*New Assignment. Target - The "Destroyer"

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*New Assignment. Target - The "Destroyer"

Post by Ceal » 28 Jul 2017, 20:50

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Standing before a reflection of himself, the human examined his freshly unravelled face - his naturally spikey hair was flattened down by the weight of the bandages that Agatta had refreshed the night before, instructing him that today would be the day that he would be able to remove them. As he continued to tug the wraps in a clockwise motion around his body, more and more of his skin made an appearance - the flesh had an odd discoloration to it and looked as though it had been depraved of oxygen for days. This must have been how he looked to Agatta the four times she changed his bandages for him - old, deprived, and over all pathetic.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'With each coil of the wrap becoming undone, Gilder could feel the bandages pulling at his skin, as if the two had joined in a symbiotic relationship with one another. As he got to his chest, he found a multitude of bruises and cuts, taking notes as well at the indents around his neck that made him look as though he had been strangled. Stopping at a string of the wraps that he removed from his chest just below his pecs, he felt at the bruises and instantly flinched. The sores were still tender although they had four days to heal. His neck was no better, if not worse. The fight between him and Vencer ran through his mind, and at no point did he remember specific blows at those locations, though there were moments in the war they waged against one another that he was failing to recall, as if he had blacked out at those moments.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'With a shake of his head, the human stopped the cinema that was playing through his head, continuing to undress himself until finally he stood there fully nude afront the mirror. A sour stench filled his nostrils abruptly from the unwashed layer of epidermus. The ebony skin he had grown fond of was dying all around him with the exception of his face and right arm. The desire to pull at this extra fleshy skin surged through him, but Agatta had warned against that too, as that would cause further, permanent scarring. Defeating temptation, Gilder turned around and headed for the shower, turning it on and letting it heat for the minute before stepping in and taking care of his sanitation needs.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Stepping from the shower, he grabbed a towel and patted his soaked body gently as to not agitate his wounds further, and although his body was still sopping wet, he simply wrapped the towel tightly around his waist and continued to drip dry as he approached the mirror again. After taking a moment to strength in front of the mirror to loosen his muscles properly, he grabbed a toothbrush and cotinued further in his escapade to freshen himself up, though he probably wouldn't be picking up chicks any time soon, it still felt gratifying to feel and look your best, especially when that bar was not set too high. Rinse. Gargle. Spit. The towel came off his waist and he patted his face further, opening the bathroom door only to find Agatta standing there as if waiting for him.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Shocked, Gilder immediately jumped back behind the door and covered his privates at the sight of the the well-aged woman whose skin was almost as undesirable as his own flesh. Almost. It took a moment for him to remember that she was blind, though it was in that moment that she spoke up, (Please, child, do not act like you have anything I have not seen before in my days... Ku... ku... ku...) she said with ever slowing pace as she walked to her living room and perched herself in a low sitting chair that looked like an impressively firm and blue bean bag. Shuddering at the thought, Gilder used the towel to dry his hair while shamelessly walking full-nude out of the bathroom and in to the living room behind Agatta. (I do believe it is time you be on your way now though, do you not agree?) she questioned with a yawn - clearly she was exhausted.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'A simple nod came from Gilder, then again, he remembered she was blind and his minor actions did not mean much as a response. "Ya, I'm done troubling you in your retirement. Though you must admit, it was fun, huh?" the human asked with a cocky grin, walking back into the bathroom to deposit the towel in a hamper. "You know, for a blind old bat, you sure do have a complex layout to your house. I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself just walking around!" he finished with a jestful laugh, coming back out of the bathroom and waiting for Agatta's snippy retort. However, there was none, to which Gilder approached her in her chair and put his hand on her shoulder and giving her a soft shake before shakily whispering, "...Agatta...?" at which point his eyes went wide in despair with water pooling at the bottom of his eyelids.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Removing his hand from her shoulder, Gilder took to his feet and took a step back, wiping the palm of his right hand against both eyes in order to dry them. Immediately he focused on his breathing which he noticed was beginning to become erratic. One deep breath and a following, deeper, exhale, and Gilder returned his line of sight to the husk of his former teacher. Abruptly, the tears began to return, this time he did not bother to clear them from his sight. He knew nothing he said would matter at this point, instead walking in to the spare bedroom she had allowed him to make his home as he fashioned up a new pair of clothing. He went for a pair of form fitting black jeans that allowed for superior movement and a muscle shirt (and of course some socks and undies, but you won't see that, so it's unimportant). As he exited the room, Gilder took to a knee directly in front of Agatta and bowed his head in respect.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As he stood to his feet a final time, Gilder went for the door and opened it, looking back at Agatta one last time while letting off a deep exhale as he looked to check his emotions as well as he could before exiting the hut in silence. Stepping in to the outside world, he looked to the bright blue sky with tears rolling down his face and smiled as though nothing was wrong. As if to mask the sorrow he felt in his heart. A few moments of reflecting passed before a ship cruiser blotted out the sky and a singular man swiftly dropped down from the ship and immediately pointed his gun in Gilder's face. No words were exchanged between the two for about a minute in the awkward stand off before Gilder lowered his head to the man, still smiling, before uttering, "She's dead... y'know?"'

[CHAT] Darska: -- 'The man before Gilder lowered his gun, returning it to its leather holster. The EDF agent was a short, square man wearing a bowler hat and a three-piece suit that seemed one-too-many generations past. His mustache was peppered gray from his long years of service and it twitched from right to left as if to indicate te marshal's thoughts. "'F'r'give me." He grunted before showing Gilder his empty, open palms-- an indication of his transparancy. "Get a bit startled running on a new Zan--" The man cleared his throat, "Ascended." The marshal pointed to the gold badge pinned to the lapel of his garment to indicate his affiliation but if Gilder were cautious of it his accent was distinctly Ng Yelonian. "...Are you agent Gilder?"'

[CHAT] Gilder was in too deep of a daze to notice any of the specific quirks of the man, neglecting to note even the fact that he was in an EDF uniform, albeit archaic. His eyes met with the man's, though it could be felt that his mind was a million miles away, as if he were trying to mentally kill himself to just meet with Agatta a final time to tell her what he wasn't able to prior. With a sigh, Gilder's soul returned to his emotionless body, and he performed a drawn out blink as if making his brain realize the picture in front of him. "Uh... y... ya. I'm Gilder... Ascended..." his response wasn't very heart felt, but it was the best he could muster for the moment.

[CHAT] Darska eyed the house that stood behind Gilder with some reverence before his mouth opened and he gave a soundless, "ah," in recognition. He removed his hat, lowering it to his groin and bowing slightly, "I've come at an unfortunate time I fear." He raised himself and allowed his arms fall to his side as he made to approach the young man, "...'Hate to be the harbinger but I'm here on behalf of Legende Special Forces." As he neared Gilder Darska let his hands fall behind his back, his fingers twirling the bowler hat along its rim. "Can I have a moment of your time?"

[CHAT] Gilder stood there as he silently listened to the man speak, taking a brief moment to rub his bruised chest from beneath his shirt. At the end of the brief speech, Gilder simply gave a nod to the man, pausing for an extra moment before responding, "Right... Special Forces. Ya, you're free to speak, sorry." The only thing that Gilder was sorry for was the fact that he was spacing out so far, though his reasons valid. "I'm surprised it took somebody from the EDF so long to be sent out to this location though with the damage we did to the forest... the report I file when I get back to base will cover everything that's happened in this general area though, if that's what you're here for."

[CHAT] Darska nodded solemnly, "I've been assigned to ascertain your report personally," Darska raised his left hand and stroked his mustache with long, thurough rakes of his fingers, "I saw a bit of the damage you mention," The marshal sighed, "You could say that's a large part of why I'm here. Your limiter, the chip installed in your head," Darska tapped the side of his left temple to emphasize his point, "...was putting out some intense readings before it shut down. That and, well, some local law enforcement that was assigned to assist you have gone missing." The dull, green spheres of Darska's eyes fixed on the Ascended fighter before him as if to make some mental calculation.

[CHAT] Gilder rubbed the back of his neck and released another heavy sigh as this man asked for a rather impromptu report from him. "That's not exactly normal to seek a verbal report for the EDF - generally they like this crap out in writing, unless I was mistaken... but whatever. Guess I can start from the beginning and run over the details." Pausing, Gilder started up another cinema of film strips running in his head for the events of the last nine days, despite his mission length being approximated at four days when originally assigned. "I'm sure you know the basics of my original mission, so I'll spare the details. After the detective and I pursued the creature, we ended up at the edge of the city limits via a sewer system, had a little tustle out there, then continued the pursuit after some unknown woman of unknown racial origin, to me at least, came and rescued the creature." Pausing for a moment Gilder took a breath, trying to word the next part of these events carefully.
[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"After continuing the pursuit, we ended up at the edge of this forest where the woman and the detective got into an altercation while the creature escaped into the forest. I attempted the pursuit on the creature and during that, the detective too a fatal blow to which I was unable to revive him." To validate his story a bit, Gilder held up his right hand and showed his palm, which still showed signs of scortching from when he tried to use his hand as a conduit for electricity during the resuscitation attempt. '
[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Pursuits continued in the forest, as a singular unit at this point, after the detective's life was determined forfeit to where I discovered a cult led by the creature in question. In this cult there were two Namekians, the unknown woman, and later discovered an Icerian who was leagues above the others in terms of power. During a confrontation with this Icerian was when the damage to the terrain occured. That was four days ago. I have been recovering from both self-inflicted and in-battle wounds since that time."'

[CHAT] Darska nods while taking a small notepad and a pen from the inside pocket of his jacket. He licks the tip of the instrument and begins to scribble a few notes while clearing his throat. "I'll pass on your report myself after I investigate a few matters concerning the uh... incident. In the meantime. You're being reassigned. Welcome to Legende Special Forces. I'm making you a captain of a team of your choosing. Your mission is to investigate a chemical weapons operation gathering speed right here on Earth. Our intelligence has gathered enough to know that it's being conducted by a powerful group of meta-humans. Many of them are intergalactic criminal and wanted in many sectors of alliance space. Gadax Renn, the "Destroyer" should be your immediate target. His last known whereabouts was the Cloud Forest."

[CHAT] Gilder closed his eyes and put his fingers to his chin, tilting his head slightly to the right as he drifted in to a ponderous thought. "Reassigned? Huh..." The excitement was beginning to bubble inside as Darska laid out the basics of the assignment to him, Gilder pulling a pad from his back pocket that projected a holographic map of Earth in front of them both. "Cloud Forest? Alright, got it. No worries, this job should be pretty easy I'm sure - I doubt I'll even need a team. I'm a one-man wrecking crew!" he flaunts as he flexes his right arm to show off his muscles in an arrogant display. "Why is he called the Destroyer though? And why am I captain? I didn't even complete my mission as a grunt... whatever..." he ended, waving his hand in front of his face as if discarding the thought.

[CHAT] Darska put the notepad away and placed his bowler hat back on his head while turning and trudging back towards his small starship, "...If you think you can handle alone. Fine. Makes my job easier. This is a special mission, Gilder. I'd appreciate it if you took it more seriously than your previous one. We don't want to spook this group back into hiding." as he reached the starship the doors were opened by a tall, Zeta-android of Insignia make with a dulled, chrome endoskeleton. "Gadax is a ruthless slaver and terrorist. He murders for pleasure. He traffics lives. He sows discord and death everywhere he walks and he's a powerful telekinetic that can infect others with shards of his psyche. Your EDF profile indicates you might be uniquely resistant to that ability. That and... well you're the biggest gun I've got to shoot 'em with, kid."

[CHAT] Gilder quirks his brow as Darska claims he is resistant to psyche infestation. [Is... he calling me a psychopath...?] Not willing to verbalize that question, whether from fear of an answer or from a realization that their conversation was over, Gilder discards that thought as well. "Right, right. Of course, I take all of my missions seriously. Just prefer to spice up the boring ones... y'know? Gotta bring balance to your life, dude!" Catching himself calling his superior dude accidently, Gilder just merely chuckles to himself. Finally, he straightens his act out and performs a classic EDF salute as Darska readies his leave. "Sir, you have nothing to worry about. The task will be completely with precision and excellence!" he claims proudly, retaining his salute until Darska was no longer in view.

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Re: New Assignment. Target - The "Destroyer"

Post by shakendo » 29 Jul 2017, 21:00

Sounds like your using my back story as inspiration for this arc, if that's the case then I need to hurry up with my RP weapon if I'm to stand a chance against the destroyer, otherwise I'll be eating more than floorboards lol

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Re: New Assignment. Target - The "Destroyer"

Post by ikenbon » 31 Jul 2017, 10:05

We are definitely looking for ways to motivate you and a few others, Shakendo. I had seen that you were interested in some admin interaction for the destroyer so I hope you can participate.

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Re: *New Assignment. Target - The "Destroyer"

Post by shakendo » 01 Aug 2017, 06:49

No promises on how much I can participate as I have a lot going on IRL these days, but I will as much as I can.

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