*Salnor Legacy: The Celebrity and the Nobody

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*Salnor Legacy: The Celebrity and the Nobody

Post by Lye » 12 Aug 2017, 23:22

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Meanwhile... Back on Earth... Those who remained had separated and spread out to the major cities of the planet. There were a pair in each city, one who was of the tactical branch of what their father passed on and one of the medical branch. Jalt Salnor was one such member of the medical core who currently had little care for where his partner was. He was tasked with acquiring something along the lines of temporary housing. Funds weren't an issue, but what was 'good' in terms of what their tactical concerns were? Jalt hadn't a clue, which is why it puzzled him that Lahl would put him in charge of it while she scoured the cities-streets to make an assessment of the city and it's law-enforcement and various gang-affiliation... New Vitae was far to large... Such a task was going to take days... So that left Jalt sitting in a cafe' with a paper in front of him showing the housing listings, not knowing really what to do in terms of finding 'security.' '

[CHAT] Roas: -- '"What do mean I am still under contract?.... I don't care Charles, I already told you after Kick of Fury five I was taking a hiatus... It isn't my fau... Oh right, blame me because it was a flop. It definetly wasn't terrible writing. Who the hell says, 'I will kick your ass back back to whatever dimension you come from?'" The Namekian man in the back of this rather lavish limo was apparently not having a good day. And the way his deep voice carried through the closed windows ensured the whole street knew it. He sat in silence for a long time, listening carelessly to the man on the other end. His mind drifted, and he began to drum his fingers. "Roas! Did you hear me?! You have got to get back in the studio. A S A P." He sighed in return, shaking sure head. [Continued]'

[CHAT] Roas: -- '"Yeah, sure. When I can." With nary a word he flipped the link closed, sinking into his seat with a grunt. "Just stop here, Jad." With the command his driver pulled over by a small coffee shop. Downing a black fedora and a pair of sunglass, the Namekian did his best to disguise himself as he stepped into the street and made way to the little shop. 'Charles can kiss my green ass,' he thought as he reached for the door.'

[CHAT] Jalt continued skimming for the paper, any of these hotel rooms, apartments, or single-bedroom houses would adequately fit their needs in terms of a place to sleep... But which one was the best for... There were gasp from outside of the shop, the shutters of cameras falling as a gathering of tourist were gathering on the side-walks getting a gawk and a green skinned figure that seemed trying to hide. That was annoying... Jalt ignored the pony-show, he supposed he should have expected it... Even when his Grandfather Julian was still alive... He had memories of how celebrities had a tendency to attract crowds.

[CHAT] Roas: -- 'Despite the flocking masses, Roas seemed very much in his element. He hadn't been a star for very long, but when you're the hottest up and coming kung fu star and, a six and a half foot alien with green skin the people tend to gawk. He smiled, waved, even managed to stop and sign three autographs before finally making it to the door. "Alright folks, I said I wouldn't tell but..." he gestured widely before the crowd. "Gary Busamic, the antagonist in my new flick is just down the street at Roys." Working the crowd was his favorite part of stardom. He chuckled as enough of the majority charged down the street. The few that remained promised a coffee for them all if he got a moment of peace before finally heading inside.'

[CHAT] Jalt rubbed his temple, focusing on the Namekian for a moment... Within Vitae City was one of the most advanced pieces of energy disrupting technology available... Still... The same weak trickle that slowly spread from him and his siblings leaked from the Namek... He shook the thought, he didn't care much about the EDF recruitment drive his brothers and sisters were. Still... It was distracting... He shook his head, trying to ignore it and let the clearly ascended Namekian star enjoy his accolades.

[CHAT] Roas: -- 'Roas took easy strides to the counter, most everyone making way for him. Probably because of the free coffee he promised to dole out. His order was a simple as they came, coffee with six creams and sugars. He took a moment to inhale the pungent aroma giving him clarity among the chaos. That is when he noticed it. His master called it something ridiculous, but he knew it for what it was. He scanned the coffee shop, struggling to find the source. He only ever sense his master before, and was curious over this new entity.'

[CHAT] Jalt ignored the sudden heavy coughing and wheezing, his head throbbing. The 'star' was more than a distraction. He could likely ignore the That coughing intensified, gasp of concern... Jalt didn't even notice as he knocked his tea over rushing towards the table... A rather elderly man, a scream from a younger woman. A lover if he was wealthy, a child if he was not. Such things didn't cross Jalt's mind as he pulled him from the stall and positioned himself to perform a thrusting maneuver from behind to dislodge the large man's clogged esophagus, still focused on the annoying head-ache the distraction was causing... He didn't pay attention to the thanks or cries for cheer as the younger woman and small child she was besides, instead heading towards the side-exit, once again rubbing his temple.

[CHAT] Roas was focused. Watching the whole event transpire didn't unnerve him. He made his way to follow the stranger, the shop thankfully distracted by the recovering old man. Shoving past folks to get through the crowd only one tried to stop him, but to no avail. "Sorry.." was all he offered as he pushed the person off their feet in his rush to meet the stranger at the side door. "Wait.." he said placing his hand on the knob of the exit.

[CHAT] Jalt felt his senses burning as panic began to set in, he felt a brush of his long-lab style coat and turned, his elbow lashing out... The training was a failure, Jalt and his siblings had been put their the paces of basic training in the last few weeks, with a significant focus on close quarters combat... But a few weeks of training was no where near enough... His elbow struck the air and then as the shutters slammed Roas tackled his quickly to the ground. Jalt let out a scream, his hands pushing the Namekian away from him, saying nothing in the process, he needed to get out of here... He couldn't imagine his light silver skin was going to play well with the media... Tuffles weren't exactly smiled upon and he was his fathers child, his skin bore the same creamy silver tones even under his clothes.
[CHAT] Roas stifled the mans cry in a moment of surprise, shushing him as best he can. The attack had caught him off guard. Most people wouldn't dare because of his movies alone. He peeked over his shoulder to the heads turning to the sounds of stifled screams. A calculating look crossed over his face, before leaning in to whisper, "I won't hurt you, but you have grabbed their attention. I can't distract them this time." His face softened slightly, offering a slight wink. "I know what you are, and this is my only opportunity. I need you to shove me off you, and prepare to put on a show."

[CHAT] Jalt was understandably confused, all he wanted to do was get the hell out of here... Put on a show... "Get OFF OF ME!" He pulled his arms up, his knees suddenly tucking under the Namekian, his arms pushed first, followed by a powerful kick from his lower body. Jalt rolled to his left before pushing himself up, more than intending to spring for the exit. He didn't care that there were cameras on him, this was a bad situation, he needed to get the hell away...

[CHAT] Roas rolled with the push, but thanks to his acting training made the whole thing noticeably dramatic as he slammed into a table causing a rough racket. "Damn. You will not escape," he cried out with fury. He goes to stand, his eyes on the man before him.

[CHAT] Jalt was on his feet again, back turned towards the Namekian... His head was still throbbing, words flashing through his mind once again... 'Put on a Show...' Jalt slammed into the door, 'Put on a show..' He quickly checked in with his sister... ('Lahl... i'm dealing with a celebrity and he wants a show... What do I do?). The reply was all together not caring, ("Damn it, don't care, busy!") Lahl, unbeknownst to Jalt, had already become occupied... So he made his best decision... He stepped from from the door, his left hand raising as he side-stepped towards the nearest booth... "No More!"

[CHAT] Jalt: -- 'A scream, before his head ducked to the patron behind the plate his left hand had fallen on, a whisper... "Real sorry about this, I'll pay for your meal... I don't know what's going on..." The plate had a half-eaten omlette on it, as well as gravy, eggs, and Bacon, with a flick of his wrist he flung it at the Namekian, his right hand pulling out his billfold and tossing it into the lap of the stolen plate as he threw it, cameras still shuttering. '

[CHAT] Roas 's eyes widened as a breakfast platter had suddenly became a projectile. In a fluid motion he stood and made an attempt at a dodge. Though he was only partially effective as gravy and eggs splattered against his tailored jacket. He snorted arrogantly, making a show of discarding it. "I really liked that jacket." He slowly lowered himself into signature stance. "Scene." (Continued)

[CHAT] Jalt hadn't fallen into a fighting stance after the throw, instead he had backed towards the exit, his eyes darting back and forth trying to make sense of it all. He bowed his head momentarily before he slipped out the side-exit. He took to the side of the door, breathing heavily trying to calm himself. The rationalist in him struggling to come up with some reason. It would take him a moment to catch his breath... He did rather... Regret tossing his wallet however... He wouldn't have had time to put on a show and pull money from it, so at the time it made sense... He shook himself off, ('Do you need help Lahl, I can assist if i'm n...') An interruption, ("'Yes!') Jalt exhaled deeply, sensing out where his sister was in proximity to him.

[CHAT] Roas sighed heavily. &Z'Didn't even wait. ' Standing from his bow he gestured widely to the crowd. "Fantastic work people. Great potential here, except for you Karen." He points to some woman in the back, who calls out 'me?' Nodding he back peddles to the door calling out, "You were fantastic extras, checks will be in the mail. " He steps out the door, adding "Cantor Brother Studios will be in touch in a month. Checks are in the mail. Oh, and, delete those pictures. Copyrighted material and all. (Continued)

[CHAT] Roas now free from the crowd makes a quick glance around the ally for the other man. "I did actually like that jacket by the way. Cast fifty thousand zenni." He sighs, glancing to the street. "We both gotta get out of here. But I have questions."

[CHAT] Jalt jumped from his mental-trance as the door to his side slammed open.. The god damned Namekian... Jalt stepped away from him, putting his hands up... The problem was... Lahl was in danger and he had no intention of leaving her out to dry... There was no time with questions... He chuckled, laughing it off as he continued to back up... The leap that proceeded took Jalt ten meters into the air, his hands grabbing onto a ladder. He would make his way to the roof and then track his sister based on where her psionic signature was coming from. Would take longer than just meditating to find her, but... It had to be better than getting involved with a celebrity... So after his jump, he climbed, quickly making his way to the roof.

[CHAT] Roas sighs heavily as he cracks his neck. "Of course. I should have expect that." With great ease he jumped to the ladder behind the man muttering something about there always being a damn ladder. Climbed up behind the man shouting, "You're making this difficult."

[CHAT] Jalt pulled himself down into a kneeling position for a moment, trying to hone in on his sisters... There was sound behind him, the celebrity was following him... "Oh for the love of " In a moment he was sprinting across the roof towards the Southwest, where his sister was.

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Re: Salnor Legacy: The Celebrity and the Nobody

Post by ikenbon » 14 Aug 2017, 11:18

I'm really confused why "Jalt" spent so much of this roleplay running away from Roas, whose character I really wanted to see a lot more of. The "action movie star" is a trope we've not seen on channel in a really long time and it's the kind of character who absolutely belongs in the RP universe. A Namekian Bruce Lee has a lot of potential and I feel like he was giving Jalt an easy way to interact with him and not alert the population. Roas did well in quickly bringing his character to the scene, identifying Jalt by sensing his energy and attempting to engage him but Jalt didn't seem interested in the least.

Jalt's posts also had a lot of errors and were generally hard to follow. His motivations here are confusing at best. From a 0 to 60 attempt to save a choking patron's life to a haphazard brawl with screaming and plate throwing, Jalt came across on the page as a introverted lunatic. I suspect this secondary sub-plot going on in his mind about Lahl, his sister-Tuffle, being in danger was prioritized more than providing a new roleplayer a chance to show their stuff and make a new friend.

It's possible there's some context missing here as well. It reads as if there's a post missing between when Roas goes towards the door as Jalt is escaping, so maybe that missing post is what's throwing off the vibe here.

The log does end with the two of them heading in the direction of Lahl together so perhaps the second roleplay in this series will provide that opportunity but overall I would have preferred to get a better glimpse at Roas here, rather than immediately shuffling him off to deal with a NPC's side-quest.

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