*The Salnor Legacy: Reaching Out

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*The Salnor Legacy: Reaching Out

Post by Lye » 12 Aug 2017, 01:28

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert remained with his back against the wall on the side of a coffee shop, he had reached out to one of his old contacts. A Kanassian who specialized in tracking as well as a plethra of other things. Currently the those passing by him were oblivious to his position next to the trash can. His upgraded HAVOC had been deployed, he had been waiting since before the dawn for his contact to arrive. He fully expected the Kanassian to make the barely visible outline of his positioning, but he didn't need to go in for another half hour. '

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'His platoon was deployed, two squads split between Earth and Legende. Sweeping for any impression of a Tuffle infestation. It made sense that MacTep would want to reclaim Earth, so there was a high probability there would be some trace if they were thorough in their search. Robert didn't expect the Kanassian to be fooled by the Husk of the Tuffle birthed in memorial to a fallen EDF Hero, but the mental patters were similar enough... There were likely lingering traces of Julian within him as well. Robert didn't think about it, he had a contact that was willing to work for high pay,'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Sector 71: A neon metropolis whose lights were only intended to distract from the filth and poverty that crowded its streets. Dusk was fast approaching, the setting sun resting like a teetering drunk on the rim of the sky, its last ochre-gold rays refracting as they struck the great glass and steel steeples of the city skyscrapers. Light-trails wove in the air above the congested turbo highways as hundreds of starships docked and departed from Sector 71's most prominent structure, a massive crystalline starport whose architecture evoked images of primeval ziggaruts.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The hour for Robert's meeting was in fast approach and it would seem that the moment that the lit, digital display of the Banking Firm that stood on the street adjacent to the cafe he had chosen as his rendezvous point rolled over to [9:15] the trash can that he had taken his post beside resonated with a loud, metallic reverb as a female spacer struck it with her combat boot as she passed by. Six-foot three, ebon-skinned, with long, flowing black hair that cascaded down her back, wearing a worn, leather jacket sewn with multiple air-force patches -- The Saiyan woman's eye (for one was covered by a thick, black patch) flicked towards where Robert stood with knowing just before she rounded the corner and began to head down one a deserted side-alley.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert waited for a few moments before his energy briefly reviewed itself, the conglomerate of colors next to the trash-can appeared for a brief second in the entrance of the alley-way before fading back into background. Another minute or so of the slow stead movement to get out of the sight of the street and he stepped away from the wall, letting HAVOC around him fall away. He stood roughly six two, dark skin, and what looked to be an EDF issued special forces uniform. Only his face shown, his head along with the rest of his body was covered. On his hip there was a mask that could be inserted into the uniforms head-piece. "Been a long day. Seen anything flashy as of late?" It was a challenge, the only correct answer was "A Shimmering Dragon on Display." This was either his contact, or someone of a high degree of skill that had spotted him. '

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The crunch of gravel beneath the Saiyan's boots echoed down the long, narrow crevice between the buildings until Robert turned the corner, and called out. She came to a slow stop, her hands slowly withdrawing the from the pockets of her jacket and coming to rest on ether side of her wide hips. She didn't turn to face him, but her fingers flexed dangerously near the holster of the plasma-pistol that hung from her belt. "This city does nothing but glitter. There are lights all around but none as bright as the shimmering dragon on display in the east district. Is that what you're looking for?"'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert heard a sudden crackling in his right ear, his finger tapping the communications device to turn it off. The response wasn't exact, but it had elements of the pass. This was either the Kanassian his grand-father feared, or more likely a surrogate. "I am Robert Salnor, I believe a certain operative is familiar with the lineage of my Tuffle Grandfather as well as what would be considered my human father." He leaned against the wall, "A famed operative, one whose has operated for decades. I do believe he can help me and my ilk track down a certain Tuffle." Robert was hiring for a job, and if his contact information was still current... This Legendary Operative was just the edge they needed. '

[CHAT] Syhiver allowed her tension to die away, her hand moving up to stroke some of her hair, which as it was tossed aside a strange neck piece would become clearly visible, one whose warp-crystal nodes flashed with cyan-light as she turned and motioned for Robert to approach. The device was a short range neuro-link and in the few seconds they had spent trading codes and passwords, Syhiver had already jail-broke the Tuffle's electronics and was feeding them to the cloud-mind in her ship which was hovering several miles above them beneath a stealth field. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't already know who you are. Knowing is my trade." Shyiver offered her hand, "You're in luck. You've found your operative." She made no comment as to the 'man' that Robert spoke of and her features scrunched into a scowl at the idea of 'fame' for she and her progenitor strove very carefully to never ascertain such laurels. "Syhiver."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert nodded, good enough. "We have several methods of payments, raw minerals are possible if they're needed, as well as a plethra of industrial grade chemical sets. Or I suppose, if the need is there we do have a great deal of credits from our Grandfathers business ventures." He shrugged, "It's a simple job, somewhere in Alliance space we believe there is a Tuffle operating known as MacTep. He extended a hand, and briefly the entire Tuffle network was alerted to the sudden intrusion. [CHAT] Jules: -- 'Talimaar, Robert's sister who was more specialized in telepathy screamed through the link at him, "What are you doing letting people in for idiot!" Robert quickly retracted his hand, remembering just 'why' his grand-father was timid of the operative. From the moment she likely ascertained locations of every one of Jules children... And Robert walked right into it... He stepped back, "Uh... I think you'll be well fitted for this job... Our.. .manpower... Will be more than willing to support in whatever ways you need. '

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'All it took was a simple touch. Cyan-lightning flashed in Syhiver's hand as they made their brief connection. That split-second, in the astral field, was stretched to time that was unimaginable: practical eons could go by here where mere moments passed on the physical world. Of course, extended jumps into the psychic-realm were beyond dangerous, especially when one was Mindsculpting. Standing inside the neural network of the Tuffle, gazing out over millions of windows of memory, Syhiver quickly went to work. The Tuffle and his network of brothers and sisters could not be left to remember her proginitor.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'She chose and found all of the dormant memories that belonged to Salnor's children and began to alter them, erasing the Kanassian and redrawing her own image in their stead. It was imperative to Shyiver and Oracle that the mantle she had assumed be kept intact, doing so was the only way for their legacy to not only outlive them but to continue being passed on so that their mission of 'Hope' would rise like a pheonix again and again. Salnor's children were many... far too many minds for her to change in this capsulated 'edit', but Syhiver connected to the oldest, the most prominent and prestigious of the Tuffle's brethren. Himoyachi, Talimaar, Tiyayo and a host of over three dozen others would have their memories redacted to remember 'this' incarnation of Syhiver as vividly and fearfully as Julian Salnor had imparted to them.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'In time, Syhiver knew that their coalecing memories would adopt these that she was creating less they created a dissonance within the hive-mind that would lead to disastrous mental effects. As the Mindsculpt was completed and Syhiver withdrew her hand, she quickly wiped the drops of blood away that had begun to drip from her nostril and nodded. "We'll discuss payment at a later day. You -do- understand there is another 'cost' to my assistance." She was, in fact, refering to a voluntary mindwipe of these events. In truth, Syhiver rarely asked for more than that.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert was rubbing his temple, conversing mentally with his older sister... Who was still chiding him, ("What are you doing inviting outsiders into our collective, do you have any idea how dangerous that could be?! What if someone as powerful as the Crimson Queen walked in? What then!?!" Robert ignored the chiding, taking yet another step back. Neither had noticed the shift in perception, only that Robert had made what could have been a fatal mistake. He glanced up towards the Agent, "Of course, everything has a cost. We can worry about it later, but I'd imagine we'd like to have an idea of what you have in mind. We're quite available for work after we get this MacTep dealt with." Overall, those within the collective didn't take notice of the brief shift, instead being focused on their immediate missions between Earth and Legende. '

[CHAT] Syhiver let her hand move to the bridge of her nose where her fingers pinched, "You've not be very subtle about pursuing your kindred." She sighed and let the hand fall. "Truthfully, after what happened on Centari..." Syhiver glared at Robert, the mantled memories of dragging Salnor out of a train car and his refusal to leave the satellite before it went to hell and back surfacing, "I thought it best to become involved but this, 'MacTep' is, as I'm sure you're well aware, several grades of power beyond where my missions have lead me. I kept up with him as your grandfather made his approaches. Earth. Zeon VII. Ng Yelo. I had a feeling that despite our past Salnor might turn to me again for this..." There was honest concern in her eyes, "I can tell you where he is now and I might even be able to get close... but are you really willing to risk this? Haven't you and your 'family' lost enough?"

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert was leaning against the wall first, "We certainly have, but we have our function. Our purpose. Our existence was dedicated to our fathers will, The Blended became quite opposed to his species towards the end and refuses to let whole populations become puppets for his species." He unzipped his uniform, reaching inside and pulling out a tin of cigarettes, speaking as he did so. "But, this is good news. His location will narrow down the search. My brothers and sisters will determine how to deal with him once we've got eyes on. We're far from incapable of such things..." The truth was, they were far weaker than their father even on his worst day... But there was a need, and until MacTep was ended they wouldn't be able to move on as anything resembling a society. '

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"You've inherited Salnor's stubborness, I see." She sighed, "...And his inability to see reason." Though they had always been distrustful allies, and for reason Syhiver would have to admit, she and Oracle had always seen the potential that Salnor represented and protected him even when had be callous with their aid. "Braid." She whispered the word. "He's on Braid." Her arms folded over her chest. Braid was a star satelite on the fringes of the west galaxy, one that had been built by the acquired wealth of one Malcom Gray nearly two centuries ago. It was a hell-hole. There was no other 'polite' description. It was ruled over by Guilds and mercenaries, drug and crime-laden.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Easily one of the most dangerous hotspots in the galaxy. After the destruction of EvE, the pirates who had once used that paradise world as their dock had migrated to it, turning it into a slave colony. More concerning to Syhiver herself was that Braid was where agents like herself were molded... created... And Syhiver had only acquired her mantle because... Oracle had been mortally wounded by another Agent of that same satellite. In all likelihood going there would force a confrontation.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert clenched his teeth for a moment, then let out a 'Tsk' before shaking his head... "Damn... Braid..." It was beyond the fringe of Alliance territory and from what Robert inherited from his Human father... A horrible place to operate due to the working conditions and all around constant threats. Even for Robert and Talimaar, Braid was a death-trap waiting to happen... Their father himself might be able to brute force his way through, but aside from someone of his caliber... He lit his cigarette calmly, offering the tin to Syhiver, "That would fit wouldn't it... That's going to complicate things.." Within the Alliance territory they could operate with the fabrications of identifications Prime could produce for them... On Braid... There was no such Law, only the powerful hoarding over the weak. The organizations were top down and often run on fear... He ashed his cigarette again as he chuckled shaking his head, "Shit..." '

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"...I told you I could get close, that fact hasn't changed." Syhiver glanced at Robert, eyes full of worry. "I'm not an assassin. Not anymore." Syhiver took a deep breath, "...But I could take from him what no one else can." She lifted her fingers and allowed the her psychic power to eminate, brief sparks leaping between her fingers. It wasn't an impressive display, but it wasn't meant to be. Syhiver could go where no one else could. She could take everything that one held precious to them. No secret was safe. No vault was locked tight enough. Even so... MacTep was not to be trifled with. One mistake and... Syhiver didn't dwell on that thought. "...I'll bring MacTep to you. Be ready." She turned and began to walk away.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert grimaced, they would have plenty of time to prepare. The squads from Legende would need to be recalled. "Right, we'll arrange an appropriate encounter once you have him in tow." It would likely be within the wilds of the Southern-Continent, it seemed the terrain would be preferable if they didn't want to attack attention from a large battle. Robert had no desire to clash with the EDF or their Alliance reinforcements but the opportunity was there... Robert couldn't help but be concerned, what did he and his siblings just barter in exchange for their target?'

[CHAT] Syhiver hailed her ship and as she stepped out of the alleyway a bright flash of its thrusters appeared like a falling star on the horizon. The streetwalkers had to dive out of the way as the cloaking shield dropped and Syhiver ran to meet the vessel, leaping into the air and landing in the cockpit of the personal craft just as its window opened and greeted her. "You know Karn and Cereberus are there, Syhiver." The voice emanated from her neuro-link, it was the voice of her former mantle, the voice of Oracle. Syhiver strapped herself, a flick of her wrist on the console shutting the cockpit window before a dragging of the hyperthrust lever brought the ship back into full and it sped up into the sky, once more dissolving into a shimmer of light to those below. "I know. Believe me... I know. I'm counting on it." A moment later and the sleek, blue aircraft would vanishing into the fast approaching horizon.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Robert snubbed his cigarettes, activating the HAVOC suit once again and letting its adaptive camouflage take effect. He then took to the roof, he would begin scouring the Soutern terrain for an appropriate battle site. Perhaps they were all doomed to die chasing their fathers legacy, or perhaps what armaments they took from the Vault on Sanctum would be enough to help turn the tide. It was difficult for Robert to say, for now... He and his siblings had an encounter to prep for... '

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Re: The Salnor Legacy: Reaching Out

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Very nicely done. What I would expect from two RP Admins on channel. Though this was a simple conversational log, each character's personality was able to shine through perfectly. I gotta say, I love Syhiver and what it currently is simply coming from the deep history of the character. So many questions left unanswered and yet the transition from one vessel to another is not jarring. Which is ironic considering who she was meeting. The next character in Salnor line, Robert. Whom I actually like a bit more than Jules, somehow. He too seemed to have a bit more of himself come through that wasn't forced. He was relaxed and caught off guard, scolded. These imperfections show us how different from his 'father' he actually is who seemed to either not give a fuck 99% of the time or know everything always the other 1%. (Doesn't make sense, I know. Truck You)

RPP rewarded

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