*Let's Go See The Doctor!

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*Let's Go See The Doctor!

Post by Ceal » 05 Aug 2017, 20:01

[CHAT] Gilder sat at the edge of a bed, staring at the scortch marks on his left hand that were nearly gone at long last. It had been constant reminder of his failure to save the life of the detective that was a catalyst to his adventures in Bear Forest that were, finally, at an end for the time being. Hearing the door open to his right, the human stood to greet a young, slender-figured female in a white lab coat entering the room, holding on to a clip board that she was staring at as she entered. Upon her turning her gaze up from the board in her hands, she looked at Gilder starting from his bare feet, pausing for a moment as she looked at his basketball shorts beneath his shirtless skin, before frantically rising her gaze to his eyes, her face a flustered red as she pushed up her glasses. Obviously she was new to this career path if she was still fixating on a little skin showing.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Taking her eyes away from the male patient, she looked again to her clip board as she flipped a page. "Mmm... Mr... Gilder? Isn't your first name Gilder? Gilder, Gilder?" she said in a questioning tone, not looking to him, but still expecting an answer. "No, it's just Gilder ma'am. I've long since discarded a last name and gotten it approved by the World Council to just go by Gilder. You could just consider it a military alias if that makes you feel better," he responded in an attempt to resolve her concern. "Do you have my test results though? Isn't that why you're here?" he asks, approaching her in an attempt to peek at his own chart. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As Gilder's eyes got a glance of the sheets of paper, the doctor hastily ripped it from his line of sight, taking a step back as she coughed to defuse the tension from her sudden movement. "Sir, sit down. I don't care who you are, you don't get to look at your own chart." As she spoke, she was staring Gilder down, neither of the two blinking as if in a deathlock staring contest. "Well if you're not going to show me it, then tell me, ya?" he said, still keeping his eyes focused on hers. Well, see, the thing is..." Lowering the board, she stepped closer to Gilder, pressuring him to step backwards until he was again sitting at the edge of the bed. Silently, Gilder listened, though the two of them were still locking on eachother's pupils.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Based on what you told us, you scortched your left hand, broke your own bones, survived an explosion that left a burn on the left side of your abdomen, got shot by some kind of energy piercing AND nullifying bullets..." the doctor was only listing off the major points that were wrong with Gilder at this point. "...and received medical treatment from Agatta Jurate, who was a former combat and field specialist with our Earth Defense Forces. Just to clarify, this is all correct?" Gilder chuckled, because after hearing it get put in to words it made the last 12 days sound a bit... excessive. "Well, Agatta only tended to the first two injuries. The explosion and bullets are from yesterday," he stated, feeling the burn that was on his side with his right hand that had a large medical patch over it.'

[CHAT] Gilder finally broke eye contact with the doctor andlooked across the room at all of the posters on the walls that were intended for children, like a pain chart and a physical anatomy board for not only humans, but a multitude of other races as well. Since this was a EDF medical facility in Sector 8, they tended to more than just Earthlings. With a sigh, the woman continued, "Well, from what you told us the bullets shut down your ki system, so we drew bloodwork and ran it through a few different tests, and although we did find faint traces of anomalies, even for a Meta-Human, our systems did not respond with any known chemical agent. We've sent that sample off to a subsidiary lab that works alongside Vitae Corp for further analysis."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Stopping for a minute to take a breath, the doctor adjusted the bun that her brown hair was restrained in before continuing with Gilder just silently listening, oddly patient. "You obviously also know we ran physical tests on you as well as x-rays and the works. Most of those came back surprisingly normal and should have a fairly short recovery time when we combine your own body's ascended healing factor alongside our advanced medical treatments. I am worried about your bones though... can you elaborate on how you managed to break so many in such seemingly random locations? Although we could see they are treated and healing fine, we found the breaks in your collar bone, right shoulder blade, left forearm, ribs, and the left tibia. Our team failed to come to a conclusion of what you could have done - even a fight wouldn't result in injuries to your skeletal structure, that didn't result in complete breaks, from head to toe."'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The long-winded woman finally stopped speaking as she made it obvious she was waiting for an answer to her question. "Right. Well, it's kind of the same thing I did to my hand. You should have had a chance to read my EDF combat profile, so I'm sure you know of my abilities to enchant elemental properties on objects. Well, apparently doing that to my own body results in injuries based on the element. Not exactly combat-approved, if you ask me." The doctor let off a sigh as she began to state the obvious, "Well you should refrain from doing things like that. Those injuries on the field could prove fatal unless you have some kind of medical personnel with you." Pausing for another second, she thought about their conversation up to that point and continued, "...and I don't mean Agatta, leave that poor woman alone to enjoy her retirement."'

[CHAT] Gilder felt a rush of emotions fill him at the mention of Agatta, who had perished away in her hut in their last encounter. "Well... you don't have to worry about that. She's dead." The doctor caught the saddened look in Gilder's eyes and arrived at that conclusion before he even dropped the bomb. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know..." Shaking his head, Gilder immediately spoke, interrupting the doctor, "It's fine. Though, now that you mention it, a medical team from this facility should have actually went to retrieve her corpse. Have they returned yet? I'd like to pay my respects, if that's alright." The nameless doctor gave a simple nod and went over to her desk and sat down in front of her computer as she browsed the records. "...well that's odd..." she said, promptly prompting Gilder to stand and step over to her side. "What's odd?" he asks, worried about the response.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Spinning in her chair, the doctor stands up again and pushes Gilder out of her imaginary bubble by forcing him to take a step back. "Well, the medical team did return... but they said there was no body there. The report also says they left an intern in the field, saying that he falsified the report. His name is Roy Va--" Gilder cut her off at a crucial point as his emotions took over. "FALSE REPORT!? What the fuck! I sent them on a simple retri--- grr..." he said, growling at the end in rage. The doctor put her hand on Gilder's shoulder in an attempt to calm him down, "Mr. Gilder, settle down. I'm sure there's a reason for this. Maybe she's not really dead. Did you check her pulse?" Going wide eyed, he once again connected his line of sight to her own. "Erm... pulse... m--may---maybe? I kinda just assumed..." he stopped hesitantly, realizing he didn't actually follow through on this one.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'A very real, very intense face palm occured as the doctor slammed her open palm against her forehead. "Y...you didn't... are you serious right now!? Are you what they call a bona-fide idiot? What made you assume she was dead then!?" Pursing his lips before sucking them in, Gilder had a face of pure guilt and regret as he spoke, "Well... she stopped responding..." The doctor immediately removed her palm from her own forehead and ran it across Gilder's face, ringing throughout the facility's hallways with a loud smack. "She is SEVENTY-FOUR years old, Gilder! SHE WAS PROBABLY ASLEEP! I swear to--- what the hell did they teach you in your medical classes at the EDF academy!?" Letting off a light laugh in response, not knowing how else to respond at that point, Gilder answered, "Well... I kinda... elected to drop that class..."'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The doctor's right eye began to twitch uncontrollably as she simply stood to the side, pointing her finger at the door. "Get out, Gilder... Just... leave please. You're fine as a whole, just take it easy moving forward. I'll have somebody contact you when we get a response back from Vitae Corp about that compound that stopped your ki channels." The way she spoke, she was obviously emotionally done dealing with Gilder. Trying to think of some way to respond, or even apologize, Gilder hesitated before leaving the room. However, no response came to mind, aside from a simple smile as the thought of Agatta not being dead ran through his mind. The smile was half-hearted though, as he didn't want to get his hopes up just in case there was a different explanation to the matter.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Taking a step out of the medical facility, Gilder took a step in to the streets of Sector 8 and darted his eyes around the city, trying to get a feel for the scenery as this was only his second time being in the city - his first was when he was tracking down Crescendo for the first time. "Alright... that mission that Darska gave me... I should probably get a step on it. I've already wasted an entire day. He said to gather a crew to bring along. So... how do I recruit people? Did he want them to be from the streets or fellow EDF officers? Or is it my choice..." Realizing that he was talking aloud to himself, Gilder turned his speech into grumbles as he noticed that Darska didn't give him guidelines, which probably just meant it was up to him.'

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Re: *Let's Go See The Doctor!

Post by Rizion » 08 Aug 2017, 22:06

Gods Gilder (the character not player) just..gods. I'm glad that you're able to poke fun at your own character. Kinda glad Agatta isn't dead. (So she can be devoured later) and also glad Gilder is FINALLY STARTING HIS MISSION. FFS WTF FFS.

Rp rewarded. =P

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