*Ensign Sickbay Takes Candy from Strangers

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*Ensign Sickbay Takes Candy from Strangers

Post by Kairus » 13 Aug 2017, 16:09

[CHAT] Wonker was lost. He didn't like it. He'd assumed his name was Ensign Sickbay, though that didn't feel right, but that's what people shouted in the ship. Thoughts were easier after consuming the captain. It had a small, metal stick in its pocket...a "nife" it'd heard someone say when he showed it to them. They threw strange green paper at him and ran away. The paper tasted awful. Another man with a metal stick! Surely he'd get the taste of ink and paper out of its mouth!

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Jence rolled her eyes at Saul as they sat perched on a couple of gargoyle statues displayed on a local apartment tower, their eyes glancing over the city. "You know brother, Robert's already cleared this city... I don't know why you've got to be all up tight. We know there aren't any Tuffles here." Saul grumbled, glancing at his sister. "Dear sister... Do shut up... We drew Sector 71. Criminal underworld, and the collective has decided we're to aid local law enforcement and the EDF in whatever way possible."

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'She grumbled again, "cYes, but seriously... We're hanging out on gargoyles. What are we going to be doing up here?" Saul grumbled annoyed, "Alright, how about you go get us some food. You can stretch your legs, and..." He tapped his left temple, "I'll give you a ping." Saul knew the more civilian designed Jence wouldn't understand the danger this assignment presented. He supposed she'd learn though. '

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Jence smirked, flipping off the gargoyle backwards, landing on the roof of the building with grace and heading back into the stair-well. The HAVOC around her, which still bore the pattern of the surface of the gargoyle retracted away revealing a woman with silver-skinned tones who appeared in her early to mid twenties. Shoulder length, dark silver colored hair, and dressed in a relatively compact tactical suit. She tossed a capsule as she headed down the stairs, a jacket exploding from it which she then pulled over the militaristic looking uniforms top half. In a few minutes she was at the bottom, taking the exit out onto the streets. There was a cafe a few blocks from here, it would buy her more time than a fast food place... '

[CHAT] Wonker: -- '-The man hadn't known what to expect. He'd been waiting for some mark...not this gangly...THING approaching him in a jumpsuit. The featureless face seemed to be staring right at him as a split formed where the mouth is. "What-what are you?" The man held a knife up, his source of income now the only thing between him and this monster. "ENSIGN SICKBAY!" the thing screeched, attacking the man. Jence would hear cracking and tearing noises from a nearby alley under the scaffolded sky...'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Jence turned her head, a mild expression of annoyance on her face... Son of a bitch, if she heard it down here that meant... She glanced her head up, right on time... Saul's voice was urgent, aware of the location it was heard from Jence and calculating the most likely originating spot. "The second you leave... Go figure..." Jence was annoyed, Saul was already moving, using the scaffolding of the city to descend in a manner of seconds where Jence took minutes. As he landed, the stone linings fitting with his perch began to fade away revealing a smokey-silver full covering body-suit, the upgraded HAVOC. Jence sighed, concentrating a moment and letting the priming solution flow back to her own HAVOC, activating it once again, her hands removing the jacket she had just purchased and tossing it into the door-frame of the stairs.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Saul took to the overhead as Jence calmly walked through the alley in that direction, approaching the alley where the screams had been heard from. She put her back against the filthy brick and mortar, the HAVOC adapting itself into a matching camouflage with the wall. Saul moved over-head, slower now making no noise, his own HAVOC gradually shifting with his slow, well timed movements. '

[CHAT] Wonker kept eating the human, blood and bone and organ all going into the thing's skin surface, Ensign Sickbay feeding well. New thoughts filled its mind, further organizing it. A bone snapped and dissolved in its systems as it turned its head around. A finger vanished into the smooth, milk-white face of the creature as it stood, the pool of blood around it not marking it in the slightest. It tilted its head at the odd silence. "Kree?"

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Saul had confirmation, he shared the view with Jence. ("Call for the local authorities, and then back me up.") Saul jumped down from above, a hilt in his hand which held magical insignia lining it. He pulled the hilt over head, one of the many blades crafted by the mage Dumastin and then passed onto Jules to arm his family... The magical blade was silver in color as it extended from the hilt, a soft white glow burning over it. To most things, it would act as a normal blade... To those born of chaos magic or the Epitome, it would deal significantly more damage. Saul didn't care for 'how' it worked, or 'why' it worked. It was a tool he had been issued and trained with, and with it, he would cleave this... Odd abomination.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Jence responded to Saul's message with her mind by withdrawing her cell-phone, dialing the emergency line. A ring, "Emergency Dispatch, How may I help you?" Jence spoke calmly, "Yes, I would like to report a murder on alley of Durmounth by Central 58th. " There was an air of concern in the dispatchers voice, "Dispatching units now, is the incident Meta-Human related..." Jence peaked over, noting the Pink blob absorbing the blood splattered on it... "I would say most likely yes, something absorbed a guy. It's still here. My brother and I will try to contain it..." ]'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'A protest, "Now ma'am, it's safer for you to wait for the police to arrive." Jence grunted, "Oh, I didn't tell you my name... Jence, Jence Salnor. I think we'll be fine until back up arrives." She scoffed and hung up the phone, their fathers name had become just as wide known as the rest of those who sacrificed themselves during the Hell on Sanctum. She thought it carried some weight at the very least...'

[CHAT] Wonker looked around, hearing a phone conversation. It looked around, then up...and began to climb. Leaping onto a dumpster and grabbing a fire escape, Wonker pulled itself up. It had eaten; now was the time to hide and digest. Someone was too close...its porcelain-white skin shone brightly under the tattered spacer jumpsuit it still wore since crashdown as it scrabbled up the old, rickety cast iron.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Saul narrowly missed the creature who had taken to the wall, Saul clipping the hilt back to his waste was the blade retracted back into it. From the holsters on his chest he pulled out twin pistols, the barrels following the creature and opening fire. Of course, these were merely standard copper-lead rounds as opposed to the enchanted munitions Dumastin had manufactured.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Jence had used a wall run to jump upwards and grab the railing opposite side where the creamy-white creature was scaling the wall under fire from Saul, she pulled a slender cylinder looking grenade from her belt, popping the pin and throwing it above where the creature was climbing. A simple flash-bang as she continued to make her way up. '

[CHAT] Wonker let out an inhuman screech as the flashbang went off, screaming at the bright light and loud noise above it, swiping a hand at it like a claw. "BAD NOISE!" It blindly climbed up, going by feel against the pain in its...where were its ears? It didn't have ears. Or eyes.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Saul closed his eyes in timing of the flash-bang his sister threw, she was already on the roof when his eyes opened again looking for the creature that had managed to find cover from his vantage on the ground... It didn't matter... He holstered his weapons and jumped up, following behind him.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Jence had withdrawn her own pistol, once again opening fire in the direction of the magic-demon. A railing was obstructing her few but the rounds would serve to keep it occupied while her brother ascended. '

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'From the shadows in a crevice behind him, there was a soft whisper... "Come... Come to safety..." The simplistic mind would feel itself being probed, a sensation of safety being found in the direction of the voice.

[CHAT] Wonker screeched at the probe, but then felt the sense of refuge coming from the crevice. Its bestial mind didn't htink too hard about it; Ensign Sickbay followed. It was a tight squeeze, but it managed to press its body through and was away, running!

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Wonker wouldn't get very far running, the holographic wall behind him was still being pelted with bullets which for now were seemingly deflected. He ran lovingly into the tall of a roughly five foot tall figure wearing a long black cloak and a black mask with a simple insignia marking each of its cheeks. The actual wall was already lowering back into place as the figure was guided into a metallic doorway which opened into what appeared to be an entire floor of this building having be purposed into a laboratory. Wonker had found 'safety' in a sense...'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Paul got up to the platform where the creature was last seen, drawing his weapons and performing a sweep. Jence joined him in a moment as sirens began to approach. A deep sigh, unsure as to where he had gone to. The duo holstered their arms and headed down, they were likely going to have to deal with the authorities since Jence was so idiotic as to brag about their lineage... That was... Paul was once again irritated. '

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The figure shook its head, saying nothing as he held out what appeared to be a piece of candy. They had been following this things anatomy since it's appearance in the city. He had been marked for study. He would once again feel a comforting sensation as the orb was offered. Wonker might notice that the faces in the area were all wearing surgical mask and wore basic laboratory gear including aprons. '

[CHAT] Wonker seemed to sniff at the orb, though it had no discernable nose. It looked up at the man with an eyeless stare, then took the candy and retreated to a corner to eat. The scrubs and masks meant nothing to it, it had not encountered what to it were strange, green people. "Why hhhhhelp Ensign Sickbay?"

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The figure once again said nothing, merely watching the creature eat... A moment after the entire thing was completely consumed the figure moved closer, crouching down and continuing to stare at him... The next thing Wonker would notice was the scene fade to black before opening his eyes yet again to see the same mask staring back at him from what he would assume to be his previous position. In reality, days had passed. The experiments were informative, but after the third test-subject was fully absorb and the drugged creature was still unable to form coherent sentences the choice had been made to cut him loose in the wild and monitor his progress. And so here they were deep in the jungles of the Earth southern continent... After another second, the masked figure had vanished leaving the creature alone. '

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Re: Ensign Sickbay Takes Candy from Strangers

Post by ikenbon » 16 Aug 2017, 08:56

I like the premise of Ensign Sickbay, it's a silly character that is very reminiscent of Buu with a slight twist of IT (Stephen King). It favors your writing style, I suppose, but there's nothing to chew on in these posts. Sometimes what isn't said is the best said, or so the saying goes. This isn't one of those times. This reads like you had a fleeting desire to RP and had a great start and then just lost interest or had to wrap it up quickly.

For what it's worth I was drawn to Jence. I like the description you gave for her and I liked that she wasn't nearly as serious. Wouldn't mind seeing her again. I felt like you made an honest effort here, Jules. I don't know what more you could have done, really. Chasing Wonker and shooting at him should be more than enough incentive for a full RP.

I wish I had more to say here, there's really just not much content. I won't be awarding RPP for this log. If you two want to do a follow up and post it as a comment to this one I'll come back through and give it a second read but as it stands there's a good beginning and then the RP just dissolves. This isn't what I expect from two veterans on the channel.

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Re: *Ensign Sickbay Takes Candy from Strangers

Post by Kairus » 19 Aug 2017, 19:18

I forget if you were here for the early half of this...Wonker was so in over his head here had he not just run, the next one might be titled Ensign Sickbay and the Grumpy Red Ogre XD. His option was run or die. I did want to rp, but yeah, it went from "oooh, Wonker will get to fight" to "oh shit Wonker gonna die".

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