*Darklight Ore and the Ascended Hunters

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*Darklight Ore and the Ascended Hunters

Post by Ceal » 30 Jul 2017, 23:48

[CHAT] Gilder awoke with an expressive gasp for air, failing to take in the scenery or situation before he instantly leapt to his feet, crafting a blade and holding onto the hilt with both hands as if he was defending the tree that he was placed in front of. A few moments passed before his brain began to process the pieces from his auditory and visual senses. The area around him was virtually pitch dark with not even the light from the moon shining down from the sky. The sounds of insects buzzing echoed through the air while nearby predators raced through the forest, though they avoided Gilder's general vicinity as well as the clearing itself that he could see thanks to the three trees in front of him now becoming one with the ground.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Finally the adrenaline faded and the aches, pains, and overall lack of energy - both physical and ki - struck Gilder's nerves all at a single moment. Dropping the sword, which faded from this realm with a flash of the only modicum of light that this forest had seen for probably hours now, Gilder doubled over and eventually was brought down to his knees. Though it didn't hurt, his stomach was the only thing he could think to grab as the pain was widespread to the point he couldn't grab each place individually to comfort himself. [Gah... what the hell did that guy do to me? I don't feel like any bones are broken, and I'm not bleeding anywhere as far as I can tell...]'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'There was, however, a burn on Gilder's left side of his abdomen from being engulfed in the explosion from the rocket launcher, which he was grabbing on to unknowingly with his right hand. It also became aware to himself that his shirt was all but gone as well aside from a few scraps that were smoldering on the ground where he once lied. Taking a few labored breaths of the night air, Gilder grabbed on to the tree for support as he took to his feet. It took a minute, but he once again gained his composure and walked towards the clearing, still holding on to his left side with his right arm crossed over his chest, as if instincts told him that was where he was injured at.'

[CHAT] Gilder came to the edge of the clearing and instantly turned his head away and closed his eyes as a multitude of lights from around the field turned on abruptly, as if responding to Gilder's presence. Bringing his free hand to his face, he covered his eyes as he tried to open them slowly in an attempt to readjust to something other than the darkness. The noises of insects was now replaced by the buzzing of the florescent lights droning out any other sounds within the forest. His eyes now watering due to the forceful adjustment, Gilder took steps out into the ring of spotlights shining down upon him only to be greeted by another familiarity. The sounds of guns being cocked and pointed at the new arrival. Apparently this area has been made somebody's lair.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The sound of a woman's voice bellowed over the area, yelling, "Halt! Hold fire!" with a sound that was feminine, though it seemed to have evolved as if to adapt to the authority behind it. Still with watered eyes, and thus blurred vision, Gilder made the attempt to make eye contact with this woman from where her voice had come from, but he could only make out the circle of men and women in suits of armor, still with their guns set to 'kill' in his direction. Again, her voice echoed over the crowd, "State your purpose. This is a closed area." Still breathing irregularly, Gilder stood erect as if to challenge their authority. "My name is Gil--" A gunshot rang through the area and grazed Gilder's cheek with either sheer coincidence or pristine aim.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Wiping the blood from his face, Gilder licked the blood off his thumb and then directed his glare in the direction the shot came from. It was a red headed woman without a helmet on, her sniper rifle still smoking from the shot she had obviously just fired, with it still held up to her shoulder, one eye closed as if she was looking for where to fire next. This woman, the same woman who was speaking before, spoke once more, "I said state your purpose. Not your name." This group of people seemed as if they were overly cautious - as if they were the ones with something to hide. "Look bitch---" he started again, only to be interrupted once more with a shot from her gun which was aimed at the side he was burned on now.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'However, this time Gilder was expecting her to do something like this, and instead the bullet struck through a hollowed after-image of himself. The real Gilder was behind the man that was to her left, his left arm wrapped around the gunman's neck while his right arm was wrapped around the man's torso, managing to restrain both of his arms in doing so. "As I was saying..." he started as everyone in the former circle now flanked into a line in front of Gilder and his captive, with only the woman staying in place, each one of their guns once again fixed on his position. "...Look bitch, that was my line. What is YOUR purpose here? You don't appear to be from the EDF, but you're equipped like you are. Care to enlighten me?"'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The group of gunman remained silent as if waiting orders. The woman was silent, as if analyzing the situation for the perfect time to strike. Before she could respond, Gilder placed both hands on the man's head, one on his scalp and one on his chin, "Make a bad move and I'll snap this man's neck. Why. Are. You. Here?" he asked slowly, assuming they didn't hear him before. The man in his hands at this point should be whimpering for his dear life, but he didn't seem to even flinch at the situation, as if he trusted fully in whatever was going to happen. This wasn't the time to address that absurdity, however. After a long minute of silence, the woman finally answered, "We are here looking for the two who were fighting here earlier. Our satellites picked up the fight, but we couldn't make out a suitable description. You... are you one of them?" she asked bluntly, having already made her assumptions after seeing Gilder's show of speed.'

[CHAT] Gilder narrowed his eyes at the woman, now feeling challenged and trying to figure out what she would do depending on what answer he gave. Still having the upper hand in the negotiations, it didn't particularly matter, he assumed. "Yes, I am partially to blame for the battle here earlier... yesterday... uhm... it's still Wednesday, right?" he asked with slight concern, not knowing how long he had actually been unconscious for. "It's Thursday morning now, but yes," she answered. "Men. Stand..." she began once more as she lowered her gun, watching as Gilder's grip around the soldier's neck loosened as he was lulled into a false sense of security. "...YOUR GROUND AND FIRE!" she finished much to Gilder's shock and dismay - a hailstorm of bullets now coming for him and the man who was still captive in front of him. The bullets were fairly indiscriminate, and it seemed as though they showed no indifference for their fellow soldier.

[CHAT] Gilder pushed the man forward to take numerous fatal bullet wounds, though using him as a meat shield seemed to do very little as the bloodied bullets pierced his body and continued their pursuit for Gilder at speeds that were unaffected by the prior obstacle. Though that detail was crucial, the realization of it came to him much too late as he brought his aura to life with a roar that bellowed through the forest's night. He was powerful and fast enough to catch a bullet. He had practiced this before his redeployment to Earth to track down Crescendo, while he was still on Legende, and that was without the help of his energy as an extra layer of shielding. Despite all of these factors, despite all of those practices, Gilder was... wrong. Swatting a few of the bullets to divert their course, they still pierced his aura and soon after his skin before they were redirected into the cover of the forest.
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'A few had even managed to get past Gilder and struck him in the side, arms, and legs, and when Gilder went to catch one, it went straight through the palm of his hand. It was only a single volley of bullets, but that was enough to once again bring Gilder crippling down to his knees, bleeding from a multitude of limbs. None of the bullets had made a fatal connection, but that was hardly a consolation. The worst of the wounds was the gaping hole in his palm, which he frantically covered up with a piece of his smoldered shirt that was tucked below his pant line.'

[CHAT] Gilder didn't know what went wrong. He had practices stopping bullets from military grade guns. He could do it, it wasn't hard... and with muscle memory, he acted the same way he did before. So why? Why couldn't he do it this time? Did that Beast really take this much out of him? "You--- what the fuck! GRAH! Why are you shooting at me when I was about to let your man go? You even killed him in cold blood! You're a fucking psychopath, lady!" The woman walked up to the downed human and smashed the barrel of her gun against Gilder's forehead, causing him to fall backwards. "Are you seriously throwing a fit because you made it out ALIVE from a point-blank bullet assault? God you ascended are a bunch of spoiled brats thinking you can just use this planet as your plaything! the woman shouted out in a show of anger. "Well... you've got another thing coming..." she ended with a cold, dark whisper, placing the gun to Gilder's forehead with her finger on the trigger.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'From above, Gilder could see a small shuttlecraft coming into the area and landing at the end of the field. The woman's attention became broken between this new arrival and the victim she still held at gunpoint. Thinking he could take this moment to break free, Gilder attempted to bring out his energy to maybe knock her off balance with a sudden burst - but nothing came to him. There was no way he exhausted all of his energy like that, so what in the heck was going on? The sounds of the hatch from the shuttle opening hissed at the end of the field and only a single man came walking from the distance up to the two. The rest of the soldiers behind the woman fell into a salute at this man's presence while the woman still held her place. "Rochelle... what have we here?" the man asked, his voice gruff but with curiosity behind it, like a buff scientist. The man was white in skin tone, about five foot six inches, so he was on the shorter side. He wore a bright blue lab coat with an unknown insignia on the left side of it. Lucian had visible muscles bulging from beneath the surface of his loose clothing.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Standing there as if solely wanting to remain an observer, the man focused his gaze on Gilder and this Rochelle woman. "Just some trash ascended I'm about to finish off. No need to get yourself involved, Lucian." The man, apparently named Lucian, let off a faint chuckle. If Gilder was to make assumptions, he would assume Lucian to be her superior. "Look you fuckers, I don't know what your problem is but I've done nothing to you, so let me go." Instantly after Gilder finished his... plead... Rochelle slapped her gun across his face, causing the wound from the gunshot earlier to open further and bleed even more profusely. "He doesn't seem to be doing much in retaliation... I take it my bullets crafted from Darklight Ore did the trick?"
[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Showing the first bit of emotion during this entire altercation, Rochelle gave an enthusiastic grin in response to the question, giving Lucian his answer. "Good. Don't kill him yet though... I'd like to observe how long the effects last." With a snap of his fingers, Lucian summoned forth a couple of guards who took Gilder by the arms and dragged him off to the shuttle Lucian had arrived in. Bloodied and speechless, Gilder could do little to resist. Whatever these bullets were, whatever they did to him, there was no way he could put up and resistance in this scenario without being killed. His best bet was to just go along with their wishes at this point...'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'After dragging him onto the shuttle, Gilder was sat down without restraints across from this man, Lucian. His blood had still not clotted his wounds and was pouring onto the metallic floor beneath his feet. "You sure you don't want to restrain me? Heaven knows what I'm capable of..." he said, not making any sudden moves, but more so trying to pick this man's brain. Prior to responding, Lucian grabbed a stopwatch placed against his hip, flipped it open, and started what seemed to be a timer on it. "So why are you returning to your scene of destruction, ascended?" It was... impressive that nobody asked for names, or even introduced themselves anymore, and instead asked for motives. "I'm just here to watch the world burn..." Gilder responded with a sarcastic snort at the end. Unamused, Lucian stood up and paced to the other side of the shuttle. "You say that like a joke... but I actually believe it to be true. You people are nothing but a nuisance."'

[CHAT] Gilder chuckled as Lucian was taking him all too seriously. "So, what, you're after ascended warriors or something?" Gilder questioned, needing to understand what this was all about. "You're not that sharp, are you..." the man responded with a sigh, which provoked Gilder to stand up only for gun turrets around the small room to come alive and focus their aims on the briefly mobile human, who was now frozen in place. "Eh, I guess you're not as dumb as I thought. You're not dumb enough to get yourself killed, at least. Right now, you're just an experiment for me to observe. Don't worry about the details - you'll be free to go after I'm done, though I'm not sure if Rochelle will be as... relaxed in the matter as I." Again, Lucian looked at his stopwatch. Two minutes, eighteen seconds so far. "You were struck by eleven bullets, correct? Ten grazed you, one pierced?" he asked while writing down those notes in a pad.

[CHAT] Gilder took a moment to count the cuts he had. Ten points of blood leaking from his body, and with the wound on his hand, that would make eleven. It seemed that Lucian was pretty observant. "Three minutes. You still can't control your energy, correct?" Gilder cooperated unintentionally, trying to disprove the man and bring forth his aura. The only thing that happened was a few sparkles of light leaking from the multiple cuts across his body, which brought attention to his wounds again, and the pain seared his body, causing him to sit down to conserve himself. "Sometimes I impress even myself..." the scientist-looking man muttered to himself as he continued jotting down notes. "So... Darklight Ore - is that what you guys called those bullets?" The man's focus broke for a moment as he peeked past his notebook to make eye contact with Gilder. "No... I think you misheard us..." he answered with a lie.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'A feeling of distrust flooded the air of the shuttlecraft as the two just locked eyes with one another. Suddenly, Lucian pressed a button on the side of his pen and the same two guards that had brought Gilder into the shuttle grabbed onto each of Gilder's arms. "Hey! We were just getting into our conversation, let go you ass-hats!" The man shook his head in response before speaking out, "No. We're done, this experiment is over, take him out and dispose of him. Make sure his body is not found though - we can't risk our information getting out just yet, and I feel that somebody would come looking for this man eventually." The two guards nodded in response and began to drag the flailing Gilder down the hatch, guns held in the opposite hands pointed at Gilder in case anything funny happened. "Do have a jolly time in the afterlife, and thank you for your contribution!" Lucian yelled out from the back of the shuttle as the hatch closed and it launched into the sky.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'From within the shuttlecraft, Lucian entered the cockpit where a man wearing the same lab coat was operating the shuttle. "Sir, are you sure it's a good idea to not see his disposal through? If word gets out about our research into utilizing Darklight Ore as weapons against ascended warriors..." Lucian shot a glare at the man which caused him to stop speaking and return his attention to the skies. "It's nothing to worry about. Our research is nearly complete. The ore's toxins, once introduced to the bloodstreams of any ascended warrior, shuts down their spiritual powers, making them no more effective in combat than you or I. Utilizing it as a weapon is the will of the Gods themselves! Ascended warriors are nothing but a plague to our universe. You saw the field back there - and that was just from a minor skirmish between two of them. Imagine what'll happen should they continue to grow in power. No. We must end this now. Their kind must become extinct."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Lucian looked over to the pilot, expecting some form of response. "Do you not agree?" The man merely began with a nod in response. "Of course I agree... that's the whole reason we signed a contract with Vitae Corp, isn't it?" Lucian smirked as his phone rang, promptly picking it up and answering it. The man on the other end spoke for about a minute before Lucian responded, "Of course sir. Initial production will be complete in less than a month and we'll be able to present our line of Darklight Ore Weaponry at the Universal Black Market Showing on Ng Yelo." The man on the other end said a few more words, and then hung up.'

[CHAT] Gilder was ironically dragged back to the spot he had begun his night at - the same tree that had stopped his body from crashing through the forest and comforted his unconscious self until he woke. Alas, let's digress from this tree-hugger fest, as Gilder is now chained to the tree he kept meeting under fateful circumstances. Struggling against the chains, Gilder failed to pry himself free through lack of power still. [My energy still hasn't come back... this is ridiculous. What is with those bullets!?] The two men each stood on respective sides of Rochelle as she walked forward, placing her hand on Gilder's face, squeezing his cheeks as she closed in to whisper in his ear, "I hope the afterlife is all you could've dreamt of..." she says, throwing his face to the side as she turned her back and walked away, signaling for the two to finish the task as she departed back to camp.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Still struggling, Gilder pulled against the chains, not ready to die. "WAIT! Wait. Woman, come back here, you wench." Rochelle stopped dead in her tracks, clenching her fist at the moment Gilder called her a wench so condescendingly. "You must feel so pathetic right now, tied to a tree when you should be able to easily rip out of this situation. How does it feel to be a normal being? With physical limitations? That a common bullet would make you bleed out right now? That's how it should be. That's how this universe once was before you creatures began to sprout from the nethers of stardust, taking everything we unascended hold dear. Destroying planets. Messing up the economy... We will put a stop to it. You, however, will not see that day. You will instead become the foundation that'll help us realize our future!"'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'That block of speech was all that Gilder needed. A pump of blood rushed through his body and he could feel it - he could feel a rush of his ki that was previously blocked off by the toxins of the Darklight surging his systems. With a grin, Gilder wasted no time breaking the chains with a single lunge forward, grabbing a strand of broken chains in each of his hands and rushing the two guards, whipping the metal cuffs forward, roping them both by the neck as Gilder rushed in between where the two had been standing, pulling his former restraints downwards to bring them both forcefully onto their backs, both of their guns now airborne. Rochelle wasted no time caring about her comrades, instead unsheathing a blade from her back that was glistening in a onyx color with specks of white glinting in the darkness of this custom-made weapon.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Crafting a blade of his own that matched the same shape as hers, Gilder remained crouched down on the ground, holding the blade to his side. "I hope you're good with a sword, lady..." The woman was in no mindset to banter with Gilder, it seemed, and instead placed her free hand on a clip at her hip where she had a pistol stored. "I hope you don't think I'm going to fall for that a second time..." he said, rushing in with his blade glowing green, taking the first swing only to be blocked by her blade. The force itself was pushing against her, causing her to dig into the ground as he pushed her back, but Gilder's blade released torrents of wind that berated the both of them, cutting them both before the blade's aura disappeared abruptly.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- ' The two continued to trade slashes of the blades, countering the other's movements to ensure the blades did not reach their targets. However, it was obvious that Gilder had the upper hand in force as he continue to drive her backwards. With a rebellious grunt, Rochelle swung her blade in a seemingly erroneous movement, missing Gilder and his blade completely only for her to hold her pistol point blank to Gilder's chest, squeezing the trigger without hesitation.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Though he had enough in him to avoid another fatal wound, the bullet had still pierced through Gilder's left shoulder, causing him to drop the blade he was fighting with and sending him falling backwards. "Gahaha! Your foolish arrogance is your downfall, now DIE!" Rochelle shouted out, her long black hair that was previously restrained in a tight bun looking a mess. Taking aim with her gun once more, she aimed it at Gilder's chest once again. This time she would not miss his heart. She would rid the world of this pest once and for all. As Gilder hits the ground, he rolls a single time backwards, straightening himself out with a clear shot at his chest, just in time for a gunshot to ring through the forest, and the sound of a body hitting the floor with a finite thud.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Back on the shuttlecraft, Lucian's phone rings once more and he looks at the caller ID, picking it up after realizing it was Rochelle calling. "What is it, Rochelle? Did our experiment's ki remain sealed until his death? If so, that would make over eight minutes of vulnerability. That's game changing for that small amount of toxin, you realize." The other side of the line remained silent and then the line disconnected, Lucian removing his phone from his ear in confusion. Moments later, a picture message came through with Rochelle lined up with the other two guards, bullet wounds piercing each of their skulls with blood trickling down their faces. Obviously they were dead. Lucian's expression immediately turned to one of discontent just before the phone once again rang, and reluctantly he answered it once again. "...Lucian speaking..." he muttered, knowing who it was on the other end of the line.'

[CHAT] Gilder could not help but feel an overwhelming amount of anger in this situation as he listened to Lucian prattle on about his toxin. As the scientist answered the phone the second time, Gilder waited a moment before he spoke, holding on to the gun shot wound in his shoulder with the same hand that had a hole in it. At his feet was one of the soldier's guns that had previously been airborne. Gilder had taken possession of it when he rolled on the ground after being shot in the shoulder. The same gun that put a bullet between each of these men and this woman's eyes. "Listen here... I don't know where you little shits get off targeting me, but you picked the wrong idiot to mess with. Whoever you're working for, whoever you're working with... they're all going down. Let them know that Gilder of the EDF is going to take you down. I vow that."

[CHAT] Gilder did not await a response before crushing the phone, dropping the remnants on the ground as he took possession of the woman's Darklight Blade. Reluctantly marching onwards through the forest, unable to fly due to his ki being sealed once again from the bulletwound, he would need to figure out his next move... which would probably be to find a good doctor to stitch him up.

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Re: Darklight Ore and the Ascended Hunters

Post by ikenbon » 04 Aug 2017, 10:31

This existence of this kind of meta-human weapon could spell disaster or a real means of defense for the average person against Ascended fighters. I could see you working this a lot of different ways.

I'm dissapointed you're still calling yourself an EDF agent and not a Legende Special Forces agent! You're skirting your mission not even a day after receiving it.

Mostly teasing there.

Anyway, we will have to see how this progresses.

RPP rewarded.

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