -- '-Tsk- Was all he offered in return, turning his back to The Shiny and starting up the bank of the lake. Town was south and it would be a day or two before he reached it if he walked all night. -I'll devour you- He said in a firm voice, starting to walk in the dusking south, body still charred and burned from the sastisfying fight.'

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Re: *Worst lake trip ever

Post by Rizion » 13 Aug 2017, 21:45

Can we all agree that Sin stole the show here?

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Re: *Worst lake trip ever

Post by ikenbon » 14 Aug 2017, 08:56

Good job to Hiram and Amon for finally making it through this plot lock and being part of what I thought was a great fight.

I'm not going to discuss the beginning of this log in any great detail due to one of the characters no longer being with us but generally until Amon made his appearance this roleplay reads as a rather awkward meeting. My initial goal with the Son of Telarr was just to give all of you a common enemy, strut your ki blasts and abilities and get you to work as a team so that you would have a reason to build in-character bonds. That did not go quite as planned (the teamwork part).

An unintended side effect of this log is that Amon was able to give us a glimpse of who he was before his character's "death" at the hands of Haggis. I really enjoyed all of the interactions between the Ten Rings and Amon in the background of this roleplay. At times its was very funny and they even show a level of concern for Amon that I think went beyond him being just an asset to them. This was such a clever way for you to maneuver the character and allow him to participate in areas that might have been off limits to him because of his personality and current state. I also want to congratulate Amon for just getting into the thick of that fight and playing it out, even sticking to his characters guns to such an extent as to attack another PC who had slighted him. I told you at Hell's Gates that it felt like a Piccolo vs Goku moment at the end of Deadzone, and I wanted to let you two draw out your fighting a bit more but only you were really committed to that brief interlude.

As for Hiram, I was blown away by a number of your posts. You showed great depth and description once the fighting started. It's almost like a completely different person is behind the wheel of the character once there's a little bit of action.

I was honestly having quite a bit of fun with it but, it would seem we were not on the same wave length. Towards the end of the long you expressed that you were "Bored" because I chose to have the Son of Telarr block your Warp Lightning attack with a barrier. I think your frustration stemmed from the idea that I wasn't playing out your ability exactly as you had imagined it on your character sheet, that the lightning should have looped around and hit the Son of Telarr anyway. This was your reply to that incident:

[CHAT] Hiram skipped across the water like a rock, landing next to Amon. The helmet had a crack in it and Hiram was breathing shallowly. "You...got anything?"

That's a very passive aggressive way of saying, I'm only going to roleplay at my best when I get what I want, which isn't acceptable. Things don't always happen the way we want on CHAT. You can no more expect me to be analyzing your wiki page and scrutinizing your abilities and inventions than I can assume you've been reading every log that I have on the forum and are up to date on all the current events on the channel. If you're really very concerned about your skills being handled exactly as you imagine them, you could spend more time in your posts explaining how they function. I am a very old school style roleplayer. That should be pretty evident from this entire encounter. I'm more than content with simple energy blasts and self explanatory powers. I have very rarely needed to go into great detail as to what they do and they're often just as effective. If there is some special property to your blasts, mention them in your post or tell someone on CHAT OOC before you decide you're "Bored" again.

And for what it's worth, the reason I mostly ignored your last Warp Lightning attack was because while Amon was clearly showing himself getting thrashed and beaten up, I didn't feel like I was presenting much of a challenge for you. This is the one attack in the entire log that you didn't "land" on someone, and I needed to make sure both fighters were getting equal punishment.

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