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*Memento Mori

Post by BenRGamer » 26 Jul 2017, 13:47

Devrios' personal facility, deep beneath the earth of New Haven, was mostly ruins--mottled old tapestries depicting scenes long since forgotten in half collapsed corridors lined with brittle, decrepit statues of someone, too degraded to be recognizable. In this ruin, though, there were a few rooms left pristine--chief among them the Library, an enormous circular chamber lined and ringed with large shelves containing tomes of knowledge, both magical and mundane, but all ancient to varying degrees. It was kept in order only by Devrios himself and the library's curator--his assistant, and created majin homunculus, Xero.

Right now, though, Xero was sitting at a table, among a set of tables that made up the 'center rings' of the room--going over a work to be updated and repaired--though with little exception, nothing of note was happening at the time. The Good Sir Devrios was only 'partially' around, having been trapped in another dimension with some self-styled 'demigod of potential' and running about in this one as some advanced puppet. A little distasteful, in its opinion, but it conceded that it was worth it to rub the nose of that Plectere in it. Still, that didn't change the fact that nothing was going on and it was ultimately bored. Head in hand, it was half asleep and nearly about to collapse face first on the desk.

It was only started out of its stuper by Devrios himself--the 'actual' rightful king of the castle instead of the puppet--teleporting in himself. "Sir! I... what? How? What about Plectere?" Xero called out, immediately jumping up and floating over the table. "I don't have much time, Xero, but... things are bad. Plectere's dead," "Dead!? What!? How!?" "There's a new villain out there, or old one. Goes by the name of the Scarlet Queen. Immortal, all-powerful--she took him down like it was nothing,"

"I'll look information up immediately, Sir," "It's more dire than that, Xero. I don't have time--she's out to kill everyone and everything--and she's already fighting the strongest fighters we have. I have a plan, though," Devrios speaks, looking grim. "Sir... I know that look," "I'm not coming back. Not this time," "Sir--," "I am -tired-, Xero. I've been tired for... so long. I've made arrangements, you'll be fine, there won't be any backlash once I... I'm gone. When Haggis talked to me about, about the end. I wanted it, I really did... but something held me back. I wanted it to have meaning, to be able to help people," "You can still help people, Sir, you don't have to die to do it," "For how long? I've been doing this for centuries. Millenia. I've never seen a threat like this, it's dire enough. Like I said, I am -tired-. And this is a chance for my end to have -meaning-,&g"

"You're serious, then?" "Of course," "Very well, Sir, you have my support, whatever your decision. I'll make some final arrangements. For what its worth, Sir, it has been an honor," "You too, Xero. Here, have this," "Thank you, Sir," with that, Devrios handed Xero a couple of small coins--one gold, one black. Memento Moris. He then vanished--teleporting from the facility for the final time.

A few minutes later, rumbles erupted as the earth on New Haven shifted, causing a minor earthquake as the entire facility collapsed, ancient pillars coming to pieces, ceilings coming apart under their own weight--decrepit statues collapsing. In one swift motion, the entire facility was gone--gobbled up by the very earth that it was within. Save for one room--the Library.

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