*HOS 9: The Snuffing of the Crimson Queen

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*HOS 9: The Snuffing of the Crimson Queen

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[CHAT] Samuel grunts, shaking its head, "No," it says, simply, glaring up at the woman before lunging once again at her, aiming to charge at her--forearm turning into a blade in an attempt to flat out stab her in the back while everything else was going on and her attention was occupied. It was funny--for someone whom Rizion claimed to know what they went through, he just didn't seem to get it. It couldn't--it would -not- just sit on the sidelines for this fight. For Req. For Dumastin. For Haggis. For -Everyone-. She would pay for what she did. They would be avenged.

[CHAT] Thousand lets out a strange gasp, followed by a feminine giggle as the Lunacy Conduit sweeps through his -- no, her mind. The data- the sheer vast quantities of data, the numerous possibilities. The sensation was not entirely unfamiliar, the androids mind momentarily recalling Haggis' assistance in developing his -- rather, her mana conversion technology. The android focused on the crimson queen once more, assessing the damage that his -- her! redirection of energy had done. Smiling to herself, the curvaseously-armored android drops one arm down slightly, a massive energy cannon emerging from her shoulder, swinging to aim at the crimson queen. Thousand assesses the likelihood of each attempt she might make at intercepting or evading the attack, and arriving at the statistical best option, unleashes a large blue-white beam of energy directly towards the queen.

[CHAT] Devrios closes his eyes as the chain-tattoos writhing around on his arms reach his shoulders, with a long slow sigh. It was time, ("Hey, Red!") he speaks, his voice carrying straight to her telepathically. ("I told you... we're relics of an age, you and I. We had our shot. Lost it. And that was supposed to be it. Me? I've learned to let go. You didn't. Well, you can either exit the stage gracefully, or not. Either way: Time's Up,") he speaks, using every single bit of energy he has--using that void essence--his own -soul- to push the clock forward, to make the sands drain faster out of the hourglass--to use up what little time she has left. Gesturing towards her, he pushes -everything- into this--the chains, one at first, attach to another circle of chains forming at his neck, then another--and a third--soon enough they're all there.
[CHAT] Devrios collapses to his knees afterword, panting heavily, not saying another word--specks of dust fly off of him in the breeze. It doesn't stop, more and more specks--in the end he's little more than dust in the wind as his entire body comes disintegrates into nothingness, erasing himself alongside his attack to the queen. Haggis had said when the chains reached his neck, his would be his. And now it was.

[CHAT] Rahveena had been to focused on the machine... Her fascination and appreciation for how far machines had come. The sudden strike that crashed down upon her crimson head jolted her gaze downward, crushing her teeth together. Ah... The Konatsu... From the right... Ah... The Demon Heiress... From behind... Ah... The Mimic... They all attacked, the clone back on Arlia faded away as her perception turned to a hue of black and white. Then Devrios... The Mage she had let live...

(L:100 K:617 P:128)
[CHAT] Rahveena supposed it was her own fault, she had let him live previous... She felt the sudden pain, her skin becoming further wrinkled as locks of her red hair rapidly grayed. An angry growl, but Devrios was dead already... Less time... Always less time... Regardless, now she knew what the mage was capable of and could properly form a plan.
[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The Clone back on Arlia suddenly sliced her throat, letting her blood spill over a complex number of signals, the blood spreading wide as the infinite universe was put into a brief stasis... The life of the clone was unimportant... What she had set up was... The time effect would only last a few moments, it was only a small component of the sacrificial spell. '

(L:100 K:617 P:128)
[CHAT] Rahveena watched Dumastin, the only other figure not frozen in time. The Avatar of Balance, a potent power... One she once had... "Tell me, Mage... Do you know why they sealed me away after usurping what was mine?" She rose both of her hands, Dumastin would see it, the slow flow of both chaos and order energy gradually returning to its proper vessel. "They'll of course tell you because I was a threat to the universe... And in a sense, I was. I needed to correct the mess they had made, you see." A smirk, she had a full lock of gray hair now, her form moving away from the triple pincer attack that had set to strike her.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- '"And now dear boy you've brought it all into 'one' vessel, christening a lower mortal as a god." A mocking laugh as clones began to break from her, taking position to flank the allies of the new Balance. She herself couldn't focus on them and content with this creature, not until she had taken a decent amount of her power back. She felt... Elated... It was something she had given up on ages ago... Reclaiming the power of the Avatar. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"No.... Not a god..." He raised his own hands. Power flowed both ways. Order and Chaos might seep from him like a trickle of blood, but they were not all he was. Within him was the flame of mortality, the daring of a man who usurped the Cosmic power of the gods, the desperation of one who sought to meddle with Time, the ferocity of a demon, and the unending drive of one who sought nothing less than perfection in all things. The Avatar of Balance was not her opponent. The five souls that had been forged into one being by the power of Balance... They were what stood before her.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'A thousand strings danced at his fingers. The world rewritten around him, reality reshaping, probability morphing. Not in massive ways, in subtle, almost invisible ways. Heads became tails. Stones shifted. Space was slowly warping. The longer he stood there, the more control he gained over the Cosmic strings in the area. The more difficult it would, in all probability, be for Rahveena to project herself beyond the area of twisted space. And the more control he gained, the faster the seconds would slip away, as his magic plucked at the threads of time as well as space. Not in a blast, as Devrios had done, but subtly for now.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Come. Enough talk. Time slips away. There will be no Avatar of Balance. Order and Chaos die with us."'

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'As the effect wore off the position of Rahveena had shifted, and now there were six of them... seven of them... The manipulations didn't go unnoticed to her, but she could do little to defend against it. For now... She smiled, "You'll be slightly harder to kill than the others." The powers that made her the Avatar of Balance were flowing back to her. She was aware they were not all that made up this mage. She saw them, the time aberration, the chaos copy. The demon. This single entity was her target, the clones would handle the rest. Dumastin would be greeted with the aged Rahveena's hands extended, unleashing a devastating, hellish vortex of energy towards the Namekian. '

(L:100 K:9,475,590 P:152.1b)
[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The clones began to move immediately as time restored its usual flow. A duo went after the mimic, two with blasts of energy, one in a melee. The other three separated, one assaulting Rizion, another Elphlane, leaving the third to rush Jules and Slaughter from above while the fourth squared off with Thousand.

[CHAT] Riz: -- 'Rizion's draconic form bounced off the back of The Red Queen's head like a rock hitting the hull of a ship. There *had* to have been some damage done, right? He thought to himself. For a split second, he swore he saw her and Dumastin...this version of Dumastin he had never seen before, wafting through a veil of time that was their own before he rebounded in the air and readied himself. She had split herself up again, a part of her for each of them while the main body seemed to be hosting the only thing she saw as a real *threat*. (Bahamut) he spoke to the sword that crackled with power in his right hand, preparing for the clone that was rushing at him. (How much of this power have we used so far?) The blade responded by flaring up, the aura surrounding the two of them expanding ten meters out in all directions, scorching the very air. "Right. Let's go wild!" They rushed the clone together.'

[CHAT] Riz: -- 'Rizion's draconic form bounced off the back of The Red Queen's head like a rock hitting the hull of a ship. There *had* to have been some damage done, right? He thought to himself. For a split second, he swore he saw her and Dumastin...this version of Dumastin he had never seen before, wafting through a veil of time that was their own before he rebounded in the air and readied himself. She had split herself up again, a part of her for each of them while the main body seemed to be hosting the only thing she saw as a real *threat*. (Bahamut) he spoke to the sword that crackled with power in his right hand, preparing for the clone that was rushing at him. (How much of this power have we used so far?) The blade responded by flaring up, the aura surrounding the two of them expanding ten meters out in all directions, scorching the very air. "Right. Let's go wild!" They rushed the clone together.'

[CHAT] Jules grimaced at Slaughter, "That's quiter talk and you damn well know it. Between the three of us, you, me, Thousand... We can stop that thing, steal anything resembling kinetic energy around her." He hadn't wiped the blood from his nose or eyes, but he supposed it mattered little. "You're a damned Hero, and this woman had an invasion fleet en-route to Alliance space with the intention of wiping out 'every' sentient thing in the cosmos." Jules was still rapidly sorting through the data he had been flooded with, but he knew what her primary motivation was now.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He let those few details of her motivation slip through, a stick for the old war-horse. "You're an old man, and you wear a wedding band. You 'still' have a family back home that are in danger as long as this woman exist." Jules was well aware she was dead in less than an hour, but none of them knew the full extent of her power or if she could indeed destroy the cosmos... The attacking clone was greeted from two eyes that emerged from his shoulder-blades, each one unleashing a focused optic-beam at the incoming attacker. His kinetic senses gave him more than enough warning...'

[CHAT] Seluj merely worked on gathering more energy, internally working on a dose of the perfected demon-serum. He had a feeling survival at this point was a moot point. What was important... The sudden surprise assault was well expected, well, as much as the unexpected could be... Seluj's armor deployed instantly, similar to the was Jules usually did. Only a dark onyx instead of silver and a few defensive spikes which seemed to further protect Elphlane's head and torso. Better was the duo of tentacles that rushed towards the clone, one a spear the other a mallet. More than enough to buy Elphlane an opening...

[CHAT] Elphlane smiled and launched herself at the clone. She grappled it with her tentacled dragon body, her four claws raking at it, her tail pounding it and her head. Her dragon maw, went to chomp down on the head of the clone. The red mist forming in her mouth. Not only would she destroy this thing with tooth and nail, she would drain every last drop. She bellowed her roar and went at it all with the fury of a demon matriarch.

[CHAT] Slaughter lowered his head for a moment and looked at the battered Jules. "I...I will NOT return to earth like this. I...I can't live with myself." He said as he stood up. He gritted his teeth together and clenched his fists. He looked at himself. He wasn't hurt bad, and his power recharged from the massive fighting. He gave himself a little command. "OVERPOWER! SURGE!" He said as he roared with fury. The command taking over his every thought, his every action. His body surging with power his pulse could be seen coursing through his veins. His heartbeat audibly heard and his form pulsing with extreme power. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'Every ounce of power that was stored had come to the surface, but there was a price. Already his body temperature was rising, and steam was coming off of his body. "Jules. IF you want...Follow. Tell my tale..." He said as he took off in a yellow-red flash towards Rheveena. Appearing to her flank was a expertly placed energy-enhanced blow that would have shaken even the heavens. The amount of power and the shockwave of the fist would be devastating.<F>'

[CHAT] Samuel -- More clones. Two of them this time. Wasn't it special. A red and gold aura enveloped its form once again as it backed up momentarily, deftly avoiding an attack by one of the clones as it glared at the both of them, a growl escaping its throat before it lunged at one, ducking beside another blow to get in close and try to stab this one square in the throat with its bladed arm. There was Slaughter, there was another low growl--but it shoved that flash of rage aside, there were more important issues to deal with--like surviving. As it fought, memories came unbidden--talking with Req. Her making it promise not to 'run off and die'. It should have made her promise the same.

[CHAT] Thousand turns her head slowly, the massive power suit turning to meet the oncoming clone. Data from both her own sensors and the various possibilities of the clones movements flood her mind, rapidly processing into a solution- all too obvious. A series of small RCS thrusters across the android's body fire, propelling her backward in a blur of motion as an MLRS rack emerges from her shoulder, opposite the heavy beam cannon. A moment later, a flurry of seeking high explosive warheads wreathed in and trailing blue-white flame scatter outward, fanning out in the various directions the clone is anticipated to evade, and set to correct the course of each one per the clones movements. Thousand giggles loudly across the com, the keening effeminate sound echoing in the others ears.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The energy blast the Crimson Queen launched at Dumastin ripped straight through his body, and he did not flinch. It tore away half his torso, and when it faded, the air around him was filled with a buzzing sound, a sensation of energy... Where there had been flesh, there was now something that looked like old-time TV static, a chaotic cluster of black and white. Moments passed, and in layers, the destroyed section of his body reformed. Rebuilding. Recreating.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Chaos and Order. Destruction and preservation. Every instant, every moment, the powers boiling through him were tearing him apart, and just as quickly, the skilled hands of the part of him that was Prime rebuilt him. That wasn't the aspect of a God, the powers of Order and Chaos in balance. This was the power of a mortal, who offered himself as a sacrifice on a pyre of divine flame. What could Raveena do to him that he had not done already to himself? '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His form fuzzed out, as he flickered through the air towards her. Old instincts and new ones clashed together, the beings that made up that which he had become learning from moment to moment how better to work together. Certainly he could die, be killed. Time would do that for her, time for the fragile balance he had constructed to come unwound. But time would strengthen him as much as it did her, if not more so. The flame only grew ever brighter, despite her theft of part of its fury, fed and grown fat on the rich food of brightly burning souls. And yet, his body seemed to have lost some form, after taking such a grievous blow. Parts of his flesh fuzzed in and out of that static-form, their balance still recovering.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He attacked her, then. Physically, his fist raising and crashing toward her, streaming tiny particles of black and white and a trail of gold fire, that same fire Dumastin had learned to tend with his own soul at one point, now too well-fed by souls which had embraced their doom. Power, speed, ferocity, precision, technique; rapid, compact punches backed by every ounce of strength and energy he could force into them, targeted at weak points inherent to the Kaio body. Prime's knowledge of biology, Dumastin's technique, Iapetus's ferocity.'

[CHAT] Narrateor: -- 'The clone that was streaking after Thousand flickered and vanished as her speed increased, but with every movement there was a counter. Missiles impacting before a red ray crashed into her. In the flash of light all was lost, until a red smoking form came emerging out, wisps of smoke trailing her as a chaotic red and black orb of unstable energy was in her hands. The frequency fluctuating in a fashion even thousand would have trouble trying to absorb. It was unstable to the point of exploding in her own hands before she went to punch Thousands large robot body with it, and if he dodged, she would try to release the orb towards him\her, even if it meant damaging herself in the blast.'

[CHAT] Narrateor: -- 'Against Samuel was a different story. Samuel had the upper hand for now, beating the two of them back with his rage and Fury, but they quickly got out of the killing field and attacked him from opposite sides. Red demonic blades slicing through the air as the other was taking pot-shots with smaller, more compact and precision firing, keeping him off his feet and trying to distract. When he turned to face one, they would tear off, and use ranged, while the other would close, trying to wear down, disorient and take down this berserking fiend.'

[CHAT] Narrateor: -- 'Seluj and Elphlane were a different story. They battered away the single attacks and the clone was wrapped up in a fury of tooth-claw and tentacles. Struggle as she tried, she could not get free, and the part of her body that was being gnawed on by that dragon thing, was turning into red ichor and mush as its energy was being absorbed. She would not have it that way. Even as her mind was fading with every second that past, her energy was building. They would not get away unscathed.'

[CHAT] Rahveena the main body of this fight was already bored, she allowed Dumastin to pound into her, the crushing blows sending shock waves throughout her body. Of course with each blow there was another rush as direct contact resulted in the forces of Balance rapidly rushing back into her... After a few moments when she felt her bones were beginning to shatter she blinked away, breathing heavily and glowing with a divine aura. She suddenly fell into a fighting stance, letting out a slow scream as the aura of divinity became engulfed in Crimson. "Yes, and the big bad bean failed to save all of his friends." Her index and forefinger moved to her temple blinking into the high atmosphere where her aura seemed to ignite the sky around her with a hellish fire.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'She extended her hands, power rapidly amassing before a flurry of energy orbs powerful enough to crack continents unleashing a flurry of hell upon those engaged with her clones. Her clones themselves would seek to move close before erupting in their own self-destruction unleashing more power. The 'mortal' playing god would likely be annoying to heal. His allies however, they were far weaker. '

[CHAT] Seluj let out a sensation of concern as from above orbs began to rain down burning of enough energy that he didn't want to get caught up in it. He took control of Elphlane's body, slowly feeding the demon serum into her system causing her body to erupt in a secondary aura almost indistinguishable from her own. Sure it was a death sentence, but he already knew what his host was planning... It wasn't a 'great' plan, but it might prove to be at least some-what effective. The child of the Chaos Blended merely needed to get his host within grappling distance, using his energy to enhance her speed numerous times on the way up just to avoid the incoming fire. (Zanzoken and After-Image, All uses from Seluj).

[CHAT] Jules had rushed after Slaughter, doing his best to keep up as the sky was set ablaze by the power of the Crimson Queen. He clenched his jaw, the orbs were emitting kinetic energy as they traveled. As he flew upwards his armor deployed, his eyes shimmering cyan as he began using his vision to provide a screen of protection for himself and allies, setting off some of the incoming attacks a few hundred meters before they swarmed over himself and slaughter. It seemed they were cutting a path directly for the queen. Jules could sense the duo weren't the only ones.

rheveena, ris, jules, seluj elph sam thousand dumastin rheveena

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The building of energy was complete. It wasn't the main body that was building but as the last clone fed its energy into her it vanished from view with all the speed it could muster, appearing right along side Rheveena. The purply-cancer-ous-energied overpower shadow dragon clone took one look at her and Exploded. The light and shockwave extending as all the energy from Elphlanes clones, Seluj's minions powered the explosion. Her main body was still feeding, caught within the absorbing of memories. The childhood of her unfolding as Seluj took the clone with them. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Her power boosted and screaming to the surface with the enhanced serum. Her powers and energy swarming as even more of the clone was consumed. The body now falling limp as it was a pile of red mush as she carried it with her to Rheveena. with the increased speed she came along side, right as her other clone appeared. The Crimson clone she held she could feel. The power reached critical and exploded with crimson energy mixing with the first explosion. Then hers as well. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She tore her body into an explosion of demonic shadows to balance the light and the red, as well as the explosion of the nearest orbs as well. All around the main body were multiple powerful explosions, the worst of all was a massive tear of darkness and shadows that overpowered the other three. After a few moments the lights and energy faded, revealing nothing left of Elphlane, except threads of lingering shadows, and the willpower and strength needed to perform such a deed.<Exit Elphlane>'

[CHAT] Riz: -- 'Rizion and the clone he faced clashed together in the air. From their collective centers, a nebula radiated outwards along with a thunderous boom. Electricity from their respective forms raced over their bubble like a blanket expanding outward, wreaking havoc upon the planet. Bahamut had stopped, stabbed in the clone's stomach after tearing her up from the pelvis. Only the clone was smiling, its naked body starting to glow with a red and yellow shine. The nearest sun to Sanctum was barely a blip in the sky that gave off just enough heat and light to make a night and day. But now the sky was on fire.'

[CHAT] Riz: -- ' A circle of Hell itself opened above them and the clone was laughing hysterically at Rizion *grabbing* the glowing blade that was stabbed in her chest. "SHIT!" She started to from the inside out, her veins running hot with orange ki. Light poured out of her eyes and mouth and from the wound in her gut as Rizion flung the exploding corpse into the air, trying to use it as a sense of cover from the oncoming bombardment.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- They were crafty now--trying to use the numbers to their advantage, have one try to get its attention and another take advantage. But in the numbers game, it could still have the advantage, breaking off for the moment by backing away from the two, its aura flares up as it brings up its energy to try to do a technique, but then--something tears away its attention. The sheer death raining from the sky. The clones were forced to take a back seat as it suddenly shouted out, its power rising as a pair of energy spheres form in its hands and suddenly it vanishes in a burst of speed, repeatedly (Zanzoken) dodging several of the blasts, and blowing up several more, dodging most of the barrage before one manages to clip it in the shoulder--sending it spiralling down several dozen feet as another races towards him--only for him to reposition himself, land on the ground and then jump out of the way just before the attack slams into the ground, going back on the defensive.

[CHAT] Thousand can see only one possibility for dealing with the attacking clone in this state, given the possibilities she could see and the uncertainty regarding the unfamiliar energy that attack rippled with. In a swift motion, she grasps the massive sword slung across her back and swing forward- if all went to plan, the blade would bisect the queen's clone entirely... but after the stroke, the android would not have a free moment to ponder the rest- she had reached the limit of her ability to handle the Lunacy Conduit already, her mind screaming at her in a thousand voices... (C)

[CHAT] Thousand -- a moment later, her concentration broke, and along with it, the concentration maintaining Iskander. Powersuit and sword alike glow a brilliant white before beginning to trail away, individual specks of white material swirling away, seemingly into nothing. A few fragments of the light separate, reforming the androids normal state, motionless, eyes fixed forward, a strange voice issueing forth across the com, interspersed with static. [...sssssss...ssssssss... long day calls for long pork.... sssss..... ssssssssss....... -opperville... sssssss....] The comm goes silent, the android adrift for the moment, unable to respond to either the clone (should she have survived) or the other looming threat.

[CHAT] Narrateor: -- 'The clones were not hindered by the explosion with Samuel, instead taking it into their own actions to rain destruction down on them. First a wide beam to prevent any more dodging, then the other clone would send down a smaller diameter beam and smaller and smaller until there was no room to dodge anymore. The attacks were getting weaker with each reduction, but would still prove powerful enough of an attack to worry. The Clone fighting Thousand tho never got the chance to unleash her chaotic energy. The sword slicing the clone in two as it then got struck by a massively powerful orb. The clone exploding and the energy wave taking thousand out to space. However far he would travel, no one but Thousand would know.'

[CHAT] Seluj finds herself being rushed, a cloud of explosions parted by an Optic blast... She only felt the rushing power of the dragon which had stopped next to her burning with an unstable, she hadn't seen it being focused on Slaughter... Her left hand reached across her body, pointing right as a barrier formed even as her right palm continued to fire... The explosion slammed into her side pushing her out of her fixed point in the sky disrupting her fire, Slaughter's burning power flicking out behind one of her last explosions as her right side seared in the flames knocking of off balance... A moment later she found herself stopped in the sky, her eyes glowing and noting the forming bindings around her form. She coughed in the smoke and fire of the demons explosion, ignoring the boils that were forming on her right side, although quite outraged at her singed hair, which had continued to fade gray as her wrinkles slowly deepened.

[CHAT] Jules acted quickly behind Slaughter, following in a smooth motion behind and through the exploding Sergeant Major aimed directly as the smoking old woman. His hands spread wide as he began to throw his own energy blast, his eyes unleashing a torrent of energy as he approached. Even his tentacles deployed lashing out to attempt to wrap her up... All of it to get close enough to... The body fell limp as Jules suddenly ejected himself from his shell, launching his Tuffle form like a bullet for the gagging mouth of the Queen, his intention to infect while his husk body began to fall to the ground.

[CHAT] Rahveena finds herself being rushed, a cloud of explosions parted by an Optic blast... She only felt the rushing power of the dragon which had stopped next to her burning with an unstable, she hadn't seen it being focused on Slaughter... Her left hand reached across her body, pointing right as a barrier formed even as her right palm continued to fire... The explosion slammed into her side pushing her out of her fixed point in the sky disrupting her fire, Slaughter's burning power flicking out behind one of her last explosions as her right side seared in the flames knocking of off balance... A moment later she found herself stopped in the sky, her eyes glowing and noting the forming bindings around her form. She coughed in the smoke and fire of the demons explosion, ignoring the boils that were forming on her right side, although quite outraged at her singed hair, which had continued to fade gray as her wrinkles slowly deepened.

[CHAT] Riz: -- 'Rizion tried to use the exploding clone as cover, but the explosion it set off covered the entire horizon alone then only quadrupled in size. He fired back, layering Bahamut with dozens of energy blasts that he launched in a spread to combat the Queen's, but was quickly over powered. The growing eruption started to engulf his draconic form. Even standing as tall as he was, there was little to be seen of the man save his head bobbing in a sea of red and orange. In one, final and defiant effort, Rizion poured all of his power into his sword and swung a line of blue plasma through the Hellstorm between he and falling remains of Jules. He needed the tuffle to live. Someone had to tell the tale of the fighters that were lost this day. Then they became too much. Rizion's body dropped its form as he was tossed around like a rag doll in the repeated explosions.'

[CHAT] Samuel had its hands full with dodging the blasts, the clones keeping up their attack was almost too much, clasping its hands together and slamming it into an oncoming blast and knocking it off course. It wasn't about to give up--thoughts were running through its head, the fights with Sara, the trial at Zeon, Haggis. But most of all Req's request for it to live--that was something that echoed in its mind. Right up until things hit the tipping point.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Slaughter died. Then Elphlane. Then Rizion--even Jules was going down. It was enough to draw its attention away at a vital moment, "Elph! Jul--" it calls out, looking over in their direction--only for a blast to hit him mid sentence, sending it crashing down to the ground--more followling, pummeling his exhausted form--stripping the armor and even flesh from his bones which are pummeled and broken as well as it yells out in pain and frustration--a lapse in judgement costing it everything, or nearly so. It was down to a smoking, charred body--skull cracked, bones shattered, bloody, bruised, and beaten.

[CHAT] Thousand hurtles through space for a few more long moments, static and occasional bits of nonsensical gibberish crackling across the comm, before he finally begins to come to his senses. The clothing and artificial skin covering the front of his body had been completely burned away, leaving him with the appearance of a metallic skeleton, or maybe a suit of armor... either way, it is quite appalling to look at, the metal itself scorched and twisted. The android had not come out of that undamaged- but oh, how he hurt. He clutches both arms around his midsections, wincing painfully. All of that... too much. He hangs there for a moment before becoming dimly aware of his surroundings. Still dazed, he turns, and heads back towards the others at top speed.

[CHAT] Rahveena let the barrier drop, her senses alerting her to a high energy flying towards her... It was just a speck in her eye, one she raised her right hand to catch as it seemed to be quite power... What race was this she wondered... As the seed-sized thing hit her palm an energy slash slammed into her already burned right side, plowing her backwards while tearing into her already blistering skin, ripping into her skin before her aura flared briefly pushing the energy back, then bringing up her arms and shins so the chains bound to her would take the brunt of the damage. She applied pressure to the chains from the other side, intending to shatter the Namekian's attempted binding.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- ' When the links popped, she let her full power out for a brief moment, redirecting the energy-slash downwards towards the Mimic, and one of the Namekian's last living allies other than the peculiar seed-creature. She was aware of her clones action, but the Mimics were a hardy sort. In their case, there was no kill like over-kill. '

[CHAT] Jules had missed... He slammed into a palm and felt the fingers closing around him before Rizion's energy slashed into the Crimson Queen forcing her back and leaving him falling through the atmosphere to what would likely be death... Rapidly tendrils of organic fibers wover themselves into gliding wings slowing his decent... This was no good, he was useless and he couldn't get back to his body which would hit the ground minutes before he would... So... His mind projected itself, leaving the seed-like form to continue falling to the ground. A cyan aura would begin to burn around Samuel as a simulated cyan-colored set of bio-organic armor formed over the smoking Mimic. Jules released a plethra of his psionic biological aids while using psionic tentacles to provide another layer of protection.

[CHAT] Dumastin took a single step, and reappeared over Sam. That energy slash cut down toward him... He closed his eyes. Rizion dead...? He closed off the grief once more. No love lost between them, but some part of him still cared for Rizion and mourned his death. Yet. The Konatsu's last gasp, his dying attack, to be simply batted away like this? No.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He raised his hand, and space folded once more. He closed his eyes, not needing them to *see* where Rahveena was, her form as bright in his mind's eye as a shining sun. Not needing his eyes to feel the space around him, so familiar, especially now. It was but child's play to tear open that space before him for a moment, sucking Rizion's final attack into the aether and redirecting it. Space ripped apart just behind the Crimson Queen as Dumastin delivered his fallen rival's final gift once more unto the intended recipient.

[CHAT] Samuel wasn't... coherent. There wasn't a conscious thought in its head, at least, not until Jules started poking around in there--he'd quickly find the bean it had stored earlier--inside itself, like where it stores everything else, it's quickly devoured as Sam is suddenly roused from unconsciousness. "Hu... whu...?" is all it can manage to eek out it suddenly sees a blast coming down, then Dumastin intercepting it. It couldn't much move either way, at least, not yet--now that it had regained consciousness, however, its own regeneration was helping alongside the psychic biological aids as well. Red was right about one thing, Mimics are hardy as hell.

[CHAT] Thousand frowns as he races back unsteadily, his senses still confused and with a splitting headache. Some of the energy signatures are gone.... whos? He just can't sort through it all right now. Two signatures close to one another.... is one of them the enemy? Chancing it, he levels a fist towards one of them, firing it off like a rocket, speeding towards... (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) ...in a spot of luck, the Crimson Queen. The android has no idea if he's even selected the correct target in his confusion, but draws nearer the engagement. (F)

[CHAT] Rahveena sensed the fabrics of space warping, her head turning briefly as the redirected attack struck at her from behind. Her left side stepped back, her left arm covered in a hot-red energy slicing through it with an upward slash. Her right side looked terrible. The naked body that had once seem pristine was now sagged and wrinkled on the left. On the right, there were severe burns and a deep bleeding gash on her right shoulder spanning down her body and across her right leg... The dripping blood however acted strangely, it didn't puddle downward and fall to gravity, instead it began pooling above her head. A psionic scream, ("Space warping? Really... Opening worm-holes is to easy!) The entire planet began to rumble as the Balance infused blood began to burn off...

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'A literal fire... The hell of a star, this systems star... A jump through space... A ripple in the stabilizing gravity of the entire system... The tear would invariable destroy the planet as it was sucked into the gravity... Not to mention the rest of the system... In an act of one uppmanship, she had doomed the entire system. Her own skin began to shimmer as she pulled in the power of the star, her body glowing a fiery red as her form burned and her power continued to rise. There was a 'Plink' as something struck the back of her head, a figure far closer moon-distanced star rushing her from behind.'

[CHAT] Dumastin started to hum as he wove the strands of space and time. She was powerful, true, but was she subtle? Space was an infinitely complex weave of strands, and till now he had only ever scratched at the surface of that complexity. But here he was. No longer separated, but joined; the Technomage's knowledge of the flow of time filled in the missing pieces, and Prime turned his attention to the task at hand, joined with Dumastin in truth rather than the half-baked partnership they had enjoyed for so long.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Ripping open space in such a way was impressive beyond words, of course, but stitching it back together? How many could achieve *that*? And as he hummed, he knew, his affinity for this world, his Sanctum, coupled with the depth of his understanding, gave him tools to at least equal her tremendous power. He eased the Sanctum's sun back into the place it rightfully occupied, and gently set the planets back in order. The rocks, the dust, the uncountable and myriad *things* that made up a solar system. He set them aright, and gathered more of the silken strands to himself to prepare for his next move.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- The sun. The heat. Even within whatever this odd coccoon was, its flesh sizzled slightly and it winced. That... hurt. But it could still move. By the time Dumastin had taken care of the Sun, it was up again, and making its way towards the downed husk body. It was Jules. His body, anyway... couldn't bring itself to eats its friend. Sentimental fool it was. Still, it grabbed the bag of beans and eats a couple of them before storing the rest. "Jules... thanks," it says. It wanted to grab him and work together but... this probably wouldn't be something Sam would survive, and it didn't want to kill him with it. With another shout, a red and golden aura envelopes it once more as it comes back into its transformation, only to launch with surprising speed at the Red Queen once more, intent on tearing her to pieces--or at least distracting her from Dumastin.

[CHAT] Thousand fights against the unexpected gravitational pull valiantly, firing his RCS system at maximum power to prevent his fall into the sun, a losing batle at this close range.... and then, he was off like a shot again, careening once more away from the others, as inexplicably, the intense gravity had vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Every joint in the androids body screams in protest as he corrects his trajectory, head still swimming. Nonetheless, he deploys the energy weapon from his detached wrist, beginning to gather energy in the lower barrel, preparing several fuel charges for use. He levels it towards the Red Queen as she comes back into view, a rapidly-growing speck.

[CHAT] Jules stopped protecting his body as it continued to fall towards the ground, his mind once again infecting Samuel's, his charge suddenly being augmented by a blast from his eyes helping to push through. Sam was being torn apart, but he could take it... A psionic tentacle retrieved the remaining beans, holding them into Sam's back as he directed the energy far more effectively than it would naturally flow. An additional aid to the Mimic, Jules transferred every spec of kinetic energy he had gained since the encounter with the Queen began into Samuel, increasing the durability of his carapace. What would result as a Samuel easily capable of charging through her counter assault, flesh and limb regenerating as quickly as they could be burned or cleaved off.

[CHAT] Rahveena felt the sudden surge of power from the cosmic pool of Balance rush into her... She retained the energy she had taken in from the sun now with the infusion of her natural power caused her body to burn white, the only darkened area being the wound that ran down her right side. Samuel rushed her, her gaze didn't drop from Dumastin while Samuel rushed her aggressively... A flash of her aura, swirls of burning hot wind slicing through it while electricity arced rapidly within her burning white aura.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'A barrier of deadly protection. The blades would slice through the carapace of the Mimic's attacking arms like butter, but that wasn't what mattered... She needed to feel what it was like one last time before she perished... To feel Balance at the cosmic scale. It was one of the few things she had left before her inevitable ended. She counted on Samuel to continue attack, her left hand extended a palm in his direction. The pulse of energy that released from her hand easily burned with the power of the sun. She estimated it would likely incinerate him. She knew well that once again the current holder of her power, the current Avatar of Balance, could easily save his friend. '

[CHAT] Dumastin returned her gaze. The great distance between him and her, he on the ground and her in the sky, seemed like nothing at all. His body broke apart into motes of light, reformed, started to fuzz apart again. Was that her plan, perhaps? To force him to expend himself defending his more vulnerable allies? Tampering with the threads of the cosmos bore none of the danger it had when he was a lesser being, but time was his enemy even more so than hers. And yet... Five minds and souls into one being, and still, when his hand raised itself to twist the threads, to divert the death-ray harmlessly aside from Sam, there was no dissension. He could not turn aside from the chance to at least try to protect what few loved ones he still had, not and still be who he was. But the cost, in time and focus, was still dear.

[CHAT] Samuel did... not continue the attack--its arms were sliced to ribbons and the attack clearly wasn't working--in fact it wasn't even diverting her attention. It changed tact--tentacles erupting out of shoulder and back, along its spine, each of then ending in an eye--faintly glowing blue as they charge. "You killed them," he says, simply. "Req. Rizion. Elph. Haggis." he grits his teeth, getting angrier as it speaks, "Why, you bitch!? Why did the people I care about have to die!? What gave you the right!?" hit suddenly starts yelling. "I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY AND I DON'T CARE IF IT KILLS ME!" it gives an enraged snarl, lunging at her once again--only for the image to fade shortly there after (Afterimage) the actual Samuel reappearing behind her to attack her again.

[CHAT] Thousand speeds onto the scene, noting Sam's reappearance between himself and the queen. Nodding to himself, he puts on the biggest burst of speed he can muster (zanzoken), arcing above Sam and rotating his torso as he goes, right arm extended "downward" towards the queens head as he passes. A microsecond passes, as a trio of fuel charges ignite within the lower barrel of his energy weapon, before the combined surge of flame and energy flashes towards the queen, carrying a cloud of white-hot thermite chaff along with it. Thousand would end his movement on the opposite side of the queen from Sam. Surely -one- of them would be provided an opening to exploit.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Samuel would feel Jules suddenly weaken to almost nothing as his physical microscopic vanished the the winds of the flash. Jules... Remained only a faint remnant within Samuel, unable to do much more than allow Samuel the ability to mimic his abilities. '

[CHAT] Samuel grits its teeth. "Jules!" It takes off in a blur of speed rushing after him, but it was too late--he was gone. "No... no no no..." -Everyone- was dying around it. It couldn't save... anyone. Nobody. Not Jules. Not Elph. Not Riz... not even Req. With one more shout of frustration it turns and flies back to space, backing off the planet for the moment. It... didn't know what to do. It was failing... everybody. It had gone into this with such hope. It would save Req and keep anyone else from dying, but now it... there was nothing. It was a shell. Even if it survived this fight... what could it do?

[CHAT] Rahveena had made the center of the planet before her fingers rose to her forehead and she appeared behind the energy of the Mimic, her hands directing the molten core of the planet to rush around Samuel. The current Avatar was building up for something of cross-dimensional scale. "If it's any consolation, there is an afterlife for that trapped soul you have in you." She fully intended on encasing the Mimic in the liquid core of the planet and then blasting him into the fire-storm that had become the planet below.

[CHAT] Dumastin looked on helplessly. The flames boiled up out of the ground around him. Sam was being attacked... but this time he simply could *not* save his ally. He gathered himself, gathered all the power, all his control over the strands of the Cosmos, and he watched, wondering if his friend would live. It was down to Sam, his own merits. Whether he would live or die. Because Dumastin had the strength left for only one more act, and he hoped dearly that he could succeed.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- ' And yet... one thread he gathered to himself glowed with a familiar light. Ah, for a moment he grieved, before clutching that errant thread close to himself. "Jules... you too...?" He smiled sadly. "Would you like to join me, here at the last? It is the right of those who called themselves the Blended, once. I would not refuse your soul being added to mine..."'

[CHAT] Jules felt himself pulled, but couldn't stand to leave Samuel alone.. ("None of us should die alone...") It was but a whisper passing, Jules would prefer to leave and aid the Captain... Perhaps be of use... Instead he comforted Samuel, and used what little he had left to pull the remainder of the beans into being absorbed by the Mimic.

[CHAT] Samuel was fleeing the supernova when she... suddenly appeared and then... fire. Lava. Pain. There wasn't anything it could do--the lava was burning too fast for it to push itself out, and it didn't have any means of getting out any other way. It let out a gutteral scream as its armor was burnt away within a second, its flesh melting seconds after that--the last thing that flashed through its mind, and Jules' mind with him--one memory. Req, Sam, Flay, and Jaraid--finally arriving at their home--their planet. Going to build a new life together, a happy one. So much happiness and hope, ripped away bitterly. And then its gone as the last of him is burnt--not even ash remaining. Sam was gone.

[CHAT] Dumastin looked up. The pain threatened to tear him to pieces-the pain of simply holding himself together, the pain of watching so many of his friends die. But beneath the pain there was fury. Fury beyond measure. And so... he took all of his power, everything he had left. Took hold of the fabric of reality. And he pulled, pulled with all his strength.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He tore the Crimson Queen from the sky, so that she stood before him, and in so doing tore a still-mostly-intact section of the planet itself, a mountainous chunk of stone ripped away. This he released, sending it flying away, upward, into the darkness of the sea of stars. If he'd aimed it right, it'd catch Thousand, bear him farther away. The android would be alright. Old Gods help him, maybe at least one of his friends would survive this day.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His body... he could feel his own weariness, as the power of Balance ebbed from him. Without it he couldn't sustain himself. And yet. There was one thing to do. One last thing that could yet preserve that which must be preserved... He let go, finally, released everything he had left. His very soul burning away, as the light faded from the sky. "I couldn't protect them... but I can still protect the future I had hoped to entrust to them. A future without you. And, just as important, perhaps, a future without me."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'It was something familiar to him, in the end. Something that had been practically engraved on his bones for years now, a burden he'd picked up and never really released. Arlia all over again... his Sanctum, or what was left of it, as the planet began to rupture, dragged into the Astral Realm and bound away. Not for an eternity; he didn't have the power for that. But neither he nor Rahveena still had an eternity, did they?'

[CHAT] Rahveena grunted, there was still an android to disassemble somewhere before she dealt with recovering the rest of her power. Even so, as the planet parted the restraints shattered he awareness taking note of the shifting... She couldn't sense the outside world anymore... A pocket dimension, she projected her mind briefly.. Seeing her body within the same realm. There was a scoff of irritation as she returned to her body. Another box... Always a box... She glanced at Dumastin, "It's not as amusing killing you, you've already done that to yourself, haven't you Namekian?"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'She found him leaning against the fallen, shattered remains of the Atrium where he had spent so many days. There was little left of his body, the power of Balance had consumed it utterly, but his spirit was strong enough to remain, if only for a last few moments before the stress he had placed on it brought about his final end. He nodded to her. "It needed to be done. There never would have been peace, true peace, as long as I was there. I can't help but meddle..."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Did you know, in another time, things were different? A timeline long since extinguished, and now, now finally buried forever, beyond return. You won, and everything I had loved, and everything I had built, it was all torn down. And the funny thing was, that one of the key differences... was in my own heart." He shrugged. "Everything. Arlia. Max, Plectere, Zeon, X'zorfin, Konatsu. Everything I've ever done, every victory and every failure, it all led to this moment." He spread spectral arms wide to take in the ruin that had once been his home. Even now a huge chunk was missing, sawed away with the chunk of world he had flung free.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"It's not the path I would have liked. I would have preferred... a different path. But I always meant to kill myself. The future I wanted to build, I suppose, was one that didn't include me." He grinned, his mind, his melded soul, buzzing for a moment despite his grief. "I'm glad it's over. I only wish I could see what comes next..." His body, his form, started to fade away. Without Balance to sustain him, he simply couldn't continue to exist as he was.'

[CHAT] Thousand, meanwhile, drifts away from the region at high speed, carried only by inertia. His body has been damaged almost beyond recognition, his scanners dazzled, and his mind abuzz with errors, damage reports, and the aftermath of the earlier trials. He tries to arrest his momentum- unsuccessfully. He tries to get a reading on the status of his friends- also unsuccessful. Systems fade one by one- a critical energy conduit passing through his torso had been completely ripped out in the last exchange. The exhausted and crippled android directs his nanobots to assemble a temporary replacement for the conduit- without the power it provided, mere survival was out of the question, much less any attempt at self-repair. As the nanobots got to work, he casts his fading vision back towards where he had come. It appeared that the sanctum was… missing? The last thing the android saw before going offline was a trio of lights- red, green, and white- approaching him from the distance, and then… nothing. (exit)

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