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*Prey & Predator

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[CHAT] Gilder rocketed through the forest, leaping from treetop to
etop after Darska's departure, leaving behind the hut where his former teacher h
ad entered her eternal sleep in. He had contacted the EDF to come and collect he
r corpse - unable to bear the responsibility himself. Coming to a clearing, Gild
er stopped on a thick tree branch and looked below at the empty field of grass,
then looking to the sky as the breeze gently blew his hair, which was a mess at
this point due to the fact that he doesn't have awesome saiyan hair that never c
hanges from their day of birth. Breathing in deeply, his chest expanded beneath
his black tank top, and with a release, Gilder returned his sights to the cleari
ng below at a pair of fawn venturing from one edge of the clearing to the other.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Walked aimlessly through the shade of the trees in Bear
forest, his gaze soft and somber. Memories were coming back to him, of a time
when he lived. Of a time before Haggis and being trapped inside The Void. He
used to love hunting in the jungle. Chasing a prey down for miles gave him
great stamina, tackling wild beasts three times his size and ten times his
weight only added to his brutish strength. The memories of the man grinning at
his reflection in the blood of his enemy while he feasted was not the same
creature he saw when he looked down in the clear reflection of the babble
brook he stood over.
~~**!!**~~ The pain returned. He had gone too far back
into his memories and found a gap he could not mentally cross.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'It brought him forward to Nox telling him that he had more
meals for him. That he would be the hunter he was again. That this freedom was
a present for handing him The Viper and he should enjoy it. The shade let out
a grunt and a moan as his mind started to settle, but then his eyes, they came
alive! The hairs on the back of his neck were standing, his heart dumped
adrenaline all throughout his body that made his skin tingle. Prey was near.
It was fast! It was...A shadow passed over him in the trees faster than his
eyes could see and he tore off after it, feet racing along the dirt and grass,
kicking up a dust storm in his wake.'

[CHAT] Gilder held out his left hand in front of his face and twisted
his wrist to examine both his palm and the back of his hand. There were multiple
tiny scars in his skin from the mixture of broken bones and burns in the hand s
till. It seemed as though the hand was healed and functioning perfectly well, bu
t the imperfections were irritating nonetheless.
[I never was fond of my own imp
erfections... guess I'll add this one to the list...]
With a sigh, Gilder stood
calmly atop of the branch, oblivious to the fast approaching threat from behind
him - at times like this, having some sense to him would probably be beneficial
to the human...

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The mid summer season left the forest floor teeming with life.
When the grasses grew so tall they were almost knee high, all of critters
emerged from their hidey-holes for the feast. This also meant the predators
would be lying in wait. The best time to strike was when your prey was in a
spot where they felt safe, where they didn't have to look over their shoulder
to see what was coming from behind. Right now, Gilder was that prey. Amon's
iris' came alive, burning a bright neon red in the dark recesses. His bare
feet dug deep into the ground, his body bent to nearly touch the grass and
dirt and he launched himself from the forest floor like a balistic missile as
the young man stopped on a branch.
- Ke m-mono ga!- he roared out with an
almost jubilent smile.'

[CHAT] Gilder felt the air shift behind him finally, but it was too la
te, as by the time the human turned around his own eyes met with those of the cr
azed man just before his torpedo-esque actions knocked Gilder square in the jaw,
causing him to pierce through the air and land in the clearing he had been star
ing at aimlessly only moments ago. Gilder's body tore through the ground, uplift
ing the dirt and grass around him to create a dirt walkway in his wake as he mad
e it halfway across the field before finally being able to catch his sailing bod
y, rolling backwards twice before finally stopping, crouched down on the ground,
panting and glaring in the direction he had just came from, searching for the c
reature who had just made an enemy of himself.
"Care to tell me who you are befo
re I tear you apart?"
he said calmly, but there was much hidden rage beneath his

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The peaceful scene of Bear Forest's tree tops took a
momentairy lapse as a black figure shot out. For a moment they were one,
tangled body, but Gilder took a much further launch and Amon was a leaf on the
wind. But hitting him. Striking that man. It sent a sensation in him that he
had not felt since his fight with Vencer. He was still free falling, hair and
pants flapping in the wind, but he looked down at his pained fist. He struck
something harder than steel. It sent a sensation into his fist, proof that it
was alive. Even as he was coming back down at the mercy of gravity, he
- Ga Ha Ha Ha - he exclaimed to the vast horizon and all the
creatures of the sky. Gilder would get his answer, the falling creature had
sense enough to speak this one sentence as he came down with a falling knee
- The Red Beast -'

[CHAT] Gilder turned his head to the left briefly and spat, a pool of
blood landing in the grass. Returning his attention above, he watched as this ma
n, who proclaimed himself to be a "Red Beast" continued to come after him as if
Gilder had personally offended this unknown person before.
"Tch... whatever, it'
s your funeral."
Without the normal two blades ready at his waist, Gilder had to
take a moment to prepare himself for battle, and as the man came crashing down
into Gilder, he would pass through an afterimage of the human who was no longer
there. Instead, Gilder was now coming from the air just behind this Beast not ev
en moments after he struck the image of Gilder.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Fuck off!" he shouted out, his body twisted in a w
ay that his weight could be fully utilized to his right arm. With his fist erupt
ing in a shimmering white aura, Gilder looked to connect with the back of the be
ast's skull to hopefully fell him in a single blow, and if nothing else allow fo
r Gilder to gain some distance to prepare himself for more.'

[CHAT] Amon disturbed the peace of the forest yet again, a giant wave of dust
and dirt kicking up over the trees from Amon's knee crushing the earth rather
than Gilder's chest. He too, slid to a stop, carving a swath in the ground. It
was now tht the young man would probably notice the cloth covering his left
side, that was pressed flat against him, flared up from the wind and housed no
arm underneath. Amon came to a stop after skidding at least a hundred meters
and turned to face a wrecking ball set to repurpose his face. His own momentum
used against him, Amon face'd a strike that pushed all the skin that stretched
tight over his skeleton away from Gilder's fist. Two..three small shockwaves
rippled out from the point of impact before all of the motion caught up with
him then Amon was a rocket again, spiraling out of control through four
hundred yards of trees.

[CHAT] Gilder felt the connection between his fist and Amon's face, and
it sent a feeling of euphoria through him as he watched the Beast fly into the
forest's covering. Landing on the ground with a soft touch after the fierce blow
, Gilder's arm was still outstretched, taking a moment before he took back to hi
s feet. With a pat of his clothing and a tug at his tank top, he tried to get th
e dirt out of the materials but to no avail - this outfit was forfeit after toda
y. Staring into the forest depths, Gilder shouted out with arrogance,
"C'mon! I
know that's not all you got, get back out here, I haven't even began to tear you
r limbs from your torso!"

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'With a single motion, Gilder casted both his arms to
the sides simultaneously, two katanas growing out from his wrists until they w
ere full blades that he held on to by the hilts. Showing his teeth with a grin,
Gilder hunched down, readying himself for this Beast to hopefully come out and c
ontinue this fight.
"Don't go quitin' on me now!"

[CHAT] Amon blinked himself awake from the sudden loss of consciousness. He was
about five meters up, sideways in a tree trunk splayed out with his limbs
stretched in all directions.
- Hmph - It offered, pulling itself together and
jumping from the tree and landing with a violent crash on the ground. A
trickle of blood seeped from the corner of its mouth which it rubbed with the
back of its hand. This prey was strong. As strong as the
Cold One that it
fought a few weeks ago. Good. A strong meal only made him more powerful. Amon
stomped a foot into the ground, grinding his heel into the dirt and lowering
his center of gravity. He was keeping himself low, making himself as small as
possible, then fired himself out of a canon at Gilder, sprinting low to the
ground to give his weapons less range to hit their target, as he dove at the
man's feet with a sweeping kick.

[CHAT] Gilder continued his grin as the creature finally continued coming after
"Predictable. Just like a Beast..." The creature was certainly strong and
fast - its physical prowess was nothing to shy away from, and it probably
exceeded Gilder's own raw power, but he lacked a certain amount of... tact.
It's movements and attacks were fairly straightforward, as if facing a bull -
it's not going to circle around you, it's going to charge you and attempt to
overpower you. As Amon came in and swept at Gilder's feet, the human fell into
it on his right side. Making eye contact with Amon, Gilder placed both blades
together with both hands and slashed them with as much force as he could. This
was awkward though - Gilder had allowed Amon to get too close, and pairing
that with the fact that Gilder was falling, a swing of a blade would not be
too damaging at this distance.
[I think I may have followed through with this

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Amon's facial expression was hidden by the bangs of his hair
falling over his eyes and the angle at which he threw himself to trip Gilder
up. He got the man off his feet, but in turn, left himself open to the slashes
that came down at him. His face hid the grin.
- Tsuka mae ta - Gilder was
passing over his form, the pair were caught in a slow ebb of time and it
looked like Amon would get yet another limb cut off, but he was waiting for
this. His right arm lashed out and grabbed the Earth, halting his forward
motion. With a twist of his arm, he sent himself into a whirlwind, his legs
break dancing from the tripping motion, swinging around like a violent
tornado, one aimed to stop the pair of blades by kicking Gilder in the hands
with one rotation and the other leg to hit him in his exposed mid section.'

[CHAT] Gilder watched as the blades dropped from his hands after being
kicked in his left wrist, and felt the other foot from this man collide with his
chest, sending Gilder again ripping through the ground, this time with a few bo
unces as he only came to be stopped by a tree at the edge of the clearing. With
his back against the trunk, Gilder slid down until he was on the ground upside d
own, wincing as he rolled to his side and gathered himself together, rubbing his
"Ow ow ow ow ow... Whew, that hurt..." he said aloud to himself while gr
oaning, placing his hand on the ground as he stood back up.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '[Let's try a different tactic... he seems a bit more
well versed in fighting at close ranged than others I've fought... either meta-
humans use their ki attacks or weapons... not many fight close range like this a
Letting off a roar with both arms pumped at his sides, a white aura fla
red around Gilder's body and he let off a calm breath as he crouched down with h
is left arm and left leg forward, the aura slowly condensing itself around Gilde
r's body to where it was a thin layer of light shining around him. At this point
, Gilder did not make his move, instead waiting for the Beast to come at him aga

[CHAT] Amon let his legs spin out a few more rotations to slow his momentum
before pushing off of the ground on his arm and flipping in the air. He landed
with some grace, spinning on his feet, the flap of the cloak over his missing
left arm flaring up before he came to a stop. This was satisfying. Much more
so than the fight with the
Cold One because he didn't have that hunger gnawing
at him, festering at his soul. With each exchange with this man more of his
mind became clear and he was getting his sense of fighting back, even
re-learning his sense of balance that he lost when his left arm went missing.
But now his senses were on high alert. He could tell by the change in the air
around Gilder that he was no longer going to be underestimating him. So rather
than charge in again, Amon stood still, body half facing his enemy, arm out in

[CHAT] Gilder scowled as he watched Amon just... stand there in his ow
n fighting pose. That wasn't what he expected the Beast to do at all.
"What's wr
ong, Beast? Not gonna continue your onslaught? Fine then. I will for you!"
dazzling speeds, Gilder launched himself back into battle, leaving a stream of w
hite energy behind him, extending from the tree he was at to the point where he
would be making contact with Amon once more. After covering about 3/4 of the dis
tance between the two in less than a second, Gilder's body would begin to spin,
completing two full spins to gather momentum as he swung his right leg forcefull
y at where Amon's left arm was... or at least, should/would be. The air around G
ilder's charging leg was visibly splitting, leaving no force of resistance in th
e way of his attack.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'was waiting because the manuever he performed on Gilder was
more taxing on his stamina then he initially realized. It had been so long
since he ran freely through the shadows and rays of sun that his legs forgot
what it felt like to pump blood through them. The last time he hit something
it was out of a blind self defense or an uncontrolable rage, so feeling the
sting and vibration from his own attacks was still something he was getting
used to. All of the sensation of his dead flesh was rushing to him at once and
he needed time to let his body cope with feeling alive. And in this fight,
alive he did very much feel. But while he was standing there, watching this
young man, he felt the heat of his aura all the way across the clearing and
sensed that something dangerous was coming. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'He had sense enough to be cautious. Though even with his
caution, he was still no better off. When Gilder finally lost his nerve and
made a move, Amon completely lost sight of him. He stared on, looking at the
patch of grass where his feet once were, only catching the faintess glimpse of
a white streak fading from view. For a moment, Amon was standing alone, caught
in a web of confusion. His heart pounded in his chest, anxiety and fear filled
his throat. Inside he was panicked beyond measure, knowing that something was
coming, but from where. That instantaneous moment put him back in the Void.
Being lost among the endless space with no direction, just staring off looking
at nothing.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'blood escaped his mouth through his teeth and drizzled from
his tongue before he even saw the light catch up to Gilder's form and show him
appearing at his side, leg burried deep into his side. His lungs wanted air,
but all had been squeezed from him as he was kicked into a partial vacuum and
sent flying with enough force that it cut a long "V" through the forest for
half a mile.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The fact that the Beast had failed to counter him i
n any way made Gilder feel guilty for going overboard against his foe. However,
at this point there was no turning back, and there was no letting up. This creat
ure wanted a fight, and that's what he was going to get. Landing on the ground f
or only a brief moment, Gilder turned his body to the left where the Beast had b
een sent off to and then immediately continued his pursuit. By the time Gilder h
ad caught up to him, the creature was still sliding through the ground, and with
a firm leap into the air, Gilder spun a few times before extending his leg, aim
ing to land another firm kick to the creature before he had a chance to recover.
While blazing down from the sky, Gilder let off a furious scream to warn Amon t
hat he was incoming, in case he didn't already take notice. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'This scream had another meaning to it, however, as
Gilder could begin to feel the pressure of his energy tearing into his body. Hol
ding on to this amount of concentrated energy for so long was too much, and so t
he entire aura around his body gathered soley around the leg that Gilder was bri
ngin down from the heavens, intent on releasing the concentration of energy afte
r making contact.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'That last attack left a lasting effect on Amon. It wasn't just
the rib that cracked or the side of his face that was swelling from being
kicked at over one hundred miles per hour into stone slab, it was the mental
damage from having the truth beat into him. He had seen how Telarr fought,
Telarr who was supposed to be a "God". The deity his people worshiped was a
cowardly Namekian that ran away from some bug-like creature. He had witnessed
first hand, what power beyond what one can handle felt like, but he thought
what Haggis did to him was the extent of what a man could do. The Alien he did
battle with in the streets and its counter-part in the containment cell were
both not of this world, but the thing he was fight now was born of the Earth
like he. It was really, born of the same year, yet the strength they commanded
seemed to be worlds apart. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'It was a frustrating revelation. Prey? Predator? With so many
beings existing in the world with strength like this, Amon started to see
himself as a child strutting around with its chest out, thinking it owned the
world while still shitting in a diaper. That is what wounded him the most. He
was so broken upon this revelation that he didn't even try to defend himself
when Gilder came crashing down like a raging comet from the sky, burying the
two of them in a giant crator of dirt several meters deep and equally wide.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As the two's bodies collided, the moment froze at the point
of impact before the earth below cracked and shattered, sending out three
pulses of force through the ground, one that broke the ground apart. The
second pulse shattered the ground into large chunks of stone and dirt that
rose into the air and remained suspended for another instant frozen in time,
and the last pulse blasted each of those blocks and slabs outwards as the
crater took its place in the Earth. At the bottom, Gilder was atop his victim,
the energy disappearing from his leg as he struggled to take to his feet, and
instead just stayed in place. The Beast wasn't responsive... so maybe it was
unconcious. Or dead, but Gilder connected in a way that shouldn't have been
fatal to a beast with such of presentation of fortitude. Breathing heavily,
Gilder could feel his body weakening rapidly, but at least he retained his
conciousness this time unlike the end of his battle with Vencer under similar

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The battle between Gilder and Amon had been decided with
Gilder standing at the end as the victor. Though he took some damage in their
exchanges, the durability and strength of the stronger fighter proved to be
too much for the fledling beast that bared its fangs at the wrong prey. Rocks
and debris settled around the fighters as a gasping Amon, eyes white and mouth
left agape, looked to be alive, but in no condition to continue on with this
fight. The tanned man of Majorn origin turned to gasp his breath and climbed
out of the massive hole in the ground created from their struggle. He was sure
of his victory and victory he did have this day over his fellow man, but his
moments of triumph would not last long for in their brevity did something
change. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Inside the crator, all light was consumed. It was devoured by
the darkness growing from the epicenter, expanding out from Amon, rolling
slowly and eating away at the light like a ocean of lava in the form of
shadow. Amon emerged, shirt and cloak destroyed, chest bare for all to see his
gray flesh and missing arm, but his eyes. These were no longer the eyes of a
man. He called himself the Red Beast and that is exactly what Gilder was
seeing. That touch of human emotion that cared not for its fellow man. That
base instinct to survive no matter what. Kill thy neighbor and eat their flesh
if it meant surviving. This was The Hunter. The Devourer. That epitomy of evil
that every man tried to deny. Amon embraced it. THIS was his power emerging to
the surface. Appearing like a wraith from the grave, he reached out and
grabbed the exhausted Gilder by the back of the head and turned the man in his

[CHAT] Amon: -- '- De-vo-u-e-rr-er - He nearly choked on the words, barely
showing signs of a man anymore as the "aura" around his body started to look
more like the visage of a devil posessing his body. The touch of blood from
his initial strike against this man, it was the link he needed. Like a
ravenous beast, he feasted upon Gilder's life force with reckless abandon.'

[CHAT] Gilder stood at the edge of the crater only to be grabbed from behind by
his skull. This creature, this man... whatever it was, it had evolved from
what it once was - a beast to a demon. With a few initial flails from his
arms, Gilder connected a few effortless strikes to Amon, but he was already so
drained that mustering something meaningful wasn't possible. This drain...
this lack of energy though, it wasn't solely from overexertion - the feeling
of his body weakening was growing even more rapidly than before. This wasn't
right, something was wrong. An outside force, perhaps? Of course...
fuckin' let... ugh... LET GO!"
This was where being prepared was necessary -
he had no blade that was accessable, and therefore no conduit for his energy,
and using his own body was not an option even if he could muster up the energy
at this point.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'All that was left was to attempt brute force. "Whatever you
are, you're not leaving this place alive! And you're sure as hell not taking
me down with you!" Digging as deep below the surface of his body as possible,
Gilder attempted to gather what strength he had left to drive an elbow into
the man's throat. This Beast would need to be put down swiftly, lest it grow
more powerful by the day. However, that would all begin with Gilder escaping
its clutches.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Fredurik, there!" A turbo car sonic boomed out of the air,
coming to a sliding, aerial hault above both of the fighters. Amon was holding
Gilder by the face, each second his aura devoured more and more of the other
man's life force. Some of the minor scrapes and cuts were starting to recover,
but it was his sheer tenacity keeping him from collapsing over in pain. With
the turbo car overhead, it distracted him long enough for Gilder to land a
hard blow to his throat, forcing him to drop the man.
"AMON! Let's go!" It was
Kazuren, who seemed to be loading a heavy ballistic weapon and aiming it at
the two of them. Amon sneered, roared back in defiance and agitation at seeing
him and Fredurik arrive, but this was the best solution. He jumped from the
ground and the moment he did, Kazuren let the rocket fly.
"Make yourself
useful, and get us out of here, Fredurik!

[CHAT] Gilder was finally released and was left on the ground on all fours,
gasping for breath as he tried to regain what had been lost. Unfortunately for
Gilder, that was not so easily done, and to make matters worse, the rocket
collided with the ground without Gilder even being spacially aware of it being
launched. The explosion engulfed Gilder briefly before he was blasted off into
the distance from the eruption, causing his body to collide with numerous
trees, snapping them apart until one sturdy enough finally caught him, leaving
the human at its roots motionless, though still breathing. For now.

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Re: Prey & Predator

Post by ikenbon » 02 Aug 2017, 16:21

Great fight.

I love this one because it shows how the Tier system only really matters if there is a "dispute" between players. There's plenty of action here. Amon, the lower tier character, is the aggressor and puts up a hell of a fight. He's outgunned in this battle from the beginning but it doesn't stop him from acting the way his character would act. I see comments all the time on CHAT OOC from new roleplayers who are afraid that if they end up in conflict with a higher tier character that they will be hopelessly outmatched/killed, and that's "true" but it doesn't mean they can't have an exciting give and take bout. Gilder does a good job of presenting his character's strength but not allowing himself to appear untouchable. His posts include clear "warning" signs that he gives to Amon to help him avoid what he believes would be lethal blows, similar to what Tien did during the 22nd martial arts tournament before he blew up the ring Goku was standing on. Gilder has been an antagonist for a little while now and even though his power has dwarfed some of the characters he's been involved with it hasn't resulted in a merciless killing, yet. Most roleplayers on CHAT are not interested in murdering your character, so, to new RPers I want to encourage you to take risks and don't be afraid to pick fights with established characters on CHAT. With that said, HAVE A PLAN. Have an excuse to get away in the end. Even if it's just "pocket sand" in the face, give those strong characters an excuse to let you slip out of their grasp. If you intend to make an evil character, the last thing you want is to survive because your enemy showed pity. You want to survive through cunning or by playing dirty to sell your motivations. Amon shows a great example of that here.

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