*Gilder's Stunning Personality

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*Gilder's Stunning Personality

Post by BenRGamer » 29 Jul 2017, 22:20

[CHAT] Xero was in one of those quaint cities on Earth--it wasn't sure of the name of this one, but nevertheless it was taking a moment to look through a store. One with oddities and various curios, it was taking a day to get its mind off of... recent events, and browsing these odds and ends was as good as anything. Actually getting acquainted with the world beyond the library. Stepping down an aisle he pauses to peruse the items on display--they looked like various scuptures--of clay or pottery, each one with a glass sphere showcasing a scene or something with something else inside of it. Peering closely at one of them on a lower shelf, it picks it up, something shifts a little and it gives it a little shake--showcasing a snowy scene. "Huh. Neat," it'd never really seen one of these... whatever they were before. They didn't serve any practical purpose, but it had to admit they were aesthetically pleasing.

[CHAT] Xero stood roughly four feet in height, with a pale blue coloring and black eyes, with golden irises--completely hairless and instead had a tentacle on its head, and had a rubbery kind of skin, it was dressed in a black and gold vest, gold armbands, black and gold bracers, white baggy cloth pants with a black belt, and gold buckle, and gold and black boots.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Day 4 of recovery since his battle with Vencer: His bones were, for the most part, mended back together with Agatta's aide - however, she had run out of gauze to wrap his body in, and so she had sent Gilder to the nearby city of Sector 8 to pick up some gauze, as well as other things that she needed. May as well make him do her shopping while he's there, apparently. It wasn't the most attractive sight, this ebony skinned, overly grown human wrapped in bandages from head to toe, with only his face and a single arm not wrapped. Since he was in public, he was forced to wear pants for decency's sake, but he did not have a shirt on, instead having the bandages in place of it.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'With his current state, he was expected to keep a low profile while in the city to not arouse any hearsay that may get back to the EDF, and certainly no scuffles. After a few minutes of walking down the streets of the city, Gilder entered a giant building with a parking lot full of vehicles from innumerable patrons to the establishment that sold it all. It wouldn't take long, the list wasn't too terrible, as Agatta was apparently nice enough to consider the fact that he can't carry much weight in his current state. About 45 minutes passed and Gilder finally exited the building with 12 bags of supplies, most of which were thankfully condensed into capsules. "I only needed three things..." he muttered to himself, hanging his head in disappointment at his lack of impulse control.'

[CHAT] Xero looks up to the upper shelves--there were some more of the curios up there, different ones, too. One looked interesting, he stepped up to the shelf and reached up for it momentarily, but the item was unfortunately beyond his grasp--even when awkwardly standing on his toes and looking somewhat foolish, so the effort was for naught. Bah. If it was back in the library, or still had the affinity with magic it had earlier, it could have simply used a magical telekinesis to carry the item down. No such luck now. With an annoyed huff, he takes a step back and glances around. There was someone behind the counter in a red shirt with the store's logo on it, "Shopkeep. Sir, I require assistance," he speaks, out, gesturing up to the higher shelves. There was no reply--this 'shopkeep' was too busy looking at some black device in their hands, pressing something on it.

[CHAT] Xero -- "Sir?" he calls out again. Again, no response. Then with an annoyed shake of his head he looks back to the shelves. Well, here was one way he could get it. With a final annoyed glance at the shopkeeper who was engrossed in whatever task they were doing it starts climbing up the shelves to get a better look--the first step is fine, but the shelves were clearly cheaply made and it didn't get much further before the whole thing breaks apart with a loud 'Woah!' there's a loud crash and the entire shelf comes to pieces and tumbles to the ground along with Xeor himself and all of the curios.

[CHAT] Xero -- Minutes later, Xero's promptly being kicked out of a store, with someone yelling, "What the hell are you thinking!? Climbing on shelves like that--were you trying to steal something! Get out of here before I call the cops!" Xero himself is just frowning, looking annoyed and frustrated all at the same time as it was more or less pushed outside into the parking lot. Well this was an unnecessary waste of time...

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Standing there, head hung in shame at his shopping habits, Gilder could hear some crashing from inside, moments later some odd creature that Gilder had, once again, never seen before was thrown out of the store. "Y'know... I figured I had seen all the races there were on Earth, yet you're the second weirdo to be graced by my presence..." Remembering his position in these types of situations, Gilder cocked his hip to the left, wanting to place his hand on it but unable to with all the bags he was carrying, and instead held his hand out as he spoke, "Do I need to take you into custody though? You weren't really trying to steal anything, were you kid?"'

[CHAT] Xero was dusting off his vest when someone walked up, he rolls his eyes in annoyance a moment when they start talking to him like he was a kid before he looks up at the man, all ready to tell him off with his annoyance but then his mouth hangs open for a second at the veritable mummy before him, "Good lord, Sir, are you alright, should you really be up and going about with the injuries you've sustained like that?" he asks, looking over the bandages. "What has happened to you?" he notes the injuries. "I can find the local caretakers for you if you require the assistance," he notes, glancing back around for a second--he just needed a map. He was vastly unfamiliar with the area in this time period.

[CHAT] Gilder closed his eyes and let off a deep sigh, trying not to enter his natural state of rude remarks and rage fits. "No, kid, I'm fine. I'm an officer of the law, I'm practically indestructable - these bandages are just a new fad I'm testing out." He tried, truly he did, but the sarcasm took over at the end of his statements followed by a prominent eye roll. "You've got some pretty formal manners for someone so young. You from a family of nobles or something? Why are you even causing mischief in a public store? Not very smart, if you ask me..." Adjusting his arms, Gilder lifted the bags - his arms were going slightly numb at this point as a cart pusher came with multiple carts from the lot. Gilder promptly grabbed onto the cart at the front and pulled it away from the lineup in a slightly rude fashion, and placed his bags inside. Still, he kept his eyes on the child, making sure that he didn't do anything suspicious.

[CHAT] Xero blinks, looking up at the man, furrowing his brow momentarily, eying the 'officers' manners. He scoffs at the mention of him causing mischief, "I can assure you that I am not a child, nor did not cause any mischief, other than attempting a roundabout way to peruse some of the merchandise after failing to garner any attention from the negligent shopkeepers therein. You, on the contrary... you don't... appear to act as appropriate to an officer of the law. May I see your badge?" he notes, tilting his head to the side slightly, crossing his arms in front of his chest and keeping his eyes on the bandaged man.

[CHAT] Gilder leaned against the cart's handle and stared at the child, then motioned up and down on his body. "Kid, do I really look like I'm on duty right now? If you're not causing mischief then great, guess that's that. Though I am curious, how does an officer of the law act to you? You realize we're all mortals with different personalities, right? If you want a bunch of emotionless enforcers, you're on the wrong planet, Insignia is that way," he says, pointing randomly at the sky above. "So if you're not a child, are you a midget? What would you define yourself as, kid? Can I keep calling you kid, or do you have a legal name I should be calling you by?"

[CHAT] Xero keeps his disapproving gaze unflinchingly on the bandaged man, "Standards, Sir, I am speaking of standards. Standards of decency, decorum, dress," he notes, frowning, "You clearly do not meet them. Any of them. Officers are to be respectful--guiding beacons of the community. Not... buffoons who wander around acting rude to the populace with little more dress than gauze and poorly made slacks. You do realize that it is a felony to impersonate an officer of the law, don't you?" Law was something that Xero had to brush up on after Devrios' run in with it at the trial on Xeon, after all, "As for my name, I am Xero. Since you were curious earlier, I am a homunculus--or as we're more known in the common parlance, a majin, also known as a d'jinn,"

[CHAT] Gilder rubbed the back of his neck as the majin made an attempt to berate his character. "Dude, chill yourself out. You do realize it's a felony to piss me off, right?" The rage was beginning to boil in his gut, and realizing this Gilder again breathed deeply to reposition himself morally. "I enforce. I do not guide, I am not expected to guide. There are different responsibilities within the Earth Defense Forces, and mine does not deal with the general populace at such an intimate level." Standing to his feet, no longer leaning against the cart, Gilder placed his thumb firmly on his own chest as he pointed at himself. "Also, I think I look amazing! Your words of criticism for my fashion sense mean nothing, Xero!" It would be pretty obvious that Gilder's personality was everywhere at this point - he wasn't used to being berated by somebody and trying to respond in ways that went against his own nature.

[CHAT] Xero just keeps his disapproving gaze squarely on the man as he tries to deflect, "Earth Defense Forces? So you're an army officer, not a member of the local police department. I apologize for my assumption. However, you're still setting an example--the EDF are literally the guardians of the earth. The best of the populace. When they fall, what does that say about the rest of us?" at his other comments, Xero once again furrows his brow, "Expecting an officer, an army officer at that, to behave like an adult is not a felony, Sir, it is, once again, the minimum standards of conduct. In matter of fact, it's even more out of place, because the standards of conduct and dress for the Earth Defense Forces is -higher- than that of the local police departments, and right now you meet neither. How did you even become an officer like this? Do they even know what you're doing here, Sir? Along those lines, who is your superior officer? What is your name, Sir?"

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'That was it. That was the point that this little blue thing had pushed the wrong buttons for Gilder. After Xero had finished speaking out of term, a very visible vein was pulsing on the left side of Gilder's forehead. Gritting his teeth for a moment, the human tried to hold it in, but it just wasn't going to happen. "Look here you useless wad of gum, I have literally nothing I need to prove to you. I am an elite - I am the best there is at what I do. If you don't have respect for me, that's fine. If you don't think I'm deserving of my position, that's fine! However, when shit hits the fan and this planet is left with nobody in its corner while the universe is aiming to take YOUR head, I'll be the one to take the stand and ward it all off in your stead! So go ahead and act self-righteous and say I'm scum. I have nothing to prove to you."'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'A big chunk of what Gilder had said was stuff that he's never done for the earth or another person for that matter, but the words came from somewhere. They had a passionate and hidden truth beneath them. "Have a nice day and go fuck yourself, you blueberry stained piece of sh--" stopping himself, he rid the rage from his final word and corrected himself, "turd." Finishing his rant, Gilder tapped his own shoulder and grabbed the bags from the cart, taking to the air as he readied himself for departure.'

[CHAT] Xero holds up a hand momentarily, "Wait," he says, simply. "I wasn't calling you 'scum,' you aren't. You were trying to confront a suspected thief, I can understand that. But in our interactions here I've seen how you treat other people," he notes, nodding in the direction of the cart, "Whether you admit it or not, you are an example to everyone around you. The fact that this has unnerved you like it has means that this is clearly important to you. Anyone who actually is 'scum' would either have not cared, or simply outright attacked me by now. You are clearly better than that. All I am saying is that if you truly want to be the hero you aspire to be. Act like it. Be mature. You don't have to be 'formal,' as I prefer to be. But actually 'act' like someone who will, as you say, 'take the stand and ward off' attacks on innocents in their stead,"

[CHAT] Xero -c- Xero notes, reaching into a pocket and pulling out a small brown pouch, then pulling out a single gold coin with a face of someone whose long gone on it, "Here. Get well soon, Sir. I apologize for the hostilities. The universe needs more heroes, we've lost too many already," he says, handing the coin as a parting gift, sounding solemn at the last comment.

[CHAT] Gilder drops back down to the earth to grab the coin from the man, looking it over before placing it into his pocket. "I tend not to hold on to things for very long, so I hope this isn't important to you..." Still wearing the fact that he was upset with this kid on his face, Gilder couldn't help but only frown while in his presence. "I am nobody's hero, I am simply a defender. The title of hero belongs to those that achieve their goals through the right means. I achieve my goals through any means necessary..." The frown turned into a somber expression, a feeling of sadness filling his body. "I know that I am not a hero, despite how I try to sell myself. However, I will always choose the right path, even if it's not important to me to make sure other people see it as the right path."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The way Gilder spoke at this point in time was surprisingly insightful to who he was. "Just because you apologized though, that doesn't mean we're on good terms. You can still go fuck yourself." With such a crude end to his words, Gilder again took to the skies. [Guess it does pay to be a jerk... maybe I don't need to try to act nice. Wouldn't have gotten this coin from being nice - would have just gotten lectured more. Agatta doesn't know what she's talking about...]'

[CHAT] Xero shakes his head, "That's a dangerous path. The worst monsters are the ones thinking they're doing good. Take care not to hurt the innocents you seek to protect," he notes, otherwise letting the man go, "Have a nice day, Sir," he notes, otherwise ignoring the insults. He didn't mention his name, but that was fine. They'd meet again, he was sure. Fate would have it no other way. In the meantime... he was hungry. It was an odd feeling. Up til this point magic had sustained all of its needs--that being no longer the case, he would have to find something to eat before too long.

[CHAT] Gilder waved his hand at the child as he continued his attempt at being insightful. "Ya, ya, whatever. Would it make you feel better if I said I was the hero?" Not giving time for a response, the human soared through the air to return to Agatta's hut with all the supplies in hand, along with the extra stuff that... wasn't exactly necessary. [That guy's a pain. So prim and proper, with his textbook responses to everything. The world isn't so black and white, hopefully he learns that fairly quickly, otherwise he's not gonna fit in on Earth very well.]

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Re: Gilder's Stunning Personality

Post by ikenbon » 02 Aug 2017, 15:16

I wouldn't really call this the debut of Xero as he is an NPC we've seen before but for his first outing on his own on CHAT this was good. You did well displaying his sophistication and poise, the dialogue you had added emphasized his background and knowledge and he is a welcome breath of fresh air from your other Crescendo and Samuel who I've been reading a lot of lately. Kudos all around.

Gilder on the other hand was really in a mood here that I'm a bit perplexed about. I know that timeline-wise this is before Agatta's "death" so perhaps I shouldn't lean too heavily on this but it seems as though Gilder's arc through the Bear Forest > present has been him coming to terms with his way of pushing others out and generally not being able to make allies. Xero is about the most well put together character he's run into and there wasn't a pretense for you guys blowing each other up. This would have been an easy ally to make and you just kind of... let it slip your fingers? A lot of what Xero says here rings true but maybe... maybe this IS Gilder. I try to help sway you guys towards what I believe are your strengths and help you steer away from areas you're under-performing in, but Gilder isn't underforming, he's excelling at being an asshole, so maybe I should be encouraging you to really sell it. I guess we could use a good 'ol Zap Brannigan to round out the cast on CHAT.

RPP rewarded.

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