*Hell on Sanctum 8

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*Hell on Sanctum 8

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[CHAT] Rizion was racing through the air back to the frontlines of the fight with furious speed even while transformed into the heavily armored Dark Knight. He saw her in the distance, floating in the air, body still naked and showing no signs of weakness or fatigue. The dragon said it was going to take an hour. Was it right? Was it telling the truth? Though his heart did want to believe they had won the day, until he saw that creature dead with his own eyes he would not give in to false hopes. Still, the others needed to be told. He closed his mind for a moment, then used the link Jules set up once more

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '(Everyone listen to me! The dragon. I made two wishes. The first; was to remove her invulnerability and immortality. We can finally hurt this vekka! And secondly...I had it give back to her the millions of years she spent trapped away. In short. If the dragon's words are true, we've won. But its going to take an hour for her time to catch up to her and with each passing minute she will gradually grow stronger) He gave them a moment to reflect on that, the truth having not even fully set in with himself yet. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '(That means we have one hour to stop her. To keep her here, focused on us, so she can't destroy as much of the Universe as she can. I'm not sure if this is the fight you were expecting, but its the one we have. We are fighting here to save the future, not ourselves. For one hour the only job each and everyone of us has is to survive. If you get hit, hit her back! If you fall...stand up! Today...we stop a fallen GOD!) An aura of midnight hues and irradescant purples cascaded over Rizion's form, the blade of Bahamut coming to life as he flew into The Final Battle.'

[CHAT] Samuel was in a rage--it was losing everyone. Even the most important person in its life. Gone. Before its very eyes. It wasn't even listening to Rizion's speech, and wouldn't have even recognized the fact that its opponent was immortal. It only saw red. They. Would. Die. It's her fault. All of it. Everyone it cared about was dying. There's a loud, bloody roar even as Rizion speaks as it continues to lunge towards the red queen, intending to flat out tear her head off in a wild flurry of slashes and stabs with its razor sharp claws. Off with her head, indeed.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Elphlane-That would be interesting for her. She defiantly had the ability to last thanks to Seluj and her massive amounts of clones. Each one equal to her and spawning and splitting more with every passing moment. 5 van sized shadow dragon clones came rushing in. The first breathing that noxious brimstone breath to blind and burn skin. The second shot the shadow bolts towards her, the shadow energy that would stick to her upon contact with shadowing ichor. The other three massed there energy and controlled the shadows from the blasts and the bolt, twisting it into whips and tendrils, spikes to impale and ropes to bind. All while reading into her emotions and powers. They will find what's powers she uses and where they come from.'

[CHAT] Dumastin knelt and laid his hands on the ground, as the sigils he was creating formed two large circles in shining blue. Painstakingly, he formed every individual rune in his mind; to ensure success, nothing less than perfection was required, but speed was just as important. And yet the spell he was forming paled in comparison to the complexity of that which he had already wrought, the two spells floating over his body encased in bubbles of purified mana.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He raised his hands, and shining lights in a multitude of colors appeared, coalescing into the form of gemstones. These dropped to the ground and added themselves into the mix; the focal gems of the galactic leylines he had tapped would do well to anchor the spell, giving it the stability to channel the power he sought to tap. From the cracks in the floor bubbled liquid mana, until it formed a series of small geysers into the air; Silas Henries, the wielder of Soulmirror, shrank back from one as it nearly splattered on his armor.'

[CHAT] Dumastin knelt down as his fingers moved. The dual-circle arrangement, almost like a Venn diagram, was complete, but here he modified it somewhat. Changed the way the power would flow. What was being wrought was a simple spell, in its own way; it simply contained and channeled great powers and slammed them against one another. If they were diametrically opposed... Mutual annihilation. And yet. As it stood, the tweak he had made was completely innocuous, and wouldn't affect the channeling of the power.

[CHAT] Dumastin crossed his arms in front of him, as black mist gathered around him. He drew a deep breath, and silently sent a feeling of reassurance to Iapetus and Prime. And then he unleashed the twin spells. Power erupted from the circles, as the fountaining power from the Sanctum's reservoir was sucked in, as the leyline crystals shone with a reflection of the power of their respective worlds. Black and white lightnings erupted, and the power of the magic circles strained to contain them. Space and time warped...

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Sanctum itself seemed to shift, the atmosphere changing in response to the rapid flux in the mana fields. Even those not sensitive to it couldn't help but feel the "charge" in the air dropping, though Rizion was likely the most sensitive to it and the most likely to realize exactly how much power the Namek was pulling on. He couldn't help his allies in the battle as he was; it was suicide, even with his spells of life protection. But there was a way. The part of him not consumed with the power he was channeling could only pray that he finished before anyone else died. That he could fulfill promises he had made. That he could possibly... bring hope along with him one last time.'

[CHAT] Rahveena felt it, the effects of the wish... Not even she could know the full extent of what had been done... Samuel continued to rush forward, she stepped backwards leaving a clone of hers to rush towards Samuel.. She took note that it was Significantly reduced in quality compared to the ones previously made. They were no longer on her natural level... An oddity... She needed to know... Another version of herself stepped backwards out of her, waving her hands rapidly and casting a spell which caused her to vanished. Meanwhile the clone that engaged with Samuel rushed towards him only to be briefly overwhelmed, flesh being gouged away. She let herself fall back to observe, her energies burning around her as she fell back leaving the clone in her place. Numerous targets... Shadow dragons, beings on the astral plane. And she couldn't help feel as if something had...

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'As she flowed back she recognized a single strand of gray hair fell in front of her eyes. A scowl, it would take a moment for the other clone to return. She needed to know exactly what had been wished for... But that would wait... For now... The one who had touched her before, the one who had piqued her interest enough to join the fray.. A robot... What she noticed was the strings of connectivity on the psionic realm, all leading back to the Tuffle. Her clone would easily buy her enough time for her to mentally flay the parasite and disrupt psionic communication. '

[CHAT] Seluj had a presence that could be seen easily from within Elphlane, her eyes were burning with a dark cyan glow as he continued to stare at the queen. "Just keep us moving to buy us time." Elphlane's own power had been over-powered significantly due to the mass consumption of the invading demons. She would have plenty of juice to keep herself alive while Seluj continued to prepare his psionic assault.

[CHAT] Jules followed in with Samuel and Thousand, it happened so quickly... It seemed as if she were falling back but another stepped away from her and rushed towards Samuel... Jules supported Samuel, falling low to the Mimic's left side and letting his eyes unleash the strongest optic blast he could muster. With what Rizion said... She was mortal now, and she was guaranteed to be dead within an hour assuming again... The dragon was truthful. The trouble he supposed... He could feel this weaker version of the Crimson Queen assaulting his team... Problem was, she was weaker only in comparison to the original... The clone was still stronger than he was... ("So all we have to do is distract her long enough and not die... That sounds the easiest task all damned day...") There was a sound of sarcasm anointing his mental speech.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Samuel and the others were fighting and as hard as they could. Though none of them replied with their mind, it was in their actions that Rizion knew his message had been heard. This feeling that was creeping up on him was one he had not been able to feel in ages. For so long had he been lost in the darkness and endless wellspring of despair and finally, finally they had a glimmer of hope. That single ray of light, he clenched onto it with the fist of his gauntlet. -What the- He thought to himself for a moment. He sensed it, the power boiling under the surface of the planet. It seemed that even the Thorned was afraid of losing this fight and finally started to make its way into the fray. He smiled under his helm, gripping his weapon extra tight with both hands as he came up on the clone flying towards The Eternal Dragon Kurogane, slashing a crescent at her naked chest.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Elphlane's original 5 rushed in to the second clone, the dragon breath and bolts. The spikes and whips of solidified shadows while 3 more flights circled where she had vanished. A single clone where she vanished also exploded into smoke and shadow. They would be seeking her emotions. They had already touched them, and now they were searching, to lock on and destroy. Meanwhile her main body received new information. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The clone that was closest sacrifices itself, it's memories and emotions flooding into her as well as a fraction of the power it held. She too replicated the vanishing spell using that borrowed essence. Hopefully if they were both under the same spell they could see Each other, and if not, it would provide her with more cover. At Rizions back two more shadow clones appeared, each as strong as Elphlane, also on humanoid form, wielding shadow-made swords slashing the same maneuver in perfect synchronicity with Rizion. These two were reading him and his techniques and would assist him in each of his movements, like his own shadows were helping him, cheap imitations, but perfectly in time with him.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Elphlane's original 5 rushed in to the second clone, the dragon breath and bolts. The spikes and whips of solidified shadows while 3 more flights circled where she had vanished. A single clone where she vanished also exploded into smoke and shadow. They would be seeking her emotions. They had already touched them, and now they were searching, to lock on and destroy. Meanwhile her main body received new information. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The clone that was closest sacrifices itself, it's memories and emotions flooding into her as well as a fraction of the power it held. She too replicated the vanishing spell using that borrowed essence. Hopefully if they were both under the same spell they could see Each other, and if not, it would provide her with more cover. At Rizions back two more shadow clones appeared, each as strong as Elphlane, also on humanoid form, wielding shadow-made swords slashing the same maneuver in perfect synchronicity with Rizion. These two were reading him and his techniques and would assist him in each of his movements, like his own shadows were helping him, cheap imitations, but perfectly in time with him.'

[CHAT] Samuel just roars wordlessly as it continues to launch attack after attack in a relentless series of blows. It didn't care what was on the line, it didn't care about any future, it didn't even care about its own well-being. The only thing it remotely cares about at the moment is killing this -bitch-. It paid no attention to any other copies or anything else than the one in front of it, single-minded rage it was in as it was. As it had gotten through her defenses once, it tries again, its right forearm shifting into a deadly dull-white blade in an attempt to impale her, and if that works straight up try to start eating her.

[CHAT] Thousand is met with a variant of a now-familiar technique that, given the energy difference, utterly failed to divert his attention away from the Crimson Queen. Nor did her invisibility technique mask her from his other senses. Narrowly evading the incoming attack, he whirls and thrusts his hand forward in her direction, releasing the energy he had been charging up into a narrow, but brilliantly bright blue-white lance of light.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Light-years away, a wizened Kai watched, a sour look on his face, as a magnificent sarcophagus of white marble split open. Lightning erupted from within, striking black marks onto the walls of the tomb, and when it cleared, the sarcophagus was empty...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Even more distant, at the seething heart of pure darkness that could only be found in a black hole, great power bent space and time, plucking something infinitesimally small by galactic standards from where no mortal should have been able to find it. Something that had been cast there for safekeeping...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Dumastin knelt down before those twin circles, as two unmoving corpses appeared in flashes of power. Two bodies, alike enough to be brothers. Two Kaios, in life. Oh, the trials he had undergone to track these down, to craft the spells, to gather the power. Years and years of struggle. The emergence of the Thorned. It had all led to this moment. When the physical shells of two gods lay before him. He bowed his head low to the ground, and closed his eyes. He wondered, then, if the brothers would appear before him, now that Plectere was gone. It was too late, in any case. He had bound them. Old Gods, he had finally bound them.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He felt a strangled laugh erupt from his mouth, as the spell took hold, as black and white lightning started to dance within the circles. The lightnings were trapped, focused by the circles. Given enough time, uninterrupted, this was a spell that would slay the divine brothers. Prometheus and the Technomage stood a few paces behind him and to the side, as the spectral outline of Iapetus reached out a beckoning hand to Silas.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The demon's hand closed over the hilt as Henries hesitantly extended it. He took a moment to look over the shining blade, and to note the subtle changes in texture and shape since he had forged it. "You don't sing in my hand any longer... You do recognize a new master, don't you?" He turned away from Silas and took up position behind the kneeling Dumastin. "That's fine. I don't need your loyalty. Only your strength." His grip tightened, his body growing more solid, as the clashing lightning filled the chamber with strobing lights.'

[CHAT] Devrios was shocked--absolutely shocked. And a little giddy. If there was "Everything comes to an end eventually. You, me, them... her," he quips, looking up to Dumastin, "Good job," he notes. "I didn't think I'd be here for this, I don't even need the whole, seat, just the edge," he notes with a small chuckle. Fitting, he supposed, if it was all to end today, only fitting they'd go as well. It'd be a clean slate--just not in the way she wanted it. Better for everyone, that.

[CHAT] Aydin was suddenly staring across from his body as Dumastin worked his magic. He could feel the forces of Order being pulled from him. Ironic, that the singular and original Avatar of Balance was in orbit on the planet. A Kaio betrayed... He turned his head, Aydun had made his way out. "It seems you've finally got your way, brother. Albeit... Not quite the results you were hoping for i'm sure."

[CHAT] Aydun shrugged, he too had appeared. The Prison of Plectere had faded the same time he was banished and trapped in a transdimensional realm. "You always knew it would come to this..." Aydun glanced at Dumastin, scoffing. "Well, maybe not 'this' specifically... But what you stole, what you cursed me with... It was always going to end." He sighed, glancing around at the magic. It wasn't sadness, he was quite static. An eternity of torment imposed by his older brother finally coming to an end.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The clone of Rahveena that was sent to purview the wish was standing in front of the dragon above Rizion as the exchange was made. She was aware of the temporal inversions that were occurring. Whatever the mage was doing was sending rippled backwards and forward through time. Then there was the shadow-dragon that had followed her. The Clone had finished its task, a moment later the spell it had cast faded away and the information was shared with the primary. The clone raised two fingers to her forehead and vanished, appearing back on their ship. The rise of elements of the Balance dichotomy did not go unnoticed to the clone or her creator. '

[CHAT] Rahveena suddenly let out a roar as her psionic energy exploded towards the hub-line that was Jules, a overwhelming amount of information and sensations. A Millennium of thoughts forced into his mind all at once. A thought-bomb that would travel across his network and invade every member he was linked to. On the plus side, if one could be found.. She knew now why she had a sudden gray... And it would get worse... She... She had already lost... Even if she wiped out every sentient... A task that was now beyond her in such a short frame of time given the effects of the Konatsu wish... She would still perish to the old man... She could hear the soft, elderly chuckle in her mind... The damned 'God' of Time already knew it as well... There was no time... No time to enjoy breaking them to her will, turning them against their own beliefs... There was…. The clone that had retrieved the information for her had gone to work, casting on a battle-field was... Troublesome to say the least.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The clone of Rahveena that had engaged with Samuel wasn't anywhere near as effective as one would hope, it recognized that it wasn't as strong as the original which would prove to be problematic in simply over-powering this trio. The optic blast was met with a barrier which covered her right hand, the barrier rapidly pulling the energy into itself before letting the power become a solid skin-tight barrier of what appeared to be diamond. A second later from the other side of Samuel came a powerful energy lance which slammed into her torso shattering the armor and plowing through her... She didn't even notice the Konatsu....'

[CHAT] Jules let out a sudden shout as he stumbled backwards in the air, his mind rapidly being flushed with information far to fast to comprehend... Worse, he couldn't stop it as the same painful assault which was tearing his senses away from the physical world as it spread out to those he had linked. For the moment he had already began falling, finding it difficult to concentrate on simplistic tasks like flying.

[CHAT] Seluj was finally ready, Elphlane would likely feel the immense pressure that had built up within the confines of her mind... Her head turned, her sight focusing on the Crimson Queen. The Dragon Smiled widely as the energy stored within the head of Elphlane suddenly traveled away from her, becoming nigh invisible as it rushed towards the actual Crimson Queen. This wasn't a thought-bomb, this was an attack designed to disrupt and delay the nervous system while firing off every pain receptor within her organic body.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'All six eyes of the Dark Knight transfixed upon the clone of Rahveena, but these emotions that Rizion thought he cut himself off from came flooding back, adding to the pool of Talent that toof physical form over him. Sam and the others ahd done an excellent job in keeping her busy, tearing her down piece by piece, allowing him to make a wide pass with Elphlane's dragons serving as his wings. They were in sync with his mind, orbiting around him by the simplest of thought as he rose to the sky, bringing with him a trail of darkness that infected the rolling clouds. His aura was growing, the armor on his body shifting, buckling. Metal plates crumbled down around his skin, piercing into his flesh, melding with it, forming a natural armor of scales. '

[CHAT] Rizion vanished into the clouds that were laden with thick bolts of blue lightning, then an explosion rang out. The Dark Knight entered, but a Dragon emerged, letting out that Elphlane's drake's mimic'd in unison. Rizion was now a swirling red bolt tossed by the very hand of Zeus, sonic booming twice through the sky, sweeping through and cleaving the clone in two, spilling it's lifeforce in the air. But rather than let it go, Rizion stopped on a dime adn turned swiftly. He would not let such strength go to waste. The clone, though dead, still held power and he was of mind to use it. Magics of his own started to weave around the corpse, sigils and glyphs running through the air that formed around the body.

[CHAT] Samuel didn't let up--even after it was clear that she was overwhelmed--even after Rizion's final attack it didn't let up, beating the downed clone like a dead horse in a blind rage as it grunted, snarled, and growled like a frenzied animal. It hadn't even noticed she'd split off, as one-track minded as it was. After everything that had happened, it was going to tear her to even more shreds, and then devour those shreds--blind vengeance. Again, it pays absolutely no mind to anything Rizion or Elphlane does, and as broken as it is right now barely even registers Jules psionic backlash--it just joins the already broken shards of its currently shattered mind.

[CHAT] Thousand pulls back for a moment, assessing the situation and weighing his options. This did not seem to be a time to hold anything back- and with the latest work, integrating his interface into the armor... perhaps it was time to put it to the ultimate test. He narrows his eyes for just a moment, energy building throughout his body, before channeling into the odd generators in his extremities. He raises his hand, clears his throat, and calls out- 'Come forth, Iskander!' ©

[CHAT] Thousand -- The space surrounding the android appears to ripple and waver, before beads of a strange white material begin to stream towards him from all directions. Meanwhile, his form glows brightly before dissolving into light, separating into numerous individual components, each merging with a portion of the stream of white particles, the whole growing, expanding, and contracting into a humanoid form, some ten feet tall, made of a metallic white material, a large black orb set in the center of its torso and a massive blade slung across its back. (F)

[CHAT] Devrios -- As the fight wears on, Dev just looks... determined. He'd made his choice, he was going to see it through. Seeing Aydin and Aydun coming in for their own finale just made it all the clearer. It was time to wipe the slate clean. With that in mind he pulls off the duster he often wore, letting the light grey woolen overcoat fall to the floor as he speaks, "Dumastin. We may not have seen eye-to-eye on many subjects, but you've always pushed the limits, for good or ill, to try to make things better, I respect you for that. It has been an honor," he notes, unbuttoning his turquise shirt and dropping it to the ground as well, revealing... nothing much notable at all except some odd faded tattoos. There was no musculature to speak of, and the only noticable thing were some tattoos of chains around his wrists--with a few links going a couple of inches up his arm.

[CHAT] Devrios -- It doesn't stay like that for long, however, as he starts focusing. Dark--black energy starts flaring out around his form, the tattoos--formerly still were now moving like snakes along his forearms and elbows as he prepared... something. A thought ran through his mind, Haggis. Talking to him about the end--the actual end of him. Facing the end of it all, he originally had apprehension--he was hesitant to let go of what he had. But thinking about it more--well, it was a matter of timing. He wanted meaning to the end. This, right now? With all the relics of the past coming together to have their grand finale, that's what this was.

[CHAT] Elphlane the clones around Rahveena were latched on to her emotions. Her body movements and the way she used her powers. The forming of energy as it reached her temple and the moment it was churrned forth. The location of the transport clearly in her mind as one of the shadow dragons exploded into smoke and shadows, sharing its information with the rest of her horde of dragon clones. Nearly immediately ten of the clones vanished as well, appearing all around where Rhaveena transported to. <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- ' Her essence locked on. Her emotions honed in. They immediately attacked and pounced, Energy draining shadow breath, the life-essence consuming mouths. The tendrils of shadow-ropes and bindings as well as another spawning more and more smaller dragons to swarm her. She will get no reprive from this fight. The Clones along-side Rision continued to match his every move and strike, like multiple shadows trailing him. Multiple others took their spots next to Dumastin and started moving and forming magical essence along-side him. They were not merely copying his spells, but adding their own power to it, lessening the strain and time it would take for Dumastin to complete his task.<F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin knelt there on the floor, before the dazzling display of his spell, his features outlined by the clashing flares as the powers of the brothers of Order and Chaos consumed one another. He looked down. "It was never... about honor." He exhaled slowly, his breath taking on a tinge of blue in the magical field surrounding him. "Not necessarily about making things better... I pushed the limits because I wanted to prove that they were never really limits at all. In hopes that those who follow would one day do the same." He took a deep, deep breath, and bowed his head. "It has been... an adventure of a lifetime..."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His eyes closed, and his robe fell away, revealing tattoos all across his back in blue ink, and cybernetics poking through flesh. And then Iapetus's grip on the blade firmed, and he rammed the sword Soulmirror into Dumastin's back, straight through the center of the pattern of tattoos, through to the hilt, driving the Namek's frail body down to the floor and pinning him there. He choked once as his cybernetics started to spark, as his blood flowed freely. Blood, and tattoos inked in pure mana, insane in its own right.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The flow of power changed. The lightnings stopped railing against the bindings of the circle. The circle had been rebuilt with Dumastin's own body as the catalyst... and now the power of the Gods of Order and Chaos flowed, not against each other, but into a common vessel. Iapetus went to his knees and erupted into mist, writhing madly as the power chained to him. The Sanctum's systems went wild, electricity arcing as explosions started to vibrate deep within the planet, as Prime, too, was pulled in. And two more Nameks, each one a reflection of a different sort, laid their hands on his shoulders and steeled themselves as the frenzied flows of opposing powers began to rip their bodies apart as well...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Silas Henries backed away, watching with eyes wide, then turn and bolted for the Primus Gate as power arced through the enormous golden ring. He made it through just as it started to melt down, the portal within shattering and vanishing, as the Primus Gate exploded into a thousand tiny shards of molten gold, finding himself back aboard the stricken Platinum Legacy... And down within the cave, a change began to take place, as what was was rewritten into what would soon be...'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"Sam, what are you...doing!?" Rizion had surrounded the corpse of the clone with highly volatile magic runes and enough ki to take out a few city blocks. When Sam attacked the corpse, he basically was a conducting wire between two open circuits. All of the power he was pouring into destroying and reforming the corpse would have went right into Sam like a bolt of lightning from Odin himself. Rizion was trying to control it to keep it from exploding, but he felt a pressure in the back of his head. Like a baseball fired out of a canon coming at his brain one hundred miles a second, he felt the mental backlash from Jules being taken out hit him like a truck and all control he had over his ki vanished. The result was himself, Sam and the clone body being caught up in an explosion that shook the ground of Sanctum for miles around.'

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The clone back on her ship smirked, these shadow beings... Another demon matriarch.. They always bucked, and always needed to be put in their place... Regardless, this form wasn't as capable but... It wasn't as if these rodents were a threat to her. They were orders of magnitude away from being a true threat... As they attacked and surrounded her, a rapid flash... An explosion... Leaving the clone sitting in the middle of space... Holding her breath alone and annoyed... Raising her index and forefinger to her temple, she once again vanished. '

[CHAT] Rahveena quirked her eyebrow, the Tuffle had fallen but the 'traitor'... The assault hit her and amounted to a mild tingle only bringing her attention to Seluj... Annoyance upon... Annoyance... These were the pest... The Mage was preparing the 'real' fight... How long did she have left she wondered? She glanced down at her previously perfectly toned and wrinkle free body... Her breast had lost their youthful perk... Clenching her jaw she snapped a finger, the incoming attackers Samuel and a horde of those Shadow-Dragons which reeked of energy from her slaves. She rose her left hand... A powerful pull suddenly being observed from the Shadow dragons as they were violently pulled apart, her slaves energy rushing back to her... The effected area was... Disappointing... Her will...

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'Trying to apply it through the resistance... Regardless, the closest were enough. Their remnant energy rushed over her, another barrier of diamond forming with the gathered energy, fortified with her own. The barrier easily entirely absorbed the impact of the expanding explosion from the foolish acts of the Mimic disrupting potent magics, but what caught her eye now was the Android... The expanding armor, the formation... Her eyes sparked as she tracked the primary body through the formation, before the flash from the explosion had finished spreading, her eyes unleashing a piercing beam towards the mechanical behemoth's operating heart, feeling a bit thrilled what had once been stolen from her would soon be returning. Shame the Konatsu had ensured this vessel couldn't persist. '

[CHAT] Jules slammed violently into the ground, a crater spreading around his body for a few meters... His hands were clutching his head... There was... So much... Images of nothing, images of the dragon, cycles upon cycles and a timeline which he had no reference point for... He couldn't stop it... He couldn't stop any of it... As he screamed in the crater writhing in pain his eyes and nose began to drip his silvery-blood.

[CHAT] Rahveena let out an annoyed grunt from within Elphlane, this wasn't going as well as he had planned... 'It's like she barely even registered...' He could see the effect the attack had on her, it barely scratched the surface of her mind before being rendered moot... That was An alarming realization... That he wasn't going to be able to blind her with his mental faculties to allow his host to take an easy victory... Worse, he was aware of what each of her dragons were doing... It seemed the energy he had previously allowed his pet to steel was up for grabs...

[CHAT] Seluj let out an annoyed grunt from within Elphlane, this wasn't going as well as he had planned... 'It's like she barely even registered...' He could see the effect the attack had on her, it barely scratched the surface of her mind before being rendered moot... That was An alarming realization... That he wasn't going to be able to blind her with his mental faculties to allow his host to take an easy victory... Worse, he was aware of what each of her dragons were doing... It seemed the energy he had previously allowed his pet to steel was up for grabs...

[CHAT] Samuel hadn't been thinking--running on pure instinct and rage. Instinct said eat the body--so it did what was natural... and that turned out to be a mistake, with Rizion's ritual going haywire. The explosion rang out, enveloping its form and leaving it lying on the ground, smoking for the moment. "I... what...?" it notes, the pain finally dragging it back to its senses after everything that went on. Climbing back to its feet it takes a look around--going to help Rizion and then Jules. "What happened...? I kind of... blacked out for a minute there," it notes, brow furrowed and a little bloody, voice gutteral.

[CHAT] Elphlane wouldn't have it at all. Those were hers, and hers alone. All around her the swarm of dragon retreated, far away down to the surface. There they searched and found a treasure among the rubble. A certain foe they had thought they had killed. His life force was bountiful, and his mind open. She smiled as her clones set into the deep recesses of his mind. Unlocking the secrets and potentials within. One of them went over to where Jules had landed. Summoning up the mental pressures and commands from the old SGM Slaughter it looked into Jules eyes and a single command was sent. "WAKE UP!" And then it sat and awaited Jules to awaken. <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'IF not, another and another and another would come by and send overwhelming mental commands to Jules to get him to snap out of the backlash. She smiled her dragon smile and rushed Rheevena with a snarl. Her body absorbing the energy in the space around her, the residuals from her clones. Her body reinforced itself with the energy as well, stealing the tactics from the queen. Here she would plow into the queen in a flash of tooth and claw. She drew upon the down SGM's memories, abosrbing the kinetic energy around her, even from the queen and adding it to her own blows. She would not suffer under the barrage of a mere demon, but one enhanced with the energy and power, as she herself would feel the effects of the drain in movements and strength. <F>'

[CHAT] Thousand instantly picks up the inbound energy on his scanners, just as he's getting used to having merged with Iskander. He remains all but motionless, only slightly turning to meet the beam head on, allowing it to approach his center of mass uncontested. The massive black orb adorning the suits torso takes on a faint purple glitter for a moment just as the beam collides with it. The large scale absorption node, more sophisticated even than that Dumastin had designed for the Legacy, greedily drinks in far more of the beam than it could possibly handle, before belching it back out towards the queen, along with a generous portion of the androids own energy. As the light fades, a series of shallow cracks are visible across the face of the orb...

[CHAT] Devrios watches as Dumastin has himself impaled, "That's the thing, though, it's pushing the limits that furthers us. For good or ill, its necessary," by this point the void energy energy was rolling off his form--he vanished for a moment, reappearing outside as Dumastin prepares his own battle. It was almost ready, though--the tattoo-chains had snaked their way past his elbows and to his upper arms. This would be it. All of it. Once the chains hit his neck, that would be everything he had. Forever. Well, it was time to exit the stage--may as well try to take her with him--and save a couple of lives while he's at it. Just a little longer.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The clone of Rahveena arrived on the Arlian lookout, several of her more potent generals sitting on the platform. They would do... Rapidly her hands locked, palms then spread with her finger-tips pressed. She began to chant a spell, she wasn't the main... But she could still feel the anger, the rage... Having everything taken... They still had more than fifty-minutes until certain death. That was time to kill.'

[CHAT] Rahveena the main body had ceased the optic burst only to witness the behemoth withstand the blow... Even more offensive... The wall of energy that shot back at her, amplified ever so slightly in effect. She grimaced, her right arm raising palm flat to the incoming energy. The impact saw the energy arch around her outstretched hand, her jaw clenched as she felt the flesh on her palm and fingers begin to crackle and burn.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The diamond armor that she had formed previously was shattered after merely a second. After a couple of seconds she stood, her breathing labored as she pulled back her entirely charred hand... How had he managed to repel it? What sort of technology was he comprised of? She began to flow backwards, retreating back into the upper atmosphere. This was something new... Something unexpected... The vision of Insignia, of a fully realized artificial race... It was only a speck in the eyes of dreamers when she had been sealed away... How much time was this Thing... This... Machine... Going to cost her? '

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'Worse... Prying Balance back from the Mage was going to require a great deal of concentration... They were competent enough to become corrupted, she had wanted them as her generals... But this performance... They well outperformed even her greatest... And now... That familiar energy joining the fray... She hadn't expected anything of a challenge... This... This was going to be fun...'

[CHAT] Rizion crashed into the surface of Sanctum in a heap of smoldering ruin. His hands took the worst of the blast since they were directly out in front trying to contain the spell. That one hurt. "Sam, just stay here! Stay down and stop getting in the thrice cursed way because like I said all along, you have no place on this battlefield!" Rizion was able to bring himself to his feet, tail whipping the ground behind him. The others were all doing their part in this battle and the blood queen seemed rather content with keeping the fight focused on Sanctum, though one person seemed to be missing. "And I didn't save your ass to sit around and do nothing, Dumastin!" His body blinked from view, the ground where his feet once stood breaking apart in a shower of rubble. Rizion's draconic form came spinning from the sky, an arrow of light descending upon the Queen as he brought his heel crashing down for her to deal with.

[CHAT] Jules slowly... Felt the pain start to subside, his control returning... He relaxed on the ground for a moment after the shouting Shadow Dragon emulating Slaughter... Slaughter... Was alive... He pushed himself up... This body, it wasn't all that great... Not in comparison... He nodded to the Shadow Dragon, opting to keep his psionic powers to himself and 'not' opening up the same massive weakness he had before. (Zanzoken). Jules was above Slaughter, tentacles pulling him up, injecting numerous regenerative aids. He touched his forehead to the Sergeant Major's forehead, a psionic note to the surrounding dragons to coordinate their commands with his psionic messaging. He then began to project himself into the mind of Slaughter, he would bring the mind to conscious level... And then ask for consent...

[CHAT] Seluj had already started harnessing both his energy... And his children... Whatever left he could do, it was going to have to be big... And they needed to get close... Seluj was working on Augments to this body... Sadly, the kill-switch had to be eliminated to allow his alterations... 'Alright, new plan my lovely host... I'm going to give it 'everything.' Best I have naturally is an optic blast... I trust you have something you can arrange 'much' bigger?' Seluj was being rather trusting, but at this point... She was 'mortal.' And she could be damaged... The damned automaton had just proven it... Seluj wouldn't have anything left afterwards... But given her goals... He doubted Elphlane would consume the gifts he could offer her... Or they were both dead. He supposed it didn't matter, so long as his father wouldn't awaken to the remnants of 'her' destroyed universe.

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'He was never really unconcious from the blow, or if her was, he didn't want to get up. The undying will and power her had. The pride for the EDF and everything he achieved. He killed thousands, maybe more while under her spell. There was no way he could go back. Back to earth. Back to his family. His wife, His kids. The images that melted into the massive filth of demon scum that HE himself hanuted his dreams. He could feel the movements of fighting going on around him. <So they are still fighting...I wonder why...there Is no point. None at all.> He thought as he hoped a stray blast would end his suffering, that was before he heard a voice. Jules. <What are you doing. Why won't you leave me to die> He asked as he looked at Jules with defeated eyes. He seemed so old now. Empty. Like there was nothing left inside of the old SGM.'

[CHAT] Elphlane she had a plan. It was reckless. Foolhearty but she knew what she would do, could do. Back on the surface, far away from prying eyes was a single dragon. Purple energy started to gather around it as its amythyst eyes glowed a sick black. Across the planet shadow clones were turning back into their base forms of energy as it gathered around that single clone. Chaos tuffles. The kids of Seluj were being consumed across the universe as their energy was pouring through the link and into that single clone. Consuming raw power and adding it to her own. She had to keep on the offensive tho. To Keep her distracted. She pushed back when the attacks left her hand burnt, but then she crashed again into her blind side, tooth-claw, all enhanced by the kinetic drain. Each blow smashing harder than she could normally produce, and still. There was no sign of defenses at all. She was in her natural body. A shadow dragon, raging with all the fury she could muster.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Lightning struck out of a clear sky, sending strobing flashes of light intersposed by darkness through the area. Rock exploded from where the bolt struck, and there stood what had once been a man. His skin still bore a trace of his old green color, but it had gone pale, like all the color had been washed out of him. Darkness gathered around him like a shroud, half-obscuring his flesh, but beneath it all he seemed to shine with a gentle light. He radiated power in a way that few mortals could.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He crossed his arms and rose out of the small crater, floating upward. His gaze locked on the Queen. He didn't spare a gaze for his one-time allies, nor did his face bear any hint of the liveliness and warmth it normally did. What drove the thing he had become, what one might call the avatar of Balance, was the burning purposes of those who had joined to create it. He landed before the Crimson Queen, and raised his hands in challenge.'

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