*Roy and The Corpse of Agatta

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*Roy and The Corpse of Agatta

Post by Ceal » 29 Jul 2017, 11:50

"Hey, uhm... I need you to send a crew to earth. There's been a casualty..." The despair and sorrow was prominent in his voice as Gilder muttered those words into the comm link between himself outside of Agatta's hut and a staff member back at base on Legende.

(Cause of death and name of victim? Are you near them now?) The voice responded - a young male, probably still a teenager, spoke through his phone that sat atop his mahogany desk with at least seven other EDF staff members performing similar job tasks as he was in the same room. Pulling a sticky note from the pad on his desk, he began to record the details he needed to pass along.

"Ya. She was a former EDF member, now retired. She died of natural causes as far as I can tell, but I'm not a trained medic or anything, y'know..." The desire to be snarky in response to this young man performing his own set of job duties was overwhelming, but the human just couldn't muster up the energy. "I won't be at the location though when the medical team arrives - I've been assigned a new task that requires my immediate attention. Keep me posted though, ok?" Immediately after saying that, Gilder cut the lines of communication and put the device away. While it was true he had been reassigned, a larger piece to the matter was that Gilder could not stand to stick around to see his former teacher - no, moreso his friend - being handled while she remained lifeless to the touch. Immediately, Gilder departed from his current location after his communicator beeped, signifying that his location had been sent to Legende.

Standing up from his desk, the young man who had received the call from Gilder exited the room and made his way to his superior's office, where he passed along the message - (Yes, sir, we have received a report from Field Specialist Gilder that a retiree from the EDF by the name of Agatta Jurate has passed away. He has requested for us to send a medical team to handle the matter. Should I contact our base in Sector 8?) After contemplating the report for a brief minute, the boy's superior simply nodded and drew up some documents, signing off on them and passing them along to the boy.

As the boy went to exit the office, the superior spoke up, leaning back in his chair as he spoke, [Yes. Roy, hold on. I'd like for you to actually accompany the medical team to retrieve her body.] Pausing for a moment in the doorway, Roy looked back at his boss with a paniced look, not knowing how to respond properly to this request. (Uhm... are you sure, sir? I'm--) he paused for a second, remembering the way Gilder phrased it over the communicators before continuing, (--I'm not exactly a trained medic, y'know? I'm just an intern for the year.) Stroking on his long beard, the man in the chair hrm'd quietly to himself as he thought it over. [Yes, I'm sure. You need field experience if you're looking to continue employment with the EDF after your internship ends. This'll be good for you, I promise.] With a simple bow of his waist, resulting in him creating a near perfect 90 degree angle with his body, Roy backed up while still mid-bow until he had exited the office, then straightened out and rushed off to the medical floor to turn over this report.

After arriving on the medical team's floor, they sent Roy over to the docks where the intern boarded a ship and landed in Sector 8 soon after. From the city, he was escorted by hover car over to the EDF's medical center in the city where introductions were made and he joined a team of three others, one man and two women, and the team of four now boarded a hover-Ambulance and headed off to the coordinates Gilder had sent over. As they flew over Bear Forest, various scars had been formed in the earth below from a yet unreported conflict that had recently occured. Turning his head to one of the females that were on the team, Roy asked some general questions to the other three, (What... exactly happened down there? It looks pretty recent.) The three traded looks between eachother before the female who was up front, driving, gave an answer. 'Honestly kid, we couldn't tell you. Though... this would explain those seismic quakes that had occured about a week ago, wouldn't you say guys?'

The man who was in the back gave off a sarcastic snicker before he spoke as well, <Look kid, our job is in the city. We are an emergency medical team, not a field team. We assist the living, and in some cases the already dead. I'm sure there's somebody out there who has already investigated and reported their findings, but alas, that's not in our job description.> The four in the ambulance were quiet for a moment after that, and Roy was obviously not satisfied with that type of answer. After all, this location was only five minutes outside of the city from where they were stationed, how could they not know? What if somebody HAD been hurt, and now they were dead? Or maybe this was what Gilder was out in the forest for - maybe he was the investigator. Regardless, these questions weren't for Roy to persist on at this point in time.

After about ten minutes of travel, the ambulance finally landed and all four of them exited. The two who Roy had been in the back with, the man and one of the females, exited with a gurney, ready to carry the body of Agatta back to the city where she could be properly disposed of. The woman who was driving had a clipboard with reports on it to document the state of the deceased. All three of them entered the hut, first the two with the gurney and then the woman with the reports, and finally Roy trailed in after the others. For whatever reasons, the three had split up and began to look around the hut, which left Roy in the main room alone. A couple of minutes later, the three rejoined in that same room and began to whisper amongst one another before the man looked in Roy's direction and spoke, <Didn't you say there was a dead old lady?> The man held out his arms, motioning that there was nobody else there aside from the four of them. <So... where is she?>

With a frantic response, Roy took out his pad and located where they were on his map, matching up the coordinates once again to make sure that they were in the right place, which they were. At least according to Gilder. (Uhh... UHHHMMMM...!) Roy took off abruptly to conduct his own search around the hut, investigating every nook and cranny that he could find for this elusive granny. However, his search resulted in nothing as well. Upon returning to the living room where the three were previously, they were no longer there - the gurney was gone as well with the front door still wide open. The roar of an engine could be heard which made Roy come running out of the hut to see the ambulance rising in to the air without him. (WAAAIIIIITTTTT!!! You forgot--) The driver poked her head out the window and looked Roy dead in the eyes as she yelled, interrupting him, 'We forgot nothing! There was nothing here. Thanks for wasting our time, intern! Don't worry, we'll be turning this report over to your boss. Don't bother returning to Legende, we're going to have your job for this crap, and whoever gave you this false information is going to pay as well.' The engine roared louder to life as the vehicle rushed into the sky, leaving Roy behind, coughing as dust from the ground covered the air from the flare of the vehicle's engines.

[Ku... ku... ku... they seemed mighty displeased, young man, wouldn't you say?] The crackly old voice chimed out from behind him, in the doorway of the hut. Still waving his hand in front of him like a fan, Roy was coughing as he turned around to respond, obviously upset, (It's not my fault! I'm just following what I'm told. Why am I getting in trouble for this? It's not fair. I just wanted to join the EDF like my parents. Why would this Gilder agent lie to me about a dead old hag? What kind of name is Gilder anyway? This isn't fair--- WAIT!) Abruptly, Roy rushed up to the old woman who was in the doorway and grabbed onto both of her shoulders, readying himself to ask questions, (You--you're Agatta, ri---) Before he could continue, Agatta's cane cracked him upside the skull, making him fall to the ground off the porch of her hut. Without even allowing himself time to recover, Roy shouted out, (You're alive!?!)

[Who told you I was dead, young man? I'm as spry as a newborn animal just discovering the world!] Placing her cane on each of the three steps as she descended from the porch, Agatta stood in front of Roy with both hands placed squarely on her cane that she held at a middle ground of where she stood, looking down at the boy with her empty and blind stare as she awaited a response.

(G...Gil... Field Agent Gilder sent in a report asking us to recover your corpse. Said you died naturally. Why would he lie to us like that!?) Roy was still reeling in an excessive amount of shock from this revelation. Speaking softly, Agatta began with a hearty chuckle, [Ho... he... ha...] she started, [I just wanted that young man out of my home. An old woman such as myself cannot handle the excitement that young man has radiating around him.] Pausing for a moment, she looked blindly to the sky in the direction the medical team had left in. [I sent in my own report to the EDF saying not to send a team out to me though, knowing that Gilder would request just that. Why would they still send you...?] she questioned rhetorically, returning her unresponsive look to the boy who was finally gathering himself off the ground, but she still looked downwards where his eyes were while he was fallen, which kind of made Roy feel awkard, not knowing where she was looking - completely unaware of the fact that she was blind. [Tell me boy, what is your name?]

Still uncomfortable and feeling flustered, Roy responded to her question, (My nam... my name is Roy. Roy Varzit.) After hearing that, something unnatural occured within Agatta - her eyes lit right up as she again met her eyes to Roy's, as if she became abruptly aware of something. For the first time, Agatta lost her well-maintained composure as she whispered, [Var....Varzit... you say? Roy Varzit. What is the EDF trying to pull sending you to me...?] Roy's eyes quickly shifted into a questioning brow furrow as Agatta muttered something to herself. Shaking her head, Agatta reclaimed herself and again spoke with certain conviction, [Roy? Would you like to join me for some tea? I'd love to hear your story. I'm sure you'll humor an old woman's request, right? Ku... ku... ku...] Without allowing him the chance to respond, Agatta turned her back to him and walked into her hut, leaving her door open, expecting Roy to join her.

Looking back to the sky, Roy still retained a bit of hope that the EDF medical team would return to the location and confess that their abandonment of him was just a joke. Alas, that did not seem to be the case, as they were long gone. Without a better course of action, Roy entered the hut about a minute after Agatta had went inside to join her for tea and story time.

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Re: Roy and The Corpse of Agatta

Post by ikenbon » 01 Aug 2017, 09:16

This one is good writing but I feel like you dodged some important details. Notably, a description for Roy and some clues to his personality.

It's good that Agatta will not be leaving us so soon, you had just begun to really build on her as a character and I'm glad to see another NPC is joining your personal cast of character. I can only speculate what connection Roy will have to Agatta or Gilder. His last name is obviously one that Agatta recognizes and that's kind of why I feel this log is perhaps a little incomplete. We didn't really get a chance here to connect with Roy and see him for the person he might be before he gets thrown into the crazy world of DBI shenanigans.

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Re: *Roy and The Corpse of Agatta

Post by Ceal » 01 Aug 2017, 16:22

Ya, some of those connecting pieces were meant to be vauge just because I like to write with some hints for future plot points that I haven't worked out just yet. I'll make it all clear in RPs to come, promise.

As for the description, that is totally my bad I didn't even think anything of that for some dumb reason. When I started writing this RP I initially intended for it to go one way with Roy not even being a thing. Things happened and ideas formulated that changed that. I just hope my foreshadowing and plot build up isn't wasted since I know only a few people actually read through logs like this. :P

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