*Shades of Life

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*Shades of Life

Post by Kuro » 02 Aug 2017, 21:06

This was it. This was what I was planning. I looked around at the destruction. The pure raw power flooding off this Rheveena. This woman who was no demon but enslaved them. Bred them. Fueled their hate and anger and set them loose upon the Galaxy. My allies were falling and I knew my time was up. I could handle one of the Clones. But once I grabbed the attention of that Crimson Queen, I knew it would but like swatting a fly. I had to make it worthwhile. Make my death account for something. I knew my shadowclone was ready. Copying the transformations and absorbing the latent energy from the other clones, who were fading fast anyways.

While devouring the Essence of this Cloned Rheveena, my mind was flooded with the young memories of her. A happy Kaio, growing up too fast. A child prodigy that was taken control of and forced into premature adulthood too quickly, but accepted the responsibilities. Quickly catching and surpassing her peers, and even teachers. She was told she would bring balance to the universe. Be the yin and the yang. The clearheaded force driving the and herding the worlds into a more stable state. And her mindset was. She was fair and just. Fearful yet Brave. That was all I could get for now.

The clone was dying in my arms and I had no more time. With all the strength and energy I could muster, along with my helpful parasite Seluj, I gathered all the strength of the essence inside her and ripped myself apart in an explosion of energy and shadows. My mind reeling as I saw first my clone explode, cascading the area in darkness, the Rheveena clone exploding in my arms. The energy tearing my flesh away before I too took the ride into Oblivion. Or thats what I had thought… I could see the last remnants of the fight, as if viewing it from afar, through a dense fog. Everything seemed muffled around me but I could see her. Me. Was it me. A lady in red that was aging. Two godlike beings crashing and playing a game of wits. I couldn’t feel a body anymore. I could only watch and feel the emotion from those two locked in a game of cosmic powers. The scene around me was fading to black. Was it a result of the remnants of Seluj’s power.

My connection with emotions and powers or something else entirely. I couldn’t remember the names anymore. The people or why they were fighting. They were just getting smaller and smaller. But no. The determination and willpower. The way the one fought even tho he was doomed. It had seeped into whatever was left of me. Who was she. Was she me. Was me I. With a grunt of willpower I held onto that hope. That determination. The strands of shadows in the space around me gathering slowly into a spot. I saw that determined one blown apart time and time again to reform. Could I reform. Could I gather what was lost. What had been scattered.

The perseverance took over. The reformation of the cells and body was had. A first I felt nothing. Then cold. Then the connections as strand after strand of lost essence and shadows collided into me, or what would be part of me. The images in front of me faded as the battle heated to a climax and my vision turned dark. Or was I just alone. In this blank void of space I couldn’t tell but I could feel. I could feel each strand I was pulling back together. The remnants of cosmic energy and the powers of Balance were flowing and lingering in the area. With these I latched on to as well, like a small child grasping as her mother was leaving for work. Grasping and straining for any piece of her I could get, but instead it was the energy I was trying to grasp, not a leaving parent.

I felt enough gathered energy to shape something. But who was I. What was I. Were these my feelings or someone elses. The last thing I could remember. What was it. Ohh...Blue Skin. Red Dress. Long Crimson hair. But why was I here. I tried to grasp onto the fleeting memories that flashed across My mind. Or at least what was left of whatever was here in the shadows. A...Kaio. I was there to….Teach and to train. That is right. I had disciples didn’t I. I was...What was I doing. I was here for a reason. I tried to think and on this as a felt a strange sensation. The wiggling of a toe and the grasping of a hand. Then the traces of flesh and bones. I felt veins stretching from My core to my limbs. The cosmic energy, The memories of forcing my body back together fading quickly but I wasn’t done. I needed to finish or all would be lost. I held onto those memories with fierce determination. As each second wavered, My body grew and reformed. The essence slipping my grasp faster and faster. The shadows fleeting as my eyes came into focus. My crimson red hair flowing in the vacumme of space.

What else was there. It was something long and cold, metal. I looked down to my blue hand with black painted fingernails and brought it closer. The energies around me fading and me exhausted beyond anything, as if I literally stiched myself back together from willpower alone but again, Isn’t that what just happened. I inspected the object before Panic started to hit me. Without the powers around me I would die. Perish again. The cold was already seeping into my body and I had to hurry. What was this object and then something flashed across my mind. It was a key. Some mage had given it to me. But why and where did it go. I had to take that gamble. Clutching the key with both hinds I willed whatever energy I had left and something happened. A popping sound, even in space as I was pulled and torn through a vortex. Flashing lights of star systems and energies collided as I was ripped through this portal. And as soon as it started, it was over. There was warmth around me. Green grass. Sounds of birds and...I couldn’t remember. My vision blurred and my head spun. I lost all control of my body as the last thing I remembered was hitting the soft grass and a broken key near my outstretched hand. Unknown to me, there was a trail-sign a few meters away. A sign reading Bear Forest Hiking Trail B. A worn wooden sign posting a few directions towards local attractions.

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Re: Shades of Life

Post by ikenbon » 04 Aug 2017, 10:45

These kinds of solos are hard to leave comments on because they're such personal pieces. There's really not a lot of narrative here explaining how you survive the blasts, it's mostly your experience of surviving it. The first-person perspective and the ephemeral concepts your character is contemplating during it lead me to believe that your character probably doesn't know how this occured, so we can't rely on them for details. There's a suggestion here that maybe you pulled out a piece of the Red Queen during this event and... if I'm being totally honest I'm not psyched about that idea but it could turn out better than I'm anticipating if it's done well.

Also, hella large font you're using.

RPP rewarded.

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