*The Fall of the Fleet: An Alliance Defenseless

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*The Fall of the Fleet: An Alliance Defenseless

Post by Lye » 11 Aug 2017, 21:22

The situation on the bridge of the Valiant Flame was a confident one, the 'heroes' of the Alliance... A chuckle from the aged Admiral. Rabka wore a scowl, flapping his tail behind him as he moved about his bridge. They were coming upon Arlia... In a few seconds, a procedure would begin to purge the planet of life. Then teams would be dispatched, a threat assessment made, and the Fleet would return to it posting around Earth, Zeon Vii, and Ng Yelo.


Six hours later...


The Valiant Flame was in flames, the Admiral hunched over the primary helm console. His bridge crew was dead, demons were setting upon him... The first phase of the assault went as expected, the came out of hyper-space and opened an orbital bombardment the likes of which eradicate surface life on a planet. After a few minutes it all went wrong, another fleet... One equal to size of their own circled the planet from the other side of the system... Worse, a weapons forge the size of a planet between Arlia and its star, harnessing its energy to produce a never-ending fleet of ships... The Admiral's fleet had fought through it, leaving the surface of Arlia scared but not razed... Now his own ship was on a collision with the weapons factory, every launch tube on his vessel firing, every laser battery unleashing its all... The Admiral knew the cost, but it was the only way... His fleet was in shambles, and if this thing continued to pump out ships the Alliance would fall in time...


After the flash the remnants of the Alliance fleet regrouped, and retreated. Three hundred ships reduced to less than fifty, none of them capital class in size. The Alliance for now would recoup it's losses, they had dealt a devastating blow to the demonic forces on Arlia, but they were broken... Three core worlds to cover, a few dozen auxiliary members... The Alliance fleet was on it's death knell, one that would take decades to fully recover from, and that was assuming Arlia didn't simply rebuild...

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