*Unexpected Finds

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*Unexpected Finds

Post by BenRGamer » 03 Aug 2017, 17:39

[CHAT] Xero was stepping through Bear forest--a small frown on his face. He did want to go out and see the world a bit, but this was a little too close and... messy. Pushing through some underbrush that he wasn't tall enough to see over he makes his way into a small clearing, stumbling and almost falling over some plants with a 'oof,' he takes a moment to grumble in annoyance under his breath and brush off some twigs and leaves from his arms and pants. Still, the weather was nice--the air was clear, and fresh, and it was new.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'There was a younger female, laying face down nearly 10 meters from a sign reading Hiking Trail B. She was blue skined, crimson red hair and a torn a shredded red dress. She did not move and the only sign she was still alive were her short shallow breaths. She did not stir, even as the morning dew was clinging to her body. A squirrel even sat pearched upon her back, feverishly eating a small acorn, as if she were a part of the forest all along.'

[CHAT] Xero stops brushing himself off when he notes someone lying off down on the forst floor aways away. He blinks, going wide eyed a moment--there's a vague sense of familiarity but in the moment being the good samaritan takes priority over figuring out who that is. "Miss?" he speaks, heading over to the woman and checking on her, nudging--checking vitals, et cetera. "Miss, are you alright? Do you need assistance?" he notes, trying to rouse her. From appearance, she seemed like Kaio. What would they be doing all the way on Earth? Red hair. Torn red dress and... oh. Oh dear. That is not good. He pauses instantly in actual recognition.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'As she feels the nudge she is roused. The squirrel on her back takes off and the VERY familiar face looks at Xero, her crimson eyes burning into him as she slowly rolled onto her side, not yet getting up. Her whole body ached and felt like she was literally left on spin cycle for days. She blinked once and twice and looked at herself. Her hands first and then she tried looking at the rest of her piece by piece. "I. I think I am alright. And I might need assistance." She said as she looked at Xero. "But,First. What kind of creature ARE you. I. I have yet to meet something like you." She tried searching her memories of mention of whatever creature was standing before her but she couldn't bring up a single clue.'

[CHAT] Xero blinks, looking like a deer stuck in headlights for a moment, before taking a deep breath, shaking his head slowly and going 'dammit' to himself, "Miss. I am a homunculus, also known as a magic-demon, genie, or d'jinn," he explains. "Do you know who you are? Can you tell me your name?" he asks, furrowing his brow and looking at the woman with golden eyes. He wasn't sure what to make of it. Even if she was the devil herself, he had a hard time not helping someone in need. He might regret this, but it was who he was.

[CHAT] Elphlane slowly stands up and brushes off her shredded and tattered red dress. Her own crimson eyes piercing into his. "So...You are made." She said more to herself than the creature. "If you are made, Where is your maker. I would like to speak with someone who could craft such a being. Maybe bring them with me." She said with a sly grin. "But where are my manners." She said playfully and took a step back on shakey legs. "You may call me Rhevy." She said with a small curtsey, which when she was trying to stand lost her balance and fell. Her body visibly shaking and trembling from the recent events. Panting a little as sweat started to form on her brow from that small exertion. Whatever she had been through had drained her completely.

[CHAT] Xero narrows his eyes slightly as she asks about that. "He's dead. No. More than that. He's gone. Erased," he notes, going to help catch her--keep her from falling even as she continues, "He gave everything to stop someone from trying to destroy all life in the universe. Everything," he says with a frown as he helps her, "He always was like that--got kicked out of 'reality' the last time. Had to go and top himself, though," he notes, speaking wistfully, but solemnly, shaking his head slowly. "...looks like he couldn't stop you, though. What now, Rhevy?" he asks, going quiet right after.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '<Someone erased themselves to stop me. Stop me from what.> She ponders this as she went silent, slowly backstepping from this creatures arms. She backed slowly into a tree and used it as support. "Is...Did...What." She said as she tried to form a coherent thought. "Are...You...Are you saying your master and I had a fight" She questioned before her head started to hurt, like a creeping caffeine headache creeping up on you midday. "What...What was his name."'

[CHAT] Xero looks down a moment, taking a slow deep breath and closing his eyes, "He couldn't fight you. Not directly. But he had to do everything in his power to save people... and here I am helping you. Because that's what he would do," he frowns slightly, looking back up at her. "His name was Devrios, he was my master, and my friend," he says slowly. Thinking about something as she speaks, "What do you remember?" he asks, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She grabbed her head as images flashed before her. Devrios triggered it, but it seemed like so long ago. How he had used his powers to try and destroy her. But no. That wasn't her was it. There was no way. She was old, wrinkled, but here she stood as if it never happened. But the memories trigger her to mutter, "That cheeky bastard..." Under her breath, but seeing as how she was in close proximity to Xero he could have easily overheard. Her head was splitting as images came flooding, but they all faded just as soon as they came, just as dreams fade when you wake. These images fluttering out and into nothingness. "I...I came here to look for people. To...recruit those worthy of my teachings." She said as those memories were clear as day.'

[CHAT] Xero just frowns, that didn't sound right. Everything she was about was just controlling people and killing everything. "Hmph. Worthy. The only truly worthy people in this universe died trying to stop you. Dumastin, Elphlane, Jules, Rizion..." he trails off, shaking his head slowly. "If you try to kill innocent people again, I will have to stop you," an empty threat--not that he wouldn't *try* to deliver, but he had lost almost all of his power with Devrios' death. Not that he even stood a chance against someone with that much power in the first place.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"What are you talking about..." She said as the world went foggy again. Her vision blurred and she lost her balance, stumbling forward towards Xero. Her Crimson eyes rolled back into her head as she was headed for the ground HARD. She couldn't force herself to stay awake any longer, her body was just exhausted and battered from the inside out. <exit>'

[CHAT] Xero gives a sigh and moves to catch her--keep her from falling and hurting herself, and carry her away. It sucks to be the good guy sometimes. But it is what it is. But something is clearly not right here, something was... off. Not only did she only vaguely seem to know who she was, she also didn't even seem to be as powerful, at least as far as he could tell--the one thing that is true is that someone needs help. So it goes.

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Re: Unexpected Finds

Post by ikenbon » 04 Aug 2017, 11:24

So, perhaps I am misunderstanding or there are details here being kept intentionally out of focus but is this actually the Red Queen or some kind of Elphlane-hybrid? It's a bit distasteful either way given that so many player characters died to end that NPC. Distasteful but not really unheard of. I suppose it is a common trope. Even DBZ used it with Frieza and Piccolo.

In the event it's a hybrid my advice would be to avoid the "two personalities clashing/struggling against one another" story. I think you're capable of better than that. It can be done well in the right hands but it ends the same way nearly every time.

Xero is probably the best character to have come across Rhevy at this stage though. I really don't know how Thousand or Rizion would have handled it.

RPP rewarded.

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Re: *Unexpected Finds

Post by BenRGamer » 04 Aug 2017, 12:09

It's justr Elphlane. She's just... confused since she's still recovering after the trauma of the battle. Ate one of the clones, had their form, and is confusing those memories with her own for the moment.

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Re: *Unexpected Finds

Post by Kuro » 04 Aug 2017, 12:18

Mr. Sammy nailed it. Someone will smack sense into her some time, or not. Depending upon courses of actions she might stay lost in that form or realize the truth and snap out of it. Either way, thank you for reading, awarding and critiquing these logs. I have been entirely unable to do so.

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