*Wrecking Storm Drains Everywhere

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*Wrecking Storm Drains Everywhere

Post by Kairus » 24 Jul 2017, 19:33

[CHAT] Hiram took the Remora low over the tropics, the wide craft casting a mantalike shadow over the clear ocean. The trees soon cleared way for an old patch of oddly-pristing highway. The craft roared through the air, the map indicating that..."Sector 71 Resort and Casino? What the?" On the outskirts of the old Saiyan colony was a glittering mass of neon, LED and holograms. Sleek personal space yachts pulled in and out of a small, private spaceport, and it was to this spaceport Hiram took the Lamprey, balking at the prices at first. This, he had to see. As he walked into the city, hologram pads displaying dancing girls followed him with cameras, making the "girls" beckon to him as he walked.

[CHAT] Crescendo didn't have a big fancy personal ship to go flying off wherever, but it did need to get to a different city, and a little bit of money from those it had hunted. Rather then flying a personal ship... it took a bus. A large, overcrowded, outdated, uncomfortable spaceship--it was lucky the paint wasn't peeling off the walls, much less the crowding. Suffice it to say, 'Alyssa DeMarco' did -not- enjoy the trip, barely avoiding getting into a fight over it, but it couldn't attract attention to itself--not with Gilder out there. Once they arrived, the woman filed out with all the other passengers, a look of annoyance on her face. Well, it's not all bad... from appearances at least this definitely is a city that was ripe for hunting.

[CHAT] Hiram continued inwards into the casino town...as this place had apparently become since he was last on Earth...Hiram felt himself a bit overwhelmed. He'd been trained to take in every detail he could find, and Sector 71 was overloaded with them. Flashing neon signs, flashy clothes, Hiram swore the city had been taken over by Hydians. But, a city like this could likely let him scratch his itch.

[CHAT] Crescendo coming out of the spaceport terminal it... was a bit much to take in. Bright lights everywhere, sounds--it was anough to give it a headache. The red-haired woman put one hand to her forehead, looking down towards the ground, with the other pulling a pack closer to herself as she walks down the street momentarily... yeah the bright lights weren't goin anyway at any point in this town, she steps down into an alleyway--to get away from it all for a minute, just with some dumpsters, covered manhole, and trash on the ground. Place was a mess. It... wasn't expecting quite that much in the city proper. Heightened senses does mean one is sensitive...

[CHAT] Hiram didn't have heightened senses, but his senses were extremely well-trained. After a time, he ducked into a dark alley near the center of town, finding himself staring up at a massive scaffolding in the shape of a dome. [Interesting...] He began climbing the scaffolding, and finally sat down on a higher level, looking out over the cityscape. [Bigger than I remember...I suppose a lot more has changed over the centuries than I thought.] And that's when he heard the scream.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman was rubbing her face momentarily while still in the alley, just getting over the mass of bright lights when someone else speaks nearby. "Hey there, pretty thing," the voice came from a man at the entrance of the alley--large, balding, heavy set, white t-shirt, black leather biker vest, and blue jeans, the man steps inside and continues to speak, before brandishing a switchblade, "Why don't you drop that bag, and your wallet, and run along, so I don't have to cut that pretty little face of yours," the woman just looks up at him, and grins a moment, "Heh..." Moments later, a scream yells out from the alley before abruptly being cut off with a snap--and then the quiet sounds of something wet and ripping, and dragging.

[CHAT] Hiram folded his head-fins back for aerodynamics as he hopped through the air on his Loops, landing lightly on top of a smaller building, his cyan eyes scanning the electrically-lit alleyway as a crowd gathered near the alley's mouth. Tons of spectators but no volunteers.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There was blood--a lot of it, several stains throughout the alley, a large puddle on the ground puddle and a trail leading from it--to a closed manhole cover. Some torn clothing--looks like black leather, along with a switchblade on the ground--clean, along with a backpack, lying forgotten against the wall. Meanwhile, Crescendo itself was down in the sewer--finishing the last of its meal and preparing to leave the area. It hadn't intended to give the prey a chance to cry out--it definitely wasn't familiar with this city yet to make a fast getaway, but it was definitely crowded--more crowded than the last one. People were on the scene faster than it expected.

[CHAT] Hiram quietly leapt from wall to wall, descending down into the alley, putting himself firmly between the crowd and the...the...[What is that thing...] Memories flashed of a biodroid that he knew. [Not him, he exploded.] Hiram formed crystals, which orbited his right hand, and noted that the 'thing' was a blood trail, leading down into the sewers. Hiram grunted; he hadn't planned on spelunking. He opened the manhole cover and leapt in, wishing sorely that he had his helmet. The crystals around his arm pulsed faintly. "All right...come on out whatever you are..."

[CHAT] Crescendo was finishing up the last few morsels--when the manhole cover was opened--the metal scraping against the asphalt immediately getting its attention and forcing it to look up. Well that's not good. Normally people weren't so brave as to go follow the monster until the police arrived--and by then it was generally long gone. Not one to fight cops or 'innocents,' it takes the opportunity to take off running--leaving a trail of prints on the ground. Looking like some kind monstrous animal prints. No time to clean itself off, it slows for a moment, though, as it actually hears who speaks. Is that... Hiram? Well. Probably not good to get caught here, then. It wasn't looking to kill him.

[CHAT] Hiram heard the running and fished in his pocket. Some souvenir keychain a guy at the spaceport gave him had a small light. [Better than nothing...] Hiram slipped the keyring around his thumb to secure it and held it in his free fist, running ahead, following the bloodied footprints. [The hell is this thing?] No Loops down here, not unless he had to. Storm drains were horrible things to go high-speed in.

[CHAT] Crescendo goes down a few twists and turns... only to be confronted by a dead end. Well, almost a dead end. A door. A -locked- door. Without the time to stop to read any sign on or around it or anything it barrels right on through, looking for a way out with a loud wooden 'crash' as it breaks through the door... and right what looked like some kind of utility room. A complete dead end--not only that, but getting caught up in the debris and other items within the room it actually takes it several moments to get sorted and trot out of the room. It certainly looked like some kind of monster--about the size of a large wolf, though it was wholly hairless, it was quadripedal, on all fours, with sleek crimson musculature only covered by some kind of chitinous black covering over its head, shoulders, and back--it definitely has the claws and the fangs to do damage to someone as well.

[CHAT] Hiram rounded the last corner, led by the sound of the crash. [Right then, some kind of mur...] He arched a scaly brow. "The Void are you...right. Put down whatever body parts you're still carrying." He leveled his right arm at the creature, the crystals glinting in the flourescent light.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Playing the dumb beast for the moment, the creature merely stares at Hiram, tilting its head to the side for a moment, panting as an animal would. It wasn't 'carrying' anything, though there were still some spots of blood on it--it hadn't had the opportunity to clean itself off. It did spend a moment licking some blood off of its muzzle, however. It may have been 'caught,' but it was far from out of options at the moment.

[CHAT] Hiram dismissed the crystals, but not the Loop, placing a hand near his chest. "What are you..." Hiram was getting bells in his memory from all this, he'd met a creature similar to this one before. Flicking the light into a pocket, he never once took eyes off the biodroid, slipping his hand into his coat and opening the other into a claw strike-ready position.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The creature pads closer to Hiram, leaning in and sniffing at the fishman, acting as some kind of curious animal. Yep. Definitely Hiram. It didn't exactly want to fight the guy, but chances are if it couldn't get away that would have to be the case. Right now it just needed an opening--some way to run that wouldn't immediately result in it getting hit. It had time, though, so biding it for the moment was an option.

[CHAT] Hiram eyed the beast, intentionally blocking the doorway. "Oooooooh no. I've been around the block too MANY DAMNED TIMES for that trick to work. A dumb beast would have turned and fled, it wouldn't know what a door IS. Say something." Cres would smell a more chemical, sulfury smell wafting from Hiram's jacket. Gunpowder.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The creature tilts its head slightly to the side again as it looks up to the fishman, tongue lolling out of its mouth as it looks up to the fishman, giving a soft dog-whine as it can't get by. Hm. 'Too smart for that trick?' It gives a huff for a moment, backpedaling a few steps and looking towards the ground. Well, if there was no way to get by... the creature suddenly lunges, trying to barrel through and knock the Kanassian aside, though not actively attacking him either--just trying to get away.

[CHAT] Hiram braces, but the momentum is too much for him, he's knocked off balance and recovers as the dog-thing races past. Lightning-fast, he draws a freakishly silvery gun, his hand coated with the same color! Drawing a bead, he fires twice! The first misses in a roar much bigger than a gun its size should be able to make, the round burying itself six inches deep in the concrete as Hiram draws a bead and fires a second shot, getting up to chase!

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The creature gives a yelp as the round--larger than one that'd been fired at it before--grazes its leg, but it doesn't stop. This... it didn't like this. This chase. Brought back too many memories. It was not going to happen again. Hiram might not be a 'bad guy,' but it was -not- going to -let this happen- AGAIN! It rounds a corner, then skids to a stop, turning rapidly to get in an ambush position. It didn't want to attack him, but right now it would defend itself. the moment he turns the corner it lunges, trying to straight out bite the Kanassian's gun-wielding forearm and rip him down to the ground--hopefully making him drop the gun.

[CHAT] Hiram was bitten and thrown to the ground, but the teeth would feel like they were biting into sheet metal! As cloth tore, it revealed that Hiram had his entire forearm coated in the silvery stuff. He sneered. "BAD DOG! NO BISCUIT!" Quicksilver peeled away from the gun and covered Hiram's face and other exposed flesh ad purple crystals gathered around his left hand, which he brought up in a vicious left hook; if it connected, the crystals would detonate in a series of small ki-warp explosions!

[CHAT] Hiram took off running, ectoplasm covering and sealing the bite wounds in his arm. He formed a large Loop in front of him as he ran; as fake-Hiram would swing the concrete, it'd feel a telekinetic linebacker grabbing the stone and throwing it the opposite way as the chunk came into contact with the Loop! "Ohhhhhhh no. Not this shit." Hiram stowed his pistol and zipped up the jacket, focusing the quicksilver again over his claws. Leaping through his own Loop and firing forward like a rocket, Hiram made a series of clawed swipes, clearly intent on getting his blood back, MANUALLY!

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The fake-fishman just gives a growl as the ambush didn't work, "I am -NOT A PET-!" he shouts--grabbing at the now silvery fishman even as he's shot at is clawed by him, trying to fall back and pull him into a flip--trying to use that very same momentmum enhanced by the loop against him to slam into the far wall--even as its injured by the slashes--blood starting to flow from its wounds onto the cement and into the water below. That... really hurt.

[CHAT] Hiram started to flare up blue wisps of light from his body as he was flipped and thrown, forming Loop after Loop as he was thrown to slow himself down before bashing into the concrete. Pulling out the pistol one more time, Hiram levelled it as he landed, skidding backwards, heel bumping into the wall. Silver flowed over the pistol, and three small Loops appeared in front of the weapon. Bullet 4 was loaded into the chamber...and Hiram fired. The explosion of the round leaving the chamber was accompanied by a sonic boom as the bullet was transferred from chemical acceleration to pure kinetic power, gleaming with a bit of silver Hiram had "painted" with it. With more of his dwindling power, Hiram raised a hand and threw a handful of crystal shards into the Loops, the railgun-fast bullet accompanied soon after by mini-grenades! Hiram ducked away down the tunnel.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- 'Hiram' was climbing back to his feet and quickly moved as the actual was readying his attack--just barely having time to dive around the corner before everything abruptly explodes, kicking up dirt, dust, debris and some water--it's not direct hit, but the explosion is painful--especially as it was already wounded. There was some coughing, as 'Hiram' tried to drag himself back to his feet in the dist, "Heh... good one... Hiram," it notes quietly, almost silently in another voice, before trying to stagger away--it's power signature vanishing, previously a match for Hiram, vanishes as it did so. It -had- wanted to spar the Kanassian, to see just how they fought, and it was disappointed that they didn't have the chance last time. This... was an interesting one. If painful.

[CHAT] Hiram gritted his teeth. Shit, it was getting away, and he was dangerously low on power. He likely could catch up...it was a tunnel, after all. But, in his state...and with what it did...he pulled himself up the ladder to the gathered crowd, making his way to the hospital.

[CHAT] Crescendo didn't have the luxury to go to a hospital--not without likely being found out. The best it could do is find some place to hole up and lick its wounds. And maybe go get its pack back. It didn't have much, barely anything--just what it could hold in a pack. Had to leave it behind in the chase. Looks like things weren't getting any better...

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Re: Wrecking Storm Drains Everywhere

Post by ikenbon » 31 Jul 2017, 12:10

This is a really good fight. There's a post missing after Hiram did his warp-shard explosion on Cres but otherwise this was good. You guys found each other quickly, there was some great action and Hiram's combat posts have a lot of depth and uniqueness to them. I wish all his posts were as involved as they were here.

RPP rewarded.

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