*What Are You Hiding, Agatta...?

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*What Are You Hiding, Agatta...?

Post by Ceal » 03 Aug 2017, 22:25

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Across from Agatta sat a still teenage boy barely old enough to get a job at the EDF, even if he was only interning. His shaggy blond hair hung almost in front of his eyes as he looked down to pick up his cup of tea, taking a sip before setting it down. His skin was a light ebony tone, though he was more white than anything. As he looked back up from setting his tea down, he focused his blue-eyed gaze at the elderly woman sitting across from him, speaking with a voice that failed to have any conviction behind it, "So uhm... like... you're alive, I see. That's good." As a response, Agatta chuckled and then continued by simply taking a drink from her tea.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'After a moment of awkward silence between the two, Agatta took her turn and spoke, (Yes, very perceptive of you Roy Varzit...) she said softly, putting special emphasis into his name at the end. The tension was palpable between the two with Roy being uncertain of why Agatta was so focused on his name, or why she bothered to reveal herself to a nobody like him and not actual EDF medical experts. "Do I uhm... know... you, Agatta? Miss? Miss Jurate...? Uhm..." Roy began to panic simply because he didn't know which way to formally address Agatta. "GOMENASAI!" he shouted out abruptly before bowing his head so hard he hit it against the table, causing both of their cups of tea to spill on the table.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Roy lifted his head from the table, holding his forehead with a pained expression as he looked down at the spilt tea all over the table. "OH GOSH! Oh lord. Miss Jurate, I am so sorry! My fondest apologize. I'll uh-uuhhm-- err.. TOWEL!" he said as he rushed to the kitchen to grab something to clean it up with, meanwhile Agatta calmly remained seated, unphased by the happenings. (Ku... ku... ku... you are much more eccentric than your father, aren't you?) she mentioned rhetorically just before Roy came rushing back to the table with a hand full of paper towels, patting gently at the spilt tea. "I'm sorry, what? Were you saying something? I'm sorry. Kami, I'm the worst guest ever..."'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As Roy finally finished patting up the liquid from the table, thankfully leaving no stains, he walked to the kitchen to discard the now moist towelettes, and then returned to the table and took his seat, placing his hands between his legs as if he were afraid to make any other movement, his lips sucked in as he awaited to be verbally scolded. Instead, Agatta sat there with a simple, yet warm, smile on her face as if amused by Roy's antics. (It's nothing, child. Do not worry about the table - even should it stain, it's not like I would notice, right?) she said, attempting to lighten the mood at her own expense.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Roy's shoulders loosened up as he tried to settle himself down, realizing that Agatta was not upset by his blunders. "Th--Thank you Miss Jurate. I appreciate your understanding kindness, you are truly a divine individual!" he stated with a ridiculous amount of flattery, despite the fact that he was being genuine with every word. "I'm sorry though, I did hear you mention something of my father? Did you know him? Is that why you invited me in, because of my name?" Agatta stood shakily to her feet, nodding slowly as she did. (Yes, I knew Hein. It's been many a year though since we last spoke. How is he?)'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The eccentric personality of Roy's took a sharp, dark turn as he lowered his head to the side, avoiding eye contact as he responded, "Uhm... well, father left a few years ago. One day he turned in his resignation to the EDF along with his badge and then just left - he didn't even say anything to mom or myself. None of us have seen him since..." Roy stopped for a minute, closing his eyes as he felt this memory drudge up from within him. After trying so hard to bury it, all it took was one mention of his father to bring back the pain of abandonment. Without even realizing it, Agatta had come up beside him and placed her arm on his shoulder in an attempt to both comfort him and snap him out of his mood.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The story that Roy had told did not make sense to Agatta, as if there was a piece that even she was missing. (So... how is your mother...?) she asked cautiously, as if she already had the answer in mind. She was dead. Mora Varzit was killed by her son, right? "Mother? Uhm... she's fine as far as I'm aware. She retired from the EDF and is living in Vitae City. You knew mother as well?" Agatta suddenly removed her hand from Roy's shoulder and walked forward, behind Roy and out of view of him as her expression turned into one of confusion and uncertainty. (What is your mother's name, Roy?) she asked bluntly. Turning around to face her back, Roy responded, "I'm sorry? Uhm... her name is Jessica, Miss Jurate. Jessica Varzit. She kept the name even after father left her, probably for my sake."'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Agatta put her fingers to her chin as she tapped it, trying to piece an imaginary puzzle together. (You're not a child of Hein and Mora... but... Hein and Jessica? I see. My mistake, sorry.) Roy stood warily to his feet as he turned fully in Agatta's direction, towering over her short stature at just shy of six foot tall. "Who... sorry, but who is Mora, ma'am?" Letting off a sigh, Agatta turned slowly and looked up emptily towards where Roy's face would be, trying her best to give a smile that she couldn't seem to muster. (Mora... was the woman your father was married to, assumingly, before your own mother. I'm sorry for the mix-up, Roy, I assumed something incorrectly based on your name alone. I think... I think you should go though,) she stated bluntly with dejection in her voice.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Roy shook his head in response to her insisting he leave. After realizing she couldn't see this form of refusal, he spoke up, "Miss Jurate, I'm sorry, but I insist I stay. At least for a bit long... you seem to know something you're hiding from me. Can you please just tell me?" With a worn sigh, Agatta placed her cane firmly on the ground and looked to her side as she responded, (It's not that I'm hiding it from you... it is just not my place to tell you about him.) The enigmatic actions of Agatta only made Roy more curious of what she was hinting at, leading him to kneel down and place his hand on her shoulder. "Please, Agatta, whatever it may be, I won't utter a word. If it's something about my father I would love to know. Is he ok?"'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Agatta gently jerked her shoulder out of Roy's grasp and shook her head. (It's... it's not about Hein, really...) Agatta's demeanor was certainly distant, and she wasn't acting like her normally composed self, as if struggling so hard to keep this secret to herself. Realizing that she was starting to break though, Roy continued to push and insist, "Agatta, it's got something to do with me. I deserve to know, wouldn't you say? Who are you trying to keep this secret for?" With a sudden outburst, Agatta's aura flared which sent Roy flying backwards in shock, landing atop her wooden table, snapping it in half as he fell through it. (Young Roy! I insist you leave...) she stated with a snap, pointing at her door and surging a gust of wind with her energy in the direction, forcing the door open. (...NOW!)'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Despite the fact that he was aching from the landing, Roy reached forward to gather to his feet frantically, approaching Agatta for a moment before turning his direction towards the door. As he reached the opening, he looked back at her with her still flared aura. "This all seems a bit much, don't you think?" Agatta retained her composure and refused to respond to his comment, her finger still extended to the door as she stared at her couch. "If you see dad, at least tell him that he's still welcome to stop by and say hi. Tell him I enrolled as an intern on Legende in the hopes of meeting him again..." Agatta gave a simple nod as if recognizing his request, at which point Roy respectfully left her home and began a treck through the woods to get back to town.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As Roy left her home, he had been kind enough to close the door behind him. Immediately after she was once again alone, she let her energy die back down and leaned over with pain in her body at that abrupt outburst. As she looked around at her home, imagining the placement of all of her posessions now being blown and destroyed across the room, she let off a sigh as she moved about to start cleaning up after herself. As she did so, she spoke to herself as if needing to express a soliloquy, (I cannot believe Hein is still alive... and that he even had another child. Another family. I... how do I tell Gilder that the man who broke his family apart... did the same to another child as well?) Picking up a shard of glass from a broken vase, she felt it's smooth surface while still talking to herself. (No... this is not my drama to get in to...)'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Taking slow steps through the forest shrouded in darkness from the set sun, Roy had an empty feeling in his stomach from the events that just transpired. "I am so sorry for making you angry, Miss Jurate... but you're hiding something from me." Stepping into a spot in the forest where the moon's light shone through the treetops into a spotlight at his feet, Roy looked to the sky, imagining that he could see Legende from there. "Father, what secrets are you hiding from me? You were married to somebody aside from mother? But it seemed deeper than that... Miss Jurate was hiding something more than just another wife. Why though? I need to get back to Legende and try to uncover more about you."'
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As if just now realizing that it was night time, Roy shook his head and turned around in a full 360 degree circle, taking in the night time scenery in one motion. "Oh no! I hope that the medics weren't serious about getting me suspended! I need to get back before morning!" he yelled out in terror, taking off into a sprint in the direction of Sector 8 in hopes of catching a late night transport ship back to Legende.'

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Re: What Are You Hiding, Agatta...?

Post by ikenbon » 05 Aug 2017, 12:57

So it's a family mystery. Gilder's half-brother is going to go digging and stirring up old graves, but will he find them empty?

You could take this in a lot of different directions but it seems like it's destined to build towards finding Hein, whoever he may be and wherever he may be now. If you haven't already been storyboarding for him, I'd recommend doing so now. I want to encourage you to take this opportunity to tell a bigger story with Gilder and friends. For this to come across as a meaningful revelation Hein is going to need to be quite a character, either as a villain or as the link of a larger conspiracy.

RPP rewarded.

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